Sotomayor refuses to block $1.3M/day contraceptive mandate fine for Hobby Lobby in emergency appeal

After a denied emergency appeal by Justice Sonya Sotomayor, Hobby Lobby now faces a daily fine of $1.3 million beginning on Jan 1 unless they begin paying for contraceptive insurance coverage for their employees that include abortifacients, something they feel violates their First Amendment rights:

REUTERS – U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor has refused to block enforcement starting next week of a requirement in President Barack Obama’s 2010 healthcare overhaul that some companies provide insurance coverage for contraceptive drugs and devices.

Sotomayor, who hears emergency appeals from the 10th Circuit, said it was not “indisputably clear” that Hobby Lobby and Mardel deserved an injunction, noting that lower courts have been divided in similar cases on whether temporary relief is proper.

“Even without an injunction pending appeal, the applicants may continue their challenge to the regulations in the lower courts,” and following a final judgment ask the Supreme Court at that time to consider their appeal, she said.

Sotomayor did not rule on the merits of the companies’ religious-based claims.


I gotta say this really ticks me off. Because of Obamacare being forced down our throats, the owners of Hobby Lobby now face violating their religious beliefs, suffering under a penalty that will surely kill the business, or just closing the business down themselves and firing some 50,000 employees – all because our dictator-in-chief feels that contraception should be provided by employers in health insurance. No, it’s not good enough to let employees pay for it themselves if they want to add it to their policy. No, he wants employers to pay for it.

Ugh. I really don’t like feeling this way about my president.

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  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    You REALLY don’t like feeling this way about your President? Get used to it. His 2nd term as ’emperor’ is just beginning.

    • Not my president. He should be hanging from a tree for treason. He’s got 200 dead Mexicans blood on his hands, one border patrol agent and four Americans he left to die in Benghazi.

      • warpmine

        And almost every man/woman in the armed services killed because he’s a usurper with no constitutional authority. This is what was meant by constitutional crisis.

      • Orangeone

        300+ dead Mexicans, 1 dead Border Patrol Agent, 1 dead ICE Agent (Jamie Zapata), 4 dead Americans in Benghazi and 14 dead at Ft. Hood

        • Good Day Orangeone. How was your Christmas?

          • Orangeone

            Good, and yours!

        • Let’s not forget the Child and US citizen who was killed in one of the Yemen Drone Strikes.

          • Orangeone

            Excellent reminder, thank you

      • mediaaccess1

        100 percent illegal presideint – doesn’t even matter his birthplace (anymore). His Indonesian ties and Pakistani ties – at time of war – can’t do it with US citizenship. We’re screwed. Got a dictator in Hungary too. They just made law that every pet needs a transmitter implanted – watch:

      • PatrickHenrysBody

        I…am…shocked…that an activist justice like Sotomayor would ever side with leftists like Zero. I…am…absolutely…flabbergasted.

    • Don

      With Sotomayer and Kagan, Obama has just about got the coffin closed on our country. If he gets a third choice, America’s fate is sealed just as the Middle East is Sharia Law bound. Overthrowing the Syrian regime is just another step towards that goal with the help of billions of American taxpayer dollars. We have been conquered from within by an anti- American movement that is intent on bringing the leader of the free world to our knees. When America falls, there is no hope for free people in the world. Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood have the same goals and the United States has to fall. Ariel Durant said,”A great civilization cannot be conquered from without until it destroys itself from within.” You have a front row seat to watch that happen.

      • unclesamnephew

        will a stacked court allow Obama a third term? has a pattern been set with Sen. J Kerry actions in Honduras?

        • “Is there any truth in Obama wanting to repeal the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution so he can be president for life? I am seeing many sites referring to him as King Obama and that he wants to be president for life.
          It’s true that New York Rep. Jose Serrano, a Democrat, introduced a bill (H.J.RES.5) on Jan. 6, when Congress opened, proposing the repeal of the 22nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which limits presidents to two terms.

      • MadAsHellJack

        We also have to think about the DemocRats retaking the House in 2014. 🙁 That will finalize the end of the America we know and love from within, I fear.

        • We’ll have to work our butts off this year to see that doesn’t happen myMadAsHe!!Jackfriend!

      • I bet Roberts (“Obamacare? YES!” – that Roberts) was told what MAY happen to people who oppose “major” changes…I can’t believe he is THAT stupid.

  • StrangernFiction

    The Land of the Decree and the Home of the Slave

    • badbadlibs

      I need a bigger car for all these great bumper sticker realities I find here on Scoop by the most clever people!

      • unclesamnephew

        i just rotate.

        • You must have a lot of money! Your car gets full and you rotate and buy a new car to put new stickers on? 🙂 (I’m joking!)

