Sun News goes to anti-Israel protest in Toronto to find out if Israel has a right to defend itself

Sun News Network went on the ground to a protest in Toronto about a week ago to interview protesters about whether Israel had a right to defend itself or not. You’ll love the answers they got. One of my favorites though was when the reporter asked a protester if the Jewish people have a right to a homeland in the Middle East. The girl, having answered previous questions, all of a sudden said “I don’t want to answer that.” Hmmmm, I wonder why? Maybe because it would reveal she sympathizes with Hamas and other terrorist organizations that want to destroy Israel?


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  • Army_Pilot1967

    Hmmm, so there are idiots in Canada too!!!! Palestinians are not interesed in peace with Israel ever!!!! So Israel has every right to defend itself against all parties attacking it, period!!!

    • Idiocy is a prevalent disease in western societies.

      • sjmom

        Not just in the West but in mankind.

    • BlueGood

      LMAO… WAY TOO MANY Pilot!…they normally can be had at CBC, CTV, GLobal, Downtown Toronto, some in Ottawa, and a schitload in K-Bec!

      • Army_Pilot1967

        LOL….I suppose I’m used to reporters asking questions of American college students and other Americans that haven’t a clue about some of the most basic questions possible or they are so liberal that they don’t make good sense with the left-leaning responses. So it’s good to know other countries have some of the same type numbskulls.

    • warpmine

      ……and lots of them!

      Is it any wonder we’ve been easily conquered by the anti-civilization left?

  • colliemum

    For me, this was one of the truly shocking videos, showing the pernicious Jew Hate which the left has been propagating for years.
    This is the result of years of poisonous propaganda.

    • warpmine

      You mean indoctrination, don’t you?

  • Apparently stupid isn’t just confined to this country.

    • Stupid is an global epidemic

    • conservativecanadian1

      Unfortunately, we have it in spades, here in Canada.

  • James1754

    The arabs I understand, thye have been taught to hate Israel since birth. The liberal loons on the other hand are either fools or useful idiots.

    • Anti Semites r no fool. They know what they are doing.

      • colliemum

        Call them what they are, Winston: Jew Haters.

        Calling them ‘anti-semites’ is a mealy-mouthed attempt by the left to hide the truth, making it a bit more palatable in ‘polite society’.

      • James1754

        On the contrary. Anyone who has an irrational hatred of a group, for any reason, is a fool. That irrational hatred does not allow them to think straight and will colour any opinion they hold.

    • maynardb50

      Those “liberal loons” you speak of hate Christians to the same degree.

      • James1754

        It is interesting that they like what the “Christian” societies provide and prefer to live in them, while at the same time they call them evil and want to destroy them.

        • warpmine

          Hypocrisy knows no bounds.

      • warpmine

        Yeah, we know!

    • I have never understood the rabid anti-Zionist/semitic view from the far left. Even left/liberal Jews seem infected.

      • James1754

        In 1949 the liberals were all behind the founding of Israel. No the liberals bleed for the poor palestinians. For a group that have been treated as lepers by the Arab nations. Not allowed to become citizens of any Arab country and now claim to own a country that has never existed.
        Israel, the only democracy in that part of the world, is now the evil imperialistic warmongers to the left wing loons.

    • Ariadnea

      What’s even make it sadder is, many of those liberal loons who are anti-Israel are Jews themselves.

      • James1754

        Yes, start with the owner of the New York Times.

  • Since when is chocolate a staple?

    • sjmom

      So happy I’m not the only one who heard “chocolate”. Maybe if they ate less they’d calm down because chocolate has a lot of caffeine.

  • Shame on western governments who have allowed these morons in their countries in the first place.

  • BlueGood

    Sun News Network is about our ONLY Conservative News Organization in Canada!…we are grateful!

    • Amen!

    • Conniption Fitz

      Bring them down here. Conservatives need their own media in the US.

    • las1


      National Post maybe the only other… and that’s it!

      I’ve got the glove compartment stocked up with duct tape for when I listen to CBC1.

      • BlueGood

        Nat Po has been invaded by Cheap Glob & Mail Posters…because Glob & Maul decided to start CHARGING for their online editions….therefore, Nat Po is being overwhelmed by Leftoids of a Turdroughian Kind…..

        Just like LIEBRALS hunh??..when their preferred Bleating Spot starts to charge money they abscond……in droves….

