‘They don’t have a clue!’ – Rick Santelli blasts the Fed, Obama, and Congress

A little Rick Santelli for your Thursday. In the clip below Santelli is arguing with a guy who thinks the stock market is a good indicator of the country’s future, primarily talking about the fiscal cliff. But Santelli quickly blows up the discussion to the trillions in debt and unfunded liabilities we have, noting that Washington doesn’t have a clue and you can’t even listen to them about our country’s future.


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  • nibblesyble

    I needed a Santelli fix this morning…thanks Scoop!

    • crosshr

      I need a Santelli fix every day !

    • Amen!

  • Conservative_Utopia

    It doesn’t get any more complicated than an idiot with a credit card and a horder/gangster mentality. Either we remand ALL programs back to the states to compete, or we lose this game. The feds should be disclosing best practices, not implementing them (ha, as if).

  • I liked it. I liked the cheering behind him too lol.

    Only thing is, I think they do have a clue. They’ve planned it, and the rinos go along because they can hold onto their own powers.

    • ApplePie101

      I agree. It seems to come down to holding onto power, and protecting their personal investments. One can tell by the venom in their attacks against the conservative ‘extremists’ that both parties regard them as the true enemy.

      • Orangeone

        Their personal investments will mean nothing because those of us outside of Congress with investments will sell off rapidly and crash the market.

    • And they go along because they don’t understand it and too arrogant to admit that they don’t hence the reason they are so easily manipulated.

      • celestiallady

        They understand it – they all do. It’s deliberate and there is nothing we can do or it would have been done by now.

        • No I think some do and are protecting themselves selfishly but I also think most in congress don’t. Listen to the stupid things they say.
          that level of intellect couldn’t possibly understand. Listen to the pundits and the crap they espouse. They are all part of the same beltway trifecta of inbreeding.

          Politicians+lobbyists+media=inbred ignorance

          • celestiallady

            I will agree on the dumb stuff they say but they have always been like that. They are all alike for sure but I still think it is delliberate.

            • I think some of it is certainly deliberate but there are also a lot of useful idiots in congress. Hank Johnson is but one example of that.

        • Don

          Excellent point, celestiallady. When you have a narcisstic, pathological liar who is totally incompetent in the White House, this cannot end well. When billions of American taxpayer money has funded the Muslim Brotherhood in its overthrow of Egypt and now becoming close to seizing Syria, they are out of the closet and the ignorance of the American people will follow the lies and deceptions of the mainstream media until life as we know it will cease to exist.

          • crosshr

            Well put Don !

            I believe he’s not that sharp, he’s as you put it incompetent. For all of his doings and for all the turmoil and chaos taking place around the world that he supports, through funding, arm, pep talks etc, those are what he was trained and prepped for from day one.

            Today this pathlogical-liar-in chief is completing his expected mission one item after another. No one has a mouth like his. half of the population of this country follows him blindly.

            I am thinking, Would it be that the LORD Jesus return is what will stop all this.
            NEVER KNOW !

            • clockwindingdown

              He does only know that which he has been programed with!

              It is easy to see how Germany, France, Romans Etc., all suffered the fools they too suffered.

              celestiallady & Laurel, they believe in the theory of the cause they have been told of. Very few understand it. In fact I would bet that many would border on functionally mentally retarded IQ wise. How else does one explain comments such as “I’m worried the Island may turn over from to many people.” Come on, does this (and many statements like this) sound like someone that actually has an IQ that would allow them to function in society without be checked in on occasionally?

              These are people ignorant and able to follow enough instruction to do as told by their leaders without questioning. These are not intellectual giants! With that perspective more things done and being done make sense. How many of these people have read the affordable health care act, aka obamacare? Probably less then a dozen and those would be ones opposing it. I highly doubt anyone that aided in writing it actually read it. We know the SCOTUS didn’t, they openly stated such, yet supported it…

    • sjmom

      Some do know but there are also many who simply are being led by the nose. All of them are fools and Obama is the biggest of them all. He is the joker in chief.

    • crosshr

      Santelli is one positive lonely voice among liberal gangs that do wear eye patch and ear plug in order to fake all real & correct info of what is really going on.

