Study: University of Wisconsin discriminates against Whites and Asians

The Center for Equal Opportunity studies the admissions records of universities around the nation and this week released a study on the University of Wisconsin. They found that the University of Wisconsin strongly favors Blacks and Hispanics over Whites and Asians, by a very large margin. Linda Chavez, Chair of the group, was allowed to come to the University of Wisconsin to discuss her group’s findings, but the students organized against her, chanting and interrupting until they had to leave. This mob, Chavez says, was organized in part by the Vice Provost of the school:

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  • Good gravy people- what decade are we living in? I’m having 60’s flashbacks man! On a side note, I’m reporting Linda Chavez to Attack Watch! She’s such a racist! Imagine- wanting people to be color blind and go by character and ability!

    • Anonymous

      Attack Waaaaaaatch!

    • Anonymous

      At a certain point, isn’t there a natural law somewhere that begins to kick in with even the most rabid of these d*&k heads that says, “maybe this is a bit over the top”… naw! Silly me.

  • Anonymous

    Some people are more equal than others.

  • Unfortunately. I’m white so that overides my first amendment rights on this. I’m also a man so I can’t talk about abortion either. Shout me down and I will just sit down and shut up.

    • white man!! I’m reporting you to Attack watch also- for being white and a man!! HOW dare you?!

    • Single White Men…silently equalizing America at their expense since the 1960’s! Single White Christian Males have been the metric by which EVERYONE else has been compared to since the 1960’s (women, blacks, asians, mexicans, gays, lesbians, atheists, etc.) For some reason, “open season” was declared on Whites several decades ago, and the silent war has been waged without resistance for so long that to fight now is going to take a LOT of effort and dedication. Too many people rely on a nation of silent, deligitimized White men to provide for them, and yet somehow, they become our supervisors without ever ACTUALLY working.

      Hell, the study shows that the HIGHEST test scores from black students were actually the LOWEST from the Whites and Asians!!! Without these policies, where would the minorities be? They would actually have to… WORK HARDER! For some reason, they believe life just comes naturally to Whites, and so it should just come easily to them.

      I’m so tired of being actively inhibited by my own government.

      • Even hard work won’t elevate IQ but a few points.

      • Perhaps to my expense, but just take a look at nationwide income and unemployment levels by race. Asians and whites are doing the best. Is it a good thing WI is doing this? Not even close. Do the hiring policies of 1 school apply to all schools and then continue on to follow their alum through their lives/careers? No.

    • Anonymous

      That’s it. I’m outta here – I didn’t come on this site to read remarks by people of non colour of the non female genital persuasion. By way of reparations I propose that the next 20 or so posts only be made by people of minority status and it be made illegal to ”like” non-apologetic comments by clearly zionist white males!

  • Anonymous

    the 60’s sucked.

  • Anonymous

    i’m 100% sure that,the libs want a racial civil war
    push, shove and provoke.this soooo fustrating.
    finish what they started 1960’s

    • oh boy do I agree!

      • Anonymous

        Finish what they started or last gasp? I feel, they feel, that time has run out on them. Conservatism is rising and they know it. People have seen the light shed on liberalism. It is being rejected and that is what upsets them most. They will fight and I mean physically to keep a give away program like liberalism alive. We will see confrontations in the streets and probably in our neighborhoods. There will be all manners of factions that will join in the unrest and help fester and aggitate. I am prepared for I have seen it before several times in this nation. This will be the beginning of a long struggle for conservatives to gain acceptance and change the direction of this Country.

    • Mark Smith

      Gee, a civil war. And guess who is going to ride to the rescue. When the London riots were occurring all I could think is that Valerie Jarrett was in the White House taking notes. I fully expect a “crisis” when the election nears. Obama is a narcissist. You don’t reject a narcissist. They get angry.

  • When confronted with facts, students just shouted her down. Isn’t that typical? It’s the “la-la-la-la I can’t hear you” response favored by liberals when facts are uncomfortable to them.
    Mixing educational affirmative action and entitlement equals a culture of people who believe they are entitled to affirmative action. They think they are entitled to education when grants and scholarships are wasted on them. Merit means nothing. Deserving students are crowded out by people who can’t read on the fourth-grade level.
    I hate to say this, but highly-motivated American students might be better served in private schools. Yes, I’m aware of the liberal bias in the ivy league, but any student that wants to make a living will not earn a liberal arts degree. The sciences separate the adults from children (and earners from the affirmative action culture).
    In case you’re wondering, yes, I went to a state university many years ago. Even then the required humanities classes were filled with 19-year-olds who were convinced they could change the world despite the fact they were nearly illiterate.
    Given the fact I’m a white male, I don’t expect this post will carry much weight with the left.
    That is, if they can read it.
    I’m sick of the constant drum beat of liberal fascism. I’m going to spend a week in the high Rockies.
    Hold down the fort, gang.

