Trump SUB-TWEETS Steve Bannon, SCRAPS China partnership…

Apparently the hiring of a new White House communications director meant that Scaramucci would lovingly hold Trump’s phone while he tweet-tweet-tweets all day, because we’re being treated to an embarrassment of riches from Twitter.

Or just an embarrassment.

It looks like the Chinese experiment is over:

It is truly  a danger that Trump appears to believe his own faulty narrative that there are easy answers to everything and people just won’t do what he says. Maybe North Korea isn’t easily solved by China, but as long as he believes so, he’s going to keep hammering away on that nail while the Norks get worse and worse.

And… some think this is a “subtweet” to Steve Bannon:

If there’s one thing Trump hates above all else, it’s when an associate of his gets more press than he does. He must have read somewhere that Bannon was getting credit for his victory and that irks him because we all know that Trump doesn’t need anybody and he can do anything with merely the will power in his little pinky finger.

So now that he’s ripped out the GOP establishment’s moles in his administration, is he going to kick out the alt-right Bannon wing too? And what is left exactly?!

*For those who are not Twitter addicts like I am, a “sub-tweet” is when someone posts a message meant to be directed at someone in particular, but doesn’t “tag” them, or send it to them. It’s generally considered a passive aggressive move.

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