      Love this guy Rick Sanitelli

  • mikeinidaho

    Au contrare, Mr. Santelli! While I applaud your candor, I must disagree. I think that the government, ALL of it, knows EXACTLY what it is doing and is putting into motion a plan they have had for many years. I believe the destruction of the capitalist system is purposeful and that they are bringing it about in order to turn this country into another European-style socialist state or worse. It’s all about power and control. Control the money, and you have power over the country and its citizens allowing you (the feds) to control everyone’s life from cradle to grave. It’s a socialist/communist’s dream come true. Once the US becomes another European-style socialist “basket case”, they can more easily combine all the “basket cases” together and voila, One World Government under the so-called UN “Agenda-21”. Just a thought from a dummy living in rural Idaho.

    • celestiallady

      You are no dummy. I totally agree with you. Unless we are both dummies!!!!

      • anotherworriedmom

        Add me to your dummy list.

    • crosshr

      tru dat mike !
      I hate it that I agree with what you say mike !

    • Joe

      I reluctantly agree

      and You are no dummy – exactly the opposite


      BTW – Is there really a missing truck with a big tater on it?

  • johnos2112

    When China and other countries stop buying our debt then we are in big trouble. Treasury notes will soon become about the value of .20 per dollar. That will be the collapse. This idiot talking about lowering tax rates will not help is just BS! We all know that it does work.

    • warpmine

      A steep decline in spending would also greatly help the situation but Hell hasn’t yet frozen over so I cannot see it in the short term future.

  • And nobody, NOBODY, is addressing all of the new taxes that are going to kick in under Obamacare. Most people don’t even know about them, let alone realize what it will do to them financially. The Obamacare taxes kick in no matter what happens with the fiscal cliff negotiations and Americans don’t really comprehend the fact that all of these Obamacare taxes kick in next year. Only after another recession hits will people start paying attention, and that day is coming a lot faster than most Americans realize.

    • I think Obamacare = Depression.

      When Obamacare kicks in, so will a depression. Now, if the country were in a different situation with growth and prosperity, it might just stall it. But with the current situation, I see no other possibility than a depression. Not a recession, but a full blown crash of the economy.

    • Well said and a good catch.

    • celestiallady

      They don’t know because they aren’t paying attention or don’t care. The taxes that will kick in have been listed for a few weeks now on different sites, Facebook, tthe local news here anyway and other places I’m sure I haven’t seen. They are lazy and don’t want to be bothered until like you said, it kicks them in the butt.

      • Orangeone

        People think that ObamaCare is fully of goodies that someone else is paying for. I’m giggling because the 25 year old who thinks mommy and daddy will keep him on insurance will learn mommy and daddy are not required to keep him on the insurance and that he either has to purchase his own or pay the penalty. And wait until he finds out he has to meet the requirements of dependent to be on mommy & daddy’s 🙂

        • celestiallady

          Exactly, one of my son’s voted for Obama (Ugh) because he thinks Ocare will be all free. I tried and tried to tell him there is a price to pay but he would not listen. When he complains I will just laugh and walk away. He is over 26 and should know better.

    • Orangeone

      And most will find out about the 21 new ObamaCare taxes and additional penalties when they prepare their 2013 and 2014 tax returns in 2014 and 2015. The taxes are phased in such a way as to sneak in 2013 to business owners and surprise general taxpayers after the 2014 votes and it’s too late to vote correctly.

      • Nukeman60

        These people are the same people that are surprised when any of their bills increase. When my cable company switched to digital last year, they gave me a digital box (with remote) and two adapters for 2 other TVs (I have 3 TV’s in my house). These were all free, but of course I noticed they were all listed on my bill at $0.00 charge each. This year the 2 adapters are being charged at $2/ month each. I’m sure next year the digital box will be at least $8/month. People are still surprised when the bill appears (“Why did my bill go up?”).

        People never pay attention and they never learn. There is a rule in video gaming called Wizard’s first rule – it is “people are stupid”.

        Edit: also, isn’t it interesting that they always make bills to correlate with right after elections – every time.

        • Orangeone

          Just like the $63 fee that everyone has to pay on their health insurance for someone else’s FREE pre-existing condition.

  • sjmom

    They’re so blind they can’t even see the truth when it smacks them across the face. Deception and delusion is alive and well in this nation and when it comes crashing down upon them they’ll wonder what happened. Pure idiocy!

  • Nukeman60

    …the markets have grown accustomed to some incompetence…

    Yeah, and most people have grown accustomed to some incompetence – that’s why they keep electing them to office. An incompetent populace voting for an incompetent group of politicians sending us all over the incompetent cliff.


