The liberals are coming! Rush Revere unveils ‘Two If By Tea’

On his show today, Rush unveiled a new product he is selling called ‘Two If By Tea’. It’s definitely iced tea, the real McCoy just like his mom used to make it. He says a portion of each bottle sold will go to the Marine Corps’ Law Enforcement Foundation. You can buy it here.

Here’s why Rush said he did it:

In this economy I, ladies and gentlemen, wanted to show – you know I’ve always said when they give recessions I choose not to participate – I wanted to demonstrate that even in this economy with an oppressive regime like we have standing in the way of economic growth that it can still happen with ambition, with ingenuity, and with desire.

The tea is below:

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  • Haha this is awesome

    • Anonymous

      Back to his Snapple roots….ah…just like old times

  • Anonymous


    Twenty or thirty years ago, “the liberals are coming” might have been funny. With the kind of Obama-care and EPA tyranny that looms now, the national debt rapidly approaching 100% of the GDP, trillions in unfunded liabilities, hollowing out the military by running three wars and budget cuts –
    this is his great announcement?

    Take your tea and sip it.

  • Anonymous

    wow $2.00/bottle? a little much for us non New yorkers.

    can get a case of pepsi for $6.00 at walmart.

    • Anonymous

      I think it’s high too, but if you go into a convenience store, (at least here) really any type store that sells drinks it’s about $2 depending on the product. A 16 oz Pepsi/Coke is up to $1.89, they used to be .99, then 1.29, 1.49. At least tea is better for you and the product is charity for our Marines. I trust Rush in making sure the money actually makes it to the charity. The free shipping helps. I wouldn’t consider buying if I had to pay for shipping.

      • Anonymous

        here in NC we have pepsi 16oz 2 for $2. i would love to buy some for the marines but thngs are tight at the moment..

        • Anonymous

          Some stores around here will have that offer. Yep, things are tight for sure.

  • Anonymous

    “…when they give recessions I choose not to participate…” (Rush)

    Yes. After the market tanked I bought many thousands of shares of SiriusXm radio (SIRI) at 6 cents per share when everyone thought it was going bankrupt, I saw that two different satellite companies wanted to own them and would probably duke it out. Check out what it is per share now. Me and the E-Trade baby…friends for life.

    Go Rush! This is still America and she’s warming up for her big second act, as soon as we get the progressives back home where they belong.

  • Anonymous

    Being a Southerner I am curious. There is talent in making tea, not everyone can do it.

  • Anonymous

    Nothin’ against old Rushbo, but if we all had his $, we could go out and start a new business too. Plus he’s already got a forum to advertise and sell it.

    Sorry, Rush……….but the argument that anybody can start a brand new business these days seems a little disingenuous. I’d like to try it but it seems kind of pricey.

    • Anonymous

      Ma’am. You have an inventory worth millions. Check out the looking glass one time. You can do things. You have special talents. You have things you really, really like to do. That makes a business especially great.

      IMO the best way to start a business is from scratch. My wife and I were literally on government assistance ourselves when we started our business. You’d be surprised what you can start with nothing and let it grow itself. No need to go into debt. You have only to borrow from yourself. The only thing you’ve risked is your time.

      Philippians 4:13 is my favorite.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks RS………….I was feeling a little negative last night when I wrote that.  You are absolutely right.  I guess what I was really feeling was that Rush saying that even in this economy HE could start a business seemed ridiculous.

        He could start selling ants at picnics and make money 🙂
        Hey, now there’s an idea I never heard anybody have.

        • Anonymous

          You and I, and Rush, were created by God in His own image. There is nothing we can’t do. Rock on sister! Positive prayers for you and yours. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Rush is a money hog. He does nothing free.

    • Anonymous

      As Rush has always said: follow the money trail.

    • That’s not true.

    • Rush is not all about money, he gives a lot of his hard earned monies to many charities, but unlike so many, he does not need to advertise it.

  • Anonymous

    Leave it to Rush. Just tick the liberals off some more.

  • Anonymous

    Rush is genius. My case is on the way. I’ll keep a bottle for prosperity and chug the rest. Hopefully it will be my favorite new tea, I wonder if the libs will report me to HR for making a political statement if I have this sitting on my desk.

  • I can’t stand tea….blech! But, good for Rush. I was in the beverage industry a few years, manufacturing, selling, warehousing, shipping— you name it. Tough business with way too many competitors. Shipping is probably the biggest killer because of the weight of the product and the low cost. While I was there our costs went up almost 50% in just shipping, so he had to make it free shipping in order to be able to sell it online. He’s charging the same as retail, but you get it shipped to your house- that’s a lot of cost that he’s eating up since most people do not buy by the truckload or pallet like retailers do.

    Kudos to Rush

  • Constance

    I can’t afford it. I was somewhat disappointed at the price, because in this economy, it is too much of a luxury. However, I am sure it will be a success, and I am all for that.

  • Sun tea.

    Take a gal. of H2o in a CLEAR glass jar add 10 tea bags of your favorite tea, Seal.

    Let sit out in the sun on a hot day for 4 to 8 hours.
    (sunlight needs to pass though the jar)

    Add sugar to taste, or not.

    my Mom used to make tea this way.

    She learned it from her Mom,.. and so on.

    I found a recipe similar to it from 1830 in a family recipe book.

    Simple things some times are the best.