Student protesters demanding free education pepper-sprayed after trying to disrupt trustees meeting

Looks like an unruly mob of Santa Monica student Occupiers got what they deserved – a nice dose of pepper-spray from campus police as they were trying to disrupt the university trustees meeting. Watch the raw video below:

Note the student yelling “we won!” after getting pepper-sprayed. This is how stupid they are. At least in the misleading photos/videos of the UC-Davis incident they had the look of being peaceful occupiers. This wasn’t even close to that. This was nothing more than an aggressive unruly mob. But hey, if getting pepper-sprayed is ‘winning’, I’m sure the police will be more than happy to accommodate them.

Here’s the writeup:

LA TIMES – About 100 students protesting a plan to offer high-priced courses at Santa Monica College this summer tried to storm into a meeting of the college’s Board of Trustees on Tuesday evening.

A handful of protesters suffered minor injuries as campus police tried to prevent dozens of students chanting, “Let us in, let us in” and “No cuts, no fees, education should be free,” from disrupting the meeting during a public comment period. …

Several were also overcome when pepper spray was released just outside the meeting room as officers tried to break up the crowd. Police are investigating the circumstances of when the pepper spray was used and by whom.

Cameron Espinoza was outside the board meeting in the back of the crowd when she heard screams. “I saw all these students rushing and they were crying,” said Espinoza, 19, who is director of outreach for the student government. “I couldn’t stop coughing.”

No arrests were made.

The meeting room was cleared and trustees adjourned to another room. Santa Monica police were called in to secure the perimeter of the building.

President Chui Tsang said the small boardroom wasn’t able to accommodate all of the students who wanted to speak and that an adjacent room had been provided for the overflow.

“We expected some students, but we didn’t expect that big of a crowd with such enthusiasm,” Tsang said.

[Updated, 10:06 p.m.: When the meeting resumed, most of the students were allowed to address trustees from an adjoining room. Many urged the board to find other solutions to maintain access.

“This is a Band-Aid on a gushing wound and will not be a sustainable solution,” said Parker Jean, 19, a political science major.

Board Chair Margaret Quinones-Perez announced at the end of the comment period that the college would pay medical bills for any students who suffered injuries during the disturbance.]

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  • toongoon

    Isn’t that what they wanted? A free education. I hope they learned something.

    • Sober_Thinking

      Lol! Brilliant.

    • Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! FREE Education, boy oh boy, that’s what they got!

  • WordsFailMe

    The participation award generation. Mommy never corrected them so now the police have to. I’s not going to get better. These kids are going to have to get a lot hungrier, poorer and colder before they learn to walk on their own two feet.

    I’ve been CS gassed a number of times. Sometime in training sometime when the canisters leaked, once when the ammo dump blew up to celebrate a lucky communist rocket.

    I never remember the guys in my generation crying in fear and running. You just batted you eyes a lot, kept one hand on your weapon and stayed prepared for the enemy’s next move. What world do these kids think thjey are living in? Not the one where I grew up…

    This generation has been trained and cultivated, like domesticated farm animals, to fit the harnesses Obama’s elves are now hammering out in little workshops at the EPS and HHS offices. Alpha males have been chemically sedated. Dissent has been quashed by years of over mothering and “fairness” conditioning since infancy.

    Those jihadi’s cannot wait to go hand-to-hand with these weaklings. I know this sounds dumb but picture a good old fashioned street fight where an OWS crowd confronts a group of young Arab men.

    $20 on the mus, any takers?

    • WordsFailMe

      On a more heart warming front, take a look at:

      on the Blaze. Deemed “ugly” by the Local California/Yuba City papers, here’s two rival baseball teams of American boys, each team wanting to win, who storm the field and engage in a odd fashioned donnybrook. Nobody got hurt but not one of these kids backed down. Not many things to be proud of in this sissy state, but this will bring tears of pride to your eyes.

      The women doing the cell-video recording tried to sound appalled, but they were actually thrilled watching the melee. Blazer commenters, unlike the strong Americans commenting here, recommended suspension of sports activities and cursed parents for going onto the field, but to me, it looked like America on any Saturday, before Obama.

      Some of the ref’s were worrying about getting the parents off the field. Me, I’d have been more concerned about that hippo.

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    There’s nothing like the spice of life to give kids a headstart these days. Well, it’s either the spice of life or pepperspray.

  • wales777


    LOL!! HAAA! Kids been watching too many movies…..Not sure any MEDICS were on scene.HA!

    • When I heard that it reminded me of the Palestinians carrying their “wounded” to be sure that the cameras could see them

      • wales777

        Exactly. Makes you wonder if they all go to the same “how to be a successful protester” school.

