Ted Cruz sends letter to banks being harassed by Rahm Immanuel: Welcome to Texas!

Chicago Mayor Rahm Immanuel is trying to intimidate and harass banks in Chicago to stop lending money to gun manufacturers. So Sen. Ted Cruz sent the banks a letter telling them their business is welcome in Texas where they won’t be harassed:

FOX NEWS – Feeling bullied by Rahm Emanuel? Bring your business down to Texas.

That’s the message Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, is sending big banks and firearms companies, after the Chicago mayor urged those banks to stop lending to the gun manufacturers.

The freshman senator sent a letter Tuesday to the CEOs of Bank of America and TD Bank Group offering up the Lone Star State as a place where they could do business without hassle from the government. He said he understands that, since they do “considerable business” with Chicago, they might be worried about the “risks” of not complying with Emanuel’s request.

“In light of the reception you have received in the Windy City, please know that Texas would certainly welcome more of your business and the jobs you create,” Cruz wrote in his Jan. 29 letter. “Texans value jobs and value freedom, and over 1,000 people a day are moving to Texas (often from cities like Chicago), because Texas is where the jobs are.”

He also sent letters to the CEO of Smith & Wesson and Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. — writing that “should Emanuel’s bullying campaign prove successful, I am confident that there are numerous financial institutions in Texas that would be eager to earn your business.”

Last week, Emanuel appealed to the banks to stop lending to the gun manufacturers because the companies oppose limitations on gun rights.

In his letter Tuesday, Cruz said those businesses should not be intimidated by Emanuel.

“We do not accept the notion that government officials should behave as bullies, trying to harass or pressure private companies into enlisting in a political lobbying campaign,” Cruz said. “And we subscribe to the notion, quaint in some quarters, that private companies don’t work for elected officials; elected officials work for private citizens.”

Ted Cruz is really making a name for himself and fast. This man is truly a rising star in the Republican Party.

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  • celestiallady

    More of this needs to happen. Give it right back at them. More than one way to skin a cat – as the saying goes. Sorry cat lovers – I am one too.

    • Orangeone

      Oh great save at the end 🙂 Ted Cruz and TX officials know how to deal with bullies!

  • Ray

    We need more guys like this. Put it in their face!

    • c4pfan


  • JRD1

    Thanks so much RS for posting this!

    It does appear that we finally have someone who walks the walk.

  • Indiana

    Senator Cruz just b***h slapped Rahm Emanuel.

    • Orangeone

      And backhandedly b***h slapped Barky’s Bank of America! BoA declined customer purchases at gun shops using their credit card! That can to a quick halt when it went viral

      • Godisright

        I would bet a few food stamp/ bridge cards have had the privilege of purchasing weapons under the radar.
        Let’s blame the food stamps for murders in Chicago!

        • Jay

          When I was on the street you would sell food stamps for half price to buy booze, drugs, guns, whatever. Many of the well off looking people in the store are the buyers of these illicit cards.

  • I wish Nikki Haley would put some steam into her Governorship. We have ports here and could draw a lot of northern businesses here and boom our economy in South Carolina.

    • Orangeone

      South Carolina via Nikki Haley is recruiting Remington to leave NY!

      • Conservative_Hippie

        Love me some Remingtons!

        • Orangeone

          Great ammo when I can find it! I’m a Ruger girl myself

          • Conservative_Hippie

            Interesting you mentioned that. I’m looking into buying a conceal and carry pistol and the LC9 is at the top of the list: http://www.ruger.com/products/lc9/index.html

            • Orangeone

              I did a lot of research on the Ruger conceals and consulted with the retired law enforcement officer I train with. He suggests staying away from the smaller Rugers, just don’t hold up to lots of firing practice but the siting is awesome and loves the larger ones. For conceal, he likes the Glock 26 Gen 4 and the Sig Sauer 232. Breitbart did a couple of very nice articles on great conceal too, I think the Sig Sauer is on their top list.

              • Conservative_Hippie

                Thanks for advice 🙂

                • Orangeone

                  My best advice is to go to a range and try and shoot various small guns. Fit into your hand is very important!

          • Reb Biker

            I luuuuvs my Rugers, too. Al American made, and built like tanks!

            • B Jenkum

              Double bump

  • marketcomp

    He is like no other in the Senate or House! When the going gets tough Ted Cruz gets tougher. This came from one of his professor at Harvard and I can see that it is true.

