Sununu: Romney will be just as RUTHLESS with Obama in the general as he was in the primary

Sununu went on the BillO show with Laura Ingraham tonight to answer for the Romney campaign and it was a pretty amped interview. Ingraham had a lot of criticisms for the campaign but Sununu had a lot of answers, and a big one is money. He says that Romney spent all of his primary money in the primaries and can’t touch the money for the general election until the RNC is over. They knew Romney would get hammered with ads during July and August, but he assures us that as soon as the RNC is completed, Romney will be equal to Obama in money and he will be just as ruthless with Obama as he was with his primary opponents.

Watch below:

NOTE: If you want to skip directly to the interview, it begins at 3:15.

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  • justplainbob

    It is time for Mitt to be ruthless now.

  • keyesforpres

    He needs to get crack-a-lackin on it.

    I don’t understand why he can’t run ads against o since o is running ads against him.
    Romney could at least be telling the audiences he speaks in front of the truth about o.

    • Because O still has primary money and technically he’s still in his primary.

      • las1

        I don’t buy that from Sununu. It’s a phoney argument. It’s till a primary only technically, but not in reality. How the hell does that interfere with proper messaging against the subversive Obama. He could still have been ruthless in telling the truth about the sabateur-in-chief with his left over primary money up till now. But they still didn’t do it. Romney has super-pacs. It doesn’t stop him from using them. Sununu is covering for ineptitude here. The campaign has been floundering imho. And sooner or later Sununu is going to run out of hot air.

        • hbnolikeee

          1. What part of Mitt will will have election money after the convention that you don’t get?

          2. Mitt’s super pacs are running ads about the smear campaign messages.

          3. Floundering? Continuing with that metaphor, did you notice the ocean that this ‘flounder’ has to swim in is full of sewage and getting more polluted each day? You think the voters can’t smell the stink and see whose crapping in country’s electoral process?

          So to round it out for you, until Mitt has access to the general funding cash (right after the convention) he doesn’t have the money to put up his own ads and must rely on his super pacs and the voters will eventually unable to breath from the DNC stench.

          • las1

            There is only one thing I will agree with Obama on… the same thing that Gingrich admitted. Yes… the super-pacs do have unofficial contact with the candidate. During the primaries he squandered his messaging up till now with what he had by not going hard after Obama on a myriad of fronts… one of them being Jeremiah Wright… and they caved on that one. The RNC ads reflect this fact. The Super-pacs take the cue from the candidate. I hope they get tough.

            Messaging is everything and marketing is central to that message. And his team are poor marketers. He focused entirely on the economy and the GoP ads reflect this fact. The ads that were lackluster and underwhelming. RS here has posted them all in the past. Not one was kick ass. Sorry… his team gets a C- on this. Economy isn’t everything because there is more to Obama’s malfeasance than just the economy… and Romney’s team has not messaged anything other than fiscal issues. The ads till now reflect this.

            As to the floundering… you are absolutely correct… more’s the reason to ensure his message is really kickass.

  • marketcomp

    “Have faith it will work.” Mmmm, OK!

  • MaxineCA

    Gosh, I wish they had scheduled to convention earlier, but I guess they wanted the momentum of the convention to carry into the fall, rather than be forgotten. At least Sununu explained what’s going on. Must have been a good strategy meeting today.

    Laura Ingram has certainly become very annoying to me lately.

    BTW – Are any of you having a problem with the like buttons tonight? As I’ve been going through the different posts and comments, I’ve wanted to give a lot of y’all lots of likes but all I got was a stupid rotating circle.

    • Nukeman60

      Disqus is running on primary money. After the convention, things will start going better. j/k (don’t give me a ‘like’, btw, it won’t work, lol)

      • MaxineCA

        Good one, the first time today I had a good laugh!

        • Nukeman60

          I’m here to help, milady.

    • conservative58

      Just tried to give you a ‘Like’ and got the rotating circle.