    • crosshr

      Sounds about Right, although appropriately applied to the whole world as stands with all the current situations going on in many countries.

      On a hopeful note, I trust that all SCOOPSTERS had a Wonderful Christmas Day.

      • badbadlibs

        Sure did, crosshr. God gave me the most adorable grandchildren He ever created, and I got to spend time with all but one. God is good! Hope you had a great day celebrating the Reason we live! 🙂

        • crosshr

          I am so glad you had a great time especially with the gkids. I have two precious grand daughters 1yr. old & 3yrs old we spend times with. We had great times big family Christmas get together, nieces, nephews & parent. Yes God has been so good and wonderful.

          • badbadlibs

            We both have one year old granddaughters! My oh my….Jesus really thought up a good one there! 🙂
            Three yr olds are the reason Jesus said, unless you become as a child… 😉
            Congrats on your precious gifts.

  • MiketheMarine

    What I’ve found that helps, Scoop is to say” He isn’t MY president. He is an imposter I have to live with for 4 years before I can move on with my Life.”

    Then I drink about a 5th of Scotch or pop a Percocet.

    Hope that helps, Scoop.

    • celestiallady

      I take the scotch – then I don’t care 🙂

    • After a story like this first thing in the mornin’ I wish I still drank.

      Mornin’ myMarine 🙂

      • MiketheMarine

        I’m very excited. I got a beer home brew kit for Christmas and WILL be starting my first batch this weekend. I’m very excited.

        • I’m always glad to see a happy myMarine 🙂 xoxo

        • mikeinidaho

          “Cheers”! Have one for all of us (that’s a lot of beer, huh?) and you can drown out some of the mess that is the United States of America!

          • MiketheMarine

            Absolutely right. Thing of the money I’ll save. (Yeah, right) I can see getting so dep into it that my house gets filled with 500 gallon stills. Is my redneck showing?

            • a friend of ours got a still for Christmas lol. 😉 You need to move down to cracker country myMarine. You’d fit in just right.

            • Just a bit! 🙂 The closest I got to homebrewing was in a book shop yesterday when I picked up a copy of “homebrewing for idiots” It looked complicated and I figured this must be for more intelligent idiots than me. Well that, and the problem that if I start drinking, I’m not good on stopping and need to keep a handle on it! 😉

              • MiketheMarine

                I need a hobby and I love to cook and to drink beer. It seems to be a perfect fit for me, then. Ya know?

                • Don’t make too strong a batch or you could end up cooking the beer and drinking your dinner! 😉

                • MiketheMarine

                  It wouldn’t be the first time. LOL

        • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

          We’ve been brewing our own for over 2 years now – nothin’ [note: no ‘g’] like it! About even on the cost of buying, but sooooo much nicer…and no more skunk.

          • MiketheMarine

            I can not wait to get started. 2 more freakin’ days to go. Dang it.

            • I have a solution for you. Go to the store and buy some beer now… Then drink it and keep some of it…. This will serve as your test/control group to compare your new beer against! Repeat as necessary! 😉

              • MiketheMarine

                I am way ahead of you. I have 7 out of my 12 pack of Sam Adams Winter Lager chilling in the fridge for JUST that purpose. Great minds, Brother, definately think alike

                • Making me thirsty! 😉 Please do let us know how it works out for you.

      • BlueGood

        _/……here ya go ABIC….

        • Conniption Fitz

          As a child of alcoholics, I hope you all aren’t serious. Stupor isn’t the answer or the effective way to fight tyranny, deception and stupidity.

          • I have an alcoholic brother… saw too many similarities in where I was heading, so I quit drinking. Stupor while might be desireable in these days, won’t solve anything. I hear what you’re saying Conniption, but I don’t think anyone here means anything but a joke.

          • BlueGood

            See followup post to ABIC…I was making a JOKE…and misread her post…..CHILL!

        • Sorry BlueGoodbrother- I can’t do it anymore. Unless that’s a shot of Diet Dr. Pepper, then I’ll gladly say, Salut!!

          • Orangeone

            Feel free to tip that Diet Dr. Pepper back sis and I promise to hold off on the funny posts for a bit.

            • lol. appreciate it sis. It’s awful sticky when I don’t get it all wiped off the monitor 😉

          • crosshr

            Fear not sis, that’s all I got my shots from, you’re no longer alone, and I might add, God has been so good to me, and as it seems, so to you too !

            Diet DR Pepper, Bar None ! lol

            • Good mornin’ sweet brother! 😀 Yep, I’m on my 2nd D. Dp as we type lol.

              Have a wonderful day crosshr!

          • BlueGood

            I misread your post ABIC…thought u said you would want….I only replied as a JOKE….you can put whatever you WANT in that’s Cyber Glass!

