Sunday OT and Matinée: Glenn Beck’s Rumors of War 3

I’m going out on a limb here, based on the number of times this has been sent to me, that it is a great documentary. I honestly haven’t had a chance to see it yet but I will be watching it soon and I know it includes some very reputable sources like Andrew McCarthy and David Horowitz. It is Glenn Beck’s Rumors of War 3 which I believe goes into great detail about how the Muslim Brotherhood has been given access to our government and as a result our country.

I know that Beck has a pay wall for his material, but someone stuck it on YouTube and Beck and crew haven’t removed it. But there’s the chance it could be gone at any time so I wouldn’t wait too long to watch it if you are interested.

As a side note, I’ve had issues with my contact form on my “Send a News tip” page that I just realized today. Apparently I’ve not been getting your news tips for about a week. I do believe I have it fixed now and I should be getting your news tips hence forth.

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  • RebootMyFreedom

    Beck wants it to be shown to all with his blessing.

    • xam3991

      I think someone is anti capitalist.

      • B-Funk


    • 12grace

      Do you mean that GB deserves our blessing? I don’t get your comment?

      • MLCBLOG

        He/she appears to be kidding about depriving GB of his $4.95/month fee to view his stuff. It is being offered free. So the person is just kidding.

        Hope this helps.

      • RebootMyFreedom

        Blessing has several meanings, but the one I’m referring to is…The formal act of approving.

        • MLCBLOG

          I get that. It is hard to tell when someone is being sarcastic sometimes, especially with no body language or tone of voice cues, only text.

    • That must be why he has it on his websites

      • RebootMyFreedom

        That’s right its not always about money.

        • psst….It’s not on his websites

    • liquidflorian

      Glenn Beck has been on air saying to just sign up for the two week free trial to watch this documentary. To begrudge a man a fair price for a product he produces pangs of the Occupy movement.

      As a GBTV subscriber my monthly fees went into the production of this documentary. I think its money well spent.

      • MLCBLOG

        I don’t think anyone is begrudging. We pay it freely, Glenn offers this freely. Let’s all just be happy.

      • RebootMyFreedom

        I don’t know what you are saying, but my comment was short and to the point. I have been with Glenn Beck for a long time, and all I was trying to say without using too many words was, and as you know, Glenn wanted this video to go out to as many people as possible. I also helped pay for this Documentary and have no problem with others getting it for free.

        We are in deep trouble and you won’t get this from mslsd, fox or any of the other networks. I cancelled my cable t.v. and gave up Fox news and never looked back.
        G.B.T.V. is where its at, and a lot of people are going to get sucker punched with their lack of knowledge.

  • wow… once again, Thank you Gleen Beck.

  • williamm

    Thanks for posting this Scoop. I used to be able to dl the shows from Beck including Rumors of War 1 & 2, but they changed things there. Now all I can dl is clips from GBR and GBTV instead of the complete shows, plus the 4 hours of mp3s from the the radio shows.

    It is a good idea for people to watch this soon. Beck videos disappear from you tube a lot.

    • I would suggest spending the $4.95 per month. It’s well worth every penny.

      The “Real News,” which follows Beck’s program, is more informative, researched and in depth than any news program on cable!

      • williamm

        I signed up before the 4.95 special rate. I am paying 9.95 every month and and feel it’s worth it.

        • Stehekin912

          The higher rate is GBTV Plus. I am also a GBTV Plus subscriber and am very glad I am.

      • Linky1

        I agree. I sacrificed some of my satellite channels for GBTV and am very glad I did.

      • wodiej

        Why pay to listen to Beck when you can listen to God for free?

        • 12grace

          G-d sends people into our lives to educate us.

          • Satan sends people too

            • bbitter


              …I know there is a vibrant anti-mormon sentiment here at times… but are you really implying that the devil wants someone to promote capitalism, personal responsibility, personal study/industry, freedom, brotherly love, and philanthropy while often talking about Christ?

              What did you mean by that?

              • That’s all you got? Pull out the mormon card again? It’s old and tiring. Let’s clear the air, mormonism is as pagan as you can get but I could care less. I don’t care if Beck worships Satan outright. What I hate is a lying deceiver. You can keep your head in the sand if you like. Oh, and regarding his ‘mentioning’ Christ, Yeah He compares Christ to MLK, Gandhi and George Washington.

                • bbitter

                  “What I hate is a lying deceiver.” Really? wow. Did you read your comment before you posted it? Did you really mean everything you just said?

