Trailer For New Series On The Bible: You Must See This

The five part, 10-hour miniseries, starring Roma Downey (who co-produced) and Keith David, debuts March 3 on the History Channel.

h/t Big Hollywood

Bloody Awesome!!

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  • 911Infidel

    How about a little music to go along with the vid?

    • πŸ™‚ Excellent choice.

      • 911Infidel


      • proudhispanicconservative

        Mygreatamericanbornincanadafrien, watch how beautiful this is.

        • I have seen that before!! I LOVE IT!!!!!! THank you so much for that my proudhispanicconservativesweetChristianfreindofmine!!! πŸ˜€

        • badbadlibs

          I had not seen that, thanks so much for posting it. I was baptized in a church of that denomination that produced this video… πŸ™‚

    • sjmom

      That was great. Thanks for posting it. πŸ™‚

      • 911Infidel

        My pleasure

  • sjmom

    Thanks Scoop. I watch very little TV except for the local weather and Fox on occasion but I will definitely be watching this. Really looking forward to it.

  • It’s times like this that I miss having cable or satellite. Looks excellent.

    It reminds me of a book I have called “The Book of God” The Bible as a Novel by Walter Wangerin Jr. It covers everything from Abraham to Jesus’ Resurrection. It’s an excellent read.

    • sjmom

      Check the History channel to see if this will be aired on the internet because they do have some videos on their site.

    • Love Walter Wangerin. Heard him speak at Praise Gathering in Indianapolis. Wonderful guy. Loved “Miz Lil and the Chronicles of Grace.”

      • I’ve never read that one. Thanks! Next time I have time to read, I’ll have to look for it. He is a wonderful writer. πŸ™‚

      • Is_Sense_Common

        Are you in Indy?

  • Looks like History is finally getting away from loggers and pawn shop owners.

  • Im wary of any documentary on Christianity by these channels…

    • sjmom

      Roma Downey and her husband are good Christians and my understanding is this keeps in line with the Bible.

  • Goldni007

    Done DVR’d it. Mark Burnett production quality is evident.

  • and governments worldwide should be ready for mass violent protests by Christians over this video…

    *watches a tumbleweed spin past*

    • Sober_Thinking

      Okay… that was funny and sort of tragic all at once.

      You’re point is excellent. Christians won’t be in the streets, settings things on fire or killing people over this film. The directors and producers won’t be thrown in jail. And if a film like this was honestly and accurately made about the Muslim (cough) “religion” or especially the Koran… then not only would ordinary people be horrified but Muslims would go berserk… and the world would likely end in flame.

      • grayjohn

        Muslims are berserk.

      • Is_Sense_Common

        Christians won’t be blowing anyone up over this, but there will be an awful lot of complainin, that’s fer sure!

        I really think we need to be willing to view it as an attempt to inject some Biblical concepts into our arid (spiritually dry, broken) culture. At worst, people will say, “Hey, I don’t think that’s right – let me go look that up!” and then, guess what? They’re in the Word. I think it’s a WIN.

        • Sober_Thinking

          Good point. I prefer that slant… rather than more misinformation and confusion like they’d give through government-sponsored sources.

          • Is_Sense_Common

            The more I think about it & the lack of knowledge of ANYthing Biblical in our culture today, I’m viewing it as a modern-day Vacation Bible School. That’s where I first learned many of the stories of the Bible & it had an everlasting effect on me – whetted my appetite, so to speak. I’m pretty sure the details of the stories they told in VBS weren’t exactly historically/Biblically accurate according to scholars, but the message was amazing and impactful!

            Let’s pray that it will have the same effect on those who are hearing/seeing the stories for the first time.

            • Sober_Thinking

              What a beautiful comment… agreed and amen!

  • Looks like the best cable tv series to be made in… Ever?!!
    I know they have the best script of all time! Looks incredible I absolutely cannot wait!

  • Watchman74

    Let’s hope it’s accurate.

    • 911Infidel

      Lets hope it wins souls to Christ.

