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This is remarkable video. A police officer decked out in a bomb suit is literally touching the side of a car when it explodes. Fortunately his suit protects him. Here is the description from the YT video (emphasis mine):

A bomb squad officer was lucky to escape serious injury when a car exploded in Thailand’s restive south on Friday. The officer, wearing a protective suit, was attempting to open the front passenger door of the parked car when the bomb exploded. Closed-circuit television footage showed the officer being thrown to the ground, but then picking himself up and walking away unhurt. Police later found an improvised explosive device in the vehicle. The incident was one of three attacks by suspected Muslim militants on government offices in the province of Narathiwat on Friday.

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  • Anonymous

    It seems like the worst of the blast came from the rear of the car. That guy is one cool customer. I find it hard to believe that a muslim would be suspected of doing this since they are all peace loving people!

    • aardvark

      I’m sure you meant ‘piece-loving,’ right?

      • Anonymous

        No I meant peace or should I say lack there of?


  • Persephone

    I’m guessing the reddish-colored canister they were emptying contained even more explosive material?
    If so…if that had ignited the poor guy in the protective suit might not have survived that much additional force.
    In that case, he was lucky that the perpetrators didn’t have better bomb-making skills.

    • Anonymous

      The red cannister looks like a propane cannister with the explosives inside of it. It looks like the valve on top. The propane cannister is probably used to ignite the homemade bomb. Notice all the nails also.

  • Mike Leavitt

    MUSLIMS? REALLY? *shock*

  • Anonymous

    Wow. When is the world going to unite against islam? Is there a country these bastards aren’t in?

  • Anonymous

    He’s lucky it wasn’t a ‘real’ IED. Something made to damage or destroy heavy HMMWVs or even Stryker AFV. It reminds me of a scene from “The Hurt Locker”, where the main character (SFC James) took his bomb suit off while disarming a VBIED, like this one. When asked why, he said ‘there were enough explosives in there to blow them all to Jesus’, and if he was going to die, he wanted to ‘die comfortable’. Islam’s (the Uncivilized World) already declared war on the Civilized World, and declared it a ‘holy’ war, t’boot. Maybe some of of our SOF need to go on sabotage missions against terrorist sponsoring governments (Iran, Syria, Yemen, Pakistan, Egypt, etc.) and start resorting to these tactics against THEM. (Just not suicide attacks.) Imagine what the king of Saudi Arabia would do if a van packed with artillery shells went out, just outside one of his palaces (preferably the one he was staying at).

  • Anonymous

    Do ya think it just might be time to start profiling???!!!

    • KenInMontana

      Yes we should immediately seize and incarcerate anyone driving a silver Honda with tinted windows./sarc :)

  • Anonymous

    Do ya think it just might be time to start profiling???!!!

  • Anonymous

    Ever wonder why these bastards never tried to terrorize China?

    China would welcome the excuse to invade and take over all the oil wells in the Middle East…

    And at the same time teach the world how to butcher terrorists.

  • Anonymous

    This is one lucky SOB

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