      • unclesamnephew

        at a pet store i seen the following…”do not drink from the fish bowl, fish pee in it”

        • lol EW! 😉 Mornin’ cousin.

          • unclesamnephew

            it is my birthday! so yes good morning!

            • HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

              I’d sing, but that would scare everybody away…. And rightly so, I’ve heard myself sing! 🙂

              • unclesamnephew

                you and i both! every time i hear “make a joyfull noise unto the LORD” i laugh. do you howl?

                • Only when I see how much it’s costing to fill the car and get groceries!

              • lol wolfie. Are you a foghorn like I am?

                • ON my good days! If I went on American Idol, they’d just pay me the top prize to never come back again! However, my wife is a lovely singer and sang in the choir. I used to go to practice with her, they’d sing, I’d read the Bible or some pamphlets. They tried to rope me in, but I held out… If they only knew what they almost subjected themselves to! They’d have started praying the roof fall in and save them! LOL!

                • Some how I doubt that. 😉 But, I convince myself that we’ll all be excellent singers when we get to heaven… in the mean time, I’ll continue to sing my own joyful noise, and be sitting alone in the pew at church because of it lol!

                • 🙂 AT least you’ll have room…. And a head start for the race to the carpark after service is finished. 🙂

                • lol knock it off 😉

                • crosshr

                  Hi Wolfie, did not quite got a chance to say Merry Christmas to you. I trust you had a wonderful Blessed time with your family. Hope you’ll have a great New Year !

                • Hi crosshr! Thanks for that and for your wising us a great New Year. We had a lovely quiet Christmas. I hope you had a good one too? Blessings and best wishes for the New Year to you and yours my friend!

            • Well HAPPY BLESSED BIRTHDAY!!!! Don’t worry, I’m not singing it. I wouldn’t do that to you 😉 I hope you have a Beautiful day cousin!!

              • unclesamnephew

                i am! my favorite woman my wife, said she will bake my favorite cake (poppy seed). we will watch tom selleck movies

                • mmmm poppy seed cake! Sounds yummy! I used to love poppy seed muffins. Have a great Birthday cousin! 😀

            • Orangeone

              Happy Birthday !!!!!!

            • crosshr

              Happy Birthday unclesamnephew ! Have a great day !

    • las1

      With this president, and everything else we are FORCED to swallow, how about a 4/5ths of a bottle of Ipecac.

  • Too bad Sotomayor wasn’t aborted long ago. Were now witnessing the changing of America as we know it. Socialism is in full swing. Wait till Obama adds a few more Marxists to the court.

  • Rshill7

    She said Hobby Lobby was not a religious institution I read elsewhere.

    Really? How about Mr. and Mrs. Mohammed Al Towel-headed Burkha-wearing Devil Worshiper? Are they a religious institution to themselves? No? Then why is every Muslim exempt from this law? If Hobby Lobby were Muslim-owned, they would be 100% exempt from Obamasnare.

    Soto is as consistent as two nights in a row without any intervening day isn’t she?

    And why does she get to rule on this all by her commie lonesomeness?

    • Conniption Fitz

      Problem is, the muslims ok ANYTHING, if it will further the advancement of Islamic tyranny…even sodomy to make the orifice capable of holding more explosives to blow up infidels.

      Islam is a hypocrisy. Allah can sleep on Thursdays to allow attendance at gay bath houses, etc. Bin Laden had a huge cache of gay porn under his nasty bed.

      • las1

        We had a Hijabed Muslima President of the Students Council here in one of our Universities a few years back. She was all “Pro-Choice.” People couldn’t understand the obvious contradiction. But there’s no contradiction when it comes to Muslims. Muslims are just fine with abortion. They NEVER abort their own… but if the kuffar wants to abort their own… that’s just fine with them. After all, why expend the effort to kill them later after the caliphate comes when you can knock off a few of them now. That’s choice they can live with.

        Start thinking like a Muslim, and we’ll never be surprised by what they do.

  • Gee. Why did the first word that came into my mind say, “blackmail”? This is SUCH a disgrace and so stinking un Consitutional. This is the Chicago way, and it’s spread like stage 3 cancer. We’ve got a lot to do to get it gone.

    • warpmine

      They company really should just close it’s doors and tell the regime to F-off. Lay the blame where it’s due, fascism.

      • I agree… even though I know quite a few excellent people who work there. I do hope the Corp. sticks with their convictions.

      • Jennifer Hamilton

        I pray that Hobby Lobby won’t find it necessary to close. I love the store and hate my government. Since Obama came to power, for the first time in my life I’m not proud of my country.

