Thursday open thread – Wingsuit Racing at 140 MPH

This is so awesome but I promise I don’t have the gonads to do this:

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  • poljunkie

    Looks fantastic…from here.

    It took me every ounce of courage to bungee jump. That said, the guy on the platform started to give me a countdown and if I didnt jump by 10 he threatened to push me.

    • You’ve got more cajones than I do pol! I wouldn’t do that either!!! Eeek!!

      • poljunkie

        I was in vacation mode. Still dumb. Everyone else did it earlier in the trip from a crane but I did it from a bridge over water.
        Let me underscore, I WOULDNT do it again.

        • ROFL! Then I am DEFINITLY NEVER going to do that! Oh man, how embarassing…. and scary. I don’t know which would be worse.

          • poljunkie

            Yes, considering there are a handful of people there- mostly guys. It was a little nerve wracking.

            But the jump was worse. I admit I caved to pressure from my family to do it. Can you believe it?

            • Live and learn pol 😉 I’m sure you’ll never give in to pressure again! Hey, at least you can say you tried something daring though. I haven’t done anything exciting for ages. Last thrilling thing I did was go on a Space Shuttle simulator at Kennedy… I thought my spine was crushed when I came out lol. I can see why they have health warning signs on stuff like that. Dang, I used to love rollercoasters when I was young- my dad and I used to go on them all the time. He’d crack jokes when we were in line for the wooden ones, about termites 😉 But those were the days. I can’t do rollercoasters anymore. My body can’t take the crazy stuff.

              • poljunkie

                We lost our son at SpaceMountain @ Disney Land. Talk about frantic. We found him in 5-10 min but it seemed like forever. He was never out of our site then, but it was dark, my gosh, the ride empties into a gift shop. Naturally, he was just looking at toys. I nearly lost my mind.

                I cant do rollercoasters anymore either. They make me sick. No really, they do.
                There was an old wooden roller coaster in California on the boardwalk in Santa Cruz. I think it was called the Big Dipper. We used to go there as a little road trip as a kid. Rickety.

                • That would have freaked me if my son had have gotten lost! I never did like the “leashes” for kids, but I admit, when the boy was 3 and we went camping, I had him in his overalls all weekend, and I had a rope tied to the back straps lol, just so he wouldn’t wander off when I wasn’t looking!

                • poljunkie

                  I love it.

                  That was the last time we went to Disneyland.

                  Never have been to Disneyworld. I figured if they have to shill a gift shop by emptying the ride like that, I have no use. I mean its not like we didnt spend every dime we brought, as it was.

                • We took the boy to Disneyworld for his 7th birthday. I hadn’t been there since space mountain was being built lol. It was so cool, we stayed at the Disney Movieland resort, we were in the Herbie the Love Bug building, so the boy was ecstatic! We only stayed 2 nights with the one full day there. We didn’t go on a whole lot of rides, as it was packed silly- but we managed to go on a lot of the ones I went on when I was little, and also a couple of the roller coasters, which is how I know my body can’t take those anymore. It was fun, but good golly I don’t know how my parents afforded to take 3 of us kids there when we were young. I had saved up for the trip for a year and we had kept it secret. The day we left, was a Tuesday, and we left right after homeschool co op. My husband picked us up, the jeep was already packed and the kid didn’t know it. We told him we were going to go fishing.
                  It was a long drive, and he did keep pointing out lakes all the way there, and said, how about that one dad?! That looks like a good one mom! Well, we finally made it, and we drove into the park to get to the hotel, and we could see Cinderella’s castle in the distance. I looked back at the boy and said, “Andy, look over there and what do you see?” The look on his face was priceless!!
                  We did the same thing when we took him to Kennedy for his 9th birthday. And that was even more so because he LOVED the shuttles and everything NASA.
                  Anyway, that trip too took about a year saving, but when they’re young, it is so worth it. 🙂

                • poljunkie

                  FANTASTIC. How cool. I love surprises.

                • 😀 I know! I don’t know that we’ll be able to surprise him with a car,but it is fun when we can do stuff like that! Night girlie!

                • poljunkie

                  Later ABs. Until tomorrow. Sleep well !

  • Holy Shnikees Batman!

  • That looks like fun! But I doubt I could even get in the plane.

  • I wanna do this so bad!!! But I gotta learn scuba diving first!

    • keninil

      After getting my PADI cert, I determined I was not really cut out for scuba, especially when you can’t tell up from down without looking at the bubbles.

      Down seems always obvious in this sport.

      • poljunkie

        Thats how I felt. I loved getting certified. But once I was able to go in open water I didnt like it.

