Those Darn Greasy Islamophobes Are At It Again.

The poor victims of those nasty, greasy Islamophobes are victims yet once again. Oh wait. No they’re not. Well facts don’t lie unless you’re a member of the MSM or the SPLC.

Before we get started, lets agree on a definition of Islamophobia. Per Robert Spencer: “Islamophobia is a manipulative neologism designed to intimidate non-Muslims into thinking it is “racist” and “bigoted” to resist jihad and Islamic supremacism” This is one of the tools that the left uses to stifle dissent. Dissent meaning any intellectual inquiry into the actual tenants of the “religion of peace”.

Now to the facts. (via “Hate-Crime Stats Deflate ‘Islamophobia’ Myth,” by David J. Rusin, via Jihad Watch)

Here we have 10 years of FBI statistics going all the way back to 2002 about so-called “Hate crimes” in America.

“From 2002 to 2011, Muslims are estimated to have suffered hate crimes at a frequency of 6.0 incidents per 100,000 per year – 10 percent lower than blacks (6.7), 48 percent lower than homosexuals and bisexuals (11.5), and 59 percent lower than Jews (14.8).”

Rusin gives the total incidents in this timeframe: 1,388 incidents against Muslims. 25,130 against blacks; 12,030 against homosexuals and bisexuals; 9,198 against Jews; 5,057 against Hispanics; 7,185 incidents against whites; 1,126 incidents against Christians (Protestants and Catholics combined); and 1,335 incidents against adherents of “other religions”.

There is no “epidemic” of physical assaults on Muslims. Its all a ruse and part and parcel of Muhammed’s “war is deceit” concept. They are playing the victim card to the hilt; while looking for privileges not accorded to other religions, in order to lay the groundwork to stifle any discussion of the canonical Islamic jihadist tenants, and to intimidate citizens into remaining quiet about Islamic threat doctrine and motivations.

Rusin continues:

“At its extreme, the desire to achieve victim status in this manner has fueled the phenomenon of fake hate crimes, through staging, blatant misrepresentation, or both. An illustrative example is the March 2012 murder of Shaima Alawadi, a hijab-wearing California woman found beaten to death at home with a note calling her a terrorist beside her body. Islamists and their credulous media allies pounced at the opportunity to condemn the supposed tidal wave of “Islamophobia,” even as marital problems emerged as a potential motive. In November, police arrested Alawadi’s husband.”

Now contrast all of this with the 20,000+ Muslim terrorist incidents since 9-11. It isn’t a phobia when Muslims around the world really are murdering others on a daily basis.

Read it all.

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  • Sober_Thinking

    Islam… the great destroyer.

    Good article… interesting stats.

    It’s funny how the “religion of peace” is the most violent, bloody, secretive, invasive, and intolerant. – Oh sorry… I forgot to add “evil”.

    • 1water

      speaking of funny:
      The LatmaTV team published just three months ago a ~2 minute satirical piece called “Islam and post chronological history”

      They make fun of the left’s (lack of) explanation for the motive(s) behind the terror with the post-logical approach. Plus they explain when the Americans gonna respond to the attacks on the embassies.

    • Sara

      It’s only a religion if you can call a political agenda a religion.
      Watch Ann Barnhart on YouTube

  • colliemum

    One wonders if there’s a statistic showing how many crimes these peasful muslims ahve committed in the USA – like honour killings, or grooming children for prostitution, something they have done in the UK.
    The meejah didn’t report much about it, nor did the police do much because these were young girls in care homes, so they didn’t believe them.
    Once the cat was out of the bag, comments on reports of these crimes were totally suppressed in the papers. After all, they could’ve been hate crime, no?

    (Some of us clever bloggers got around that suppression easily – hijacking threads and threatening the disqus moderators was great fun! Keep us from saying what we want? No way are we letting ourselves be muzzled.)

    • MiketheMarine

      Now THAT is my Ambassador and if anyone, ANYONE threatens MY Ambassador, stand the Fukc by for mass retaliation and a painfully slow death.

      There may be hearings afterwards but it would be along the lines of, “WHy did you expend every round of ammo on already dead bodies?”

  • Islamophobia is nonsense and will always be nonsense. Like I’ve said, I consider myself a right leaning Libertarian and the Middle East is something I lean right on. This nonsense about Muslims being an “oppressed minority” that suffer from mean ole Islamophobes is an out and out lie. When they talk about restoring the Caliphate, I’m sorry Liberals, but it’s not a “conspiracy theory”. I mean, we hear it daily that it’s what they want. Long story short, the world better wake up, and fast.