      • louisiana_mom


  • SurfinCowboy

    This looks fantastic.

  • Bryan Ewbank

    Interesting that none have mentioned Roma Downey was in “Touched by an Angel” for several year. Hope it’s as good – or better – than that show!

    • gajaw999

      Ugh. What an unpleasant memory Touched By An Idget was. That show meant well I’m sure, but talk about sappy sentimentality!

  • 911Infidel, I’m sorry- I know this isn’t and O/T but I just read this- this is surprising and good news! TIME cover says after 40 years since Roe v Wade, abortion rights activists have been losing..

    • 911Infidel

      On the day and hour that abortion is treated like what it is – murder – I’ll believe we’re winning. When I see abortion practitioners put on trial for the genocide of 50 million unborn children, then I’ll believe we’re winning. Until then, its SOS…just another day in the abortion biz.

      • I agree. I was just mildly shocked last night to see a somewhat truthful article from the likes of TIME.

      • badbadlibs

        I totally agree. There will, however, be a “trial for genocide” one day….and those “practitioners” will enter eternity paying the penalty that will never end.

        • 911Infidel

          True dat

    • aliswell

      I’m encouraged by this news. What I’m noticing are people lining up on one side of the fence or the other. The Age of Grace is winding down, and in the end there will be no fence sitters ~ you’ll be on one side or the other. Thus it is with the abortion issue. People are waking up to the horrific reality of what abortion REALLY is, and FINALLY taking a stand against the ongoing, state-sanctioned mass murder of precious, innocent babies.

      I thank God He is removing the scales from people’s eyes.

  • Joe

    Looks Great !

    Curious to see the controversy it starts

    I hope Muslims the world over BURST into flames

  • Is_Sense_Common

    I’m really looking forward to seeing this! I love that some folks are investing in this kind of project.

    It’s really convenient that they all speak such good English! (and who knew Jesus had such sparkly white teeth?!?!) LOL!

  • capelady

    Jesus was the Greek name … they should have used “Yeshua”.

    • MadAsHellJack

      Jesus is a greek name??? Heck, here all this time I thought it was the Mexican guy that owned the neighborhood roofing company.

  • c4pfan

    Sarah and Todd are really good friends with Roma and Mark. Sarah used a vid from this mini series in regards to the mass shooting in CT.

    Seems interesting that Sarah is really being more vocal in her religious views lately.

    • Conniption Fitz

      That’s a very good endorsement – as good as they come.

    • Fireplug52

      If I may change direction for a moment, but I find it quite surprising that Sarah Palin appears to be more outspoken concerning these matters of religious liberties being undermined than our national leaders in the religious community. Maybe they are as vocal as others are, but I am not hearing about it or reading about it, except for The Right Scoop and a few other blogs.

      Maybe my perception is a bit skewed because of where I am living, but I get the slight impression that other than Reverend Franklin Graham, most religious leaders are stifled from shouting from the roof top what we are losing when it comes to our religious freedoms.

      I have seen the USA bishops come out against those rules and regulations where it concerns Obamacare, but where are the others within those other denominations.

      Again, I say again, my perception is skewed, but in my soul it so appears that our religious leaders nationally are very silent.

      Eric Metaxas wrote a very good book about Dietrich Bonhoefer and there were many points that stood out, but the one that struck me as sad were the one concerning the church leaders of his day. Their silence helped bring about the deaths of so many people and it was not just the Jews, but the invalid and handicapped as well.

      I just hope I am wrong about my perception.

      That being said, the trailer presented here gave me a sense that it has the blessings of our Lord. If I am not mistaken, all we have to do is plant the seed, he will provide the growth and the harvest will be to his glory. So be it.

      • Don’t hear much from pastors on the 2nd Amendment either. You’d think they realize that without the 2nd, we won’t have the 1st.