        • warpmine

          Agree with your sentiments but face it, somebody has to show leadership. Remember all the blabbering that went on about S. Africa and apartheid, they all demanded that the US of A take the lead and divest ourselves. Same thing, here, somebody has to show the way. When the U-3 numbers go back up maybe, Barkyboy will get the message and if they don’t so be it.

        • crosshr

          count me in !

        • badbadlibs

          I’m sorry to say: “Ditto” to everything you wrote. Breaks your heart, I bet. I know it does mine.

  • c4pfan

    Do they take turns with this or what?!

  • badbadlibs

    “Ugh. I really don’t like feeling this way about my president.”
    What choice do you have? I couldn’t have felt affection, admiration, or support of any kind for hitler or any other two bit despot.
    bo is busy about his father’s business. Those who worship the One True God need to pray like never before….hear that self?
    I’ve been wanting a Hobby Lobby near me for ages, there’s one that is suppose to open up in March….I hope they don’t. I hope they don’t violate the law of God. I will pray for their courage to hold fast. God bless them.
    And may sotowhatshername face many sleepless nights as God deals with her soul.

  • ApplePie101

    How does the Obama administration plan to enforce this, Gestapo-style? That would make for some good Youtube video. Americans need to see what dictatorship looks like in real life.

    • unclesamnephew

      thru the I.R.S. obama care law had a provision to hire additional agents, and about $400k was transfered to this agency of FEDZILLA

      • Orangeone

        16,500 IRS agents were added. Just wait until they tell those of us that have individual coverage that it doesn’t have the right provisions and we get the penalties too. It happens AFTER THE FACT.

        • badbadlibs

          How about those on medicare? Will they have to buy what the lousy dictator in the WH says or face fines?

          • Orangeone

            Nope, nor Medicaid, nor welfare, nor prisoners.

            • badbadlibs

              Thanks for the info.

      • ApplePie101

        What I mean is that, at some point, legislation has to take the form of some agent making contact with some citizen. I don’t think we’ve begun to plumb the possibilities of what kind of opposition a citizen, who knows his constitutional rights, can cause for a red-tape-encumbered agent of a bureaucracy. Hint: they don’t like to be put on the record.

  • Lgbpop

    If I owned that company, I’d close it out of sheer principle. When the people who vote for “free” government goodies start to see what it costs others – not just in money, but loss of liberty – perhaps they’ll start to behave like responsible citizens. Birth control is not a right, for God’s sake, and one has no right to demand someone else to pay for it – let alone abuse the power of the government to enforce it.

    • Conniption Fitz

      A Christian-owned bus company closed this week because of being forced into gay wedding business.

    • warpmine

      My position to a “T”

    • Orangeone

      I would close it as well and tell 100% of the employees that the cause is ObamaCare and 100% of the Demorats that voted it through in the middle of the night.

  • MadAsHellJack

    This is only the beginning. The next four years will be the most treacherous and evil in American history. I would hate to be a Conservative judge sitting on the SCOTUS during Obama’s dictatorial reign. Their lives may be in great peril as Obama salivates over the thought of another Court appointment.

    • Nukeman60

      Or four appointments. He may get the 79 year old Ginsburg and the 74 year old Breyer to step down for younger activist justices. Plus, Scalia (76) and Kennedy (76) may not be long for the courts (especially in this age of unexpected (?) deaths or potential threats to life).

      With 6 young activist justices on the Court, we won’t have a fair court system for several decades to come.

    • badbadlibs

      Who knows which one of them might have a heart attack, while walking their neighborhood, at midnight?

  • Skullf15

    First, this only cover females, so it’s forcing males to pay extra premiums (YES, premiums WILL go up) for non-health related free contraception!

    Second, each company should make it known WHO is using this free contraception coverage, so the individuals can be identified and scorned by their follow employees for being lazy and cheap for not paying for their own contraception.

    and Third, if it was MY company, I would hold press conference, and tell everyone that my personal religious rights have been violated and although I have enjoyed running this business for “x” amount of years, and I have made a lot of money doing it, I will now close the doors and 50,000 people will be out of work. Too bad for you, blame Obama.

    In addition, this also prevents me from paying for ObamaCare. A Win-Win for me. And a Lose-Lose for the stupid, ignorant people that voted for Obama.

    Remember, business’ are in business for themselves and to make a profit. NOT TO EMPLOY PEOPLE. As an offshoot, individuals are employed, receive money for doing work, and they can buy things.

    SOCIALISM does not and will not work!


    • Orangeone

      Name Obama and each and every Democrat that voted in favor of ObamaCare as well as each judge that denied Hobby Lobby’s injunction request.

    • badbadlibs

      “And a Lose-Lose for the stupid, ignorant people that voted for Obama.”

