Todd Starnes: ICE agent suspended for arresting illegal immigrant

This is unbelievable and infuriating. An ICE agent arrested an illegal immigrant who was driving without a license and had a string of other traffic violations, but was told to release him because he wasn’t a “priority” under the new unconstitutional rules of Obama’s enforcement plan for illegal immigrants. When the officer refused, he was then suspended for 3 days and the illegal immigrant was released and his union is now worried that if it happens again he could lose his pension.

Here’s the whole story:

If this isn’t disturbing enough, Starnes then noted that morale is in the toilet for these ICE agents who don’t even know what their mission is anymore.

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  • Sober_Thinking

    This is an utter atrocity.

    Obviously I’m boiling mad… illegal aliens are one of the top 3 deadliest problems facing America imo. Now the police are being chastised and punished for doing their job? This madness has to stop… and Obama should be jailed over this travesty.

    I want to say something positive… so I’ll stick to God is in control.

    • MiketheMarine

      More armed, disenfranchised Americans pissed off at the Tyrant. I don’t mind having those folks on our side should things continue to deteriorate.

      • Joe

        My son JUST called – we are going to the range this weekend!

        (His treat)

        • MiketheMarine

          Nice. As a small training aid, Joe. Try some snap shooting. What I mean by that is run the target to between 7 and 10 feet. Load your weapon and have it set how you would find it at home. Loaded, unloaded, one in the pipe, safety on, whatever. Set the gun on the shelf in front of you. Son says “Go” and as quickly and safely as possible make the weapon ready to fire and shoot 2 or 3 quick shots. Don’t “aim” just point and shoot. If you ever have a need to shoot under pressure, this is how it’s going to be. Get good at snap shooting. When someone is shooting back at you it is impossible to take true aim. Just put lead down range.

          Have fun, Brother.

          • Joe

            I’ll try it

            Should I bring extra diapers?


            • MiketheMarine

              Anytime, and remember. Don’t anticipate the shot. It should surprise you every time the gun fires.

    • keyesforpres

      You are correct. Approx. 25 Americans die everyday at the hands of illegals. Half through drunk driving (it’s not against the law to drive drunk in Mexico, nor is it illegal to leave the scene of an accident!) and the other half through cold blooded murder.

      Several years ago three women were murdered around here by illegals. All three had their throats slashed after they were raped. One victim was raped again after her throat was slashed and she was gasping for air.

      Not to mention around 60% of illegal and legal immigrants from Mexico think we stole the land from them. In 1982 Mexico formed a dept. in their gov’t dedicated to taking over the Western US. Sounds far fetched, but it’s happening now with open borders and higher birthrates. You get millions of people with that hateful attitude towards us and that is real trouble.

      Of course, legal immigration needs to be greatly reduced as well. We allow over a million people to come here legally every year and we can’t get that many assimilated.

      • Almost every major drug bust here, prostitution bust and drunk driving killing someone involves illegals. What the heck more do we need to pi$$ us off?

        • keyesforpres

          Yeah, the Mexican drug cartel is in at least a thousand cities now and they run sex slavery rings.

          I became friends with a woman who lost her only child to a drunk driving illegal. His brother turned him in ( I think the brother was supposedly here legally and turned him in, but only because it was his truck and someone got the license plate number). When the illegal was asked through an interpreter (how much are we spending a year on that) why he left he scene he smirked and said in Spanish, “It wasn’t my truck.” Sick. I am so sick and tired of the contempt they have for us.

          Met another woman whose husband was killed by an illegal and left her to raise her young son alone.

          Another woman (in her 60’s) fought off an illegal that was trying to rape her. He had a knife in his hand. You know what he would have done with that knife once he was done. And on and on it goes.

          Around 90,000 Americans have been killed/murdered by illegals since 9-11! That is an invasion and a declaration of war. Especially when you combine it with the fact that the Mexican military crosses our border with alarming regularity.

          • sDee

            “”I am so sick and tired of the contempt they have for us. “”

            This is the part people who have not actually worked in the illegal community, just do not understand. The really do despise us and the sentiment is growing, actually fueled by the spanish speaking leftist organizations that support them.

            The anchor babies they are raising are a ticking time bomb for us. Resentment, racial hatred and entitlement – brewing.

            Part of our family roots from Cuban immigrants who escaped Castro’s brutal communism. Part from Europeans who escaped Hitler and Mussolini’s brands of socialism. I can tell you that that I have never seen nor heard anything like what we hear from the illegal community. Even the “Dream” stuff from Rubio is unsettling. The immigrant family I come from who came here legally, love America and the Constitution, just do not or could not talk or act this way.

            • keyesforpres

              Exactly right on their babies. They are teaching them contempt. Last year I was supposed to work for two weeks at an ambulance chasing lawyers office and the one gal could speak Spanish. She was from here…anyway I asked her if they make sure the non English speaking folks that are suing are checked out to make sure they are in the country legally and she blew up at me. She said her mother came here illegally and she was all for immigration (um, coming here illgally is not immigration). She called the temp agency and had me fired because she was offended.

        • keyesforpres

          Remember, many of those “prostitutes” aren’t prostitutes at all. They are sex slaves. Many are tied to beds and raped 24/7. Many never see the light of day except when they are being moved to another location.

          Many illegals frequent these sex slave houses.

          • Our local cops under our excellent REPUBLICAN sheriff have helped bust a few sex slavery rings. It’s sad this crap still goes on.

      • Sober_Thinking

        Great response. I’m stll boiling mad over this though… 🙂

    • tvlgds

      But, but according to Nablobitano, conservative, Christian, patriots are the biggest threat to this country!

      • MiketheMarine

        And we aren’t even behaving in a threatening manner.


        • tvlgds

          Nope- we’re only a threat to the socialist, nanny goobermint that this administration is fighting so hard for.

