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Romney gave a fantastic speech today in Irwin, Pennsylvania that even earned him kudos from Michelle Malkin:

I’ve pulled a 10 minute clip from the speech that starts with Romney’s attack on Obama’s “you didn’t build it yourself” comments, and below that is the full speech that includes how he plans on fixing the economy, in more detail than before.




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  • denbren52

    I wish he would not call what Obama does “crony capitalism” when in fact it is simple Communism.

    • WordsFailMe

      Or good old fashioned, Chicago pimp, slimy-Alderman, Democrack Party corruption.

      • Gordon Higham

        5. Economic Freedom, Freedom not driven by gov’t. no cap gains tax (??? Might have mis-understood this one)

        No you didn’t misunderstand, Romney would eliminate taxes on companies with $250,000 or less in capital assets which of course would include income, retained capital, capital investments (cash, bonds and other income vehicles), business real estate (owning as opposed to leasing), etc…

        This would effectively remove capital gain taxes from appx. 25 million small businesses, mostly incorporated companies or self proprietors involving 1 – 10 people. It is a statistical fact that most start ups or new businesses fail due to inadequate capitalization and allowing these companies to retain this capital and re-invest is a major benefit to allow them to succeed.

        it is part of what he did while at Bain Capital and it is proven to work.

        Bootstraps and belt loops, it’s the American way, that is unless your that insufferable Marxist currently haunting the halls of the White House.

        • LOLatGOP
        • WordsFailMe

          Thanks for filling that one in. That was a great explanation.

        • MLCBLOG

          Brilliant!! thank you.

        • Steven H

          Absolutely correct!!! A Marxist is far more dangerous than a socialist, and Marxist out President is. That’s why he believes that us small business owners “didn;t build that, someone else (government) did”… what a jerkwad

        • Video Militia

          Dud ya get yur “faks” from Rush? Thems so smart sownden n stuff.

    • Melvin Udall

      They should start calling it crony socialism.

      • WordsFailMe

        That’s good!

    • steprock

      Me too! But I think he’s smart not to do that. He’ll just create a lib talking point and confuse all the people who aren’t ready to be woken up from the Matrix just yet.

      It’s a fine line between calling baloney on him and him coming off like a raving nut.

    • drphibes

      There’s a distinction between crony capitalism and communism and it should be drawn out in order to show the corrupt hypocrisy of power players.

    • falling321

      He is not refering to Obama’s political leanings…he is talking about Obama’s habit of giving of government (taxpayer) backed loans to those who bundled large amounts of money for his campaign coffers, even when those businesses do not meet the requirements for government backed loans. This IS crony capitalism at it’s finest and most expensive. It is also corrupt government at it’s worst. But crony capitalism is the correct term for what Obama is doing with these loans.

      • Brian Carter

        Agreed, the modern term of use is crony capitalism (still don’t like the term), but it is form of oligarchy (where resources and power are controlled by group).

        • pureabsolute

          The word fits with respect to the fact that its who you know that gets you the capital / investment / law that benefits your company.

          Not quite sure where you were going with corporate oligarchy — the government form of crony capitalism has its own words. Fascism. Or at least that word before it was perverted by lefties applying it to righties.

    • Savator Raider

      Except Romney is also a Communist or at least he was in his 20’s. He actually learned it directly from Saul Alinsky a frequent guest in his dad’s home. He interpreted for his father when he met the North Vietnam Government in Paris. His father then went on to Russia and North Vietnam came home and sung their praises for years. Claimed that the US tried to “brainwash” him when he visited South Vietnam. He called for to leave Vietnam saying all would be fine he was proven very wrong when perhaps 5,000,000 were murdered after we left in the ares supported by North Vietnam.

      Mitt put his fathers picture on his campaign buss so not like he was running away from what his father believed.

      He often calls himself a Progressive. Well that is what the communist called themselves after McCarthy made it clear what Communist were.

      • biffula

        Well, sign me up as someone who is willing to give a shot to Romney’s form of communism. I’ve had enough of Obama’s style of communism. Anyone with half a brain should have their fill as well.

      • MLCBLOG

        We were all little commies in our 20’s, except apparently for you and a few others. Then we wised up. Give the guy a break. Maybe he is sincere and can really help us, and BTW just where are you getting all this about Mitt? first I ever heard of any commie influence in his home. His father was a dedicated businessman and public servant back in the day.

        Maybe Mitt does call himself progressive. I haven’t heard that from him in years.

        This sounds more like John Kerry’s bio. I just wonder where this info is coming from and whether there is any validity to it.

        • Savator Raider
        • Savator Raider

          The China Quote makes clear Romney prefers a Communist form of Government.

