“Ted Cruz, what a douche nozzle”

Ted Cruz is getting everyone’s attention these days, even the ones who can’t think of anything better to say than call him a douche nozzle. Heck, I’m not even sure if this one knows why she hates Ted Cruz, only that she’s supposed to:

(h/t: Radio Equalizer)

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  • Who’s this twit?
    She calls him a “teenie weenie little jr Senator” which is kind of funny. If he was just some little no name Jr instead of a Cruz missile from the great huge State of Texas, you wouldn’t even waste your douche nozzle breath on him now would you twit?

    • LibLoather

      AmericanborninCanada LOL!  The kind of twit who would pee for self-defense!

      • marketcomp

        LibLoather AmericanborninCanada LOL:D! Handy advice from the Congressman from Colorado!

      • aposematic

        LibLoather AmericanborninCanada Oh my, I’m still laughing…

      • LibLoather AmericanborninCanada  
        I’m waiting for the Colorado congressman to announce one tactic of self defense in a rape attack MOONING the attacker . lol

    • StewieGriffin

      AmericanborninCanada HA!!!
      What does that make the current mental cripple in charge?  Cruz has actually defended the Constitution in court and is far more accomplished with the same Ivy League credentials.  When all else fails, start calling names.  I know it would seem I used an insult in my first sentence, but I think that my position is pretty well established…..I was just using a teenie weenie bit of poetic license.

      • StewieGriffin AmericanborninCanada lol. this whole thread just made me laugh. You guys are a riot and spot on!

        • AmericanborninCanada StewieGriffin  
          our mid name , he he

    • Rshill7

      Now that’s swagger. I especially like the twit right at the end. Pull her hair and scratch her eyes out sister 🙂
      Loved it.

      • Rshill7 never get a duckie annoyed if you know whats good fer ya 😉
        thanks myBear. it’s one of those days.

      • Rshill7 never get a duckie annoyed if you know whats good fer ya 😉
        thanks myBear. it’s one of those days.

  • LibLoather

    …Better than a douchebag, Mizz Miller!  Go ahead and defend yourself with a ballpoint pen, some urine and vomit  If you weren’t such an insufferable idiot, you’d be thanking Sen. Cruz for standing up for YOUR civil liberties.

  • ChrisNull

    I love the intelligent discourse that takes place on Liberal talk radio. This must be why it is so popular.

  • marketcomp

    Current TV, RS! Really! There is nothing good that anyone will say about Ted Cruz from Current TV. I’m not listening.

    • marketcomp  
      tru dat marketcomp, The way Palin, West, Newt, Rand Paul among many being treated by the Libs and their water carrier medias has been an utter shame. Worse than that are the old moss covered guards from the GOP of their own side. God has once again repent that these species were created even in Arizona !

  • marketcomp

    Current TV, RS! Really! There is nothing good that anyone will say about Ted Cruz from Current TV. I’m not listening.

  • JimmyTravis


    In praise of Mark Levin. Most political talk shows are very much like a
    bad AA speakers meeting. All ego and no recovery. America now finds itself in
    the biggest AA meeting We have all decided things are so damned critical that
    we all stand up at the meeting and say, ‘Hello, my name is Barack Obama and I’m
    a spend-aholic”. I have no control over my spending. The problem is are all in
    the same 12 step program because we allowed these fools to spend everything
    under the sun. In fact they spent everything under all the suns that will be
    into the distant future. Therefore, there will be no future. It has been
    cancelled for a lack of funds. Chemically it works like this: politicians and
    the rest of us get a buzz from shopping. Politicians get a super buzz because
    they can buy a voter’s loyalty. Now whenever Obama’s mind wanders to his
    abusive father her needs a fix: a cigarette, some cocaine or spend other
    people’s money.

    • JimmyTravis  
      lol, thats cool funny, but so true !

  • Godisright

    Never heard of her – and who cares about what these little nobodies say? Tiny brains, tiny words.

    • The Sentinel

      Godisright Excellent.

  • I Aim to Misbehave

    I’m sure there’s just a little bitterness and tears mixed into this, since it’s unlikely she’ll be staying with Al-Jazeera once they take over.

  • Laurel A

    Stephanie Miller the failed stand up comedian who has Daddy issues so she went liberal to punish him. Yeah she isn’t the brightest crayon in the box.

  • The only nozzle D I noticed were the senator from my district rep Feinstein, add to that are these air heads on this video.
    Cruz has turned out to be one of the real sharp thorn these liberals don’t have an answer for. This Cruz  eat, drink sleep and walk upon the US Constitution, and I admire him highly for that. 
    Feinstein  got spinned in 3000 rpm by Cruz, she start to get emotional and fight back as a real hag with no brain, meaningless mumbles. 
    Yes , I love the Bay Area, and I intend to make it a home for Conservative and Christian

    • LibLoather

      crosshr She got ‘Cruz-missled”.