    …pack up your BIBLES , GUNS & GOLD and head for them HILLS .”

    PS …and don’t forget your AMMO !”

  • Sober_Thinking

    Rick is right and he is always entertaining… but frustrating when these boneheads spew their nonsense.

  • ROTFL! Oh Santelli, I love you man.

  • Howzah123

    They know exactly what they are doing Rick

    All the destruction is on purpose

  • Conniption Fitz

    These people know exactly what they are doing.

  • NJK

    They have a clue. They know exactly what they’re doing. They’re a crime syndicate. It’s grand larceny. One of the biggests heists of all time. Boehner, Cantor, and the rest know of all of their crimes. They’re either the biggest idiots of all time, or they’re part of the syndicate.

    I pray God gives us the chance to try them, like Nuremberg, and execute all of them. This earth needs to rid itself of this evil. There’s no statute of limitations on treason.


  • Who votes we send the millennials to Siberia?

    • louisiana_mom

      Not all the millennials voted for Obama. My 19 year old voted for Romney this past election. She sees the spending and knows it will be up to her generation to pay it back and she is also smart enough to figure out any freebies the Dems promise her today will need to be paid back by her later… Having said that, I know she is in the minority. All I’m saying is we need to separate the ones who want something for nothing to the actual thinkers of this generation. 🙂

  • I have only three words for D.C. “torches and pitchforks”

  • louisiana_mom

    I hate it when they try to paint what is going on in Washington as incompetence this lessens what is really happening… which is the intentional and planned destruction of our great nation! They are evil people doing evil work and they don’t care how many Americans get hurt in the process as long as they implement their evil agenda! Call it what it is!

  • white531

    Rick Santelli for President! I love this guy. Because he loves this country. I have followed him for twenty years. He knows more about the financial markets and how money works, than most hedge fund managers.

    What you just watched, was an adult who has been there and done that, talking to a child who is still wet behind the ears, and isn’t worth the salary he is being paid.

    Rick Santelli has an audience. I’m not talking about the audience on the floor of the exchange. He has that, for sure. But Rick Santelli has an audience in America. I’m part of that audience. I always have been.

    It is written somewhere, that one of Rick Santelli’s rants was the impetus for the Tea Party. I could look it up, but you can do it as fast as I can, and I’ve been gone all day, so I’m trying to catch up with the posts.

    I’ll make it simple. What Rick Santelli thinks, is what I think. We are twins, born from different mothers.

    • CPAguy

      Yes, his famous pre-tax rant started the Tea Party.

      Glenn Beck was also important as he was able to use his show to actually bring out the crowd to the Tea Party rally…

      I think Santelli was being a bit sarcastic (or optimistic) when he encouraged/formulated the initial Tea Party rally.

      • white531

        But that is personal conjecture, cpaguy. With all due respect, that position does not give Rick Santelli, the benefit of the doubt. You don’t really know what Rick Santelli was thinking, when he made that rant.

        Why do we all have to become Journalists? Why do we have to put our own opinion in front of what someone said in plain English? I do believe we all understand plain English. Then why do we constantly have to try to interpret what someone said in plain English? I believe it is the language most of us speak, after all.

        If I tell you there is a fire in the drugstore down the street, I don’t expect you to question what I just said. There is a fire in the drugstore. Forgive me, but if there is a fire in the drugstore down the street, I don’t have to confirm that fact with a Journalist. The fire in the drugstore is a simple fact.

        The point is, it requires action, not interpretation. I am sick to death of Journalists. They enjoy enormous salaries, to tell us what we should think. Without them, and their enormous salaries, we can’t think for ourselves. Is that what this great nation has become?

        Let us say what we have to say in plain English. It is the language of the land where we live. I think we can figure out things for ourselves. Without, “Journalists.”

  • 1tootall

    Faber is a failed broker who sits in his armchair goading on the guys in the trenches who are trying to make a living in a market the government has co-opted. Santelli has figured this out and has little patience for those trying to sound like Tim Geithner. Faber makes a stupid statement (minute 4:50) about the fact that no one knew he was there when Santelli first when viral. Maybe that’s because Faber had nothing intelligent to say. Santelli is 100% correct talking about the Fed and the debt. No one wants to talk about that because to acknowledge it would demand a sea change in Congress and the WH. That’s not PC right now. It’s still the truth, however. God Bless Rick Santelli.

  • BabyMal

    Time for Tea Party round 2.