          “I got the chance after I lost to John McCain last time, to go over to — that was the good part of losing — I got to go to the Olympic Games in China. It’s pretty impressive over there how quickly they can build things, how productive they are as a society. You should see their airport compared to our airports, their highways, their train systems. They’re moving quickly in part because the regulators see their job as encouraging private people. It’s amazing. The head of Coca-Cola said the business environment is friendlier in China than in America. And that’s because of the regulators. That’s because of government.”

          Tis true because the people have no freedom. Government can take land from anyone at a moments notice. They can force you to work where they want.

          Regulators are the bane of freedom.

          • MLCBLOG

            OH, my gosh, Raider. After watching some of these clips, I am nervous!!

            I was going to say so his Dad talked to Alinsky in the 1960 riots to try to get help. Big whoop….but oh, dear!! this batched together is definitely cause for dismay if not alarm.

    • LOLatGOP

      Indeed. Post world war 2 America was a time of rampant communism!


      I think it is naive to say that we can come straight out against communism when it’s been taught to be OK in our schools. Besides, crony capitalism is about corruption, which is rampant in politics in general but especially bad among the Dems now in O’s admin. And, the wonderful and POPULAR vote-garnering despite the news pundits on both sides Sarah Palin is the creator of that term, so I think it is a great term for him to use.

    • Video Militia

      Wow. Clearly you don’t even know what communism is by this statement. Why are right wingers the most clueless cattle on the planet?

      • K-Bob

        You want the troll lounge, Skippy, down the hall, left turns all the way.

  • Boris_Badenoff

    Good message imo..

  • keyesforpres

    Romney, tell everyone about O’s illegal executive order he signed on July6 to take control of all communications for any reason.

    • WordsFailMe

      I was waiting for some of that too. Maybe the Romney PAC will take on the role of rabid dog. They chompoed up Newt on the others pretty good in Iowa.

      I ready to see some Democrack blood, and soon.

      • keyesforpres

        Yeah, he needs to explain to America how his administration categorized, veterans and patriotic Americans as terrorists, then signed that order that he can detain us for any reason, then the communications power grab and working with the UN to take away our guns and Iran is overseeing that…then tell America that o shut down 9 of our border patrol stations.

        He also said last year that America could absorb another terrorist attack!
        I personally think he is setting us up to be attacked and then will implement marshal law.

        • WordsFailMe

          There is nothing obama will not do or say to keep in position to destroy the United States.

          • Sinsonta

            Exactly. His radical marxists ideas are inside his guts. We need to be very pro-active and do our maximum to defeat this evil guy.

    • sDee

      Now keyes, you know Romney is figger’in that’ll come in handy for him one day. ;)

  • denbren52

    I LOVE the fact that Mitt is now positioning himself as the champion of free enterprise and the entrepreneurial spirit of Americans! Obama is the enemy of both!!!

  • Hardnox

    Outstanding speech!

    • Orangeone

      Waited a while to hear it but good to see Mitt come out with positive framing on how Americans will regain confidence when he is elected. He also did a great contrast to O’Bambi’s actions and why they failed. No negativity.

      I could pick out the 2 Obamabots behind Mitt. They were a hoot to watch, no clapping, no standing ovation, etc. And their co-workers were watching so hopefully will soon be in the unemployment line.

      • p m

        Hard to avoid weren’t they? Looked like unionistas – maybe they work at the company. Wouldn’t be too happy if I were the owner…

        • Orangeone

          Well said!


  • Hunter Campbell

    Very Reaganesque speech- reminds me of the “shining city on a hill”

    • Boris_Badenoff

      I kinda heard a little SP in there as well..

      • MLCBLOG

        Yay! maybe Romney is a quick learner. If his job is to serve and that’s how he gets elected, he needs to give us what we want and that is Reagan and Sarah. They both wowed the people!! brought out great crowds and voters, too.

  • marketcomp

    My friends, I think Mitt Romney has found his groove! Awesome speech!

  • John Bohler

    By Golly i think Romney’s getting that much needed fire-in-belly!

  • poljunkie

    Much improved.

    Someone must have given him a 5 hour energy!

    • Joe B

      Hours…and hours…of energy

    • Jasper Silvis

      Thank you, Government, for making that drink! LOL

      • poljunkie

        I prefer coffee myself.

  • daisybud

    Great speech!! Keep that freedom loving passion going and keep showing the bold differences between our God given freedoms and what our communist in chief is doing to this country.


      well said

  • johnos2112

    Romney needs to connect these dots: Without the private sector NOBODY wins! You tell the rich to pay more you get GDP that is 0.7% in President Clinton’s 1rst quarter compared to 4.3% of the previous President. That means less revenues to the govt. You know teachers, cops, etc., will have their jobs and pensions GONE! When you cuts taxes, which occurred about 15 years ago with capital gains taxes being reduced from 28% to 20% in 1997, revenues almost doubled! That means you can hire more public sector employees where needed. Not a fan of Clinton at all, BUT the common sense idea WORKED! Make this thing full circle Mittens! Without private sector revenue you get riots in Greece, UK and other countries that think govt is the way! “Ask the current President why he will restore what I just outlined America. You want more of that? Because if you do to provide incentives to business you are looking at chaos. It is up to you AMERICA!”

