Terry McAuliffe goes to Democrat fundraiser on the way home from the hospital with newborn in car and wife crying

Democrat gubernatorial nominee for Virgina, Terry McAuliffe, actually wrote this story in his 2007 book What a Party and it’s been recently brought to light by Buzzfeed’s Andrew Kaczynski. And to be honest, I find this story quite stunning. In short, McAuliffe describes the trip home from the hospital with his newborn in the backseat and his wife crying as she wondered how in the world her husband could be stopping by a Democrat fundraiser. He then leaves them in the car for 15 minutes while he smoozes people to donate to the Democrat party. And he plays it off by saying “Nobody ever said life with me was easy.”

Seriously, who does that? What a power hungry jerk!

If you think this is bad, jump here to see where McAulifee went while his wife was waiting to deliver.

Note: McAuliffe is running against Republican and VA. State Attorney Ken Cuccinelli who led the charge against ObamaCare in the courts. I dare say he’s a far better man than McAuliffe in more ways than just politics.

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  • mickeyco

    And I thought my ex-husband was a jackass.

    • cabensg

      mickeyco   We can always find something to be thankful for as long as we have liberals actions to look at.

      • mickeyco

        cabensg mickeyco very nice

  • Just two words: F’n Dirtbag!

  • nosilasunny

    Completely not surprised. Like ABiC would say, what a crapweasel.

    • njmom

      nosilasunny Somehow, “crapweasel” seems to be an understatement for Terry.

      • nosilasunny

        Belieworse, I was thinking worse.

  • Ok, some more words.  Sorry, but you knew it was coming…
    First off, how on EARTH could a man bringing his newly proud mommy and baby home take a detour for ANYTHING let alone a political gig?
    Second… I know there isn’t a man here reading this forum that would swan off and let his wife and newborn ALONE in a CARPARK anytime, let alone on the way home from the hospital!!! 
    He left his wife in tears…  Jeez… I’d punch him if I could right now!  Dirtbag?  Make that s#!tbag!  
    Scum of the earth.  If he were my friend in life, and I found out he abandoned his wife and child like that… for ANY reason… After I’d punched him… I’d never ever consider him a friend again.  And I’d check in frequently with his wife to see how she was doing and if everything was alright…

    • njmom

      WolfieUSA That’s why you’re our beloved Wolfie.

      • Orangeone

        njmom WolfieUSA Ditto!

    • tshtsh

      WolfieUSA If he did not need them for the photo shots, he probably would have encouraged his wife to kill the baby in the womb.

  • nosilasunny

    It definitely shows the difference between real men like you and democrat scum who call themselves men.

  • strangernfiction

    If this stuns you, you don’t know who these people are.

    • njmom

      strangernfiction It doesn’t stun me but it does make me shake my head.

  • njmom

    I can think of many words to describe what Terry did but why bother. If the people of Va elect this man then they deserve whatever they get and I can guarantee it will not be to their liking. If he treats his family this badly how must he treat others?

    • njmom 
      I would say it speaks of his character…  But obviously he is devoid of character.

      • njmom

        WolfieUSA njmom Not only character but love.

      • Orangeone

        WolfieUSA njmom And conscious

    • stage9

      njmom Character is a “social” matter, and social issues matter.

  • Conniption Fitz

    Democrat heads are screwed on upside down and back-wards.
    Look at what the Obama idiots are spending big money on – hundreds of thousands to reduce stigmatization of transgenders… in India!!!!
    In a recession they spend money on this c*ap.

    • Conniption Fitz 
      they are mentally ill..  has to be the answer.  That or just pure evil… I’ll accept “all of the above” as an an answer. 🙁

  • MiltonBassHayek

    Hahaha! What a wanker. I bet he’d sell his family off for a million dollar donation to the democrat party. These guys are soulless.

  • DINOright

    He is such a heartless jerk (stronger words come to mind!!)!  Please PLEASE Virginia, don’t let this guy become our next governor!!!  He is a heartless, superficial, money-grubbing HACK!!  
    He makes me think of the Carly Simon song, “You’re so vain (you probably think this song is about you)”………..

  • tshtsh

    If b.o. had a “white” brother, this is it.  Ken has his first vote, me!

  • jrenai67

    And that about sums it up as to what’s wrong with the children of the world and why they grow up to be drug addicts and delinquent

    • Orangeone

      jrenai67 Bingo!

  • cabensg

    So this is something to brag about. Tsk, tsk, tsk. They are such a sad example of what liberalism has come to mean.

  • stage9

    Tears seem to follow demoncraps wherever they go. What a sensitive guy. With such distorted views on marriage and family it wouldn’t surprise me if this didn’t happen a lot within demoncrap circles.

  • Orangeone

    And the womens’ groups are out screaming where???? This is a true demonstration of the Democrat’s war on women.  Wonder if the wife has realized that she and her newborn are nothing more than political props. Guess she should have done a bit more vetting before tying the knot.

  • Orangeone

    Well she’s been with him and had 5 kids so I guess she’s the Democrat poster woman.  This says it all about him: “”I know nothing is more important to Virginians than creating good jobs
    that will support a family.”  If I lived in VA, he would hear from me about what is most important and it is the love of family and friends, not a [email protected] job.

  • bucketheadbaptist

    One of the few Dem leaders I’ve actually spent time in their presence… and he was just as condescending as you’d think he might be… and that was in a room with just a few people that he THOUGHT were all friendly.