    • Amy

      Ooohhh… see the water is where my fear kicks in. I’m unbelievably clausterphobic. I have nightmares that I’m on my sister’s jet ski and suddenly realize there’s 45 feet of water underneath me and I fall off. 🙁 shuddering…

  • MaxineCA

    Just checked my “bucket list” and that activity was definitely NOT on it or anything that has to do with jumping out of planes or gliding off mountain tops or bungee jumping off of a bridge. You bet I’m a big chicken, but at my age, I don’t want to take any chances. I’ll be forced into medicare in a few years…… that’s risky enough!

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Quite a fantastic video….but I’ll pass on ever trying that or even skydiving. I’d rather be inside a helicopter and let others take the plunge. Many years ago at Fort Bragg, NC, on the weekends we’d take skydivers up to 11,000 and out they’d go. No thanks. Not for me.

    • Dukehoopsfan

      I cannot think of one reason to jump out of a perfectly functioning aircraft.

      • Army_Pilot1967

        Amen to that, Dukehoopsfan. I would shake my head in amazement as the skydivers would step out of the helicopter at 11,000! No thanks. I once had a debate with one of the skydivers on the climb to altitude about who was crazier…him or me. I wouldn’t trust a parachute and he didn’t trust helicopters….then he stepped out of the helicopter, counting on his parachute to get him down safely. Whatever…….

  • Um, I think I’ll stick with using taxi cabs. That’s about as daring as I get.

  • For Sale: Parachute, used once. Small stain , give me an offer.

    DOH! Sorry, but I think I’m too much of a wuss.

    PS- glad to see I’m not the only chicken… er… duck… chuck?! on Scoop! 😀

    • NYGino

      Sorry to repeat a post but as Steven Wright once said:
      If at first you don’t succeed, skydiving is not for you.

      • LOL. Smarty!! But true. 😉 Hey NY! Would you believe that we still haven’t had hardly any rain?! Well, Ft. Myers got some today which is not too far away, but we still haven’t had any. I’ve never seen our road kick up dust in July before.

        • NYGino

          Hey ABC, hope you had a very patriotic 4th! We’ve been getting that nice afternoon shower, lasts about 15 minutes. Not enough to really nourish things properly but we’ll take what we get. Everything is red, white and blue by us as it is with you.

          • Our day started off rough, but it was a great one. 😀 Had dinner at my mother in law’s and that way at least, she didn’t watch mslsd for a couple of hours lol. Seriously, it was a nice day. Too dry for fireworks, so rednecks like us fired off a couple rounds from the rifles.

            • NYGino

              I’m assuming that’s the only channel she gets, can’t be watching it by choice I hope.

              • Oh I WISH! Nope, she’s one of the many who are brainwashed and don’t realize that the democrat party is not the same as it was back in the JFK days. All her kids and half the grandkids have been trying to open her eyes, but well, with mslsd on almost all day every day…. my heart aches for that woman.

                • NYGino

                  Idea. Take her on a TRS tour. You know, plan it out, pick an appropriate thread and let her follow the conversations and comments. You’ll either convert her or drive her totally off the edge. Just having fun with your situation but, hey, might work.

                • LOL, I’ve thought of that actually. I have other sites on here too that I go to regularly, including Congress and Senate. I have papers that I’ve printed off, for example the health care bills- but she won’t look. I think she’s afraid we’re all right and she doesn’t want to be made a fool. I can understand that.
                  Last night I was thinking to myself, I used to try so hard with her, and like her daughter, we’d always end up in an argument. Neither of us likes it when we argue, but we all wanted her to snap out of it and realize just how bad dems and progressives are. My last major blow out with her was over the healthcare bill, and a couple of other things. Finally I just said, “Grandma, dear leader’s a commie!” She acted as though I blasphemed the annointed one. She told me if I didn’t like him I ought to go back to Canada. She called me shortly after and apologized profusely.
                  Anyway, I thought last night, that she is up there in age, 86, she’s healthy but does have to watch her blood pressure and diabetes. I hope for her sake medicare doesn’t go up too much, although I know it will. I hope things don’t change so radically for her sake (although she’d probably still blame it on republicans) But I don’t want her to ever realize how wrong she’s been and feel like a blind fool. I love her too much, and don’t want her to feel that way- so I’m leaving her be about it now. She still gets riled and tries to argue, but so far I’m proud of my self control on that. She send money to dear leader last week, and I didn’t say a word. At least not in front of her, but my husband was furious 😉

                • NYGino

                  ABC, you are a very thoughtful, considerate and loving soul. Your mother in law is fortunate, but I’m sure she realizes that. Nite.

                • You’re sweet my dear NY. Night! Have a Blessed day tomorrow!

  • KarlRogue

    All my life I’ve had dreams about doing this! flying I mean
    anybody else?