  • MaxineCA

    Excellent speech! If he keeps hitting it out of the park like this, we will have some hope that we can kick Bamster back to Chicago, along with all the other crooks in his admin.

    Thanks for posting it Scoop!

  • poljunkie

    Wow! A compliment from Michelle Malkin. Thats something.

  • CG patriot

    Good speech and quite the improvement for Mitt, however– it’s my understanding that the GOPe is not happy with Mitt, and have put out the call or should I say’ some are talking-up Sarah. Laura Ingram is not happy with Mitt’s camp and earlier this morning, Newt Gingrich and Laura had exchange tweets in regards to Sarah, that she should be invited to speak at the Convention. Pat Caddell was just on Fox and had mentioned that Romney’s camp is failing with the Bain issue, that “Romney needs outside help” etc:

    So’ Yeah, Romney’s camp is feeling the pressure– Bain is now the perpetual thorn in which will be an olive branch straight to the Tea Party………. tick, tick, tick!!!

    has hell froze over in Massachusetts? not holding my breath.

    • BostonBruin

      “has hell froze over in Massachusetts? not holding my breath.”

      Nope, it’s almost 100 degrees as I type! :-)

      • CG patriot

        I know, were just starting a cooling trend here in the Inland area’s of Cali~ it was 109′ over the 4TH. Today should be around 89’……. stay hydrated my friend. ,)

    • deepindaheart

      Romney needs to LAUGH at the attacks, and throw them back at Obama…
      Mitt’s tax returns? Show us your school records.
      Bain Capital? Fast and Furious
      etc., etc., etc.

      • CG patriot

        I agree, all of it and more. What I want to hear from Romney; however “I don’t believe he will have the cojones to do-it” is for Romney to call Obama out for who he really is……….a Marxists!!! and the crowds cheer, check mate and game over.

        Now that would make me LMAO! :0

      • p m

        Yep – the most effective Alinsky rule – ridicule, right back at ‘em.

    • p m

      Read something similar elsewhere today – about Sarah not being invited to Tampa by the Romney camp. Three questions – why not, who’s in charge of invitations anyway, and why would she of all people need an invitation? Far as I’m concerned she has more right than any to be there.

  • WordsFailMe

    UNBELIEVABLE! The commie-loving crack heads at FOX News brought the racist, crack-wh*** SHAMU back on Megyn Kelly today!

    That fat little commie racist bitch, Jemooooo, has her foulest parts in butter on FOX. Thanks, you bunch of cowards,sycophants and traitors.

    Shamu is the “typical black person” who referred to Tucker Carlson as a “Bow-Tying white boy,” May 4, 2012, on the same show.

    You’ve got your nose up liberal butt so far you can’t hear the doorbell ring anymore, Megyn and you are a sorry excuse for a journalist. Why don’t you go back to to flashing boob in the courtroom?

  • Zeeshopper

    This is what we need to see more from Mitt. First time I’m thinking about getting excited about him. Hopefully he’ll keep that momentum.

    • Mike Leavitt

      Me too. : )

  • Nukeman60

    I saw a panel of 8 Fox news contributors with Megyn Kelly today, and our favorite liberal idiots showed up on it (Jehmu Greene and Sally Kohn). The panel was discussing this concept of whether we built our own businesses or does government. Kohn came up with an asinine statement, which I think is the basis of all liberal thought on this.

    She said, “If you want to go to Afganistan to build a business, then go to Afganistan. But if you built a business in America, you used America and you owe America.”

    Give to the collective. It doesn’t matter whether you paid through the nose to build your business or not.


      We USE America! Oh, that would make my blood boil, except that I have work to do in my own business and have learned not to let my precious God-given energy bleed out into dealing with this little ignoramus.

      I believe when we build our businesses and defend that and explain to people, we are promoting freedom and true patriotism. Let’s go!

  • Kelchner

    Go get them Mitt!!!!

  • Kelchner

    Go get ‘em Mitt!!!

  • Terrenceor

    Getting better. A little less discouraged. Let’s keep it up and get the “conservative”pundits head space and timing set correct.

  • Huey

    Yes!!!!!!! Mr Romney. Give this speech every day until election day. Please!!! We beg of you.

  • Cathy B in AZ

    MITT, keep it up!! Don’t let them get to you!!

    • WordsFailMe

      Good thoughts CB!

  • Fireplug52

    Round 1 – Romney. Final Round on 6 November 2012 and I believe Romney will knock him out.

  • Cathy B in AZ

    Keep it UP MITT, don’t back down!! McCain flatlined last election…stay the course!

