“They knew they were gonna die” – Parents of SEAL Team 6 member want answers in son’s death

Billy and Karen Vaughn, parents of SEAL Team 6 member Aaron Vaughn, were on Fox and Friends this morning pushing for answers in their son’s 2011 death in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan. They revealed that yesterday a recently retired SEAL Team 6 member called them and told them that despite the claims of higher-ups that the team members were OK with how they were operating in Afghanistan, he said that they all knew they were going to die and talked about it all the time. He said that because they were using a national guard helicopter instead of a special operations helicopter, that it was only a matter of time before they were going to die.

Watch the full interview:

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  • I really feel bad for these people, and the worst part is that their fears may become a reality when and if the day comes that the government was complicit.  At this time, we don’t know for sure, but I’ve always had my suspensions. Riding in a Vietnam era transport without cover just doesn’t make sense to me.

    • americalsgt Makes perfect sense if it’s your intention to sacrifice the entire compliment with the pilots not for PC but to appease the country perceived enemies

  • JimmyTravis

    OBAMA BREAKS CONTRACT WITH AMERICA. Obama’s incompetence is not the point here although it stands out a mile. The point is that Obama has proven to be a cold hearted political machine, completely devoid of character. The founding fathers knew that our system was designed for a people of high moral standards. They said, “we deserve our nation only if we are a great people”. Obama is completely dishonest. He lies to advantage. He was born in captivity and will eventually face impeachment. HOW STINKY IMMORAL CAN HE GET?

  • strangernfiction

    This government is your enemy.

  • Conservative_Hippie

    The Riules of Engagement are Bull Crap!  They are emboldening the enemy and making pawns of our armed forces!

    • strangernfiction

      Conservative_Hippie Forget emboldening the enemy, BOTH PARTIES are openly arming them.

      • Conservative_Hippie

        strangernfiction Conservative_Hippie We should make a prerequiste of all government politicians that they first serve in the US Armned Forces.

        • Orangeone

          Conservative_Hippie strangernfiction I have said this about the office of the POTUS before!

        • Conservative_Hippie

          Orangeone Conservative_Hippie strangernfiction  I’m a little late to the party, but Iat least I finally arrived 🙂

  • 82nd vet

    Hearts and mind my ass this stinks to high heaven, Bring all the men home turn that country into a glass parking lot. Not one more drop of American blood shall be lost in that sh!t hole of a country.

    • Orangeone

      82nd vet Bring our Americans home and ship the illegal aliens over there with no training, no back-up, no weapons. If they survive we can talk about a green card.

  • strangernfiction
  • mikeinidaho

    We have met the enemy and they are the US government embodied by the current communist/muslim regime.

    • strangernfiction

      mikeinidaho “We will bury you without firing a shot.”

  • tshtsh

    I know this is cynical but they think so little of our military’s blood sacrifice, they even used an old plane.

    • patriot077

      tshtsh I’ve heard these copters are fine when used as intended. Operations such as this is not considered appropriate use. And they knew that.
      This stinks to high heaven and hearing that the SEALs themselves spoke of  certain death is crushing. I want the names of every military official who signed off on this – from top to bottom. And a review should not stop at this failed operation, either. I want heads to roll for everryone who has changed the rules of engagement from victory to “hearts and minds”. Damn the monsters.
      Even if these brave, brave SEALs had not perished, their skills are being wasted – just thrown away – meanwhile our brave and valuable youth are being destroyed daily.

  • TinaG123

    Another family that is being lied to by the government, so sad.

  • Must watch 50 second video of how the SEALs really feel about Benghazi and Obama.  h/t Madjack.