        • sDee

          Oh we are a threat alright – we’ve figured ’em out.

      • Sober_Thinking

        Christians are a threat in part because they stand on the truth and shore up family units in America. These devils want to destroy the traditional family and then conquer the divided remnants.

        • tvlgds

          All part of the communist manifesto – break down the family.

          • Sober_Thinking


    • Obama should be impeached. I was never very interested in politics until this year, actually hated politics. Everyone in their right mind realizes how badly Fauxbama has destroyed everything American stands for. He’s lied time and time again. Anyone who says otherwise is very much oblivious to well, everything. Ignorant halfwits. I have never been so disgusted then knowing this non-American/God hating fool actually won the election. Is there no end to the travesty? Can American rise up against its enemy and smite him down?

      • librtifirst

        If the majority of Americans wake up to the fact that American presidents are put in via fraud, and are dangling by strings while they are there, then there could be hope for us.

      • Sober_Thinking

        Welcome to the fight! I agree with you 100%!

        My family has very little interest in politics – and believe me, ignorance is indeed bliss. I never liked or wanted to pay attention to this junk ever. But in 2008, I started watching Glenn Beck and doing research… and since this jackal Obama has been on his throne, I’ve become somewhat obsessed. We have to watch and be vigilent.

        We have no choice but to pay attention now. They have stolen America from us and we have to wrest it away from these lying, corrupt devils.

        And for a little peace as you stay awake and up to date with this insanity… remember that God is in control. Rom. 8:28 gives me some peace.

        Take care.

        • tish59

          Sober_Thinking –
          Bless you; well said.
          I’m going to go check Romans 8:28 now.

          Teri Varga – Pennsylvania

  • HarrietHT2

    It seems apparent that the mission of this regime is to open our borders to all comers.

    This is an illegitimate administration, sworn to uphold the Constitution, but doing everything in its power to upend it, one vile act at a time. I call on our elected Republicans to impeach him; or Republicans will face the fury of a people scorned.

  • 911Infidel

    More “change” from the Kenyan administration huh? No problem. We don’t need no stinking Kenyan President. In November we’ll serve Obama up some “hate-filled” chicken sandwiches and a nice cold glass of get the eff out of town.

    Sarc /off

    • Nukeman60

      I’m thinking we could give him a ‘free’ glass of water on the way out, but then, he cost us too much already, so fuggetaboutit.

      • 911Infidel

        Well he’s already growing fruit on a dying tree. Why not give him liquid refreshment from an unclean well too?

  • Some enterprising reporter needs to ask Obama straight out why he doesn’t care about the actual citizens of this country and their safety.

    • Kelly60

      Good luck finding one…

    • keninil

      Come on, you have seen his “press conferences” — no questions solicited or taken.

    • librtifirst

      The press is bought and paid for, just as the president is. They are simply putting on a show for us as they shut down the country.

  • sjmom

    Just a continuation of Obama’s “Destroy America” agenda. This is my campaign slogan for the Dems in 2012.

    Anyone who votes for these lawless criminals should either be committed to a mental health facility or incarcerated in a penitentiary for aiding and abetting crimes against America. Obama and the Left gotta go and go now!

    • librtifirst

      That’s a given, but what do we replace them with? If we think that establishment republicans are going to change anything, we are sorely mistaken. We may get a few tea party guys, but they will never allow a true tea party president.

      • sjmom

        I agree so we will have no other choice but to form our own “conservative” party. The GOP will then have no choice but to either join us or go the way of the Whigs. For now we are left with no other choice than what we have . We have four years to accomplish this and looking back at what the Tea Party did in 2010 it can be done if we join together after Nov. My only request is it is not called the Tea Party after that name has been so disparaged by both political parties we have today.

        • librtifirst

          I agree concerning calling it the Tea Party. I also believe that the establishment has co-opted most of it. I think that conservatives are going to have to get radical enough to have a real effect. It is time for a Liberty Movement who’s message cannot be co-opted so easily. Most conservatives are not ready for that yet.

          • sjmom

            The 2nd American Revolution.

            • librtifirst

              Lets hope that it is a political revolution, because we would not win a physical one, and it would just be used to bring in international forces to keep it down.

              • sjmom

                We’re not the libs. Wed was a good example. People went to Chick Fil A peacefully and orderly; the Tea Parties have also been as well. We need prayer, strength and resolve; they’re our weapons.

  • If illegal “immigrant” Mohammed X (age 21) kills 20 innocent people and illegal “immigrant” Mohammed Y (age 45) swipes a police car while injuring 1 person both get caught at the same time, then which one is the primary target and which one stays here free to go?

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Okay, the inmates are in charge of this insane asylum!!!!!!

  • sDee

    well it’s not as if he was arrested, convicted and sent to jail for doing his job, based testimony of an illegal alien given amnesty in return. I mean, that could never happen.

    • MiketheMarine


  • This is selective enforcement of the law. It will be the undoing of this country if we begin to apply laws differently to, I don’t know let’s say a congressman or maybe an AG, a wealthy famous person, or even a minority class. Boy, I hope we don’t see any more of this behavior from this administration. (Sarc)

  • Joe

    Bizarro World

    strikes again

    ’nuff said!

  • deeme

    I have a question , if illegals can not vote , why are they in such a hurry to let so many in..Why are they against voter i.d. laws, why are we the only country in the World who has no borders..Why is it OK with any American that Janet said, cavalierly that there might be some terrorists here..You Think?? Most importantly why on Earth would anyone risk their life to be a border agent, for this administration ,who works for every country but the U.S. and it’s allies. If this is what they do in an election year , I can’t even think what will happen when they have nothing to lose.

    • sDee

      First, then can vote, do vote and are organized using our tax money and charity to do so by liberal organizations. But that is not the big PRIZE….

