Thursday Open Thread: Hoplophobia

Thursday’s open thread brought to you by this amazing video:

Via Adam Baldwin who called it Hoplophobia. He says “It’s not #Hypocrisy, but a curable disease!”

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  • MadAsHellJack

    Well it came out of Hollyweird and I can only laugh. I love how the actors tried to be so serious and compassionate. What a joke as most of them have made $$millions by using a gun or guns in some sick Hollyweird production. Hypocrites doesn’t even begin to describe what they all are. So I say if you have an armed body guard you must give that up to show a real sign of wanting change. Rosie ODonnell, you first.

    • BlueGood

      MAHJack…you took the words from my mouf….LOL..good on you!

      these Pu**ies who make their money “playing” with guns and make millions doing so, would no doubt just FREEZE UP and CRY MOMMIE in PANIC while trying to dial 911 on their Designer Ifones, if they were ever confronted in real life by a bad guy….

    • 3seven77

      The only thing that could have made this better would have been to include scenes from the films where each of these “celebrities” was actually shooting AT SOMEONE. Bet it wasn’t just one shot. Multiple shots? Most of them were holding automatic weapons.

      This should be posted on every one of those hypocrites’ FaceBook page and the link posted to their twitter accounts asking for an explanation.

      Own it hypocrites.

    • PatrickHenrysBody

      Much like the Beltway left, the Hollyweird left feels they can do whatever they want to do…in this case, it’s in the name of “creative expression”. They do not live by the same rules we do. In their view, we are beneath them and we exist to serve them…again, much like leftist politicians. They are filth in my eyes.

      • bornfreeamerican

        I haven’t stepped foot in a theater for 25 years!

  • warpmine

    Here here!

    • BlueGood

      Olde one…

      Two little 9 yr. old African boys in Africa were arguing about what was the most UGLIEST, MEANEST, MISERABLE Aminal in Africa!

      1st. Lil’ guy…”It’s a LION”

      2nd. …’NO no it’s a Afigator”….

      1st. Whot?…Wot’s dat Afigator?, I neber heard of dat”

      2nd. “Well you know whot a alligator is”?

      “Is juss like dat, only he got two heads!!!….one on each end”!….

      1st. “TWO HEADS”???

      2nd. …”YEP”…

      After a bit of scratchin’ his and thinkin’ ’bout it….

      1st. Lil Guy….”Well that there Afigator Aminal, if he got two heads, one on each end….How does he SCHIT????

      2nd. Li’l Guy…”Well, he CAN’T, and dat’s why he’s so UGLY MEAN AND MISERABLE”!…..

      (Sound like a few too many Liebral Politicians in DC??)


      • Joe


        I’ll BITE!

  • Dukehoopsfan

    The hypocracy of the left knows no bounds. These limousine liberals want to run our lives while they live in their double standard universe.

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    Here’s a better idea …

    Go back and watch the video and make yourself a list of every “actor” who appeared in it. Commit that list to memory. This is like a 9/11 moment to me, and I’ll never forget it, so I owe you thanks for that.

    Then, every time they have a film or a TV show or a product come out, ignore it. Don’t go see it. Don’t openly trash it — there’s no reason for that kind of Liberal insensitivity — but just don’t spend a dime on it.

    All I’ve had “ENOUGH” of are actors who think they can use their celebrity to dictate to us what WE THE PEOPLE should do AT THEIR BEHEST. You make a living playing all day long, living lives of seclusion and virtual royalty. You don’t deserve our collective attention.

    Eff you, Hollywood. Eff your effing projects. Eff your effing films.

    In the future, I’ll support the products of actors who support my country, not your agenda.

    • Dukehoopsfan

      That has been my position for some time. They don’t need my money.

    • PatrickHenrysBody

      I’ve proudly stoked my fireplace with their films…at least they have provided me with comfortably pleasant and badly needed warmth. I see it as a win for me. 😀

  • Rshill7

    I want them to show me that magic mechanism that will make criminals give up whatever they want law-abiding citizens to give up. How do felons have guns now? Will they not have them after another law? Show me the magic.

    This is a dumb argument, and these creatures from hypocritopia need to ‘phone home’, then go there.