      • Patriot077

        Most ministers are fearful of crossing the line “separating church and state” from what I can see. But there are more and more pastors who are challenging the IRS “rule” that threatens their church tax status. I think the pastor who spearheaded the challenge is Jim Garlow from La Mesa, CA and the group is growing. It can’t hurt to share this information with our own pastors (the video below is a pretty good re-cap)

        John Hagee is very upfront about the dangers facing America and preached a “vote the Bible” message last fall. He is also a very strong supporter of Israel. From time to time he will visit D.C. with other religious leaders who meet with our senators and congress(wo)men. In fact, he made the trek just this week to object to the Chuck Hagel nomination.

        The Manhattan Declaration is also an organization of religious leaders who have signed on to protect life, religious liberty and the sanctity of marriage.

        It’s critical that the Word of God reaches more of us – not just in America, but the entire world. In every age there seems to be too few good, strong men of courage and strong moral conviction. It is up to each of us to rise to the occasion and do our best to spread the word and hold our own religious leaders responsible for the messages they preach to us …

        • Fireplug52

          Appreciate the information and feedback. It is helpful and useful to me. It does my heart good to know that there are righteous men and women among us who will stand up for what is right.

          • Patriot077

            Y.W. You might be interested in the Global Evangelism website that John Hagee Ministries has established. Many of his classic sermons are archived and the Sunday sermons are broadcast live. getv dot org

    • The majority has been ‘cowering’ in their pc. world long enough, this might just be a starting point for people to stand up for their convictions. I say stand up straight and face the world straight on, BTW it is sad that a woman like Sarah has to take the lead, while the ‘male’ is busy upholding the world of pc. crap.

  • Conniption Fitz

    Only problem…. I gave up cable over ten years ago.

    I’ll have to wait until it’s available on DVD.

    • NCHokie02

      I’m sure it will be on Netflix or Hulu at some point.

  • Looks like its gonna be epic. I hope there isn’t any revisionism.

  • leel004

    Scoop, any chance you will be showing this on site?????
    looks GREAT!

  • proudhispanicconservative

    This looks amazing, I was kind of fearing it was not going to have a great production behind it, but from the looks of this it will be amazing. What better story then the story that changed and shaped the world. Jim Caviezel was not bad in The Passion of The Christ, lets hope that this Jesus as good.

    • I love Jim Caviezel. πŸ™‚

      • badbadlibs

        It seems strange to see Jim Caviezel in his show on TV, Person of Interest. It’s a good show. On a side note, his father was a customer of my husband’s back when The Passion was released…nice man, so says my hubby.

        • I’ve never seen his show really- but I did like all the interviews and stuff he did around when The Passion came out. And he did an amazing performance in that.

    • badbadlibs

      I thought Jim Caviezel was outstanding in the role of Jesus, at least he didn’t have blonde hair and blue eyes! But, I wish one of these shows depicting Jesus would accurately portray his appearance.
      Here is a great commentary on His earthly appearance…it’s not very long and worth the read, imo.

  • JRD1

    Thank you RS!

  • freeperjim

    I wonder if it touches on the Book of Revelations? I sure hope so!

  • Looks like it will be great for sharing the stories with the kids. Been looking forward to Hollywood catching up to these stories for quite some time, including our founding (like the series on John Adams).

  • wodiej

    I look forward to seeing it but after watching Passion of the Christ and the Crucifixation scene, that about did me in. It was spiritual yet heart wrenching.

    • Constance

      I was thinking the same thing. I couldn’t sit through it in the theater; it just tore me apart.

      • el_polacko

        you probably wouldn’t like the ‘saw’ or ‘hostel’ movies either. they’re all just a bunch of torture porn.

  • Myptofvu

    Looks expensive, who funded it? Not being cynical just looking for who to thank.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Sadly, I’ve become skeptical of nearly anyone that tries to accurately tell the truth and honestly represent the Bible or Jesus. I’ve just seen too many instances where the bible was “hollywoodized” or distorted for more drama, or ratings. I’m jaded and I don’t trust most people to be honest and to do the Bible or Jesus justice by faithfully translating them to video (or other mediums).