      In the meantime, I’ll send you a smiley!

      • MaxineCA

        Thank you for the smiley, we need all we can get right now. At least I know it’s not just my darn old PC! Hopefully Scoop will report it to Disqus.

    • Hmm,Don’t work with me also

    • Rshill7

      Right. Laura is definitely standing in for Bill O’Reilly this evening by not letting the guest say anything. Man that bugs me…a lot. I would like to have heard Sununu say more. Much more. I wonder if Bill were somewhere watching the show thinking the same thing while a little voice in his head said ding, ding, ding, bat, bat, bat, you do the exact same thing, thing, thing.

      If you can’t let the guest speak, don’t have a guest.

      • anyonebutbarry2012

        have to agree, can not abide any host who constantly talks over, or interrupts repeatedly, why have a guest at all if your doing that.

        • StrangernFiction

          I take it you’re not a Hannity fan.

      • Rshill7

        By the way, the one thing I did catch, which is noteworthy, is that Rasmussen is polling likely voters and these other polls are using registered voters. Whose more likely to vote, likely voters or registered voters? It seems to me that likely voters are more likely to vote. I know that sounds very complicated but I’m sticking with it 🙂

      • MaxineCA

        Exactly the reason I stopped watching BillO last year. He seemed to turn into a blowhard, arrogant, pompous a$$ who went out of his way to defend Obama.

        • Guest1776rcp

          Just a hunch but I’d be willing to bet BillO has been an arrogant pompous blohard most of his life.

      • freenca

        EXACTLY so, bearing it , but not happy doing so! Sununu for new campaign manager!

        • Freempg

          Sununu was George HW Bush’s Chief of Staff. How did that work out? It didn’t.

          • Spokesman and Chief of Staff require different skill sets, very few individuals would be good at both, but right now we are looking for effective spokespeople.

            unlike just about everyone else speaking for Romney right now, Sununu spells things out clearly, is sharp, has the right level of humour, and is combative, which is what is required, esp. when interviewed on hostile networks (just about every one except FNC). Maybe that doesn’t say much for who Romney has in place right now.

          • freenca

            It seems as though you are assessing the learning curve at such a low level, that the Republicans have learned nothing in 20 years. Don’t believe it, just as you and I have learned much over that same 20 years, others have too.

  • I hope he’s right because right now, Romney is playing softball the same way McCain did and got his ass handed to him. McCain was such a wimp if you told me he intentionally threw the election, I’d believe you, and that is the way Romney is shaping up. This current White House occupant is such a miserable failure, Romney has all the ammo he needs.

  • Nukeman60

    We have to realize that Obama and Romney are virtually neck and neck after all this negative ad blitz by Obama in the swing states. He outspent Romney by at least a 4 to 1 ratio and this is all he got. Look what Mitt did in Florida with the massive overkill of negative ads. With the general election money coming in, it’s going to be a donnybrook.

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again here, Obama had hoped to be miles ahead of Romney by the convention, because afterwards, it’s no holds barred, as Sununu said. He’s running scared and his flubs, like the Bain ad, are going to take their toll when the general population starts to listen. And they usually start right after the convention.

    • WordsFailMe

      Right! Romney or a surrogate has hit every pitch Obama has thrown. And we all know the Obama throws like a girl and never had to pitch for more than five in his life.

      Besides we’ve got all his game films from Chicago and from 2008. What’s he thrown that’s new or unexpected? The only thing Obama will ever put on his ball is his underwear. What’s the rush? It’s the bottom of the second.

      • There are still 3 debates as well. Romney should mop the floor with him expesing all his lies. I’m hoping for an Obama meltdown without his teleprompter. Biden if he was smart should not even show up to debate Ryan.

        • WordsFailMe

          Somebody else suggested the the RNC request 9 more debates for Ryan and Biden!

