The silent Islamization of Egypt

Egypt police are now legally able to grow full Islamic beards for the first time in 30 years and even their military vehicles are being imprinted with “Not God but Allah, Muhammad is the messenger of Allah”. They are probably putting that on their new F-16s and Abrams tanks too.

I wonder who could have seen this coming…

ASIA NEWS – From the continuing attacks against Christians, to the proposed ban on alcohol and belly dancing, Egypt is increasingly being transformed into an Islamic state. The signs of this change are not only within the Constitution, based on sharia, but the imposition of customs until now the preserve of a minority of society. In recent days, a decision of an Administrative Court of Cairo has made headlines. The court is allowing police officers to wear beards the “Islamic way” after a thirty years ban. In February, dozens of police officers were suspended for violating the law. They protested for days in front of the headquarters of the Ministry of the Interior arousing the sympathy of several Salafi imams and police officers who lobbied on the Court to remove the ban. Dating back to the regime of Hosni Mubarak, the law was introduced to prevent the entry in the police force of elements of radical Islamism who would not be impartial in administering the law. Anyone who sported an Islamic beard was suspended.

According to the moderate newspaper Al Ahram, the Court’s verdict marks an important page in the Egyptian society and confirms the silent Islamization of institutions and has sparked new protests by Christians and the secular opposition, which for months has been denouncing this trend.

However this ruling is not the only sign of this trend taking hold. Radical Islamists begin to emerge even in the army after decades of keeping a low profile. In recent days, the Baladna Bel Masry talk showed a video of a military tank painted with the words: “Not God but Allah, Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.” The video was shown across the country and today Ahmed Mohammed Ali, spokesman of the Higher Council of the Armed Forces announced legal action against those responsible. “One vehicle – however, he stressed – does not mean that the phenomenon concerns the entire army.”

Attempts to Islamize Egyptian society also affect education. In recent days Mogheth Kamal, an expert on education, denounced a Muslim Brotherhood plan to impose lessons of Islam and the Koran in schools, even private ones. The Islamist movement reportedly has the support of many institutions, including foreign ones.

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  • Sober_Thinking

    It’s just evil spreading it’s tentacles… nothing to see here.

  • Joe
    • TexasPGRRider

      Needs to update banner to: “freedom fighters”

    • that link is funny!

  • Rshill7


    All the Christian murders have been fairly loud to me. This thing is more like a mass march with the deafening sound of Islamic boots striking the ground. This is so in your face you can smell it’s breath and itch from it’s new whiskers. So loud and proud they paint it on war buggies.


    • fair point, but this article was about the society in general and not about the oppression in the Christian community.

  • maynardb50

    It is going to get quite calamitous over the next few years. Brace yourselves. And it is okay to horde. I will (and am).

  • TexasPGRRider

    ” Libyan Weapons Being Sold to al qaeda in Egyptian Auctions.” While you`re there, search “Three Stages of Jihad”..

  • Pretty sure at this point Egypt is heading towards civil war. The Muslim Brotherhood is not going to give an inch, and Morsi’s appointment for his new spokesperson shows that they are looking outside of Egypt for help retaining and expanding that power. I’m sure the F-16’s, tanks, and other assistance from the Obama administration is a nice start to that policy.

    • TexasPGRRider

      Thanks for the link John…Good to know who we`re dealin` with….


    …ISLAM =EVIL = E N E M Y !” (exclamation point)

  • Pancake3

    With Egypt deteriorating before our eyes, now we are to arm Syrian rebels to create a similar scenario there? How in the world do congress and the executive branch come to such outrageous conclusions? Something is seriously wrong in Washington, D.C.

  • notsofastthere

    Let’s just send them some more money, tanks, and planes. For sure the president and congress see something good in this, that we fools just can’t understand. (sarcastic…you bet)

  • What is silent about it?

    And yet instead of letting in Coptic Christians legally Obama will let in illegals.

  • This is going to get a lot worse. Egypt is turning into another Iran, and fast. The big problem is going to be when the full pogrom against the Christians will take place? In an Egypt that follows radical Islam, there will be no room for the Christians and they WILL eventually be eliminated. The only question is when. I hope the Christians are reading the handwriting on the wall and preparing to get out. Given the way things are going in Egypt, they may not have much time left.