***UPDATED WITH VIDEO*** Speaker Boeher is done fighting Obamacare: It’s “the law of the land”


I really hope someone with more backbone challenges this feckless speaker:

ABC NEWS – Asked whether he will make another attempt to fully repeal the Affordable Care Act, Boehner said “the election changes that” and “Obamacare is the law of the land.”

Still, there are some parts of the law, he said, that should be on the table as lawmakers work toward a balanced budget.

The speaker also revealed that comprehensive, bipartisan immigration overhaul would be a top priority of his agenda during the 113th Congress.

UPDATE: Here’s the video so you can hear his exact words:

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  • theresaaa

    Another one who needs to go ! What has he done BUT give in and give up ?

    • ssenecal5000

      I dont know, he might be doing a head fake


      • theresaaa

        Maybe . But he doesn’t have a record for being a stand up guy.
        He’s burned us before .

      • RocklinConservative

        UH .. no. He probably already has his golf dates with the Prez inked into his schedule.

    • Conservative_Hippie


    • Jazzee

      AMEN……………..new speaker one with GUTS

      • RocklinConservative

        Maybe someone like Michelle Bachman??? Did she win? Last I heard she was a couple hundred ahead? I’ve been off the grid trying to regain my composure. 🙁

  • Stehekin912

    There is no one to speak for us but you, John. You should be ashamed of yourself. You and all who sail in you

  • NoToTyrants


    May I have a special dispensation to use vile disgusting profanity, because I am fuming?

    Did the Republican’s lose the House of Representatives too? Did I miss something?

    • As long as you use the appropriate censors, you should be fine. It’s noted in the comment policy.

    • Don

      CryBaby Boehner will remove all doubt why cowardly RINOs couldn’t beat one of the most corrupt and incompetent presidents in our history.

      • Jazzee

        Amen Don ……..

  • Boehner has no leverage. He also is going to get f’d trying to deal with Obama on taxes, Obama is going to get what he wants, if Boehner doesn’t do anything when the Bush tax cuts expire, then his congress will be blamed for raising taxes on a lot more americans.

    • Orangeone

      Let them blame the House. The Senate and WH can extend. Let all the idiots that voted for Barky Boy pay higher taxes. Romney lost because he was a RINO. Boehner is a RINO and will destroy this country before Barky Boy.

      • 2014 sounds real good with that scenario, Republicans raised more taxes on Americans than Obama, not really.

        • Orangeone

          They are going to say it anyway so force the Dems hands.

      • Rightstuff1

        Yes he is a RINO Orangeone but tell me would you rather have him or Pelosi? I would take him and McConnell and Romney anyday of the week over Pelosi, Reed and Obama.

        Democrats vote as a bloc to smash Republicans. We are their enemy. The hate us and want us wiped off the political map. We spend half our time attacking those on our side who have differing views. I am as right as they come. Romney was not my choice. But this election has taught me a valuable lesson and I hope it teaches us all the same lesson. Unless we pull together to destroy the Dems then we are done for. As it is I think we are done as a country anyways. 20-21 trillion in debt by 2016? Its over, we may, if we are lucky to be able to service the interest on that debt, if we are lucky. My guess is we will be borrowing money to pay the interest. A balanced budget is a fairytale now. Sorry I’m in the dumps and it shows.

        God help us all.

        • Orangeone

          You don’t destroy the Dems but caving in.  We need strategic thinkers like Allen West, Trey Gowdy, Michelle Bachmann to desimate (sp?) the progressives.  We need to stand up and say no.  I frankly don’t give a rats behind if the Repubs are blamed for the tax cuts expiring.  Barky Boy wants everyone to pay their fair share.  Expired tax cuts will achieve that.  Once the young libtards start feeling the tax pain, they will want jobs.  We the employers look them in the face and say NO way in he!! because of the way they voted in 2008 and 2012. There are plenty of conservatives on long-term unemployment that need jobs.
          And they you tell the public that the only alternative is revenue from all because the job creator was not elected. Then turn to Barky Boy and ask “Where are the jobs?”
          I posted on Scoop in a great libtard battle that 50% of the college grads did not get jobs this year because they voted for BarkyBoy and the job creators knew it.  Job creators will not hire people that want to destroy their business.  That shut the turd up.
          Okay, did I make you feel better?

        • white531

          Rightstuff, your comment was dead-on accurate. Its just that no one wants to see it printed on the page. There is a worldwide economic crisis coming, and we are a major part of it. It will be like nothing the world has ever seen.

      • aposematic

        I hate that acronym RINO… Face the facts, just look at the past 5 GOP Presidential candidates; what everyone are referring to as RINOs is the real GOP. There are very few Conservatives and Libertarians that put R behind their name. Most, if the State does not have Libertarian as a choice are I’s. The GOP is center left…period.

    • Rightstuff1

      People give me a freaking break. How can Boehner do squat about ObamaCare? I mean really? Defund it? How? Senate controlled by Dems, hasn’t passed a budget in what 3-4 years? Obama in the WH?

      Face it – we is scrawed folks. Scrawed, by the way, is the past pluperfect of screwed 🙂 (Joke, feeble attempt at levity because this week is such a killer).

      I hope those perfect conservatives who stayed at home and wouldn’t vote for Romney because he wasn’t Conservative enough for them shut the hell up cause they get no freaking say in this matter or anything else for that matter.

      • serfer62

        The House controls the money & there isn’t a damn thing the senate can do about it. They can defund the EPA & it will collapse, they can defund OHbamaCare & Nothing can be done.


        • HarrietHT2

          Boehner is a MAJOR facilitator of the leftist agenda. He caved on the debt ceiling multiple times and told the 2010 incoming conservative freshmen to get on board with the DC way of doing things or else, meaning no committee assignments and no help come re-election time. He is an absolute farce and cries in his beer every time he should be leading the opposition. He’s a disgrace to the office he holds.

          Let me ask you this: how eager would he be to defund Obamacare if HE had to live under it??? Plenty eager. But he and his DC cronies are insulated from the trash laws they pass for THEIR EMPLOYERS — US!!!

          The Republican Party is a dinosaur and deserves the same fate: extinction! The caller to Rush today had it right: the establishment has yet again flipped conservatives the finger and then they wonder why Republican turnout was down. Idiots!

          • forgetyoutooo

            They chose not to vote knowing we would become a socialist nation. They can go straight to he11- as far as I am concerned.

          • Rightstuff1

            You and I will have to disagree Harriet. Those who could not be bothered to vote for Romney delivered us Obama and ObamaCare and trillions in debt and more tax rises, job losses, fiscal cliff debacle, abandonment of Israel etc etc etc. Those who could not be bothered to vote had better have a good story for their kids when they ask “daddy/mommy, what did you do when Obama tried to take over America?” Answer – “NOTHING!!!”

        • warpmine

          Not to mention all revenue bills(Chief Justice declared it a tax) must originate in the House. There’s you avenue to overturn it, some have filed suit using this premise.

          • Wisewoman2

            Sorry your logic is flawed. The house already passed the law before the repubs took over. Everything is in place. The only avenue was for the people to elect Romney and a republican senate and house. Boehner should simply pass a law to repeal the bill even if it never gets to the senate in order to fulfill a promise and for the majority of the voters wish and to put the onus on Obama and the senate.

            • warpmine

              What are you blabbering about? All revenue bills are to begin in the house….says so in the constitution somewhere, look it up. The founders did this because since we’re the ones that are most likely to pay them, we have first say. Does that make any sense?

              BTW, people much wiser than I said so. Of course, the judges on the bench are by enlarge progressive PoS that hate the Constitution as much as the usurper.

        • BMinPA

          Oh, yeah? When was the last time the President signed a budget? Clearly, the House isn’t needed.

        • Jazzee

          AMen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO why the heck don’t they do it??????????????????????????? wimps no one speaks for the American people NONE OF THEM

      • forgetyoutooo

        Absolutely correct rightstuff1. I had heard for a couple of years that the hard core Tea Party members would rather the country go bankrupt than to elect one of their own. I wouldn’t believe it. Romney decided to play it safe while campaigning only on the economy to attract as many independents as possible. I am disgusted with those that didn’t vote. All we had to do to get rid of Obamacare was elect Romney and if he needed replaced in four years WE would have done so. Some in our own party chose socialism over love of country and a future for my children and grandchildren and I will never trust them again. The liberal media controls this country and our government now controls our healthcare. The only positive thing I can think of is that my parents are not alive to see what happened to the county they fought for and loved.

      • xjesterx

        Boehner can defund some things, and Obama will just use other money…like Defense money, to fund it. Who can or will stop him?! They can’t impeach him. (well they could…but it dies there in the house). Then what?

        If we don’t get a new speaker and get rid of McConnell, we can’t do anything.

      • NCHokie02

        House controls the purse-strings. They need to use that power. And at least put up a fight. He has no idea how to fight. It’s up to the states to nullify it now, hopefully a lot of them will with a lot of Republicans getting governorships.

      • Wisewoman2

        The Republicans can vote for repeal to get on the record. Obamacare will remain the law because the senate and Obama will not vote to repeal. What does that have to do with Boehner’s vote for the people on repealing the law. It will then be up to the democrats who will not repeal then they and they alone get the blame for the Obamacare taxes, loss of insurance, and the myiad of negative consequences of this law. Boehner needs to lose his job simply because he does not understand how critical this is to be on record for repeal.

        • Rightstuff1

          But it will accomplish what precisely? in the real hard world of reality it is positioning. OK I grant you he could do this but it will not stop ObamaCare. I hate ObamaCare, it’s evil and portends the very worst of socialized medicine. I get it. But to get rid of it we needed a President who would stop it since our great Supreme Court hero Roberts sold us out to placate the libs. We needed a Romney Presidency. We needed it like a drowning man needs air. 3m fellow conservatives didn’t think it worth their while to go vote for the best chance of stopping it. Romney was not my choice by a mile. I wanted Newt or Rick. Too bad they didn’t get it. I’m a Christian Conservative, a business owner, a father of 4 and a freaking realist. I knew what a defeat meant. I gave money i made calls i drove people to the polling station yada yada yada, who cares now right? But I wont make excuses for those who folded their arms and sat on their collective asses and did squat to stop Obama being re-elected.

          It scared the crap out of me contemplating such a defeat but here we are.

          We don’t give up. We fight we fight we fight. I’m not going to watch the country I love get flushed into the toilet bowl of history which is more than those 3m lazy “fellow” conservatives were prepared to do to stop Obama. Those will be the same losers who tell us they are scared about Israel and how they are being threatened by the nasty Arabs and how horrible Obama is and oohh ohh splash!!! Welll freaking DUHHHHHH!!!!!! and what did they do? NOTHING. I got it.

          But we fight. My anger goes into the struggle. I wont lie down, not now, not ever. I’m not a quitter unlike those who couldn’t be bothered to even get out of their freaking chair to vote.

  • CowBell_Fever

    That’s just pathetic, but I would expect nothing less from him. Grab those ankles, John…

    • Rightstuff1

      It’s pathetic huh? Hmmm. OK. What would you have him do? Tell me please. What would you have him do? He cannot de-fund it because that means a budget and we haven’t had a budget for what 3-4 years from the Senate?? So what do you want him to do. Repeal it? Get that through a Democrat Senate? How? Get Obama to sign even if you could get it through the Senate which is impossible. Oh wait, maybe we get to 2016 and elect 66 or more Reps to the Senate to overcome the Presidential veto. Right.

      This election was our only shot. We blew it and you can thank the 3m Conservatives who stayed home all because Romney wasn’t conservative enough. Great. I will explain that to my kids while the country goes over the cliff ohh sometime in the next 3-4 years if we even make it that far.

      • Well, there is one thing he can do: Refuse to raise the debt ceiling.

        • warpmine

          No he can’t. You see Boner is a go along to get a long guy. He’s a crap weasel.

          • Rightstuff1

            A crap weasel. Hmmm. I am no fan of John Boehner. Not at all. Not by a stretch. But last I time I checked he voted. You wanna call the 3m fellow conservatives who couldn’t get out of their freaking chair and off their collective asses to vote “crap weasels” too? My goodness is that language too strong?

            • warpmine

              Not at all, I call them lazy bastards that couldn’t see the horrible future they’ve helped to forge, socialism. If they think, they’re gonna punish the GOP, great they might. For certain their children and grand children will be paying for it with their lives not in death but government slavery. Cheers, hope you’re satisfied.

              Be a different thing if they had plans to revolt with real firearms but nothing as yet. If they start shooting, let me know where and when, I’ll be there with sights and lasers.

        • Rightstuff1

          Yes he could. I agree he could. And politically how does that one play out for us? They close down the government. I’m ok with it. I hate government but do you think the Dems wont play massive political chicanery with that one. Such as refusing to send out social security checks because there is no money? Doesn’t matter if it isn’t true. Who will cover the truth? LSM? Fox? You mean like Benghazi? You think the Dems wont? Really? Think again. One way trip to political oblivion …..

      • Optimus_Maximus

        We haven’t had a budget, for 3 years, true.

        Why? Because the dems will not be honest with the people about the spending they demand, and do not want to OWN the budget when elections roll around.

        So, the repubs continually cave and pass continuing resolutions, which have baseline increases from TARP, stimulus built into them.

        Result? More and more debt, more inflation.

        FIGHT DAMN IT!

        REFUSE to pass any more continuing resolutions.

        MAKE them pass a budget. MAKE them own it.

        FIGHT as hard as the dems do.

        MAKE them compromise on spending on OUR terms.

        Repubs will get the blame either way, the MSM will see to that.

        Can’t get an agreement with the Senate on a budget?


        Furlough the Fed workforce, which voted Obama back into office.

        Elections have consequences.


        USE IT!


        • Rightstuff1

          You make great points. I agree with every one of ’em. Just finsihed listening to Winston Churchill’s “We will fight them on the beaches speech….” If you have not heard it then you should but you nailed it with your post and I gracefully accept it.

      • Freedomswatch

        Rightstuff, stop blaming Conservatives right now. I was one of those “Conservatives” who sent money and went out and voted for Romney even though he was not my choice at all. Romney ignored the Conservatives. Along with the RINO establishment he belittled the TEA party, who were the ones who went out and voted in 2010. Conservatives felt totally ignored, but I still went out and voted. The Red states all voted for him.
        How about you face the fact that the “moochers” in this country want their money and their entitlements and that’s 47% right there. Then you add the leftist, statists and don’t forget those that voted based purely on race that is who voted Obama back in office. Thank the Colin Powells of this country. The “moochers” realized they own the country now, wake up, the country is gone.
        I did vote for Romney, he ran a pathetic campaign, he failed to energize, he failed to lead and he was not charismatic. He needed to win voters and he didn’t. They wanted their goodies and he simply couldn’t promise more than Obama. Romney was the wrong candidate, as was John Mc Cain, and we Conservatives keep having to hold our noses and vote for the RINO choice anyway. Guess what, I’m done voting RINO. Conservatives are expected to vote for the R who wins the primary, but RINOs never vote or support the Conservative primary winner. RINOs never, ever support Conservatives, think Arlen Specter, and Dick Lugar, Mike Castle and on and on.

        How can you possibly think that capitulating on taxes and Obamacare makes us any different than those voting for Obama? We must fight. We must put forth gridlock and defund whatever we can. We must stop spending and we need to clean our own house. I will not make excuses for the John Boehners of this world anymore. Boehner is only interested in his own job and his own petty power. Stop blaming Conservatives. When the Conservatives and Libertarians leave the GOP who will you blame then when you lose?

        • Rightstuff1

          “Stop blaming Conservatives right now?” Blaming them for what? I am a Conservative, through and through. Romney wasn’t my choice at all. I hated the primaries where he went filthy/nasty/sliming of his opponents. Gingrich or Santorum were my guys and Romney eviscerated their characters. You bet that pissed me off.

          OK that’s out of the way.

          You, just like me, voted. I did way more than vote but leave that alone right now. Painful subject.

          OK that’s out of the way.

          I’m sick of the Right eating their own. The Left reserve all their vitriol for us. They want our political annihilation. They draw no distinction between TeaParty or moderate (hate that word) or RINO etc. We are ones who hack away at each other.

          Now those who couldn’t bring themselves to vote? Couldn’t or just wouldn’t – they do NOT get a pass. They didn’t vote for Romney so we ALL get Obama. That’s it. You think I’m pissed about that you freaking betcha your ass I am. If they had done what we all did then this outcome would have been different. No ObamaCare, end to the trillions in debt, end to the emasculation of the military, an energy policy that worked for Americans, stronger foreign policy so that Israel is not abandoned to the Arabs and our troops/people are supported and not left to die in rat-holes like Benghazi. The 3m who didn’t vote don’t get to whine at me about any of those things.