      Another factor is also related to votes but far far more of them. The left depends upon a permanent entitlement vote – welfare, food stamps, unemployment, disability etc. For a guy like Chavez this only takes trinkets, but in America the entitlements must be much more attractive than a wide range of skilled and unskilled labor. So we literally are paying people not to work and must import labor. The Manhattan and DC liberal elites must have their hotels, maids, lattes, and golf course now.

      It creates more solid voting insurance for them after the media paints the illegals as victims. This gets votes from the guilty white folks, social justice types and other assorted liberals who are conditioned to see the plight of the illegals as the fault of heartless greedy conservatives and capitalists who want to break up families.

      There is another one. By opening the southern border and not enforcing immigration laws, the elites get their cheap labor from Meixico and are free to use their diversity based immigration quotas to import ethic blocks that always vote democratic: mulsims, blacks, Latin American hispanics, Hindus, and Asians.

      Not so hard to understand when you step back a bit, is it?

      Elephants are stupid. Donkeys quite clever.

      • librtifirst

        You have more confidence in the electoral process than I do. I believe that they simply use the illegal vote issue to distract us from the fact that elections are rigged to begin with.

    • keninil

      Because they can sub for dead people. They can cast provisional ballots at multiple polling places (no id needed). Let election official untangle the mess later — NOT !!

    • librtifirst

      The establishment globalists in D.C. actually want the illegals from Mexico to create havoc in the US. It is yet another crisis that they will use while shutting us down. Government creates the problems, then comes in to take our rights, as a way to solve them. Everyone knows that there are simple solutions to big problems, and they will never know why government does what it does until they realize that there is a systematic shutdown of the US taking place, and a selling out to global entities that will destroy any sovereignty that we still have.

      America is going to be just another Euro zone. The only thing that Americans can do to keep their country, is to have a massive revolt and overthrow D.C. Our government is far too powerful, now, and the people in power will not lay down an give up. They are committed to collapsing our society, and have committed many crimes to get here. They are sold out in the worst way.

      • deeme

        I guess none of this should surprise us..He did come from the crowd that wanted to blow up the Pentagon and go away with it..I guess loopholes and havoc is all you should expect from the party of lawyers, someone sent me this and it is too true..Mind you not all lawyers are bad..but this bunch….

        This is very interesting! I never thought about it this way.

        The Lawyers’ Party ,
        By Bruce Walker

        The Democratic Party has become the Lawyers Party.
        Barack Obama is a lawyer.
        Michelle Obama is a lawyer.
        Hillary Clinton is a lawyer. Bill Clinton is a lawyer.
        John Edwards is a lawyer.
        Elizabeth Edwards was a lawyer.

        Every Democrat nominee since 1984 went to law school (although Gore did not graduate).
        Every Democrat vice presidential nominee since 1976, except for Lloyd Bentsen,

        went to law school.

        Look at leaders of the Democrat Party in Congress:
        Harry Reid is a lawyer.
        Nancy Pelosi is a lawyer.
        The Republican Party is different.
        President Bush is a businessman.
        Vice President Cheney is a businessman.
        The leaders of the Republican Revolution:
        Newt Gingrich was a history professor.
        Tom Delay was an exterminator. Dick Armey was an economist.
        House Minority Leader Boehner was a plastic manufacturer.
        The former Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist is a heart surgeon.

        Who was the last Republican president who was a lawyer?

        Gerald Ford, who left office 31 years ago and who barely won the Republican

        nomination as a sitting president, running against Ronald Reagan in 1976.

        The Republican Party is made up of real people doing real work,

        who are often the targets of lawyers.

        The Democrat Party is made up of lawyers. Democrats mock and

        scorn men who create wealth, like Bush and Cheney, or who heal the sick,

        like Frist, or who immerse themselves in history, like Gingrich.

        The Lawyers Party sees these sorts of people, who provide goods and services

        that people want, as the enemies of America . And, so we have seen the procession

        of official enemies, in the eyes of the Lawyers Party, grow.

        Against whom do Hillary and Obama rail? Pharmaceutical companies,

        oil companies, hospitals, manufacturers, fast food restaurant chains, large

        retail businesses, bankers, and anyone producing anything of value in our nation.

        This is the natural consequence of viewing everything through the eyes of lawyers.

        Lawyers solve problems by successfully representing their clients, in this

        case the American people. Lawyers seek to have new laws passed,

        they seek to win lawsuits, they press appellate courts to overturn precedent,

        and lawyers always parse language to favor their side.

        Confined to the narrow practice of law, that is fine. But it is an awful way

        to govern a great nation.

        When politicians as lawyers begin to view some Americans as clients and other

        Americans as opposing parties, then the role of the legal system in our life

        becomes all-consuming.

        Some Americans become adverse parties of our very government.

        We are not all litigants in some vast social class-action suit.

        We are citizens of a republic that promises us a great deal of freedom from laws,

        from courts, and from lawyers.

        Today, we are drowning in laws; we are contorted by judicial decisions;

        we are driven to distraction by omnipresent lawyers in all parts of our once

        private lives. America has a place for laws and lawyers, but that place is modest

        and reasonable, not vast and unchecked. When the most important decision for

        our next president is whom he will appoint to the Supreme Court, the role of

        lawyers and the law in America is too big.

        When House Democrats sue America in order to hamstring our efforts to learn

        what our enemies are planning to do to us, then the role of litigation in America

        has become crushing.

        We cannot expect the Lawyers Party to provide real change, real reform or real

        hope in America . Most Americans know that a republic in which every major

        government action must be blessed by nine unelected judges is not what

        Washington intended in 1789. Most Americans grasp that we cannot fight a war

        when ACLU lawsuits snap at the heels of our defenders. Most Americans intuit

        that more lawyers and judges will not restore declining moral values or spark the

        spirit of enterprise in our economy.