  • Conniption Fitz

    Why do the Islamists covet the tiny bit of land that makes up The nation of Israel?

    Israel is only about 8,000 sq. miles total, about the size of New Jersey.

    That amounts to one-tenth of one percent of all the landmass in the Mid East, yet the world hates the Jews for ‘occupying’ this sliver on the coast at the supposed expense of the poor palestinians.

    These anti-Israel ‘protestors’ parrot the same ridiculous rote rhetoric that the ignorant OWS rabble spewed about corporations and banks: evil, oppressive, hostile, hateful, etc.

    The truth about the palestinians is no Arab nation wants them – they are only useful pawns in the war to wipe Israel off the map.

    Meanwhile, the U.N. ignores the human rights abuses of Islam and goes along with their pretenses to victimhood.

    • sjmom

      They hate Israel for the same reason they hate Christians; they hate God.

    • Smith Smith

      Sad fact is this small peice of land is where the jews, christian and musliums have a stack there. This is the same area that the supposely Mohammond acended to heaven to talk to God, Jesus, Nowa…etc to get the next chapter to a new religious book for all the weak minded to follow.

      I allows say.

      Christians did to the Jews, what the Musliums did to the Christians. Which is simple, Christians have their prophet Jesus and they got the new verse on the word of god, here comes the new release, Mohammond acends to heaven and comes back with the latest word of god. lol

      Fact of the matter is Mohammond like maybe leaders with power was just a great military tactishon. He won a hand full of battle he should and became very popular very fast. So to control the mass of follower you now have the muslium faith.

      • Watchman74

        Muslims may claim Jerusalem is the third holiest site in Islam but for the 623 years the Muslim Turks had control of the region it wasn’t anything but sand and tumbleweeds. There aren’t throngs of Muslim worshipers at the Temple Mount like at Mecca. It only became important when the Jews got it.

      • Actually, the only value that Israel and Jerusalem have for Muslims is the value to Jews and Christians. And to deny them to us.

  • capelady

    These people clearly believe all the lies and propaganda and do not have a clue what the actual history is of this area.

    Gaza has luxury hotels, shopping malls, a water park… these people believe that everyone in Gaza is living in abject poverty. All supplies can go into Gaza by land as long as they are inspected for weapons. They are not deprived.

    I would like to see how any of these people would feel if 400 rockets were fired at their homes?

    • warpmine

      Chances are those same people would be the ones firing the rockets at their own homes. You simply underestimate the extent of their stupidity.

  • Well, I hope the mainstream media is happy with all the work they’ve done villifying Israel over the years. If this is what those morons think now, what will the world really, really, do once Iran gets a nuclear bomb? Nothing, gang, not one blessed thing. Trust me, the argument is going to be, “Hey, if Pakistan can have a nuclear bomb, why can’t Iran?” Or, my other favorite, “Don’t worry, Iran can be contained, just like the Soviet Union was.” Sure, and when we see Tel Aviv or Haifa going up in a nuclear blast, I wonder what these same people are going to say? “Oooops, we were wrong. Sorry about that.” But by then it will be too late, won’t it. Jerks like the ones in this video never seem to really think about that. Nor would they ever really care to.

    • sjmom

      They don’t think; that’s the problem. They follow what others think and are easily led into and by evil.

      • warpmine

        Simply explained by the vacuum of truth. God is truth and love and these idiots have been missing it since the first day of their indoctrination at public learning centers everywhere which coincidentally forbids the mention of His glorious name.

  • sjmom

    The one guy with the glasses didn’t seem to know where he was or what he believed and I wondered if he was “on” something. A whole lot of envy that Israel is bigger and badder than Palestine. Keep on making and improving those weapons Israel.

    • FreeManWalking

      sjm, I think his glasses were fogged over from too much Medical Marijuana.

      I only do over the air TV, I wish I could pick me up some Canadian Sun down here in AR.

      If the Canadians keep turning things around, there may still be a bastion of freedom after 0b0 destroys the USA.

  • johnos2112

    You could literally show this people what Hamas does on video and they would still discount it!

  • ryanomaniac

    All you have to do to get a liberal to take off the sheep’s clothing(supposed intelligence) is ask a simple question and then count the uhhhh, uhh, uhhhs, mmmmmmmmm, uhh. I expose my super liberal brother-in-law all the time. In fact last night was just another opportunity. Wisdom kills these people.

