***UPDATE: FULL SPEECH ADDED*** Romney cracks a birth certificate joke at Michigan campaign rally


All the rage from the Romney and Ryan’s rally today in Michigan is that Romney made a joke about Obama’s birth certificate:

I’m glad to see Romney has loosened up enough to crack a joke like that. Very glad to see it. Of course we all know he’s probably been labeled a racist by now and MSNBC is gonna run full coverage of this joke all weekend long.

The full speeches by Romney and Ryan will be added to this post soon.

UPDATE: Below is the full speeches from Ryan, Romney, and even Ann Romney today:

UPDATE 2: A photo of the crowd at the Michigan event:

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  • NeoKong

    That’s a lot of people for the middle of a work day.

  • Rasmussen: Romney loses MO lead after Akin controversy

    we have Dana wasserman Loesch and Mike axelrod Huckabee as enablers and Todd Akin’s OBSCENE LUST FOR POWER to thank for this

    • dk_in_tn

      We will overcome that. 🙂

    • Rightstuff1

      God I hope to god you are wrong. Romney called for this freak to get out of the race – surely that has to count for something.

      I read today that a Rep strategist said that before all this hoohaaa all Akin had to do to win MO “was to sit on his porch”.

      • Rasmussen oversampled women to men in this poll 56/44. He previous poll split was 51/49 exactly like 2010. In fact Rep registrations are up in MO more than Dems…Rasmussen increased women by 5 in response to Akin and he took the poll on the 22nd the day after the Web was on fire (Tues the 21st) over Akin not dropping out and the deadline…In other words emotion and gut!! There will be no 56/44 in MO…nowhere will you find 8 percent more women voting…He adjusted the women and when you do that it shifts to Obama…think about it! Ed over at HOTAIR broke this down beautifully…it is a reaction poll that in a couple weeks will be forgotten when Rasmussen returns the split in his previous polls for MO…51/49 which is near spot on…even though Repub are leading in registrations in MO.

        So please people relax and realize even Rasmussen can skew numbers if you want a certain message! In two weeks Rasmussen will have Mitt up by at least 4 in MO…he has to return to a more accurate split…like he had in July and June. Akin did not cause 5 percent more women to vote and 5 less men!

        • Rassmussen’s recent poll of “likely voters” (usually the most accurate kind) show’s that Akin has damaged the entire Republican party.

          It might be temporary, sure. It will be a long-lasting “temporary.” But not for Akin.

          • K-Bob I did Likely Voters is still set by the Pollsters…no Bob..there is not 56 percent of women who will vote in MO and only 44 percent men…I cannot believe you are so out of reality. Show me one state that has EVER HAD THAT SPLIT….No he oversampled women deliberately and for a reason….there was no change of 5 percent in three weeks since he last polled MO…LIKELY THEN AS WELL….thank god others see what Scott did here for what it is….a shot poll after an emotion…no K-Bob it was not reliable but for a message….MO will be 51/49 not 56/44 and poll watchers picked that up right away. It is the doom and gloom like some that want to accept as real…no it is not…just like PPP showed Romney up by 10 the day before the Rasmussen Poll…and that was LIKELY VOTERS AS WELL! So no you cannot have it both ways….PPP oversampled Repubs by 4-5 so did Scott Rasmussen oversample women by 5…THAT IS A FACT….and he did it for a reason to send the message to a certain candidate that women in MO do not like “legitimate rape” Some Akin people may also have been mad at Romney and told the Pollster they were voting for Obama to show Mitt they were mad…either way in two weeks there will be no 56/44 by Rasmussen in MO again…unless Akin goes off into the realm of idiocy like before….I wish the GOP would put up a write-in!!

            Akin says he is staying in…go look at the money he has…virtually nothing….he may get some but nowhere what he needs to stay unless GOP opens that 5 million!

            • You need to tone it down. All I did was provide a link, and you respond like a newsgroup flamewar junkie from the 1980s.

              The link was to the Rassmussen poll of likely voters. Rassmussen has a reputation as the most accurate, so screaming about it doesn’t help.

              Further, trends nationally, and likely in Missouri as well, show clearly that women vote in much larger numbers than men. So you must expect more women in the survey. Finally, they only sample a few hundred voters in these things (300 to 500, typically). If they plan on sampling more women than men, they might end up with ten or fifteen more women than is ideal. In a small sample set, that translates into high looking percentage shifts. That’s not how the models work, though, and they factor those things out in many ways.

