Special Report Investigates Benghazi, updated with new information

This latest edition of Special Report investigating Benghazi aired over the weekend. I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet but I’m sure some of you will want to.

You can watch below (h/t: RCP):




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    …Obama is finished and he will LOSE the Presidency to Mitt Romney on November 6, 2012.

    because Barack HUSSEIN Obama is running with the D E V I L !”

    • keyesforpres

      Running with the devil? Actually he’s running AHEAD of the devil.

    • How can Obama run “with” HIMSELF?

    • FreeManWalking

      All this time I thought he was the D E V I L.

      • white531


  • aussieguy64

    I saw this yesterday in Australia on pay TV…Not a single local Aussie news source mentioned this.

    (They’re Obama lovers as well…Doing the same things as American mainstream media. Choosing to deliberately not cover this type of news. Continue the promotion of their beloved Obama by choosing to show the American Presidential Election in the same light as their American mainstream counterparts.)

    This is why I watch Fox News, the local weather, and use the Internet. I don’t trust any of the mainstream media any more.

    • Conservative_Hippie

      It’s a small world aussieguy!

    • Orangeone

      Hey Aussieguy64, thank you for supporting the US!

    • white531

      I am surprised by that, aussie. Most of us here in the States, think of Australia, as being hard core conservative. It is your history. You don’t tolerate nonsense, and you get the job done.

      Please tell me, you haven’t been invaded by Liberals.

      • White531, Australia is in the grip of Labor, same genes as the Demonrats, socialism galore, it’s awful for such a great country

      • aussieguy64

        For those who visit Australia in the future. Here’s an overview on political parties…

        * Australian Labor Party (ALP)
        => Center-Left. Currently filled with Socialists and Feminists. Chants the same words as Obama like “spread the wealth” by “tax the rich”. Their last Election campaign slogan was “Moving Forward”. (Yes! Just like Obama’s “Forward”)…Like your Democrats, they are just as wasteful and incompetent. Again, backed by Unions…An example of incompetence is introducing a Mining Tax that turns out to not generate any revenue! They always see Defense as an area to cut or delay until next Federal Budget. (It affects American jobs because we order our fighter planes and weapons from you guys!) …They have a 30% female gender quota. (Affirmative Action at its best. *rolls eyes*)

        The best period of the ALP was during the 1980s. A guy named Bob Hawke introduced the notion of a free-market to the ALP. (Same period as USA’s Ronald Reagan and UK’s Margaret Thatcher). He was a real leader as he knew to talk down protesters…That is to say, they always leave happy after talking to him.

        * Liberal-National Party (LNP)
        => Center-Right. Largely Conservatives and Libertarians…Founded to counter ALP and fight against Socialism. Largely known as the “Coalition” by the media. Somewhat similar to your Republicans. (These folks are more aligned with the notion of standing on your own feet and not depend on the Govt as much as possible. Female politicians in this party never pull the gender card.)

        * Greens
        => Extreme Left. Filled with environmentalists or former Greenpeace-Australia activists. Best to be ignored, as they don’t know anything about economics. (Which means everyone but latte-sipping city yuppies, knows that they are destructive to the nation). Often anti-business. Actively promotes gay agenda and opening our borders to all immigrants in a reckless manner. (Encourages people-smugglers to richly profit as a consequence.)

        * Independents
        => Only interested in representing their electorate or election area. Will flip-flop to any side based on what they can get out of a Federal level policy. Little or no interest in the nation as a whole. (Not really dependable. It varies on the representative.)

        The general pattern goes like this:
        …Like USA’s Democrats, ALP will spend (benefits everywhere) and tax Australia into an overall deficit. LNP are the “economic clean-up crew” who will cut and save Australia back into surplus. It has been see-sawing like this for a very long time. We’re only lucky this time around with the current global economy situation; as we can sell a huge chunk of our natural resources to China (coal, LPG, iron ore, etc) and India (uranium).

        Now, to respond to your comment…

        Yes, we have been invaded by the Leftists since the 1970s. Although, its not as obvious or as bad as USA; As you know, we’re largely conservative and we’re willing to speak our mind.

        The Left-Progressive movement in Australia…

        * Constantly promote gay marriage in recent times. Especially in the media.
        (Politically, gay marriage was quashed by both the lower and upper house in Parliament. So its a victory to us.)

        * Media blindly adopts CNN, CBS, etc footage without looking deeper.
        (So when American mainstream media leaves things out, its not covered in international segments of Australian news. I have to watch Fox News and go on the Internet to listen to Mark Levin and Dennis Prager radio to understand what is really going on.)

        * Carbon Tax shoved down our throats…Even when no one wanted it.
        (Pushed through by Greens and Australian Labor Party…Because the ALP did a deal with the Greens in order to help them make up for the numbers in a hung Parliament.)

        * Prime Minister Julia Gillard is a Radical Feminist with a Socialist background from her university days.

        She pretends to be a moderate…But when push comes to shove, the Feminist within her all comes out. Like your Obama, she will use the gender card for her political convenience and her band of like-minded feminists aka “hand-bag hit-squad”, attacks the conservative opposition leader as a “Woman Hater”.

