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As The Five hosts were celebrating their success over lunch today, Bob Beckel said he began to choke on some food. Thanks to his buddy Eric Bolling, he lived to tell about it:

(via Mediaite)

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  • Anonymous

    aw nuts…


    • Anonymous

      nah!! Tiger shrimps!

  • Anonymous

    Thank God for all the Eric Bollings in the world!

  • Anonymous

    As The Five hosts were celebrating their success
    What success ?

    • Anonymous

      He is not saying it but it sure frightened him and all of them that they would not be able to wrap their arms around his waste and apply the Heimlich Maneuver!! His weight was a bit of a problem. Thank God, Eric Bolling was around and succeeded in saving the man’s life. Otherwise, Dana would have given him the atomic arm!

    • Anonymous

      they still there and the show dont cancel yet .

  • Chris Pierce

    You’d think someone who eats that much would know how to chew properly.

    • Anonymous

      This was my thought, chew your food before attempting to swallow it. Sheez, liberals are dumb.

  • jerold johnson

    As my boy Jr. says,” don’t kick a wet turd!

  • nydivide

    Dana Perino thought he was faking and not really choking because he faked a heart attack a week prior – the boy who cried wolf – just like when leftists such as Bob go running around calling anyone that disagrees with them a misogynist, racist, or bigot — CERTAIN THINGS SHOULD NOT BE FALSELY CLAIMED, BOB BECKEL AND THE REST OF THE LEFTIST FOOLS.

  • Cheryl Fallon

    Way to go Eric!! Great guy!!!!

  • Jim F.

    As much as I disagree with Bob Beckel I would hate to see him choke to death. Be careful when you eat Bob, don’t rush.

  • Anonymous

    This article will give them the biggest viewership they ever had.

    • Anonymous

      I DVR it and watch every day. So does my husband who is in a different town. I love the format. When we watch Bret, my hubby fast forwards to the panel. We enjoy the banter.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, I’m glad Bob is OK. Way to go Eric! He was very humble about his heroics.

  • twolaneflash

    Someone needs to kick Eric Bolling’s ass. Who is he to mess with God’s hand? Divine justice almost delivered. Damn it, He missed again, and He still can’t hit a two iron.

    FOX went to hell when they made puke-inducing Beckel part of the team, and I WILL NOT watch him. Beckel causes convulsions in my remote control thumb. Now all the alphabet media are leftist shills. FOX is just the last to submit.

    • Anonymous

      Damn it, your as bad as I but that is a good thing. Dark humor.

  • PunditPawn

    Beckel may still be alive, but he’s still a punk-a$$ liberal.

  • Travis Pierson

    Good thing Beckel isn’t a woman or Bolling would have let him die on the floor.

  • Anonymous

    I know a lot of people are jokingly beating up on Bolling for doing what he did. But, as a former liberal, you’d be surprised how often these kind of acts of decency (which I’ve found to be far more common amongst Christians and conservatives than amongst my snarky liberal/Marxist colleagues), can change a person’s heart and even their politics. It can humanize the misimpressions liberals have about Republicans. It can make people reevaluate their assumptions about their political thought.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if this procedure would be legal under obamacare.

  • Anonymous

    I am enjoying my good fortune. This happens to be one show I recorded of The Five and now I have all these comments to accompany me when I watch it. Just so you know, friends, I can’t stomach Bob B, either.

  • Anonymous

    Definitely not Eric Bolling’s finest moment.

  • Mimi Mayes

    I can’t watch the show either because Beckel drives me crazy, but he must be a decent guy because I’ve heard both Hannity and Levin call him a friend.

    • twolaneflash

      Yeah, friends, like Boehner and Obama. American citizens are just the meat in their sandwich. No respect here for Hannity and the other talking heads. They are not my voice.


    I too may have finished my lunch before helping beckle,
    this guy is nothing more than arse hole for the left.

    • Mary Owens

      I would have helped him but I refuse to watch the man He will not listen to any oppinion other then his own. O how I miss Glenn Beck

      • Lynn Suzanne

        Subscribe to GBTV. It’s worth the small cost. Glen is better than ever and he’s the only person telling the truth about what’s going on. You can watch his show anytime that’s convenient for you. It’s awesome!

  • Anonymous

    As a person that has had a couple of occasions to use the Hiemlich to dislodge a choking item from the windpipe of a person not able to breath, I’d recommend everyone to learn the procedure. It happened at our Thanksgiving dinner and would have been most tragic had no one known what to do. No laughing matter this.

  • Phil Correia

    Bob Beckle is as crazy as a shit house DNC rat but I have to admit, he makes me laugh and he tries so hard to be a good sport. That show would not be the same without Bob. What Eric lacks in personality Bob augments with wit, bravado and presence! I’m glad Eric saved Bob’s life now if Bob would just become a Libertarian there would be hope for the country! :-)

  • American Patriot

    Fat Bob round pants!

  • American Patriot

    Fat Bob round pants!

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