              They also tell you the margin of sampling error is +/- 4.5 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence. All of this to tell you that Obama has moved up a few percentage points, post-Akin.

              Your response is so out of line with that small news that you’d think they were claiming a forty percent drop in Romney voters or something.

              Meanwhile, Rassmussen shows Akin trailing McHassle by ten percentage points. I don’t care how many women they sampled, that’s bad news.

              • Bear in mind, I was a newsgroup flamewar junkie from the 80s once, myself.

        • Orangeone

          If the MSM would show the O’Bambi videos of his position on abortion, Romney would be up by 20.

      • If Akin would have been sipping mint juleps while sitting on the porch, that would have kept his mouth busy too.

    • brazen_infidel

      The “great” El Rushbo has also been a huge disappointment, quickly pouring cold water on the idea of a third party candidacy and going on and on about Toad Akin’s good intentions — something he always criticizes the Democrats for doing. I guess he’s worried about losing some of the Neanderthals back home in Missouri, but he’s been a weathervane, not a leader.

      • There’s not enough time to mount a third party candidacy. What do you want from Rush? Magic?

        • brazen_infidel

          It’s never too late for a write-in, and the threat of one with Rush’s support might have persuaded Toad Akin to bow out.

          Short of that, Rush could at least have spared us his explanation of Akin’s “good intentions” — especially since he (rightly) never lets the liberals get away with such excuses.

          There is SO much at stake in this election … the idea of Akin blowing it for us is infuriating. I don’t expect magic, but Rush just didn’t sound mad enough.

          • Well, you can get that from Levin!

            • brazen_infidel

              Right on, bro! Levin is the man!

    • serfer62

      1) McCaskil
      2) Akins

      Pick one

      • brazen_infidel

        How about “None of the above?”

        I’m not saying that would be my vote, but I’d certainly be considering it.

        A lot of people in Missouri might just stay home on election day.

    • this Todd Akin is a total zilch. Worse than a zero. He still needs to get out, and if he doesn’t see it, which he does, he is only concerned about “Todd.” It makes me ill. Why didn’t the great people of that state look at Steelman- the candidate that Palin endorsed, rather than the candidate that the Democrats spent 2 million dollars on him for him to secure the Republican nomination. This Akin MUST GO. Mitt needs to offer this dummy Akin an Ambassadorship somewhere- like New Zealand (its beautiful and he can’t do damage from over there). If we lose Missouri, we lose everything- Presidency and Senate. I have such ill will towards this Todd Akin. He should have some self respect, and go, anywhere, away, far away.

      • brazen_infidel

        I’d send him to Antarctica. No embassy there, but maybe he could observe the mating habits of the penguins.

    • Reckoner_3

      It will be a hiccup…. Romney was up 4 previously, he’s down one now ; he can get that lead back.

      I give Dana Loesch a pass… because she’s pretty.

    • blueboypink
    • Dio did you read the poll? Rasmussen did a very interesting thing is this poll…did you check it out? He oversampled women by 5 percent…the breakdown in the Rasmussen Poll was 56/44 Women to Men…now where in God’s Green earth do you ever see a split like that? In 2010 it was 51/49 in MO…Several Poll observers noticed this right away and pointed out…in his previous poll on MO Rasmussen did not have that split. In fact, the split will likely be exactly 51/49…It has been summized that Scott in reaction to the Akin comment oversampled women…in fact, the exact change in the poll correlates exactly to this oversampling of women. Women support Obama more…Men Romney more. So this poll was more a GUT POLL of people right after Akin comment. Rasmussen did the poll Wednesday..the night right after the Akin fiasco about dropping out and the deadline. In other words DIO the poll is not significant. Ed Morrissey and others tell you that in another week or so…Rasmussen will return to the sample he had before and Romney will showback up in Miss…In fact, PPP had him up 10 in the same poll that had Akin at 43…PPP oversampled Repubs about 4 percent…Rasmussen oversampled women by 5 percent.

      Hence Mitt is still up 4-5 points in MO…so relax….Rasmussen may had another motive for oversampling women…think about it and who the message would be directed to?

      Next time you see 56/44 split be suspicious! Two weeks Mitt will be back up by 4-5 on Rasmussen bank on it when he returns to 51/49 split….

    • Just what did Dana Loesch do except point out MO law doesn’t allow people who lose the primary to be write-ins in the general election? Geeze.