        Unlike Obama, she has no charisma. She can’t lead. Her own policies for the future of Australia are crap. And its pretty obvious that she has been professionally trained to speak in a certain way. Its deliberately slow in order to portray empathy to anyone she converses with. This trained speaking is a norm for a specific Australian legal company that produces politicians for the ALP; Slater and Gordan. They have a reputation of being seedy ambulance chasers. They are commonly referred to as “Slugs and Grubs”. Gillard used to work for them. (Law graduates rather choose to be unemployed than having to sign up with those folks!)

        Truth be told, her behavior indicates she has no value system. Meaning she’ll flip on you when its politically convenient for her. So she can’t be trusted. (All Australians know this, that’s why her popularity is low). She betrayed and toppled the previous Prime Minister in a “bloodless coup”…The one that we actually voted for.

        * Public schools try to indoctrinate kids with their Climate Change hysteria. Things like Sydney being wiped out if the ice caps melt and the oceans rise, etc. (When I was in public school they did the same things but with “Hole in the Ozone Layer” and CFCs in spray cans and discarded refrigerators). In some schools they tried to impose Feminism towards boys. This has largely failed as a trial, because parents got mad and demanded the removal of radical feminist nonsense.

        * Just watch this video…(WARNING: Foul Language)
        => http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qpDeALmfEWs
        …Notice how she tries to play the victim card when police are nearby? This entitlement mentality is definitely a by-product of the Left.

        Unlike America, Australia is different in the following ways:
        * We generally reject radicalism. eg: Aussie men and women roll their eyes when feminists start talking nonsense. There is no hesitation to speak down to them when they sprout crap like a “vagina is like a beautiful flower”.
        * ~30% of marriages end in divorce. (Compared to ~50% in USA).
        * The majority of women (~70%) still follow the traditional marriage ideal, as they want kids. The other ~30% are blindly following feminist ideals and look down upon women who choose to be homemakers. No matter what they try to do, the majority of Aussie women want to be mothers.
        * Aussie conservatives speak their mind. (American counterparts are willing to tolerate a little too much.)
        * We don’t tolerate BS from our politicians. (So stuff like this Benghazi nonsense won’t fly in Australia. Its guaranteed to cost the Govt an Election.)
        * The media isn’t completely infected for local Aussie politics. They have no qualms in attacking the Govt for incompetence. But it is “Obama lovin” when it comes to talking about American politics. So I generally ignore them in that regard and flip the channel to Fox News as part of my pay TV subscription.
        * We belittle those able-body slackers who live on unemployment benefits. We call them “Dole Bludgers”.
        => http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=dole%20bludger

        Overall, the Left-Progressive-Liberalism-etc isn’t as bad as in the USA. There is some infection that is notable and is causing me to question things. (At least study the effects of it in USA and World History). Its not at the point where the country is heading to the edge of a cliff. When that happens, you’ll find Australians decide pretty decisively on saving the Nation.

        …So I’m confused why its so hard for some Americans to decide.

        • Thank you so much for educating us on Australian politics.

        • white531

          Aussie, thanks so much for your reply. I don’t believe I could have received a more thorough explanation of the workings of Australian politics from anyone. You should have your own column, or failing that, at least your own blog.

          While I am sorry that Australia has it’s own version of our Liberal mentality, your explanation did leave me with the feeling that aussies still know how to take care of business, when necessary.

          As for being confused as to why its so hard for some Americans to decide, there are plenty of us here stateside, that share your feelings on that.

          • aussieguy64

            There’s a bit more…Australia compared to USA:

            * Voting is compulsory here. If you don’t do it, you will be fined $20. If you don’t pay the fine, you’ll end up in court paying more.
            => http://www.aec.gov.au/FAQs/Voting_Australia.htm#compulsory

            * Our laws and consequences relating to guns and knives…
            => “Self Defense” is not accepted as a reason for a gun license.
            => Body armor is illegal for civilians.
            => Carrying knives in a public place without a legit reason is illegal.
            => Tazers are illegal in some states for civilians.
            => No semi-automatics for civilians.
            => If someone bad enters your home, and you end up killing them; You’ll find that you’ll be put on trial in order to determine if its legitimate self defense. (It varies from state to state.)
            => Its easier to acquire a gun illegally. Here in Sydney, there have been gang/drug related shootings; locals haven’t been shot by stray rounds. But their homes have! Over 100 recorded in 2012 alone. Police try their best in going after those who supply the guns. They have some success in breaking a gun smuggling operation involving a bad employee of a well known gun manufacturer. (Supplying Glock handguns.)

            * Our education system hasn’t been crippled by the Left or special interest groups like public sector unions. This is obvious when we are ranked much higher than the USA in terms of Literacy, Maths, and Science on a global level…However, I do note that the overall quality is dropping over the decade since I’ve been in school. The Prime Minister says she has a passion for education, but all she’s doing is spending ridiculous amounts of taxpayer money on nonsensical assessments to grade each school, throwing money and technology at education with little to show for it. She calls this nonsense her “Education Revolution”…She isn’t really reforming the system itself. (So there is no Revolution…In fact, we don’t know what the heck she’s talking about!)

            • white531

              aussie, all I knew about Australia, I learned from Crocodile Dundee.