    That being said, this looks good and I will watch it. I hope and pray that it is accurate and that lives will be touched and positively affected as a result. God can use ANYTHING for His glory… I hope this is one of those things.

    • las1

      Every Bible movie I’ve ever seen has always been wanting imho. And I think that is only because the Bible is a living Word. There is also the fact that people have their own internalized vision of how scripture would look if committed to the screen. So a Biblical reenactment will inevitably not match up for everyone. But I still like Cecil B. DeMille’s Ten Commandments and watch it about every five years or so.

      Evidently as seen in this trailer all the ancient peoples of the Holy Land were the ancestors of the modern Britons, judging by their accents. They yell a lot as well.

      • Sober_Thinking

        Good insight.

        Funny observation… πŸ™‚

    • Curiousmoi

      The Scriptures said the He was comely that no one should desire Him…their guy is a Hollywood hunk and doesn’t appear to be an Israelite. Looks like a great quality film regardless

    • el_polacko

      yeah, it’s the same few stories being told over and over again but i enjoy all of the biblical epics…i never miss one. talking snakes, talking burning bushes, magically-parted seas, every species on earth in a tiny boat, virgin births, raising the dead…if that ain’t the stuff of ‘hollywood’, i don’t know what is.

  • 57thunderbird

    I have seen the ads for this several times.I am looking forward to it .I have it marked on the calendar.

  • 57thunderbird

    Roma Downey is the young woman that used to star in Touched by an Angel

  • OMG! Fabulous. Absolutely amazing!! Thanks for the tip!

  • Bucketheadbaptist

    Have doubts that the role of the events of Genesis 6:1-4 will not be given enough respect… Much as it is in churches.

  • Conniption Fitz
    • Conniption Fitz

      Here it is with music –

      And a priceless sermon by Rev. Lockridge – Where Did God Come From? (with awesome photos of space)

      Rev. Shadrach Meshach Lockridge is the antithesis and the ANTIDOTE TO Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, who are some of the ugliest hate-mongers and anti-Christs of this day and his sermons are absolutely Christ-centered.

      • LOVE Rev. Lockridge ever since I read his “That’s My King” sermon. THanks for the links. Gives me something to watch later today. As for all the others, I doubt they’ve ever listened to a word of a real preacher like Lockridge or any other.

      • badbadlibs

        Looking forward to watching “Where Did God Come From”….on that subject, the fact that God has NO beginning, that He has always been is something that can find no place to rest in this brain…I can comprehend the idea of time without end….He will always be…but He has no beginning! God is so awesome!

    • 57thunderbird

      That was outstanding!Thank you for sharing.

    • NCHokie02

      that was great, thanks.

    • badbadlibs

      Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting that link! OH MY WORD! Nothing like feeling the Holy Ghost first thing in the morning! That was better then all the coffee on the planet to wake this sleepy head up and want to jump around and shout HIS PRAISES!

    • I have seen that multiple times over the last few years and even now the tissues are being used. It is simply awesome!!!!

  • It looks like it could be really good. It’s a tremendous undertaking to put the entire Bible into only 10 hours of film, so I’m curious to see how well that will be done.

    I expect the anti-Semitic and anti-Christian shrieking to begin soon, if it hasn’t already.

  • mike3e4r7

    I didn’t realize Samson was black. A little bit of Hollywood political correctness thrown in there I guess.

    • Curiousmoi

      Maybe, but we know for sure that Jesus is a Jew & King of the Jews forever

  • TruLevinian

    Ah yes, the obligatory History channel interpretation of the Bible. Don’t we get enough of this throughout Christmas RS? So how many siblings did Jesus have and was he really married to someone named Mary? SO STUPID!

    • 57thunderbird

      I know where you are coming from,but give it a fair shake before making up your mind.I too am skeptical.

    • 911Infidel

      Not unless one confuses a novel by Dan Brown based on the works of three admited forgers as fact.

  • NCHokie02

    That looks awesome.

  • wmath44

    Who knew, the jews were originaly from Britian

    • las1

      They are the lost tribes didn’t you know.