  • Kathy Del Russo

    Go Romney, get angry and let the people know you can make a difference in our country. Obama must go, he’s destroying our country and will not stop. His policies are revealing his true nature and we don’t want America to become a socialist dependent country. We are a free America and we love our Constitution…

  • Mike Viehl

    amen,keep it simple attack his stupid remarks and the not get into a tit for tat.let him be the idiot.
    expose his saul alinsky ties .
    obama is the product of entitlement society.he raised on wlefare and govt help

  • gunsmithkat

    If it takes blatantly stupid and outright communistic statements by the Won to get Mitt revved up, then I say keep it up Barack!

  • reason111

    Screwed up campaign committee….who positioned the two guys behind him who look like Obama supporters? Romney deserves to lose, just based on his election staff. SO MANY issues, including no capitalizing on issues. He capitalized today in this speech, but some dumbnutz seats these two guys back there.
    For all I know, they could be the owners of this business and support him completely, but you can bet Obama is going to be commenting on it. Yes, definitely a dumbnutz committee person who did this (can’t blame Romney, he isn’t looking behind him)

    • CG patriot

      Good eye reason111, I saw that also–those two guy’s were a bit distracting. They showed no interest’s or enthusiasm. However, minus those two idiot’s, Romney delivered a fine speech.

    • Brenda Jones

      I saw thought as well but ya know, maybe they actually got something out of that awesome speech and will go home and think about it! Let’s hope so anyway!

    • ReaganRevolution16

      I was actually amused by those guys! When Mitt talked about our rights coming from God and those 2 men sat there lifeless, it was the perfect contrast between freedom loving Americans and left-leaning sycophants. As the crowd went wild, they sat there as if they were awaiting the results of a colonoscopy!

      By the way, shouldn’t every American cheer (or at least clap) when we are reminded of our God given rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? Heck, those guys didn’t even clap when Mitt asked for recognition of our military personnel. It was the perfect reminder of how the left views America and how little they think of our values as Americans! Was it not?

      Reason111 … don’t get caught up in optics. Rather, get enthused by substance! If you want to play campaign manager, run for city council. If you want to defeat Obama, contact Romney’s campaign and see how you can help. Man a phone bank, knock on a door, send money, or educate your friends who may vote for Obama. That would be much more productive than complaining about seating assignments.

    • ReaganRevolution16

      I was actually amused by those guys! When Mitt talked about our rights coming from God and those 2 men sat there lifeless, it was the perfect contrast between freedom loving Americans and left-leaning sycophants. As the crowd went wild, they sat there as if they were awaiting the results of a colonoscopy!

      By the way, shouldn’t every American cheer (or at least clap) when we are reminded of our God given rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? Heck, those guys didn’t even clap when Mitt asked for recognition of our military personnel. It was the perfect reminder of how the left views America and our values as Americans! Was it not?

      Reason111 … don’t get caught up in optics. Rather, get enthused by substance! If you want to play campaign manager, run for city council. If you want to defeat Obama, contact Romney’s campaign and see how you can help. Man a phone bank, knock on a door, send money, or educate your friends who may vote for Obama. That would be much more productive than complaining about seating assignments.

  • Reason8200

    0bama’s statements only work on the ignorant.

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    Michelle Malkin commented on the speech also.

    I agree he was energetic and passionate. About time.

  • flanomad

    Excellent Speech Mr Romney~! KEEP UP THE MOMENTUM!

  • sDee

    Startling an revealing? Just now we are figuring out we’ve a marxist government?

    Yup. Socialism Sucks.

    Kids used be taught this stuff in school.


      Yes, unfortunately but happily!!! more people are figuring it out.

  • steprock

    Great stuff in that 10 minute clip! Was there a personality sale going that Mitt took advantage of? Did the pod people abduct him???

    Whatever – keep it coming! Pass the video along!

    • sDee

      Now if he’ just wrapped it up with – “you know, I learned the hard way with RomneyCare that government has no business in private enterprise”, I’d be a callin’ for Romney.

      If he’d put his money where is mouth is and pick West for VP I’d be a knockin’ on doors and wrtin’ checks for Romney.

      • poljunkie

        Wouldnt that be a nice surprise? (Allen West?)

      • mkrech

        Indeed. I will do my part to make sure 0bama is not re-elected.

        I sure would be more enthused if he chose Col West as his VP running mate.

        • stage9

          I’d be happy if he were a Conservative.

  • wodiej

    Actions speak louder than words. I hear words when Gov Palin speaks at a gathering and it is 100 times more explosive than Romney or Obama.

  • John Bohler

    I think what happened here is that Obama remarks about “if you have a business you didn’t build it yourself” along with calling him a felon and a tax cheat shocked Romney and started to open his eyes to the fact that Obama really is a liar and a monster and its now getting personally for him.