              Then you had to go and spoil it. 🙂

    • Aussieguy64,
      Yeah, I’m in Australia also and it’s a consistent effort to educate this Aussies over the reality of who Obama is, also the Aussie MSM is the same as in the US, a shame. Hopefully we can get together.

  • Kudos to Baier for staying on this one…….like white on rice, in a glass of milk, on a paper plate, in a snowstorm.

    • BlueGood

      …in the Great White north Stewie….LOL

    • On a polar bears butt.

    • white531

      Brett is good.

  • BlueGood

    Thank you Scoop for posting these vids…the biggest “TELL” of O’Bama bin Lyin is his hesitation and bullschit answer to Kusa of Denver interview @ 12:53.

    Thank God for new media and FOX to expose the “Creep in Chief”…

  • This is making me physically sick. I can’t get over the fact that FOX is the ONLY media reporting all of this. Oh Lord, I can’t get over this. Dear leader MUST be charged with treason and his pinheada along with him, shillary and all the rest of them. Damn it! You do NOT LEAVE American servicemen and civilians to die!!!!!!! I just read a story about the rescue of Roger Locher during the Vietnam war, and there was a lot more fire going on there, yet they still went in and got him under harsh and dangerous circumstances. Damn it, they let them die!!! My heart is broken over all of this.

  • PovrlaChasse

    The most important thing we have learned from Libya is that Obama is willing to let American servicemen die to save his Muslims, even if the Muslims are actively engaged in open warfare. If one side or the other is to be killed, Obama chooses the Americans to be killed and the Muslims to be allowed to escape.

    What did Obama say in his book, “I will stand with the Muslims should the winds shift in an ugly direction.” He is just doing what he said he would do. He is standing with the Muslims.

    After all, Hussein has said to the world at the U.N., “The future must not belong to those who slander the Holy Prophet Muhammed.” That would include America, and Americans.

    He couldn’t be more clear about who he is and where he stands. I am amazed that there are still people who believe in the Obama lie. He is saying everything outloud, and they still refuse to believe even he himself in his own words. Talk about being delusional. The Left today is psychotic.

    • StrangernFiction

      “my Muslim faith”

    • Jazzee

      he has told everyone all along what he is
      too bad those hope and change fools bought into it
      but if you listen and watch this man he tells you more than you know
      he is also a lousy orator…..boring and arrogant
      he swaggers like a girl
      he smiles like where’s waldo
      and he lies all the time

  • Samwise Gamgee the 3rd

    Question for the President:

    Why did Libyan rebels get air support, and American citizens not get air support?

    • keyesforpres

      [email protected] good question.

    • sDee

      Did you not expect consistent support of the islamists on behalf of President Hussein Obama?

    • justrighton

      Read this from AmericanThinker Nonie Darwish
      It makes perfect sense to me.

      • Samwise Gamgee the 3rd

        I haven’t read the whole article, but I agree with the first paragraph:

        “I have never entertained the idea that Obama was a Muslim and always believed he was a socialist. But Obama’s behavior over the last four years regarding Islam has convinced me that Obama has a Socialist/Islamic centered worldview — a combination that is not uncommon in many parts of the Muslim world.”

        If anything, I’d call it kind of obvious.

      • white531

        justrighton, I just now finished reading the article, and it is spot on. I agree with every word.

        It describes the Obama presidency perfectly. His inner struggle to protect Islam, while at the same time, giving the appearance of standing for America, as President, is obvious.

        I highly recommend everyone read that article. It was excellent.

        • justrighton

          white 531-
          Thanks for reading the post too. I sent it to just about everyone on my email list to make sure it gets the attention it needs to get. We are being attacked from the inside for sure.

  • Tall, Dark and Handsome

    On Nov.6th I dedicate my vote to those four Americans who were murdered in Benghazi.

    • Jazzee

      I am right behind you……………

  • 1tootall

    Does anyone out there think Obama was hanging Stevens out to dry for any reason??? I find it very curious that if rumors are true and he WAS gun running, Obama would not have wanted anyone to find that out. IF you just consider the timing and evidence, it sounds like Stevens was sacrificed,like the movie, “Clear and Present Danger”. Anyone else see that????

    • That’s an interesting angle. Did they think Stevens was going to talk? There was a clear and systematic reduction in security. That goes beyond a political agenda of trying to make it seem like the world is safer. They could have moved Stevens to a properly secured embassy and no one would have said a thing, especially on 9/11. Heck, the ambassador to France had marines.

      Note how no one is talking about the gun running.

      • Patriot077

        Theblaze dot com has had some articles (and videos on the weapons to Syria via Turkey) Scoop probably posted some here, too.

      • I have seen posted that this may have been a possible set up for a kidnapping of Amb. Stevens – hence an intentional degraded protection – to construct an exchange for the blind sheik for our Ambassador. And that the efforts of Woods, etc (against orders) to come help – reset the scenario and outcome.

        Another angle – is what about all the top secret documents – and named collaborators – which was also left to acquire by the enemy? Now in the hands of the murderers, who will ruthlessly pursue them – as traitors to Allah.

        Further down the rabbit hole – are we really killing just jihadists in drone strikes? If this administration is willing to lie and deceive about Americans being killed – who thinks they would not lie about who the drones are actually killing?