  • The Sentinel

    Lol.. what a crap weasel.
    Even swamp gas rises periodically.

  • colliemum

    Thanks, Right Scoop, for putting this up – because it is yet another proof that inside the Beltway, the meejah and pundits have had their marching orders: alinskying Ted Cruz with all their might.
    Sadly, they’re fighting the 2008/2012 wars. 
    Time has moved on – they’re becoming more irrelevant by the day, and thanks to the New and social media, more people know what Ted Cruz really has said, and what he stands for.

    Can’t wait for his speech tomorrow!

    • Rshill7

      Women are too emotional to have guns on college campuses. They are probably too emotional to watch The Cruz live streaming, ok? DOn’t hurt yourself.
      Tell ya’ what. I’ll watch it for ye, and give you a soundbite from it Sunday…mmkay?

      • colliemum

        You done it now!
        I shall watch Ted Cruz tomorrow night (yep, it’ll be night for me here) – even if I have to stick matches between my eyelids to keep them open, so there!


        • Rshill7

          OK sister. Here, have a pistol too 😉
          You’re great.


    …Ted Cruz (Tea Party Patriot) 

    2016 .”  (period end of conversation)

  • RayBrown1

    Well, he must have done something meaningful, remember when McCain ran against Obama?  All he could get was, “John, McCain will continue the Bush policies, Although he is an American Hero, and we should respect all American Heroes.”

  • rocco11

    If he’s a douche nozzle, she’s the funk getting douched…

    • rocco11  
      ouch rocco, well she need to tho ! lol

    • rocco11 YIKES!

    • OneThinDime

      Perhaps the criminal illegals that her boy Obama released might be headed her way knowing she lives in a gun free zone and supports her boy toy Obama!

    • c4pfan

      Ha ha ha!  That’s a good one.

  • marketcomp

    RS , I think John McCain just apologized to Rand and Cruz on Neil Cavuti’s show. You have got to post that!

    • comoesta3

      marketcomp He SHOULD apologize.  He should also apologize for pretending that he’s on our side.

    • OneThinDime

      McShamnesty needs to apologize on the Senate floor and then crawl home with his boyparts between his legs and go locate all the released illegal aliens he is suddenly concerned about and taken them all in and support them.

      • OneThinDime That’s quite the word picture there OTD lol.

        • OneThinDime

          I’ve had enough with this old man. Time for him to hang it up and retire on his wife’s riches, preferably in a country not ruled by the US

        • OneThinDime couldn’t agree more.

  • PhillyCon

    Looks like the memo went out to the Alinksy machine.

  • YoJoe

    SCOOP SAYS: ” Heck, I’m not even sure if this one knows why she hates Ted Cruz, only that she’s supposed to”
    That pretty much sums it up – Like a child following parents instructions –
    (The language she used is language that even I wouldn’t use in the old neighborhood !)

  • Rshill7

    Ok I finally listened to it. She didn’t say a single thing. She looked into her bag of tricks and came up with nothing. She probably had to unwad her bag of tricks first in order to look in it. 
    Oh my. Oh yours too 🙂

  • DCGere

    Her parents must be so proud…

  • breakn70

    “I’m not even sure if this one knows why she hates Ted Cruz, only that she’s supposed to…”
    Bingo! She doesn’t even try to discuss the debate. No facts. Hell, no opinions on the substance, either. Vacuous.
    Thanks for that insight, Stepahanie.

  • 911infidel

    Speaking of teeny-tiny, WTF is a Stephanie Miller and why should I care? Go ahead and flag it Babs.

    • OneThinDime

      I’d give you 1,000 likes if this software would permit it!

      • 911infidel

        Wow, that’s awesome!. Thanks.

  • Well, I guess I’d rather be a douche nozzle than a douche bag, which is what she is. Jerk.

  • Amjean

    I hope that conservatives  (and other repubs) have learned the lesson from 2008 and beyond when both the lefties and the rinos bashed Sarah Palin incessantly.
    When they start bashing a conservative, we should then look in that conservative’s direction because they are doing something right.  First Sarah Palin, then Newt Gingrich, then Rand Paul, then Ted Cruz.  They attacked Sarah and Newt on a personal level.  They are attacking Rand Paul by using his father’s rhetoric against him.  Now they are attacking Ted Cruz by saying he is a meanie and doesn’t know the constitution (that’s a laugh in itself).  They haven’t gone after either of the last two personally YET.  But have no fear, its coming.  I hope we don’t listen to a word of it.  I hope Sarah Palin’s popularity goes through the roof as people realize we were “had” by the LSM and the lefties/rinos as to her intelligence and her record.  Please, let us have learned something!