      • Yeah, these guys should get an award for best melodramatic performance for their role in “Presumed Ignorant”!!!!

  • Sober_Thinking

    Welcome to the “me-first” generation. Mobs… sensible way to make your point.

  • Rshill7

    At least the police had their health in mind and used pepper rather than salt. We wouldn’t want the little darlings spiking their blood pressure any further.

    If it were Granny Clampett controlling the whining mooch-mob, they’d have rock salt embedded in the first few layers of their skin right now. They’d then have some skin in the game, like regular folks.

    Jed might not approve, but who cares? What Jethro might do though, is a mystery. Ellie May would simply pick the biggest one and wrestle ’em to the ground, while Cousin Bessie jumped up and down on their ‘Uncle”-crying hairdos.

    Moral of the story: If more folks would venture out and start shootin’ at some food, up through the ground would come a bubblin’ crude, putting downward pressure on gas prices.

    Note: Does any of this make sense? I didn’t think so. It was fun though. Yeeehaw! 🙂

  • Arrrggghhh

    Free education? I don’t think so. Free pepper spray? Sure.

    There’s no way in heck I’m ever going to spend tens of thousands of dollars to send my daughters to one of these mind-mushing cesspools.

  • RobertMahoney

    “No cuts, no fees, education should be free!”

    Yes, but who is going to pay the salaries of the teachers, janitors, utility bills to keep the lights on, the camps security etc etc. Oh, tax the rich you say? So, you want something for free, but you want someone to pay for it? Back in my day, we called that mooching.

    I have an idea, why don’t you wash your eyes out, carpool your little collective asses to Hollywood and stand out front of studios and start chanting “There comes a time when you’ve made enough!” Tell California to stop giving Hollywood tax breaks for filming in state.

    Liberals always say they want to more cops on the street, except when the cops are preventing their hooligans from doing what they do best.

    • hmmm Moochbots. I *like* it!

      This thread hits the spot. Great comic relief!

    • keats5

      “No cuts, no fees, education should be free!”

      Yes, because education has already transformed these young people into such stellar citizens!

  • My daughter opted for Pepperdine. Smart move.

    • Rshill7

      Pepperdine? Oh boy. I’ll leave that alone 🙂

    • 12grace


  • 12grace

    The problem is that the protestors will use this incident to stir up violence. We may have played into their leftists hands with the “pepper spray” maneuver.

    • StandingGround

      I agree but they are going to twist everything around and use every excuse imaginable to be more violent anyway. We certainly can’t pull back on reasonable crowd control just because we are afraid of how they will use our actions against us. That’s what got us in this mess to begin with – US trying to play nice and not agressively defending Our freedoms.

      At some point these spoiled brat, whiners need to learn there are consequences for their unacceptable behavior. So, they went home with a few boo-boos…

      Me – unsympathic and unapologetic.

    • Other way around; Leftists stir up violence in order to make it an incident. Allowing this mobster rule is what plays into the Leftist’s hands.

    • This has excellent potential to backfire. The DNC riots in 1968 supposedly helped Nixon get elected.

      • 12grace

        Exactly my point. I think what the officers did was correct legally but I can see how the left will use this on us in the near future. I think we are going to have bloody riots in the streets this summer extending toward election time and obama will save the day and call marshall law and install himself in as dictator of America. I pray that I am wrong.

        • All through this occupy garbage, I cannot understand how the rights of private citizens & public health & safety seem to have just been blown off by the very people elected to uphold them. It’s like the Twilight Zone.
          I share your fear about unrest. There are just too many factions being stirred up- the left plus 2 different factions of racial anarchy. (& those 2 could turn on each other in a heartbeat)
          I am counting on our military to uphold their oaths to the Constitution if he tries to pull that. (I will stop there, but I bet a lot of us know what remains as the option of last resort)
          Pray for sure. And stock up.

  • rjcylon

    “MEDIC!” Man I thought I was watching Band of Brothers for a second.

    I’m surprised it happened though. A major NPR affiliate broadcasts from that school.

  • NCHokie02

    First off, I applaud the officer for shoving that girl. Both feet in the air. Awesome. Second the calls for a medic as if someone had been shot. MEDIC!!! C’mon…call 911? Really? Maybe they’ll send more cops with more pepper-spray. I would love to hear the 911 operator on that one…

    “What’s your emergency?”
    “We need paramedics! A bunch of people have been pepper-sprayed!!”
    “umm…yeah…stop being a p*ssy and wash your eyes out with water.” click

    Maybe they want the already broke state to get in even more financial trouble by paying for their education. Great idea. But don’t worry, Cali will just ask for a handout from the feds and the rest of the Union will bail out CA….again. Can that state fall off already??

