Today is Stand with Hobby Lobby Day

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Hobby Lobby is embroiled in a court battle for their constitutionally protected rights to freedom of religion because they are being forced by Obama violate their faith and pay for birth control and abortifacients in health care coverage they provide for their employees. And because of this Obama administration dictate in Obamacare they are subject to over 1.3 million in fines every single day they do not provide this coverage. Most of you who follow us know this very well as we’ve been covering the ongoing court battle and how Hobby Lobby has been blocked at every turn by judges who apparently don’t agree with the Constitution.

So, today is stand with Hobby Lobby day which means you should go to your nearest Hobby Lobby and buy something from them to show them that millions of America support them in this fight.

Read this article by Todd Starnes for more on Stand with Hobby Lobby Day.

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  • Sober_Thinking

    This is a very worthy cause. I intend to support them. 🙂

    • Day by day is weighing in (great daily cartoon)!

      • Sober_Thinking

        Interesting link… too true. Thanks m8.

      • PatrickHenrysBody

        It’s good to see a conservative cartoonist counter all the leftist cartoonists the propagandist media arm of Zero employs. May there be much, much more!

    • PatrickHenrysBody

      Ha! I just bought a prism for my niece’s science project from Hobby Lobby. Ha again to all the leftist global authoritarian pieces of sh.. out there!

  • Joe

    Obama has made so many people angry

    How did he get elected?

    OH! – I forgot – FRAUD!!

    (The Republicans are idiots for allowing him back in the WH)


    There’s a new Hobby Lobby only 10 miles away – I am on my way there now

    **** plus there is a gun shop up the road – I’ll go there too!

    • Orangeone

      Now that’s a great two-for-one day Joe!

    • PatrickHenrysBody

      But wait, the propagandist media arm has just reported that more gun shows are being cancelled due to all of the shootings. To that I resoundingly say BULL$h!+!!!

  • 911Infidel

    Lest anyone be confused. Hobby Lobby is not opposed to contraceptives. They are however opposed to abortifacient drugs. This view is why the courts have ruled against them, and why some in conservative circles are questioning Hobby Lobby’s request for a religious exemption from NoBama Careless.

    • DebbyX

      Nice! “NoBama Careless” I’ll be passing that around to friends and family if it’s okay with you? 🙂

      • 911Infidel

        Sure thing. By all means.

    • Is_Sense_Common

      And of course, the bigger issue – it’s none of the gov’t’s [email protected] business what a private corporation chooses to offer in benefits to its privately employed employees. No one is forcing them to work at Hobby Lobby. No one is strong-arming these people to do anything! If having the company you work for pay for your Morning After Pills is so important to a person, then citizens have the right to go work for a different company that will! If eventually Hobby Lobby cannot find enough employees willing to work for them because of that issue (Lord help us all), then they may choose to change their benefit package.

      And then, let’s compare that freedom with the “scandalous” Right to Work bills that so many states are implementing. Gimmecrats are saying that if you choose to work for an employer, you MUST join a union & agree to their dues – no freedom at all… Either join a union or don’t work. Right-to-Work simply states that an employee is not required by law to join a union that may or may not represent their personal interests. Arghhh – the hypocrisy just knows no bounds!!

      Tell me again why “our side” is incapable of making a winning argument for this stuff??

      • 911Infidel

        “Tell me again why “our side” is incapable of making a winning argument for this stuff??”

        Because our side is trying to be all things to all men. Rather than lead and showing the conservative colors, our side chooses to wave the white flag of surrender while appointing cry-baby girlie-men as leaders.

        Conservatives win when they expouse and hold fast to conservative principals. They lose when they start looking and sounding like Dhimiratz.

        We don’t need any more weak non-leaders like McConnell and Boner.

        What we need are a few articulate hard-a$$es who are willing to go tell NoBama and his media sychophants to eff themselves. Then offer better ideas and defend them to the American people like Reagan did.