                  “Let’s clear the air, mormonism is as pagan as you can get…” Pretty sure that actual Pagans and Wiccans would really debate you on that. A religion that encourages people to study the bible, and teaches out of the bible, must really be something if they are more pagan that druids and wiccans.

                  MKL, Gandhi, and George Washington may all have had Christ-like traits, what’s wrong with recognizing from where all good traits come? Any honest observer will note that Beck never said any of those people were Christ and certainly not a ‘savior’? Alco, Beck is not hiding his faith in any way. I really don’t understand the base premise of your comment; If you think beck is hiding or lying about his faith, or what his faith truly believes… you have not honestly looked at what the LDS believe.

                  Hate and fear come from the devil. Love is of Christ. God IS love.

                • I don’t care about mormonism. That was exactly what I was trying to get across. Let’s not go calling them a Christian denomination or start saying they follow the Bible because it’s laughable. You tried to tie my disgust of Beck to mormonism and now you’re trying again. I don’t care if he worships a head of lettuce.

                  I’m gonna try to ban myself from Beck threads. I’m tired of going around this mountain.

        • MLCBLOG

          Just in the interests of unity, can we please appreciate Glenn’s great work for our country?

          • Beck’s great work gave us Obama’s first term and now it’s giving us Obama’s second term.

            • Oh please! The financial crisis gave us Obama’s first term. A financial crisis that may have well been orchestrated to ensure Obama was elected! Obama’s Hope and Change message gave us Obama’s first term. McCain being a weak candidate gave us Obama’s first term. There are many reasons but Beck is NOT one of them.

              • Beck’s, ‘Their’s not a dimes worth of difference between McCain and Obama’, was his addition to the equation

            • MLCBLOG

              How skewed can you get? Beck is the CAUSE?

              I believe you.

              I have seen people blame the messenger multiple times. It is classic.

              • Not the cause in the least. Beck just helped.

                • MLCBLOG

                  Still weird. I’d ask you to explain your reasoning but I think you would have offered that if there was some.

                • It’s a waste of time really. What’s done is already done.

  • Who knows, maybe our days as a republic really are numbered. Iran is about to get its nuclear bomb and Obama is doing nothing to stop it. I get a feeling that the Israelis will not attack before the November election, for the simple reason that they want to see if Romney will get elected and things will change in Washington. But if Iran gets its bomb before then, if it either does a test explosion or just announces that it has one, then all bets are off. If you see Israel using its own nuclear weapons in a nuclear war with Iran, it will unleash destruction that could make World War II look like child’s play. And if an EMP bomb is detonated over the United States, the end times really will be here. Just makes me a bit scared that an empty suit like Obama is “guiding” us through these dangerous times. Terrified is actually the word I was looking for.

    • librtifirst

      Those of us who believe biblical prophesy know that Israel is in no threat of destruction, and won’t be until the very end. The very end is after the anti-Christ appears, takes power, allows the building of the temple, and then declares himself God. They are ready to build it, but it won’t happen this year.

      Those who believe in a pre-trib rapture know that it won’t happen before then. After this event, the world will spin out of control. Those who are left behind, and have foreknowledge of these events, will know exactly what to look for next, which is three and a half years of peace, and then all hell breaking loose.

      Hysteria about Iran taking out Israel is based on a lack of faith in God to protect Israel, as He said he would. The moment that Iran is blamed for a major attack, they will be taken out, which is what the global bankers and oil companies want.

      The US will fall away and be absorbed by the NWO before most of this happens, and most likely due to a financial collapse. Our military industrial complex will be taken over by global powers and used to ravish the earth in the end.

      We are experiencing the birth pains described in prophesy, so we know what season we are in. No one know the day or the hour, but we know that we are close. We are moving into a time of famine, drought, and pestilences. The famine will be a created one using GMO crop domination and farm land destruction. The pestilences will include bio-weapons such as the swine flue, but much more powerful.

      These threats will come from the global ruling elite, who is running our country right now. Most of the world will be deceived by them and will believe that these are naturally occurring events, or terrorist attacks. This will all contribute to the shutdown of free societies in preparation for complete domination by the anti-Christ in the end.

      Most of what we know is false, and a grand lie to deceive us into accepting the anti-Christ as the savior of the world. Christians won’t be deceived, because they won’t be here. Those who convert after the rapture will be under extreme persecution and won’t have much of a chance to spread the word. The persecution has already begun, but, for now, is focused on those who dare to point the finger at global controllers and sellout politicians, such as Ron Paul, and Alex Jones types.