    Romney appears to be getting a little bit of a flame in his belly, i hope it turns into a forest fire.


      Good!! I like that.

      O has made Romney very, very angry. Yes!! personal attacks will be well met by this well reasoned and disciplined man.

      Cool!! oh, I hope so. This could be the very fire we need.

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    Keep coaching him and maybe he can pull it off. Devil knows Obama did.

  • Carol Quiggle

    Finally and exactly! Obama’s comment exposed him as a communist. In this country we citizens own the government, not the other way around. Business and successful people pay a great deal of taxes to support the government. That is where the money to support government services come from. Not from the 50% who pay no federal tax, but are always there with their hands out to share in any success anyone else has. Parasites!

    • WordsFailMe

      Good point If you follow President Stupid’s argument far enough, even if “other people” made it happen for your business, Barry HoHo is saying that the generations of welfare scum, doing drugs and and their neighbor’s mothers and those who never paid any income tax never lifted a finger to help business in this country and by gosh, they should not benefit a nickel from the success of “deluded” business creators. I think Barrack O-Dipstick may be onto something.

      Welfare scum never did anything for this country and don’t deserve anything and should not get anything. Right on President Dung for Brains!

  • MaxineCA

    Mark Levin is on Cavuto right now. Great comments, as usual by Mark.

    • Linky1

      Levin told Cavuto that Romney has to keep up with speeches like this. Everyone has to keep holding his feet to the fire for him to keep this up.

      • WordsFailMe

        Mark even sounded a little relaxed, a bit pleased. Great man to have on your side.

  • Vince Trujillo

    Notice the African American in back of Romney who won’t applause for anything Romney has to say…in fact, he looks more angry every time Romney gets applause.

    • MrMicawber

      lol…I was noticing the same thing.

  • ScottH

    Good on you, Mitt! Now punch away and keep it up.

  • dk_in_tn

    I love it. Obama has NO comeback to this.

    ROMNEY 2012

  • dk_in_tn

    Punch Obama again and again and a little harder every single time.

  • Grantman

    How about posting a downloadable MP3 file of the whole speech?

  • CrossHugger

    Go for the liar and chiefs jugular Mitt….speak the truth….

  • Shelly Sands

    Why is the volume so so low? Scoop is that on your end?

  • dk_in_tn

    Obama is sooooooo envious of Romney.

  • Richard D. Hecht

    Good job, Mitt Romney. Keep hitting and hit harder.

  • D

    Keep it up! Keep applying the pressure. Then Obama will show us more and more what a mean-spirited, Marxist, America-hater he really is. His comments Saturday were despicable and such words have never come out of the mouth of a president before until this one.

  • Boy Bib

    smell the FLOP SWEAT, Romney has an 18% chance to win the election…..less than one in 5 chances. Nate Silver’s 538 has Obama taking FLORIDA…HA! 305 electoral votes…..losers!

  • Alborn

    Good start now let’s see you take it up a notch or two.

  • mkrech

    What’s up with the zombies behind him?

  • Idaho Girl

    Do you think this will be on the national news tonight? I bet not!

  • mike37independent

    CNN ran an article today of Barack kissing Michelle—but not a word yet on Friday’s speech in VA

    • keyesforpres

      Well now, you gotta admit that is pretty big news…what with him perfering his own kind.

    • Cynical Mike

      So Obama kissed Michelle and CNN kissed Obama’s ass. What else is new?

  • josephD

    Awesome speech! Who could possibly think that without the business owners, that employees, roads, taxes, schools, and even government assistance and welfare would ever have a chance? Even if you take out a loan, get a grant or inherit money that makes your business possible – those things would be useless without YOUR mind and YOUR action! Give yourself some credit – don’t give it to the tax man.

    Vote Mitt Romney for President!

  • Spartan4Palin

    Here’s the other thing I wish Romney would say:

    You want to discuss Bain, let’s discuss the success ‘around’ the companies thriving from Bain investments. For instance, Staples. Staples is a big store that is located in many communities. Surrounding Staples are other businesses that see the success of Staples. In turn, those businesses understand that traffic to Staples can mean traffic to their business as well. Sandwich shops, jewelry shops, video shops, etc. Success brings success. Name me one area where there is a Staples store and nothing else around it?

    So if the president wants to talk about job creation and ‘investment’ than by all means let’s talk about what REAL investment means!! Because his version and understanding of investment is completely different from what Americans understand it to mean!! And that was proven not just last Friday. But from the very statement he made sitting with Jeffrey Immelt explaining that shovel ready jobs WEREN’T quite as shovel ready.

  • Libertyship46

    Finally, a really, really, great speech! He needs to keep it up and never let up on Obama. He will win.

  • MaroonRepublic

    Great Speech! Keep it up.