        Perhaps Americans will understand that change cannot be brought to our nation

        by those lawyers who already largely dictate American society and business.

        Perhaps Americans will see that hope does not come from the mouths of lawyers

        but from personal dreams nourished by hard work.

        Perhaps Americans will embrace the truth that more lawyers with more power will only make our problems worse.

        The United States has 5% of the world’s population and 66% of the world’s lawyers!

        Tort (Legal) reform legislation has been introduced in congress several times in

        the last several years to limit punitive damages in ridiculous lawsuits such as

        spilling hot coffee on yourself and suing the establishment that sold it to you

        and also to limit punitive damages in huge medical malpractice lawsuits. This

        legislation has continually been blocked from even being voted on by the Democrat Party.

        When you see that 97% of the political contributions from the American Trial Lawyers

        Association goes to the Democrat Party, then you realize who is responsible for

        our medical and product costs being so high!

        • librtifirst

          That is an excellent post. We all know that government is literally run by lawyers and corporations. The regulatory agencies are headed by the ex CEOs of huge corporations. Since we have been governed, legally, under national emergency since the 1930s, it is best for the establishment to keep lawyers in the mix. Most of America doesn’t know that Obama recently declared a National emergency by executive order. The thing is, they all do. They sneak it in and split it up in multiple executive orders.

          We are governed via national emergency, which legally and constitutionally creates a perpetual extra constitutional ruling class in government. We now have a corporate government, who does not have to rule via the supreme law of the land, and it is constitutional. By keeping the people ignorant of this fact, and pandering to the constitution, the media and government are able to sustain this ruse long term.

          We do not have a legitimate government. We were conquered many years ago. They are corporately shutting down the country, and will soon put the finishing touches on it.

          I agree that the republicans are the only ones that we can work with, but both parties have systematically sold us out over many years. Both parties make sure that no other party will every gain power, making our political system a two party dictatorship that preserves the power positioning for the shutdown.

          • deeme

            I gave you a like but it was a really depressing one…lol…Look we are going to get some ammo like Ted Cruz a Constitutional Lawyer and shut down the EPA who is more or less shutting down everything , it is a shame what they are doing to farmers and farmers didn’t do it for the money they did it for the freedom now they have more bosses then the rest of us..Get rid of the waste and get back on track..they find money for GSA and Solyndra but not NASA and the Military , it’s shameful..without our country defended and without any money we will be at the mercy of evil..We want our Freedom back..that was what made us stand out..

            • librtifirst

              In the interest of full disclosure, I am an RP supporter. The reason is that he is the only one calling for a shutdown of most federal regulatory agencies. It is now getting to the point that I would rather have our troops home protecting the borders, than overseas rebuilding other countries and overthrowing Muslim countries.

              I get the terrorist issue and the Muslim issue, but I see the loss of our sovereignty as a much bigger issue, and I believe that we can deal with outside threats to our country one at a time, as they become imminent. That would require us to go in, destroy them, then leave. It takes time to rebuild, when we are not doing the rebuilding.

              We need a constitutional president who will not keep us in a state of emergency, and who will do “only” what the constitution requires of the federal government.

              As time goes by, many conservatives are gravitating toward these positions.

              • deeme

                I gathered that by your name, I would of voted for anyone who got the ticket..I will pray Romney keeps his word dont we need Ron where he is auditing the Feds..??

                • librtifirst

                  I don’t believe that congress will do anything substantial concerning the fed. They may pass bills to audit, but the senate or the prez will always knock it down. RP is just a good spokesman who has been a loyal constitutional advocate in government. His time is at an end, but he has done well to spread the word, regardless of the establishment.

                  If someone were to, somehow, win the prez ticket with RP’s agenda, he wouldn’t live long. One man cannot do it.

                • deeme

                  You are right about that it will take a whole lot of work to take this country back..Probably lives , just like the lives that gave us the freedom they are stripping us of..This is interesting they predicted this and ended up being right ahead of schedule..

                  By the year 2012, projected outlays for entitlements and interest on the national debt will consume all tax revenues collected by the federal government … There will not be one cent left over for education, children’s programs, highways, national defense, or any other discretionary program. – Bipartisan U.S. Commission on Entitlement and Tax Reform

  • deeme

    One more question , should I get a passport and start speaking Spanish, just in case I get a ticket..??? Is this a new loophole the rest of us don’t know about .??

    • HarrietHT2

      Everyone should have a current passport, just in the awful case that it becomes necessary to flee the country, as persecuted Jews had to do in the 1930’s to escape the “final solution.”

      • MiketheMarine

        I’m not going anywhere. I’ll stand my ground but I wouldn’t argue over sending my family somewhere safe should it come to that.

        • deeme

          I will stand with you and please tell me where somehwere safe is…

          • MiketheMarine

            It is all relative. “Safe” is a frame of mind. I’m safe anywhere I am. That doesn’t work for everyone though.

            How about the tippy top of the Matterhorn? It isn’t safe getting there, but once there I don’t know many tough enough or driven enough to come get you.


            • deeme

              Well said, sounds like words to live kids are safe if I’m with them because anyone who tries to mess with them ,will have to go through me…LOL..

              • MiketheMarine

                I even label every possible threat constantly. I believe I would even be able to react to an incident like Aurora, CO and that makes me safe. On that note, here is a link to an excellent article written by a Navy SEAL and how Aurora could have been minimized. Good read……


                • deeme

                  Thank you I am always looking for good advice…I have a question I never heard anything about the gas bombs he threw in the theatre did that kill anyone or just knock them out..and then he shot them..??

                • keyesforpres

                  Yeah, I think it stunned them. I’d like to know how he was able to purchase the gas bombs. That doesn’t sound like something you could just order, unless you had some inside help.