        Just like some of our covert and elite seal team six were killed not long after Osama? Were they trade offs? Are some of the drone attacks playing equalizer for the Muslim Brotherhood to help eradicate the collaborators against them?

        If Romney wins – he better clean house to the highest levels – regardless the cries of the Dems/Left and their cabal of evil associates!!!

        • white531

          I agree. Washington is full of pestilence and traitors. Dittos, for the upper echelons of the military.

    • Dittos…

      WHY the coverup?

      ONLY gun running?


      The foundation is ideology.

      BHObama is, for whatever his reason, protecting ‘fundamentalist’ Islam.


    • michael carpenter

      Yes. I have. If not sacrificed for the sake of gun running, then sacrificed in the name of propping up Obamas foreign policy.

    • I haven’t seen that movie in ages, but yes, I’ve thought for a while there was something dear leader wanted Stevens permanently shut up for. Fast and furious middle eastern style.

    • Kelly60

      Check out the Lame Cherry blog where it’s all spelled out…it’s referred to as Analgate.

    • Jazzee

      also rumors obama set it up for a hostage take and then he would trade the sheik for Stevens…………..but then the gun running is a HUGE issue
      who was Stevens meeting and why was he there? would some stupid reporter mind asking the idiot obama

  • Samwise Gamgee the 3rd

    Question for Secretary of Defense Panetta:

    US casualties during the entire air operation in Libya and against their organized national military forces were precisely zero.

    Are you saying the risk to manned American air assets was just too high to fly them to Benghazi in defense of the Ambassador, the consulate, and the CIA annex with Americans inside?

    Follow-up question for Secretary Panetta:

    Is it your contention that it would have been irresponsible for America’s air assets to take a risk to defend our Ambassador and citizens, yet the risk they took during thousands of missions to assist the Libyan rebels’ military operations was justified?

    Follow-up to the follow-up:

    During the Libyan operation when we sent our air assets to strike Libyan targets, did we generally have a drone overhead providing real-time video, personnel on the ground lasing the target, and real-time video feed from buildings near the target itself?

    Follow-up to the follow-up to the follow-up:

    If so, what additional intelligence did we have in those cases that was greater than the intelligence we had on 9/11, 2012? Why were those air missions undertaken, but not a mission in defense of our own personnel in Benghazi?

    • Samwise Gamgee the 3rd

      [deleted because I realized I could correct a typo by editing the original comment]

      • Samwise, your comments and questions are excellent. Welcome to the Right Scoop. PS- Love your name. Keep the questions coming, hopefully we’ll get the answers some how!

        • white531

          I second that motion, Samwise.

    • 3boojums

      Mr Panetta, was the drone armed ?? if so, what’s your point ??

  • Nukeman60

    What bothers me is that Obama is going to use this Hurricane Sandy to deflect all stories away from his incompetence and evil. The storm will be gone in a few days, but the recovery will take at least a week to resolve. Even though the Lame Stream Media hasn’t covered Benghazi and all the followup news, they were bound to be forced to cover some of it as it got hotter and hotter.

    Now, with the massive New York storm taking the wind out of all the other news, Obama may be able to sidestep this issue until after the election. Heck, even FOX is spending most of their airtime to show ‘amazing’ waist deep water (something we here in the midwest get every spring). They can make Obama look like a Presidential hero in total charge, when all his role is anyway is to release money (which, as Charles Krauthammer said, is what he does best anyway).

    The storm may well be his ‘October surprise’ that gets him re-elected by default.

    • Samwise Gamgee the 3rd

      Well blame God.

      Not much we can do about a hurricane.

      Focus on getting out the vote, personally I might add, and after Romney and a GOP House are in office (maybe a Senate too), then they can investigate this.

      Obama will have to testify under oath eventually.

    • Amjean

      I agree.

      Here in the midwest approximately ten-fifteen years ago, we had a 100 year flood.
      Whole subdivisions were under water, electric substations under water and even
      tho we have underground cable for electrics, our electric was off for a few days.

      Noone from the government came to help. We helped each other.

      Since we have 24/7 television, news programs run the same thing over and over
      again. I have seen nothing on Libya, however, this storm news is going on and
      on and on.

      I am waiting for Obama to try and stop the election process on Nov. 6th.

      • Nukeman60

        Granted the storm out East is a big one and a lot of damage will ensue. The power is with the Governors of each state to effect recovery. Obama can only release Federal money, but watch for him, and the media, to claim that he ‘saved’ New York with his superhuman actions.

        • white531

          You can count on it.

      • Che (Shay)

        “I am waiting for Obama to try and stop the election process on Nov. 6th.”
        That’s what I have been holding my breath over, and praying about, for months! All it would take is for his exaltedness to declare martial law for us all to be ‘royally’ screwed. 🙁

        • Amjean

          I have since read that NEVER in the history of our country have the elections
          been halted. Also, that congress would have to agree with the president’s
          directive. I am sure it entered Obama’s mind, however, they haven’t found
          a way yet to implement that strategy.

          I am thinking, however, that if the election is close their lawyers will start filing
          lawsuits. I read that they have a team of lawyers ready for this in each state.

          That is why we must all vote for Romney, even if we don’t agree with him on
          everything. A vote for Romney, regardless, is a vote against Obama. We must
          win in a landslide (I feel good about that possibility) to counteract the leftie vote
          fraud that will go on (did you read about the voting machines in two states
          that when voters select “Romney” votes for Obama are registered?).