  • drphibes

    Great speech. But someone REALLY needs to tell Mitt that the word is not, “Onta-peneur”. He’s using the Buckwheat pronunciation. Sheesh.

    • M

      And it’s ‘Ford Motors’ and ‘Papa John’s Pizza’

      You’d think he’s never driven his own car or ordered out…

      Oh- wait.

      • dantes44

        Wow. That is all you got? That he is successful?

  • drphibes

    He’s using the L word a lot. Liberal.


  • MikeWms

    He has my vote….But Im not voting FOR him Im voting AGAINST a Socialist (or worse). But I hope that his actions match his rhetoric. He is a self proclaimed “moderate to progressive”; so I will wait til actions match words.

  • Ranger1963

    Now let’s hope he doesn’t back off I remember the Kennedy Country comment would have got him elected an humiliated Ted Kennedy, but the Boston Golbe whined and protected the Liberal lion, Mitt backed off and lost. Keep it up Mitt

  • drphibes

    He uses the word, “Freedom”, a lot. “Economic Freedom.” “Free People”.

    That’s the heart of the choice this year. And he nailed it.

    • Kimberly Petrich

      Yes, he has learned A LOT from Sarah Palin, hasn’t he? (and that’s a GOOD thing!)

  • Cynical Mike

    Great speech – his best to date, I think – but he couldn’t have done it without the help of the guys who set up the microphones.

  • Mary

    Wow! He hit this one out of the park. He just keeps getting better.

  • Doug_Piranha

    Hard not to notice the union slugs behind Romney sitting on their hands.

  • Sherry Little Dooley

    this is the man for can just look at his face and see agood.good person,and he will do the right thing…..

    • Kimberly Petrich

      I think Obama got elected because of his face….no thanks. Does his rhetoric match his record? Are his ideas sound? Can he articulate them? Does he have the political will to ACT according to them? Now THAT means something. Face Schmace.

      • Cheryl Fallon

        Obama got elected because he was black-nothing else-he offered nothing, his hands were empty-his experience with living and growing and breathing American ideals was absolutely zero-he was the first black president-that was historical.

        Mitt Romney understands American values, ideals, hard work, sacrifice and morals-he isn’t perfect, but NOONE will ever be-Obama needs to go in November-we need to start with that.

  • Sherry Little Dooley

    america ,this is the man for can just listen to him and be able to tell he will do the right thing…..


      we know there is no room in his heart for evolution, he knows his maker and that’s a good thing, with all things considered.

  • KenInMontana

    If you want to see more of this side of Romney, go to his campaign site and use the contact feature, let them know what you expect, what kind of fight you want to see in a candidate. Hold his feet to the fire and let him know that if he wants your vote, you want him focused on pressing the attack, no more playing defense. Make it known to him and his staff the issues that are important to you and your family. He wasn’t my first choice, but he is what we have to work with, so let’s work on him. If there was one thing The Corps taught me it was you make the best use of the weapons at your disposal. Quit the petty bickering and fight, damnit, FIGHT! Or you can kiss your country good bye………

  • Brian Carter

    Wow, that was the best speech I’ve ever heard him give.

    I hope he actually does those things and acts like he really believes all that when he is president. (Yes, yes, I am voting for him; I am just bracing myself for the inevitable disappointment when his spine turns to linguini and he squishes). Even as a squish, he is a million times better than zero.

  • opinionatedhermit

    “This election is to a great degree about the sole of America. Do we believe in an America that is great because of Government? Or, do we believe we are great because free people are allowed to pursue their dreams and bulid their future?” –Mitt Romney July 17, 2012

    That is so good, I wish I had said it. It is exactly what I think.

    Thank you Mitt. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • texasgirl46

    Sold…………I like what he had to say..

  • SPCAndyJ

    Nice to meet you Mitt..where the he** have you been?

  • Marie White

    I’m hopeful that the vast number of ignoramuses who vote for handouts will be outnumbered by Americans who are motivated to vote for opportunity and freedom. The entitlement culture must be diminshed if America is to survive.

  • BeeKaaay

    I’m surprised. Pleasantly.

    He actualy sounds like has leadership capability.

    Let’s hope he doesn’t drop out of the race like McLame did in ’08.

  • Cindy Miller Fryday

    I have been waiting on a speech like this. Thank you Mitt. You have my vote!

  • Dale Lowry

    Carry on, Mitt. Never give in to the game that Soetoros/Obama and his supporters are playing. America needs a real leader, not a weak undermining individual determined to destroy America. You’re doing good so far, don’t give in to the political games played by the liberals. Hold Strong!

  • Karen Lloyd Mamalakis

    Pursuing OUR dreams has become ALMOST impossible. I am tired of the welfare handouts to people who CAN work; but, CHOOSE NOT to work…mostly, I am sick of government cronies who get in OFFICE and blow our tax dollars!! I think we should be able to stone them in the Town Square for all to see!!