      I don’t believe what the new reports about world events, because I know they are lying due to what the bible says. The middle east is being conquered for the purpose of consolidating world resources, and for the purpose of controlling global resources. Our energy production is being shut down for the same reasons.

      Terrorism is being allowed, and even helped through the use of CIA created groups such as Al Qaeda, and the like. The global elite want to create chaos and fear for the purpose of control. This is why the US sent in our military to assist Al Qaeda in toppling Lybia, then allowed Al Qaeda to take over and murder 40,000 blacks immediately after taking control.

      False flag events will be used, as they have been in the past, and for the purpose of creating a situation in which the public will support more wars, and that will assist in their agenda.

      God will take care of Israel. We need to focus on things like Agenda 21, and the shutdown of our free society. Nobody should be able to deny that this is what is happening.

      • K-Bob

        God did take care of Israel, giving it a strong ally in the US.

        You do remember the joke about the flood victim stuck on his roof, right?

        • MLCBLOG

          Amen, brudda!!

        • librtifirst

          Yeah, I remember that one. In the book of Daniel, I believe, it describes God’s literal intervention in stopping an all out attack on Israel. The whole world will eventually come against her, which means even the US. I personally don’t believe that the US will have its sovereignty any longer, by this time. We haven’t been doing her many favors as of late. We seem to stir up more trouble for Israel than anything. Its almost as though the US is helping to surround Israel with her enemies, which is yet another prophesy. It seems to me that Israel is in more danger just by its affiliation and ally status with the US. Its a good thing that we are funding and supporting Israel, because the way things are going, she is going to need it.

          God promised to protect her. It doesn’t really matter what the US does, He will keep his promise. We aren’t going to change the end result regardless of our involvement. I believe that the Christian community cares about Israel, but I don’t trust that our government does.


      I think God has a better plan for us in the here and now, not just in eternity, but we have to stand up and fight for our freedom.

  • 12grace

    Thank You for the post, RS.

    It is an an excellent documentary. It is vital that we send this to everyone we know, etc. And make sure that every politician gets a copy of it , as well.

  • As a GBTV subscriber, I can attest to the fact this was well researched. Gen. Boykin, Diana West, Buck Sexton and Eric Stacklebach were also part of the documentary.

    The video was done using the words and videos of those in the Muslim Brotherhood, Border agents, etc.

    Watching this documentary leaves no doubt, as to where this country might be heading, if a change in leadership doesn’t come this Nov.

    After the 1 hr. showing, there was an additional, highly informative, 1 hr. discussion.

  • Linky1

    Kudos to Glenn for having the courage to put this out there for all to see. I sat and watched Part 3, along with Parts 1 & 2 – they are all over You Tube and are well worth watching.

  • 911Infidel

    Gotta wonder how it is that so many in here are well aware of the threat posed by Islam and so many in government are asleep at the switch. When a new POTUS is elected these government and military officials all should be purged and possibly arrested, because their ignorance is nothing short of purposeful treachery.

    • Pat Miller


    • bbitter

      “…so many in government are asleep at the switch.”

      You are being kind.

      The more I honestly look at those in government, and know that they have been briefed on this before plus the people are VERY interested in this and talking about it… they have to know.

      If they know, or they have been told, you have only two choices: Either they are incompetent to the information and dismiss the threat out of hand… unlikely given the connections… OR, they want this to happen, for whatever reason.

      I am tending to lean toward the latter. I think they are out for more control and are willing to use whatever they can. For instance, the patriot act sings through congress without changes every time it is brought up… and it was originally written back in 1996 – ergo the infringements on liberty that it imposes were planned long before there was a “reason” to do it.

      I think we’re all being duped, not the other way around.

      • 911Infidel

        Its multiculturalist societal suicide + ignorance +treachery all wrapped up into one insane package. We need to get rid of this administration and replace it with one that actually gives a damn about this country.

        • bbitter

          Completely agree… but more than just this admin.

  • Joe

    (as reported by WND)

    • OMG BOLD!

      • Linky1

        I’ve plastered it all over the Facebook groups I belong to.

        • Sure, that’s fine. I was just joking about his use of BOLD, not the article.

          • Joe

            OK – OK BUT

            WHEN you get OLD like me – You’ll appreciate the BOLD

            I’ll try to restrain myself

            Sniff Sniff!!

            I made it underlined – Not the same effect

            Sniff Sniff!

        • WordsFailMe

          In what has become nearly taboo, “boy language,” Linky, we used to call that a “gotcha!”