    • conservative58

      ‘This is a dumb argument, and these creatures from hypocritopia need to ‘phone home’, then go there.’

      Unfortunately, we also have the whole WH administration filled with these creatures. I wish we could send them all home as well, starting at the top with ‘dear leader’.

    • mike3e4r7

      They believe in their Utopia, where wishful thinking can take bad policies and turn them into perfect solutions. Logic and rational thought are not necessary, and when their perfect solutions turn out to be not so perfect, they always have another equally perfect solution to offer in its place.


    … actors sticking to the script , stick to your GUNS America stick to your GUNS .”

  • Diogenes_wy

    Demand a plan…

    1) Nationally abolish all laws restricting purchase and ownership to those qualified to own.
    2) Adopt a national open/concealed carry policy governing all states and municipalities.
    3) Abolish all ‘gun free’ zones.

    1) Lower crime rates
    2) No more mass shootings
    3) End of discussion

    • MadAsHellJack

      @Diogenes_wy , the liberal government does not care about lower crime rates or mass shootings. This is 100% about disarming Americans 100%.

      • Diogenes_wy

        I am aware of that, however, my original plan of declaring ‘open season’ on all liberals with a bounty on those in office probably wouldn’t have gone over so well.

    • CO2isGood

      4. Pass National “stand your ground” Law.

    • PatrickHenrysBody

      That makes too much sense to leftist Republicants and Democraps. They are an emotional, reactionary lot and will never travel the road of common sense.

  • Demand a plan huh. I’ve got a plan… now if all the hypocrites in hollyweird and washington would shut up and let those of us who love this country and our Constitution alone, our country would be a better place.

    • BikerHoop

      I agree, ABC, but you know they’re not going to do that. Well, at least not until we roll over and submit to their marxist plan for American… and that ain’t happenin’!

      • I agree too BikerHoop… it ain’t happenin’! I didn’t spend my time to immigate here for them to turn marxist. I refuse to submit to that.

  • iaintlyin

    okay, my plan is… plan. hooray, no plan,

    • Rshill7

      Right. I’m sick of people in and out of the media wanting to know what new laws were passed, as if passing laws made things better rather than worse. I want to start hearing about what laws were repealed, and what regulations were repealed.

      “Hello Senator Hutspah, and what laws and regulations did you help repeal this year?”

      “Howdy Rep Whatheheck. What laws and regulations did you help repeal?”

      Or something like, “Ya’ll didn’t pass any laws this session did you (with a furrowed brow and a stern look)? Well, you better not. There’s much, much, more that needs undoing.”

      • clockwindingdown

        Long have I been saying there should be X numbers (say 500 city, county, state, federal combined each have a maximum number they can individually have total 500) of laws. These laws need to stand singularly, no piggy backing other laws. When the X number is reached then an existing law most be repealed before a new law is enacted. Then they can decide which is more important the old law or the whim of the moment.

        • Diogenes_wy

          The only laws we should have are for crimes against a person or his property. All other laws are totalitarian/fascist BS intended to give government more power over their subjects..

  • Nukeman60

    I’ve seen it time and time again. I have the solution for all that ails us. If we want better pensions and retirements, copy what the politicians have. If we want better stock portfolios and fiscal stability, copy what the politicians do with their investments. If we want our children safe in school, copy how the politicians’ kids are protected.

    If we want to get away from a culture of rampant crime, excessive drugs, and degrading morals, stay completely away from Hollywood. Shut them down and cut them off.

    Then they, too, can be just like us.

    • Conniption Fitz

      Demand a law that the politicians use the same health care plan they are trying to foist on us.

  • Brilliant!!!

  • tinlizzieowner

    2 bit situational hypocrite ‘capitalists’ making a ‘killing’ $$ portraying the ‘gun violence’ they decry.
    Standard operating procedure for the left.

  • Watchman74

    Demand a plan… to take the 2nd amendment away… then the 1st amendment…. then… yea you see where that goes.