      I just wanted to read that again. 🙂

  • aposematic

    We now live under anti-Christian Government dictates and anti-Christian Judicial decrees. Isn’t it interesting Islam was pre-excluded by the dictate? This should suprise no one as our Constitutional Republic was designed to function under a moral Government. Clearly our Government has replaced with whatever whim all Christian concept of moral.

  • Nukeman60

    The US circuit courts of appeals see cases appealed from the district courts. It’s bad enough that we have the activist 9th circuit (circus?) overseeing the entire western portion of our nation (making appeals a lost cause in that district), but when you get a court that oversees a group of central US states (Ut, Wy, Co, Nm, Ks, and Ok – the 10th), then you would expect it to be somewhat aligned with their basic beliefs.

    Why the activist Sotomayor is able to jump into this case is beyond me. I’m not familiar enough with the emergency appeals of the US circuit courts, but I would have thought the 10th would have heard the emergency appeal, since they are the court involved.

    Don’t tell me all the 13 US appeals courts are overseen by a single Supreme Court Justice (more than likely an activist one). This is very disturbing for any appeals process. No wonder the liberals are always appealing everything from election results to basically all court decisions. They’re bound to win sooner or later, since they know they can eventually get it to an activist judge or justice.

    • demographicallychallenged

      I heard on the morning news she is the Justice that oversees the 9th district. I would like to know why she doesn’t recuse herself from ruling, because she helped write the legal language for the affordable care act. I think that, would prejudice her judicial ruling.

      • Nukeman60

        Yeah, I’ve been searching to find how they divy up the circuits, whether the junior justice oversees all of them or whether each justice oversees a couple of them (8 justices, plus the chief justice, and 13 circuits). I haven’t found anything yet on the issue. So far we have discovered that Sotomayor oversees both the 9th and 10th. Very disturbing, in my opinion.

        How any justice can rule on a subject that she was deeply involved in is way beyond my comprehension. I’m losing all respect for the rule of law in this country. Perhaps, rebellion is the only answer after all.

      • badbadlibs

        Oh how you talk…a liberal actually doing the right thing…hardly and please don’t hold your breath waiting for an answer.

  • Conniption Fitz

    Obama’s administration is tyrannical. Look at what they did to the Gibson Guitar company because their competition supported Obama.

    They practice religious persecution and favoritism.


  • demographicallychallenged

    This just occurred to me, are condoms and other forms of male contraception covered? I believe BCP’s got attention because of Viagra. Will all your dependents be required to have an insurance card issued if they are?

  • mikeinidaho

    Of course the SCOTUS will do nothing to protect freedom of religion in the US. Every corner of government is totally infested with communists and communists abhor any freedom of any kind by the serfs formerly known as citizens. The Republic is, for all intents and purposes, dead. And We the People have no one to blame but ourselves. It’s time to let it all collapse and start over again. Like Rome, the Vandals are sacking the city and the New Dark Ages are upon us.

  • Technically, he might be THE President, but he’s certainly not MY President. I didn’t vote for him, or support him in any way! I’m proud of that! Like most here, I actively campaigned against him an donated to his opponent (Romney, can I have it back now? 😉 ) Nothing would make me happier than if he resigned for was impeached or something so we could have a new election and a new REAL American President sooner rather than later.

    This Anti-American, Anti-Constitution, Anti-Christ Socialist POS will NEVER be MY President.

    • He should have been charged with treason long ago… I’m still waiting.

      • Maybe if we can get Cry-Baby Boenher out we might get a man or woman with a spine in his place that will start to fight back instead of lying down and telling us all it’s just the way it is and he doesn’t intend to try and do anything about it and neither should we.

        We Need West or Bachmann or well… A small toy puppet would still be an improvement!

        • I’ll take Bachmann thanks. A toy puppet reminds me too much of the puppet in the white house now.

          • Good point. If you look just right you can see Soros’ hand sticking right up… 😉 (Thank goodness this is a family website, eh? 🙂

    • badbadlibs


  • Erdnay

    There are 750 organizations that have obtained exemptions from Obamacare.
    A whole bunch of them are unions. (surprised ?)
    Hobby Lobby is a Christian run organization and probably does not contribute to the Democrat regime. If Obama likes you, you get an exemption.

    • aposematic

      If Obuma’s cabal likes your money…maybe.

      • crosshr

        or they’ll own your business & money

  • Conniption Fitz

    Both the morning after pills and abortion have been highly correlated with very negative outcomes, like death, breast cancer, etc. but these progressives don’t let mere truth and evidence and human life get in the way of their ideology and agenda.

    • Orangeone

      You might be missing the point. The Barky Boy regime have ZERO respect for women. If women die, all the better.

    • crosshr

      this regime do not care for truth ! they don’t mind retardation, sandra fluk for one !