          The results must be definitive.

          BTW, the early voting by my home has been busy. I have been trying to early
          vote this week, however, every time I drive by for a quick “run in and run out”,
          the parking lot is full!!!! It is on my way to everything I do in the way of running
          errands, etc. so this is at least 2-4 times daily that I drive by. In my neighborhood that is great news for Romney!!

    • badbadlibs

      I fear the same things, Nukeman60. grrrrrrrrrr

      • Nukeman60

        We’ll just have to double down on our efforts.

    • I agree Nukefriend. I’ve been telling my husband today, dear leader gave his pompous address, interesting that he hasn’t been heard from since all this news about Benghazi has come out… but anyway, he gave his lame speech, and once all the looters come out, and we know they will, he’ll most likely order more National Guards (NY already has some out there) and/or call for martial law. I wouldn’t put it past him. He can not afford to let this crisis go to waste.

      • Nukeman60

        I’m sure Rahm Emanuel was the first to call Obama to tell him not to let a crisis go to waste.

        • white531

          Problem is, this crisis is not going to help the Monkey.

          • Nukeman60

            The crisis I’m talking about is the hurricane, not the Benghazi fiasco. Obama will do whatever he can to use the hurricane to his advantage.

            • white531

              Nuke, this worthless President would use an old woman being run down, crossing the street, if he thought it would help him get re-elected.

              • white531

                Anything to distract the public, from what is really going on. I think that was what you were really trying to say.

              • Nukeman60

                Yeah, he did throw his white grandmother under the bus once, didn’t he.

          • stage9

            Dude, c’mon we don’t need that.

            • white531

              I know stage, but my hatred of the man, is simply off the chart.

              If he can hate this country, the way he and his fat wife do, then I can hate him right back.

              The, “monkey comment,” comes from my wife.

              My wife was born in Jarkarta, Indonesia. This is the woman who throws shoes at the computer, when his face is on the screen.

              You don’t want to mess with my wife. I learned that, early on. That’s why i’m still alive, and I can type this message to you.:)

              • stage9

                Well, dude I understand that. I really do. But when you go down that road you only fuel the radical left’s phoney charges against us.

                Obama is NOT a monkey, he’s a human being like the rest of us. The problem is he is deceived like so many radicals. His eyes have been blinded to the Truth. As much as we hate the man’s policies and his worldview, we should remember that “we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers.”

                In other words, our war is with the evil one who animates the liberal worldview and all worldviews like it.

                Let’s keep our focus and not allow the radicals to turn us into them.

                You’re doing good my friend, just keep your eyes on the prize. Don’t let them distract you.

                • white531

                  You give good counsel, my friend. I will do my best.

    • white531

      The storm is no doubt an opportunity Obama will take full advantage of.

  • white531

    I sat through all these videos. I thought it was important. After watching the videos, I am convinced it was important.

    As a reporter, Brett Baier has my highest respect for giving us this presentation. Fox News, what can I say? If we didn’t have Fox News, we would have nothing, except the mainstream media. Thank God for Fox.

    I have trouble finding the words. Those of you, who know me, are smiling.

    I rarely have trouble finding the words. But, I am simply appalled at this President, and his minions, for presenting this absolute failure of Obama’s foreign policy, that not only killed four Americans, but represented us to the world, as a nation that cannot defend itself, as something that can be just brushed aside, as one of the consequences of having an Embassy, in a war torn region.

    I am grieved, by the loss of American life, in a miserable place like Libya. The only reason we are there, in the first place, is to try to make their life better. Forgive me, but they don’t seem to want a better life.

    But, that’s another issue, not part of this conversation on the absolute failure of an American President to protect people in a dangerous foreign post like Libya.

    Here is the main problem I have with this imposter of a President.

    He represents me. He represents a lot of Americans I know, as friends and neighbors. Problem is, I don’t agree with anything he says.

    I guess I could criticize his foreign policy, that is, if he had one.

    If I could say anything about Obama, it is that he is love with himself. The most narcissistic person ever to hold the office.

    Not exactly what you want to see, in a leader.

    • stage9

      You see? YOU had PLENTY to say…. :)+)

      • white531

        Yeah, I’m a real blabbermouth, when you come right down to it.

        I wouldn’t be that way, if we had a real President.

  • sjmom

    I think Robert McFarlane summed it up pretty well when he said it was “dereliction of duty”. One day, hopefully soon, the truth will be known but until then Benghazi gate must continue to be investigated.

  • snowshooze

    Did the Libyan-flagged vessel Al Entisar pull out of Benghazi with a full load of arms for the Syrian Rebels taken from the Benghazi Mission Warehouses as scheduled on the 12th?
    Can you track that boat?

    • Nukeman60

      Apparently it docked in Turkey on 9/6/12 and is presently enroute back to Libya.


      • snowshooze

        Look at the date, time and speed.
        Soooo… it probably made Benghazi just fine. Did it load up and pull out?
        I am thinking, that it did.

        • Nukeman60

          Yeah, you’re right. I misread the info. I thought that it docked in Turkey and was presently mid ocean. I find it interesting that no info exists on it after that date and time.