        • Joe

          Yup – Better get ready

    • 12grace

      Anyone think the coroner knew Brietbart was murdered by the left and threatened to reveal his information?

      • MLCBLOG

        YUP! Shall I bold this? I am totally aware that dinner with Ayers may have been a big mistake. Shades of Livshenko (sp?)!!!

        Bill Ayers is a killer. It is on record. He is also very intelligent and has tons of connections of all sorts. I say it would be child’s play for them to poison Andrew’s food.

        I know we can’t talk like this, but that is what I think.

    • I was wondering about that when he went to that bar and sat down and talked to that stranger. The stranger knew who he was.

    • Nukeman60

      And the plot thickens. Interesting that they say, ‘Well being poisoned doesn’t necessarily mean homicide’. I can see it now, much like Breitbart, ‘he died unexpectedly of natural poisoning’.

      • bbitter

        Doesn’t this smell like Putin? Poisoned journalists… Yeah, a blatant Kremlin tactic.

        …except I don’t think Putin as behind this one. The American Left, however…

    • Pat Miller

      Google “CIA poison dart gun”. You think something like this doesn’t exist? Untraceable.

      • KenInMontana

        Could also search for “Bulgarian Umbrella” or “KGB poison pellet umbrella”.

  • semihardrock

    AND Eric Holder/ACLU (now current DOJ) were some of the lawyers defending these people.

  • Alborn

    Thanks for sharing this. I am a GBTV subscriber but I am not a plus member so I could not view this the night of it’s debut. I did get to see the Q and A on Friday on the five o’clock show. I will definitely finish my disaster preparedness kit now. My basement will need some rearranging. And I do believe we will need more water than first thought. I do remember my neighbors bomb shelters from the 60s. It is time to take this as serious as a heart attack. Thankfully I am healthy and medications are not an issue but I do have a daughter-in-law who is a diabetic who needs to make arrangements for some extra insulin. I have known in my gut for some time that our government was a failure. Thanks again for sharing.

  • Joe

    I have NO DOUBT this Country is a target again!

    I came across this article about how the number of mosques have doubled since 9/11

    Here is a list by State

    Should we be concerned? – I think we should be vigilant

    If “they” hate us so much –

    Why come here ?-

    Certainly not for the pulled pork tailgate parties or the Italian Sausage festivals

    • sara holy land

      As they are the majority of the country (this goal) they would impose their religion.
      Exactly, as happens in Europe, and as they want in Israel.

      • sara holy land

        They could not defeat us in war, they do it by creating a “people”,that never been exist before – “Palestinians”.
        Want a state, land – the land of Israel!
        What say all of the world, should be given!
        And what says Husan, Jews were forbidden to build in Jerusalem……
        Do you believe Romney is the leader who could ………??

        • crosshr

          Sara, I have a hard time trusting Mitt ! In times like these, I would much rather find myself on my knees and talk to the guy upstair !

          • MLCBLOG

            Not voting for Mitt is voting for Obama.

          • sara holy land

            I understand you.
            In our case, only actions …
            Bible says “Everything is expected, and permission has been granted”.
            That means you can change it.
            Not only prayers, but action.

            • stevenbiot

              I think action is wonderful. So, when are you guys gonna “negotiate” with the Persian pedophile worshipers?

              • sara holy land

                If I understood you, you are an arrogant.
                it’s Your president who is director the “negotiations” with our enemies.

            • stevenbiot

              I think action is wonderful. So, when are you guys gonna “negotiate” with the Persian pedophile worshipers?

  • Cindy09

    It is a thought that makes one shudder but rings awfully true; the fox is guarding the hens’ house.

  • Joe

    France likes Obama style campaigning :


    Need more proof ? I am sure their will be

  • Dodoforever Canspell

    Everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY, should find the time to watch this documentary and also Frank Gaffney’s 10 vid course in understanding what the Muslim Brotherhood is all about and how deeply they have infiltrated your country. Look, I am a Canadian and I have made myself take the time to watch both. What affects your great country, affects us too up north here. Everything starts off with you guys and then tinkles “up” to us. We are plagued with ACORN offices here as well now. The Muslim Brotherhood is here too but not as bold as in the USA.
    Frank Gaffney course is titled “Muslim Brotherhood in America”.

    • Linky1

      I have a copy of the Gaffney video. It too, is an excellent primer on the Muslim Brotherhood.


    … ISLAM = EVIL = ENEMY .(period)


  • I have enough of glen_heck brainwashing machine known as gbtv. Drugs and bad quality alcohol have corrupted completely his soul.