  • Maybe you will see more and more people just not paying it? They can’t put the whole country in jail, what if the American public just said “NO!” Either that, or the company will simply go bust and a lot of people will lose their jobs. But, in the end, that’s probably what Obama wants anyway, more people on the public dole and more people dependent on big government. To a socialist like Obama, what’s not to love?

    • aposematic

      Its the fines; remember Roberts designated the fines to be taxes so you are guilty until proven innocent…good luck. At present the individual fine is way less than the actual cost of insurance so many will opt to do nothing and get fined. Businesses however can be destroyed. $1.3M/day fine…gotta hurt. An angle I haven’t heard: Christians fighting Obumernocare get fined so they have less to fight the establishment with…how convient is that?

  • objective123

    Or what they can do is hand out candy in the form of birth control pills like planned parenthood to comply. Or they can make sure their employees are all christians who do not support this mandate. Problem solved.

    • As I understand it, the company still has to offer it. Even if nobody actually wants it. That goes against the conscience of most Christians.

      Libtards loved the idea of conscientious objectors when they were cowardly libtards refusing to go to war… But now that Christians object to having their conscience violated by a socialist mandate, it’s different. Libtard Hypocrisy for you.

      • Orangeone

        Wolfie you are correct. It is a gov’t mandate not based on requests from employees.

        I hope Sandra F1ukeoff is proud of herself now, 50,000 likely to lose their jobs. Time to find out where this twit lives and start protesting in front of her house.

  • Kilauea50

    Justice Roberts is the one that needs his teeth knocked down his throat. He could have put an end to every bit of this mess but he caved to the thug in the White House. It just angers me to no end. Our freedom is GONE

    • Orangeone

      Barky Boy has something on Roberts, we just don’t know what that is yet.

  • warpmine

    @TRS: Check with Hillary to see if it’s ok to disagree so strongly with this regime that you are allowed to have these feelings.

    When the population has just effectively signed off on a dictatorship what course other than violent or armed revolt is there left? Face it if a PoS like Piers Morgan can bad mouth the constitution than fomenting revolt should be perfectly fine for the rest of us. To put it another way, if the other side is hell bent on violating the Constitution to the point of making it irrelevant than why my good man should we follow their rules or any rules. Murder, rape, pillage literally have no meaning anymore as the laws governing against it were all based upon the aforementioned Constitution consequently based upon God’s Ten Commandments.

    The left has argued for rewriting the Constitution and so the people must give their blessings for it somehow but in the mean time the basics for the laws are mute because they desired them so. Have fun, kill the enemy because there isn’t any factual basis (their wish) for the regime’s law. We now have the formula for anarchy.

    • Orangeone

      Next the rape victim will be charged with a crime for not being on birth control when she was raped.

  • clockwindingdown

    Isn’t it funny how O’s SCOTUS appointee is the judge enforcing his will? This is what happens when open communist corrupt our legal system and take over our elected offices.
    This is not the will of the people. The will of the people in all polls clearly shows the citizenry does not want obamacare. Yet here they come to take control of property rights, that is correct, property rights. This is an independent company, which O and co didn’t build. They are forcing private individuals to capitulate there beliefs, their “freedom of religion” to O and co’s will or face prosecution.
    IF the employees do not like the employment agreement they have with H/L they are free to seek employment else where. Yet the employer is not free to exercise, through what they have created and represents their life force, the values and morals that they believe and represents them.
    It is time that we the people file class action suits against this kind of tyranny.
    Why is there not a petition on the white website to repeal obamacare?
    Why have not thousands of independent small business joined H/L in this fight for freedom against these tyrants?
    Why is it that we, the citizenry have not caused our government to fear us, rather we fear them. They are supposed to represent us, instead they rule over us with disregard to our republic, its laws and safety nets.
    O’care is the game changer. It infects everything in our lives. It was designed to seize control of business, economy and regulate everything we are and do. Remember this law is still being written, with no oversight, changed as needed to take greater control. For those that don not think so I ask you this. What was the purpose we were told healthcare needed to be enacted? Was it not to cover those without healthcare? Does it fill the need? No! It still leaves most of the number it was meant to cover without coverage. So it failed at it is “supposed” intent, yet they continue on with it never addressing this issue!
    At what point to do we the people draw a line in the sand and say no more???

    • joe brown

      1. Providing forcing Bible beliveing Christians who believe and hold good faith scriptually based tenants that life and soul occur at conception and who believe aboortion inducing drugs are absolutely contrary to their faith.
      2. It is an unconsitutional invasion of the freedom of relegion to force the members of this class to use their money to purchase an insurance policy that has as one of its objectives to terminate a fertilized egg which at that momment has a soul.
      2. The Obamacare law flagrantly violates the 1st Amendment Free Exercise of religion clause clause by falsely seeking to force the Free Exercise into a box confined by the four (4) walls of a church building.
      3. First Amendment forbids Federal or state govern ment to interfere with free exercise of religion.