        • badbadlibs

          I’d just like to see “our side” concerning the abortion issue have the sense and courage to at least take the issue off the table that is always thrown in our faces: that abortion would be illegal when it came to the life of the mother….when in fact it has NEVER been illegal in America when it was truly the life of the mother in question.

          Your post is awesome!

          • 911Infidel


        • Orangeone

          Sounds like Allen West to me!

          • 911Infidel

            Yep. We need ballsy people not girlie-men. A Michelle Bachmann is just fine too. I mean that in all kinds of ways. :p)

            • DWK

              We need less people donning tinfoil hats of either persuasion!

              • 911Infidel

                You’re late to the party.

      • badbadlibs

        “… it’s none of the gov’t’s [email protected] business what a private corporation chooses…”

        There is no private anything, no privacy whatsoever no private choices…unless of course it’s a woman “choosing” to kill her child in or just out of the womb. THEN there’s all the privacy in the world invoked.

        The above is some sick thinking, but that’s the left for ya!

      • Orangeone

        What a great comparison, forced to join a union or given the opportunity to work for a Christian organization.

      • PatrickHenrysBody

        It’s because there is no “our side” they are all one-sided. They are not making a winning argument because they don’t want to win…at least those who are in control don’t want to win.

        • Is_Sense_Common

          Actually, I think they don’t know the difference. The definition of “success” has never been delineated so the idiots in DC just keep tossing about the same premises. The gimmecrats have done such a good job of selling their manure that the repooplicans have bought it too.

    • Conniption Fitz

      Religious conscience is religious conscience.

      Obama and Pelosi may not have consciences, but others do and our consciences are protected by the US Constitution that they want to ignore.

      Obama has no respect for the Constitution or America.

      • 911Infidel

        Oh they both have a conscience. Its just a question of how they have managed to burn it out? Booze? Drugs maybe? Or just plain hate?

      • PatrickHenrysBody

        If you were to put their consciences on film, you would see images of totalitarianism on display. Zero, Piglosi, and other pukes like them leave slime trails wherever they go.

      • DWK

        If anyone had a conscience they would would pay their workers a living wage, instead of a plate of red herring politics that so many seem to lap up.

  • Jaels_Song

    If there is no Hobby Lobby near you, you (we) can order from them off the Internet.

    • PatrickHenrysBody

      Good idea!

  • Ray

    This is a great watershed moment. It would benefit Hobby Lobby to drop coverage and pay a small fine on each employee and leave them to find their own coverage. I think they should do so. This would, though, hurt the employees.
    This company has it’s employees in mind in that the lowest paid is almost twice minimum wage and wants to provide for their employees families with affordable health insurance, they close early to allow employees time with their families, and along comes ObamaCare which will probably force them out of business, thus hurting their employees more.
    For those of you liberals who come to this site, HOW CAN YOU JUSTIFY THIS? Either morally, ethically, or logically?
    And the pat answer of “They should just provide that coverage.” is not an option here. Suppose in the future Conservatives get such a majority that they were able to stop abortion, and place in the law that a company that finds out a pregnant woman is considering a back ally abortion, that that company would HAVE to inform authorities about it, and hold her physically until the authorities can get there and take her to a place where she would be restrained until she had the baby? Would you say to companies who did not want to do that of face massive fines that they should just do it? I doubt it. Why is your personal belief system more important than the next guy’s?

    • tvlgds

      They’re also closed on Sunday because of their religious beliefs, as is Chik Fil-A.

    • I liked and agree with your post. One point, the fine is not small, it’s $1.3m per DAY! 🙁

      • Ray

        That is the fine if they do not provide coverage for abortive medicines, they can choose NOT to cover anything and pay $2000 per employee per year. I am sure they are paying much more per year per employee on the companies portion for their health insurance.

        • Orangeone

          It goes to $3000/employee tax for each employee that goes to the ObamaCare exchange. And if the employees don’t buy insurance they have to pay the individual mandate tax as well.