          Biden reminds me of the ex-wife’s attorney. Sneering little, pasty-faced, arrogant punk. Breitbart has a story about how the Biden selection affected Soetoro’s campaign when he announced Biden as VP. I guess Romney campaign is up net 4.2 mill$ since Ryan sneaked up the back steps and leaped into the light– Wow!

  • GuessWhoFan

    Talk about a powerful surrogate. This guy has balls of brass and is smart x 5.

    • Rshill7

      Oh c’mon, all he has is a bachelors, a masters and a PhD from M.I.T.

      Who doesn’t?

      Mitt has M.I.T. right in his first name…and that last t is a bonus!

      • Freempg

        The arrogant, sniveling Sununu is a self-serving egomaniac that convinced Bush to break his no new taxes promise and gave us David Souter. Real smart guy. It is a red flag that Sununu is resurrected by Romney.

        • WordsFailMe

          Guess who is going to speak at the Democratic Convention?

          John “Let me touch you pretty face, Barry” Huntsman. Just when you think you know a guy really well…

          • Freempg

            The sad fact is WFM, Huntsman had a more conservative record as governor than Romney. WTF is wrong with us that we let the media and the powers-that-be buy or primary and stick us with yet another RINO to lose against the insidious Obama.

  • BMartin1776

    The pacifist attitude coming from the Romney camp is unacceptable. If you Romney wants to win he needs to START ACTING LIKE IT. The nation.. lives are at risk!

    We really cannot afford another 4 years of the Emperor. Do folks realize if he gets in, at the least, he will appoint another radical to SCOTUS!! That happens its truly game over.

    • p m

      People here fully realize what the consequences of another term for 0zero means. They realize it better than most Americans seem to.
      They also watch posted videos that tell them why Romney CANNOT FIGHT AS HE MEANS TO UNTIL HE’S THE NOMINEE. That’s when he gets to use the campaign funds that have flowed in to kick out 0zero. That’s when we can and do expect an end to what you call his pacifist attitude.

      You saw the primaries – you know what to expect once the hounds are unleashed.
      Just watch the video RS was good enough to post to keep us informed, OK?

  • He’s doing what he has to at this moment. I think he has been holding back. I believe he will break loose closer to the election. Just my opinion.

  • Romney is ahead by 4 in Rasmussen (LV) today and tied in Gallup (RV). Perhaps if if Ingraham bothered to look at reputable polls she wouldn’t be such a wet blanket.

    Good grief, with friends like these…

    • Rshill7

      However, in Laura’s defense, I have to say this:

      • WordsFailMe


        • Rshill7

          I wish they wouldn’t put that “edited X minutes ago” in there. We had a long run where they didn’t do that. It was nice. All I did was put a comma after the word ‘however’…sheesh. I wanted it to be a completely blank space after the colon.

          Now I’m gonna hold my breath til I turn blue…and Ohio turns red.

          Wait a while for this post though, I have to proof-read it 17 times to make sure it’s perfect, so I don’t get slapped with an “edit” billboard. OK, it looks good. Click

          • WordsFailMe

            Saw that and edited mine too.

            Kinda adds to the mystery of it all.

        • Rshill7

          See that? The very last word “click” in my response to your “edited” “ditto” does not have a period at the end of it, and I proofread it 17 times. Am I going to fix that? Nope. I’ll get slapped with another “edit” billboard, just like you did.

          Still holding my breath. Someone from Ohio call me, can’t hold out much longer.

          • WordsFailMe


  • StrangernFiction

    Has Andrea Saul been fired yet?

  • panchita

    i hope all the romney supporters examine this video closely. ingraham is a diehard romney supporter. she leaves sunununu with his mouth agape in confusion on how to answer her questions.

    this wait till november strategy is stupid on its face. i hope the delegates watch this clip combine it with sauls “romneycare’ advocacy and ferhnstroms “etch-a-sketch” and give us a candidate who can actually win this thing.

