TRIFECTA on Voter Fraud: Will the Democrats vote early, and often?

PJTV’s Trifecta discusses the dreaded issue of voter fraud and why voting early is really a bad idea and opens the door to more voter fraud:

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  • Vote early, vote often, bring your illegal alien maid and her family, your pet and favorite cartoon character…

    • Don’t forget your dead relatives and any and all fake names you managed to somehow get ID’s for. Ugh!

      • Orangeone

        In MN, they just steal utility bills and go vote.

      • FreeManWalking

        No Thanks, Last election those dead ones were hard to tote and that peculiar smell that follows them sure caused a lot of unnecessary attention from others in line.

        Worst of all they voted D E M O C R A T…

        • ROTFLMAO!!!!!! :-))))

  • SKL53

    They will DEFINITELY try!!! They will vote for the dead…the illegals…the invented…and any other group they can fabricate to get votes for the Empty Chair! They are desperate! They can’t do things fair and square because they have no integrity! They Live to Lie!!!

  • Orangeone

    Love Whittle, vote early in Minnesota and then go vote somewhere else. Actually Mr. Whittle, the Chicago welfare recipients bus through WI and vote there and then come to MN and vote here.

  • Marky_D

    The left does this in the UK too. The last Labour government imported millions from the most corrupt country on the planet – Pakistan – promising them (and delivering) endless welfare to get them on side and simultaneously rolled out the most easily corruptable method of voting – postal votes. Voila! Instant phantom electorate.

    • sDee

      They have been doing that here since the 1965 Immigration Act was passed. It is “diversty based” which means find non-white, non-capitalist lefitsts, socilists and islamists and give them citizenship.

      A recent survey I read showed that around 98% of all black , over 70% of Indian and Latin, and 80% of muslim immigrants eventually vote Democratic. The primary and candid reason given is that they do not trust white Christians.

      Ain’t diversity grand?

    • colliemum

      Yes indeed, and surprise surprise: those who abuse the postal (early) voting are our ‘friends’ from muslim countries, where the imam or his acolyte go to the homes of their flock, collect the ballots – unsigned, pristine – and vote for all of them. Just as they did and do ‘back home’, in Pakistan or Somalia or any other muslim country.
      And surprise surprise – all those ‘votes’ are for the socialist Labour Party.

      • Psyphurr Lock

        …and these are some of the same countries that make up the UN Elections monitoring crew!!

        • colliemum

          But of course!

          As we all ought to know by now – this isn’t about our laws, our rights. This is about installing sharia law tiny bit by tiny bit.

          The people in the former Eastern Bloc states had an expression for that, because that’show the communists worked to take over everything. They called it ‘salami tactics’: one thin slice off a salami sausage, nobody notices. More and more thin slices taken off that sausage – and in the end, it’s all gone ..

  • NoToTyrants

    I only vote on election day.

    Ponder this:
    If “misplaced” votes can be discovered in the trunks of cars after election day, can my vote be “misplaced” and never counted at all. If I vote early, am I not giving them an extra week or two weeks to “misplace” my ballot.

    • Dukehoopsfan

      My thoughts exactly. I’ll be there next Tuesday.

  • Rshill7

    In the 2010 election cycle, one of George Soros’ biggest goals was to win as many Secretary Of State offices as possible, by those he could count on to side with democrats.

    He realized how important they were in the effort to side with democrats whenever and wherever they could. A friendly Secretary Of State can make a big difference in the outcome of an election…by cheating…by invalidating valid votes and invalidating proper ones. There’s no freakin’ way Al Franken won that senate seat fairly.

    I hope the democrats have difficulty finding people to break election laws for their “benefit”. To a diehard democrat though, the end justifies the means, regardless of how dishonest and dishonorable those means are. To them, “rules are, there ain’t no rules”. It isn’t just a line from “Grease”.

    Suggestions to diehard democrats that they vote again when they’ve already voted early should turn them off. Will it? Unfortunately, a diehard democrat has no regard for traditional morality, and as such, may very well be willing to cheat for the cause. If they do, I hope they are prepared for prosecution and receive their just reward. Jail and a criminal record.