    • Orangeone

      Hobby Lobby is also voluntarily collecting state sales tax on internet orders. Although I dislike paying it I am because I heart Hobby Lobby for standing up against tyranny and a dictator! I placed my first order the day Michelle Malkin asked us to and another today because it’s Stand for Hobby Lobby day!

    • That’s part of the plan of Obamacare- It’s more worthwhile to fight to retain the right to have choices in insurance than to just give in and allow the government to create a national health care system.

  • Nukeman60

    And because of this Obama administration dictate in Obamacare they are subject to over 1.3 million in fines every single day they do not provide this coverage.

    So now we know how Obama plans on paying down the debt. Take every business in America that opposes his policies and fine them till they collapse. How many companies will it take to match $17 trillion? The only downside – there will be no businesses left, save for the pond scum producers and the Unions (was I being redundant?).

    • Is_Sense_Common

      The only flaw I see in your theory is that barry & the gang have NO interest in paying down the debt. :-/

      • Nukeman60

        Oh – yeah. How did I miss that?

        • Is_Sense_Common

          It’s easy to do when you’re accustomed to actually using the brain in your head. It’s really hard to turn it off & act like a libtard.

    • Conniption Fitz

      He won’t use the money on the debt – just new scams and schemes for his donors and vacations in Bali, etc.

  • wales777

    Bought some cool baskets and other items online.

  • BeyondPolls

    Stand with HL!

    • DWK

      Yes, stand with Hobby Lobby! Make the Green Family richer, while they and others like them gut full-time jobs with real benefits, while folks fall for these stupid red herrings!

      • BeyondPolls

        You do realize that this isn’t about money, right? Because Hobby Lobby is eventually going to face millions of dollars in govt fines. This is about Obama’s war on the Constitution.

  • theresaaa

    I was there this morning , I went thinking I’d pick up a few things just to support them . They had so many things on sale I came home with 3 bags !

    • Orangeone

      Sweet! I placed my 2nd online order today. Was the store crowded with lots of folks buying lots of things? Please give us the skinny so we can giggle along in Barky Boy’s face.

      • theresaaa

        The store was packed !
        Over and over I heard people say things like “we have to stand up to this …..I hope this turns out to be another chick fill a thing ….we need more big companies to fight back , Lord knows we can’t do it but we can support the ones who do ”

        So I think it was a successful day !

        • Orangeone

          Thank you for the update!  Twitter has been all a buzz too on packed stores.  I did my purchase online, wish I knew what the volume of online sales was 🙂

  • TitaniumEagle

    While I have no personal issues with birth control, it is absurd to think that any employer should be forced to provide anything that it doesn’t believe is morally acceptable to its employees. This is doubly true when you consider that birth control makes sex recreational rather than procreational, and thus not exactly “health” related.

    The nearest Hobby Lobby looks to be about twenty miles away from me but I may make the drive shortly to buy some gift cards (especially to give to liberal friends, that’ll be fun 😉

    EDIT: It turns out that Hobby Lobby’s real issue lies with abortifacient drugs. I forgot, private corporations aren’t allowed to oppose government sponsored murder of children.

    • Orangeone

      As a business owner, I do not agree that we should be forced to provide any employee benefits. Employers have been doing so for decades because it is good for employee retention etc. but demanding us to do so and taxing us if we don’t goes too far. This law has nothing to do with health care, it is a tax and control law.

  • StrangernFiction

    I can’t think of a more worthy cause then to stand for liberty and against tyranny.

  • Don’t have a store near me but had no trouble covering 6 different events thru their on-line site!

  • well

    EVERYTHING going on since Benghazi (and since 2008) is designed to distract, yet they are opportunities. Now the there is no time left to do something. No more distractions.

    It is important to say this for regulars especially: the proceedings, using all the info: Benghazi, false social security number, etc need to be started before the inauguration. All the people need to put efforts together to do this, now. Write call visit, and especially petition and demonstrate, NOW. Are the regulars especially listening?