    • badbadlibs

      WolfieUSA WOW! Thanks for posting that, Wolfie. How true.
      I have a grandson who is considering the military, ordinarily I would encourage such service to this nation, now I discourage anyone serving this nation under the betrayer in chief. 🙁

      • badbadlibs WolfieUSA 
        The darkness will pass, just as the storms do, and light will return.  We will hopefully in 2016 have a WH that is at war with the enemies of America and not America itself.   I get damn mad when I think of those brave SEALs… And those in Benghazi calling in for help and he refusing to send in any air support or any support, but going off to bed, not giving a damn about them and the next morning… Not getting updates, no… He swans off to Vegas for a fundraiser!  What a piece of work he truly is.

        • badbadlibs

          WolfieUSA “Going off to bed” when he knew deaths would likely occur is yet another symptom of being a sociopath. The American people elected a freaking sociopath!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • summerred69

        badbadlibs WolfieUSA My son also tried to join the Marines but he was turned away due to asthma…I was sooo happy..but that was when bush was in office.Obama and his administration need to be dismantled.I can’t believe he was even re-elected into office.He’s for the terrorists of the American people.He’s not here to protect us but to destroy our great nation.

  • njmom

    Guess this helicopter was the price paid for Obama to get Osama. The evil of this administration knows no bounds and I pray God removes everyone of them from our midst.

    • badbadlibs

      njmom Amen to that prayer! And may the Lord of Glory replace them with Godly people of Godly principles!

      • m0r0

        badbadlibs njmom And that the next president (G-d willing a moral one) fires all the lackeys they’ve installed in the InJustice Department.

  • The Sentinel

    I remember when this happened and thought… “He just killed the only witnesses who know what happened to OBL”. It was too much of a coincidence.
    If you combined everything that this monster (Obama) has done to our country since being in office, it still wouldn’t scratch the surface of this tragedy. This is beyond acceptable… I almost can’t stand this! I’m furious and a piece of me has been ripped out over this treachery.
    Just like Benghazi – Obama and his regime have screwed our military over time and time again… for their own personal gain or a cover up. Brave American heroes have died for no good reason. And let’s group Fast and Furious in with this. This regime hides the truth and runs from confrontation… they are liars, cowards and criminals.
    This needs to be opened wide open!!! I want justice!

    • The Sentinel “I want them spitting blood” Johnny Ringo.

    • ryanomaniac

      The Sentinel  My cousin just returned from there himself. They hate Obama. His rules of engagement have been deadly. He has given some examples that are treacherous. One example, he and his fellow soldiers saw a gun toting Taliban that had been shooting at them all day go into a building and change clothes and disarm and walk right out without a care in the world. He knew that with the present rules of engagement that the Americans wouldn’t and couldn’t shoot him. My cousin says this happens all the time and these same terrorists turn around and as little as a couple of hours later see the same guy shooting at them. Its disgusting and I have no idea how Obama lives with himself.

      • The Sentinel

        ryanomaniac The Sentinel  
        My blood is boiling. The most powerful military on earth… neutered again by idiot liberals.

        • ryanomaniac

          Yep, despicable.

    • Orangeone

      The Sentinel You are absolutely correct!  This Admin learned with Fast and Furious to leave no witnesses behind.  Look at Benghazi, no witnesses or records of the gun running…..

    • teamparkmer

      The Sentinel  There is SOOOOO much more. I don’t want to wait, but know we have too – there will be justice….just not soon enough. i will go to my grave with my opinions – SO YES! READ my posts, Obama and come after me you weak and pathetic man. Just give it a try!

  • enoughofthenonsense

    Sentinel…well said…..criminals….all of them

  • mokadokado

    This is scary as can be .

  • mike3e4r7

    Why is FOX news the only media outlet willing to interview the Vaughns?  That’s a rhetorical question.  If the public  knew about this story they would be absolutely outtraged.  I guess that answers my original question.

    • TonyToye

      mike3e4r7 Yep it does… the Obama admin can no wrong in the eye of the MSM. If it does not involve scandal in the military, look the other way! For example, this weekend, CNN did a whole coverage about “sexual assault in the military”. Now that’s a juicy story

  • temi227

    This is why I DISCOURAGE my sons to join the military as long as Obama is President! I do not trust him.  I think there was VERY MUCH FOUL PLAY here!!