    • Rshill7

      All I know is that I could never do it. Couldn’t cheat at cards or any other game or sport either. The temporary win would become permanent loss. But that’s just me. Some of these folks are nothing like me. They are nothing like you either dear friends.

      Please don’t let anyone you know stay home on election day. This is the big one, and it should be a landslide. But never underestimate the depravity of the left.

      • sDee

        It is genetic. My mother in- law moved from FL to NC. She voted absentee in the primary then registered to vote in NC. She registered in NC with no id required! She called supervisor of elections in FL and told them she registered in NC. They told here there was no easy way to “unregister” her over the phone, but not to worry about it. Later, she got an absentee ballot for the General election from Florida automatically, and was quite concerned, called again. They told her not to worry – just throw it away.

        • tvlgds

          In the 2004 election, I could have voted 3 times. I’ve never been wiped from the La. rolls and I haven’t lived there for any amount of time since 1981. I left CA in 2001 and got an absentee ballot AT MY TEXAS ADDRESS, and it was actually sent by the Republicans. I am registered in TX, where I do live, and that’s where I voted!

    • Nukeman60

      The election of Franken was one of the worst cases of obvious voter fraud that I have ever heard or seen.

      As to prosecuting people for it – I heard that in Minnesota, in order to be prosecuted for voter fraud, people had to be caught doing it and then had to admit that they knew it was fraud. They couldn’t be prosecuted if they said they didn’t know it was voter fraud.

      That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. It’s our laws that are getting in the way of valid voting. The libs constantly claim that there are no cases of prosecution, even after all the thousands and thousands of cases that we find.

      Something has to be done. This election will see the most fraud we have ever experienced.

      • Did you see how Harry Reid got reelected, the last time? His relative was in charge of elections in Nevada, and there was plenty of controversy. I think that he beat the polls by 10-15 percent.

        • Nukeman60

          Yeah, I saw that. I think this year is going to outpace 2008 by a long shot, especially in swing states. We have to hope that the enthusiasm gap outweighs the fraud gap and Romney withstands the fraud assault that put Reid back in the Senate.

          • I have been predicting a 2pt win for Romney. (maybe 3 pts) I want to see if my conspiracy theory pans out before going into it, but in short, I believe that elections are flipped via electronic means. Romney “should” win by seven or eight points minimum.

  • Slickfoot

    I think we are going to win in spite of dirty leftist tricks.

    • Rshill7

      Me too. BIG!!!

    • When the left is dissing on him, you know there is a change coming. Apparently, the big financial power brokers are split. Last time around, the big hedge fund guys and the banks all favored him. This time around, he still has the banks behind him, but the other guys are favoring Romney.

  • AbdulBX

    Geez…Paul Ryan is boring on the stump.

  • sDee

    What a joke we have become. November 6th is no longer Election Day, it simply the last day one can cast their vote(s).

    One Vote. One Day. Anything else invites fraud and abuse.

  • Sandra123456

    Voting early has to be stopped. Voting for national office should be a shared experience that we all do on one day regardless of the weather.

    The only intent of early voting is cheating.

    We all should vote the same day with ID and purple thumbs would not be a bad idea.

    • Rshill7

      Democrats seem to have a sob story for every dollar wasted and a “reason” for every fraudulent vote imaginable. You never hear them speak of disenfranchised conservatives. They want as many deadbeat, know-nothing votes as possible.

      I have never voted for a democrat for anything in my entire life, including drain commissioner. I vote straight ticket because democrats disgust me, and what they stand for makes me want to knock them down 🙂

    • Patriot077

      I’ve been saying photo ID, paper ballots and purple fingers is the way of the future if we want to keep our country. I wouldn’t care if it took a month of Sundays for the purple to wash and wear off.