          Don’t get me wrong. The moderates are just as bad. They didn’t lift a freaking finger to help Mourdock or Bachmann. I don’t know if they didn’t vote or not but they didn’t campaign for them. But the 3m conservatoves that wouldn’t vote well Levin and Limbaugh are incredulous as I. You give em a pass if you like. I wont. They wouldn’t vote Romney so we got Obama. Over and out.

  • This is such a lord of the rings moment.
    The united states is the ring. Its can be so powerful or so destructive depending on who has it.
    Everything looks bleak now.
    Frodo and Sam were Romney and Ryan
    Obama is and looks like Gollum.

    This Boehner chap can take the role of Denethor, guardian of the citadel. Who lost all hopeand didnt want to fight anymore and tried to burn himself and his son alive.

    • Denethor…. perfect my precious.

    • Rightstuff1

      I sit here and ponder these comments about Boehner. What do you actually want him to do. He has no power. All he can do is hold up the debt limit. OK. You have been there before. How do you think that will play out? One way ticket to losing the House as well in 2016. There that would complete the rout nicely.

      • Actually, the Speaker of the House has more power than the president was given by the Constitution. It is one reason why he is the third person in line for presidency. He is responsible for the People’s house and generally, he who holds the purse, holds the power.

        This is why Tip O’Niell drove Reagan nuts

        • colliemum

          Yep – and that’s why Newt got clinton to balance the budget, for which the dems never forgave him, and for which they ousted him with spurious ethic complaints, same as they did to Sarah Palin.

          And there are still far too many conservatives who listen to the dem crapweasels rather than take a hard look at why they’re doing it.

    • Conservative_Hippie

      Well said and well analogized!

  • And the GOP wonders why they didn’t get people to turn out?? Because the leadership SUCKS harder than a two-penny wh0re.

    And let’s be honest — NO ONE will challenge him. It’s well and truly over, folks. That’s not defeatism. That’s realism.

    • Rightstuff1

      Anyone who would not vote for Romney/Ryan doesn’t get to say a word as far as I’m concerned. They stood by while we went to battle. They stood by while we gave our all, time, money everything and we lost because they stood by. Rush Limbaugh was incredulous today at the fact that 3m failed to show up because Romney wasn’t Conservative enough. We have lost more than election.

      • I’m not ADVOCATING that people not show up (to prove a point, as that Rush caller said today)… I’m saying that’s WHY it happened.

        The first step to fixing a problem is to admit is exists.

      • freenca

        I don’t even know the number of people that I spoke to about this election. And they agreed with my conservative values too, on nearly every issue. The thing that they would say, is that they were so sick of the whole corrupt party systems that do not differ in what they do, and so they have decided NOT TO PARTICIPATE. IMO, THAT is what lost this election for the right! They did not turn out to vote for more corruption, they stayed home to protest. I agree that what happens now will not be complained about to me, as I tried to convince them to vote for a start at least, and they would not be bothered to do it.

    • forgetyoutooo

      Helping Obama completely socialize this country is all their protest did.

  • blena

    Don’t worry Boeher will have to face the voters at the ballet box, that will show him who is boss. That is if he doesn’t decide it is time to spend more time with his family or the lobbying firms come calling.

    • I can’t afford to wait that long. He was hired specifically for this. He’s a traitor to those who put him in the Speaker’s chair. Speaking of treason… hey Boehner,when are you going to answer me on that?

      • Orangeone

        And he dared to say that the Tea Party endorsed all of the RINOs in 2010. What a joke. We need Sarah Palin to set this jerk on course.

      • blena

        My comment was in jest. Politicians are never held accountable, The ballot box thing is a joke. Boeher is laughing all the way to privileged retirement

    • Orangeone

      The voters just voted him back in and he betrays them. TERM LIMITS

    • He just did and won!

  • steveegg

    Don’t worry – we won’t have Bo(eh)ner to kick around as Speaker for too much longer. On second thought, worry, because it won’t be due to an intraparty fight.

  • stage9

    That’s because it doesn’t affect him. He’s a government lifer!

  • Joengima

    He better not do anything for immigration reform.

    Heavens sake, Obama will get the damn credit for it! Remember what he said in the Des Moise Register? Obama said he’ll win re-election because of Latinos and he’ll promise to deliver immigration reform. Now all the Mainstream Media is talking about is how GOP need to reach out to Hispanics.


    It’s pissing me off.

    The GOP’s main problem is COMMUNICATION. They let the Left define who they are, and paint who they are to the general public over and over. Until they learn how to defend themselves and fight back, the party will LOSE!

    • Orangeone

      The hispanics will NEVER vote conservative. Intern and return to sender.

    • ChesterWalton

      Hannity is very influential amongst conservatives like Speaker Boehner and Hannity just “evolved” on immigration. Says he want the issue over and done – pathway to citizenship for all law abiding folks in the USA. I think he sees electoral problems for future presidential elections, which would decimate the court.

      I think we are seeing a sea change in the current GOP – could lead to a Tea Party GOP fracture.

      • Joengima

        My mother is an immigrant from Italy. My entire family is of immigrants that came to this country legally.

        If the GOP grants Amnesty and instant citizenship to illegals that means they are flipping the bird to everyone who came hear LEGALLY.

        I am not advocating that we deport all of them, but I would only grant Amnesty in terms of giving them Residential Alien status but they should be barred of citizenship because they came here illegally and that would be their penance.

      • Betsey_Ross

        The tea party is already alianated from the GOP. Many of us are not thrilled with them nominating Romney, but we held our noses again and voted GOP. I didn’t like any of the nominees. In fact I didn’t like any of the people I had to vote for, but I did. It’s a fact of life that if you have seen as many elections as I have, you will not be happy with many nominees and will have to choose the lessor of two evils. The only time it didn’t happen was with Reagan. One joyful, Conservative choice in all of those years. The GOP hated Reagan and they had to hold their noses to support him. They were embarrassed by him because he was not an Ivy Leaguer. The same with Sarah Palin plus she had the gall to make the choice to keep her Downs Syndrome baby. The GOP is also certifyable just as much as the Dems. The tea party is not aligned with either of them. It’s just that the GOP has the right platform, but they don’t adhere to it.

        • ChesterWalton

          I think this the post of the day, well said – interesting fact, the last time a Republican was elected president without a Nixon or Bush on the ticket was 1928.

        • sDee

          a targeted concise assessment of where we are how we got here. Thank you.

    • Wisewoman2

      You hit it on the head. The last thing he should do is help to pass immigration. The dems will get ALL the credit not the repubs. It will be like when Johnson passed the 1965 civil rights bill. Although repubs voted for in at a higher percentage than did democratics and they helped to break a southern dem fillibuster, they to this day do not receive ANY credit from blacks with the exception of a small % like me who understand the history. BOEHNER please do not be suckered into passing immigration reform. It will be the deaf knoll for the party and I am not a repub but an independent leaning repub.

  • 911Infidel

    What a wimp. Why is it that the Republican Party refuses to appoint real Conservatives to leadership positions? Enough of this playing by Marques of Queensberry rules crap. We need Spartans.

    • NoToTyrants


    • Conservative_Hippie


  • Watchman74

    I refuse to be forced to purchase something against my will, I would rather go to jail.

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    That’s the response I’d expect from a spineless coward, not the Speaker of the House.

    • Rightstuff1

      What would you have him do? De-fund ObamaCare? How will that work? No budget passed by the Senate in what 3-4 years now. Maybe he could say no to lifting the debt ceiling. Yeh that would work for all of I don’t know a few days.

      We have got to start learning the art of politics. Waving a gun is great but not if you have no ammunition. We needed the Presidency. We did not get it by a mile. You can thank the 3m Conservatives who could not bring themselves to vote for Romney because he wasn’t conservative enough.

      We is scrawed Zim – scrawed !!! Past pluperfect of screwed !!! Only joke I can muster today.

      • E. Lee Zimmerman

        So have him roll over like a trained dog, eh? That’s the best our presumed side of the aisle can do at this point? That’s pretty sad.

        Oh, so we’re blaming the 3M Conservatives who didn’t show up, are we? We’re NOT blaming the fact that the GOP didn’t seriously address the ‘War on Women’? See, the Mainstream Media said we didn’t, so that must be the case, no? We’re NOT blaming the Latinos, either? Or the blacks? We’re just blaming those people who’ve held their nose and voted on behalf of the GOP’s non-Conservative candidates now for, what, three decades? We’re not blaming the RINO’s professed strategy of pursuing moderates at the expense of alienating our base, no? No blame to share there?

        Yeah,THERE’s a winning strategy.

        Don’t get me wrong: I do not endorse throwing away a vote by either side of the aisle, but I do endorse people voting their conscience b/c, at the end of the day, that’s all they have to live with. There ain’t a single politician on the national scene worth his or her stripe that’s seriously committed to bringing the Republican Party together under a tent that’s shared with Tea Party Conservatives and Evangelicals, and that’s the problem with the Republican Party. The Republican elite has listened to the smart guys for too long — they were convinced they could ‘strategize’ a win instead of going after peoples’ hearts and minds … but let’s go ahead and blame that folks who weren’t convinced Romney was Conservative enough.

        Now you know why you lost.

        • Rightstuff1

          The Left will beat us head on everytime if our side continually “get pissed” because our guy is too Conservative Mourdock? Palin? or it is too moderate (hate that word) and then just doesn’t vote.

          Yes I’m blaming the 3m conservatives who didn’t vote. The Latinos and Blacks are mostly takers from the pot. They will not vote against “santa claus” as Rush put it so nicely.

          Our side spends as much time hacking one anothers heads off in the pursuit of ??? whatever it is it is not the destruction of the Left.

          I was against Romney during the Primaries. He was not my guy. But Obama is certainly not my guy. And I wake up and find out that this may no longer be my country. Yes I’m pissed at all those who think its ok not to vote against trillions more in debt, against ObamaCare, against hollowing out the military, against money printing and on and on …..

          You’re a smart guy. I’m sure you know your history. Have you read about the rise of the Nazis? the Catholic Center Party (Zentrum) would not work with the German Nationalists (DNVP) or the SDP. The SDP simply would not work with the Communists and so Hitler with 34% of the vote became Chancellor.

          I can sit here all day and look at Latinos or Blacks and exclaim “why?” But they are takers from the pot, for the most part, so I’m not at all surprised to be frank. Our side – my fellow conservatives – could not or would not vote for Romney and we got Obama. You bet I’m pissed. Wont get me anywhere I know. I just have to sit here and quietly seethe.

          • E. Lee Zimmerman

            Well, of course, the media will always hate our guy even if he (or she) ain’t Conservative and even right-leaning (Romney); that’s the nature of the beast we’re fighting. You and I agree on that.

            I get that you’re angry. I do. I understand why perfectly well. The only point I’d caution you on is blaming the 3M isn’t going to get us any closer to a victory next time. Like Rush said, that’s a symptom, not a cause. Mark Levin said the same. I think we need to embrace that and create a strategy for something better next time. Blaming them is only gonna push ’em further away, and that’s never a good thing.

            And you’re right: our side has no business eating our own. You and I were probably two of the loudest ones harping on that during the primaries. I know we were at odds on some issues, but, at the end of the day, I know you and I agree more than we disagree, so that’s that.

            I was against Romney’s tactics in the primaries. Philosophically and ideologically, there was some common ground. Not much. But it was a start. I waited to see how we evolved, and he didn’t. He did exactly as the RINOs generally do, which is to largely embrace a squishy middleground on several issues, but he S-O-U-N-D-E-D pretty solid. Bringing Ryan aboard was a big step forward, and that convinced me to vote for him. It gave me hope that a Romney cabinet might be another great leap for mankind, but now we’ll never know.

            Yes, I’m kinda/sorta up on the whole rise of Nazis. Actually, I’ve been doing a lot of reading these days on history from the 1850’s through the 1930’s (some world focus, but an awful lot of US stuff; it all helps me set up a mindset for my first novel which is pretty close to being ready for submission and printing; it’s fictional, mystery/horror but it deals with many elements from that time period). And you’re right how it kinda/sorta reminds me an awful lot of the circumstances we’re dealing with today that it’s pretty frightening. There’s quite a bit that was going on during that period that lead to the Great Depression (in so many ways), and many folks who’ve studied that timeframe see hundreds of parallels for where we are today.

            I get that you’re upset. I understand that you’re seething. Know only that one’s frame of mind is always (always) a conscious choice. You can choose to be angry, and you’ve a right to it. We all do. At the end of the day, unless that anger is channeled into something productive (and anger works!), then it’s just that. Anger. Anger by itself only eats away at you. Anger managed with productive output is the fuel of revolutions, my friend, and THAT is why I salute it.

            • Rightstuff1

              Thanks for this post my friend. You are perfectly correct. Would love to more about the novel. An avaricious reader right here.

              • E. Lee Zimmerman

                It’ll be called “Rainville” once it streets. I’ll let all here know ’cause I’ve mentioned it a few times, and many smilers have asked about it. Be well, my friend.

                • Rightstuff1

                  I will watch out for it. 🙂

            • Wisewoman2

              While I agree with some of your comments as a former 40 yr democrat now independent, republicans still don’t get why you lost (I voted for Romney & McCain not Obama). Greg Guttfeld spelled it out exactly. While Romney’s comments about the 47% was close to the truth because it included people on SS and disability, etc it was somewhat misleading. The real truth is that at least 25% of the people in the country are on public assistance of some type permanently and at least 25% of people (dems and liberals) think that is perfectly fine, all Obama had to do was pick up another 1% of the electorate. I beleive he picked up 2 or 3%. That is the hard fact repubs are facing and it will only get worse. You will have to somehow come together to save the country from this fate. You must lock on to that or we are all doomed. If that means stop talking about abortion in the same sentence with rape do so for the country’s sake. I am a 67 year old AA who have worked all my life starting in the cotton fields of MS beginning at age 8 picking and chopping cotton in order to help buy food and clothes. In JR college I played under a basketball and acadenic scholarship. That was really hard work. I also worked in the lab during Sr college. In Heidelberg Germany as an enlisted man’s wife I worked as a dishwasher to make ends meet even though I had a collge degree. I have worked as a teacher (4 years) in research and development for a private company (16yrs) as a research chemist for the Us Army Corps of Engineers (14 yrs), and owned a business. Whatever it takes you must come together to defeat this maxist socialist agenda set in motion by the dems or the country is doomed.

              • E. Lee Zimmerman

                Well, I have to respectfully say, “Baloney.” As Rightstuff and I talked about, the loss of the more Conservative element of the Republican Party was precisely the cause of the Romney loss. As much as pundits and analysts try to spin this into something more than what it is, Rightstuff said it best: the math doesn’t lie. (The real difference in our dialogue is I’m not blaming them for not coming out and voting, while Rightstuff does.)

                I get what you’re saying, but if the Republican Party hadn’t so openly written off the Conservatives AND if they hadn’t allowed the demonization of the Tea Party types at every chance it came up, then the reality is more of them may (I say MAY) have come to the Republican Party’s defense.

                In four years time — assuming that the Oconomy performs largely the way most economists predict it will — then those folks who are receiving some of these benefits will lose them necessarily. We will not have the money, and those programs will inevitably have to be trimmed but probably not cut. This will have the cumulative effect of decreasing the kitty from which they’re drawing — causing cuts to their benefits, especially Medicare but more likely Medicaid (state programs have been cut and cut deeply for the last few years) — at the same time that they (and all of us) are experiencing severe inflation. (Substantively, this is why some version of ShowbamaCare had to pass — the govt. needs to come up with new sources of revenue as household incomes will necessarily fall, if not plummet further. The govt. needed to offset the loss from household incomes, and they’ll achieve that by increasing taxes — as we know they are — on healthcare.) Example: instead of getting $100, they’ll get $80, but inflation will REQUIRE that those people will have to do more with less.

                Again, it’s math. I know if can be nebulous, but it’s reality.

                This will have the net effect of amping up their anger (think Greece, but on Obama-funded steroids). So, yes, come 2016, there will be some very different challenges for the electorate on BOTH sides of the aisle, not just ours as was the case this go ’round.

  • I was yelling at my radio again listening to Levin playing this. I can’t repeat the language or I’ll have to arrest myself.

    • NoToTyrants

      I am with you sister.

      I guess the 60 Million of us that voted for Republicans for Congress in 2012 are now disenfranchised.

      Why did we even bother voting if we aren’t going to be represented and our leaders are just going to roll over and give Obama whatever he wants?