  • fiznart

    Darn I am sick so can’t go into the store but I have done my on-line shopping with Hobby Lobby to show my support – thanks Hobby Lobby for “Standing for Something” right!

    • Orangeone

      Please feel better soon! Thank you for standing next to me and many other to support Hobby Lobby, I’m honored to be there with you 🙂

  • Orangeone

    Thanks Scoop! In case others missed this when I was “naughty” and posted on the other thread, $2 shipping today for online orders and one item 40% off with code 7568!

  • I told Scoops he should have named this post, “Hobby Lobby Lobby’s Hobby is to Lobby for Hobby Lobby”

  • armyvet10

    I and my wife were at Hobby Lobby today. Couldn’t afford to buy much, but we did pick up a few needed things. I casually mention to my wife about the court case against Hobby Lobby by the current Criminal in Chief, and she was aghast. My surprise on this is that even with us both being conservatives; she said she didn’t even know of the legal battle being waged against Hobby Lobby. As we walked through the store we discussed our thoughts on this and I believe some patrons that overheard us may have learned of this for the first time. The Criminal in Chief has way too much influence with the media and we must all be even more diligent and open when dealing with the un-informed masses.

  • Biggbear52

    To our dismay there is no Hobby Lobby in my state. Though my wife and I are all for the freedom of religion and stand firm in our conviction of that. We do support this company in it’s fight against the Fourth Reich! We have gone on the website and are currently looking at items to purchase. God Bless Hobby Lobby!

  • jleinf

    Muslim’s exempt from Ocare on religious reasons- Hobby Lobby a contributing religious American company not so much.

    • Conniption Fitz

      That is discrimination. Plain and simple.

  • Godisright

    We don’t have one near us, but I support them “go Hobby Lobby!!”

  • 6799

    Something’s just not right here. Where’s the OUTRAGE?

  • PatrickHenrysBody

    The way I see it, leftist b@[email protected]$ are doing more for capitalism and conservative enterprises than they think. They and the unwitting propagandist media arm of Zero provide free advertising for them! Prime examples are gun shops and gun shows, Chik-fil-A, and now Hobby Lobby.

  • M.

    Made my online purchase at Hobby Lobby today

  • M.

    Made my Hobby Lobby purchase today and also got their 40% discount on most expensive item.

  • wodiej

    I can’t buy anything but groceries because I am still out work. If businesses would quit being so dishonest and corrupt then I would have a job by now. Why doesn’t HL just do what they do and hire part time then they don’t have to pay for benefits.

  • For Mike Huckabee, who launched all of this – for BILLIONAIRE the Green Family that is Billionaire Founder, Owner, and Proprietor of the Kingdom of Hobby Lobby – and, most importantly – for the American Public and all faitheful Christians who have been royally SCAMMED…

    Hmmmm – Hobby Lobby is defying Federal Law because they want to “Stand Up For GOD!” – at least that is what Mike Huckabee claimed when they launched a MASSIVE Forum on Facebook, complete with Hobby Lobby’s 40 percent OFF the first item purchased in the Store on Hobby Lobby Appreciation Day. It started at the beginning of the two day Facebook (and God knows where else in this era of Social Networking) Forum and Support hobby Lobby Pep Rally as a just ‘go to Hobby Lobby and demonstrate your support’ – that changed VERY quickly into, ‘BUY!!! SPEND!!!!! at Hobby Lobby – they need the money for the 1.3 million dollar fines they are incurring for defying the Employee Federal Healthcare Law. Sounds good on the surface – whether or not you personally believe the Morning After Pill is “abortion”, ya gotta admire a BILLIONS OF DOLLARS ANNUALLY-earning, monster Corporation like HOBBY LOBBY for taking a public “Stand for God” and refusing to obey the law because they oppose “abortion” and will not pay for the Morning After Pill for their employees.