    • warpmine

      Way to go, now drive a stake in him.

  • Conniption Fitz

    The Islamists are noisy, vengeful, racist, malevolent, misogynistic, dishonest, violent, angry and greedy. They want ALL the land in the middle east and everywhere else. They think wherever their hind ends sit is theirs.

  • Immigrant_from_Socialism7

    Why don’t these lemmings go and live in the Middle East.
    It’s always easy to support extremists when you’re not actually exposed to the dangers.
    Last time I heard this kind of groupthink was …just before Germany was split…..and then only in the Eastern part afterwards.

  • kong1967

    I get the vibe that most of them believe Israel is picking on the little guys who are attacking with harmless weapons. Israel responds with deadly force to harmless attacks by Hamas.

    They are idiots. Terrorism isn’t about how many people you kill in many cases. Hamas took the warheads off a lot of the rockets because it achieves the same effect. It makes people run for cover and live in terror. Terror day in and day out makes it difficult to go about daily life, and Israel should not live like that. Those “harmless” rockets do kill people. It’s like when that guy was shooting people at gas stations (sniper fire). People were afraid to go outdoors. Didn’t have to kill a lot of people to kill the economy and daily life.

    All the bullcrap about Israel killing people every day is a bunch of lies. Idiots don’t even have their facts straight.

    • SlyDeNiro

      You are the idiot. Listen to what the first person interviewed said.

      • KenInMontana

        I think you’re done here.

        • kong1967

          Lol, I had just typed up a response to him, too.

          How do they figure Israel stole the land when the Allied Forces took over the area after WWI? It was their choice what to do with the land then, and they chose to partition some of it to the Jewish people. A lot of land changes hands in war, and this is one of those wars. Then the U.N. came in to do some more tampering with the land. The Jews accepted and created Israel. The Arabs didn’t and started a war.

          Hey, you start a war you take the risk that your own borders will change…for the worse. Israel didn’t steal jack crap.

  • Darkbella007

    I’m of the mind that the time for free immigration should be over. Why do they come here when they dislike the founding principals of their new country? Time to screen and lock the borders up. To let it continue is suicide. Our border with Canada is the least defended in the world. We used to be proud of that fact. Should we be proud of it anymore? /sigh

    • warpmine

      Calling Ted Kennedy to the white courtesy phone……. Sorry, he’s getting his pineapple.

  • JacksonPearson

    “In Any War Between the Civilized Man and the Savage, Support the Civilized Man. Support Israel. Defeat Jihad.” —Pamela Geller

  • deTocqueville1

    Sun Media and the Harper Government have been stalwart supporters of Israel. Great coverage and thanks for linking Scoop.

  • iHeartLife


    Israel has been blocking staples like chocolate from entering Gaza!

    DAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! So many fails in this clip but they’re all hilarious.

    “Universities are the training camps for these wack jobs.”

    • DebbyX

      Hey, it depends on how serious you are about your chocolate 🙂

      What a bunch “wack jobs” just about covers it.

      • iHeartLife

        Teehehehehehe!!! You’re right. I do love chocolate myself and eat it like it’s a staple part of my diet 😛 So I shouldn’t laugh, really…LOLOL!!

        Gosh, these liberals.

        • DebbyX

          Yup, I’m still finishing up the Halloween candy as we speak. And there’s a LOT of it! We missed out on Halloween because of hurricane Sandy, so none of it got handed out.

          Aww, too bad 🙂

          • iHeartLife


    • SlyDeNiro

      And what about the land grabbing since 1946? HAHAHAHA it’s only chocolate land grabbing HAHAHA. UR A NOZZLE.

      • iHeartLife

        If you do your own history research, you will then be able to correct yourself. Otherwise, Gaza is not the problem. Hamas is. You would know what nozzle is because you are one.

  • iHeartLife

    And I’m actually glad stupid looks the same in any country.

    Grace and peace to my conservative friends world wide.

  • bobemakk

    Sure, let’s just let every other country bomb each other and use no defense. What sheer stupidity.

  • B

    5:22 that idiot arab guy is holding the Palestinian flag upside down… Plus, that thing is faded to all hell

  • What these idiots are saying, If you slap the hell out of a big guy and he beats the hell out of you. Then you do it again and again he is in the wrong for kicking your scuzzy ass, What a bunch of idiots.