      1. Class certification and a certification of a class representative herein is requested. John Doe is alleging that he is a member of a class of U. S. citizens, who are Bible beliveing Christians who believe and hold good faith scriptually based tenants that life and soul occur at conception and who believe abortion inducing drugs are absolutely contrary to their faith who asserts it is an unconsitutional invasion of the freedom of relegion to force him and the members of this class to use their money to purchase an insurance policy that has as one of its objectives to terminate a fertilized egg which at that momment has a soul.

      2. This action can be maintained as a class action under FRCP Rule 23, which states as follow :
      (a) Prerequisites. One or more members of a class may sue or be sued as representative parties on behalf of all members only if:
      (1) the class is so numerous that joinder of all members is impracticable;
      (2) there are questions of law or fact common to the class;
      (3) the claims or defenses of the representative parties are typical of the claims or defenses of the class; and
      (4) the representative parties will fairly and adequately protect the interests of the class.
      (b) Types of Class Actions. A class action may be maintained if Rule 23(a) is satisfied and if:
      (1) prosecuting separate actions by or against individual class members would create a risk of:
      (A) inconsistent or varying adjudications with respect to individual class members that would establish incompatible standards of conduct for the party opposing the class; or
      (B) adjudications with respect to individual class members that, as a practical matter, would be dispositive of the interests of the other members not parties to the individual adjudications or would substantially impair or impede their ability to protect their interests;
      (2) the party opposing the class has acted or refused to act on grounds that apply generally to the class, so that final injunctive relief or corresponding declaratory relief is appropriate respecting the class as a whole; or
      (3) the court finds that the questions of law or fact common to class members predominate over any questions affecting only individual members, and that a class action is superior to other available methods for fairly and efficiently adjudicating the controversy. The matters pertinent to these findings include:
      (A) the class members’ interests in individually controlling the prosecution or defense of separate actions;
      (B) the extent and nature of any litigation concerning the controversy already begun by or against class members;
      (C) the desirability or undesirability of concentrating the litigation of the claims in the particular forum; and
      (D) the likely difficulties in managing a class action.
      The members of the class are so numerous that it is impossible and impracticable to bring all of them to this court as named plaintiffs. John Doe is similar to damage of other class members
      Not certifying this legal action as a class action can lead to conflicting rulings and judgments; there are questions of law or fact common to the class. the claims or defenses of the representative parties are typical of the claims or defenses of the class; and
      John Doe will fairly and adequately protect the interests of the class.

      • clockwindingdown

        Excellent Joe Brown, now we need to get people to sign! If a majority of the people that oppose the bill would sign such a document it would be powerful!

        How does one proceed?

        • joe brown

          You get an employee that is being forced to buy a policy the premiums for which he/she pays underwrite the policy as a whole who is willing to serve as a class representative (meaning the initial plaintiff) in the class action. It is critical that this action be filed immediately. They are picking the opposition off one-by-one. It is patently absurd to confine one’s freedom of religion to institutions and within the 4 wall of places of worship. They want to wall us off. They can’t and they won’t, if we move quickly.

  • Conniption Fitz

    This is religious persecution.

    Support Hobby Lobby. Buy their merchandise.

    Write and ask the ACLJ to take up their cause…and donate to the ACLJ if they do.
    Make posters and organize groups to go to the capital…or stand in front of Hobby Lobby.
    Write your legislators.

    Sexual promiscuity and abortion are not human rights.

    These drugs are dangerous. Abortion and the morning after pills are correlated with negative outcomes such as infection, death, cancers and long term mental health issues.

  • If Liberals want these items, why don’t they take a bit of personal responsibility and buy their own? Why are they imposing their freakishly anti-Constitutional twisted views upon us all?

    • Wolfie, you know the answer to that one.

      • It was rhetorical, but it felt good to type it out! 🙂

        Venting = good
        balling it all up inside = not so much.

        • “It felt good to type it out.” You just explained why I went over 15,000 comments last night lol.

          I can’t hold stuff in very well.

          • And every one a gem! I’m not far behind you with 13,233 as of this post. I can’t believe I made that many comments either! Yikes!

            • lol. It’s hard not to get so many when we have such silly conversations here. 🙂

    • Conniption Fitz

      Right. “You play, you pay” should be the reply to these libertines who want to live high-risk lifestyles and demand everyone agree with them and pay for the consequences of their actions.

      • Exactly!

      • Orangeone

        If we sterilize them, problem solved. Permanent birth control.