                • deeme

                  There are more then a few of us wondering all the same things…Especially the part about ordering stuff online..when I mail a package they ask me if it is flammable or a liquid.I’ve never said yes before but what happens if I do.and he ordered ammo ..I doubt it..

                • keyesforpres

                  Yeah, and the timing of it right before the UN was going to try to take away our guns.

                  I know most of these type of things are just evil crazy people, but there is something fishy about this one.

                • MiketheMarine

                  Imagine how that attack would have ended if someone else in that theatre was armed and trained to use the weapon.

                • keyesforpres

                  Oh, absolutely.

                • deeme

                  Really sad times that we even have to think about them being willing to kill , to take gun rights away, but then look at Fast a Furious..they must have some really nice things planned for the next four years if it involves none of us being gun owners..I’m still very troubled about an unopen notebook detailing the whole thing that no one even bothered to open in the mail room..if they thought he was a danger before he did this it seems mail from him would be a priority…

                • sDee

                  Well if you want to spend a little time in the rumor mill….:)

                  If it is true that he was going to testify – this takes on a whole different dimension.

                  James Holmes (CO Shooter) FatherVIP with American Credit Score and about to appear before Congress for LIBOR Scandal

                  motives for the massacre? 1) To silence whistelblower Robert Holmes whose son is now facing a possible death sentence. 2) To influence the upcoming vote on the UN Global Small Arms Treaty which could result in gun confiscation and disarming world citizens.

                • keyesforpres

                  Wow! That cannot be a coincidence.

                • librtifirst

                  Did anyone see the interview of one of the victims saying that there were two people in the theater, and that Holmes could not have thrown one of the gas canisters?

                • deeme

                  No but someone told me they saw him at the OWS protests..

                • MiketheMarine

                  I think that they were just smoke grenades rather than bombs. The biggest problem is that eveyone in the theatre assumed that the smoke grenades and the gunman were part of some act and part of the show.

                • deeme

                  OK I wondered why they didn’t talk about it , imagine if it had been , no lets not imagine that it is too awful…

                • sDee

                  Watch this CNN eyewitness interview that has not been talked about. I hope someone has copied it off YouTube.

                  Oh and this one about canisters coming from both sides of the theater.

                • williamm

                  I have copies. I have copies of almost every video posted or linked to on RS

                • keyesforpres

                  Mike, can just anyone buy gas bombs? If not, how did he purchase those gas bombs? I find it all very troubling.

                • Joe
                • keyesforpres

                  Thanks Joe. Not quite sure why just anyone can buy that stuff though.

                • Joe

                  Bad reasons!

                • MiketheMarine

                  Remember, it is no different than guns. It isn’t the gun that decides to kill someone. It is a twisted, confused person that does it. If not for smoke grenades, guns and knives we’d be killing each other with rocks and sticks and our bare hands.

      • deeme

        Well if the Jewish people vote the POTUS in again I will just have to say they don’t get it..

        • sDee

          He is polling a high 60% rating among American Jews. Liberalism blinds even the Jewish mind to the islamist in the White House.

          • deeme

            I hope the polls are wrong because if they are not then Israel’s brothers in the U.S. don’t care about them very much..It’s hard to believe..

            • sDee

              I was plunged into the dark ugly world of the rise of Hussein Obama in 2008, after I set out to try and understand how a hard core anti-Semitic, anti-Israel islamist could be polling near 80% among American Jewish voters.

              The polls will hold – iturnout for him may wane over 2008 – but the sentiment remains.

              • deeme

                OK I’m still waiting ,LOL..does this mean you are as clueless as me to the reason why..???

                • sDee

                  I did my best – it is Liberalism. It trumps Zionism in America. I can give you the rest of my opinion which only scratches the surface of a very complex question. American Jews have always leaned heavily democratic in history. That will not change. It goes to the belief that the Democratic party is the haven for the oppressed and the minority. The democratic party is also the nest of liberal social values which the Jewish vote shares as both tolerance and lifestyle.

                  As the Democratic party has moved dramatically to statism, progressivism and marxism , so has its voters, they just not are aware of it. The Jewish voters are no exception.

                  The Democratic party aligns itself with islamofacism for political power and because they share common ideology. Democratic voters have been fooled and see the embrace of islam as tolerant, open minded and multicultural. The Jewish Democratic voter is no exception.

                • deeme

                  Yes I agree and I wonder often how the Blue Dogs let it happen , it seems odd that so many have let their party become this anti American joke..So they have been swindled just like the blacks..who should know who set them free and who was a part of the KluKlux Klan brainwashing works..hear enough lies over and over by the MSM and you begin to believe it..

                • sDee

                  Precisely. The propaganda is key to making it all work.

      • It took me a long time and a lot of effort to come here. I ain’t leavin’.

    • Joe


      • deeme

        barbegue , are you cooking>>>???

    • keyesforpres

      I’m thinking of moving to Mexico, becoming a citizen, and then sneaking back into the US as an illegal. I’ll have way more rights that way.

  • Are we ready to demand impeachment yet? I don’t give a flip if dingy harry is the leader of the senate and he won’t agree to impeachment. Bring the charge up anyway!! This is a clear violation of the main federal Constitutional duty to protect the citizens of this nation by keeping the borders secure! This along with all video evidence of massive amounts of human traffic on private and federal lands, big sis’ admission the other day that terrorists could, and probably have come across, the lawsuits against Arizona, fast and furious and on and on SHOULD be enough evidence to bring impeachment charges against not only dear leader but holder and big sis as well. WHAT THE HE!! IS IT gonna take? A dirty bomb going off in a major city?!

