Truth: Pat Condell on Israel and the United Nations

Another exceptional monologue from Pat Condell where he explains why Israel ignores resolutions put out by the United Nations Human Rights Council. I must say though that I cracked up when he defined Saudi Arabia as:

The black hole of Islamic barbarism, the world’s leading source of terrorist funding and the absolute moral anus of the universe.

This is excellent:

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  • Sober_Thinking

    Brilliant as always.

    Love this guy! Israel deserves to exist… Unlike the lying Caesar Obammus, God has Israel’s back. And who can stand against God? That’s right, no one.

  • MiketheMarine

    Israel, I’m here for you even if our fed isn’t.

  • Incredibly righteous tirade. Thought it was me for a while. Plain spoken, truthful, and accurate in every way. He left out the part about it is time to get the heck out of Afghanistan (and return only to kill bad guys in mass quantities) and get off Islamic oil NOW! Drill, baby drill.

    Thanks scoop, awesome as always.

  • StNikao

    What a heroic voice of Truth!!!!

    Second only to Newt!

  • The UN has lost all credibility and become an Islamist apologetics and pressure tool.

    Islam is a plague of misery, evil, injustice, oppression, racism, intolerance and death wherever it is allowed to encroach.

    NO Sharia, NO Islam in our government or courts.

    • d00mie

      I feel ya, I’m with Pat, the US should leave the UN and kick it off our shores.

    • StrangernFiction


  • sara holy land

    Short and sweet.
    The problem did not want to tell the truth about Islam -Arab.
    Easy to blame the Jew – State of Israel in what happens in the world -Damn
    The world can not deal with the Muslims – Arab-Terrorism
    West prefers the act Tzmbrlein – give the State of Israel to the Muslims.
    Method to deliver every time more and more parts of our little country, so we can not more to maintain our security and our existence.
    The world has not learned from history.
    If Israel is gone, there will be peace in the world !
    This time the Jews will fight, not vanished.
    no more !!

    • MiketheMarine

      If you want my services, you’ve got them. Just let Mr. Netanyahu know to contact me and I’m on the next flight.

      • sara holy land

        Many thanks, come visit us, always be pleased to host our loyal friends.:-))))))))

        • MiketheMarine

          The moment I can get away and afford the trip I will, without a doubt come to visit your beautiful country. And the Israeli women I’ve met during my tour have convinced me that Israel is home to THE most beautiful women on the planet.

          No offense intended to any beautiful non-Israeli women, of course.

          • sara holy land

            You made me laugh – lol 🙂

    • Pyrran

      Well, Sarah, with any luck President Obama will be gone in November and our Muslim in chief will go back to Chicago or Indonesia or wherever he came from. This means that your most dangerous time is between now and November, because the enemy knows this is his best chance to take out Israel. The United Nations is a farce, just like our President. I wish both would just go away. As to “human rights”, I seem to remember that the only place in the Middle East where Arabs are treated with full rights as citizens happens to be Israel. Not Iran, not Saudi Arabia, not Egypt.

      • unclesamnephew

        no! the most unrest will happen when Obama is defeated. my hope and prayer. however if this comes to pass, beware and be prepared…just look at the “new black panthers”, and a lame duck senate. the left will not willing release thier grip on power

      • sara holy land

        If you mean that R. would be better? Not a chance.
        Bush was better? Absolutely not.
        What was it hypocrisy and nothing more.
        No American president, did not stand firm on our right.
        65 years, we have a country, and the whole world including America, have not received the Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.
        Bush was not prepared to deal with Iran’s nuclear program.
        About Bush’s father attacked Iraq, we have absorbed the missiles.
        What is demanded of us – to sit still, not responding.
        Throughout our short history, I have lots of examples, hypocritical relationship.
        Pollard was charged with espionage, why ? – If there is a cooperation agreement?
        Everything, appearance …….. no more

        • Pyrran

          Well, Jonathon Pollard WAS a spy, after all.
          As to Bush not dealing with Iran, agreed.

          Sarah, anyone would be better than Obama in a second term without having to worry about another election. It would make the last term look like heaven on earth.
          Look what he’s done already with Egypt. Do you feel safer now?
          Look what he hasn’t done with Iran. Do you feel safer now?
          Do you think that the US with Obama as President will come to Israel’s aid?
          You know the Russians are massing troops near the Iranian border, right?
          What do you think they are there for? To help Israel? What has Obama done about that? He’s relayed a message to Putin that he will be more flexible after he wins the election. Wonder what that means?

          • sara holy land

            All the data I know.
            I mean that for us, Beck described correctly -“Romny at least is not a communi (st)”.
            Pollard was a traitor ? , Just because was Agreements Between “Allies”.
            who did not held them ? In all our history, we could not trust anyone, even on America.
            Unfortunately these are the facts.

  • d00mie

    Is Pat sick? It might just be me, but it seems he’s lost a lot of weight. I hope and pray for his health. I know he is an atheist, but I still pray that a mind as sharp as his would come to Christ. I hope all is well with him.

    • Nukeman60

      God does indeed work in mysterious ways. His use of an an atheist to actually promote the truth and the Word is amazing, as always. I don’t know if Condell knows it or not, much like many so called atheists don’t, but his words teach us of God’s way every day.

  • StrangernFiction

    “Unless you’re an idiot or a Western liberal you don’t take orders from your enemies.”

    Liberals ARE the enemy. And we should really stop calling them liberals.

    • unclesamnephew

      that’s right…they are marxist-rats

  • Jaynie59

    Pat’s great as always. My favorite line was “I wouldn’t trust the United Nations to run a lemonade stand without thousands of people being needlessly killed.”

    He’s right. We should throw them out of New York. But there’s too much money being made. Funny, isn’t it? Politicians have no problem closing military bases no matter how much devastation it may cause the local economy, but they’ll never throw the UN out because too many liberals make too much money off of it.

  • Always Right On ! We need him on AM “Talk” Radio every day in the USA

  • 911Infidel

    “The black hole of Islamic barbarism, the world’s leading source of terrorist funding and the absolute moral anus of the universe.”

    I’m stealing that line.

  • Jude O’Connor

    In a nut shell this message about the United Nations and our blind ignorance. It makes me wonder what our Government listens to or is it also deaf to reasons to get out of the United Nations and stop paying the Countries that hate our guts.

  • Nukeman60

    Peace – if you like‘ – Condell

    Classic ending by Condell. That is the problem with the middle east. They don’t really like or want ‘peace’. How do you negotiate or compromise with someone who hates Jews ‘just for being Jews’? And their backing comes from the United (Arab) Nations.

    With almost 200 countries in the world, why do we (the US) have to pay over 25% of their expenses, just so they can bash us and Israel any and every time they feel like it? It’s like giving the local bully your lunch money everyday, just so he can do whatever he wants with it. Only this bully is incompetent and ineffective. So why do we do it?