      • tvlgds

        I handed my voter card AND TX DL to the idiot at the polling place yesterday and he thumbed my DL right back at me without even looking at it and said he didn’t need it. Pissed me off! I’m legal and I WANT my ID checked. Just like I have “see photo ID” on the backs of all my credit and debit cards-I WANT them to check to keep me from being a victim of fraud!

  • mike3e4r7

    It occured to me when I voted early yesterday (Florida) and waited in line for about an hour to do so, that the less motivated Rats, might be discouraged by the long lines and take a pass, so a huge early voter turnout for Romney, could conceivably discourage Obama supporters from voting early and then when Tuesday rolls around….Oh hell, I’ll just go cash my wellfare check instead.

    Still, I agree that early voting has the potential to increase voter fraud and I’m against it in general.

  • deeme

    If we can’t secure the vote in the year 2012 then we might as well hang it up..

  • By this time next week, may we all be gathered here, basking in the warm, welcoming glow of VICTORY!!!

    It’s hard to believe the opportunity to correct the error and remove the pResident from Our House is FINALLY almost here!!

    Nov 6th – The End of an ERROR!

    Jan 20th – A New (AND VERY REAL) Hope!

    Between those dates…. Shudder, it’s going to be stormy to say the least… But when we are on God’s side… We know… We just know… We will prevail!

  • PVG

    BLESS YOU BILL!! Voter ID, as soon as President Romney gets rid of obamacare and dodd-frank!

    • Patriot077

      Living in the state of Washington where we don’t even have the privilege of going to a polling place, I want to see our entire high tech mail in system abolished.

      I actually liked going to vote and talking to friends and strangers while waiting in line. Filling out my ballot and just mailing it in feels empty and unpatriotic.

      • gunclinger


        It’s the same here in Oregon, we have no choice but the mail-in ballot. At least here, we can go to

        to see if our vote was actually acknowledged…

        • Patriot077

          We have nothing like that in our system. I wonder how many R ballots are discarded as they are opened …

  • colliemum

    It needs to be repeated often, and loudly to the leftie loudmouths who scream ‘voter suppression’: the votes of proper voters are being suppressed by the votes of the cheaters, who vote ‘early and often’.

    And if their beloved Bathhouse Barry can cope with showing ID when voting, so can they.

  • Luker410

    While I was waiting to early vote in Jacksonville, FL, I personally witnessed a young woman waiting outside of the polling room have 3 people come out of the room to her and give her the materials they used to prove their identity, ie, power company bills. They do not have to provide photo id if they have another source showing an address. They were brazen about it. Then they talked about how they had also voted absentee. it was disgusting. I’m sure she just ferries people from polling station to station for multiple voting.

  • Haywoodjbl

    I find it ridiculous when more people vote in a district than are registered there. Outrageous and dangerous. But it DOES happen.

  • I never get tired of PJMedia.

  • freenca

    Did you report that to an official there? I hope. Last week I read of a case of multiple voters being registered at an empty lot.

  • konservative1

    — A memo obtained by NewsChannel 5’s Evan
    Axelbank, from an adviser to a Florida GOP campaign, says that the
    Democratic turnout effort is “cleaning our clock.”)

    • Malkiel_kol_hakavod_la_el

      Yes I heard they would be putting out a memo… I guess it’s working……

  • FreeManWalking

    I like voting early!
    I like the ability to vote early.

    If they want to minimize or discourage the average persons participation they would only have the polls open for 12 to 15 hours on one day of the year, in a month that is known for cold, dreary weather. On a weekday where the normal and the average worker is tied up for 10-12 of those hours getting to WORK and returning from WORK.

    If there is a need to minimize the voting days, at the very least is should be a full 7 day week and move it to September or October. Make it against the law to exit poll, and don’t release any of the count until the day after the polls close.

  • Malkiel_kol_hakavod_la_el

    I agree 100% only voting to be done early is absentee and any structure set forth for the military voting population….. Fraud is common place in Chicago and has profound consensuses for the people of the State of Illinois as for example….