  • crosshr

    if the enemy drops a nuclea bomb in hollyweird, I wonder if it will get to SFO where I am.
    so then the news should be, ” all the hypocrites arse got wiped (out) with shraps from this bomb !. and I will reply, ” well deserve “

  • Rshill7

    One day about 7 years ago there was a knock at our front door. I opened it and no one was there. I looked up, down, and all around. On the doormat though was a snail looking up at me with his snaily eye thingamabobs. I picked him up and fwung him way out in the front yard. Well, a few minutes ago we got a knock at that same door. I opened it and there was that same snail saying, “Hey, what was all that about!!!”

  • Nukeman60

    This was posted on yesterday’s open thread Wheel of Fotune and it’s a long read. But it is vital for all of us to have in our arsenals of links and I thought it worthwhile to post on an open thread about guns.

    It is a list of just about every gun myth out there that you can think of and a list of facts to counter each of them, along with references for each one. It can be used like a compendium of facts. Very useful in our battle against the idiot left, who know so little about guns but want to restrict so much.

    A BIG hat tip to Boris_Badenoff for providing it. Thank you, sir.

  • sjmom

    So, where’s Congress demanding Hollywood stop violence in the motion picture and television industry????????????

  • Sober_Thinking

    Bleeding heart liberals. Ignorance and opulence for these sheltered, privileged idiots.

    They said it best… “Enough”

    Damned hypocrites.

  • BeyondPolls


  • Betsey_Ross

    Never trust anyone that gets paid to pretend that they are something or someone else. When does the pretending end and the actual person begin? Those lines are constantly blured. They do live in a fantasy world which allows them to pretend to have actual knowledge. Some are better at it than others, but their hypocrisy is always there.

    • Diogenes_wy

      I worked in the industry and let me tell you from experience that the character you are playing is a totally different person from who you actually are. The line is not blurred. Acting is a creative endeavor and is controlled by the right lobe of the brain which also governs abstract thought and emotions. The left side handles facts, figures and rational thought. Those that are right brain dominant are usually creative artists of some sort and base their decisions on how they ‘feel’ about the subject (they are also highly emotional and can be hard to work with).

  • PicklePlants

    Well, I was able to avoid the original video because I knew it would make me puke. At least with this version I was able to hold it all down. What a bunch of phonies.

  • 911Infidel

    Hollyweird Libshtick: Yeah, you kulaks, well you just don’t know what is good for you. But we righteous elitists know better. So we’ll just do WTF we want to do, because our way is better than your way and we are so much smarter than you kulaks. We don’t need gun control, because we’re rich and responsible; and you’re just another carbon waste of life. You know how it is…all for me and none for you.

    Rational person: Hey Hollyweird: Why don’t you people stick to acting. Otherwise shut your pie hole. Take your hypocracy and shove it in your ear.

  • Sandra123456

    This ad(?) is a bit hypocritical isn’t it? Shows pictures of each actor holding a gun from a movie they were in. Are they going to swear off acting in movies where there are guns?

    Hypocrisy and stupidity the 2 cornerstones of liberal thought…oh, and lying of course.

    • Diogenes_wy

      The hypocrisy is the fact that the characters they play are individuals who cannot be protected by the system or are being persecuted by the system so are forced to arm and protect themselves which is diametrically opposed to what they espouse as their personal philosophy: disarmament of the populace and total reliance on the system.

  • LOVE!

  • clockwindingdown

    I can’t tell which of the scenes they are acting in. I mean who could, they act this way for a living… Based on blandness of their compassion I’m guessing it the scenes they are speaking in, but it’s really difficult to tell. Let’s face it they fake emotions for a living…

  • Joe

    @ssholes are they all!

    ********** I have has enough of the HYPOCRISY!

    If they mean it – All those shows should be recalled!

  • armyvet10

    If you want to control gun violence, control the criminal element that cause 90% or more of all gun violence in the world. There are hunting accidents and, as lawyers put it, crimes of passion, but most violent crimes are committed by criminals that will never follow the law anyway.