      • Betsey_Ross

        And that is why 3 million plus stayed home this year.

        • Wisewoman2

          And that is why you have NO representation instead of a waiver from Obamacare, jobs on the horizon, less crippling debt, a military capable of defending the country instead of a hollowed out military less capable of defending the country, etc., etc. That sentiment is why I doubt I will ever become a repub. You always confuse the good with the perfect which does not exist. 3 million staying at home at a time like we face is treasonous.

        • Rightstuff1

          No excuses for the ones who watched while we worked our asses off to remove Obama and all they had to do was vote and it was too much for ’em. They will be the ones crying and wailing about debt, taxes, Israel, the military etc etc etc and they couldn’t bring themselves to vote.

          My Irish father sat me down at 18 and told me. “Son if you choose not to vote then that’s your choice but you surrender your right to criticize when things go wrong”.

    • Conservative_Hippie

      I’ll bring the file you bring the cake, lol! I’m sorry AbC, I couldn’t resist 🙂

      • LOL! Good one C_Brother! Now, when I let you know what Jail I send myself to, you can come visit me 😀

  • And with it goes the economy as well as the nation. Once Obamacare fully kicks in, it will cost too much and we will have to divert resources from all over the government just to pay for it, just like they do in places like Canada and Europe. Britain knows how much socialized medicine really costs, and it (as well as a host of other social-welfare programs) has brought the nation to its knees financially. THAT is what we have in store for us. Oh, and our military? You can kiss that good-bye as well. We won’t be able to afford even the military we have now, let alone anything bigger. We will be no better than France or Britain, countries that could barely, barely, defeat Libya, a nation where half of its own citizens were trying to overthrow their own dictator. So give up the fight, John, and conservatives may just give up on you.

    Don’t be surprised if the Tea Party becomes the third political party in this nation. Yes, it could happen, especially with all the RINOs in the Republican party. It may be time to just go our own way and stand for what we believe in. It’s better than always failing with a bunch of RINOs like Boehner.

    • BikerHoop

      “It may be time to just go our own way and stand for what we believe in.”

      Correction: It IS time! I’ve given up on the Republican party. I’ve always been an independent but more often than not identified with the Repub party for voting purposes. No more! I’m all for the third party thing!

      • white531

        I’m not sure, Biker. A lot of people say they are sick of the Republican Party, and would favor a new Third Party, but I posted a comment on that very subject over on another thread about five hours ago, and got zero response. Scoopers tell you what they want.

        • BikerHoop

          You’re right, Scoopers tell you what they want. I think a lot of us, myself included, are still in somewhat of a stage of shock. I know I haven’t responded to as many posts as I usually do.

          Full disclosure: I am an independent. I have, in my past, voted for both Democrat and Republican. I vote for the person who I think is going to do the best job regardless of party affiliation. However, the Dem party has gone so far left I can’t conceive of ever voting for them again… and the Repub part isn’t far behind.

          The way I look at it is the Republican party totally and completely abandoned conservatives, their issues and their beliefs. There is no getting that back. The Repub party is now going to go even more moderate in the hopes of winning next time with a left-leaning candidate.

          I’m not willing to accept that. I will not compromise my principles to humor the Republican party. I will no longer allow them to pander to me by staging what they have labeled as a ‘conservative’ candidate when in actuality the person is more liberal than I’m willing to support.

          If that’s the game they want to play, it’s either time for another party to rise from the ashes or for conservatives to get behind the Libertarian party. They’re closer to conservatism than the Republicans are at this point. The party has been around for a long time and has fielded candidates in virtually every election. It’s not difficult to envision them becoming a major party with a little tweaking of their platform and I think that could be accomplished by the next election cycle.

          If the Repubs are not willing to relent their principles just to get a little better shot at victory, they’re not the party I can identify with.

  • Joe

    This “man” is a drunk and a WASTE OF SKIN

    I blame HIM for not CONVICTING ZERO for

    Flagrantly violating so many laws

  • SKL53

    BOEHNER NEEDS TO RETIRE!!!! HE IS A TRAITOR TO HIS PARTY!!! He is a jerk, a joke a jackass!!!!! He is the leader of the PEOPLE”S HOUSE! YOU FLAMING IDIOT!!! DO what Mark Levin says…find a way to DEFUND that monstrosity! You hold the POWER of the PURSE YOU DIMWIT!!! WE THINK YOU SUCK!!!

    • Constance

      Your post was far too vague for me to get your meaning. Are you happy, sad, pleased, upset? It was just too vague and foggy. In future, please say what you really feel. 🙂

      you do know I’m kidding… I hope

    • Umm, I don’t think he betrayed his party. The party is a traitor to the American electorate that votes

    • Wisewoman2

      agree wholeheartedly.

  • I just heard on the radio that Hannity changed his position on immigration. So it looks like the party is officially changing their platform to a more liberal platform. This is the death of the Republican party. These idiots will never understand that you can’t get certain votes unless you raise the bid on the free crap you give them…..and even then, you are fighting an ideology that has taught them from the moment they entered the public school system, that they are oppressed, and you, as the representative of the rich white man, are their oppressor. These are truths! These people stabbed their own base in the back for the last time.

    • Joengima

      Hannity has me concerned since the Election, it feels like he’s caving.

      • Personally, I thought Hannity caved a long time ago. I haven’t listened to him in about a year.

      • I agree. There have been several things he’s said walking back his big talk for the months leading up to the election. Now Scott Shannon is “President Obama has been reelected” trying to press the anger and now the “stop Obama express” has left again. I believe these guys (minus Laura) know they make more money with Obama in office.

    • This is the death of the Republican party.

      Lets make it happen. Start a conservative-constitution-libertarian coalition party. We’ll have to guts it out for 2 or 3 election cycles, but as the Whigs slowly implode, we’ll pick up the right of center followers who currently give their votes to the GOPe for lack of any other alternative.

    • ujujujujuj

      You can’t have the Republicans leave the borders open for eight years under Bush, and then when things go to shit, have the Joe Arpaios and Jan Brewers coming out.

      Hispanics voted for Obama by an even larger margin than last time because we’ve alienated their community. Bush got 40% of the Hispanic vote, Romney 30%. What we should have targeted was the welfare system, not the immigrants themselves.

      We should fight for an immigration/welfare reform bill. Give these people a path to permanent residency, but require citizenship to receive government benefits. That way, no one is incentivized to come here to live on the dole any longer. My attitude is, let them stay here as long as they’re paying their own way.

      • keyesforpres

        Oh boo hoo, we’ve alienated illegal alien invaders.
        Immigrants should NEVER be allowed to get welfare. Even legal ones. Come here to be an American and make it on your own.

        I’m sure you’ve heard of the Reconquista?

        • ujujujujuj

          If Romney had kept the 40% of the Hispanic vote Bush had, he would have handily carried Florida and Colorado. Ohio and Virginia were another story though on account of absolutely massive black turnout.

          Call me a pollyanna, but I don’t think these people are coming here to fundamentally alter our constitution or institutions. It’s purely economics.

          I mean, what? Reagan signs the amnesty bill, the border is left open for decades, and then we want to blame them for everything after the government-created housing bubble crashed the economy?

          As groups assimilate, they become more conservative anyway. Italian-Americans used to be overwhelmingly Democrat, and now they’re fifty-fifty. If Republicans play their cards right, focus on economic growth, education reform, and tackling the debt – and avoid getting us involved in any more stupid wars – our party may be able to move on from the shadow of GWB sooner than we think.

          • keyesforpres

            You know why Italians assimilated? In 1925 we ended mass immigration. Italy was actually interfering in our internal affairs. After mass immigration ended the assimilation began. Then we opened the floodgates in 1965 and Reagan’s amnesty was a huge mistake. Clinton did a bunch of amnesties as well, but the press never talked about that. It never should have happened. We gave amnesty and then they flooded in.

            I guess you hire illegals or somehow profit from them.

            Obama stole the election. Every state that required voter id, Obama lost. Illegals are voting when there is no photo id requirement and they vote democrat.

          • keyesforpres

            It is the Mexican government that is trying to overturn our gov’t and they are doing it with the invasion.

          • Betsey_Ross

            Stop giving illegals free stiff and you will have a greatful nation. Then maybe we can sort all of this out. Giving amnesty to them just makes the stiutation worse. Build the wall that was supposed to be there 10 years ago and monitor it. All the free stuff has cost us dearly and frankly I am tired of paying up.

          • Wisewoman2

            Again on this point you don’t fully get it. All romney had to do was put Marco Rubio on the ticket and he would have won the hispanic vote and the presidency. You see just like blacks voted 95% for Obama, Hispanics would ahve voted at least 60% for their own no matter what Obama would have said. I beleive the reason he didn’t put him on the ticket was that the conservatives in the party would not allow it. They would have disowned him even more. That was the republican ticket to the white house and you blew it. When Romney was trying to pick a running mate Rubio’s name came up repeatedly. (Remember what Obama said to the Des Monies register off the record that the hispanics would be his path to victory) Rubio was the one person that the conservatives didn’t want. Romney chose Ryan whom they loved but Ryan could nor even deliver his home state or contribute at all to the win. Also Romney had to pick up whatever baggage Ryan had. Instead Romney could have made Ryan his budget director. Those are the dumb things repubs do trying to appease the conservative base and still many stay at home. Also when are you people going to get rid of Ron Paul?

      • So in other words, let them continue to break the law coming here illegally and take jobs that American citizens can’t get… screw all those who came here the legal way.

        • ujujujujuj

          Illegal immigration is down to 1970s levels, and the Mexican birthrate is down to just around replacement level. The “invasion” is over. And by just focusing on Mexicans, and not the OTHER 50% of illegals whom no one talks about, those overstaying their visas who come from all over the world, that does send a message to Hispanics in this country.

          A disturbing amount of legal immigrants are on the dole as well as illegals. That’s why I say, restrict the bennies to actual citizens, add stricter requirements, and so on. Go after the incentives, not the immigrants themselves.

          • keyesforpres

            Upwards of 70% of illegals come from Mexico. It is Mexico that has a separatist movement…Reconquista. You can’t have millions of people flooding into our country that think it’s their land. Upwards of 60% of Mexicans both legal and illegal think we stole the land and that it is theirs. I met a Mexican at one of our Senate Judiciary meetings to get an illegal immigration bill passed and he said they planned on turning this into Mexico and they are dead serious.

            We are well aware of the other side of the visa issue.

            NO immigrant should EVER be allowed to get any government handouts.
            It is time for mass legal immigration to end and it’s time to kick illegals OUT.

            • white531

              Yes, to keyes, no, to uju.

          • How many terrorists are coming over the southern border also illegally? We have no idea. I don’t claim that they are only mexicans, which is why I state Hispanics, as they come from Central America and South America as well, and from Iran, Syria, Afghanistan and other places via south America.

            We do need to go after incentives, I agree there, but quit calling illegals Immigrants. They’re law breakers.

            • keyesforpres

              Exactly! They are not immigrants, they are illegal ALIENS.

              Many terrorists sneak in over the border pretending to be little ole migrant workers just looking for a better life. The first World Trade Center bombers went to Mexico and crossed the border as migrant workers. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

          • Wisewoman2

            What happens when they are fruitful and multiply with children born in this country automatic citizens? Given enough time they will be in the majority.

  • SKL53

    Go ahead JOHN keep up with your TANS! They have FRIED your BRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We will get rid of you in two years!!!!!

  • SKL53

    Here we go again!!! The speaker kisses O’s a$#!

  • Don

    Romney got 3,000,000 less votes than McCain. Without the Tea party the RINOs are now the third party. Millions of conservatives held their nose and voted for Romney because he was the only choice. A few million conservatives refused to do so. Romney’s effort to move to the center against an extreme left extremist like Obama was a mistake. Obama received 10,000,000 less votes than 2008 and Romney still couldn’t win. RINOs like Boehner and McConnell will reinforce why conservatives cannot trust cowardly RINOs and why they didn’t vote for Romney. NO MORE RINOs.

    • Without the Tea Party the RINOs are now the third party.

      Lets make it so. We have 4 years. Come on, people.

      • TeamBella76

        No we need both ! Stop trying to divide us. Yes the Rhinos are pathetic at times but even with a Tea party it’s not enough to build on a liberal party that’s growing and stands together no matter.

        • sorry, we are divided already. That’s why “we” lost in 08 and 12.
          Your party loyalty is fine if your views line up with Boner’s views. Mine do not. He is the opposition. I owe him nothing.

    • TeamBella76

      How’s that Romney’s fault ? People didn’t vote they don’t care.

  • Jim Botts

    If you is allowed to continue you can get that all of those congressional gains we fought so hard for in 2010 are gone in 2014.

  • el_jefe33

    “comprehensive, bipartisan immigration overhaul”

    if this idiot think the dems are going to give him that victory without beating it over his head to win in 2014…he is dumber than i thought.

    • keyesforpres

      Victory? How is mass amnesty victory? That will be the end our country for sure.

      • el_jefe33

        We are going to have to deal with this. We have to figure out a way to help the people that have been here for many years. There are a lot of hard working Hispanics that our in this nation and have been for some time. What about kids that were here since they were young and now in the teens or twenties? How do you handle that as a compassionate nation? I don’t care if you come up with extended work permits or what it is exactly but we cannot be seen as the party that wants to arrest and ship back all the Hispanics. I don’t understand what is so bad about that?

        • 36Free

          Here is the hard truth and no offense meant. We could change all of these principals and mirror the democratic party when it comes to immigration and we would still not secure that vote. Perception is in the eye of the voter and the GOP will Never win over a plurality of those votes.

          • el_jefe33

            I am not saying we mirror the democratic party but if with the right leaders and the right message we would gain the Hispanic vote. I don’t think they are drones like most of the democratic voters we see today and their values are more in line with ours.

            • keyesforpres

              I am sick and tired of people thinking we are supposed to cow tow to invaders. That is what illegals are …INVADERS.

              • el_jefe33

                those illegals and INVADERS are probably putting the food on your table. Probably built the house you live in..you don’t get it and never will. If we as a nation can’t open our hearts and borders to hard working tax paying freedom loving people then we are doomed.

                • Those invaders are doing the jobs that millions of unemployed AMERICAN citizens should be able to do. They are here by breaking the law. Since when does a society survive when it rewards criminal behavior?

                • keyesforpres

                  Bingo! I’m sure el is from south of the border and has dreams of the Reconquista…of course these uninformed fools don’t understand that Mexico never had the west to begin with. The Spanairds named Mexico Mexico and they had no control of the Western US. That is why they were happy to let us buy the Gadsden (sp?) purchase. These fools think Mexico always existed and a “Mexican” is some indigenous race.

                • el_jefe33

                  wrong…I was born in the USA and live in the south. I am in the construction industry and work beside Hispanics everyday…

                • keyesforpres

                  That’s what I thought. You hire them. Bet they are all using stolen social security numbers. Ruining someone’s life. Have you had yourself tested for TB? Many illegals have it. One guy almost died from it about 5 years ago. You could get it and bring it home to your family.

                • el_jefe33

                  wrong again. now I guess they are the only ones carrying TB..

                • keyesforpres

                  How utterly lame. You are that obtuse that you don’t understand that being around someone that is not supposed to be here and has TB and gives it to you would not have happened if they weren’t here? TB was becoming pretty rare in this country, but with the invasion it has skyrocketed and WE PAY all their medical bills. I know a nurse and she said about 20 years ago she never saw any cases of TB in her hospital, but in the past 15 years it has skyrocketed and every case was an illegal and not one paid their bills. That affects your health insurance premiums because hospitals have to charge those of us with insurance WAY more to make up for it.

                • You bring up an interesting point there Keyes. Before I came here, one of the things I had to do was get a complete physical with xrays by an American Consulate doctor to make sure I didn’t have any comunicable (sp?) diseases like TB. So, I had to fork out 200 bucks for that, and come here… with hundreds of thousands of illegals who have TB. It’d be a real riot if I caught it from them. Dang this makes me angry.

                • keyesforpres

                  A good book, “The Alienation of America. The Ultimate Betrayal” by Jeff West. On the back of the book is a mural on a Mexican grocery store in NC and it describes the symbolism of their plan to take over the US.

                • keyesforpres

                  The book talks about the diseases they have brought. One is Chagas. It got into our blood supply through blood donations. We weren’t testing for it because Americans didn’t have the disease. It comes from bug bites in Latin America. They starting testing for it in 2006, but many Americans got tainted blood before that. It causes your organs to expand and burst. We can thank traitors like el that hire them for encouraging the hordes of invaders.