          • snowshooze

            Great work on your part even if you missed a detail…
            This was the boat they used to move the hardware.
            I also notice that it is currently unaccounted for, which in my opinion, is the keys to the city.
            With your insightful input, boat movements, could indeed shed a bit of light on this dark subject.
            Thanks again for sharing the link on the vessel movements.
            This is big stuff.

  • white531

    The Right Scoop is in Australia. How cool is that?

  • white531

    Thanks, Scoop. This is the post of the evening.

  • FreeManWalking

    Bret is doing a top notch JOURNALIST JOB Exposing and Staying on Top of Benghazi Gate.

    Too bad the great American Masses will not know anything about it until the 0b0 MSM PACs report it, and even if they hear Bret they will not believe it coming from Fox.

    • white531

      There is not really such a thing, as a Journalist.

      Brett is just being a good reporter.

      • FreeManWalking

        I stand corrected.

  • white531

    What will come of this, I have no idea. But I believe Romney will be elected, over this failure, called Obama.

    Obama will go on, to write books ans do lectures, and make millions.

    Romney will spend the next four years, probably eight, undoing and correcting what this madman has accomplished in just four years, toward his plan for destroying this nation.

    Regardless, let us decide as a nation, to never let anything like this happen again. Let this be the last time, that a Muslim Communist, almost took over our country. Let it be the last time. Promise me that.

    • badbadlibs

      I can “promise” I’ll do my part in making sure nothing of the likes of bo and his brown shirted thugs ever get within a hundred thousand miles of the WH again.
      I hope all you wrote comes to pass! Except the part where bo goes on to make millions, unless that’s millions of license plates in Leavenworth.

      • white531

        Yeah, I know what you mean.

    • NJK


    • I am looking forward to having a new POTUS, but I don’t think Romney has the “will” to extricate all of Obama’s tendrils from the government and society. I think of it like a centipede (or maybe a tick) that has dug in with its claws. While Romney may cut the creature off where it is visible, I fear that he will ignore the deeply damaging things he has done to our country. That is why I liked Newt…..it seemed that he had spotted and listed all of the points that needed to be undone. Romney doesn’t get into that level of detail and I fear that he is going to work like mad for the economy, but ignore the transgressions of government, against the people, that have become precedent under Obama.

      It’s still stunning that it’s this difficult to win an election against such an obvious anti-America “failure”. Pat Caddell has been spot on and extraordinarily observant of the reality that Republicans see, and most Dems willfully dismiss or ignore. He has some of the best and most thoughtful and informative articles on Breitbart. I mention him only because he seems to be able to look beyond the spin, which is unusual for any Democrat.

      • white531

        Stewie, I know you mean well, but your comment in disingenuous at this late stage of the game.

        The Primaries are behind us. We are in the final quarter, with only a few minutes left in the game. Get a grip.

        • white531

          It isn’t like he’s alone in this. If we can get control of the Senate, his job will be that much easier.

          • If we don’t, it will be nearly impossible.

        • What makes you think I lost my “grip”. I can criticize Romney even though I will vote for him……if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be any better than an Obama-bot. You had mentioned that he would be undoing what Obama has done; I was simply responding that, IMO, it would be too narrowly focused to undo much. It’s not going to be sunshine and lollipops after Romney wins. The attacks on liberty have to be eliminated before people become complacent. For example, look at the PPACA- it’s not the issue of the day anymore…..in only 2 years, people aren’t looking at the attack on private industry and individual rights- now they’re mostly thinking about how it will benefit them.

          Our society is devolving into the “proletariat vs the bourgeoisie” in one election. These problems have to be nipped immediately (maybe the educational system has instilled it too deeply), before they become a part of society- as the indoctrinated students reach their 30’s.

          • white531

            Didn’t mean to upset you. It’s just that we are so close to the election.

            I do see what you mean, though. Newt was my choice, too. Maybe he will play a role in the Romney Cabinet.

  • eyewatcher1960

    Yea, Obama, you botched this and murdered 4 Brave American Men. Shame on You!!

  • CalCoolidge

    I shudder when they ask this Obama, essentially, what was going on in the situation room. And he says they are doing everying to find out.

    Well, from whom? Was there some other President in there giving orders and now obstructing your effert to release the truth?

  • white531

    I am sure I am being silly about this. We should not be amazed by technology, at this point. Apple and YouTube have opened up the world, to total communication by ordinary individuals.

    Did you know that Apple stock is the most valuable stock in the world? Yep. Steven Jobs has passed, but the company he created, along with the Woz, in his parents’ garage, in Cupertino, Calfornia, is the most valued stock in the Universe.

    Obama, don’t ever again, give me that bullshit that he didn’t create this. You’re a Goddamned fool if you actually believe that. My house is full of Apple computers, and they all work flawlessly. I have at least, thirty-five.

    What a pathetic leader you have been for these last four miserable years.

    Under your lack of leadership, this country has suffered, like it has never suffered in history.

    I will be glad to be rid of you. I hereby volunteer to drive the U-Haul truck that moves you and your fat wife, out of OUR White House, so we can begin cleaning it to get ready for the new occupants.

    Call it part of, “Restoring America.” By the way, that’s a Euphemism for, “Hopes and Dreams.”