    • That’s about the only way I’ll ever fly… is in my dreams. When I’m asleep. Safely tucked under my covers. 😀
      I have a good friend who skydives and she says there’s nothing else like it and would live in a parachute if she could. I’ll stick to being boring and on the ground.

    • FreeManWalking
    • WordsFailMe

      Dreamed of it since I was a kid. Still do. Wow!

    • Amy

      Yes!!! I think I was born in the wrong era and the wrong gender – LOL I’m kidding of course. My dream occupation is a fighter pilot – WWI or even WWII era. I have a couple more years of being a full time mom – and then I’ll be learning to fly and jumping from perfectly good airplanes.

      …the hubby and I have a deal that there’s no motorcycles, parachuting, paragliding or flying old airplanes until all the kids are adults. There isn’t anyone else we want to raise them 😉

  • FreeManWalking

    SCOOP I was hooked on Paramotoring after watching the May 27th open thread

    I am training and my wing should be in this week, I hope to solo soon, but I think I will pass on wing suit racing.

    Thanks for the May 27th Open Thread, you re kindled a dream and I realized I can actually pilot a craft without requiring a full fledged pilot licenses.

    • WordsFailMe

      Seems like if you had a couple of cans of pressurized air, nozzled down, strapped on the each leg, you could manuever even more, pull-up, split-s, stay up longer.

      Good luck, my friend. I cannot think of anything that could be more thrilling! Hope you get some video.

    • Good for you!!

  • The guy that did this video DevinSuperTramp does amazing work. You should check out his video of the worlds largest rope swing.

    • OK I’m still a big wuss, but OH MAN THAT LOOKS SO FUN!! Dang, I wish I was young and stupid again! 🙂

  • 911Infidel

    Open thread eh? Goodie.

    How about them Nationals huh? And whoever heard of a walk-off fielder’s choice? Who cares. Another curly “W” is in the books.

    So much for the expert baseball pre-season prognosticators. The Pirates and Nationals are in first place. Hot damn. What a great summer it is turning out to be.

  • 911Infidel

    Grinding the crack. Watch this:

    • poljunkie

      Wow! Crazy!
      Im supposed to catch a flight on saturday, maybe he can give me a lift instead!

      • 911Infidel


  • RosiesSeeingRed

    OK, I know I’m late to the open thread party, but I have been looking for an appropriate place to share this story after having a July 4th party where 8 of my 17 guests were flaming liberal progressives. We avoided politics all day long, although sometimes discussions end up touching on politics anyway.

    We got into a discussion about the new law in NJ which requires people in the backseat to wear a seat belt ($200 or $300 fine for non-compliance — can ‘t quite recall exact amount), and in the same bill, it also requires pets to be secured in seat belts with a $1000 fine for non-compliance. All kinds of thoughts/complaints were being tossed around, and the pet owners were discussing how difficult it is to secure a dog or cat carrier in your car, etc., when one of the liberals looked directly at me and said, “Well, you could always put your dog crate on the roof…” and without skipping a beat, I retorted, “Or you could just EAT your dog and not worry about it at all!”

    That kind of put him right in his place.

    Another couple who know I’m kind of a political junkie brought me a gift — a 5×7 color photo of the first family, which they presented to me just as we were sitting down to dessert. They got such a kick out of that and started with their jokes about framing it and hanging it on a wall in my house. So after thanking them, I said “I will definitely frame it. I have the perfect wall for it right above the litter box.”

    And then, as I looked at the table filled with cupcakes, brownies and all kinds of delectable goodies which THEY brought, I said while holding up the photo of Barry, Michelle & Family, “Michelle is NOT happy with what you’re eating right now, you do realize that, right?” It was all I could do to keep from saying, “… and once they’re in control of your health, all of it will be illegal, so enjoy it while you can!” But I didn’t want to get into the healthcare/SCOTUS debate with 8 progressives. It might’ve ended our friendships if I had!

  • I jumped (well, not in a wingsuit). Glad I did. It was a great experience. If you are considering it, just go for it. It will be a day you will always remember.

  • Amy

    So, so very cool. Just biding my time until my youngest is an adult – then I’ll be jumping.

    • GreenBeretWay

      This looks like the most exhilarating ride ever!! When do we leave?

      • Amy

        Two years? LOL The hubby and I have a deal that there’s no motorcyles, parachutes or old airplanes until all the kiddo’s are adults. There’s just no one else we want to raise them. We’ll still be young & in shape enough to kick some arse and raise some hell ;-)~

        • GreenBeretWay

          I once knew a couple that traveled on different flights for the same reason.I can’t blame you. I would be the same way if I had children.Who can you trust to do as good of a job?

  • Flying squirrel people? uh oh…. THE END TIMES ARE HERE AAAAAAAHHHH!!!

  • CentralFlaGirl

    what is this crap?

  • banzi641

  • yuer442

  • GreenBeretWay