    As for the actors in this video most live in gated communities with their kids going to private schools. Many of these actors have stared in movies with copious amounts of gun violence in them, making tons of money and I have never seen one disclaimer from any of them. So now, because it is fashionable, these pampered celebrities want everyone to come together to ban guns and of course rely on the police to save us common folk from the criminals that will be even more emboldened by all the disarmed and vulnerable victims that live in non-gated communities. Of course these self absorbed Hollywood dumb dumbs will never speak ill of their leader Obama, who has self admitted to drug use and due to his executive privilege on Fast & Furious is guilty of one of the largest illegal gun trafficking cases ever. And of course these people are the salt of the Earth folks that glamorize sex drugs and violence in almost every film they do. Hypocrisy plain and simple, do as I say not as I do.

    • toongoon

      They are aiding and abetting the criminal element in Washington and trying to leave us vulnerable to them.

      They are propagandists.

  • toongoon

    We pay them to show how us glamorously and creatively they can kill people in movies, then they get paid by somebody else to tell us we shouldn’t have guns. I’m sure they ain’t doing it for free.

  • DebbyX

    The only thing more dangerous than a Lib with a gun, is a Lib on a soap box!

    • Diogenes_wy

      A lib with a gun is not dangerous because he doesn’t know how to use it. What is dangerous a lib holding a seat in Congress or a position of authority.

  • Haywoodjbl

    Now that I have my money using guns…..oh so compassionate….PUKE

  • msverde1

    Ah yeeees! How many more nincompoops like you folks professing your faith publicly to the congregation while exchanging a $20 for a $5 bill when the collection plate is passed along? Yes, I know people don’t really do that, but just play along with me. All you have to do is close your eyes and visualize the world’s class A behemoth of hypocrisy, Michael Moore, and you will truly understand that it is all about the Benjamins/power to them rather than commonsense and reason. You can bet the house that they will have no issue using their Prima Donna PSA platform during deduction time in April. Yet, they truly MEAN what they say, huh? Put those deductions where your mouths are, I’d say and stop the bleeding hypocrisy, nitwits!

  • sybilll

    You’ve all hit the highlights so I will just say…..add yet another reason to why I love Adam S. Baldwin. Easily one of my favorite follows on twitter.

  • James1754

    Just one question: How many of these people have armed bodyguards? If so they are even bigger hypocrites.

  • brendawatkins

    And the sound so somber too.. lol Hypocrites with a CAPITAL H!

  • white531

    It has been more than ten years, since I bought a ticket to see a Hollywood movie. I simply refuse to support the corruption that has absolutely ruined our nation.

    edit: grammar

  • joe

    Demand Celebrities Go F Themselves . This is Much better

  • mediaaccess1

    LOVE YOU RS!! Gotta link to it!!

  • bornfreeamerican

    What f-ing HYPOCRITES!!!! These same hypocrites use armed security guards!!!! Next time you have a problem please call the police and tell them to leave their guns at the station.

  • Just treat these Communist bastards to a little OSTRACISM, followed by “Gee, no money Honey”, when it comes to their entertainment costs, be it cinema, video, whatnot. Dry up their ‘fascination factor’, by not buying all the fishwrap next to the checkout lines. Since they deal in the world of ‘lights and shadows’, turn out the lights!

  • NO conservative Hollywood celebrities in this video. That’s because the ones who came out and admitted they were conservative like Clint Eastwood, Jon Voight, Bruce Willis, James Caan, etc….have brains, not like these fools who love Obama who wants to destroy this country and make US an easy target by giving our terrorist enemies and the huge axis of evil a chance to do what they want. When the hell will they wake up?

    And by the way Jamie Foxx, Obama is not our Lord and Saviour, God IS and will always be. I will never watch another movie with Jamie Foxx. The bigger problem is that the politically uneducated idolize these Hollywood liberals and feel they are role models. THEY ARE NOT role models, the conservative celebrities I mentioned are the true patriots who love our country.

  • greg2318

    Im sure not many of the hollywood types would give up their body guards or guns that they carry.. Its all about them.. They get to play war.. and bad guy get paided a ton of money for it and then go home an relax.. They dont give a crap about the average american .. As long as they get what they want

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Instead of banning guns…what say we ban movies that show scenes with guns being used to commit crimes??????

  • Godisright

    Like the wind they are… say and do are 2 different things for the cerebrals in Holy-wood.
    “A double-minded man is unstable in ALL his ways.”

  • las1

    Hypocrisy… thy name really is HOLLYWOOD