  • Political Pugilist

    Sometimes a certain type of man can be such pain in the rear that it is just easier to get him out of the way so he doesn’t make a situation worse. Doesn’t matter how bad your hurting, how dire or special the situation is, it’s just better to remove him from the occasion because if he is forced (with Terry’s type, he must be forced) to participate as a source of wholesomeness or paternal strength that family looks too during important events, he will be sure to make the families experience a living hell. Terry’s type cares nothing of what is truly important and sacred in life: GOD & FAMILY. McAuliffe is warped, so is his wife for staying with him. Maybe she has a “Hillary Complex” and enjoys her and her family being abused and neglected.

  • The Sentinel

    The bar is set below ground to be a Democrap.
    This guy is a rotten piece of work. (like most Democraps)

  • Booker

    Doesn’t that remind you of Slick Willie? This guy would sell his own relatives for politics.

  • Laurel A

    McAuliffe is a crook with his lips attached to Clinton’s backside. If VA votes him in it’s over for that great state and you follow the path of California.

    • volsense

      A democratic shyster like McAuliffe, once said.” the truth is what you can make a voter believe.” McAuliffe is evil in its basic form.  He fit the Clinton lifestyle perfectly with patholgic al lying and uncontrolled narcissism something Obama has mastered too. We can’t keep evil from destroying our country, our only hope is to slow it down so its more palatable.  When there is no truth, the path is clear.

  • DawgfanInFL

    I’m sure liberals will consider him self-sacrificing. I call the slug self-serving.

  • Yet this bum is a hero to liberals. Tells you a little bit about his priorities in life. As a typical liberal, winning in politics is EVERYTHING, even more important than your own family. We are going to have to be a lot tougher in the next national election if we want to win. Being nice like Romney or McCain isn’t going to get you anything. They both tried to take the “high road” and lost. This tells you all you need to know on how to beat a liberal.

  • 3seven77

    What’s a family compared to $1 million to the DNC?

    • RobHorine

      3seven77 To other libs, that’s a virtue.

  • PapaLouie

    But I bet his wife still voted for him, like a good liberal.

  • RobHorine

    I would call this man a snake oil salesman.  But that would be a insult.

  • publius69

    wait a sec…a dishonest, self-centered pol?  that can’t be…

  • lawngreen

    Are they still married? Is his child on drugs yet? Has his wife turned to alcohol to assuages the emotional pain? These are all likely results of this degree of jerkness.

    I’ll bet nobody ever said life with him was worth the pain, either. What a jerk. More accurate words positively rush to mind, but we’re supposed to exercise a little restraint on this site.

    The apostle Paul in Ephesians 5:25, says, “Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her…”
    McAuliffe, if you weren’t paying attention, Christ allowed Himself to be tortured to death for the Church. You, Terry McAuliffe, will one day discover that you have royally angered God. Husbands are supposed to be more dedicated to the health, safety, welfare, and happiness of their wives than they are to anyone else’s on earth.

  • LouisLaGuardiaIII

    Terry McAuliffe has always come across as a jerk in every interview that I’ve seen him in. This story just solidifies it. A real man takes care of his wife and child, ESPECIALLY his newborn child first before he takes care of anything to do with his career. What kind of example does that set for his kid?

  • LouisLaGuardiaIII

    Terry McAuliffe has always come across as a jerk in every interview that I’ve seen him in. This story just solidifies it. A real man takes care of his wife and child, ESPECIALLY his newborn child first before he takes care of anything to do with his career. What kind of example does that set for his kid?

  • LouisLaGuardiaIII

    Terry McAuliffe has always come across as a jerk in every interview that I’ve seen him in. This story just solidifies it. A real man takes care of his wife and child, ESPECIALLY his newborn child first before he takes care of anything to do with his career. What kind of example does that set for his kid?

  • froggy19510

    “Democrat gubernatorial nominee for Virgina, Terry McAuliffe”
    Should read: Democrat guber nominee for Virginia, Terry McAuliffe.

  • I had the unfortunate opportunity to hear this j.a. at a hospital association meeting when he was killery’s campaign manager.  It was all I could do to sit through it, but I did because I wanted to hear all the lies.  The organizers of this meeting got an earful from me afterwards on the survey.  There was no place for campaigning at a hospital meeting.  They also booked hussein’s religious advisor (can’t remember his name right now) another year.  Of course, this association is all for Medicaid expansion, so they can all keep their jobs.  They don’t care what people are going through —- they just want to keep their jobs.

  • If that sets the bar for the low-life things he’s done and is willing to reveal publicly then imagine the things he’s done that he doesn’t want the public to know.

  • DebbyX

    That is an unforgivable offense in my book.  Wives have looooooooooong memories.  He’ll be hearing about this when that baby gets married and on into the future.

    • K-Bob

      DebbyX Oh man.  That is so right.

  • Stehekin912

    She is still married to him?  Sheesh he is a jerk

  • Godisright

    i would have called a cab and cut all the hoses on the car.

  • famouswolf

    Behaving in an unmanly way like that, specifically, makes me wonder what the jerk’s real, moslem name is. Because they are the ‘culture’ that has that sort of  priorities.
    All I can say because I’m grinding my fangs so hard.

    • famouswolf 
      ARRROOOOOOOoooooo!!!!  I feel the call of the wild too my fellow wolf!

  • jgilman

    What? He sounds perfect!

  • NCHokie02


  • TerryGingoMcClinton


  • GlennKenworthy

    This guy is multi multi millionare, but I never fail to understand why the voters are never told a candidate net worth..??

  • stage9

    Five times Terry McAuliffe admits he ditched his wife for politics