    • Orangeone

      And a well skilled trial lawyer


    …TED CRUZ 2016.”(period)

    • Orangeone

      Spent numerous hours researching potential case law on eligibility. Research shows no appellate court or SCOTUS cases or decisions on natural born citizen provision so Cruz has an open road to travel on. You know the dems will try and challenge his Canadian birth with US parents but with no case law and no lower court decisions on the matter, they’d get tossed on their arses in the first court!

  • Wait till the banks leave Chicago. That’s when the madness starts.

    • Orangeone

      There is some scuttle on Twitter that the financial markets may leave NY and move to FL! Rammie and Bloomers will panic!!!!!!!

      • Conservative_Hippie

        “Rammie and Bloomers” – LOL!

      • notsofastthere

        Banks, Insurance Companies, Gun Mfg., Big Business are all in the North East and put the Liberals in office. I’ve heard they made threats before, but I don’t see them move in the degree that I thought they would.

  • deTocqueville1

    Cruz is great and he has a wicked sense of humor.

    • Conservative_Hippie

      Agreed, he has that wink wink nudge nudge type of humor!

  • Joe

    Cruz is good so far

    I hope

    He has no skeletons in the closet

    Does not run out of gas

    Stays honest

    • Landscaper

      glass half empty joe?

      • Orangeone

        Joe is cautious, look at Rubio

      • Joe

        Temptation is always there!

        I have been around too long!

  • PVG

    RIGHT ON!!

  • airborneaz

    I can’t describe how awesome that act is to someone like me who trusts his government officials less every passing hour.

    • Conservative_Hippie


  • Rshill7

    Ra ra, ree, kick ’em in the knee, ra, ra rawls, Kick ’em in the…

    Ra, ra rads, kicks ’em in the…

    Ra, ra, reck…
    Ra, ra, rack…
    Ra, ra river…
    Ra, ra reeth…
    Ra, ra rurethra…
    Ra, ra rolan…
    Ra, ra race…
    Ra, ra rustache…


    • 57thunderbird

      LOL!You crack me up.

    • Conservative_Hippie


  • 57thunderbird

    How can you not love Ted Cruz?This guy is awesome.Gave ole Rahm the big smack down.

  • kloyd0306

    Can we clone Cruz?

    While we are at it, the TEA party might re-name themselves the Heritage Party and that way DeMint can go back to the Senate where he is badly needed.

    • c4pfan

      I wish we could!

    • Orangeone

      But Tim Scott is a rockin’ Senator too! I can’t wait until he is unleashed.

      • Conservative_Hippie

        Scott is a silent raging storm waiting to hit when you least expect it!

        • Orangeone

          I’m a patient person, sometimes. I hope he continues with that sweet side, like Trey Gowdy, and then tongue lashes at the appropriate time (like Trey Gowdy) 🙂

  • Sober_Thinking

    Lol… a good friend of mine also wrote our Senators to make a pitch for Remington and gun manufacturers in NY state to have them come down to reasonable, “gun-friendly” and business-friendly Georgia.

    As long as those tards wanna villianize banks or gun manufacturers… no problem. Have them come to the parts of the United states where reason and common sense… and sanity still rule.

    Ted Cruz is kicking it… love it!

    • nosilasunny

      Hopefully we can find one like Cruz to replace RINO Saxby Chambliss in 2014!

      • Orangeone

        Contact your closest Tea Party and Sarah Palin and ask. I’m going to for MN to ditch fraudsterFranken

        • nosilasunny

          Good idea. I hope you can get rid of him too!

          • Orangeone

            Working on it, might have a candidate if he’s willing to run. The Tea Party and Sarah Palin would be a huge help!

    • Orangeone

      All gun and ammo businesses should be expanding. Demand is way higher than supply.

      • Conservative_Hippie


    • notsofastthere

      If the congress passes Federal Gun or ammunition restrictions – how will that be an advantage for gun manufacturing to move to a different state?
      Commerce clause and all that stuff? We need to stop the Feds above all.

      • Sober_Thinking

        Agreed… we do need to stop the Fed… 1st off.

        I’m encouraging companies to move out of “hostile” states… states that have high taxes, high unemployment, heavy regulations, are not right-to-work, etc. States like Texas and Georgia are VERY business friendly… same with Florida and a few others…

        I’d like to see the gun and ammo companies thrive especially since they are unnecessarily being demonized… we’d love to have them here. 🙂

  • Stehekin912

    Windy City alright. /sarcity scarity sarc sarc sarc

  • c4pfan

    Thanks Scoop! I was about to ask if you could post this! Go Ted Cruz, go!

  • stage9

    I think this needs to happen more. Drive business out of liberal states and those states will collapse as a reward for their stupidity. Once that happens liberals won’t have a leg to stand on. Just so long as radicals don’t migrate with them. I don’t want those idiots infecting my state.