    • librtifirst

      I have been warning about a dirty bomb going off in the US for a year or so, but I tend to believe that the CIA will likely orchestrate it to justify taking out Iran. That is who the media has been telling us will do it. With the military training in the streets of St. Louis and New Orleans for a major event this fall, I am concerned that this may be the plan.

      • I wouldn’t doubt it librtifriend. I had a dream the night before last, the most vivid dream I’ve had in ages. I don’t dream a lot anymore, and when I do they’re usually silly and I forget them quick, but this one was scary. ww3 started and I was watching the bombs and stuff fall back behind our place towards the airport- and some of the planes flew towards our house and over, flying REALLY low, and saw it was OUR planes doing the bombings. It was very scary. I guess all the news I read and stuff on my mind, but it freaked me to see US military carpet bombing our cypress head. 🙁

        • librtifirst

          That is a scary dream. I too have had vivid dreams in the past, and found that they came true over time. I know that it sounds strange, but I remember waking up one night freaked out because I dreamed that my wife had left me, and there was another man involved. My wife woke up with me, and calmed me down. It happened about six years later.

          I think that God may sometimes warn us in our dreams, either to give us a chance to change it, or so that we can prepare. I listen to a lot of teaching on radio, and I have noticed that many more pastors are warning about the end of times being imminent, and global government. Unlike the Alex Jones types, I do not have the same hope for man to make things better, but I do listen to them to find out how it is all going down.

          I am a pre-trib guy, so we won’t see the worst of it. Yet, I don’t think that we will necessarily avoid experiencing bad times. Satan has his hand in everything, because he is the lord of this world right now. The spiritual battle is raging, and most don’t know it, but there will be a great revival that will likely come due to pain and suffering. When the world system collapses, many will be brought to salvation through their sufferings, as I did.

          Our pride must be destroyed before this can happen, and that is why I am often saddened to see a heightened level of national pride at times. Our countrymen are being deceived into believing that our government acts in a sovereign manner for the betterment of our country. We are being used for a global purpose, not acting as a sovereign nation. It is very disheartening.

  • I think a more serious revolt may be necessary. This is a true dictatorship (oligarchy of the worst kind).


    Sorry, Scoop. I know you have a policy on using all caps, but I couldn’t think of a better, more intelligent reaction. I’ll try harder next time.

  • You people are intolerant !

    We all know we would be let go in just the same way, in Mexico, if we had multiple moving violations or attacked a Mexican law enforcement officer.

    • Nice one! LOL

    • keninil

      As they said it’s that not way for an Am. citizen — they go to jail.

      • sDee

        The secret word is “Dreamer”. I am serious – the illegals all know this now. They just have to say they are going to high school here, went to high school here, are working on thier GED, are trying to get into any sort of school here.

        Arresting a Dreamer for anything, whether they can prove can prove it or is begging for a whole lotta paper work and and some quality time with your captain, Fed agents, lawyers, and bureaucrats. “Move along son”.

        The word has spread far and wide……

        America has become a grand nation of fools. And the Joker laughs.

    • white531

      That was good, Chris.

  • denbren52

    What would happen to you if you were caught several times driving without a license? You would be carted off to jail and released only after posting bond. The moral of the story is that if you are caught doing anything wrong, do not carry any ID, pretend you can’t speak English, and you will be set free.

  • Rshill7

    Scoooooop! You’ve got to get, or at least watch, Jon Stewart going off on Harry Reid.

    It’s hil-harry-ous !

  • giomerica

    Be on the alert folks. These people will do ANYTHING they can to win the election in November. Up to, and including cheating. There’s no way they’ll detain or deport someone who can fraudulently vote democrat.

  • TheRedLeaf

    2008 – ….
    America: Land of punish your protectors and help the enemy, where terrorists are treated better then soldiers sacrificing themselves for others freedoms; where politicians do whatever they can to get votes, legal or not.

    Is this what passes off as a direction? I’m sorry but this level of insanity should not be allowed to go unpunished; Isn’t EVERYONE supposed to be equal under the law? If so, and this SHOULD be true, I would like to see Mr.O in a court of law, no media to help him, no cronies to make excuses; being the ‘President’ doesn’t mean someone gets to do whatever they want and not get punished. I would like that to happen, but this is reality and I have a better chance at assassination then seeing him in court, still nil chance and I’m no murderer.

    There better be a landslide for Romney, if O wins, my perspective of the American people will be further stained. We Canadians up in the north aren’t all oblivious, I am your neighbor and I’ve seen rot growing from the top for a long time, go fix it, vote, not just for your country, but for the sanity of the world.

    • MiketheMarine

      Right on, Canuck. I will not stop my rabblerousing until we attempt prosecutions of Maobama, Holder, Napolitano, Reid, Pelosi, Howard Dean, Valerie Jarrett,

  • TheRedLeaf

    2008 – ….
    America: Land of punish your protectors and help the enemy, where terrorists are treated better then soldiers sacrificing themselves for others freedoms; where politicians do whatever they can to get votes, legal or not.

    Is this what passes off as a direction? I’m sorry but this level of insanity should not be allowed to go unpunished; Isn’t EVERYONE supposed to be equal under the law? If so, and this SHOULD be true, I would like to see Mr.O in a court of law, no media to help him, no cronies to make excuses; being the ‘President’ doesn’t mean someone gets to do whatever they want and not get punished. I would like that to happen, but this is reality and I have a better chance at assassination then seeing him in court, still nil chance and I’m no murderer.

    There better be a landslide for Romney, if O wins, my perspective of the American people will be further stained. We Canadians up in the north aren’t all oblivious, I am your neighbor and I’ve seen rot growing from the top for a long time, go fix it, vote, not just for your country, but for the sanity of the world.

  • TheRedLeaf

    2008 – ….
    America: Land of punish your protectors and help the enemy, where terrorists are treated better then soldiers sacrificing themselves for others freedoms; where politicians do whatever they can to get votes, legal or not.