                • keyesforpres

                  By the way, why do you refer to illegals as Hispanic? Has it ever crossed your mind that those illegals are taking jobs away from Americans? Don’t give me the song and dance that they work harder. You hire them because you pay them less.

                  I met a grandmother who fought off an illegal that tried to rape here and would have slit her throat with his knife. He was just a good little illegal working construction by day don’t ya know.

                  Also, have you done criminal background checks on these guys? Do you check to make sure the valid soc. sec. numbers they have stolen aren’t being used elsewhere? Checked the birthdate? Many illegals are stealing children’s soc. sec. numbers.

                • el_jefe33

                  do you know how stupid that sounds?

                • keyesforpres

                  Oh, it’s stupid to make sure the soc. sec. numbers aren’t stolen? If they can’t speak English, they aren’t US citizens so it’s a pretty sure bet they are stolen soc. sec. numbers…even if it passes E-verify. All E-verify does it see if it’s a valid soc. sec. number.

                • I had to have an FBI background check, and an RCMP background check before I came here. Also had to have valid passport, all my documents, fingerprints and my Green card before I even stepped foot on US soil.

                • keyesforpres

                  As it should be. I’m surprised you passed. 😉

                • lol. 😀

                • My husband was born in the USA too, and also worked in the construction industry- all aspects of it, and expert at all of them…. yet he’s been out of work for 3 and a half years, and illegals are still working. Nice.

                • keyesforpres

                  el doesn’t give a rip. He is making money of the border hopping slave labor and that is all he cares about. Can’t see past his nose and what it’s doing to this country.

                • RosiesSeeingRed

                  It was funny. On another thread here today everyone was talking about moving to Texas, obviously a red state, but also because people bring up secession at times like this, and Texas is the only state that could feasibly do it. But illegal immigration is a big problem there, and Perry took a lot of heat from conservatives during the primaries on what was considered weak immigration policy because of his amnesty-like college education program for the children of illegals in his state. There were conditions, like number of years living there, having high grades in h.s., etc., but still, the conservatives didn’t like it.

                  So it’s ironic people talk of moving to Texas to flee their blue states — a state that according to my brother-in-law and other relatives who live there — has no desire to kick out the people who do a lot of work for Texans and are a integral part of their booming economy. Seal the border so no more can sneak in? Yes. Kick out the criminals? Absolutely. But in dealing with the ones who have lived there for years, work among them, or work FOR them, and contribute to the economy of Texas, not exactly. They are open to a solution in Texas that MIGHT not be quite in line with those conservatives who are thinking of fleeing there.

                • keyesforpres

                  Approx. 3% of illegals are picking our crops and over 25% of them are getting welfare. They are stealing contruction jobs. The place I live is having work done and they are all illegals and they SUCK. Can’t remove a window without popping nails and causing severe internal damage. They were taking bricks off by using a sledge hammer. Totally moved the entire wall. IDIOTS. Totally unskilled and they don’t give a rip that they have caused all this unnecessary damage.

                  Contruction used to be a good paying job for Americans that couldn’t afford to go to college and now this border hopping slave labor has STOLEN those jobs and driven down wages. Their quality of work SUCKS.

                  I’m guessing you came here illegally…or you came legally and now work to sneak folks here illegally….showing yet again that legal immigration is not always good for a country….showing that your loyalty lies south of the border.

                • el_jefe33

                  oh brother. I know that only unskilled workers are the Hispanic workers and they are the only ones that commit crimes also..how about you talk to a few of the Hispanics working out there and see what they say. with your attitude be prepared to be in the minority party for years to come..

                • keyesforpres

                  Oh puleeze. Not the “they aren’t the only ones committing crimes”. No kidding, but every crime committed by an illegal is a crime that would not have happened.

                  I’ve met a number of folks that have lost a loved one at the hands of an illegal.

                  Do you have children? A baby? If any of these illegals have TB you could get it and give it to your children. A baby would not survive it.

                  You have no compassion for unemployed Americans. You can’t see past the nose on your face.
                  Lame coment “I know only unskilled workers are the Hispanics”…hey, I NEVER said Hispanic, I said illegal. And yes, the damage they have caused is outrageous. I talked to one of the foreman (an American) and he assured me he’d talk to them before they went any further, but it did no good, they moved my bedroom wall. Almost knocked the electric socket completely out of the wall.

                  Do you pay them less than you would an American? If you ignore the question…you will have answered it.

                • keyesforpres

                  We offer unlimited agriculture visas. There is NO reason to invade…unless they can’t pass the criminal background check or medical screening. No comments on Mecha’s hate? No comments on the murders by illegals. Just we are supposed to be compassionate. I guess your Spanish surname trumps everything.

            • Most hispanics who came here the legal way are sick and tired of those who came here illegaly. We would not gain hispanic citizen votes by pandering to the amnesty issue.

              • keyesforpres

                Exactly. I’ve met some good decent folks that immigrated here legally from Mexico and they are outraged by the invasion. They fall into the 40% that do not believe in the Reconquista.

            • Don

              Great point, el_jefe33. Most hispanics are very hardworking Christian people with families. The demorats tell them that the republicans are like those that they left their country to get away from. They are more conservative than they know. The demorats are using them like tools to gain power and nothing else. In their hearts, the Hispanic are more American that half of our country.

              • keyesforpres

                Well, they forgot the part of “Thou shall not steal”. They broke the law to come here and they steal soc. sec. numbers, steal jobs, and cost a fortune to educate their kids….affecting your property taxes. God is very clear in the Bible about nations and respecting nations’ laws and borders. They showed disdain for our laws.

                We offer unlimited agriculture visas. Come legally and get your medical screening before coming.
                About 25% of the prisoners in our federal prisons are illegals. Many are in gangs and the Mexican drug cartel and have jobs by day for cover. It’s a matter of our national sovereignty. There is nothing Christian about what they are doing.

                You should read the book,
                “The Alienation of America. The Ultimate Betryal”. Read what is happening and read about some of the diseases they are bringing into our country and the fortune it is costing our hospitals to treat them. They never pay. Again, stealing.

                • Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that entereth not by the door into the sheepfold, but climbeth up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber.

                  John 10:1

                • keyesforpres


                  In Acts it says something like, “And God determined the boundaries of their habitation”…Nations and borders.

                  In the book of Nehemiah God tells him to get back to Jerusalem to rebuild the walls to keep the invaders out….border security against invaders. It also says that Nehemiah showed his papers and he went through the land….he was travelling legally and respected the laws of the nations he passed through.

        • keyesforpres

          Yeah, a lot of hardworking illegals that have stolen someone’s social security number, stolen a job, have us pay for all the medical expenses when they give birth, cost a bloody fortune educating their kids, WIC vouchers and on and on. They take way more than they give.

          Approx. 25 Americans die at the hands of illegals everyday. We are closing in on 100,000 Americans dead since 9-11 at the hands of illegals. Half are killed thru drunk driving and half are murdered. We need to demand our governors save us from this invasion.

          Compassion? Where’s the illegals’ compassion towards us?

          What about the fact that Mexico has a dept in their gov’t devoted to taking over the Western US. Heard of the Reconquista? Mecha? The racist Mecha? In 2007 they have in the preamble of their constitution something along these lines:

          They are going to taken over the west and once their numbers got to a certain point, THE ETHNIC CLEANSING OF THE WHITE AND BLACK MAN WILL COMMENSE.

          Heard of La Raza? It means “The Race” as in the brown race. There are many folks from south of the border that want to take over and want us to live as second class citizens. They want to take over. Just like muslims.

          Compassion? Where’s the compassion for the American people? Why are we supposed to let people come here and steal, rape, and murder? Did you know the Mexican drug cartel is in over 1000 US cities now? Gangs? Did you know Mexico empties their prisons and brings them to the border? Diseases?

          I’ve had it. Illegals show nothing but disdain for us. More illegals are getting welfare than are picking our crops. Many are coming her to get on the dole.

          I’ve had it.

          • NoToTyrants

            Great rant. Thank you. Loved it.

  • Orangeone

    Much better Speakers:

    Sarah Palin
    Allen West
    Newt Ginrich
    Morry “The Grizz” Taylor

    • Michele Bachmann.

      • Orangeone

        Duh, I forgot my own Tea Party heroes

        • 😉 Glad to help lol. I think you’ve had a lot on your mind… so don’t worry about it.

          • Orangeone

            But I’m refreshed now and it is because of the Scoop community so thanks everyone!  The only thing worse than a grizzly mom is  grizzly me.  I’m ready to work on 2014 House in my district, 2014 senate in my district ([email protected]) 2016 pres candidate.  I love the Grizzly man for 2016.

    • white531

      Joe The Plumber, Dennis Miller, my dog, the list goes on and on. 🙂

      • Orangeone

        was he elected?

        • white531


          • Orangeone


    • GeorgiaPeachConservative

      I first thought of Paul Ryan, then I thought of Newt Gingrich, someone with backbone.

      • Orangeone

        I have to wonder if Paul Ryan was held back like Sarah Palin.  I wonder if he has a lot more fight in him that we’ve seen.

  • anneinarkansas

    Out with him…I do not want to lose my medicare benefits for takers to have free cell phones….get a fighter in there!

  • white531

    Little off topic maybe, but these topics change so quickly, I can’t keep up.

    Wall Street Journal today had what I thought was an excellent article on why Romney lost. Here’s a snippet:

    BOSTON—Mitt Romney is one of the wealthiest men ever to run for president. And yet the lack of money earlier this year stalled his campaign, and he never really recovered.

    Here’s the link for the full story. It’s well written and makes a lot of sense, at least to me:


    • Orangeone

      Thanks my friend!

      I propose the following for our 2016 candidate. We need to select our candidate one year in advance of announcement. We need to work together to not have anyone else in the running. We need to come out of the gate fighting. I want the Grizzly man.

  • opinionatedhermit

    Get rid of this guy. And, get rid of him now.

    Either that, or form a new party and let us have our own say on who will lead.

    • SavingtheRepublicdotcom

      Exactly! Thats what I was preaching. We couldnt risk 3rd party run for the 12 election but to work to get as many independents into lower levels of office, grow from there in the next 4 years so we have a viable threat to the establishment by 2016

  • proudhispanicconservative


    • white531

      That’s good news, proudhispanic.

    • MominNV

      AWESOME NEWS! Thanks for the update.

    • proudhispanicconservative

      Actually he is up in the most liberal part of his district west palm beach and the more republican side St Lucie has not been counted. Here is the link

    • WHOO HOOO!!!! I knew it!!!

    • PhillyCon

      Finally, something positive out of this nightmare.

    • The people who counted in secret need to be arrested for obvious voter fraud.

    • NoToTyrants

      Thank you for some good news. I needed something to bring my blood pressure down.

    • Orangeone

      OMGosh you are making my night! West takes no prisoners. West for Speaker of the House. We need to get on this ASAP and dethrone Boehner from that seat and put him on another throne that flushes.

    • Stehekin912

      Please please he has to win

    • Wisewoman2

      You sure? Last I heard he had gained 300 votes from the 2400 meaning his is down by about 2100 with absentee ballots still being counted.

  • SavingtheRepublicdotcom

    This JERK and the rest of the RINO party has to go! If youre thinking of running for office stop thinking and just do it we need to takeover the lower levels of govt and move into the federal levels between now and ’14. Then continue on and get as many into power creating a legitimate threat to the R’s and D’s that by the time ’16 rolls in we will have a legitimate viable 3rd party candidate (unless we can take over the repub party, which is dead in my eyes)

  • smmy33

    Let’s be honest …. Obama won because the media and demorats use social issues , culture to win over most democrats states , 2/3 of then have a 75% and over white population and the vote aginst their ecomnic interests.

    Hispanics and black population are concentrated in red states, so the larger they have gotten , ( mostly Hispanic) the more the are turning former red states blue… First California, Nevada, New Mexcio, Floirda, Virginia, next Arizona, Texas

    The way democrats win then is by naked appeals to tribe and race…”.. This appeal — appeal to one’s tribe — is powerful. It’s also racist, and divisive, and promotes an Us vs. Them mentality… all those things which are terrible if a Republican even hints at it.”

    And giving amnesty to the 15 million illegals isn’t going to win over Hispanic , they have become like blacks … Comfortable with a big fat corrput welfare government It’s not like they learned anything from the countries they leave in desperation for a decent living that are big, fat, corrupt socialist countries.

    Romney who’s a honest , decent man… Thought I wouldn’t play the nake appeal to race, us vs them, under the radar the way democrats do…..Especially in Ohio, 80% white…. He thought ! the ecomny., jobs, a ecomnic future for that will stop us from becoming to Greece, citizens have to care they leave a viable nation to their children or for themselves.

    Sorry, whites in blue states care more about abortion that would never be outlawed in their state…. Or to feel socially insink with the media culture.

    And all these white fools Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Michigan, and other states like Oregon, and Connecticut…. Who at least 51 % should have woken up…. Wouldn’t until it’s too late and they realize voting for silly culture issues that would never effect their lives or become laws in the states…… Wasn’t worth fiscal suicide.

    One other piont, if republicans message that didn’t connect with voters then with are 30 as of this election run by Repiblcan Governor’s or his the House still republicans…. Because the closer to the vote the more they vote on what actually effects them, taxes, fiscual issues, ecomny…. And not storied issues the media invented.

    • Rshill7

      No, let’s really be honest. Obama “won” because of naked, unambiguous, and for no other reason than this…FRAUD!

  • Spartan4Palin

    RS, backbone? I would like to see someone with a pair of gonads! This guy couldn’t fight his way out of a wet Kleenex stained with his own tears! This creep is embarrassing and the VERY reason why our party is in shambles! For cripes sake!!!! He’s also why Fast and Furious never gained the traction in the spotlight it sorely deserved! But there isn’t anything he can do to cover the Benghazi cover up. And here’s why. It has been discovered that this is potentially the equivalent of F&F but have top politicians in on it. And I’m not talking Dems. Never forget that John McCain and Lindsay Graham were tooting the horns of supplying arms to rebels in Libya and Syria. This is now the DC CYA shuffle. No one wants to get the label of aiding and/or giving comfort to the enemy! Boehner can’t give his new ‘golf buddy’ cover on this one! And can’t control Issa anymore. Issa and Chavetz have shown more leadership in their little finger than ‘Beer Summit Boehner’ has since he showed off his BIG gavel! His true character has shown time and time again how weak he is. And his statement on Obamacare is just one example of his feckless leadership! I hope there is another vote soon for House leadership and this guy is tossed on his tuchus!!!

  • MominNV

    BACHMANN, for Speaker of the House. Bone head boehner, the rino, needs to be REMOVED. That goes double for linsey graham who voted with the progressive to give all that Money to the mooslum brotherhood.

    • p m

      That would be justice indeed if Backmann were speaker – after Boehner targeted her to lose her seat by ensuring the RNC gave her NOT ONE PENNY!

  • PhillyCon

    Boehner better be careful. The GOP majority is not a sure thing. He has obviously forgotten the GOP is supposed to be an “opposition” party. The “me too” thing is a pathway to the WHIGs.

  • Chevypowered

    Just like i said in a email to some friends about this.

    Did John Boehner get his 30 pieces of silver in one lump sum or monthly installments?

    Time for him to be tossed!

  • Okay, this is the only place I actually feel comfortable posing this question.

    Am I alone in this: ?

    My study of history leads me to one conclusion. There is no turning back or changing course. The country, as founded, is dead. And it cannot be resurrected. We can certainly postpone – for whatever that postponement is worth – the worst of the pain, but we cannot, as a people, avoid it. The dominoes have been lined up in such a way as to make it impossible to come back: Staggering debt and inflation (decimated treasury), a decimated military, unchecked importing of the poorest and most uneducated coupled with increasing government dependence (decimating the civil society), the takers reproducing at exponential levels while the makers reduce the number of children they have (or cease to produce any at all)…

    I am a first generation Italian-American. My father is a born-Italian, Americanized citizen, but the entire family on his side is still in Italy. In that country, there has been unchecked immigration from Northern Africa, the Middle East and China. There is staggering debt and inflation, the citizenry is firmly entrenched in the Entitlement Society, and the majority of native Italians have one or at most two children, IF ANY, while all those immigrants have as many children as they can create. That country is falling apart, and the people, by and large, do not care so long as they get their government check (pension, handout, whatever-the-case may be).

    But even beyond that, similar circumstances are true of Ancient Rome and later Britain, both once-greatest powers on this earth.

    If there is an “escape” – I think it would have to be bloody; it would have to be civil war and secession. I just do NOT see how the nation, as it is right now, survives.

    Again, am I alone here?