    • You’re going to spend time in the high rockies (must be so nice up there!) I guess I’ll go hang at the gator hole in the back swamp.

      • Tomorrow base camp will be only 7900 ASL. Crossing Cinnamon Pass at 13,000 ASL mid-week. No liberals there. Too much like work.
        ABC, you and the gang here are treasure. Take care of yourselves.

        • you too Mike- no going batty from too little oxygen! 😉 Have a safe and fun time!

  • Anonymous

    I like how the left is always willing to engage in civil debate with tolerance to both sides, esepcially the right. They are expert at arguing their side of things without getting all crazy. They have a gift of discourse that is admirable, and they possess a calm that Ghandi would be pleased to carry around on his head.

    Ok, I can’t do it. They’re freakin’ barbarians. We ought place the dreaded “gate” right next to a looney tune Road Runner/Coyote cliff, and next time these barbarians are at the gate, open it and let’em rush on thrououououououogh…oooh, that last step was a doosie.

    …and I don’t mean Duesenberg either do I? No Rs, you don’t. Seacrest out!

    • give em some free acme anvils before they get to the cliff. If you tell them they’re entitled, they will gladly accept and it will make their trip faster.

  • They can’t even spell, read or write at a 4th grade level. Sick!

    • Anonymous


      At least you fixed it fairly quickly good sir.

  • Joe

    Social Engineering MUST STOP

    My wife has been teaching for 40 years with a Masters Degree-

    She is now tutoring college graduates on how to pass the state teaching license exam

    She tells me stories of low intelligence from college graduates that I can’t believe

    The best REAL TRUE story I ever heard was on the Jay Leno show – when he asked a recent teaching graduate that will be teaching our children “How many dimes in quarter” –

    Her response was “I don’t know – but I am teaching not math” OMG

    This was on his “Jay Walking segment” – I could not believe what I was watching

    I make my case – We are dumbing down in the name of equal opportunity –

    Mrs. Chavez reinforced my beliefs – Pathetic

    • Heck, I worked at Burger King about 10 years ago. The drive thru window had a GASP old register which wasn’t computerized. We actually had to do math to figure out the change back. It was pathetic how many of the folks (high school grads!) who had to ask me how much change do they have to give back to the customer.

    • Anonymous

      Medical field is doing the same- can’t believe how the standards have been lowered, and every opportunity made to “help” keep substandard students in the programs. They have a very difficult time when they are finished with their “studies” functioning in the medical environment. Sad situation.

    • I go to college in Southern California, and I can’t even begin to tell you how embarassing it is that 90% of my classmates don’t know ALGEBRA or geometry! And I mean BASIC geometry (area of a cylinder/circle/square/triangle)! I am constantly propping up my lab-partners and doing all the work because THEY CAN’T! I asked my last Chemistry lab-partner why he doesn’t know any math, and he said that (and I was completely unaware of this) they only require BASIC math (money-math) in schools, and all other math classes are optional. But yet, they have all kinds of mandatory English and Art classes, and school gets out early on Wednsdays! Shows where their priorities are, and the current crop of students are going to be MUCH worse than anything we’ve seen before.

  • Dan

    well we see the gene pool needs to be cleaned up a little…all these Marxist that showed up should be cleaned up and sent to China so they can live in there dream Civilization…of coarse the Chinese government won’t except them cause their to dumb…WHAT A DILEMMA WE ARE IN….

  • Dax

    Simple. Bring a discrimination lawsuit against them. They will just turn out less than average students and their school will be less recognized. You reap what you sow in this world. I personally would choose a better school.

  • “We are more than our scores,” the racially-diverse crowd of students shouted.

    Yes, we can all see that.

    Now, who wants to hire a black or Latino Wisconsin law school graduate as their criminal defense lawyer?

  • Anonymous

    This is not a surprise. This Affirmative Action process has gone a touch too Damned far.

  • Eve

    So, what parent wants a teacher to teach their children who cannot be held accountable for low scores?

    The children are not getting the education the money is providing. The unions are continuing to harbor bad teachers, then asking for more money, on the basis that the bad opposition does not want to educate. Affirmative action inhibits the cycle and punishes those who academically deserve it, and the opposition is called racist. In the end facts are ignored, education is distorted and American children do not learn. More free rides, waivers and passes.

    I watched this last night and couldn’t believe the crowd, selfishness and lies.

  • Anonymous

    I believe that any Nation that has “diversity” as their foundation for society, is comparable to building your house on sand.

    We are doomed as a nation. It appears we now have reached that point in so many ways.

  • Anonymous

    Discriminating against whites and chinese? I guess the university isn’t too concerned about enhancing their science and mathematics test scores.

    • Anonymous

      Or reading and English scores?

  • Anonymous

    Let’s bring back competition for excellence, IT WORKS!!