    • Too bad none of these “city officials” has the brass to say “Sorry. We spent too much for the extra LEOs, the property damage, & hauling your sorry behinds to jail.”

  • Maxsteele

    Obama should be proud of his creation. A generation of unethical, what have you done for me lately, sycophants to the socialist ideals.
    I love when the sgt. pushes the fat, beast, down when she jumps at him in a threatening manner and she starts caterwalling like a banshee.
    The lesson of cause and effect well learned.

  • mrp2012

    Medic, medic

  • msverde1

    And this is our future…Boy, we are in a hell of lot of trouble if these sympathizers, pacifiers, and future con artists are somehow placed in a leadership position. If they are so intelligent, should they realize that their fight should be taking straight to Sacramento, where many of them probably elected the very same individuals who are currently siphoning off the funding and support for the California state university system through bureaucratic deployments of fraudulent agencies and their extensions like CARB, who recompense staff members (usually those affiliated with the legislative “buddy system”) with salaries in the range of 100’s of thousands of dollars? Where in the hell does anyone think that money comes from? The Board of Trustees is a body comprised of puppets in the larger scheme and the puppeteers who are pulling the purse strings are none other than the ones voted into office at Sacramento. Save yourself the discomfort and eye irritation, get in your cars, and drive to SacTown to make your point. It’s that simple.

    • WordsFailMe

      Sounds like you may have sat in on a CA Legislative session or two. It more looks like a circus than anything else I can think of. The colognes and perfumes hang in the air like steel mesh.

      And then they start to speak….

  • If any of those disruptive students are still enrolled and not charged with a crime, then they have not yet gotten all they deserve.

    • E. Lee Zimmerman

      See, that’s where I agree. Expel the students for creating a disturbance. Don’t expel ’em b/c they want freebies; they’re all entitled to their opinions. It’s no different than going into McDonald’s and expecting a burger for free after you’ve eaten half of it, right? That’d get you — at least — tossed out or — at best — arrested. I say if they don’t wanna pay, then they don’t have to, but you don’t have to educate ’em, either. They don’t know how to protest civilly, then expel them.

  • what a bunch of little cry babys

  • josetoyou

    Admittedly, tuition costs are too high, but NOTHING is free. The salaries of adminestrators and professors are exhorbatant and should be cut to reasonable levels. Many of these people teach litttle or if at all…research you know…
    If student loans were eliminated, tuition would drop like a rock because most people could not afford to go to school.

    • This is true (that tuition is too high), but who raised it? The very “greed” that these people are “protesting” is being perpetrated on them by the people urging them *to* protest. They’re caught in an endless loop & are too mesmerized/ inflamed to even know it.

  • 911Infidel

    LOL. Poor spoiled brats. They got their a$$es kicked for a change. You gotta wonder if this what hell sounds like? I mean, these people are demon-possesed. Seriously. Medic? This ain’t a combat zone sparky. You been watching too much TV. Maybe that’s your problem.

  • HAHAHA! HIppy-Stompin Cop!! I think he’s “White Hispanic” too! I’m so proud of him! I got a sweet screencap of his menace: I love how they screech “call 911!!!” when they’re attacking the police. Hello morons, who do you think comes when you call the police?! haha!

  • slhancock

    Sad that the police pepper-sprayed them b/c it will play into their stupid demands and the university will be in over their heads. I’m sure the political science department is grinning that they have another noteworthy moment to get their 15 minutes of fame. Parents who send their kids to these places and have no idea the classes they are taking/paying for should be fined. This is utter nonsense.

  • Freedomswatch

    The Moochers Creed
    “No cuts, no fees, education should be free,
    No need for jobs,vote Obama, be a slob,
    Four more years, and you will see, just like Athens we will be!”

  • RKflorida

    I would think that seeing how effective this was, the police would get some jumbo industrial sized sprayers! You know what I mean, the kind you hook up to 30 gallon tanks. You could maybe spray 100-200 folks at a time, in under 5 seconds! Awesome.

    Why didn’t they get the names of these punks and expel them from the school? OH! that’s right, I forgot, the money.

  • DebbyX

    MEDIC!!!!!!!! Quick, call my mom and dad and tell them to send money. My best grungy t-shirt is completely ruined.

  • Seems the “we don’t keep score” generation just experienced their first loss. MEDIC!

  • stevenbiot

    The girl that got thrown on her a#@ was awesome. Scoop, after a week of tests, you came through like a playa with this video. Nothing better than a glass of bubbly and a laugh at pepper-sprayed hippies.

  • stage9

    lol! “We won, they pepper sprayed us??” lol!