    • kong1967

      I’d settle for prison. I also get tired of the people who have ten kids and they make minimum wage (or they don’t work at all). That is an extreme lack of responsibilty and I’m sick of government covering their sorry asses. If you don’t know what a condom is or your intentionally “earning” a monthly check for the next 18 years, you need to be sterilized.

  • Doug Farris

    Sorry, I just finished watching his speech. I know that when he talks about our freedoms coming from God, His god is not the God of scriptures. Mormonism has been working for 180 years to finally become a main stream denomination and I for one will, till my dying day, do all in my power to pray for them all to come to true repentance and declare the God is not Adam and one of his wives.

    Our freedoms will erode even more under Mitt. And you guys think it has been bad under Obama. just wait

    • opinionatedhermit

      I look out into my garden and see all the beautiful flowers. You know? The thought never occurs to me, “Which is God’s favorite flower?”

      I see all the pretty colors and, once again, the thought never occurs to me to say “Which is God’s favorite color?”

      Because, personally … I don’t speak for God.

      But, I can tell you mine, though….

      • kong1967

        Lol, that was a pretty good response.

    • Renee Johnson

      at least his God doesn’t believe in jihadicy and the muslim brotherhood

    • jamesod2


    • kong1967

      Hocus pocus. You’re against his religion so you carry that over to his character and his supposed actions you say he will take. If he was muslim I would agree, but Romney doesn’t bring his religion to work with him….unlike big mouth Santorum.

    • Jill Armstrong

      Mr. Farris,
      I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints also known as the Mormon church. I am afraid that you have been misinformed as to what Mormons believe in reference to God. I firmly believe in God the Eternal Father, in His Son who is Jesus Christ and in the Holy Ghost. Mormons do in fact believe in the God of the Holy Bible. We use the King James version of the Holy Bible. We believe that the Book of Mormon is another Testament (or witness) of Jesus Christ. If you want to know more about what Mormons actually believe please find out for yourself. Many legitimate sources are available. You could read the Book of Mormon. You could contact the missionaries. You could talk to members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. You could attend a Sacrament meeting at the church on Sunday. You could go to the church website or to find out our basic beliefs visit
      I hope this clears some things up for you concerning what Mormons believe so you can make a decision for this election with as much correct information as is available.
      Mrs. Armstrong

  • Renee Johnson

    keep telling it like it is Mitt!!

  • Macky D

    People its time to rise up! Mitt Romney might not be the be all end all candidate that you want but this man believes in american exceptionalism Be proud of what work you provide in this world! That while the government should support but those should not depend on it! The man in office right now wants you to depend on the government to provide you a life and want to take more and more from you to provide for those that need it! Sorry brother, but that type of government does work anymore. Folk let get out there and vote for Mitt Romney! This country needs him! Not a community organizer!

    • kong1967

      Compare the way Romney and Obama talk. They have a completely different view of America, a different view on what makes America tick, and they don’t sound anything alike. Yet there are still some conservatives here that claim they are identical.

      Yeah, sure they are….and I ran 175 miles this morning before breakfast.

  • 12grace


  • proudhispanicconservative

    Great Speech Romney, I just hope you understand that to get us the conservatives fired up you have to keep attacking obama, I just wanna see how the libs will respond to this speech ……o wait this is how “we want to see your tax returns”……its just pathetic.

    • kong1967

      I guess he hired two very experienced conservatives yesterday to run his campaign. Sununu did say it takes discipline to run a successful campaign. I think we might see it get more aggressive later on. Hopefully a lot more aggressive.

  • jamie Endris

    i think obama meant the people who used the hammers and nails for his campaion new jobs anyway 1 person funds and the other builds something like that

  • suqsid4

    Communism is for degenerates.

    Fight for your freedom, people. The degenerates are after your lunch.

    • kong1967

      Lol, I wish that’s all they were after.

  • kong1967

    Wow!! I’m impressed!! I didn’t watch the full speech but the partial was a dandy. This is the way I want our President to talk. VERY pro-American and focused heavily on our exceptionalism because of ingenuity, hard work and risk in an effort to better oneself.

    That statement Obama made is the most damaging statement I think I’ve ever heard. It was repulsive and revealing. Obama is allowing his views to start to come to light. His campaign managers have to be thinking about quiting. I can see them saying….

    “Shut up, Obama! SHUT….UP!!! We have the teleprompter so the masses do not see your extreme idiology. If you veer away from it again, I’m going to shove all of my pencils up your…..!!!!”

  • Andrea Bashore

    I think 25 to vote would be more appropriate. If you old enough for your car insurance to come down a little and you’ve been paying taxes a little, you have a lot more sense of what it means to live in the real world.

  • Jude O’Connor

    I think he is starting to grow a set. I would like to see and hear more of this type of talk but there is also the reality of this.