  • conwis

    Is anyone else not getting video, just audio?

    • Joe

      Whadda say ? I can’t hear you!

    • Joe


      I can see and hear you now!

  • conwis

    Suddenly I hear Ryan but still no video

  • 911Infidel

    Lets make Obama a deal. We’ll take 50 states and he can have the other seven. Oh wait “one more to go”. He can have that one too.

    • Nukeman60

      He can have the other seven‘:

      1) State of corruption
      2) State of confusion
      3) State of denial
      4) State of decline
      5) State of Chicago
      6) State of Islam
      7) State of insanity

      • 911Infidel

        That was pretty good. You forgot the one more to go part. How about the state of Gore. He’d have to consult his handy-dandy goracle to find out which way the global wind is blowing first.

  • poljunkie

    Headline on Google:

    “Referring to the weather, Optimistic Romney Says ‘Winds of Change’ Barreling Toward RNC”

    Thats some lemonade.

  • Joe

    For all the new folks on this blog

    This is a great MAP – I just changed MI to RED

    This map is looking better every day


    FYI – The history of each state appears towards the bottom
    as you click on each state

    Have fun!

  • dk_in_tn

    ☆ ✯ *°○.¸¸.•’´★`’•.¸¸. ○°*☆ ✯ *°○.¸¸.•’´★`’•.¸¸. ○°*☆ ✯


    ……………..ROMNEY ★ RYAN IN 2012!!!

    ☆ ✯ *°○.¸¸.•’´★`’•.¸¸. ○°*☆ ✯ *°○.¸¸.•’´★`’•.¸¸. ○°*☆ ✯

    ROMNEY ★ RYAN IN 2012

    Smaller, Smarter, Simpler Government.

  • badbadlibs

    Nuns supporting a Mormon….nice.
    And those are some huge SS men!
    Just a few observations….R and R had me at, “they’re not obama”. 😉

    • sybilll

      Those nuns laughed so hard at the joke, I thought they were going to high five each other. It literally made my day.

      • badbadlibs

        I went back and watched it to see their reaction: Priceless!
        Thanks for pointing that out…

        • poljunkie

          Me too. That was great.

    • steprock

      Campaign slogan for R/R: “At least they’re not Communists”

  • maynardb50

    I was late for the speech. Hope Scoop posts later.

  • Rshill7

    I think that was Kid Rock singing the exit tune “I Was Born Free”. He’s a Michigan son. He also had his own brand of beer for a while. I think it was called “Bad Ass” or something like that. It was clear rather than amber and they used to serve it at one of our favorite restaurants in Alpena.

    Romney/Ryan are ahead in Michigan too, at last check. Michiganders unite! Defeat duh dingbats!

    • poljunkie

      Kid Rock has been vocal about his support for Romney- and said when he wins, he’s going to take him to task as far as rebuilding Detroit and all of Michigan.

      • Rshill7

        They’d only tear it down again. What a hell-hole Detroit is. It’s been run by democrats since waaaaaay back when. I wouldn’t set foot in that sty.

        Ann Arbor is another story altogether. Michigan is full of great small towns too. It’s quite beautiful 🙂

        • poljunkie

          Kid Rock isnt going to be happy about that. I think he has grandiose visions.

          Yep Hubby wants to spend a summer on Lake Michigan one year.

    • las1

      Hey… I’m only reporting the news there Rshillseven… but this just might be the only good thing to come out of Obama’s White House. The ONLY good thing. But then again… I’ve not tasted it yet. Like all things promised by Obama… it’s possibly not what it’s cracked up to be.

      White House Honey Ale

      I wonder if Michelle’s bees are unionized.

      • Rshill7

        Slight change…”Not what it’s cracked up to” bee. ABC news is all a buzz about it huh?

        Yeah, I heard about that. Michelle should get a beehive hairdo and give ’em a nice union hall to meet in.

      • Orangeone

        He certainly stole this from a small biz and is claiming the gov’t created it.

  • Ranger1325

    Clearly this other racist that jokes about birth certificates need to go…

    President Obama Jokes About His Birth Certificate – 2012: http://youtu.be/T-J7hrwIHZ8

  • las1

    Fake outrage about to begin in three… two… one…

    • Im_Rick_James

      I call it Fauxrage. Amazing how these fauxragers are content to make a$$holes out of themselves as often as they do…

      • virginiagentleman1

        Rock it loud Rick! Hey, it is their identity. They would be lost without it! Oh, wait. They ARE lost.