    Is this what passes off as a direction? I’m sorry but this level of insanity should not be allowed to go unpunished; Isn’t EVERYONE supposed to be equal under the law? If so, and this SHOULD be true, I would like to see Mr.O in a court of law, no media to help him, no cronies to make excuses; being the ‘President’ doesn’t mean someone gets to do whatever they want and not get punished. I would like that to happen, but this is reality and I have a better chance at assassination then seeing him in court, still nil chance and I’m no murderer.

    There better be a landslide for Romney, if O wins, my perspective of the American people will be further stained. We Canadians up in the north aren’t all oblivious, I am your neighbor and I’ve seen rot growing from the top for a long time, go fix it, vote, not just for your country, but for the sanity of the world.

  • Ed

    If this is allowed to stand then probable cause, the good faith doctrineand rulings from the federal bench like Mapp v. Ohio go out the window and Law Enforcement gets the handcuffs. I hope the phrase I use often becomes the rally cry. The 5 words politicians fear; “We will remember in November”.

  • PapaLouie

    Maybe this get out of jail card would work for citizens who pretend to be White-Hispanic aliens. Just tell them that you don’t have any ID, give a false name, and request to speak to the Mexican Consulate so you can get legal advice from your home country. That might be enough to do the trick. Since Obama’s orders don’t require you to prove you meet the requirements, they have to take your word for it.

    • We are not responsible for the children of other nations’ citizens. Over 50% of the legal and illegal aliens are on Welfare–illegally. Over 20% of our prison population belong to foreign countries at a cost of $45K per inmate. It costs $113 Billion a year to care for illegals here not to mention that they bankrupt our schools, hospitals and bring in crime and vote illegally in our elections. The only positive is that many are hardworking and people of faith. But the truth is, as politically incorrect as it is to say, many of today’s illegals are VERY demanding, needy, not assimilating and don’t love America.

      • white531

        Lori, you have presented an excellent condensed version of the core issue regarding illegal aliens in one paragraph. That being, they cost us money. Lots of money. To make matters worse, as you stated, they will now be voting for Obama and Harry Reid and the other crooks in our government in larger and larger numbers. In Tucson, where I live, they think Grijalva walks on water. I have stated before on this site and others, that the number one issue threatening this country’s future is illegal immigration. Number two is cutting defense spending. In a few more years our country will be absolutely flooded with illegals and our defense spending will have been so reduced that we will no longer be the world’s most powerful nation. A nation that can no longer defend it’s borders or protect it’s citizens from foreign invasion is a country headed for the dust pile of History. Rome comes to mind.

  • Conservative_Hippie

    Heaven help us!

  • The Real Unemployment Numbers > Why should we allow any new arrivals except more doctors and nurses (they are leaving the profession in droves thanks to Obama Care), since millions of US citizens are unemployed? Obama just gave Amnesty to ALL Hispanics –not illegal Jamaicans, Cubans, Irish, Russians etc. Just his pet group. So much for equal protection under the law. The border patrol just testified that they can’t make the illegals they do stop from coming in ANY questions or make them prove they are here legally.

  • Jim Gilman

    I think March is quite a bit before Obamas directive so this was a policy that was already in effect. O jus pu this seal of approval.

  • WordsFailMe

    “…hunker down, keep their jobs, keep their pensions…” When you are a federal employee, they have one hand on your throat and the other on your nads.

    Isn’t it interesting that not once has a federal employee been fired or denied a pension for failure to abide by his oath of office, “to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic.”

    Is that oath not a defense against the ICE Management? Is there no labor or Constitutional law firm who will take this case and defend this man based on the oath he took?

    • sDee

      the pathetic irony that is likely lost on all is that this is EXACLTY what his union should be doing for him. They should have every lawyer they have out in force filing law suits. But who would the union sue? The government. But who funds the unions? The government.

      Even FDR was not such a Progressive as to allow a government Union.

      • WordsFailMe

        That’s is too true.

        Some experts on GB today say that they expect Obama to release the “blind sheikh” back to the muslim brotherhood before Jan 20, 2013 whether he’s re-elected or not.

        FBI indicated in 2006 that Omar Abdel-Rahman’s health was deteriorating and, that if he should die, US could expect more violence.

        Wouldn’t it be interesting if a thousand or so vets of Iraq and Afghanistan and the Arizona border and other places where Americans defended their honor, decided to camp out around that prison, Butner Federal Medical Center in North Carolina, in December and Jan to “protest?”

        But then I would prefer to face them on my terms, not when they come door to door seeking to collect arms.

  • Susanna958

    So, I think that children of bank robbers who obtained a lot of money, through no fault of their own, should be able to keep the money.

  • white531

    We are a nation of laws. Not only of laws, but also of lawyers and law firms. We have more lawyers in this country than Real Estate agents and we all know how many Real Estate agents are out there. Most of our Congressmen are lawyers. We even have Constitutional lawyers whose main focus is, well, the Constitution. Yet, for the last three and a half years, Obama and his administration have violated the laws of this nation and our Constitution with impunity and as of now, they have gotten away with it clean. Now an ICE agent is reprimanded for doing his job. Folks, these are some of the beginning signs of a country that does not have much more of a future as the Republic of it’s birth. I believe Romney could change that, if he were to be elected. The election this November is either going to go down as a total rejection of all this madness we are witnessing, or a total endorsement of the Progressive movement to turn us into a Socialist nation. I give us one chance in three.

  • white531

    The scary thing is how quickly America got used to the upside-down world of Obama. Apathy. Apathy and a lack of knowledge of our History. Thanks to the dumbing down of America, we now live in a society where a big screen TV and a four wheel drive Pickup are more important than the future of our children.

