State of Massachusetts reverses town’s ban on the American flag

Sanity prevails despite the unpatriotic leftists in the town of Wrentham:

CBN NEWS – Massachusetts state officials have reversed one town’s ban on American flags.

The housing authority in Wrentham had banned American flags after a tenant made “repeated” complaints over the Fourth of July holiday.

They posted notifications on the doors of residents on Wednesday, telling them their flags would have to go.

Soon after than, a man began taking down flags from residents’ homes in one housing complex in Wrentham.

He refused to comment when homeowners asked what he was doing, saying only, “I was called to say to remove it.”

The ban drew the ire of Republican Sen. Scott Brown, who lives in Wrentham. He said he was “deeply disturbed” by the move.

“Flying the American flag should never be controversial, and no citizen should ever be prevented from doing so,” Brown said.

The Massachusetts Department of Housing has now issued a statement saying the town’s policy was “a mistake that is being corrected immediately.”

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  • MiketheMarine

    The People’s Republic of Massachusetts sucks.

  • p m

    Didn’t know one person could constitute a majority in a whole town. Any excuse will do for libs to diss the flag. There was a time when such complaints would have had the complainer/s pilloried. Nowadays, just the opposite. IMHO we need a bottom up clear out of socialists, and lessons in how to recognize them at the local level.

    • steprock

      Darned right. Somebody would have their house egged and their trees toilet papered, at a minimum.

  • happymullah

    Battle for the Senate.

    Conservatives must win this battle. There’s a very important primary election this month in Texas where a true conservative, Ted Cruz, is in a close fight with a super Rino.

    Cruz is an underdog supported by Sarah Palin, the Tea Party and FreedomWorks.

    Please go to his website and make a donation.

    VIVA TED CRUZ ! and…


  • steprock


    The one thing we all have in common is that we are, all of us, Americans. That’s supposed to be the one, central uniting thing this melting pot of a nation has – we all melt together under one banner.

    What’s so confusing about this? That’s WHY we pledge allegiance. You can’t have a nation that insists on being fragmented and hyphenated. We’re all of us, Americans!

    • p m

      Agree – but if only it was still a melting pot. That’s where American greatness lies – but now we in the West are supposed to be multi-culturists, so all societies are in theory equal. A crock that has backfired everywhere. It’s called Western Civilization for a reason, civilization being the important word!

      Now we all have 7th Century ‘cultural’ adherents sealing themselves off from the societies to which they’ve migrated at our expense, and in which they refuse to assimilate. Well, that’s one way for a country to commit suicide I suppose, but I prefer that old business acronym – FIFO. Fit in or f*** off.

  • Beausthebest

    Good for Scott Brown!

  • poljunkie

    I still cant wrap my head around any city banning the American Flag- our County’s beloved Flag- which means so much to our people, our Armed Forces, and is a symbol of freedom for those around the world to respect and admire.

    We display ours proudly and with honor.

    • FutureOnePercent

      Each member of the city council that approved that should be removed from office ASAP.

  • 911Infidel

    If you don’t like our flag then hit the road Jack, and don’t let the door hit you on your a$$ on the way out.

  • Joe

    They must have received my email!
    (and bullet)

  • sjmom

    Wonder if they would’ve allowed the one with Obama’s picture; would have been okay? The Left needs to go………………………..out of this country and to Venezuela or Iran or somewhere where they will have to beg for what they have here. Ungrateful and ignorant!

  • WordsFailMe

    The town said: ““a mistake that is being corrected immediately.””???

    A mistake is when you put the E before the I after a C.

    Banning the display of the American Flag is TYRANNY in the birthplace of liberty.

  • NYGino

    Hey Mister Mayor Man of the City of Wrentham, ever hear of Paul Revere? Rumor has it he was a Patriot and he actually came from your State, I know, hard to believe isn’t it.

    • Maybe Rush should send him some Two If By Tea.

      Edit: Wait – scratch that – it would not be the capitalist thing to do 🙂

  • That’s what happens when you let liberals run a town. Notice the story mentioned that some guy walked around taking flags off people’s properties? Yet, no story about a homeowner walking outside with his/her gun saying “Get the hell off my property and don’t ever touch my flag again!” Are all the residents in that town without guns? Sad.

    • poljunkie

      Yes I would pity the fool that would attempt to take our Flag. He wouldnt get shot, but he would get an ear full, and a good chase. AFTER HE PUT THE FLAG BACK.

  • Rob_Bryant

    “Everything’s illegal in Massachusetts.”

  • FutureOnePercent

    If anyone is so inclined to be a bit more vocal to the people who approved this….

    We should send about a 1000 faxes of Old Glory through their machine…

    Contact Information
    Wrentham Housing Authority

    Nancy Siegel, Executive Director

    Barbara King, Administrative Assistant

    1 Garden Lane
    P.O. Box 312
    Wrentham, MA 02093

    Monday – Friday
    9:00 am to 2:00 pm

    Phone Number:
    (508) 384-2054

    Fax Number:
    (508) 384-5376

  • Sober_Thinking

    America is changing. We have santuary cities and pockets of what, Communist Russia? springing up all over America? Wrentham is a disgrace.

    Any city that harbors illegal aliens or doesn’t want to be a part of the UNITED states, should just simply shut down and leave the country.

    A healthy body cannot tolerate a virus.

  • poptoy1949

    Good for them. Years ago when Roland Reagan was running for president the Mayor of my town wanted all Political signs removed from our yards. He sent City crews out to take the signs. Well when they came to the house for mine….I gave a hand written note to the crew and told them to give it to the Mayor. The note said that he should come and take it himself. My sign stayed. All the signs were returned to all of the people all over town. Yes, he was a Democrat. And yes my sign was a REAGAN for President sign.

  • Rightstuff1

    This is what you get when the Leftst Dems take power. They truly hate this country. I mean really!? They ban the flag of the country on the 4th of July. OK. I’m sure George III would probably also in agreement but they are about 240 yrs too late with that one. Oh I’m sorry, they wanted to hoist the Jolly Roger in its place was it? Well judging by the gutting of the wealth of this country piracy is probably what they should be best known for. Or perhaps they would choose to raise their red rag that has been defeated, hated, cursed and destroyed by peoples and countries on whom it has been inflicted.

    God spare us from freedom-hating, America-hating Liberals.

  • Jay

    Sounds like it was in some projects. They probably can’t exercize their second amendment rights in the high crime area, either.

  • James1754

    Another embarrassing moment for the liberal left. It is amazing how some people will fall all over themselves if someone complains(can’t have anyone offended), instead of telling the complainer to got fly a kite!

  • DebbyX

    A car dealer in a small town in my State, was just issued a cease and desist order to take down the flag he was flying because the Town ordinance only allows 2 banners at businesses. He took it down because they sited it as a “3rd banner” and would start charging him a penalty daily until it was removed!

    How insane is that?