    • Orangeone

      State to state immigration: background checks, voter registration checks, intelligence tests :):):):) If only…..

    • clockwindingdown

      Worked that way in Detroit, and the state of Michigan…

  • TLaMana

    “Cruz to Victory in 2016” sure has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

    • Orangeone

      Nice bumper sticker and cut line 🙂

    • Conservative_Hippie

      Works for me!

  • armyvet10

    As PVG wrote, LEAD BY EXAMPLE, and yes it is important enough to say over and over, and as loud and proud as possible. I wish the letter had been posted so it could be copied and sent to local politicians so they can start to be competitive as the MAN from Texas is being. Often it takes only one brave act for others to see to help stiffen the spines of other potentially courageous people. Too many liberals expect any conservative to automatically back down, or risk being labeled an angry right wing nut job. Bravery like this is a great example to demonstrate that we must not worry about the left hating us, they do. It is a matter of accepting this and fighting on. This is the very reason businesses wanting to move their factories to more friendly states are being harassed and threatened. A hateful person is going to hate no matter what you concede them, no since in losing any when a hater wants it all. Like the wolf who sneak in to steal a sheep, he will not stop with one, he will continue until all is destroyed. It is the same with the evil one; he comes to steal, kill and destroy, being not happy with the destruction of his victims body alone, but wants their soul as well. “Do not go gentle into that good night”


    • Orangeone
      • armyvet10

        Thanks Orangeone, I didn’t get to this until now but both the letter and the immigration statement were excellent insight to this man’s straight forward, common sense driven, and fair way of thinking. Perhaps Texas would be willing to push for his campaign towards something loftier, say in 2016?

        • Orangeone

          Fingers crossed! I follow Ted Cruz on Twitter so I’ll try and keep posting the links he tweets! I love is communication 🙂 Rep Steve Stockman from TX and the TX Attorney General and Gov tweet a lot of good things too.

  • oregonproud

    He also had the —- to vote against Lurch! Not bad,huh?

  • Susanna958

    BOA had already stopped doing business with gun sellers. If I had any money in BOA I would withdraw all of it.

    • Orangeone

      And cancel and cut up the credit cards.

    • Yovnne G

      I hope no one has nothing to do with BOA, they are involved with the bankster carbal who is trying to destroy America. Don’t want them in Texas!

  • Ray

    There should be plenty of banks wanting to do that seeing Rick Perry is wanting to refund taxpayers with excess taxes collected! http://ca.news.yahoo.com/texas-governor-excess-tax-money-back-people-224841439.html#

  • Nice Move..Heck Yes…

  • Orangeone
    • marketcomp

      Well, they can just use Feinsteis guns since they are already there, perhaps.

      • Orangeone

        If I understand what they want to do it is to bring semi-autos

        • marketcomp

          Yeap, and she had plenty of them on display last week. I wonder if she will have them there tomorrow? If so, that solves it then, right?

  • white531

    Ted Cruz is looking better and better to me everyday.

  • Conservative_Hippie

    Absolutely Brilliant!

  • notsofastthere

    Let’s hope Texas doesn’t encourage too many Liberals to move there, or they will destroy Tx. like they did the states they are moving from.

    • Yovnne G

      I read in an article that is what the democraps are going to try to do, send enough libs here to Texas to turn it blue. We sure need to keep ourselves alert to the demon controlled dems.

  • JohnCraven

    Ted Cruz is one of two new Republicans who won election to the US Senate in 2012 and both are TEA Partyers and very strong conservatives. All of the liberal & “moderate” Republicans lost along with those TEA Party candidates who either screwed up their own campaigns with lame-brain comments or who were sabotaged by the ruling elites of the GOP such as Karl Rove as Mark Levin has often pointed out.

    It appears that Ted Cruz is opposing the Gang of Eight’s illegal amnesty program which is being championed by Marco Rubio. I admire Marco Rubio but I think he has fallen under the spell of some of the GOP’s most notorious “moderates” like McCain and Graham and is being led far astray.

    Rubio is very eloquent but history surrounding illegal amnesty doesn’t support what he is saying in promoting this failed idea.

    With so many illegals going back across the border because of the disaster that is Obamanomics the real issue is not illegals coming here but simply securing our borders to stop terrorists from coming here.

    That’s what we should be focused on and nothing else!