    • I can only go by the Founding fathers on this one Carmen. What you say is what I fear, and our Founders spoke often on what would happen and what we need to do to hold on to the Republic. In my humble and not so knowlegeable opinion, when people failed to believe America is a Republic and treated it as a democracy, that’s where we began to slide. Add to that the throwing out of God and Biblical principals that this nation was founded on, and the intentional dumbing down of the people through government run education… lead to where we are right now:

      “If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.”
      Samuel Adams

      Problem here is that the few great Patriots who have come up in the past few years have been chewed up and spat upon by their own party, and left to fend for themselves. We’ve seen this through the whole primary season, with the Senate and Congressional seats of folks like Sharron Angle in the last election, along with Sarah Palin, Allen West, Michele Bachmann.

      “Without morals a republic cannot subsist any length of time; they therefore who are decrying the Christian religion, whose morality is so sublime and pure (and) which insures to the good eternal happiness, are undermining the solid foundation of morals, the best security for the duration of free governments.”
      Charles Carroll, signer of the Declaration of Independence

      I’d say that’s pretty prophetic and self explanatory. Once we kicked God and prayer out of schools, courthouses, libraries, public parks and every other public area, that vacuum was filled with secular/humanist/atheist and muslim ideologies which have all worked together to undermine the strong Christian heritage America once had.

      “Freedom is not a gift bestowed upon us by other men, but a right that belongs to us by the laws of God and nature.”
      Benjamin Franklin

      Since God has been kicked out of schools, people have grown up believing our rights and freedoms come from government. Once government is given that kind of power to grant freedoms, it has the power to take them away.

      “Now more than ever before, the people are responsible for the character of their Congress. If that body be ignorant, reckless and corrupt, it is because the people tolerate ignorance, recklessness and corruption. If it be intelligent, brave and pure, it is because the people demand these high qualities to represent them in the national legislature…. If the next centennial does not find us a great nation … it will be because those who represent the enterprise, the culture, and the morality of the nation do not aid in controlling the political forces.”
      James Garfield, the twentieth president of the United States, 1877

      Another prophetic statement. There is no morality in our society, how can we expect it in our “representatives”?

      “It is when people forget God that tyrants forge their chains.”
      Patrick Henry

      I don’t call dear leader, dear leader for nothing. People in the last election saw him as a messiah figure. He never rebuked them for it, and now our chains are getting tighter.

      “The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers.”
      Thomas Jefferson

      Substitute the newspapers for the lamestream alphabet stations and there we go.

      “I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever.” Thomas Jefferson

      I do believe God’s Justice is awake.

      I have heard more people, even those in our government call America a democracy. It is taught in government schools. America was never a democracy, it was a Constitutional Republic. The founders made it that way for a reason: “Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself.”
      John Adams

      I think we have murdered ourselves. Can we revive?

      “… God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion. The people cannot be all, and always, well informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented, in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions, it is lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty…. And what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to the facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.”

      Thomas Jefferson

      “If we wish to be free, if we mean to preserve inviolate those inestimable privileges for which we have been so long contending, if we mean not basely to abandon the noble struggle in which we have been so long engaged, and which we have pledged ourselves never to abandon until the glorious object of our contest shall be obtained _ we must fight!” Patrick Henry

      “Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.” Thomas Jefferson

      “We must all hang together, or, assuredly, we shall all hang separately.” Benjamin Franklin at the signing of the Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776

      So. Can we revive? It depends on who is willing to fight.

      • NoToTyrants

        Inspiring rant! Luv ya sister. Keep the faith and the fight.

      • p m

        It is precisely the strength of the Constitution that the communists feared would inhibit their take-over of the USA. That and the populace’s strong religious faith. Ergo, the Frankfurt School, whose success in such a relatively short time would probably astonish its designers. It will be another century of solid fighting to undo its damage – at the price of hitting rock bottom and starting over.

        • Pale Rider

          Ummm …. another century? Are you kidding me?

          I fear we will be in re-education camps stripped of our weapons well within a decade, my friend.

          • p m

            You may well have a point if elections continue to be stolen, as in 2008 and 2012, with no attempt to redress the crime.

            However, I don’t see Americans as the kind of people to just lie down and take it – do you? And nullification still exists if the states wish to pursue it.

    • You’re not alone…

    • Arrrggghhh

      No, you are not alone. Perhaps the only other peaceful “escape,” in my opinion, is as follows: Over the next four years, I am almost certain that we will face a major economic collapse. The “takers” may stop getting their government cheese. Enough of them MAY wake up and realize that they have almost killed the golden goose and tip the scales back to let the “makers” start producing wealth (cheese) again.

      I loved the analogy that Rush made the other day regarding splitting the country in half with the Romney supporters taking half and the Obama supporters taking half. How long would it take the Obama half to start digging tunnels to get to the Romney half?

      To your point, the middle of the country is very red. We’d have oil and food. Not the best beaches, but I could live with that as long as I was living under the principle of liberty that this country was founded on.

  • He is a Republican’s Republican.

    Hey folks, you lay down with dogs, you get fleas

    • MominNV

      He’s a DAM RINO!

  • I am all in for continuing the fight. What I don’t understand after the election is what, exactly, can be done that hasn’t already been tried and failed?

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    boehner needs to be removed as speaker he is a loser. total loser…

  • PhillyCon

    This is absolutely the worst: Obama barely won with NO mandate. Yet, this fool is giving him one. Would Pelosi or Reid ever do this to Bush after 04? Heck no, they fought Bush tooth and nail over everything. This my friends, is why we are where we are. Our side does not fight.

    • Your leaders don’t fight the left.
      they fight you.
      Anybody tired of that yet?

    • wallwatchman

      Amen phillycon!! What is he doing to us?! Thanks for fighting for your constituents boehner!! Get a spine republicans!! I’m sure it won’t do any good, but maybe a thousand or so calls reminding these cowards what their job is should happen tom. I know, wishful thinking. Congressman bauchman, could you please show your colleague how it’s done!!! Man up boehner!! Sad that Michelle bauchman is more a man than he is!! Sigh!

  • marketcomp

    This is why 3 million republicans did not vote for Romney. Boehner needs to go!

    • yup
      And why X million did not vote for Mac in 2008.
      The GOP is already dead, as a moderate party anyway.

      • marketcomp

        Unfortunately you are probably right.

  • dontdrinkthecoolaid

    Boehner is one big F-ing Progressive. Throw him out of the REP Party. Let Ryan be speaker of the house.

  • keyesforpres

    How is ObamaNOcare the law of the land? The House passed one bill and the Senate passed a different bill. Then Pelosi deemed it passed. Both chambers have to pass the exact same bill for it to become law. How can they deem it passed?

    • Wisewoman2

      Wrong on the facts. The house did pass the identical bill the second time.

      • keyesforpres

        No they didn’t. I saw Pelosi with her eat s*** grin hit the gavel and say, “I deem the bill passed”. I’ll never forget it. I remember saying, “How can she just deem it passed!?”

  • stage9

    With leadership like this, we might as well all become democrats.

    • HOw ’bout we all become Conservatives or Constitutionalists or [name your favorite new 2nd party, here]?

      • stage9

        I think that’s a much better idea! How about we elect some representatives who share that vision?

  • KenInMontana

    Is anyone really surprised?

  • 36Free

    This is the definition of failure folks. With all this talk about this changing demographic that we are supposed to appeal to, how are we to expect that with leaders like this we could hold a base together? This party is totally fractured and its leadership needs to be gutted. Sad to say…it may be a long, rough road but it has to happen.

  • Optimus_Maximus

    DEFUND IT! Boner, you spineless putz.

    This is why the country moves ever leftward, ever more socialist, more in debt.

    The GOP establishment is spineless, wedded to the idea of being good losers in the hopes some in the MSM will give them good press, and that they can hang onto their cushy jobs.

    The MSM will never give you credit. They will relentlessly move their socialist agenda forward.


    If the GOP house, which controls the power of the purse, doesn’t stand up for us, the Tea Party supporters that put Boner in the Leadership chair, we need to start NOW building a new political party, a TEA Party, that will stand for the constitution and limited government, that gives no quarter, and realizes the future of the nation, the heritage that so many patriots gave their lives to build and maintain, is at stake.

    We WILL NOT go quietly into servitude to the bloated, wasteful, bankrupt Federal Government.

    Fight, damnit, FIGHT!

    • Stehekin912

      I am not the brightest tool in the shed, and I admit it. But if Obamacare is a TAX and the House controls TAXES, then everything IN Obamacare is a TAX and the House can make the provisions GO AWAY. The House needs to get out the earwax cleaner and clean it out and think as outside the box as the people who devised the travesty called Obamacare and MAKE IT GO AWAY effective the day it was created. Since it is a TAX it was not passed legally, and the House can make it go.

      Poof! (really, I know it isn’t that simple, but if it is a tax, the House controls it and can make it go away).

      • Optimus_Maximus

        Unfortunately, Boner has gonads the size of a male Tsetse fly, and will not use the House’s power of the purse. He could defund Obama Care’s implementation, the EPA, the Energy Department, and various other agencies prolonging the recession.

        But, no guts, no glory, and we need to find another political party that appreciates us.

        • I had no idea that male Tsetse flies didn’t have any gonads……I guess you learn something new every day.

      • Wisewoman2

        The bill already passed that means all the provisions in the bill. The SCOTUS merely deemed the revenue part a tax. The TAXES have already passed. That is why many who voted for it either refused to run again or were beaten in 2010.

    • NoToTyrants

      He!! yeah !!!!! That’s the spirit. Fight!!!!

  • denbren52

    We all need to let our GOP congressmen that we will not stand for 2 more years of Boenher. Any GOP congressman who votes for him as Speaker will be primaries and WILL lose!

  • What a wimp. Hopefully Bachmann or somebody like her will run for minority leader

  • sybilll

    Boehner released a transctript that proves ABC edited out his comment about being committed to full repeal of ObamaCare, but he was not taken out of context about the Tea Party. He must go.

  • Martin2717

    I’ve been saying for a while now that if Romney loses the election that the Republican Party is officially dead. Well….. they are. If there’s a better time to form a new party, it’s now. Also if anyone has any ideas and needs help on how to revamp the news media in this country, I’m in. I believe instead of exposing their bias and complaining about them, we need to do more. If it means getting a group of investors to buy out these companies that own these news networks to be able to revamp them, then so be it. We have to take charge now. It’s a process we have to build on. The media, right now, is the clear enemy and we have to take them down. Our Founding Fathers didn’t sit around and complain about what Great Britain was doing. They and the people did something about it. Now it’s time we do something instead of complain. Actions speak way louder than words.

  • Constance

    Gee, who could have guessed this was coming.

  • Since when do politicians follow the law?

  • Boehner has no bone he’s limp

  • Sounds like Boehner has changed sides. He’s ready to give Obama anything he asks for. What a useless piece of crap. We didn’t lose the hispanic vote because of immigration, we lost it because under Obama they get everything for free. Why would they vote that down. Peter Schiff got it right, More people now getting something from the government then those paying for it. Stupid folks voted for Obama. They care less about America turning into a Socialist state. As long as they get their food stamps and many other freebies, they’ll continue to vote Democrat. http://foxmuldar-conservative-thinker.blogspot.com/2012/11/how-barack-obama-secured-most-important.html

  • Nukeman60

    News is not good in the land of Conservatism these days. But as to ObamaCare, may I propose that the issue is not yet dead? The Supreme Court, on Oct 1st, granted a rehearing for Liberty University on the issue of the employer mandate.

    The 4th circuit court of appeals had refused to hear the merits of the case, prior to the Supreme Court’s landmark hearing, due to the issue of the AIA (Anti-Injunction Act), which blocks a challenge to a tax prior to the taxpayer actually paying it. The Supreme Court (in June) decided that the AIA does not serve as a barrier, so it’s back in the game for Liberty University. It looks like it will go back to the 4th Circuit and then possibly on to the Supreme Court either this term or the next on issues that the Court has not addressed.





    Hope springs eternal.

    • Betsey_Ross

      A do over for John Roberts. I wonder. Now that we still have Obama, kicking the pins out from under him would be interesting. Will John Roberts be the one to do it?

      • Nukeman60

        It has to get to him first (through the 4th circuit again), but the aspects look promising. I’m curious to see if he wouldn’t just say, “What the heck. Let’s give him a swift kick”. Heh, wouldn’t that be sweet. Obama steals a second term and then loses his baby after all. Justice.

  • He is a coward, plain and simple. A Feckless, sniveling, capitulating COWARD!

    May you ROT, John Boehner…


    I wrote Congressman Woodall and demanded he put forth a vote of incompetence..err.. make that… (wink) No Confidence.. LOL Just sayin’!

  • Boehner endorsed Obama for 2012

  • PhillyCon

    Our two front war continues ….

  • I’m sensing a crying moment for the tan one. Tears of joy that he doesn’t have to lead.

  • J S

    It’s over for the GOP. It was the most important election for our country ever because of one fact, Obama opening our borders to Illegal Immigration. For Gods sake, we cannot even call it that anymore. Never in our countries history has any other president signed an EO stopping deportations.

    Face it, Obama has essentially opened our borders already. Now with 4 more years of illegals streaming over the borders and being signed up to vote since there is absolutely nothing stopping them from voting. It is over folks. Boehner is going to give the Dems at least 12 million more voters.

    It’s a choice of either letting it happen, or every legal citizen that gives a damn peaceably forces Obama to protect our country and enforce our laws. And if that does not work we will camp on the WH lawn.

    So which is it going to be? 2 more years is going to be too late, let alone 4.

  • NJK

    I hate this man. He is every bit as responsible as Obama for this mess. If you can’t find Boehner, just look for the one wearing the sign that say, KICK ME, that is him.

    It doesn’t matter that the people don’t want it, screw the people says the wuss, KICK ME! He’s a big reason Mitt Romney lost. When he pulled that stunt at the convention and shut people out of the process, they didn’t come out to vote.

    Boehner, GO TO HELL, LOSER!

  • Optimus_Maximus

    What do you call sequestration, which calls for $1 trillion in cuts over the next 10 years?

    A small step forward.

    The house should sit on it’s hands and let the pressure be on the dems to come up with an acceptable compromise, which in my mind would be $1 trillion in cuts, at a minimum, over the next FISCAL year.

    Will it hurt the military? Yes, but we are past the point of pinching pennies. We are bankrupt, and the people that have worked and saved all their lives are about take an inflationary hit that will leave them begging in the street. All because a majority in DC and the country think it can’t happen here, that the US can print money out of thin air in infinite amounts without the world sitting up and saying “We no longer will accept your monopoly money as payment.” When that day comes, and it is coming upon us rapidly, we are toast.

    Bring the military home, use the savings to build up our armory, and if we get hit again, hit them back with Nukes.

    Let the Muslim world know, if we are hit again, we will nuke Mecca, we will nuke the country from which the latest strike originated, and we will nuke any country that provided material, intelligence, or financial support to the terrorists that strike us.

    It’s all they understand, and make sure they know we will NOT be providing rebuilding funds after we strike. Our fault, your fault, nobody’s fault, we will strike because we are bankrupt, we are tired of trying to reason with the terrorists, and we will protect ourselves.

  • NJK

    He’s more concerned about being on TV, than doing his job. He’s going to go down in history as nothing but a loser and crybaby.

  • tjd4life

    Two things:

    1). About Obamacare, he is correct. There is no way to stop this thing. The Supreme Court and the voters gave it their blessing. It’s here for good.

    2). About immigration. The party thinks that passing some form of immigration reform for their survival; but it is not yet clear if that means total amnesty. We have to wait an see.

    • Immigration reform is NOT the problem….Hispanics are not voting because of that..they are voting for handouts!

    • keyesforpres

      The voters didn’t give it their blessing. The majority want it overturned. It is unconstitutional and our governors have a sworn duty to not implement it. The governors are NOT supposed to implement any law that is unconstitutional.

      • tjd4life

        They did give Obama a second term correct? How could they have not known that doing this would mean they gave it their blessing?

        • keyesforpres

          They cheated. Obama did not win any state (except NH) that required photo id. There was obvious cheating. The illegal alien was using illegal aliens to get elected.

  • No incentive to work and no work gets done. Make sense Harvtards?

  • graywolf4life

    Is there no backbone left in the Republican party? If not then we really are doomed as a Republic……….we’ll all be socialist.

  • CalCoolidge

    He’s going to stop fighting? When did he start?

  • FYI Right Scoop admin(s) you have Boehner’s name spelled wrong in your headline, you may want to correct this.

  • celestialjunk

    Why doesn’t Weeps just STFU and let the Dems make their move.