  • Haywoodjbl

    F%$# Islam…….I am sick of hearing about them…..go beat your women as your oh so Holy Koran tells you to do.

    What a bunch of sickos

    • MiketheMarine

      And how F-ing stupid are their women who DEFEND that insanity. Makes Lindsey Lohan seem, somehow, normal and well grounded.

      • jodypear

        Lohan may realize what kind of crazy world she lives in and just how much longer she may be here. That could make a lot of people act out!

      • Orangeone

        But the women are suppressed and may not know any different. You need not look far back in American history to when women were accompanied by a dowry to marry off and even far less time when women could not file domestic abuse charges against her husband. Read up on Judge Jeanine, she is a true patriot for women!

    • Sara

      There is nothing “holy” about the Koran.

  • dabbobean

    Looking at the picture it does not appear as if radical Islam is banning the AK-47…..or anything else for that matter.

    We are being sold out by our so called leaders…..and cheap!

  • ryanomaniac

    I am an Islamaphobic. Straight up. Always will be.

    I have half the mind to go and egg a CAIR members house. That would be soooooooo therapeutic.

    • sDee

      Knowing one’s enemy is not a phobia.

    • MiketheMarine

      Head shots were always very satisfying.

  • Ray

    OK, the religion of peace and tolerance has thus far:
    Blown Buddha statues up in Pakistan
    totally destroyed artifacts without care under the Temple Mound in Israel
    Burn Bibles every day in Saudi Arabia
    Threatening to tear down the pyramids in Egypt

    Tell me again why I should respect Islam? Perhaps they should listen to their Prophet Issa when he says, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!” So if you burn their Holy Book, don’t complain when they burn yours!

    • MiketheMarine

      nuke ’em all. Let allah figure out what to do with his hate mongering heard.

    • Marridge

      You forgot

      “managed to install one of their own in the White House”.

      let there be no doubt whose side Barack Insane Obama is on.

  • Interesting how, proportionally, there are way more attacks against Jews than on Muslims. And that is here, in the United States. I could only imagine how much worse it is in Europe, where anti-semetism is a lot worse. Ironic that the people Muslims hate most are treated worse than Muslims.

  • Al Jazeera et al can propagate the Islamophobia myth all they want as long as it results in less Muslim immigration to mean-spirited unwelcoming America. That’s fine with me.

  • aposematic

    Phobia–irrational fear of something. Islamophobia–rational fear of Islam; sane!

    • The trouble with people today is they presume that all fear is irrational when it isn’t.

    • jodypear

      As Pamela Geller says: It’s not Islamophobia; it’s Islamo-REALISM.

  • Ray

    Wouldn’t it be great if someone put up an interactive map of all cair members, AND all MSM talking heads?

    • MiketheMarine


    • Orangeone

      # of people in family too. They want our families at risk time for them to turn the other cheek and go first!

  • stage9

    The 48% number for homosexuals is inflated. Many of those are homosexual on homosexual violence.

    • Orangeone

      But, but, but homosexuals are so nice, friendly, loving, relationships always last, ick!

  • I despise Islam most passionately. And I greatly admire Judaism. Although I’m a Buddhist, the sacred songs of Christmas really move me. I’m really screwed up, ain’t I?

  • Rshill7

    If I have the attitude that says, “leave me alone or I will kill you at the drop of a hat”…that is not a phobia. There is no fear accompanying that emotion. That is defensive aggression. It is simply a resolution…a promise. It is an in your face, you’d better tread very lightly or I’ll personally send you to allah (satan) affirmation, you little towel-headed a$$holes.

  • sjmom

    Right on target and well stated.

  • tinker_thinker

    Islam the anti-peace, anti-God, religion of Satan.

  • Conniption Fitz

    Drunk Saudi in Vegas claims he ‘accidentally’ raped a 13 year old boy:

    • WordsFailMe

      If they get slippery, they can get away from ye pretty easily, especially in a strange place. Like Las Vegas, I mean.

    • Orangeone

      Marco Rubio and Rand Paul will get right on freeing him of these bogus charges because the Saudi is one of their DREAMERS

  • BikerHoop

    Excellent article, 911! Especially like the definition of “Islamaphobia”.