    John Craven
    New Orleans

    If you always do what you always did,
    You’ll always get what you always got!
    Mark Crutcher – Life Dynamics

  • Cancel_NPR

    Stop buying ANYTHING from companies in Illinois, PERIOD… They are in the tank for BOZO because he came from up there… They have this “STUPID-KCUF” loyalty as they hand-over more of their earnings to this Socialist Regime…

  • NJK

    This man is as good as it gets. He has a spine.

  • Rahm Emanuel is a bullying piece of trash! The day will come when someone punches his LIGHTS OUT!! POS!! This is OUR America….We, The People!!!…You Socialist, Corrupt BASTARD!!

  • The more I read…the more I see…. I really like this guy!!

    God Bless you Ted Cruz…you have the “People’s support” we stand with you 100%!!

    You go get em!!

  • Jay

    Rock River Arms, Springfield Armory and the rest should move out before Rahmbo shuts them down. Winchester is moving to MS but that was a result of trouble “wit’ da union” if you follow me.

  • ronald54321

    We know from his attack on Chick-Fil-A, that he is an evil anti-Christian bigot. He is similar to the people Adolph Hitler surrounded himself with. Chicago must be a terrible place.

  • davienne

    Ted Cruz,, really needs to stop inviting blue state people to tx.. it will be a blue state soon enough, with californians … new yorkers now illinois, … they dont leave their liberal ways .. they bring it with them… it happened in montana…

    • philip127

      I have to agree with you. I lived in Houston in the ’80s and live in Ga now because am helping my parents get along. After they are gone, I hope to move to far west Texas, please let me in, I promise that my voting and money will back people like Mr. Cruz.

    • Yovnne G

      I agree, maybe we need to contact him and remind him of that. I don’t know why these senators do things like that. Rand Paul is putting up a good fight also. I wish his bill about not sending F-19s to Egypt would have passed today but it didn’t. These muslem brotherhood are our enemys and the obama adm is aid and abetting them is called Treason. and whoever voted yes on this today are committing Treason also.. Hope Cruz didn’t vote to keep sending them over there. does anyone know. This is what we have to do is check on these senators and congressmen and women and see how they vote.

  • Myptofvu

    You watch the Dems will go on an all out “whatever it costs” attack on Cruz next election cycle the same way they did to Allen West. And lets not forget about Sarah Palin, its not enough for them that she lost the election they had to make sure she was crucified by filing law suit after law suit till she could no longer afford legal defense nor have any time to Govern her State. This is standard operating procedure for them.

    You can see these tactics repeated over and over again. Little known story but there was a woman appointed by Bill Clinton (cant remember her name) to head up the CFTC. She became concerned that the new financial instruments that were being used called Derivatives could pose a threat to the Commodities Markets that she was now in charge of. She developed regulations for Derivatives and 2 days before she was going to announce them she received a call from Treasury Secretary Larry Summer (also appointed by Clinton) telling her to cease and desist, which she did, but that wasn’t good enough for them. A few months later Larry Summers and the head of the SEC went on a smear agenda to make her look incompetent so that they could then make a law prohibiting anyone from trying to regulate the Derivatives Market.

    Now as you will recall when the crash happened in 2008 what did they blame it on? The lack of regulation over the Derivatives Markets. Then came Barney Frank and Chris Dodd with the Dodd/Frank Bill of new financial regulations (Dont get me started on these two).

    BTW when Larry Summers called the woman to tell her to stop he tols her he had 13 CEOs of the top Banks in his office raising a fit. Funny how he chose to listen to the Bankers over the head of the CFTC.

  • I’m very proud to say I voted for Cruz and that he represents me.

  • bobemakk

    Good for you Ted Cruz….keep fighting the “Chicago thugs.” (including Obama)

  • mikeinidaho

    I would caution everyone to stay away from B of A. They are as left-leaning as can be and will do whateveer their communist leader, Barrack Obama tells them to. the best way to fight them is to withhold funds and business from them. let the Left support B of A on their own while We the People deal with conservative leaning businesses and banks.

  • Way to go, Texas!! Lead on!

  • Orangeone
  • philip127

    Sarah knew what she was doing helping Ted Cruz win the GOP primary! This guy is the REAL DEAL! I just watched his hearing at the gun control Senate hearings today, and WOW!

    I have followed, and contributed to him after Sarah gave her endorcement, and each clip makes my smile just gets bigger!

    Such a well spoken, true conservative, I just have to keep hopeing he doesn’t be shut-up by the GOPE. If so, there will be hell to pay!

  • Leonidcat

    It appears when I campaigned for him I definitely got the right person. You go Ted and thanks ever so much. You put Constitutional Republic where it belongs – front and center.