    • deTocqueville1

      temi227 I cannot fault you but I disagree. However Biden and then Obama with their treasonous egomaniacal statements outing Team 6 put targets on their backs. Then came the duplicity of sending them virtually defenceless into harms way.

      • temi227

        deTocqueville1 temi227 I rest my case!

  • mike3e4r7

    Any thoughts on what specifically these SEAL team members knew that Obama didn’t want to be made public?

    • temi227

      mike3e4r7 First off I don’t believe Obama really made the call to kill Osama.. he took credit AFTER someone else made that call.   Secondly, since they dropped the body out to sea..( a muslim tradition an Imam in N.Y. never even heard of).. we will never for sure know WHO it was they really killed since the fish probably ate him for dinner.  It’s sounds like a conspiracy theory I know.. but, when things don’t make sense one has to seek a more logical sense.  Too many holes in that story.. and now this with the Seals being intentionally killed.

    • freechic

      mike3e4r7 It wasn’t what they knew.  They were the team who took out Bin Laden and outed by the WH as such.  My guess is this was the administration’s way to let our enemy have their revenge.  They were literally handed to the Taliban on a Chinook platter.

  • gadjotman

    Next to the parents, relatives, and friends, all of us ex-vets felt enormous pain in the callous and irresponsible way these great warriors died. You do not put that many great patriots in a slow moving helicopter and not expect terrible results at some point! I never had a son (2 grown daughters) and a 3 month old grandbaby boy, but when I see these great solders pictures it just tears me up!! We can not let their death be in vane for all of us who live, we need to stay on top of this story and benghazi until we can redeem our nation with new leadership.

    • deTocqueville1

      gadjotman I am not a conspiracy theory kind of guy but this defies any military logic or common sense. It appears to be either intentional or gross dereliction of duty.

      • gadjotman

        I agree

  • My Blood Boils! I find it hard to start any other sentence, because it would not be something to share in a public forum. This problem now looks VERY systemic. The Obama admin looks to be complicit…

  • freechic

    Put the pieces together folks…..there is a PATTERN here from this administration.  The pattern always favors the other side of America.  From the Rules of Engagement for our soldiers to the IRS to Behghazi to Seals training the enemy to our tax dollars going to Islamic countries.  The pattern continues ad naseum. This is treason pure and simple.

  • wallwatchman

    My heart aches for these parents! Who are these monsters running our country?!! I plead with people who are witness to the crimes this admin is perpetrating on this country, to please expose him!!! We have to have patriots come forward or this man is going to keep trying to get away with this garbage!

  • Alborn

    Anybody who did not think these seals were allowed to die has their head in the sand up the ankles. This man sitting the WH is one evil individual who cares nothing about human life but his own. What a waste of a body in the WH. The people that surround him are no better. And all the people that voted for this evil president do not deserve the freedoms these men die for everyday.

    • jazzee

      Alborn excellent post right behind you

  • DebbyX

    These proud parents have so much to say.  Why aren’t they speaking in front of Congress instead of the likes of Sandra Fluk!

  • teamparkmer

    Amen!!!! This stinks of the Obama Admin….WHY would our men be exposed for the first time in history?!?! They should have NEVER been spoken of. Goes to mention of the DR. too. WHY WHY?!?! 
    Mom and Dad – I am so sick and SO sorry that this happened to your boys. My heart is broken for you and your families! 
    My prayer is that this administration is TORN DOWN by  this and all the other crap they are doing. WHY?!?!  
    Praying for you and all the families of Seal Team 6 and the other Americans on board. Screw those Afgan insiders….rot in Hell with your prophet. 
    Not only were our men compromised but they were cursed by the devil at the memorial….WHAT is happening to our country where we the people don’t stand out and scream NO!!!!!!!!!
    RIP ST6 – You will all be forever in our hearts! TO GOD AND COUNTRY!!!!!!