    He ll burn in the hell very soon.

    • wodiej


      • 12grace

        Why would you post such a mean-spirited statement about Glenn Beck? The man has given us updated and truthful news we can’t get anywhere else. He has put himself and his family in danger from the leftist gov’t for speaking the truth. He is having a huge event in July that’s central theme is love.

        • I’ve seen Beck’s love and his reliance on Divine Providence and it’s b$llsh%t

          • 12grace

            Please include links proving your accusation against Beck.

            • Links to my opinion???? Looks like you’ve pulled that line out of habit.

      • 12grace

        FYI : It seems that Arthur Stenberg is a troll.

    • 12grace

      Please include links to prove your assertions.

    • williamm

      Hopefully you will be there to greet him.

    • Linky1

      “To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.”-Thomas Paine

    • GJPinks

      back to your MMfA meeting please.

    • Constance

      Wow. What a hateful post.

    • stevenbiot

      Arthur, your heart seems troubled. Does someone need to be banned for a day to get their head on straight?

    • Richard Arnone

      Arthur, you didn’t really watch it did you? Beck takes their own words in making this documentary. Do you think the Islamists are just kidding around and they are not serious. That would make you the April fool.

    • 12grace

      Troll alert!

      • Wow, you guys call for the ban easily. Your worship of Beck is fascinating. America is ready for a world leader.

        BTW, the, ‘burn in Hell’ is a bit much

        • 12grace

          No, the person in question has a history on RS.

          Interesting. you have made accusations against Beck yet you offer no reliable links to support your position.

          • I’m not sure if the poster in question has posted enough to have a history but, if yo say so. I have provided links since I’ve been here about Beck.

            • Psyphurr Lock

              Hate filled verbal vomit will always be seen as such, regardles of how much you try to mask the smell MSGT.

              Since you hate the guy so much, pray tell, what would you do to better America, to keep her safe from harm and secure in a world gone crazy? Well researched, straight forward, with facts that can be independently looked at by the casual reader.

              If you can’t do that then shut the hell up and go crawl back under your rock at Media Matters.

              • Except the hate filled vomit that comes from Beck or you? Is it now evil to point out evil? You want to be deceived? Go for it. We all have to choose to be deceived.

                • Psyphurr Lock

                  Let’s try this again.

                  Quote: “Since you hate the guy so much, pray tell, what would you do to better America, to keep her safe from harm and secure in a world gone crazy? Well researched, straight forward, with facts that can be independently looked at by the casual reader.”


                • I would be a benovent dictator. I would even let 1 political prisoner, of my choosing, free on Christmas and Easter. You would probably not be the one though due to your nasty tone but if you beg……..

                  Other than that, IF I had Beck’s platform, I wouldn’t lie and deceive people and I wouldn’t have pushed willard as the nominee or cut the legs out from under McCain last time.

  • wodiej

    I think everyone is aware that there have been muslims in this country for many years-remember 9/11? There are alot of other evil people in this world who are Americans like Jeremiah Wright, Al Sharpton and many politicians with a lot of power. They could be your co-worker, a neighbor, friend, partner or even a family member.

    I went to the Tea Party Express rally in Ft. Wayne this afternoon and it did my soul good. We had some great singers, a comedian and Richard Mourdock spoke. Lloyd Marcus was there as well. We said the Pledge of Allegiance and at the end, all veterans were asked to come to the stage while we all sang God Bless the USA. I got so choked up I could barely sing. One of the speakers said he wanted us to do 3 things. Give God praise for the blessings he has bestowed on our country. Help real conservatives get elected to office. And PRAY. When you are scared, you are defenseless. You are unable to think rationally. Let’s not do this. Let’s give the glory to God, let’s ask for his guidance and help and let’s quit listening to fear mongering.

    • 12grace

      I agreed with everything you said except the notion of fear mongering in relation to GB’s Rumors of War 111. America will not survive if she does not understand her enemies.

      • wodiej

        Who of us does not already understand the Muslims are our enemy? To each his/her own.

        • crosshr

          knowing our enemy did not even save 9/11 did it ? I am greatful for Guard Dogs that park so loud although I understand it’s annoying many many many times, I have hard time listening to Beck after he bashed and I call ( present tense ) it BAD MOUTHing Newt. Still it doesn’t take away the vast knowledge and passion Beck do his outreach with. Beck loves America, I can fearlessly proclaim that.

          it is just this simple, how do one learn with no teacher !

