Three Muslim men caught before causing “another 9/11” in the UK

Three Muslim men wanted to cause “another 9/11” in Birmingham and based on the video report it looks like the real deal. Fortunately police were on to them and had bugged their car and stopped them before they could even get close to making it happen:

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  • Ian Holm

    No doubt Jack Bauer was involved…

    • Not Bond, James Bond?

  • Ian Holm

    Sorry double post

  • Sober_Thinking

    This is good that they were caught. So sad that their country is infested with these radicals.

    When will the world acknowledge that the Muslim religion is violent and evil?

    • Conniption Fitz

      Our country and Canada are similarly infested.

      Mexico has come under attack and domination by Hezbollah drug cartels who are infiltrating the US.

      • Just peachy.

      • Sober_Thinking

        Not to the same degree (yet)… but it is absolutely happening. Maybe the KKK and Black Panthers would take exception to them? Kidding. Kind of…

        You’re right though… they are a plague and they’re spreading. They must be stopped.

        Maybe if we had more faithful Christians in this country?

      • tshtsh

        Which is really why b.o. wants the border open and wants amnesty for his muslims brothers.

  • 1endtimes2020

    England lets these dysfuntionals in the country and then spend a fortune watching what they’re up to. So, okay, they caught three. How much money was spent per person to catch them?
    Why, why, why are leaders in the west so adamant at letting in the known enemy? Isn’t there enough evidence for them yet? Let those murderers stay in their own miserable countries.As if that wasn’t enough, now our glorious leaders are realizing what we have been saying for years about the Chinese hackers. as they steal our technology, secrets and anything else that compromises our security.
    With so-called ‘leaders’ like those we elected, we’re in trouble. The big problem is that only the ultra rich bring forth candidates for election, and they enrich themselves instead of being patriotic leaders that put their country and people first….Democrats included.
    It’s an outrage how unmoving our governments are.
    They are enablers to our enemies.

    • keninil

      Now the British govt will circle jerk for years debating about what to do with these guys. Let them blow themselves up — in an open field. It’s not cruel punishment, it was their chosen destiny.

  • This is why assimilation is important.

  • sickandtired

    Western countries need to purge all Islamists from their countries. They have repeatedly told us that we are their enemy and they plan to kill us all!

    When does our ignorance stop?

    • 1endtimes2020

      There HAS to be an agenda somewhere in there. That reminds me…someone on coast to coast, said last night that Russia had built a huge underground base across from Alaska, and would launch an invasion into North America from there. They have been doing military exercises with China for years. Are the Chinese going to join them?
      Is that why Canada wanted to ban guns from households, and now the U. S. as well? Canada has very few soldiers, planes etc to stop an invasion without America’s help. But does the United States have enough military to cope with an invasion? What about cyber war that disables communications for months? The U.S. military is scattered in over 100 countries, and even if they all returned home, how could they defend against 300 million soldiers to draw from….(the Pentagon said a few years ago that China had trained over 250 million soldiers.)

  • bahamianhoosier

    Muslims planning terrorism?! I am shocked!! Shocked I tell you!

    • 1endtimes2020

      Aw, geez…you made me laugh. I am shocked, shocked, I tell you, too!!!! I sure love that kind of humor so many of you put out, even on serious issues. Kinda lightens the burden, huh.

  • 3seven77

    Britain has more than just a muslim problem. The government is full of anti-Semites. Watch this incredible display of racism by a member of Parliament:

  • Ray

    Yet we waste tax payer money screening gramma, grampa, little baby, etc.



  • Londonistan calling!

    (Was ‘London Calling’ – The Clash)

  • 57thunderbird

    Freaking barbarians never change.UK brought this on itself by coddling the Islamists.Pretty much what Obama is doing now

  • The politically correct irony here is that when the Brits were fighting the IRA (Irish separatist group), they had no problem with Internment (detainment without trial or evidence), no problem with the SAS (Special forces) shooting to kill suspected IRA members.. They put thanks, armored cars, and military roadblocks all over Northern Ireland, etc… Irish people going to England had double the security that any other nation had to face, etc… But now it’s the Muzzies, they’re doing all the warm and fuzzy treatment instead. They are plotting their own downfall and they don’t even seem to know or care about it!

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    • 1776 Freedom Fighter

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        • 1776 Freedom Fighter

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          Wolfie, my message to you, and others here . . . Keep Fighting the Good Fight!



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            • 1776 Freedom Fighter

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        • 1endtimes2020

          Really good to read your comment just now. Glad you’re on this site.

      • 1endtimes2020

        Sincerely….thank God for the Right Scoop. We don’t need to keep things bottled up inside.

  • Man o man…England, why am I not surprised. Keep on letting them in, go ahead and see where it get’s you. Multiculturalism is sham and a failure. I mean, what is it gonna take for people to wake up? It’s true that the US and Canada aren’t as far down the road as England, but we are getting closer by the day and since Obama’s re-election, expect it to come even quicker now.

  • keninil

    So give them all vests and let them blow themselves up in an open field. Done deal !! They get to die for Allah, no one gets hurt, the British legal and penal systems save a ton of money.