    OH……… BUT WAIT A MINUTE……….. Having previously shopped many times at Hobby Lobby – I was struck by how much of their merchandise is MADE IN CHINA. CHINA??? You mean… the country whose Government ROUTINELY FORCES WOMEN, MARRIED OR NOT, WHO HAVE CONCEIVED AN “ILLEGAL DUE TO CHINA’S” 2nd CHILD AND CANNOT PAY THE FINE FOR THAT TO HAVE AN ABORTION – USUALLY LATE TERM ABORTION IN CASES WHERE THEY HAD TO TRACK THE MULTI-PARA-PREGNANT-MOTHER-IN-HIDING DOWN – UP TO AND INCLUDING THE NINTH MONTH PRO PREGNANCY???? The Chinese Government has been doing this for decades – it’s all over the media, the internet, and even YouTube. So I ask one of the secretly embedded, pro-Hobby Lobby Moderators in the Facebook HOBBY LOBBY’S STANDING UP FOR GOD SUPPORT DAYForum, “why, given their “COURAGEOUS stand” against ANY form of ABORTION, WOULD HOBBY LOBBY CONTINUE DOING BUSINESS WITH CHINA IN TERMS OF SELLING SO MUCH OF THEIR EXPORTED MERCHANDISE (at a top dollar retail price, I might add)? CHINA FORCES LATE TERM ABORTIONS ON MOTHERS WHO DARE TO CONCEIVE ANY MORE THAN ONE CHILD?”

    There had been much bantering in the Facebook Forum about the video, “The Silent Scream”, (posted on YouTube should you care to watch it) in which a former abortionist physician uses sonography video taken during an actual abortion which shows the fetus trying to move away from the abortionists cannula in utero, then open its mouth in a silent scream as the sucking cannula makes contact with the fetus. It’s a very compelling video, and I therefore posted the questions to the Forum participants, “Which scream is morally louder – the scream of a barely fertilized ova the Morning After Pill makes it impossible to implant inside the uterus – or the scream of the often LATE TERM, SOMETIMES DAYS AWAY FROM BIRTH FETUS as it is murdered, then wrenched from its mother’s womb?

    At first, I was repeatedly ignored as I asked that question over and over – and over – again. Then, finally, the up until then (this forum lasted for two days) seemingly gentle and genteel “Christian”, embedded Hobby Lobby Advocator and undeclared Moderator finally responded, saying that ALL STORES SELL GOODS EXPORTED FROM CHINA – WHY SHOULDN’T HOBBY LOBBY? When I responded that NO OTHER STORES ARE DEFYING FEDERAL LAW IN THE NAME OF GOD AND A STAND AGAINST ABORTION, AND THEN WHIPPING UP CHRISTIAN’S FRENZIED SUPPORT AND EXTRA PURCHASES TO HELP DEFRAY THE COST OF IT’S RESULTING FINES, and then asked, ‘REGARDLESS of what ANYONE other retailer is doing, why is Hobby Lobby, who is so anti-abortion as to refuse to pay for federally mandated employee insurance because that insurance plan will cover the Morning After Pill, turning right around and making BILLIONS in profits courtesy of huge amounts of goods , THE EXPORT OF WHICH IS OVERSEEN BY THE PRO-ABORTION, LATE-TERM ABORTION-FORCING Chinese Government????? Again – repeated asking of this question – repeated IGNORING of same. As a matter of fact, the entire Forum audience of commenters up until then all excited about ‘Support Hobby Lobby’s Stand For God Day’ grew decidely quiet, much as the mob preparing to stone the adulteress to death in biblical times did after Jesus admonished them, “Let ye who is without sin cast the first stone”. Suddenly, the unofficial, “genteel” Moderator’s entire demeanor changed – she began spewing venom. She demanded to know if I ever shopped at any other stores that used exported good from China, and when I responded several times, ‘Of course I have, however I will not purchase anything exported from China’, she became more and more venomous, demanding, ‘It’s a yes or no question, Kelly – type “yes” or type “no” and click “enter”‘!!!!! Obviously, I was supposed to say ‘yes’ – setting me up for an accusation of being pro-abortion. NEVER MIND THE ISSUE AT HAND – HOBBY LOBBY’S “Stand for God” ONLY APPLIES IN UNTIL HOBBY LOBBIES T-R-U-E GOD – MAKING BILLIONS IN PROFITS ANNUALLY – IS AT RISK. Suddenly, after a what proved to be parting, particularly vitriolic comment about Liberals and President Obama – (Ohhhh – NOW we’re getting down to it, aren’t we?) this Forum, along with innumerable sub-forums that had “spontaneously” formed in tandem with it, (the Forum conversational exchange had gone on for a HUGE number of “wall” pages in Facebook over the span of two days), the ‘Support Hobby Lobby by BUYING There Today!’ Hobby Lobby Advocates/Employees/Undeclared Moderators hurriedly packed up their snake venom and DISAPPEARED AS THOUGH THEY’D NEVER EXISTED – EVEN DELETING EVERY SINGLE PAGE OF THE FORUM SO THAT NO ONE COULD GO BACK AND READ WHAT HAD BEEN GOING ON THROUGH AN ENLIGHTENED SET OF EYES. No announcement the Forum was closing – no parting thanks – no wrap-up of any kind other than a mean, low-blow shot they did not care to remain to hear any response to – just *POOF* – GONE! …. And right in the middle of ‘Support Hobby’s Lobby’s Standing up for God Day’, still at that in full swing yesterday both in real time and online.