    Hopes you leave the White House, Dreams that you will never return, on the landscape of America.

    • Nukeman60

      I hereby volunteer to drive the U-Haul truck that moves you and your fat wife, out of OUR White House‘ – w

      Another job ‘saved or created’ by Obama. 🙂

      • white531

        Just doing what I can, to help.:)

  • colliemum

    Before I watch these videos – a huge thank-you, scoop, for making them available!

    And before I watch them, just wanted to tell you that I pray for all friends up and down the East Coast. I hope you are safe and are surviving Sandy. The reports and videos we just got here on the BBC are shocking.

  • colliemum

    This was a very good Special Report, even if all the reporters, to my mind, did pull their punches just a bit.

    I hope people were watching in those states not directly affected by Sandy, because many who might have watched were probably preparing homes and families for the arrival of that storm.
    It would be good if FOX showed this report, but it would even better if more in the State Dept, DoD and the CIA, perhaps even the WH, would have searched their consciences and provide more info to Baier and his colleagues.

    The main thing is, however, that everybody relentlessly spread this and everything we learn to family, friends and acquaintances, through the social media, before 11/6.
    The amoral, corrupt MSM will most certainly not do it.

    One more week!

    • jrt1031

      I live in the eye of the storm. Much needed rain fell on much needed drought areas. The damage wasnt too bad imo no power outages here. The storm was much needed to clean up the dirty NE

  • wallwatchman

    I had a thought about that dumb video clip that Obama, Hillary, etc. tried to blame this all on. I don’t know who this guy is, if he’s even who they say he is, his motives, whatever. When to think about it though, Obama and his admin acted true to form. From the evidence, he set this into motion, put our people in harms way and then chose to be pc rather then help them.

    Then, to cover his rear, he blames this obscure clip which is like blaming America, like he’s good at. We know it’s a lie and the video is irrelevant, but he basically blamed these deaths on America’s freedom and liberties. He’s up to his neck in this garbage and he blames US!! He blamed this country again! How dare he lay this at our feet! His community organizing skills at play. Stir the pot, cause violence and mayham, and then blame someone else, America! A real American president would not do this!! He doesn’t care about this country. What a fraud!! Ugh!

    • Che (Shay)

      I had a thought about that dumb video, too. It came out sometime in June? July? At any rate, last summer. Why would a people wait so many months to react emotionally to it? Yeah, I don’t think so. That was my very first thought when I heard about it (because, of course, from the first MSM reports the video was blamed).

  • http://www.godtube.com/watch/?v=0J2FMFNU

    Obama can’t recognize the honor that our men in uniform have nor the love shared between a father and his son. We can watch the above video and see both. O would just be bored.

  • Eh2Zed

    Its even worse then you know. I have spent years in the military and have 100’s of contacts who I have talked to about Benghazi, and all those that have inside info say it’s MUCH worse. The journalists are asking the question “Why did Obama not send in the Military?” Instead the question should be, “Why did Obama STOP the military from going in?” Notice the difference?
    That is what they are covering up.
    What has not been discussed is what was SUPPOSED to happen in Libya. When the attack started and the CRIT (critical analysis) from the CIA went out from Benghazi, several things happen. EVERY CIA Station Chief around the globe received this CRIT as well as DoD, NSA, NIA, CIA, State Department, and Situation Room in the White House. As part of the DoD notice of the CRIT, Africom under General Ham in Europe received it also. He follows his Standing Orders that order him to do all he can in his command to rescue the Americans and state department personnel He then orders up his Spec Ops strike team he has for these situations to be strip ready in 5 minutes which means airborne in AC 130J in 20 minutes, mobilizes air assets to start moving and puts his Army and Naval assets on alert. He activates the 173rd Airborne in Italy for deployment on 2 hrs notice to Benghazi. He Informs a MAU in the Mediterranean to start moving to Libya for possible deployment to Benghazi. He alerts his southern Italy air assets and launchs AC-130 Specters from Sigonella as well as Air refuel assets and drones for intell. From Northern Italy Fighters and Fighter Bombers are launched and expedited to Libya at Mach 1.2 so they will be over target in 25 minutes after getting airborne.
    The Time line looks like this
    00:00 CRIT goes out.
    00:05 Hamm is notified
    00:06 Following Standing Orders to rescue the Consulate, he alerts his assets to start the ball rolling.
    00:08 order goes out.
    00:12 orders acknowledged and received
    00:15 assets start responding, notice for 2hr ready alert is sent to 173rd with troops gearing up and hercs being loaded while choppers are readied.
    00:18 MAU changes heading and increases to flank speed, Destroyers turn to new heading and move to flank speed, Ready birds in Sigonella start to wind up engines, refuelers start to ready for takeoff, Weapons load outs on a/c being loaded and a/c fueled, Delta Force is 18 minutes away from wheels up and will be in Benghazi 1hr after takeoff, AWACS start takeoff prep
    00:25 AC 130 are enroute. First drone is enroute.
    00:30 Refulers are now wheels up and heading to station to loiter, AWACS wheels up and heading to station to loiter
    00:35 Fighters lifting off and accelerating up to Mach 2 enroute
    00:36 Delta Force is wheels up and preparing to receive drone data live to prepare for attack. Also in contact with intell getting a running account of what is happening in Libya in real time.
    00:42 Fighter Bombers are wheels up and accelerating to at least Mach 1.2 enroute. AC 130 Specters now on scene
    00:43 First Apaches and Blackhwks are now enroute.
    00:55 First Fighters on scene to provide CAP
    01:00 Army drone on scene and data transmitted to Africom, CIA, Sit Room, Pentagon, Delta Force enroute.
    01:15 Fighter Bombers are on scene to take direction from AWACS
    01:36 Delta Force is approaching Benghazi and has final intell from drone, and CIA assets under attack, and preparing for assault.
    01:45 Spec Ops on ground and heading to Annex
    01:55 Spec Ops at Annex and targeting of attackers with air assets commences if CIA ground team has not already done so.
    02:05 Spec Ops move out to Consulate
    02:10 Spec Ops at Consulate, Securing of Area then commences
    03:00 First of 173rd arrives and secures airport Over the next 2 hrs over 500 troopers are on the ground with heavy vehicles and artillery support. By morning, 2000 paratroopers are on the ground and can secure the Field and surrounding area including annex and consulate.
    The MAU and destroyers are within range within 18 hrs of receiving their orders to assist in landing another 3000 marines if needed.