  • steprock

    OK, I got a chuckle off that one. Nice to see he’s getting into his campaign groove.

  • 911Infidel

    Oh that was priceless. How about discussing Obama’s college transcipts. I bet they are a joke too. Mr Choom is a dope and a fraud. Speaking of Obama frauds, how bout his fraudulent SS number and his fraudulent Selective Service number? Passport records?
    Yeah Obama is about as transparent as murky water in a pond.

  • PovrlaChasse

    It is good that the MSM will jump all over this. The more publicity brought to the fact that Obama has a dubious BC, a Connecticut SSN, and has his transcripts and passport(s) locked in a six foot thick impenetrable vault, the better it is for us.

    We know that both he and Michelle were both disbarred as lawyers. I would like to know why.

    • HopeHeFails

      Mediaite is already asking for some kind of apology for Toure’, their resident minority specialist.

    • Look this stuff up instead of believing anything and everything you hear.

      It took me all of five minutes to find all of the “rumors” you listed and all of the “proof” for it and “proof” against it. I want real info. I don’t wear a tin-foil hat and I need to make real informed decisions soon. So far, I have not heard one freaking thing from either side on how they will fix all this crap. im a dem and I listened to this whole speach because I want to know who I should vote for or if I need to change my voter affiliation. There is a lot of double-speak, rhetoric, insults and spin. And in there somewhere he gives us “5 things”:

      1. Energy Resources. good….this will help. Obama was investing in energy resources. just not the ones you want 🙂 and he was investing my money. what money is romney using? the oil companies gonna do this without gov’t help? I hoped BO would open up oil and coal but he didn’t (it would have helped).

      2. People have skills. Training Programs. Fix Schools. how? with what money if you cut spending…I have heard that education and student loans is one he would cut. Is this a lie? anywhere this is stated?

      3. Trade that Works for America. crack down on china? really how? we are a completely different country. We cant make china regulate their factories, implement minimum wages, or even make better products. And are Americans going to stop buying chinese products? no. not during our current economy. I don’t know what the solution is, but how is Mitt going to do this?? Give tax breaks to big businesses for doing business in US? we already do that and implement tarrifs on imports and its still cheaper to do business in other countries than the US. (also, but Brazil is ok?)

      4. Get Entrepreneurs to spend money on new businesses. make them know we are going to handle our financial situation. cut deficit to 0? how? thats all he says on this? this is major!

      5. Champion small business. (obama wants to raise tax on small business from 35 to 40% is spin. letting the tax-cuts expire would increase taxes on everyone. Obama wants to keep tax cuts for people under 250,000 which would cover most small businesses) By the way…What is Mitt’s plan? get tax down so tax-cuts for all?, regulations up to date so cut regulations? remove cloud of obamacare? wait. there are a lot of good things in the ACA: the 80% rule, which would help small businesses. 96% of small businesses have fewer than 50 employees so they won’t even be required to provide health insurance. If people have better access to healthcare, you probalby will have less people out sick because people will actually be able to afford to go to a doctor when they are sick instead of coming to work sick getting everyone else sick etc.

      12 million jobs created. Is this number estimated? planned out somewhere?

      problems: 1 in 6 in poverty. gap larger. banks getting bigger and bigger.

      I am 1 of the ones you need to convince. I am not convinced. Please respond. I need to know.

  • odin147
    • sDee

      In 2008 I was calling, networking and emailing every paper and local station in Colorado to get them to run this story. Many of these coal towns and unions voted Obama.

      The media in this country has allowed this to happen – intentionally.

  • virginiagentleman1

    I hope the crowd was larger then the picture above shows!

    • Reckoner_3

      It’s Michigan , lol

  • z b

    Why is the first video high quality but the second vary low?

  • Stehekin912

    When you talk to Michigan and America, Mitt, don’t forget this:
    General Motors is becoming China Motors

    • Orangeone

      Good point. Why didn’t he and Ryan point out the new Gov’t Motors plants O’Bambi had built outside of the US? That would get the crowd roaring!

  • Even those republicans who did not approve of this statement. Tell the truth, you chuckled right

    • actionsspeaklouder

      The Republicans who “didn’t approve” are RINOs. No one cares what they think. They should be voted out (Boehner, McConnell, et al.)