  • MrMicawber

    OKAY – LET’S SAY that the Speaker believes he will have to – eventually – give up on fighting Obamacare. I don’t know why he believes this, but let’s just say…..

    WHAT ON EARTH does he GAIN by SAYING SO NOW?????? He’s just negotiating with himself and BO is sitting back laughing at him.

    Why are these people so stupid? How do they get into these exalted positions??

    • How do they get into these exalted positions??

      Because we keep voting for them

      • Wisewoman2

        His house collegues voted for him as speaker not the voters.

    • 6799

      And then it all get’s one’s imagination going wild…Does somebody have something on somebody? Remember, we’re dealing with “Chicago politics” here. Just saying.

  • sjmom

    This is why I am a registered Independent. I still think we need a third party and get away from these yokels who call themselves Republicans.

    As for me I am going to do just what I have been doing; trust the Lord because God IS the ONLY PERSON who can be trusted and who knows what HE is doing. Praise the Lord for His Grace and Mercy!

  • Jim Botts

    I think we are wasting our time with this. We are fighting to keep this agenda from happening. LET IT HAPPEN. And when all hell breaks loose, finally people may be willing to listen to reason instead of staying home.

    You wouldn’t believe how many in my work place voted third party or stayed home.

    Ok, FINE. You want activist government? You’re too lazy to vote? FINE, PAY FOR IT.

    I’m going into survival mode, wake me up when 60% of the nation has finally had enough socialism.

    • Jim Botts

      The reason why this keeps happening is because no one ever pays for the expansion of government. They just keep borrowing and/or printing money. No one ever feels the direct consequences. FINE. RAISE TAXES. The expansion of government will stop when 60% of the public understands the cause-effect relationship of a big government.

      Everyone loves compassion, until they have to start paying for it involuntarily.

  • gilamonster8

    I’m done with the repubacan party. Hear me effing scream!!! I’m done voting unless its a conservative? I was going to write in Sarah’s name until Benghazi. Where did that get me? A flipping close loss that now give these POSs ammo to move even more to the left. Yo speaker boner and GOP FO I’m done. Never effing again will I give you my vote, you will earn it only one flipping way. For you peeps that want to call me out for not supporting the next losing loser Rino FO. For you Peeps that say I’m just handing the election to the Dems FO.

  • NHConservative0221

    Levin was all over Boner tonight for this – he played the clip at least 3 times. Not only that Levin light up Boner for offering to the media that he’s willing to compromise on immigration reform and taxes!

    Levin said the GOP is led by a bunch of morons. They think we need to compromise our principles to appeal to Hispanics instead of realizing that the real reason we lost is by ignoring our base as 3 million less conservatives voted for Romney than McCain!

    Instead the GOPe is giving us the finger!

    Time for everyone to call Boner’s office to tell him to get a spine! And I’ll say that even if it was the case (which it’s not) that we lost b/c we’re not appealing to women and minorities that I’d rather go down with the ship than compromise our core principles to be like leftists.

    • Optimus_Maximus

      It was the first time I’ve ever heard Levin say that if this crap continues, he would leave the Republican Party.

      He’s exactly right.

      I’m tired of playing Charlie Brown to the GOP-E’s Lucy pulling the football when we’re about to kick it.


      • NHConservative0221

        I agree. It’s getting to the point where enough is enough.

        Levin also said that the RNC chair Priebus told him on his show a few months ago that he’d help out Bachmann if she needed it

        She barely won and she never got a dime from the RNC! The RNC and Boner wanted to get rid of conservatives like Bachmann!

        I don’t know if the answer is a 3rd party or to take over the GOP… but we need to keep fighting for real conservatives

    • friskyness

      The reason we lost, is because the GOPe and Romney DID NOT unite the party! They snubbed the Tea Party…..the ones who could have made an effort to support Romney……..but the GOP said shhhhhhhhhhhhhh to the Tea party! Well, now it’s shhhhhhhhh to the GOP! YOU LOST BECAUSE OF YOUR STUPIDITY! You ignore the base………..you lose!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • NHConservative0221

        We all lost.

        I didn’t like Romney running as a moderate assuming he had the base in his pocket but he’s no Marxist.

        Now we’re all in for some serious pain.

        And shame on anyone who did NOT vote for Romney!

      • keyesforpres

        We lost because they cheated.
        Obama did not win one state where photo id was required. NOT one. Until we stop this cheating we will never stop this.

        • NHConservative0221

          I think there’s a very good chance there was alot of fraud.. but for the record maobama won in NH and photo ID is required here.

          • keyesforpres

            Well, that would be the only one.

          • New Hampshire. The “Free Stuff Or Die!” state.

        • Michigan has photo ID requirements. The SCOAMForever won by about 500,000 votes (as of the numbers I saw early Wednesday).

          • keyesforpres

            Well then I guess it depends on who is watching the polls. If dems are watching them they will let non citizens vote.

            • Exactly. And Romney capitulated too fast to allow any time for forensic inspection of the counts. We’ve already noted serious problems with people being locked out of the counting process, and then miraculous, 100% votes for Obama.

              Conservative pundits keep telling us, “the polls were right!” Well if they were right, why were they wrong on almost every internal measure? This election does not add up unless fraud is a major part of the addition.

  • I think it’s time for a revolution. The Establishment HAS to go!

  • gilamonster8

    Listening to Hannity on Fox, I’m so suck of his saying him saying im a registered conservative while sucking on Rino horn.

  • Ok, I hate Boehner as much as the next chick and would really like to see him replaced. However, when it comes to fighting Obamacare there is a bigger problem: Obama was re-elected and the Senate made gains too. There is NO WAY you’re going to be able to touch Obamacare for at least 4 years now. Unfortunately, I fear by the time we DO get someone it, Obamacare is going to be firmly ensconced into the entitlement category. The SC is the one who let us down by not stopping this.

    It makes no sense right now for Boehner or anyone else in congress to flail away at something that will just get blocked by the senate. For now, we’re going to need to concentrate on the things we can change or impact. Which will be precious little, unfortunately, except blocking the Senate’s socialist legislation. Or sending up budgets…only this will not get the press it deserves when Harry Reid just sits on them. Obama said the same BS he said 4 years ago about sitting down with Romney and sharing ideas. We all know that was BS because the minute he was elected the first time, he let everyone known he was the big dog because he won and screw the republicans.

    • Optimus_Maximus

      He can refuse to fund it. The constitution MANDATES that ALL spending bills originate in the house.

      That buys us two years to make the case for more conservatives in the house.

      If we can’t convince a majority of the voters that free markets and limited government is THE answer to our problems, we’ve lost the country anyway.

      Two more years of economic misery can change a lot of minds.

      I’d rather go down swinging than lie down, give up and become a compliant serf of the government.

      • NoToTyrants

        A person’s true character is revealed when they have lost a battle. Do you roll over, capitulate, surrender? Or do you get up dust yourself off and continue to fight the war. Loss and trial will show you where your heart is.

        Do we accept Obamacare, Amnesty, Gun Control, Sharia, the Muslim Brotherhood, etc, etc, etc?

        I SAY FIGHT! Even if we continue to lose battles. Do we really have any other alternative other than servitude and slavery?

    • keyesforpres

      Don’t fund it.

      • actionsspeaklouder

        They promosed they would not fund it, but they lied.


    …OH WELL lets just put up the WHITE FLAG and all go home for Thanksgiving
    OH WELL lets just all roll over and go to sleep after we have finished consuming our turkey and pumpkin pie
    OH WELL since we all have a MARXIST PRESIDENT in the White House who likes to play Golf we can all go Christmas shopping and sing Xmas carols and
    OH WELL and as the ISLAMO Nazis in the Middle East gain more power every day we can all go to NYC for a HAPPY NEW YEAR Celebrations because with MARXIST PRESIDENT HUSSEIN OBAMA has made us so much more safe with his excellent POLICIES towards our once main ALLIE ISRAEL . “

  • Ariadnea

    What a loser! Time for the reps to choose a Speaker of the House with real back bone and know how.

  • Conservative_Hippie

    I used to think there would be no chance for a third party to rise to prominence. Now I’m not so sure.

  • toongoon

    I don’t believe they ever planned on repealing it, they just wanted to give the appearance of being Republicans.

    • actionsspeaklouder

      I agree. They said they would “defund” Obamacare and we gave them the House in 2010 – since then, they haven’t made one attempt to defund it. They didn’t mind “USING” the Tea Party to get votes for their lying promise that gave them the power to keep that promise – then they threw the Tea Party under the bus at the convention. The Republican leadership STINKS.

  • WI4Walker

    Get rid of him!

  • Malkiel_kol_hakavod_la_el

    Boehner must go as speaker ASAP if the republicans in Washington do anything worth a crap this is where to start!!!!

  • iaintlyin

    hiccup, let’s get, hiccup, rid of this guy…….. hiccup

  • I figure that this is as good of a thread as any to make a statement.

    I will not be voting any longer. I have spent a couple of days reflecting and researching and have come to some conclusions that I no longer have any doubt about.

    1: Our electoral system is now one of the worst in the world, and elections are not decided by the people any longer.

    2: Election fraud, not voter fraud, is so widespread now that even local elections are being rigged on a wide scale.

    3: The electoral system can no longer be used to change anything, and therefor we are going to get what they have planned for us, no matter what, unless this is changed.

    4: We are so close to being shut down as a country, that the fraud was decided for Obama to push gun control, and solidify the future of State run health care.

    5: Opting out of the system on a mass scale is the only way to change things now. Either a massive public insurrection will take place, or our liberties are as good as gone.

    6: Supporting either one of these parties is like supplying the nails for your own coffin.

    7: Paying any attention to the MSM, even Fox, is like asking them to lie to you so that you won’t ever know the truth.

    8: Most of America doesn’t have a clue who is controlling US politics an policy.

    9: The American people have been dumbed down so far that we now have a population that is going to ask for its own destruction, and blame anyone other than the people who are propagating our destruction, due to the left/right paradigm.

    10: There isn’t much time left, so wasting time paying attention to what the puppet fraudsters are doing from day to day is pointless.

    Take care guys. I will check in from time to time just to see how the people here are progressing.

    • nibblesyble

      You take care too my friend, we will look forward to your posts when you drop in. You will be missed!

    • iaintlyin

      Points well taken. Just from this post I’ll say this, Someone that is as informed as you would be missed, all your observations are shared by many. I have a feeling many of the millions of voters that didn’t show up at the polls this year share these frustrations as well. Its too bad people that lie, steal and cheat are winning control by demoralizing clearheaded true Americans. The founding fathers are saddened. Hopefully you’ll come around after a while if this Republican Party finds a couple of marbles and adjusts some its stances regarding 21st century women. See ya (sooner than you think…. I hope).

      Find it in your heart to at least participate in the elections if its only to cast a blank ballot. That’ll show that at least you’re not lazy and you’d be available to a new platform or even a severely revised one. I almost wanna say, ‘me too’ to ya. I’m on the cusp my brother.

      • Thanks for the sentiments. They are appreciated.

        The perspective that I am now taking is that our elections are now controlled enough to rig all elections right down to many state props, measures, and even local offices. This isn’t the case everywhere, because some states still have verifiable elections. Even in those states, those verifications are hard to make because the establishment still has enough fraud built in to cover their winners. The courts are now so corrupt, that corrections through the courts will be impeded.

        The presidential election is now 100% rigged. The key states needed to secure an election for a particular candidate are now easily rigged through electronic means. Enough of the other states are now rigged that there is no threat of American citizens electing their own president.

        The establishment in D.C., on both sides, is secured in their positions through this fraud in their states. There is no voting them out. Period. McCain and Reid are the best examples of this.

        They have enough control now to keep the house and senate numbers split however they want it to be. If they want really bad legislation passed, they will tilt the numbers one way or the other to achieve it. Democrats can politically pass certain things, and republicans can pass others. Obama was kept in to get gun control through. Republicans can’t do it. Republicans got the Patriot Act done. Democrats couldn’t.

        We have progressed to the point that democrats can get away with just about anything. Previously, they could not pass things like the NDAA without blow back, but now, it doesn’t matter.

        Most people are now so loyal to a party that they are blind to the atrocities of their own team. Americans have been sucked into this partisan black hole, and are no longer focused on the realities of our ongoing destruction.

        The media is now pushing the idea that the women voters made the difference. No voters made the difference. Fraud made the difference. This dialogue is designed to keep us running in circles after things that don’t even matter.

        Romney was set up as the loser to be. He was pushed through the primary via fraud so that he could take the fall. The same happened with McCain, and Kerry before him.

        Venezuela now has a better electoral system than we do. The people there actually vote for Chavez. They are so poor, that the things he offers them cause them to support him. They have paper receipts, and people have to ink their finger to vote. Elections are monitored, and are deemed legitimate. Ours are not legitimate.

        Voting at all is legitimizing an illegitimate system. Hoping for change through elections is false hope, designed to keep the people involved in their fraud as they strip us of our liberties, and shut down the country. I will not be a part of it anymore.

        The media will just lead people in this fraud, as well. They ignore every important subject that is imperative to recognize if any change is going to take place. The corporate media is tightly controlled, and promotes the partisan division needed to keep Americans divided so that they will never see the actual fraud that government is perpetually propagating.

        I was hoping that an Obama win would wake people up, but I am not seeing it yet. They are still buying into the system. As long as they do, their efforts will be pointless, other than to keep the lie going.

        The establishment has already won, because any real push back will be met with intimidation and persecution. The laws are in effect to do it, and the police state is in place to support it. Any political movement that takes ground for the good will be stomped out via NDAA, and the Patriot Act.

        If the system is ever challenged, it will result in a martial law type scenario. This scenario will come one way or the other, because a financial collapse will cause it if political civil unrest does not.

        My advice to all is to get ready for collapse. I don’t know how long it will take, but it is going to happen.

        • white531

          Don’t go anywhere, libertifirst. Stay right where you are. There is much conversation that takes place here, that has nothing to do with voting. Your contributions to those conversations, are critical.

          I have to get to work right now, but I’m not through with you, on this subject. 🙂

          • It’s just tough to watch anymore. Most of the politics in the US is just a fraud, and there is no changing it through elections. When I read posts about why one person or the other was elected, or how we need to support tea party candidates, all I can think about is how it is all a big fraud, and pointless. It doesn’t matter who says what, and when, because the establishment is going to move its agenda no matter what we do. Calling our representatives is a joke. They just swap votes around while making sure that they achieve their goals, and it has nothing to do with ideology. They vote just enough one way to appeal to their supporters, an to have talking points for the next election, then vote however the establishment needs them to the rest of the time.

            Most people here just love Alan West. He got up and defended the NDAA, and said that the final version didn’t include indefinite detention of Americans, and those who were saying otherwise were lying. It is not true, and he was towing the establishment line. There is no grass roots Tea Party left. They were co-opted a long time ago.

            There are many good people in this country, but they are not in politics. The government is so corrupt that it makes Hugo Chavez look like a choir boy, and the majority of the people still trust the government, and think that they are doing things for our good.

            We supported our government when it supported Al Qaeda in taking out Libya, and when Al Qaeda murdered 40k blacks after overthrowing Gaddafi, we just cheered it all on. Not a word from the media, the Tea Party, or main stream conservatives. 40K BLACKS killed because of us, and nothing. Yet we lose four people in Benghazi and its the end of the world.

            Now were doing the same in Syria, and many innocent people are dying, while our media and government are lying.

            Were still protecting opium crops in Afghanistan, which makes us a bunch of drug dealers who ensure shipments of heroin into the US, while using our military to do it, an sacrificing our troops for it.

            Our government is stripping us of our liberties, and conservatives support it.

            Conservatives want the feds to go into the states and bust pot smokers that are doing it legal in their states. What happened to states rights? Gone.

            I really don’t want to offend anyone, but anyone who is supporting democrats and republicans is part of the problem, and will never be part of the solution. Those two parties now dictate to everyone else who is going to be allowed into the political process, and they are electing themselves. This is both parties.

            I will not be a part of this immoral fraud we call politics in America. I am afraid that if I keep posting here that I will have a lot of people not liking me anymore, because I would only be able to degrade, denigrate, insult, belittle, ostracize, and repudiate this system and all who give credence to it.

            I am afraid that the resulting attitude of my new perspective would be considered to be, at the very least, unhelpful, and at most, repugnant, to most people here.

            Besides, I need to get more sleep, put up more food, and resume my wood gas project. I need to convert one of my rooms into a reloading room, and the other into a food storage room. I have a small apartment to finish in my shop, in case someone else needs a place to live when things get really bad. I am just hoping that I have another year or so of being employed. I have a greenhouse to put up, and a new flock of chickens to make room for. I am planning on raising turkeys for canned meat next year, and have some field work to do.

