TSA forced cancer patient to show breast implant

via WBTV. Stories are already coming in on how the new invasive TSA pat downs are infringing on personal privacy. In this case, Cathi Bossi, a flight attendent who has breast implants was forced to reveal them in August to a TSA agent in a private screening room. She said on what felt like an aggressive pat down, the agent asked her ‘what’s this?’, and Boss replied that it was a prosthetic implant because she has had breast cancer. The TSA agent said that she would have to see it before she could clear Bossi:

This story only runs through the 2:20 mark.

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  • Paulchri

    Nothing new. Par for the course.

  • Fellow American Citizens,


    1. Google the AZ Immigration Law (and read/watch what the ENEMIES AMONG US screamed and bemoaned ~ how this law would be a ‘travesty against humanity’, ‘cruel’, ‘3rd world-dictatorial’, humiliating to these ‘poor souls’, etc., etc.). And please note how swiftly, concertedly (from the media – to the current occupant of OUR HOUSE) and viciously the FIGHT AGAINST THIS LAW went into full swing.

    2. …watch/read about all the RAPE OF RIGHTS AND PERSON (including small children, our wives/sisters/mothers/GRANDmothers), and the cold, vehement DOUBLING DOWN and FURTHER SHOVING of this NAZI CONDITIONING PROCESS against… LEGAL CITIZENS OF THESE UNITED STATES of AMERICA.

    Now, please note how swiftly, concertedly (from the media – to the current occupant of OUR HOUSE) and viciously the FIGHT AGAINST OUR RIGHTFUL STAND AGAINST THIS RAPE of legal citizens’ rights and person went into full swing.

    …ILLEGALS are not required to show papers (of ANY kind). Yet, with rapid descent, AMERICAN CITIZENS… ON AMERICAN SOIL, are being forced to undergo scrutiny AND INVASION…

    …that would get a cop thrown in prison, if he did same to an ILLEGAL.

  • And consider THIS:

    If this current RAPE of our rights and person is not STOPPED AND MADE CRIMINAL (oxymoron… it already IS criminal!)… do you really think they won’t push further “requirements” for the “common good”, such as requiring you to be microchip’d before you can renew your driver’s license?

    “Oh, HELL NO! I won’t bear the mark of THAT BEAST!”

    “Fine. Then you don’t have to drive…”

    …and the scenarios, once believed to be Sci-Fi fantasy (or NAZI history horror) continue to play out in sickening REALITY in our daily “American” lives.

    Stand up, America! DAMN IT, STAND!!!
    CM Sackett

    • Paulchri

      They can’t. Their minds are numb, and their checks are coming every month. They’ve been indoctrinated in the schools and fooled by gvnmt media. They think they have it good in America, and our government is working in our best interests. Yeah, we can talk about it, but even the founders said that the republic will die without a free press.

  • Anonymous

    Interesting, the scanner isn’t invasive, so I guess people should use that instead.

    • Freedomovertyranny

      oh no, they are are absolutely not invasive. Who doesnt like being put through a machine that sees through your clothes and then sends that image to a random minimum wage goon to ogle at? heavens, how could anyone think that is invasive

      • …and one of those Wal-Mart rejects was just busted ~ for doing the ‘one-man dirty’… DURING THE SCREENING OF A PASSENGER.

        This WILL come to an end.
        CM Sackett

  • guardian angel

    dont sell this guy a gun

  • guardian angel

    dont sell this guy a gun

  • guardian angel

    dont sell this guy a gun

  • youthfuladvisor

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