Tucker Carlson: CNN told me today they had Obama’s entire ‘race speech’ video five years ago

Tucker Carlson said on Fox News today that an official at CNN called him today and told him that they’ve had the video for five years now, which simply proves Tucker’s point that the MSM has been complicit in not vetting Obama properly:

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  • You Tube, MSLSD, CNN, I’m sure there were plenty of folks who had that video and others 4 years ago. Of course the propananda press has been in Sor… oops, I mean dear leader’s pocket all along.

    • ChesterWalton

      Fox and Tucker had the video and transcript in 5+ years ago. Were they sitting on it and under-reporting it prior to the 2008 election as well?

      I think desperation about the election and electorate (and exasperation for Romney and the MSM) has set in for Hannity/Drudge/DC and they are trying the only option left. To undecided voters it looks desperate. It is red meat for the conservative base. So if it fires up the base and doesn’t turn off undecideds then it is a winner for Romney. My assumption is that their models show that undecideds are not worth winning and that Romney only wins with huge conservative turnout. Since many conservatives are only mildly thrilled about Romney, calling Obama a pandering racist is all that remains.

      • Don

        Sorry to disagree, Chester. The mainstream media is doing the same it did to get Obama elected the first time. Lies and deceptions combined with bogus blather against Romney with a bunch of skewed polls to discourage conservatives are their standard operating procedures. For a conservative source to expose the racist side of Obama as was just presented is what should have been vetted in 2007. CNN did not release the video in 2007 and still wouldn’t have now unless provided by another source. There is no choice but Romney and everyone knows it. This is not electing as president, it is saving a nation. The whole world knows it.

        • ChesterWalton

          This tape and speech are old news and the re-reporting now will not move the needle. It reeks of desperation. Hannity just said on the air that “lots more to come” with regards to these tapes and Obama re-vetting, so I guess this is the strategy going forward. Frankly, Hannity sounds desperate on his show today. Rasmussen, CNN, NBC and Fox had the Obama +6-8 over McCain in 2008. Obama won +7.

          • RogerCfromSD

            If this video is old news, then Obama and his sycophants have no reason to care about it, right?

          • Don

            McCain had no chance to beat Obama. He is a RINO and many conservatives would not waste the time to vote for his ilk. Your talk of desperation by Hannity and whoever are just talking points by the mainstream media as instructed to their brainwashed lemmings. I have heard your exact desperation BS from multiple sources today. Desperation is when you blame an obscure video no one has see to cover up total incompetence that resulted in the murders of an ambassador and other Americans plus the ransacking of mutiple embassies. Then compound it with having your UN Ambasador, Secretary of State, Press Secretary, in addition to scores of others, to repeat the lie as many times on as many media outlets as they can, THAT is REAL DESPERATION. Is there any wonder why Obama is a laughingstock on the world stage?

          • Conservative_Hippie

            I will agree with you in that reporting it now will “not move the needle”. It said that this is true, but we live in a new era apparently where the MSM will protect their candidate.

            But I disagree with you in that Hannity sounds desperate. The challenge is that there’s not enough time between now and Nove. 6 to report on every Obama gaff blunder and disaster, because there are so many . So if there is any element of desperation it’s not in what to report, but in which ones.

          • BILLYDEVO

            This was not aimed at the President .This was aimed at the media .There is a lot of things like this that were just not reported in 2007/2008 and still are not .Why do we see no stories on ABC NBC CBS about everything going on in Lybia,Fast and Furious .

  • poljunkie

    Here’s the thing, we all pretty much knew Obamas mindset. It’s not a big surprise.

    What the video show us is that the media was protecting him to make sure he was elected. That is the disgrace and outrage. What’s worse is they are doing it again this time.

    • hbnolikeee

      Knowing and being able to show to the Sheeple is different…

      • CalCoolidge

        I certainly hope you are right.

  • i think what Tucker did was a good thing.. i dont know why so many people on the right are saying this tape does nothing.. it shows 100% the media is hiding things from the public who arent paying attention

    • Orangeone

      Hearing then candidate tell a [email protected] audience that Bush’s administration is racist is a BFD. It explains his redistribution of wealth (higher % of whites are wealthy), attacks on small businesses (vast majority are owned by whites), no care and concern for our military (vast majority are white), and on and on.

      And how did whites obtain their success? We saved, studied, finished high school, went to college and worked hard. Last I heard it was the [email protected] and other minorities given preferential treatment and a lower bar to get into college, grants, etc. so they need to stop whining and get off welfare and get a job.

      As for that cell phone lady, I say let’s redistribute it to someone who really needs it, a woman in a domestic abuse situation.

      • poljunkie

        Calling Pres Bush racist is comical.