    Did you think we Christians who recognize a scam in the making when we see one are so stupid and shortsighted as to fail to copy and save your pages as you went along? Well – you were wrong. We’re going to see to it that what you have done – raking even MORE money in addition to the EXHORBITANT income the Green Family already enjoys annually – in the name of GOD and a “stand” against abortion no more actually LIVED UP TO than fly through the air – not, at least where billions of dollars in PROFIT are at stake. HOW DARE YOU, HOBBY LOBBY ???!!!???? Even if you and Mr. Huckabee are not with your abortion-blood-stained fingers in the cookie jar and in this blasphemous scam (and I’m certain you have a BATTERY of high-priced attorneys working feverishly to make sure that is the case) – I hope the American Public – and the faithful Christians you targeted with your money-seeking blasphemy – see you for what you really ARE. Worshippers at the Alter of Profit, Power, and the Almighty Dollar…. WILLING SUPPORTERS, by proxy, OF MANDATED, LATE TERM ABORTIONS.

    Your “stand” is no more for God and against abortion than Bugs Bunny is a Terrorist. Your “stand” is to defy the Law for PROFIT and generate fervent Christian CUSTOMER ADORATION that will pay for you Fines… and no amount of Christian music played over the P.A. system in your China-export-merchandise laden, billions-in-profits-generating, “piously” closed on Sundays Money Changing Temples is going to change that. I KNOW God will adjudicate fines of His own in this matter, Mr. Huckabee and Green Family – life is short. Perhaps God won’t wait that long, however – perhaps he will see to it that American Public – and the Federal Government – expose you for the hypocritical events that have unfolded here… and nail you to the proverbial cross.

    *waves at at least one of the Unnoficial Mods from the Facebook “Support Hobby Lobby’s Stand For God – BUY AT HOBBY LOBBY DAY” forum that poofed yesterday when it was mentioned that perhaps the press should look further into this matter – who’s made an appearance here, as well, I see….*

  • mona19595

    I fully support Hobby Lobby!

  • What a joke. Hobby Lobby already covered emergency contraception BEFORE the Obamacare mandate.

    Here’s the evidence. See page 14, number 55:

    Rather than suing the government, they should be thanking Obamacare for making them aware of their own policy.

    “Emergency contraception (or EC) actually prevents egg release—and without eggs, naturally, fertilization can’t happen, let alone implantation.”