    • RocklinConservative

      He says November is when the polls “matter”. the attacks and spending campaign money is going to happen after the convention. That gives him TWO months to turn this big ship around. Hope it’s enough time!

  • wales777

    This is a foolish strategy. Millions of American who pay little attention to politics are in the process of making their minds up and “first impressions” are lasting ones.

    He will NEVER recoup those voters!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • RocklinConservative

      Most Americans don’t start paying real attention until after the conventions … holding my breath on this… I don’t look good in blue, however, so hopefully it doesn’t take too long to get his backside in gear.

  • Is it the “Peter Principle” and Peter’s out to lunch: Or is it that Romney would be a good manager but a lousy salesman?

    • Freempg

      A good manager? How about his money management skills … It wasn’t that impressive that he spent 65 million in 2008 and lost to the (supply your own adjectives) McCain. And what’s this about Romney’s vaunted business experience translating into successful political leadership. Didn’t work out so well in Massachusetts where he was led around by Kennedy crime family like a poodle.

      • Rshill7

        The legislature he had was 87% democrat in a perennially blue state. You’d have be Satan himself to manage that percentage of democrats. You know how democrats are. Right?

        • Freempg

          How did Romney win the election but to appeal to the same voters who elected the 87% Democrat legislature? Answer: He is a liberal. You know that, right?

          • Rshill7

            He represented the voters. Isn’t that what one is supposed to do when elected by the voters? Maybe he should have represented another state’s voters?

            C’mon. He’s nothing like Obama. Obama is commie to the core and back out again. Like Olympic gymnasts are raised to be gymnasts, Obama was raised to be a commie. Romney is a Capitalist. Obama a commie.

            Here, I wrote a song about it. Ahem…mi, mi, mi…Commie, commie, commie, commie, commie, chameleon, he comes and goes, he comes and goes…I know it sounds like a Boy George song, but it ain’t 🙂

            • badbadlibs

              I still say you should have your own radio/tv show….how about a youtube channel? 😉

  • I’m not feeling so good about this race, I too feel Romney is playing softball ,but if I could just chime in here.
    I think Sununu said something interesting here. That after the convention things will heat up. Thats the time Romney can spend his campaign money. He’s built up a pretty big war chest , out beating O in fundraising.
    Now,someone on Romneys team knows how to make some kick ass campaign ads.I think they will unleash the wrath of G on B’rack when the time comes. I have that feeling. I really do. (or at least I hope,but know they are capable )

    I think when they circled O’s speech with the Romney bus was great, I also think moving your speech up to beat O’s speech was a great move too. Things like that tell me this team has got smarts, just maybe not the money right now.
    I know I know they’ve done some s-t-u-p-i-d stuff , but lets not count him out yet.

    I’m more worried about how he’s going to govern than if he can win.
    I believe he can win and will, (im more worried about winning the senate) just how bad will he be or “much better” than O .
    But make no mistake WE MUST vote for Romney and remove this tyrant from the WH.

    • MaxineCA

      Sorry, it appears as though the “Like” button still isn’t working. But I agree.

    • RocklinConservative

      With so many on our side questioning how strong Romney and his campaign are and whether he will ever hit back hard or better yet, land a good first blow, I am glad to hear Sununu give some reassurance that they are/were aware that this is exactly where they would be at this moment in time. This is me … patiently waiting in earnest.

  • 911Infidel

    Ingraham watches too much TV. All the polls she cited are skewed towards Dhimiratz. Take the Dhimirat poll and subtract 9 points, then add those points to Romney and you’ll get a better number. Rasmussen is closer to reality. And since when do Conservatives need talking pointts Laura. We don’t need no stinking talking points. Those are for slugs like O’Reilley and Dhimiratz, the rest of us can think for ourselves…we don’t need anyone to give us talking points to carry our message to the masses.

  • StrangernFiction

    Incredibly sad that a mouthpiece for the presumptive Republican candidate for president has to try to convince us that his man will attack the head ‘rat with as much fervor as he attacked his Republican rivals during the primary.

