Toure: Guns are bad and they make people worse

Toure proves his idiocy once again, claiming that guns can only be used for killing and nothing else, and they make us worse people because they increase our anger. He also said it takes no courage at all to pull the trigger. Um, tell that to the people that protect us whether it be our police officers or our military. I think they know something about courage.

And the idea that they can only be used for killing? This is why hardcore libs don’t get the “peace through strength” idea. If you know I’ve got an arsenal of weapons, what are the chances you are going to come rob my home? You’ll at least think twice before you knock on my door.

And did you notice how Toure mentions children killed by gun violence only when he has an agenda to ban guns? Yeah, it’s the gun’s fault. Ho hum.

And by the way Toure, Jovan Belcher wasn’t a victim. He was a murderer and a coward and if you think him shooting his girlfriend 8 times is a lot, just imagine how many times he’d have stabbed her if he didn’t have a gun.

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