    • clockwindingdown

      Wolfie, kind of ironic isn’t it that the people that want religion taken out of public eye want the public to pay for their lack religious morals…

      Leftism is about no responsibility, no accountability, someone else’s fault. It is plain to see in every one of their causes, someone else is always to blame. Sounds like someone we all are exposed too doesn’t it?

      • Hmmm…. I can’t imagine who you might be referring to. 🙂

        • clockwindingdown
    • tinlizzieowner

      It’s called “Fundamental Transformation”, Wolfie.

      • Thank God we have GOD! He will save us from this devil invented discord! 🙂

        • tinlizzieowner

          God helps those who help themselves, my brother. He never meant us to sit around and wait for ‘Devine Intervention’. He urged us to recognize evil and denounce it, personally.

          • We are playing our part! 🙂

    • TWH’s R#1

      Because they are insane regressive commiecrats that are unstoppable control freaks that NEVER admit they are wrong and NEVER quit pushing. There is only one solution.

  • M_J_S

    No…..this business should stay open and refuse to pay the fine….lets get the image of government agents dragging out the owners and shutting the place down.

    • Orangeone

      Better to close and file bankruptcy. If the gov’t seizes the owners lose everything and are still liable to pay the debts.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    All of this because that weasel Roberts found a way to make this Monstrosity that is Obama care constitutional, and Soto Mayor is just following the script from these statists. Judge Roberts is the most hateful person in power for all of us that love the Constitution, and love freedom. One of the many legacies that the Bush clan left the United States, Judge Roberts was picked by……… You guessed it a Bush.

  • POSOTUS strikes again.

  • sjmom

    I don’t know what Hobby Lobby will do but I know what I would do. Before I would bow my knee to the demoniac in charge I would close the doors of the business. May God’s wisdom be upon the owners of this company to lead them in future decisions. Amen.

  • Sober_Thinking

    He’s NOT a President!!!

    Their first mistake was going to Sotomayor… she’s liberal freak… sooo…

    This is unconscionable. How many businesses will chose to honor God and NOT this dictator? How many people will lose their jobs over this.

    God will deal with these people. Harshly. Forced murder of innocents… by our own government. Sin is rampant in America now…

  • sarahsupporter

    If there were any ever doubt that Obama has been destroying our country, and our private sector on purpose, this story here should remove all doubt once and for all. This makes me sick. All because he “feels”????? Really? He feels employers should pay and that’s that huh?

  • bmark

    drop the insurance benefit and just add that money to their check making the employee responsible themselves. This leaves them no choice

  • syvyn11

    Close it down. Send Obama a message.

    Obama being the weasel (which is a insult to weasels) that he is, he’ll blame Republicans and people’s faith. Let him. It will make him look like a idiot.

    At some point, the MSM won’t be able to mask the evil that is within this man’s heart.

  • 57thunderbird

    Enough is enough.Justices can be impeached just like presidents.

  • chatterbox365

    Thanks a lot CJ “Rino” Roberts.

    • TWH’s R#1

      benedict roberts.

  • dcnj

    All is lost…let it burn. We can’t fix this. The government is now only serving themselves and their “friends”.

    IT has to hit rock bottom..unfortunately. This country is already split in two.
    Immigration, rigged elections, lifetime politicians etc etc etc.

  • white531

    This is what happens, when we allow the Liberals to load the Supreme Court and then make it part of the Executive.

    Sotomayor and Kagan are simply repulsive human beings, who happen to be on the Supreme Court. Just like Obama, also a repulsive human being, happens to be our President.

  • Impeach the miscarriage of “Justice” Sotomayer! Hell, while we’re at it, remove all the so-called “justices” and replace them with independent-thinking Constitutional scholars that have the kahunas to tell the guy that occupies the White House “no”!

  • Photoshop President……how did we get here?

  • Where in the hell does the left find these Toadwart women? How can so many ugly, repulsive women possibly exist on the left? People call Michelle Obama “beautiful” and all I see is Chewbacca. No, I’m not being “insensitive” or “racist”…Hilary is a skank, Sotomayor and Kagan are both freaks of nature as is Napolitano. And furthermore, they’re all sexist, femi-nazi’s. There is truly nothing more dangerous or threatening to the freedom of the common man than a bull-dyke, liberal woman in power.

  • hongryhawg

    He’s not your president. He’s nobody’s president. Just because he lives in our White House and smokes crack in the Oval Office does not make him a president. He is an occupant, put in place by fraudulent means to cause as much destruction to this previously great nation as he possibly can while EVERYBODY is in the mood to break their oaths of office.

  • What else can we expect from an Obama appointee?

  • It’s not up to employers to decide our health care rights. Just because they don’t agree with contraceptives due to their religious beliefs, does not make it okay to deny coverage to employees. Not everyone shares the same religious convictions.