  • Philo Beddoe

    He cracks a joke about the b/c, what are we going to hear from McConnell and crew- “It’s beneath the level of the candidate”?

  • brendawatkins

    Look at ALL those women! I guess they haven’t gotten the memo about that War on Women. Or they have, and just like me and MANY other women don’t believe it.

  • I thought it was hilarious… you know Obama would have cracked a joke about Romney’s birth certificate if people questioned his…

  • Reckoner_3

    Romney’s a better campaigner than McCain. . .

    which isn’t saying much, but still!

  • 1mathteacher

    I don’t see the big deal. It seemed like a natural thing to say. I don’t think that means he’s “enlisted himself in the birther movement.” To me it just meant “there’s no birther movement around me.” If Obama wants to make cracks about Seamus the dog, I don’t see how this is different. I think all the outrage is just liberals being whiny little pansies, which is totally normal. 😛

  • kamiller42

    Such insensitivity to the president. “No one has asked to see my legitimate birth certificate.” 😉

    Edit: Nice to see the sisters enjoying the rally and joke. 🙂

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    Crazy Mormon!! The devil made him say it. LOL!

  • proudhispanicconservative

    I really would like the libtards to be outraged by the joke about the birth certificate it will force the libs to talk about their great leader and his place of birth.

  • NanNJ

    The truth hurts, Obama is a lost soul. I will feel bad for him and his messed up life, once he is out of mine.

    • actionsspeaklouder

      Nan I hope you are being sarcastic about feeling bad for him. If you aren’t, just remember that Obama doesn’t give a rat’s petard about America and what he is doing to tear her down – so, please don’t feel sorry for him – he is a monster. If he were burning to death in a fire, I’d throw him a gas can. When he is out of our lives, his will be better than what it has been in our White House. He and his family will continue to live high on the hog (how appropriate) and they will never look back. We, on the other hand, will have to suffer through his failed policies and our children will suffer even more because of the debt he has accrued. Feel sorry for him???? NEVER.

  • jdbaird

    Such inspiring speeches, these guys are tearing it up on the campaign trail. And what a cool lady Ann Romney is.

  • kong1967

    So that’s what all the fuss is about. The left is acting like Romney just ran over a child while driving drunk.

    Obama has lived overseas for part of his life and was even a muslim. He refused to turn over his birth certificate and many of his other records, so the doubt was caused by Obama himself. When you lead a life of secrecy there are going to be doubts, so the left should stop crying about it.

  • RocklinConservative

    I think his birth certificate comment was a shot across the bough. He made a comment a few weeks back about him not getting into the gutter politics. I can’t remember where I heard/saw it or his exact quote, but he was basically eluding to the fact that if they didn’t get out of the gutter, he had places he could go.

  • Freempg

    I wasn’t impressed that Mitt walked the “joke” back in his interview with Scott Pelley of CBS. He should have said, “Scott, I stand by my comment. Did your vaunted researches at CBS investigate the matter as Sherriff Joe has? Or did you just believe the President that his birth certificate was legitimate?” That’s where Romney shows his weakness, in front of the media.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    Ryan said”We will not transform this nation into something that was never intended to be”
    He should have said “We will not fundamentally transform this nation, we will defend it”
    If everyone remembers when Obama said that he wanted to fundamentally transform this nation, nobody knew that what he wanted to do was to transform us into another european country and its our job to fight back because as Reagan once said as the government grows liberty shrinks.

  • PFFV

    What an aweswome speech by everyone! Ann really brought tears to my eyes. Ryan was unbelievable and Romney was equally great. I couldn’t be happier to cast my vote for Romney / Ryan! Romney will be the next Reagan…. hey we can hope right?…lol! God Bless The USA and Common Sense Conservatives! We will save our country for the next generation!

  • Good joke. Too bad El Presidente and his henchmen don’t think it’s too funny and have made an issue of it.

  • Philo Beddoe

    That’s because it’s no joke:

    British National Archives release birth registrations. 1 son born to obama Sr between 1961 and 1963. Who could that be?


  • CJ
  • poljunkie

    Kid Rock supports Ryan at Michigan event! ( I dont think its the same event but it is Michigan)


  • Adam Peart

    Wow, ‘big’ crowd. Ron Paul was getting twice as many….

  • Adam Peart

    Wow, “big” crowd…Ron Paul was getting at least twice as many months ago… Go Bland Romney go!