  • I agree early voting is a load of crap. Its not that voting fraud because of early voting is a big problem. The problem is a lot of idiots who don’t know anything about the election who just want socialism and welfare vote early. They are too stupid to vote on election day. (Whittle asks, “Is it a good idea that people vote before all the facts are in?”, but actually, if you’re undecided at this point, you are in fact possibly one of the idiots I described above. By now, it’s easy to know who you should vote for. I knew who, or which party, at least, I would vote for in 2012 once Obama was elected in 2008.)

    Luckily, Romney is winning the early vote, according to Gallup’s polling, which I hope is accurate.

  • Bill Whittle gets the polls wrong though. He said Minnesota was a toss up and Romney was leading Ohio. Obama is leading in both, according to the polls. Ohio is going to be close on election day, but Obama consistently has an average of a 1-2 lead in the polls, and he has an even larger lead in Minnesota.

  • Sober_Thinking

    I’d like to see a national (forge-proof) voter I.D. and voting only in a designated voting location – on the day that we vote. I like their exceptions for the military and other special situations… but voter fraud is rampant and the damn Democrats are the main perpetrators of this sin.

    Without a clean and clear voting process, we are no better than a banana republic.

  • Galatiansch2vs20

    Those who vote early against Obama- waiting around wouldn’t have changed their minds about not wanting him in office.

    Those who vote early for Obama- it would seem they either are bereft of common sense or, I would jokingly say, barren of brains.

    Anyone who votes twice is a criminal and their voting rights should be suspended for the rest of their life. Purge the voter rolls of dead people, illegal people, and people registered in more than one place and do your job, election officials!

    I used to vote absentee in California where you have to sign under penalty of perjury with mailing it in, and with the numbers going for Romney over Obama- I don’t think all of those early absentee votes are disabled, out of the country etc..

  • I am voting on Tuesday November 6, for President Obama and so are many of my clan members, my community of Somali American who came to this wonderful country of America and made it our adopted country. In MN over 680,000 Strong Somali American will make sure to oust the Queen of Tea Party Michele Lunatic Bachmann out office. Ohio 35,000; DC Metropolitan MD & VA area 17,000; Atlanta, 5,000; Seattle over 12,000; Oregon 3,000; NY Up State 3,000; Maine 6,500; North Carolina 4500; Colorado 5500.These numbers are only Somali American compare to Native African American such as Nigerian, Ghanaian, Kenyan, South African, Zambian, Rwanda, Ethiopian all of these native African will vote for their paternal cousin H. E. President Obama for four more years beside these minorities there are other minority such as Hispanic, Jamaican, Haitian, Middle Easter specially huge number of Iraqis, Iranian, Afghanistan, Japanese American, Chines American… Here is little history about the determination of Somali American. 10/1/2002 Lewiston, ME. was a sleepy little town of 36,000 people in what was arguably America’s whitest state, Maine. Yet the influx of around 1,600 Somalis, who were predominately Sunni Muslims, in the last 2 years hit Lewiston like a shot of espresso on a cold morning. It was the fear of a Somali takeover of social services that drove Lewiston Mayor Laurier T. Raymond Jr. to draft his now-infamous 10/1/2002, letter urging Somalis to “exercise some discipline and reduce the stress on our limited finances and our generosity.” The mayor’s letter was met with sorrow, anger and incredulity by not only the Somali community, but by many Lewiston locals and civil rights activists around the country. Reports of the mayor’s painting of a “Somali Not Wanted” sign on the steps of City Hall didn’t help.

    • NCHokie02

      nobody cares

    • Perhaps you would be happier at the Huffingglue Post.

  • I am voting for President Obama on Tuesday November 6th

  • bobemakk

    I would be willing to bet this is how Obama won the WH the first time and it is still going on. If Obama is re-elected, they must investigate and not use democrats. They must use republicans and independents who will hopefully be truthful. Every investigation involving a democrat has been run by their own party. Look at Fast and Furious, when Eric Holder, the bum walked away because democrats ran the investigation. I am so sick of Obama that when I see him on TV, I actually mute the audio.

  • Yazz55

    Death is just no excuse to cease voting.