    This is what was SUPPOSED to happen. Because of the situation in Libya, General Ham did NOT need permission to do any of this. He did not need the Secretary of States permission, he did not need the Presidents approval. These are what his standing orders are from the Joint Cheifs of Staff. They were set back in the early 80’s and have NEVER been changed. If this had been Egypt because of the Military assets of Egypt and the political relations he would NEED Presidential approval, but Libya is in a different category in his orders and he needed NO permission.

    Now, when decision time came, Obama had a decision to make. Everyone seems to think it was between Ordering the Military to assist or doing nothing. THAT IS WRONG. Obama had THREE choices to make and we can see by the results which one he made.

    His first Choice was to Order the Military to do everything possible to assist. Now, if had done this, there would be orders that he could show that proves this. Also, the response would have been something like what I have shown in the timeline. With full Presidential approval to assist, the troops from the 173rd would be on the ground in Benghazi plus the Marines for 5000 troops in Libya. We know this NEVER happened.

    His second choice was to do absolutely NOTHING. No response, no input, not a word, just observe, and let Ham do what his standing orders dictated he must do. The only change to the above timeline if this decision had been made, would be the SPEC OPS once securing all Americans, possibly pulling back to the airport and withdrawing with all state personnel. We know this NEVER happened.

    Obamas final choice, and the one we know he made, was to ORDER a STAND DOWN. This is the only way that Ham would NOT have done anything to secure the Americans in Libya. If Ham had done nothing without being ordered to do nothing, he would face a Courts Martial for Gross Negligence and Failure to Obey a Direct Order, and would be in Military Prison for a few years. To further prove that Obama ordered a stand down, the CIA had a drone tasked to Libya that was in country when the CRIT went up. This drone was probably not armed because the CIA uses them without weapons when they want to extend the loiter time. This one moved over Benghazi and had live intell within 15 minutes of the CRIT. The CIA and Air Force both launched drones that were armed but the CIA drone returned by orders from Langley, the armed Air Force drone (was told it was a Raptor) continued to Benghazi. CIA does not need presidential approval to use their assets in this situation unless the President ORDERS a STAND DOWN and tells the CIA they are not allowed to do anything. As well as this, the Delta Force response team Hamm had, was ordered to be line ready in 5 minutes, but they never left the ground. That means that a STAND DOWN ORDER stopped them from leaving the ground within 30 minutes of the CRIT going up. Next, we know Woods used a GLD (Ground Laser Designator) to paint a target for the Specter but the Specter never fired. Insurgents used their cellphone cameras with night vision to see where the laser was coming from and targeted their mortars on the GLD. The ONLY two people on the planet that could order that Specter not to fire were General Ham, and the President. Since Hamm was ordered to STAND DOWN, the only person who could order the Specter not to fire was Obama. Finally, from the message released on Friday from the CIA spokesperson, Patreaus is subtly telling us with a hammer that he was ordered to do nothing and STAND DOWN. The only one who could do that was Obama.

    THAT is what they are covering up. In a selection of choices, the first involved full Military support, the second involved doing absolutely nothing at all, and the third involved ordering everyone to stand down.
    Obama’s choice was to order the Stand Down. That is the crime. Out of three choices Obama chose the one choice that guaranteed killing more Americans.
    I don’t know how he can sleep at night, I really don’t.
    More to follow as more info comes in to me.

    • Rebecca Randolph

      thanks for breaking this all down….it’s the same thing I’ve heard also, just not in as much detail…..this situation is taking on a life of its own!! without the majority of the media digging for details, the aspect of weapons that may have been provided to the rebels in syria courtesy of the us government hasn’t really come to light yet

    • Che (Shay)

      Thank you so much! I have Obama supporters swarming me with asinine comments excuses for him, basically saying he wasn’t even in the White House, let alone the situation room, and he never knew anything about it in time to order a defensive.. and a lot of other crap that honestly makes me want to throw up. Thanks so much for this detailed post *hugs*.

  • sgt524

    What happened to the Admiral and General in command and why were they removed?