  • Charm4sure

    Obama needs to be arrested. The dems are doing as much destruction to this country as they can before the election. They are such trash. They don’ t care who they hurt as long as they can steal everything they can and would probably burn the country to the ground on their way out if they could. Obama hangs with anarchists like Weatherman Ayers because he holds the same contempt for this country that Ayers does. He is a disgrace and we will be lucky if there is anything left by the time these low lifes leave office.

  • M_J_S

    Good. So that means all of us law abiding citizens can not stop at traffic lights, pay our taxes, or follow ANY law until WE CITIZENS get some respect.

    • ryanomaniac

      Exactly! We actually need to make this happen.

  • obummer is insane. he suffers from the same delusions of hitler, stalin and mao. If he were given the opportunity, his death count would easily surpass mao’s and they would all be Jews and Christians. A dictator wannabe!

  • cheryl spiegel

    The new immigration laws this “monster in chief” has put forth is a travesty. My heart aches for those who protect our borders, ice agents and the military.
    Let’s face it, we have “Public Enemy #1” as president.
    In 3 1/2 short years he has crippled our nation and rotted out its foundation.
    He MUST be voted out in November!

  • Dereliction of Duty at its finest. When that scum-bag illegal-law-breaking-alien excrement finally KILLS a CITIZEN of this country with his incompetent driving skills and habits, I would do anything and everything to SUE the living CRAP out of whomever it was who had this scum released…all the way to Washington if I had to… It is our duty as Citizens to empty our OFFAL Office and return it to is former, pristine condition. SCUMBAG-In-CHIEF!

  • TaimeAgair

    Outrageous! I don’t trust Romney is going to fix this either. When was the last president who did anything about the immigration problem, D or R? I can’t remember one, including Reagan.

    • Romney is our only hope right now and needs all of our support. He enforced immigration law as a governor and has a tough stand on it. Please visit to learn more and watch this video. Romney is aligned with Allen West on the radical Muslim threat in America too. Romney gets it.

      • TaimeAgair

        Does he get it or is just saying it to get elected? I’m not sure. He’s changed positions many times on many things. Allen West I trust. Romney not so much. Although I will likely vote for Romney. I don’t agree he will be tough on immigration. I’ll have to see it to believe it. Like I said, when was the last time we had a president from either party who was tough on immigration? Even Reagan allowed amnesty.

  • ryanomaniac

    What law do we not have to pay a penalty for? Non citizens get to run all over the laws while a citizen will get screwed for something much less. How about a real protest against this crap. How about a hundred folks go down the interstate ten miles over the speed limit and make them explain why we are being penalized for such a minor infraction while you guys let people go over something very serious. They can’t give all of us a ticket. We must start showing the hypocrisy not in words but with action. That’s my right wing rant.

    • This has been planned. They are fermenting Civil War so they can declare Martial Law. They want to stir the pot in order to get us to react. They know they can’t take over as long as we have guns and armed militias WHICH THE CONSTITUTION SAYS WE CAN HAVE. Our Founders saw our future. That’s why they said they had given us a republic…if we could keep it. Even the Leftie Huffington Post reported on Obama’s power grab that is far more expansive than any President has done EVEN during war time.

  • LTC. Lakin (a military medical doctor) was put in prison for asking for Obama’s credentials. Major General Vallely, once a Fox News contributor, has spoken out about Obama. Colonel Sellin wrote several articles on the usurper in the office that our media would not print. He is a PHD author & retired 20+ year retired officer and vet Three Star General Boykin and these men of honor have tried to warn us and all received scorn and harassment. The things done in every Marxist insurgency are being done in America today.
    Boykin laid out a step-by-step plan he says is the model of how Fidel Castro instituted Marxism in Cuba, Mao Zedong in China, Stalin in Russia and Hugo Chavez in Venzeula:

    Nationalize major sectors of the economy
    Redistribute wealth
    Discredit opposition
    Censors opposing viewpoints
    Control gun ownership
    Develop a constabulary force to control civilian population

    Colonel Sellin interview-

  • bobemakk

    Every time I see something like this I say, “what next?,” and there is always something worse that this administration has pulled on US. Why does he get away with so much?

    • Here’s the “what’s next”. Americans have no idea what has been done by the puppet masters and that we are in the battle of our lives.—- EVERY person that goes against the corrupt people in charge or speaks out about the Muslim Brotherhood’s infiltration and influence in our government, military and White House ends up harassed, fired, ridiculed, shunned or dead.

  • It just goes to show that Obama won’t even commit to his own policies. This new policy for the youth is just to crack the door open until they can knock it down. Imagine the message this sends to illegals everywhere.

  • This is Obama nut’s right up the ladder on full display for Americans.
    When need to send a note of support to this ICE officer. He is a great American! in the real sense of the word.

    tea party Americans
    We make obama a one termer!

  • We have had over 3 1/2 years of unemployment over 8 % and it’s really much higher in some areas.

  • dahed
  • dahed
  • This is outrageous ILLEGALS get set free but if your an American you go to jail!

  • kaola519

  • CS

    Now this is what ticks me off. If this was me, I’d be without my car for months, have a huge fine i couldn’t pay, loose my license, possibly my job, and probely be in jail. But because this guy is here without permission and stealing from our government and our taxes and taking our jobs and our health coverage, he gets to go scott free and keep commiting the crimes the REAL Americans get in trouble for. The illegal immigrants need to be shiiped back to where they came from on one big boat at their exspense. Maybe with as many of them as there are, it would sink and most of our problems would be taken care of.

  • UCLA gives lower than in state tuition to illegals!

  • It’s time to tell the truth and protect US citizens that are paying the bill for safety and equal protection under the law. Illegal alien admits to forcing toddlers to ingest his bodily fluids We have more meth labs, gangs, rapes, child molesters and murders due to open borders.