    • 911Infidel

      Who knew that a group of Hollywood/TV types could compress the Word Of God into a short, iinspirational trailer that is both stunning and compelling at the same time. British, Irish, black or whatever, this looks like a keeper.

  • Many will see, fewer will hear, even then fewer will answer.

    • badbadlibs

      Jesus said the road was narrow and FEW will be that find it…yet, it didn’t have to be so.

    • But yet if even one is saved ….heaven rejoices.

  • CrazyAZBiker

    I havent watched TV in quite some time… better dust off the set! Looks fantastic! I cant wait! Praise the Lord! Bout time someone told this story true, the youngin’s need it now more than ever, or we’ll never get our country back! Benjamin Franklin, Signer of the Declaration of Independence “Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.”

    “Whereas true religion and good morals are the only solid foundations of public liberty and happiness . . . it is hereby earnestly recommended to the several States to take the most effectual measures for the encouragement thereof.” Continental Congress, 1778. Where is our “Ben Franklin” for todays world? Our “John Jay, James Madison”? We need them now more than ever…

    • NJK

      They have to be out there, but I don’t see many in our current govt., but Ben Franklin , John Jay, and James Madison weren’t in the govt. they fought either. Mark Levin comes to mind.

    • el_polacko

      hate to break it to you but your ‘dusty old set’ doesn’t work anymore. tv has gone digital.

    • CrazyAZBiker

      I guess I will just have to use this 55 inch samsung led lcd tv I have here then. I didn’t mean to literally dusty off the set… Just that its been so long since I have watched regular television.

  • theresaaa

    That looks fantastic ! I can’t wait to see it .

  • TickedWhiteDude

    It looked pretty good…I will be watching like a hawk. The History Channel can be vetty vetty sneeeeeky.

  • I have to admit, though I’m an old man, when I saw the light shine through the hand (though it should’ve been the wrist, I won’t quibble) of the crucified, risen Christ, I wept like a child and thanked Our Heavenly Father for this production. What an effective, powerful scene. Oh, the effectiveness of the Bible, when explained, interpreted, and freed to do its work! What power there is in images! What influence there is in film. What potential there exists for good in our television sets. Oh, that we would use these media more, as here, to win back the culture! May your tribe increase, everyone involved in this project. God, use now their hard work to do Your good work.

    • Like you Oscar, it doesn’t take much for me to break down when it comes to Jesus. When considering all he went through for all of us….how can one who believes in and understand the divinity of Jesus no tear up.

  • Conservative_Hippie

    Good news 911Infidel!


    Can’t wait to watch it! Also looking forward to having Roma on my radio show again.

  • 12grace

    I love it, I wish I had Cable.

  • sue-marie

    Excellent…I can’t wait!

  • el_polacko

    oh those desert dwellers with their visions and voices in their heads ! frankly, the production quality looks a little cheesy. i’ve seen much better sets and costumes on the ‘spartacus’ series.

    • 911Infidel

      Well you know how it is. Every party has a pooper that’s why we invited you. Begone troll.

  • el_polacko

    they left out what is now considered the most important part of the bible which is hatin’ on gay folks.

  • Fabulous!!! Thank you so much for creating this series. It is so needed!

  • Kelly60

    Finally! Something actually WORTH watching…all of my friends here….I am so proud to know you…thank you all. You are bright lights during some dark gloomy times. I hope to meet you someday.

  • bobemakk

    Looks like a great movie like the Ten Commandments with one of the greatest actors ever to live, Charlton Heston. I just hope it is based on truth and not altered.

  • drphibes

    Production values looks wonderful. Hopefully, the theology doesn’t get twisted.

  • 7joewydra7

    Maybe, Just Maybe this can start the 3rd GREAT REVIVAL we have been praying for.

  • just wonderfull see how the word of GOD come to alive. JUst Fantastic, praise the LOORD.

  • Just wonderfull see how the word of GOD coming to a life. we praise God for this production.