  • Ed Hoy

    Impressive speech. At least Mitt says what he wants to change, and not just going with a Hope-y Chang-y thing-y, like b.o. keeps doing, without actually saying anything.

  • Daniel Quinn

    Mitt keep it up, but if you re-nig After you are elected; There Will Be Hell To Pay!

    • M


  • hwangfeu

    too bad that the only person not cheering is the black man behind Romney. when everyone stood up and clapped, he didn’t. Why did he bother going if he wants to stay where he is. Want to know why Obama didn’t go to the NAACP, but snubbed them and sent Biden? Because the fact that they invited Romeny to speak, was too much for his narcisstic ego. WHat do you think a man with this attitude will do if you disagree with him? Does Stalin, Mussolini or Hitler come to mind? They would sooner go back to the plantation than realize that Obama is a liar and a fraud. When Obama is finished demolishing the middle class, then it will only be the Goldman Sachs thugs and the rest of us. Who do you think Obama will be with?

    What people don’t realize is that Small businesses encompass, dry cleaners, restaurants, wendys, burger king, day care centers, specialty shops, dress shops, storage places, plumbing places, contractors, perfumeries, most of the stores you see in a big mall.
    When these are put out of business due to his 39% tax rate, plus paying for employees healthcare, they will start closing, and when that happens how many jobs do you think will be lost and how will we be then?

    When my friend from Sweden comes to visit, we spend two days in the mall buying everything. She says that she can’t find any of the nicer things we have here. When she sends me costume jewelry from there, it is mediocore at best. And they pay 27% tax for groceries. Is that what these morons want?

    If we drilled our oil, we would pay 25 cents per gallon, and we have more than all the nations combined. Why is it that other countries are going to coal?
    This is so simple, its unbelievable people are so stupid. (not all of us, of course)

    People just don’t get it unless they know the Law of Economics. The only jobs that will be available are the professional jobs that make a lot of money and the companies like Goldman Sachs. You can say goodbye to pulling into Mcdonalds for a burger because those franchise owners will have to close. Wake up! Black Americans especially before we lose everything. Ok, I’ve had my say anne

    • Steven H

      The voting base of the DNC is based on a false support of the welfare class, and a belief in the looking glass response of “thou art the fairest in the land” (you ugly hag!)

      Waking up the empoverished isn’t in their best interest. They rely on the arrogant “smarter than thou” educated (they believe) class, Hollywood narcissists (have millions yet pat themselves on the back when they raise $50k from little people for little people) and the welfare class. They should get a medal for unexceptionalism.

  • dantes44

    I had to dig and dig to find this speech.

    No wonder.

    Great speech Mitt!


    Me, too! they were the perfect buffoons, the perfect backdrop to Romney. Maybe they’ll wake up.

    • ReaganRevolution16

      Thanks for your affirmation of my comments … glad you saw those two guys as I did :) I am not sure they will wake up, but maybe if the two of us keep pointing out what the left actually looks like in real life, people will be less likely to vote for Mr. O.

      Always In Freedom,
      Reagan Revolution16

      PS-Please ensure all of your conservative friends are registered to vote. About 30% of our “friends in thought” are probably not even registered. Getting them registered will make them more likely to vote!

      In a message dated 7/18/2012 12:39:26 P.M. Mountain Daylight Time, writes:

  • Charlie

    The best philosophical underpinning he can offer to refute socialism is God?

    Dear right wing, as soon as you boot the fundamentalists, you might stand a chance again.

  • Babs Ann

    Romney 2012

  • maodeedee

    WHERE can I get a transcript of the entire speech?????

  • No More

    A vote for anyone other than Mitt would be a vote for Obama. I’m starting to like Mitt and especially the fact that he is not a career politician.

  • Steven H

    How can Obama still be polling higher than Romney? It’s beyond me how anyone, with a brain, can deny that when Obama goes off-script, his true nature is exposed. He honestly believes we aren’t an exceptional nation, to the point of intentionally driving us under. Was that his plan all along?

    – When the only thing Obama has to run on is Romney’s success; they are in serious trouble.

    – When the liberal media (paid propagandanista) and progressives (disinformation specialists) rush into forums to defend and explain “what Obama really meant to say”; they are in serious trouble.

    – When you compare what Obama promised to do four years ago, to what he actually did; they are in serious trouble.

    Conclusion: They are in serious trouble!

    and btw, he did get Binladen and it’s Bush’s fault… still… in 2015 too!

  • Jadico


  • Jadico


  • Linda Smith

    Excellent Speech! Romney hit one out of the park with this speech!

  • tthan43

    You can tell that the black guy sitting behind him absolutely does not want to be there. He is an obama supporter and would like to put a bullet into Romney. Talk about obvious. His boss MADE him go to the rally. undoubtedly.

  • ganshang

  • Dustin

    Wow, President Romney!