        • 12grace

          Unfortunately many Americas buy into the PC nonsense and still do not understand the threat that we have from Islam and so it is imperative that we educate them via sending them programs like GBTV’s “Rumors of War 111”.

          Personally, I believe that the wars we are in ( domestically and internationally) are really spiritual in nature and they only way we can conceivable win is on our knee’s in prayer.
          2 Chronicles 7:14

      • 12grace

        w, you said: let’s quit listening to fear mongering.

        Perhaps you didn’t mean it in this way, however, your statement infers that you believe that GB and those on the Rumors of War 111 production were fear-mongering and the horrible reality of the matter is that they are not fear-mongering, they are telling the truth.

        I do agree with you that now more than ever, we must turn to almighty G-d. I think perhaps that in an unusual way the good that has come out of all this horror is that many people are being given the impetus to be turn to G-d and be saved.

  • Y’know, the guy that was an Ann Arbor resident, I’ll bet I know where he came from, and that I live just a few miles down the street from where he operated.


      Eerie, isn’t it?

    • Psyphurr Lock

      I worked over there for about a year. Oddly, it seemed such a quite place. Scary is not even close to the word I would use to describe this….

  • Maxsteele

    Great partriots like Pamela Gellar and Robert Spencer have been saying this for many, many years. It is good to see that it is finally getting others to discuss and present it.

    • sara holy land

      Years we know. The problem that we are a small country, surrounded by millions. The whole world would prefer us to be “the scapegoat”.
      It was throughout Jewish history.
      The fact that we tried to make peace, even with very significant concessions for such a small country.
      But that was not enough, Husan (Obama) thinks that we “conquer” our country.

      • stevenbiot

        You guys need to quit making peace and giving up territory.

        • sara holy land

          You are right.
          We have no intention of giving up – we have a problem with your government !

      • MLCBLOG

        Stop playing the scapegoat and stand up for yourself then. Not everyone wants to see you victimized!!

        • sara holy land

          You got the wrong impression.
          We are not going to be a “scapegoat”, we are not willing to be dictated. When it comes to our national security

          • MLCBLOG

            On re-reading, I think it is pretty plain.

  • These are the things that Beck is good at, even though I stopped listening to him because of his ridiculous and harsh comments on Newt.

  • stevenbiot

    Well financed pedophile worshipers plotting on America. Does that sum it up?

    • Pat Miller

      Yea, and WE’RE the Great Satan… Imagine that!

  • MaxineCA

    I’ve been connecting the dots on this for the last several years. Glad to see it in one concise documentary.

    One question I still have and hope that someone here can answer. What does an un-indicted co-conspirator mean? If they had evidence against these groups or individuals, why where they not brought to trial?

    • Pat Miller



      No political will to do so…like Ayers, the blatant murderer, being in a position of honor at a university and a published author with influence.

  • I don’t know why they even wasted their time talking to Dempsey. He’s a disgrace to the Army. Following orders is one thing. Following orders that give the enemy an advantage over the American armed forces and the nation is entirely another.

    • MaxineCA

      Hey V, I have a question for you. You seem to bring some military knowledge when you post comments (some that are way too technical for this old gals mind), but I understand your passion. My general question is about how our troops feel about all of this BS that is happening. Are they as ticked off as we are? I know they can’t speak out themselves, but thought you might have some perspective on it. I’m not sure there is anything they can do but to obey orders, but they must be frustrated.

      • MLCBLOG

        Great question. I hope we get an answer.

        • KenInMontana

          The Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) 809.ART.90 (20), makes it clear that military personnel need to obey the “lawful command of his superior officer,” 891.ART.91 (2), the “lawful order of a warrant officer”, 892.ART.92 (1) the “lawful general order”, 892.ART.92 (2) “lawful order”. In each case, military personnel have an obligation and a duty to only obey Lawful orders and indeed have an obligation to disobey Unlawful orders, including orders by the president that do not comply with the UCMJ. The moral and legal obligation is to the U.S. Constitution and not to those who would issue unlawful orders, especially if those orders are in direct violation of the Constitution and the UCMJ.