  • Conservator1

    The Urban Dictionary (http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=douche%20nozzle) defines <b>douche nozzle</b> as:
    1) The under-appreciated apparatus of the Douche that actually does the stinky work. Attached to the Douche Bag.
    2) A male who acts and looks like an utter jackass. Someone who transcends common insults to the point that simply calling him a “jackass” or “douche-bag” will no longer do. Much more offensive than simply calling someone a douche-bag.
    This is the kind of knowledge needed to be political commentator, an awful comedian and host of a socialist talk radio program. Which means Sen. Cruz in just a few months has scared the poop out of Obama’s leftist media’s based who rely upon trash talk to defend their Messiah – way to go Ted!

  • Her mother must be proud of her command of the English language.  And very proud of her ability to think and reason…..NOT!

  • LOL

  • njmom

    Apparently her mother never washed out her mouth with soap. What a pity!

  • Mindless liberal haters: what a bunch of enema nozzles.

    • VIRUSX Bonus points for proper description.

  • 1217Chic

    Handsome, intelligent……. my kind of President!!!!!!

  • SheerPolitics

    Well I hope she’s getting her free Obama birth control. No way that skank needs to reproduce!

    • troutfisher

      SheerPolitics insightful comment – thanks.

  • BealBaug

    She is a liberal–enough said.

  • chatterbox365

    I’m telling ya…and you peeps know all this all too well…this is type of dialogue liberals use to communicate.  Having a potty mouth is the official language of liberals.  It’s no different than Ebonics.

    Don’t call her an idiot, stupid, mindless,etc…she won’t comprehend it.  You have to call her a f**king c**t or similar degrading language…then she’ll get the message. Liberals teach women to think with their vaginas, not their brains.

  • BearNJ

    Typical leftist. She’s pXssed at Cruz because Feinstein is too intellectually vapid to defend her position. Liberalism is the philosophy of the truly stupid.

  • temi227

    It’s people like Ted Cruz MANY Americans are depending on getting America out of this rut the liberals have put us in.  WE LOVE TED CRUZ!!!!

  • Classic_Brian

    Sad that an attractive Brunette grew up and became an empty headed Leftist Tool. If you watched Senator Cruz and Senator Feinsteins exchange you would have seen Cruz presenting a well constructed arguement and from Feinstein you would have heard absolutely nothing since she never really answered the question in regard to the 2nd Amendment. Feinstein played the “What difference does it make” dodge that seems to be in vogue with the Leftists, and of course as has been reported the barely audible name calling that Leahy used. This entire Government(All three branches) with very few exceptions needs to be flushed and we need to start over.

    • tinlizzieowner

      Sad that an attractive Brunette grew up and became an empty headed Leftist Tool’. 🙁

      She may have the looks but she doesn’t have the brains to make it at Fox News 😉

  • Swamp Fox

    Stephanie Miller is a female clone.  Or as we say in Kentucky… a clunt.

  • yazz55

    Listening to this liberal hogwash constitutes cruel and unusual punishment.  That would make it unconstitutional.

  • corlpj1001

    Wow, who would have thought some hack reporter on the Al Jazeera network would trash someone who believes in the US Constitution, Liberty and freedom?

    • 82nd vet

      corlpj1001 I hate her.

  • rockfish

    Imagine the repercussions if Hannity or Rush had called a lib that.  It would be front page headlines and the lead story on every msm news broadcast.

  • 1RandiStarr

    Skanks are unfulfilled not only from birth but thru death.

  • tsturbo

    Stephanie Miller, intellectual giant. Truly a cunning linguist, or something like that.

  • PaulLeslie

    Remember – liberals say we’re supposed to encourage “open and honest debate.”  No respect from liberals unless you show respect for marxism and disrespect for our founding.

  • Bloughmee

    This guy is so obviously a phony douche-bag in the same political vein as John Edwards.  He’s SOoooo empathetic toward the masses… he CAressssss   SOOOoooo much.  All while voting to destroy any social safety net that remains.    Gimme a break.   Like 99% of these guys, he’s a self-absorbed dickwad who really  wanted be a rock star.  Except he can’t sing or play guitar,  so he went into politics.

  • crosshr

    Quite often, what a hen scream and complain about  is what she really did,  not  what others are. 
    You manage to come clean and fully describe  how moronic ,retard, a d.bag you are. But I keep in mind how many diapers your fools libs has to go through a single day when Cruz name is mentioned. Please don’t be retard anymore, Cruz is not God. ok ? lol

  • USMC 64-68

    Well, you’ve checked off quite a few tactics on the list of “The 25 Rules of Disinformation.”  
    Five lines with nothing but name calling, slander, innuendo, overstatement, and irrelevant comparisons.
    Five lines, not only without one fact, or even an example based on reality (i.e. unsupported), or any signs of intellectual honesty in the writer.
    Definite proof of a fully-indoctrinated leftist desperately seeking inclusion and support from the disaffected subversive P.C. crowd.