  • WordsFailMe

    I can’t believe that Laura Ingram did that story about the Fox polls. Are they force-bleaching her with a steel-wool loofa sponge now? Has the bleach penetrated her brain?

    Laura- Your starting to sound more like Ann Coulter every day. Gimme a little hair-toss, girl.

    • Rshill7


    • WhiteGuy2

      All I can say is Obamaloney.

  • odin147

    What I find strange about the real clear average of the polls is why the hell is the one leading ?. He should not even be close. We conservatives have got to do something about these polls. Why are there no polls with Republicans over sampled ?, why can’t these polls be publicized all over the msm. Even fox news is over sampling dems. I just don’t get it. Fox news has got to play the game the MSM is playing. It is the only channel in the msm that favors the right, it has to use it’s power to influence the vote just like the msm does.

  • MaxineCA

    C’mon folks. I know we are all frustrated and scared to death about what will happen to our country if O gets another term. That being said, who are we to second guess Romney’s strategy? If he had the ability to take out “excellent” opponents in the primary, what makes you think he’s not capable of taking out such an EASY opponent by the time we get to the general? It all has to do with election rules and how money is spent. Remember the polls mean nada, zip, nothing. Reagan and Carter were tied in the polls at this point and Reagan won by a landslide.

    Let’s keep our “chins up” and show some patience. We can’t armchair quarterback this thing.

    • Rshill7

      Hang on a second girlie. What if your armchair is an exact duplicate of Captain James T. Kirk’s? Uh huh. Start backtrackin’ sister.

      Scotty! How long is it going to take you to get that warp drive back on line?
      “Two to three weeks Cap’n!”
      You’ve got 2-3 minutes!
      “But Cap’n I’m giving it all I’ve got.”
      That’s not good enough damnit!
      “I might be able to cobble something together in 4 minutes Cap’n?”
      I said three!

      • MaxineCA

        Now that was funny! Thank goodness we have more than three minutes to turn this ship and campaign around. We need to be like Scotty….. steady as we go.

  • WhiteGuy2

    With the state of the economy, the unemployment, the trillions in debt, the broken campaign promises by Obama. All factors considered Romney should be ahead by at least 10 points. The fact that he is behind only shows we are stuck with a weak candidate.

    McCain 2 the Obamaloney chronicles.

  • John_Frank

    RS, thanks for posting the interview.

    What Sununu is saying is all fine and good, but the campaign continues to make a fundamental mistake.

    The campaign assumes that antipathy towards Obama among independent conservatives will drive these people to the polls in 2012 to support Romney.

    The assumption is wrong, however Romney can help rectify matters with the right VP choice:

    Viguerie Launches Campaign Urging Gov. Romney to Pick Conservative VP

  • RedDaveR

    Laura should know better than to treat these bogus MSM polls with samples of D+ double digits as legitimate. This is one example of why the GOP is called the Stupid Party.

    Having said that, the Romney camp needs to get their act together and learn how to fight.
    They could start by listening to Richard Viguerie. He needs to pick a conservative VP, not some milquetoast Beltway Rino.

  • John Wiseman

    The Fox sample was D+11 and the CNN sample was so skewed that they didn’t bother publishing the cross tab information. Scott Rasmussen published a poll on the very same day which showed it 47-43 in favor of Romney. That taken with the fact that Mitt is legally prohibited from accessing his campaign cash until after the Convention is keeping him from answering in a manner consistent with what Ingraham would like to see, means that she is far off of the mark with her analysis. Eeyore has nothing on Laura.

    I usually agree with her, but not this time.

  • Maybe if he was going to be as dirty and low-down with Obama as he was with Fred! Thompson and every other Republican (with the exception of Huntsman and Ron Paul), I’d be impressed.