          This is accurate;

      • Among the guys I know that are still in service, there’s no difference in attitude from when I was in: when you’re there to do a job, attempts to take you off the job are a personal attack on your integrity and ability. Everybody recognizes the enemy for who it is, and the political correctness from “on high” serves no purpose, other than to make it easier to get us (the military) killed, by them. These unreasonable actions from places like the JCF (Joint Chiefs of Staff) cause a lot of Soldiers and Marines to really develop a hatred for people like general officers (and even some colonels), seeing them as being nothing more than uniformed politicians, than Soldiers and Marines. Its looking like Obama’s policies are creating even greater wedges in the forces, and that’s precisely what a lot of people predicted would happen. They feel like they’re not being protected by the people at the top, and I agree with them. When they’re placed on details to protect these people (PSD, Protective Services Detail), some really resent it, and only do it out of a sense of Duty, not any personal desire to see this person kept safe. Incidents like a few weeks ago, when leftist Secretary of Defense Panetta demanded Marines be disarmed before being forced to listen to him expel, obnoxious sounds, smells and hot air through is blowhole, are becoming the icing on a cake that just might come back to bite the Obama regime in the ass in a big way, unless they can find a way to cancel out the military vote (and we all know they’re working very hard on that one).

  • stevenbiot

    Allen West is the man. I love that cat.

  • sandynsavannah

    Psalm 91
    1 Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High
    will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.[a]
    2 I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress,
    my God, in whom I trust.”

    I often think about this promise, I used to get so frustrated because I knew bad things do happen to Christians….

    But consider, the devil can do his absolute worst, and it only puts you in the arms of your loving Savior to spend eternity knowing agape……..

  • sandynsavannah

    I did not listen to this
    I don’t listen to Mr Beck….
    The anxiety I experience when listening is too much to bear

    I’m sure that the world will wax worse and worse until judgement comes
    Praise God! I wasn’t appointed to wrath…

    Psalm 91
    3 Surely he will save you
    from the fowler’s snare
    and from the deadly pestilence.
    4 He will cover you with his feathers,
    and under his wings you will find refuge;
    his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.
    5 You will not fear the terror of night,
    nor the arrow that flies by day,
    6 nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness,
    nor the plague that destroys at midday.
    7 A thousand may fall at your side,
    ten thousand at your right hand,
    but it will not come near you.
    8 You will only observe with your eyes
    and see the punishment of the wicked.

    • Alborn

      Beck is not in it. Listen and educate yourself.

    • crosshr

      as painful sometime are the work of doctors and nurses in any hospital, their goal are still remain as always, to save a life.

      no pain, no gain !

  • Constance

    RS, I believe that Beck has it out there so people can view it for free. He said something to that effect last week – about it being free to view. I could be wrong, but I don’t think so.

    • i tried uploading it to my popmodal account but i’m (again) having issues logging on there. once there it will stay even if youtube pulls it.

      of course one could download onto their pc using savetube.

  • stevenbiot

    Those darned background checks always catch the Husseins.

  • stevenbiot

    How in the hell have we let a bunch of 7th century throwbacks cower us down?

    • Pat Miller


  • stevenbiot

    It’s crazy how McCarthy says, “They see non-Muslims as lesser human beings.” Honestly, I thought at that very moment, ” That’s how I think of Muslims.”

    • Terrenceor

      It is not the people, it is the culture. It only takes 2 generations to create a culture of death and the middle east has had one since the 40’s and longer. The Japanese Army was as cruel as any Army in history and now the Japanese people are as close to pacifists as you can get.The Japanese Army would use live prisoners of war tied to trees to practice their bayonet skills. The Japanese soldiers were not allowed to surrender or they would bring disgrace to their family back in Japan. There duty was to die for their Emperor and cruelty was a virtue. The Middle East can change, but not through appeasement. It will take a complete destruction of the political and religious leadership in these muslim countries.

      • MLCBLOG

        Do we have the political will?

    • sara holy land
  • stevenbiot

    I bet they are going to hit Israel with a nuke, and simultaneously cells in America will simultaneously release biological weapons and detonate dirty bombs.

  • kclightguy

    The vast majority of the world refused to believe in the evil of Hitler before he enacted his plans. It’s the big lie in reverse all over again. The majority will refuse to believe our house is on fire as the flames take down the walls. It is however the only way we will all be made believers in the evil they will act upon us. Only after the Big Hurt will we have the will for the Big Response. It’s sad but-Re:911.


    Too many Beck-bots in the Beck-bubble for me when RS posts his stuff, BUT,
    I thank RS for keeping us in the loop.
    I did watch it but there is nothing so new in there it will keep me up tonight unless I dwell on it and worry.

    I moved out of Houston in 2004, it was #1 on the list (take out energy) for A-Q because it was an easy torch.
    I can’t work in DC cause I feel like a target when I visit even though the money is big there.

    YOU notice O-BLAME-O (and family) never sticks around there, and he has all those bunkers, SS, military, police, but it will get nothing but worse now that he is going full IDIOT on us !