    • SlyDeNiro

      England was a “Big Guy” who beat the crap out of us for a little while but the “Little Guy” prevailed. Do you only stand on principle when you’re certain to win? I thought the people interviewed spoke fairly well. Israel has been land grabbing since 1946, with U.S dollars.

  • Thankyou “SUN”. Thankyou Page. An eye opening view into these people we rarely get.

  • armyvet10

    Only read a few of these posts, but have to say most are dead on. One poster, Pamela Meyerso asked a great question, “Since when is chocolate a staple?” The other observation I would make is that in the protestor’s defense of Hamas, they consistently talk about the “firecrackers” that Hamas is launching into Israel while enduring the disproportionate retaliation measures by Israel. A couple of problems with this.

    1. Israel only launched counter measures against cowards that hide behind homes, houses, hospitals, women and children. Israel has sent flyers informing citizens about impending strikes. This was done, according to Israel, to minimize civilian casualties. All the while Hamas specifically tragets civilian targets with the expressed aim at destroying civilian lives (mostly Jewish lives) All the attacks by Hamas is done with no warning. Lies and hypocrisy from Hamas.

    2. The entire group of protestors wished to speak openly to the press when they felt their version of the story would get international attention. Once they found that the questions were being asked by a conservative news media person / organization, then of course they resorted to ignoring or attacking the interviewer. We have seen this in America with OWS, NBPP, and any other subversive organizations that want everything to be free. (Just follow Nancy Pelosi for a day and this is easy to see) This does open an opportunity to learn an important idea for conservatives. Be very selective in who you agree to talk to. This will not end the bias in which the left twists the truth, but will force them to stew in their own lies and imagination.

    3. Perhaps the most telling fact of this video is the exposing of the lefts own distorted view of their own intelligence. When asked a question to which no rehearsed answer will fit, the left seems to stumble and bumble for an answer. This is normally the point these confused individuals resort to not talking or attacking others.

    We should boycott all main mass media until they return to reporting the news rather than trying to create the news. The truth is painful to those who embrace lies.

    • NCHokie02

      Agree with your thoughts. However I don’t agree with taking the left’s tactic of not talking to news organizations. When people at a “right” rally, march or whatever answer they usually don’t get aired as most of the answers are intelligent and point to a bigger problem. The left however shows their ignorance as you mentioned in your 3rd point and ignore the news media because they know they will be shown for what they are and look like idiots unless they have their one puppeteer answer with scripted answers.

      The right needs to keep talking to the media when they appear to help get a common sense informed reasons for protesting etc out. Although, the right hardly protests or marches. They mainly uses useful means such as organizing and calling / writing senators and congressmen. Taking action at the local level. The left just goes out on “main street” and starts chants which isn’t going to affect anything.

      • armyvet10

        Thanks for the feedback, and I think you are pointing out something important here. I should have been more clear in my post, but as I often do, I start to get long in the tooth (so to speak). What I should have included is that when talking to the main stream media, conservatives should only answer real questions clearly and ignore stupid gotcha questions as trivial and unworthy of response. By all means answer the media on anything important, but be prepared to do so fully, honestly and with the total resolve to defend your position (much like Allan West). Again thanks for the comment.

  • FreeManWalking

    I would like to see a report of ONE PRO-Israeli rally in any mooslem country, even if someone wanted to the state wouldn’t allow it.

  • NCHokie02

    Love how they keep referring to the rockets Hamas uses as “firecrackers” and having “no firepower”. I’m sure they’d be just gleefully going about their day if they were being fired against them. “What are you running for? I thought these were just firecrackers??”

    Plus they are saying Israel is in the wrong because they have the ability to defend themselves so this other group who is using “hardware store tools” should allowed to do whatever they want. The OK City bombing was made with a rental truck and fertilizer and a few other items readily available on the market, that blew that building in half. Insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan use “hardware tool items” to create IED’s that blow vehicles that weigh a couple tons through the air. But I suppose the US military shouldn’t react because we have better equipment. How retarded is that argument??

    Idiots. Their blind allegiance and stupidity never ceases to amaze me.

  • Medaton

    Canada has had prosperity because it has blessed Israel over the past several years. Should Canada take away that blessing, Canada will no longer be blessed!