            I haven’t been getting things done because I spend too much time on the computer. I need to de-stress, read my bible more, and start going to church again. Sometimes you just have to re prioritize and change routines.

            I have enjoyed my time here, and the interactions with people. I plan on looking for open threads and checking in once in a while. It will be good to catch those open threads where people are talking about normal life type stuff.

            You are one of the good ones White. If I get a chance to skim through posts, I will look for yours.

            • white531

              It pains me to think that we won’t enjoy your contributions here anymore. At least, not as often as we used to. If there is anyone here, who understands what you are experiencing, it is me.

              I haven’t given up on this country yet, but I have indeed, given up on those who run it.

              We all think of Obama, as the enemy. That’s silly on its surface. Obama is nothing more than a symbol. He is the poster child, of what is wrong with America.

              That does not mean, that he is innocent. He still remains instrumental, in the destruction of America.

              I pray to God, that he will come to a bad end, and this country will be restored, once again, to the shining city on the hill, that it has always been.

              God Bless you, Librtifirst. You, and people like you, are all that remains of what America used to be.

    • gilamonster8
    • poljunkie

      I wish you wouldnt leave but I really under stand the frustration.

      Take care friend.

      • I’ll look for an open thread once in a while to hook up with the good people here.

        • poljunkie

          I’ll keep a chair open for you at the table.

        • degeme

          Stick around and mope with us….I found a place to complain that seems friendly!

  • Cindy09

    What a %%@*&*r&@*#^&*!!!!

  • Sober_Thinking

    He’s a waste of skin.

  • capelady

    It is now up to the states to go the NULLIFICATION route and block everything coming out of Washington that is unconstitutional (no matter what SCOTUS says!). It is up to the states to save our republic because the federal government is out of balance and out of control!

  • bjohnson55

    Boy do we ever get what we vote for, garbage in – garbage out.

  • nibblesyble

    What I find so infuriating is; this spineless individual helped to oust Newt as Speaker! If it were Newt currently in place I know with all of my being he would face down the President and bring him to his knees like he did with Clinton. I do find comfort that in the history books, in comparison Boehner will be judged up against Newt and his accomplishments and will be found dreadfully lacking!

  • Houston Petitions

    They are ready to pass another amnesty as if we haven’t suffered enough. Be ready to call your critter. Rubio is back pushing the DREAM ACT. Numbers USA has a RED ALERT out.

    • keyesforpres

      I can’t stand Rubio. His Spanish surname trumps being an American. He sickens me.

      • Wisewoman2

        I still say Rubio should have been on the ticket with Romney instead of Ryan. Hispanics would have voted for their own regardless of what obama said to try to convince them otherwise. We would probably be saying President elect Romney but maybe not because even more of you conservatives would have stayed at home. You don’t understand you must win to continue to build a coalition. You could have kicked Rubio to the curb if he did not play ball. You have to play a strategic game to win. Instead you are blinded by labeling everybody a Rino. Most might be but not all. Romney tried to run a strategic campaign and came very close to winning by overcomming the cheating and the fraud. His strategy did not work in part because his solders deserted him while Obama’s stuck with him to the bitter end.

        • keyesforpres

          Rubio does NOT have natural born status. His parents weren’t US citizens at the time of his birth.

          What is it you don’t get? Mexico wants to take over and they view us like muslims do…want us to live as second class citizens. Did you hear what O said before the election? He said the future workers will be blacks and hispanics. Then right after he “won” he called “hispanic leaders”. What do they have planned for us white folks my dear? Remember O’s good buddy Ayers founded the WeatherUnderground and they said they would have to kill around 25 million of us.

          Guess you want us to kiss butt for our own destruction. Don’t forget about La Raza and Mecha. They actually talk about killing whites and blacks.

          Illegals can shove it.

          • Wisewoman2

            As I said, your comments are why you all will not win another election. I stand by my comment that you must first win in order to change things. I voted for all republicans this time around in order to have the potential to keep Obama from destroying the country. At this point in time what was more importatnt than to stop this man from imposing his policies on the country? If Rubio could have helped Romney to achieve that goal then I was for it. As I said the party members elected and non elected could have keep Romney and Rubio in check. Now what do we have? A president intent on destroying the country. Are you satisfied with that?

            • keyesforpres

              Rubio wouldn’t have made a hill of beans difference. Illegals should not be voting, but dems let them. They are voting for welfare. Period. Not amnesty. Stuff.

              We lost because of fraud. We lost because illegals were voting, dems were voting multiple times, and machines were rigged.

              Selling our country out to illegals in order to win elections is treasonous. They won’t vote Republican anyway. They won’t vote Republican.

              it’s insulting to law abiding Hispanics to think we have to pander to them as a group instead of viewing them as individuals. The Hispanics I know that immigrated here legally HATE illegal immigration, HATE the talk of amnesty, pandering, etc. Either we stand for the Constitution or we are no better than the left.

  • poljunkie

    There goes 100’s of thousands, maybe a million jobs, John.

  • barney59

    Pu$$y is this RINO’s Middle name…

  • white531

    A good friend of mine, who passed more than fifteen years ago, was a role model to me, of what Americans should live like, and be thankful for.

    Her and her family were immigrants. They came here with almost nothing, except the clothes on their backs. In spite of such poor beginnings, her parents found work, and then bought a house, and then bought a car, and then sent their children to college.

    My friend eventually achieved a Master’s degree in Education. She taught for many years, until age overtook her, and she retired.

    She always told me, “concentrate on the children. They are the future.”

    Sadly, she was right. But, as it turns out, that story does not have a happy outcome. Because we did not concentrate on the children.

    The Progressives did. They took over our educational system. From Big Bird, to graduate school, the Progressives own our young people. They also own their votes, as was most recently demonstrated.

    The one thing she told me, before she died, is this. Sooner, or later, this country will be reduced to the lowest common denominator, of the people who populate this great republic. Those words are fifteen years old. They are dead on accurate, for what we see today.

    Romney was blistered, for his 47% comment. Just like my good friend, who died fifteen years ago, he was dead on, accurate.

    We are living right now, with the lowest common denominator. People living on welfare. People living on food stamps. People living in HUD housing, their rent paid for by you and me. The 47% is real. As real, as it gets. Romney was right. It may have cost him the election, but he was right.

    Germany is not much different. It is a race, to see who fails first. There is simply no way any society can exist, where half the people are working, to support the other half, who are not working. It is amazing to me, that people with a brain, could look at that scenario, and not see the fault in it.

    The results of the recent election, would seem to point to me, as the idiot who doesn’t understand all of this.

    Regardless, I own a business. I understand that a business has to balance its books. Obama didn’t teach me this. I learned it on my own. You have to take in more money, than you pay out. Otherwise, you go out of business.

    The Federal Damned Government, does not operate their business, our business, the way I operate my business.

    If I don’t have the money to buy new equipment, I don’t buy it. If the Federal Damned Government doesn’t have the money, they just borrow it from China, and I have to help pay for their extravagance. So do you.

    I wasn’t angry when I started this. But the more I type, the more angry I become. This used to be our country, not Obama’s

    The most worthless President in the history of this country, just gained a second term.

    That should not be construed, as a statement of Obama’s worth, because he has no worth.

    It just proves to me, the words of my friend, gone fifteen years now, were correct.

    All of the History of this great country, all of the great deeds we have done, all of the obstacles against Freedom, we have fought against, all of the brave soldiers who have died.

    What she said to me, those fifteen years ago, have turned out, to be true.
    This great nation, has succumbed to the idiots, among us. To the lowest common denominator.

    • degeme

      A friend told me today, we all live above our means and that`s what happened to the Country, it lived above it`s means. No, I never lived above my means. We worked 2 jobs each, scrimped and saved, drove old junkers, lived in a cheap trailer and finally we opened a business. For years our employees had much nicer cars, nice houses and took vacations while we put every penny above expenses back into the business. We eventually made it a comfortable spot, nothing extravagant, we have no debt. We will make it, because we never lived above our means and we know how to be frugal…and to Mr. Santa Clause obama, Yes, we built our business.

      • white531

        God Bless you. More will join your fight.

  • ‏@SpeakerBoehner on Twitter:

    ObamaCare is law of the land, but it is raising costs & threatening jobs. Our goal has been, and will remain, #fullrepeal.

  • poljunkie

    We need to be honest about the electorate- the a$$hats that voted for Obama thought Obama care would immediately help them without any negative implications.
    They dont know about Health insurance premium increases.
    They dont know about the “tax”

    Many just think Obama care=free healthcare. (Not yet)

  • degeme

    For the first time in my adult life, I am ashamed of my countrymen. At least, 50+ % of them. I`m so sick of the freeloaders, and the young people who absorb the liberal agenda from their professors w/o thinking and researching for themselves. I`m stunned by the members of the Catholic Church and other Christains who voted overwhelmingly for obama. How could they vote for him when obama has given a mandate for abortion, sterilization, and birth control against their religious rights? They are closing and selling hospitals right and left. That does not bode well for this forced H/C. How about the Jewish vote that went for obama? Why? How can they trust him? I am sick of the uninformed seniors who listened to the propaganda of AARP and Bill Clinton. I am sick of women who voted for the government to control the activity of their bodies while saying they wanted Repubs out of their bedrooms. I am sick because illegal criminals were allowed to vote in this election. I am sick that Blacks voted for skin color. What has happened to our country, that people vote for `stuff`and `gimmees` for themselves instead of what`s better for the entire country. I don`t think we can ever turn this around. I fear for America!

    • white531

      I agree, degeme. This election, was a stunning endorsement of the idiots among us. How do you wake up an Idiot? I don’t have a clue.

      With so much government welfare available, how do you convince people to get a job?

      • degeme

        I hate to say it, white, but I think nothing short of a deep depression will wake people up and I`m so bitter over the election, I`ll say it would serve some people right! Pay no mind to me, I`ll slap myself out of this funk in a few days. I just need time to grieve.

    • poljunkie

      Yes, what you just described is the biggest problem.

      We wouldnt be going crazy tonight over this issue, if Romney had won. Sure we still would have had a fight- but we would have had a chance.

      To all the people who stayed home because Romney was too successful, too white, too Mormon, too moderate, too robtotic, too much of a family man, too tall, too wimpy, too clean cut…or wasnt “their favorite candidate”
      …….thanks for nothing.

      Im sad about our loss, and I’m pissed.

      • degeme

        You are so right poljunkie, Romney wasn`t actually my first choice but I supported him whole-heartedly after the nom. I put in a lot of hours making calls for him in swing states. I thought we had this one. We deserve to be sad for a while before jumping back in.

  • Someone with some backbone take over as leader. This wimp needs to just crawl under his desk and hide. I HATE having Obamacare forced down my throat and I want someone to fix this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Malkiel_kol_hakavod_la_el

    Boehner you have not fought for a single darn thing with exception of raises for Congressmen and women… This crap you all fed us in 2010 that the House has the purse strings which it does but you being so impadent Obama has the money for everything he wants plus more… Apparently you allow the mugging of a woman’s purse everyday for two years….. Or the god forbid we can’t have a Government shutdown crap…. Yes we can and should have for years now….. The checks will still be printed and sent to those on Social Security etc…. And you all should only be getting together twice a year The House and Senate not every damn day of our lives or giving us the much needed break when you all want vacations…

    The Constitution did not – does not give Congress the right to give other bodies of Government Congresses vested duty of being the law writers…. If you all want to let everyone other agency write the laws of the land then what the hell is the Congress needed for other then to find ways to to limit the citizens rights or worse…. Also your House has been irrelevant for two years have you not noticed??? No cause you all in Washington including the ordinary people whom live in DC have your heads so far up every other persons rear you all are made blind……

  • Jazzee

    what does he mean ‘he is done.’ He never started the fool
    he needs to be replaced as speaker……………get Allen West…..doesn’t have to be a stupid congressman
    God these republicans are worthless any wonder we lost????

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    The GOPe crony political class infuriate me more than Barrack Hussein. Time to retire John. You are part of the problem. Where are my meds!!**##$$!!

  • degeme

    Yikes! Sorry nice people! I clicked on the wrong link and have been way off topic. I need to pay attention. I have always seen Boeher as weak. My opinion has not improved with time.


    RS….you need to put up Mark Levin’s take on all this.

    “I listen to John Boehner and I just have to say, the man is very stupid”….
    ..Mark Levin


  • gilamonster8
    • NoToTyrants

      Thanks for the link, but the mobile youtube link wouldn’t work in Firefox on my laptop, so I found the normal link.


      • Samwise Gamgee the 3rd

        The testimony is from 2004, and was investigating alleged Republican vote tempering in Ohio.

        The YouTube poster is a liar who claimed it’s testimony from yesterday.

        Do you remember any Senate hearings scheduled for the day after the election? Because I don’t, actually.

        Further the YouTube poster is obviously crazy — read his all caps video description.

      • Samwise Gamgee the 3rd

        With extreme credulity like this, no wonder the Republican Party lost the election and Mitt Romney was shellshocked when it happened.

        It was a disaster all around. ORCA. What a clusterf*ck.

        The Romney campaign had no idea they could lose, had not even written a possible concession speech, when the polls had showed him bleeding momentum since Sandy hit?

        And both the state and federal RCP average polls showed him losing?

        And they didn’t have a CLUE? It came as a total surprise?

        The Democrats were more in touch with reality. Far more.

        And ran a massively more competent campaign, especially turnout campaign.

        If this degree of self-delusion continues, and it will, the Republicans are going to be screwed for the forseeable future.

        The President — whom I despise(d) by the way — was at least prepared. He didn’t want to lose, but had one foot in the real world just in case, and had prepared a concession speech.

        The GOP somehow nominated a candidate who is effectively delusional, as it turned out. I thought Mitt Romney was sane and competent. It’s not looking that way.

    • Samwise Gamgee the 3rd

      The testimony is not from yesterday like the YouTube poster said so he is a liar.

      Further, it’s obvious he’s a lunatic. Read his all-caps screed.

      So I don’t know whether you’re a troll or fell for a hoax, but your comment is way off base.

  • actionsspeaklouder

    As long as these politicians know how to “steal” elections and get reelected (like Harry Reid and Obama) – they will continue to promise the stupid electorate the world and thumb their noses at the rest of us who know they are worthless.

  • forgetyoutooo

    Boehner can’t do anything. Obama and Reid have all the cards and a loving state sponsored media. We are F’d. Thanks “conservatives”.

  • Samwise Gamgee the 3rd


    Did you not notice the Roberts decision and the election?

    It’s called living in the real world. You don’t like ObamaCare, win elections or get a new country, by secession or elsewhere.

    “Law of the land.”

    Well duh. That’s just stating a fact.

  • chatterbox365

    This knucklehead is one of the reasons why our party is in trouble. He obviously doesn’t live up to his last name because he sounds really limp to me.

    He needs to go along with the rest of the RINOs. RINOs can’t win because they don’t know how to fight. When they do win, they remain vulnerable and some are a heartbeat away from switching political parties.

  • kong1967

    What a crock of……..!! If that’s the case, Boehner, why not give Obama all the tax increases he wants? Give him a $7 trillion debt ceiling increase. I mean, hey, we lost so give him what he wants.

    No, you idiot. You are in office for a reason. You are not there to be an Obama rollover. Do your job and try to protect the country from an overextended liberal agenda. Otherwise we just as well let a Democrat have your job. You’re fired, Boehner!

    • Samwise Gamgee the 3rd

      It’s already the law of the land. He’s stating a fact.

      How do you imagine he’s going to overturn it with the Supreme Court having given it the A-OK, Obama having won re-election, and the Democrats having increased their hold over the Senate in a year when far more D than R Senate seats were up for grabs?

      Pray tell me how you expect him to accomplish what you desire. Be specific.

      Oh — and the part of the election that went OK for Republicans was in Congress: Boehner’s domain. So maybe give the guy a bit of credit.

      • kong1967

        Lol, I’m not giving Boehner any credit. I don’t like the guy. He’s Mr. Compromise (away our values).

        Obamacare may be the law of the land, but there is a lawsuit in the works. The Supreme Court…actually Roberts…called it constitutional on the grounds that it was a tax bill. It’s an illegal tax bill because tax bills must be created by Congress, not the Senate.

        I don’t care what it takes to make the law impotent. Defund it. Congress has the power to do that, and we have control of Congress. Oh, and that’s “Boehner’s domain”.