    That video is re-cycled information updated, and it is to scare you, to make you think you HAVE to have this info. Huckster did the same on FOX, kept adding to his tree or list, and always found another name or way to present it, but we kept tuning in everyday, 5pm.

    You don’t HAVE to buy it.
    I promise, and what are you going to do about it tonight?
    Mitt was chosen for you, and he was my least favorite candidate and he better start talking about doing SOMETHING or he will be a LOSER and drag us down with him.

    Sorry, this Elvis has left the Beck-bubble last month, and I am feeling better already.
    Beck now is like being in exiled in Siberia, no one picks up his stuff. Even Bill O-Really can’t play it, it is just TOO EXTREME, and maybe too close to home dealing with O-BLAME-O.

    I have lready made my plans, all I can do for now.
    I am just as worried there are 50% of the people in the USA that are SO left or left leaning and still a little shocked our country could have been fooled by O-BLAME-O and his professor CZAR corps.

    Worldr History books are going to show some actually COOL stuff of we repond WELL, or that we were the biggest dufuses in HISTORY to let these people come in here and deceive us with no push back, including the ROMANS, FRENCH and GERMANS and don’t forget the BRITISH who are tryng to pull themselfs out of a deep dive into socialism and crashing RIGHT NOW.

    I don’t have any problems with people learning on GBTV, just keep your head on straight, and don’t go around feeling superior and bashing people who don’t stay up on this fear mongering stuff to make millions off their scared fans. It is not worth arguing over the people who think Beck is on target with everything.

    Beck-bots, PLEASE don’t attack NON Beckster fans on RS, they have seen it all from the GBTV crowd. It defeats your purpose of recruiting more members for GBTV, just like the Paul-bots for Ron Paul who use mocking and smearing to SOMEHOW say how awesome RP is.

    • crosshr

      just don’t attack beckspot O ye foo !Beck has done great shining lights in many dark places revealing and exposing non transparent action and secret plans by the current regime in their attempt to transform this nation into their so called share the wealth plan.Beck is not perfect, so are all of us.Beck has ability that many utilizes to furthermore their knowledge so they don’t fall prey to the many wolves nowadays in sheep clothes. Beck will tell you even if you listen to his program, question everything.You might have learn a thing or two had you listen and reason to some of Becks talking points.


      OK, then. Bye.

  • dane7902

    Glad to see that Glenn Beck is no longer a bad word on this site. Thanks RS for posting this and reminding us what a valuable resource he is.

    • williamm

      I was unhappy with Beck over the Newt issue, but no way will I dump his show over one issue. Since the Lame Stream Media is heavily biased in favor of Obama and his socialist buddies, we need people like Beck. The problem is our party is splintered into too many groups instead of one group against Obama. We have no way to get out the truth without people Like Glenn, Rush,Mark,Bill Whittle, Zonation, and RightScoop. I’m sure I left out some good people.

  • blackbird

    Thanks very much Scoop for posting this.

  • KenInMontana

    I don’t believe that Zero is the “Manchurian Candidate”, I think that person was sitting to his right @ about the 50:12 mark.

    • WordsFailMe

      You mean the “village idiot?” lol

      • KenInMontana

        Yes but, she “looks” very Manchurian doesn’t she?

        • NYGino

          She’s channeling one of her all time great hero’s, Ian Fleming’s Doctor No.

          • MLCBLOG

            You kids are great fun!! Humor helps.

            • NYGino

              Kids? Wow!

              • MLCBLOG

                Oh, that’s just me. I call everybody kids. Out here in Calif (across the bay from SF, where I was born) we call everyone kids. Letterman calls people kids. My grandparents did, too. Hi, kids!!

                We also always called everyone guys.

                Sunny California.

                I do appreciate your humor. Can tell you are from back East somehow! Love it.

    • kong1967

      Hilary Clinton? I don’t know about that. She’s not nearly as bad as the dictator in chief (in my opinion).

      • KenInMontana

        She is worse, and she is miles above him in intelligence and guile.

  • War.

  • W.

    So WHY haven’t the Republican wussies the TEA Party helped to become a majority stopped Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas funding, stopped the over-spending, stopped the socialist/marxist programs?

    BECAUSE the Republicans are in on it.


    I am enjoying this. Have to dip in and out because hello, working at my desk pays the bills….who can devote a whole hour to news? yet I remain fascinated and manage to carve it out in increments.

    Thank you, and thanks to Glenn and Co, for this great piece. I was especially interested to see Diana West again. Had lost track of her.