  • p m

    Re the video still – trying to think who Sununu reminds me of. Maybe one of the ‘outraged’ old ladies in those old b&w movies? Cracks me up.

  • Folks like Sununu said the same 4 years ago when McCain lost. You remember how Obama first trashed H. Clinton and then McCain? McCain was trying to play nice and he lost. I fear it will be the same this time around.
    I still regret Newt Gingrich didn’t win the primaries; he would have taken Obummer to the woodshed, no doubt about that.

  • BS61

    Thanks Scoop – I missed this due to the Romney Breaking News for VP

  • Cindy09

    I don’t know why but I believe Sununu!! Possibly it’s because Romney can be a ruthless opponent, well, he’s tried his claws on his GOP opponents earlier this year! It is going to be very hard for the party that has skeletons in their closets: hint! hint! I don’t see him as the (naive) gentleman that McCain was. Not at all!

    • wodiej

      with all due respect, Romney’s primary opponents were not students of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. That was tiddlywinks compared to what he is facing w obama.

  • I think Laura is a good person, but she is dead wrong — first clue was citing those 2 cr*p polls in the Talking Points Memo. Sununu is exactly right — none of these pundits have run a presidential campaign (some have worked for a sitting POTUS, but that is a vastly different thing) and they *all* expect instant gratification. The one guy who has not only run (and won) a presidential campaign, but who did it TWICE, Karl Rove, isn’t panicking. I’m taking my cues from him, not Laura or the other talking heads.

  • Philo Beddoe

    I’d like to know what ruthless means to Romney.

    Does it mean go totally at ever one of obama’s insults and lies or not offer him a doilie under his iced tea.

    We will know how “ruthless” he will be 2 weeks after the convention.

  • GreenBeretWay

    Romney is going to have to put his Sh*t kicking boots on,get a backbone and a BIG set of Brass balls to beat this clown. He needs a voice to get peoples attention.Obama seems to think we are going to bring a knife to a gunfight.No, Romney had better bring a dang AK.
    Enough of the Mr Nice Guy Romney. WAR.

  • dangler017

    laura needs to listen more and show some restraint. i don’t see the logic to her questions and i do believe that timing is very important. the dirt obama is throwing now will be old news when it matters most and closer to the election will be the time to hit obama hard. it is important that the things you hit him with are fresh in the voters mind when they are in the booth.

  • las1

    and with all due respect to the folks that are writing in magazines, and the book writers, and the TV commentators (and presumably he means the talk show hosts)… and to be honest with you I wouldn’t hire you to run my campaign.

    Straight from the horses mouth. “Have faith”, he says, “trust “our” smarts” he infers, “… I don’t care what you say, we’ll run our campaign without pesky input from you detestable lunchbox conservatives.” McLame is written all over this campaign. They’re fiddling while America burns. The only bright spot in all this is Paul Ryan… but he’s too nice to be ruthless with these subversives.

    This makes Sununu a gas bag and a fake “darling” for the talk hosts. He won’t listen one bit to the very valid criticism of Romney’s campaign. He’ll run it into the ground the way he wants. And in the end we can rip our hair out and tear our clothes as we see Obama ascend the stairs at his Second Innaugural. God help us.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Why doesn’t Romney’s campaign team get some hard hitting ads out there. Most of us could offer some suggestions, I’m sure. The campaign team needs only to state some facts from obama himself…”You didn’t build that” and a host of other really dumb statements. Plus the fact that obama has sold America to China for $15T. Romney/Ryan need to hammer obama daily, over and over, to let America know just how awful obama has been and he won’t get any better if he (God forbid) gets re-elected. America can’t survive another four years of obama….we’re doomed if he gets re-elected in my opinion.

  • wodiej

    That was an energetic but respectful exchange. I am not going to make any assumptions-I will wait to see what happens after the convention.

  • bobemakk

    Go and get ’em Mitt…..lets get rid of this hope and change BS.

  • xiaoxiaobin746