        • Samwise Gamgee the 3rd

          He knows his hands are tied. In that video, he was open to doing a few things here and there to address the worst of it, but the fact of the matter is, he doesn’t have the Senate or Presidency or Supreme Court on his side, and the electorate did not vote to overturn ObamaCare.

          Fine, you’ll take the GOP failure out on Boehner. But seriously, I don’t think he’s the problem.

          Replace him with anyone you want — and it’s entirely your right to do so — and they’re not going to overturn ObamaCare either.

          • kong1967

            I can’t replace Boehner. I don’t get to vote him out.

            My anger with Boehner is long standing. I know he can’t do much to stop Obamacare, but I don’t want to see him roll over and play dead. Once you accept it you lose the drive to take it out down the road. That’s how creeping incrementalism works. People get used to it and accept it.

            People didn’t vote to overturn Obamacare because all they see up to this point are the good things about it. The Democrat party intentionally held off the impacts of it until after the election. They aren’t stupid. There are some very bad things coming because of this bill, but since people don’t see them happening now Obamacare must be ok. The consequences are going to start showing up…..after people already voted. Unless they are already dependent on government, people are going to regret letting this bill continue.

            • Samwise Gamgee the 3rd

              Once you accept it you lose the drive to take it out down the road.

              I don’t think you are fully appraised of the situation.

              Now that this election has determined ObamaCare is going to be implemented, it’s not going to be taken out, certainly not by Boehner or anyone else who you could put in his position next.

              No nation in history has put into place, then removed, a national healthcare scheme. It, as Mark Steyn points out, fundamentally transforms the nature of the relationship between the people to the government.

              The GOP will win elections again, just like conservative parties do in Canada, Britain, Spain, Italy, France, etc.

              But national healthcare in America is a fact of life now. Boehner understands this. Whether you do or not, it’s going to stay, at least until the financial collapse of the Republic.

              But it ain’t going to be overturned legislatively until then. And obviously Boehner has a duty to trim where he can, as he said he’s going to in this video, and try to prevent this financial collapse.

              • kong1967

                I do understand the situation. The problem is…trimming the bill is not enough. We do not have socialized medicine….yet. They are pushing the envelope. This bill is designed to destroy the private health insurance system so Democats can walk right in with a single-payer system. We have to stop that from happening, and we have to stop them from destroying private health insurance.

                I will not accept your notion that “oh, well….it’s here and it’s not going away so you just as well get used to it”. No, this bill has an intended outcome, and Obamacare is not the intended outcome. It’s a stepping stone.

                • Suzyqpie

                  Got you on the Slippery Slope philosophy kong. Got it. 0bama won and we can all hate this and I do. There are no more options. We are stuck with it. Since the bill is packed with IRS regs, I have always thought that the ultimate destination is means testing for health care. HHS bureaucrat with your IRS records, “I see you have $50,000 in saving, you can pay for the $40,000 knee replacement. Next…” There is no way faster to ruin the wealth of America. And that is the ultimate goal.

                • kong1967

                  Yes, I believe that’s Obama’s goal anyway.

                  It’s not really even a slippery slope. Barney Frank and Obama are on video saying that’s the goal. Obamacare is just a stepping stone to force private health insurance out of business and to end employer based health insurance. Right out of the horse’s mouth.

                  Obamacare is a trojan horse.

          • Conniption Fitz

            Boehner’s hands are tied because he’s compromised already. Newt would have kicked some rears and protected the people’s interests. Obamacare is an economic/social toxin as are any dealings with Islam and China. In the long run, Obama’s support for abortion and homosexuality will also kill the economy. Both increase physical, mental and social illness. Russia is begging and bribing women to have babies after decades of killing off unborn innocent lives through abortion in that country. China is resorting to stealing women because of their abortion policy. All evil breeds poverty and misery in the end.

      • Malkiel_kol_hakavod_la_el

        The Roberts decision gives the Government the right to tax anything it wishes but the Constitution does not give that power to the Government court opinion or not “The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.” Income can be taxed not a citizens purchases that would be left to the States and the opinion never addressed the Government claiming it has the authority to demand a citizen purchase anything the Government wishes a citizen to purchase…. The court made a decision so flawed and not grounded in the Constitution giving the Government the power to fine a citizen and then claim it’s a tax which does not hold any resemblance to the collecting taxes on incomes in Amendment 16 of the Constitution…

        And the supreme Law of the land states the opposite of the courts decision… You may think the judges are gods but they are not and the decision is UN Constitutional period… And the States will need to address that soon not Boehner… Because the Constitution is the Law of the land not court opinions even though we in this country act like a decision made by a court with no regard to the Constitutions text is somehow correct law…

        Also Boehner could use every power that belongs to the House… Sam you act as if the Senate can pass bills without the Houses approval – so Boehner should have used that leverage but he decided to roll over and play dead and give the Senate what ever it wants to send to the president a House approval… And he should of demanded impeachment of the president and Holder and impeached them both… But he chose to stay quiet on that also…. The president would not have been convicted by the Senate but both men would have been impeached sending the message the House is a branch of Government that has powers it can use and will….

        • Samwise Gamgee the 3rd

          >>> Sam you act as if the Senate can pass bills without the Houses approval

          No, but it already passed.

          >>> He should of demanded impeachment of the president and Holder and impeached them both

          The problem with that is we couldn’t have convicted them in the Senate regardless of the evidence. And it would probably have hurt us politically. At least that was the thinking.

  • Conniption Fitz

    Back room deals with cigars, brandy… favors traded….the American people scr*wed again.

  • colliemum

    One point:

    • stop taking the ‘3 million republicans didn’t vote for Romney’ as gospel.
    It isn’t true.

    Half of those votes went to third-party candidates, so we are talking about 1.5 million votes. Now look at the reports which came in on 6/11, with people queuing, with enthusiasm. Remember the huge crowds turning out for Romney. And then ask yourselves if it is really inconceivable that, after all the reports we heard of shenanigans at the polling stations, these numbers were ‘vanished’. When people talked about 99% of votes in some districts in Pennsylvania going for Obama, alarm bells should have rung.
    Do you really think Allen West was the only candidate where underhand dealings did take place? Stop believing what the corrupt MSM say and write!

  • Fireplug52

    Though I was greatly disappointed with the outcome, the one thing that did not change for me was my conservative principles. Listening to Diane Sawyer in how she ask the question and her body language, it was as if a mother was asking a child are you going to misbehave again and Boehner’s answer was like a child telling his mother, “No I won’t do it again”.

    What has become clear after some of my own soul searching is that many people who usually vote Republican stayed home. Let them (Republicans) continue with their inane and flawed principles that aren’t conservative and I will stay at home the next election cycle.

    BTW – I hope they elect another speaker, but with more stupidity they will more than likely keep him.

  • Optimus_Maximus

    To colliemum:

    Exactly, my friend.

    And that’s the reason the GOP-E hated Newt as well. He forced the GOP to fight for us, and they had much rather be thought of as good losers.

  • NCHokie02

    Couldn’t watch the whole thing. He sucks.

    Beohner, you suck!! You are so weak, you capitulate to the left every time! All they have to do is say you’re not passing their plan so nothing is getting done and you cave!! Get out of the way and let a real conservative get there and begin to help fix this country!!!

    By the way I’ve already written my Congresswoman telling her he needs to go among other things. Haven’t heard back yet.

  • Yazz55

    Just tryin’ to post something printable by TRS…


    (ahhh sayin’ that complete with the unprintable words here makes me feel soooo much better)

    Reasons the GOP lost the election?
    1. Conservatives & Tea Party types stayed home – just couldn’t vote for a RINO like Romney. Point is in order to win, GOP needs to put up a real Tea Party / Libertarian conservative. Stop worrying about being nice to “liberals” as they aint gonna vote fer ‘ya anyway.
    2. GOP RINO elitist rulers view the Tea Party, who resurrected them in 2010, as the greater enemy than the obamessiah. The Tea Party folks are viewed as the greatest threat to them, not the democrats or the obamessiah. The GOP RINO leadership were determined to get the Tea Party types out of their party at any and all costs. Guess who they really supported and opposed. Wonder why Sarah Palin and other conservatives weren’t at the GOP convention? I don’t.

    The horse manure about illegal immigrant amnesty and all the other nonsense being pontificated in the libfag lamestream median is just horse manure. IT STINKS BIGTIME!

    • white531

      The GOP will never do that, Yazz. If we want a third party, with Tea Party principles, we have that job for ourselves.

    • Wisewoman2

      She wasn’t there because she never endorsed Romney for president. What was he supposed to do? Give her a speaking role so that every *sshole in the media could laugh at him. If she ever decided to run which I don’t think she will because she wouldn’t like the heat or she thinks she might not win what should Romney do? I liked Sarah a great deal but I did not like her non endorsement of Romney. I hope it was due to her job at Fox. I don’t know who the tea party candidate was in Missouri, I know Sarah endorsed the woman in the repub primary and she lost. Seems like her clout is waning. Murdock the tea party candidate in Indiana lost and was a disaster. Romney won both of these states handily yet these two lost. Maybe something is wrong with the tea party. They started out as fiscal conservatives with debt reduction and balanced budget issues. that is what attracted me. They were not supposed to be about social issues. How did they end up with Atkins and Murdick? Were they flim flamed by those two?

  • amishi

    He needs to go now. The problem is there is no mechanism for him to go NOW.

  • klaffner

    Well for all practical purposes, he is right. As speaker he has to prioritize. It is totally useless for him to chew up any more time on that issue.

    There is one more chance in the courts to overturn. Since Roberts declared that the Mandate is unconstitutional as a mandate but not as a Tax, some bright someone noticed if it is a TAX, then ObamaCare is unconstitutional. Why? It originated in the Senate. The constitution is totally clear that all Tax legislation has to originate in the House.

    • Samwise Gamgee the 3rd

      This isn’t an angle I’ve been following closely.

      While it’s totally logical, and I’m a fan of consistency, if there’s one thing I don’t have confidence in, it’s humans’ commitment to logical consistency.

      I have a feeling the Supreme Court will find a way, pure bullsh*t of course, to go along with the electorate and their original decision and let it stand.

      No matter how little sense that makes.

      • white531

        I have no confidence in anything human beings do anymore, period.

  • Philo Beddoe

    obamacare is the law of the land” yeah no kidding and he’s rolling over and giving up. Fast and Furious is coming to a close, zero push from the Speaker, he could have been much more forceful in the investigation.

    And now he is going to sell out America with amnesty.

    Romney could not be elected for the above reasons. He wanted to stop obamacare, he was pushing for a deeper insight to the gun running operation, and he had a program regarding immigration.

    Boehner blathers and stomps his feet and pounds his chest–it’s all theatrics. Boehner is the ENABLER to obama for the destruction of America. It is pretty obvious.

    • Samwise Gamgee the 3rd

      Yeah, he’s giving up because the GOP has lost, even though his little wing of the GOP lost less seats than most.

      He’s going to fight battles he can win.

      You’re suggesting he be like an admiral who’s had a fleet sunk by the enemy, and he should send a couple destroyers and a frigate back in against the enemy fleet “just because”.

  • bobemakk

    Parts of Obamacare are supposed to be going back to the Supreme Court for a decision of the legality. Why is Boehner being like a jellyfish with no backbone.

    I am disgusted and discouraged with the republican party, they have the right choices for candidates but let the lamestream media trash them (Allen West, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Condoleeza Rice). The media was the biggest problem. The NY Daily News and NY Newsday trashed Romney throughout the campaign and spoke highly of Obama, then at the last minute both newspapers endorsed Romney…too little, too late. And I would be willing that they planned it to happen this way.

    Can you imagine if Joe Biden runs in 2016 and wins? Oh my God what a dope he is. He NEEDS teleprompters, with all the gaffes he spewed out of his blowhard mouth.

  • Haywoodjbl

    Time for Boehner to go…….now is not the time for the weak of heart

  • toledojim

    Help, calling the House of Representatives, can you guys please mount a charge on behalf of the 49% of the people who still think Ameerica should be governed by the Constitution. Can you please pull a mutiny and replace the current speaker. Can you do this for America, can you please pick someone who is going to fight for what is right rather than capitulate at every turn. We beg you to interced for us and put this RINO out to pasture.

  • I am ready to leave the Republican party should Boehner stay in as House Speaker. He is as useful as tits on a bull.

    • DebbyX

      They will NEVER get another dollar of my money!

  • aposematic

    I’m confused: When did Boehner start fighting Obumanocare…?

  • Dierardo

    America needs Speaker Boehner to commit to an act of extreme patriotism in our war against the Marxist Socialism of our presidential pretender.
    He should/could/ heroically turn the lemon of losing this presidential election into the lemonade of drafting Paul Ryan into a special appointment to a tempory speakership so that Obama’s Marxist treasure-destroying gamesmanship can be prevented from intentionally destroying the viability of the American economy for generations to come.
    In the face of a dumbed-down “Gimme-Gimme”, public, this is an heroic and historic strategy by both men to blow up the plans of a renegade collectivist political ascendency.
    This contest of intellect and reason as opposed to the just completed, “Zombie Dance”, of a decaying American educational/cultural product may be liberty’s last gasp against an emergent and absurd anarchical rule by the migratory hordes of the third world.

    BTW this conversation is rapidly reaching beyond the ken of Sean Hannity

  • Freedomswatch

    I called his office and left a message, they wouldn’t actually answer any call, I tried multiple times to get a live person. I told Boehner it was time for him to move to the Democrat party, then he wouldn’t have to pretend any more. We need our own purge. It is time to run hard against the “Democrhinos” in the primary and kick the bums out. Boehner is about saving his own job, he doesn’t care about any of us or America.

  • We, the Tea Party, indirectly put Boehner in his current position. HE NEEDS TO GO. We all need to e-mail as many republicans in the House and Senate and the RNC and tell them they won’t get a dime of our money unless Boehner is OUT!!!!!!!!

  • RocklinConservative

    Liberal in GOP clothing.

  • ladyjk

    Another reason you need to go. If he had done anything right we would not have this albatross around our necks in the first place. Gromer, Chavitz, Cantor, Ryan all would have done better at fighting this and the rest of the mess we are in. Goodbye Boehner.

  • Boehner is a coward and needs to be replaced. All of the so called Republican leadership is spineless. They shun the Tea Party so they can hold on to their positions.

  • Boehner is a spineless gutless weasel of a RINO, and must go, period !!

    Article “Tea Party Vows To Take Over GOP”

    They vowed to wage a war to put the Tea Party in charge of the Republican Party by the time it nominates its next presidential candidate.

    “The battle to take over the Republican Party begins today and the failed Republican leadership should resign,” said Richard Viguerie, a top Tea Party Conservative activist.

    “Obama Re-election Cause for Revolution — The Obama Regime must be dismantled !” unquote

    House Republican Study Committee (RSC)- led by Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), to fight the GOP Establishment of Boehner, to have more influence over the Republican party. 

  • soulskeep

    Have said it before and will say it again “America Get Your Guns”. You’ve surrendered your borders, your freedoms and your daughters. You now have “coalitions” of Dems, Libs, Progressives, LGBT running your country and telling you you’re stupid or demented if you believe in God. But hey are sane when they are willing and brave enough to kill unborn babies but not the enemies of our nation. How long before we have abortion extend throughout the first year of a newborn’s life?

    Our elections are not decided by the “Independent” vote but by the votes of illegal aliens and illegally voting dead people (or are the dead still considered valid registered voters?).

    Time is probably coming when true American Patriots will have to once again fight to win back Liberty and Freedom. Or do you believe you should be obligated to pay a fine/tax just for being born and existing? Well, that’s what obamacare forces upon you. This is Freedom?

    Are you among the masses who will just sit and wait until they come to your door to take what you have worked for because others are “entitled” to their “fair share”? Even if they didn’t bother to work and earn it. Oh, but since you’ve already surrendered your daugthers it’s okay to surrender the rest of your life’s efforts. And may as well leave the door open till the next group feels “entitled” to “redistribute” anything remaining of your possesions. After all it’s “not fair” for you to have anything if someone else doesn’t. It doesn’t matter if you worked for it and they didn’t.

    It’s hard to look at your “average” person today and envision them as the same “average” people that stood up and fought for and established this nation. When did the people of this nation turn into the “sheeple of this nation”?

  • onetwopunch

    Toure’ doesn’t bother me as much as this guy.

  • Time to get rid of Boehner. Another lifelong politician who doesn’t represent the people. If you too tired Mr. Speaker move aside

    • dontdrinkthecoolaid

      Problem with Boehner, he’s doing what is necessary to keep his job, not do his job, which is to do what is best for the country and his constituency