‘This is a dark day for America’: U.S. Muslim claims he was detained and ‘tortured at FBI’s request’ in UAE

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  • Trust1TG

    Taqqyia anyone?

  • sDee

    Right on queue. Black muslim victim. US government abuse and coverup. White leftist attorneys.

    Anyone begining to se why our “Diversity” immigration quota has been funneld to bringing in black Somali muslims by the plane load?

    America we are seeding our own destruction.

    • Trust1TG

      While the ‘guardians’ of our nation do nothing…but let Obama weaken us on every level – economic, military, MORAL, spiritual…every way.

      Despicable. Damnable. Dastardly.

  • sDee

    Where are this “defenders of justice” in this case?

    Muslim man sentenced to death for selling his house to a Jew.


  • conwis

    Don’t worry. Somehow this will be Geoge Bush’s fault.

    • sDee

      It is a set up. “Community organizing” will ensue once they paint him as a victim. Like the Martin case.

  • doowleb

    Because almost all businessmen from Portland head to Sudan for opportunities.
    Either be more specific…or he’s lying.

  • I have just one word:


  • 911Infidel

    Muslims are always playing the victim. Oh poor baby. They talk more crap about how great Sharia and Islam is…then they go over to their own countries and fund out just how great their pedagogy really is. Having full knowledge of how the genetic deficiencies of Islam operate in Trashcanistan where its practiced, the poor delluded Muslim boy has the timerity to claim victim status. Or perhaps he’s just a lying sack of doggie doo-doo.
    Yeah that’s the ticket.