Three videos of Allen West smacking down leftists at his town hall event yesterday

This one is going around the web like fire, faster than I would have predicted. It’s a clip of Allen West defending his actions in saving the lives of his soldiers in Iraq back in 2003, telling the crowd that he’d do it all over again if in that situation. But rather than keep rehashing it over and over, he says let’s talk about Obama doing blow and smoking dope (via Shark Tank):

Here’s another clip from Shark-Tank telling leftist to leave because he’s embarrassing himself:

Lastly here’s a clip from Shark-Tank of West mocking some leftists who gave him a “pink slip”:

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  • Joe

    West vs Biden in a debate !


    • CalCoolidge

      As if Romney is going to pick someone with a set of conservative nads as VP.

    • Donya G

      If Romney picks West…I’ll be static and won’t hold my nose voting for him.

      • Rightstuff1

        Agreed. West is a hero and her doesnt take prisoners.

      • tvlgds

        I’d die of shock if that happened. They are so far apart on values, I don’t see it. Romney might consider it for votes, but Allen West would NOT compromise his values for any title!

        • capelady

          I am not sure Allen West would accept of Romney asked him – because earlier when he was asked if he would be interested he specified “if it was a good fit”… which a Romney administration would not be. And the GOP establishment and the RNC do not want another outstanding conservative who will overshadow their candidate in every way, as Sarah Palin did John McCain, and Allen West would do with Mitt Romney. Watch for Portman… another old boring moderate white guy – that’s what Romney’s looking for.

    • tvlgds

      Biden couldn’t handle it either. West would wipe him off the map!

  • We NEED this man as president. I think he’s going to have a fantastic political future ahead of him. It would be like making John Wayne president, only West would be a lot smarter.

    • Joe

      Thanks for reminding me of this John Wayne video >>>>

      This will give you a chill and a thrill

    • capelady

      Allen West would be our first REAL black American President!

  • klaffner

    I am seriously conflicted by West as VP. He has a good nature. He is knowledgeable. He is a proud and happy warrior. I would love to see him in any campaign setting.

    The problem of course is that anything that permits a distraction from Obama’s record is a good thing for Obama.

  • You know West has the chops for patriotic leadership when all these anti-American Statists keep coming to desperately flail about with delusional fantasies and bizarre accusations. They try to puff up and look tough and confident because they’re truly scared. You know… like a blowfish.

  • Dukehoopsfan

    I’d love to see Mr. West in a higher office one day.

    • kong1967

      November….of 2020. The only way he can get the Presidency sooner is if Obama wins this year and he tries in 2016. That’s going to be a very, very long wait.

      • keyesforpres

        If the illegal alien gets back in, there probably will never be another presidential election.

        • tvlgds

          Absolutely agree! I’ve been saying for 3 yrs. that I’m waiting for the executive order proclaiming himself king! There will be NOTHING left in 2016 if this usurper gets 4 more.

          • kong1967

            The left is getting really good at creating so-called disasters just before the elections, so I can see another one coming this time around.

            • tvlgds

              Oh yeah. I suspect the occupiers and other minions like that will start riots or something that will disrupt everything countrywide and martial law will be declared, thus suspending the election.

              • I’ve been keeping up with this series and it echos everything I’ve been thinking about dear leader. I have always figured he would create a crisis, impliment martial law and suspend elections. I wouldn’t put it past him or any of his puppet masters.

                • tvlgds

                  Wow! Just wow! It’s not surprising in the least, just surprising that the word is getting out. I have my own suspicions about him in a biblical sense, but only God really knows. Thanks for that! I will definitely keep up with it!

                • If you can handle the language, you ought to read some of the past articles from the insider. It’s an eye opener even to those of us who already have a clue.

                • tvlgds

                  I doubt the language is anything I don’t toss around myself. 🙂 There is such a thing as overboard, but I’ll check it out and see. Thanks!

        • kong1967

          I agree, but I can see him pulling something out of his sleeves to not turn over the Presidency this time if he loses. Some kind of national emergeny….you know, a Tea Party gathering or something.

  • West is proof that the world responds to warriors.

  • stage9

    Gays already have a right to marry like the rest of us. They choose not to. What they are advocating for is the affirmation of a perversion of marriage.

    • keyesforpres

      That’s right, they can have a ceremony if they want, it’s just not legally recognized. I don’t really think most want to marry, they just love shoving it in our faces.

      • K-Bob

        They can also call it whatever they want. It won’t make it “marriage,” any more than calling a chainsaw a bird makes it sprout feathers.

        • keyesforpres

          Agreed. Marriage is what it is….a union between a man and a woman. I really got a gay guy thinking when I told him that gay “marriage” would lead to polygomy. He disagreed and I said, “If you can change the definition of marriage to just two people, why not three? If not why not? Is the definition of marriage now ‘2 people'”?

          Then I explained that what they want it to change the definition of marriage.

          • K-Bob


  • nibblesyble

    West for VP! Romney are you listening?? Can you get away from your professional political team that harp in your ear and step away far enough to listen to the voices chanting for West??

  • I love him! He’s so controlled and gracious! I love it…

    • kong1967

      He’s very similar to Netanyahu. Calm, cool and collected. A very strong voice of reason and a great leader. Of course, Netanyahu has more on his plate, but they are both great men.

      • I agree! They are very similar. Wow, what a dream to have both of these men’s leadership at the same time. Can you imagine?!

        • kong1967

          Yeah, if only West could be President on January 20th…..2013.

      • tvlgds

        Amen!! Love Bibi and he takes no crap from “no-body!” Allen West is the same!

  • 911Infidel

    Holy crap. Col West: 3 Oxygen Thief Knob Jockeys: 0

    • tvlgds

      Knob jockeys! Oh, I am SO stealing that for future use!

      • 911Infidel


        • tvlgds

          It’s so perfect! Absolutely applies to some of the trolls on a football forum I frequent! It WILL get used! 🙂

          • 911Infidel


          • 911Infidel


  • Bunjy

    I love Allen West. Now that Romney is the presumptive, presumptive nominee, I’ll say it: Romney/West work the best!

    • Joe


    • keyesforpres

      Well, actually it would work better if it was West/Romney.

  • Susanna958

    Love this guy.

  • kong1967

    “Alen West doesn’t create jobs”.

    Finally someone saying it like it is. Government doesn’t create jobs, they should just provide a conducive invironment for jobs to grow in.

    West is the best thing to happen (in politics) to this country in a long time. Keep going to the top, West.

  • Sober_Thinking

    A brilliant man who confronts ignorance with firmness and eloquence. Love this guy!!!

    Hope he runs for President in 2016… he already has my vote.

    • DebbyX

      Also, mine!

  • conservative58

    Right Scoop — Thanks for posting all the Allen West videos today! Can’t get enough of this man!!!

  • mike morrison

    Future President. Bank on it.

  • tvlgds

    God, I love that man. I really, really wish he’d run for POTUS. He’s EXACTLY what this country needs!

  • PFFV

    Man Crush! God I love this man! What a real leader should look like right there. Allen West is 100% my Guy and I want him to lead us out of our impending doom. We will need great leaders like this when the proverbial sh*t hits the fan. Prepare yourselves for hard times now because when the dollar crashes it will happen overnight. Buy precious metals such as silver or gold, stock up on non perishable foods, and be ready to defend your home and family. God bless you all, educate everyone you know if you love them. Truth is Power

  • lilig

    Alllllrrrrriiiigggghhhhtttttt!!!!!!! Between West and Bost…maybe there is hope for this country!!! These are grrrrreeeeat posts, Scoop!!! Way ta Goooooo!!!!

  • The Man!