        He has been of great help and relief for dual problems in Africa.
        President Bush’s Malaria Initiative is a huge project that both he and Laura are still involved with. Additionally, He worked with much resolve side by side with the Worldwide AIDS foundation, which concentrates on AFRICA.

        I’ve been to Tanzania. There aren’t a lot of white faces in the crowd there.

        • WinMissouri

          And when Mr. and Mrs. Bush go to those areas the people love them because they put a face with the assistance this country provides.

    • ChesterWalton

      Exactly, reminding undecided voters about inept response to hurricanes and race are winning issues for Ronmey/Ryan. These Romney/Ryan supporters need to keep the old Obama videos coming.

      • maynardb50

        I get so tired of hearing about an inept response to one of the strongest hurricanes to ever hit this country in modern time. Residents had more than ample warning to evacuate. The local officials were told to get the people out well ahead of time. They did not. Innocent lives lost due to not heeding the emergency warnings to leave is not the responsibility of any administration.

        • ChesterWalton

          Your point is irrelevant in a general election. The narrative is that there was a failed response.

          Why is race and Katrina being re-reported the night before the first debate and 1 month out from election day? The middle east is blowing up, the economy is crap and Hannity/Drudge decide to remind everyone about race and hurricanes.

          • maynardb50

            I do not care about the timing. Myself and my family members will be voting Romney on election day.

          • Wisewoman2

            It’s important because like everything Obama says there is a lie mixed up in it. According to Breit Baier Report this evening while the matchiing funds were not initially waived they were later waived about 2 weeks before Obaama gave his speech. Guess what? Obama voted against waiving the funds. His reason? The waiver was attached to funding for the Iraqi war which Obama voted against. I am AA and I spoted this lying charcateristic of Obama early on in his run against Hillary when following her speech, he stood in the pulpit of a black church claiming his mom and dad were part of the Selma march and “little Barack was born”. The man was actually born 4 years before the march. That is the video I would like to see aired so that everyone can see what a bald-faced liar he is. I saw it only once on MSNBC on Chris Matthew show. He was pointing out the fact that Obama was born before the march occurred. That beyond a shadow of a doubt shows Obama to be a pathological liar, willing to say or do anything to win. No the media did not vet him and Hillary was too afraid to do so.

        • tvlgds

          The biggest reason for the “lack of response” was then Gov. Kathleen Blank-o! The feds were there very quickly and she wouldn’t let them in. There were truckloads of food and water parked along the interstates waiting for the ok. Most of the food rotted, and the people didn’t get the water they needed. As for the evacuations, officials were hesitant to order mandatory evacuations because the last time it was done – if memory serves, then Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard, ordered mandatory evacuations for either Dennis (June 2005) or Ivan (Sep 2004)- I can’t remember exactly which, and nothing really happened, so he was excoriated by Blank-o. They were never going to use the Super Dome as the shelter of last resort again after one of the hurricanes in the 90’s. People were told to bring their own food and water, etc. and that there would be no food/beverage services available. Contrary to what they said, the dome staff DID cook up hamburgers and hot dogs, but the government teat sucking hooligans didn’t like that, they wanted better food, so they tore the hell out of the luxury boxes, destroyed seats, etc. There was a tremendous amount of damage done by thugs! When the magnitude of Katrina became apparent, officials did decide to open the dome for shelter. On top of the damage by hooligans, Katrina did her share that nobody expected! People complain that the school buses, etc. weren’t used to get people to safety, but if they had been used, I can guarantee thousands more would have died while stuck in traffic trying to get out! The last few times my sister and her family have evacuated it took them over 4 hrs. to go about 10 miles. Then there was the I-10 in TX when Ike hit a few yrs ago. People were stuck in bumper to bumper traffic, running out of gas, and getting nowhere. Except for people like my parents, who are retired and could leave anytime, most have to wait until the “last minute” to be released from their jobs, kids let out of school, etc. It’s a crap shoot- nobody really knows where the damn things are going. They go where they want to go and by the time it’s obvious, it’s too late for many. Yes, Katrina is one of my hot buttons. My family lived it, although they were not there when the storm hit.

    • CalCoolidge

      Put me on both sides. I think Tucker did a good thing, but I am afraid it will do nothing.

      I still can’t figure out how a guy who said he wants to bankrupt the coal industry, make your utility bill skyrocket got 53 percent of the boat.

      His adminstration stated a goal, along those lines, of $9/gall gas princes, and in his first term, got the prices half the way there, and somehow he hasn’t done enough to have an approval rate of 3 percent.

      So yeah, I am skeptical at this point that even a video of him raping his children would matter. Talk about a teflon President.

      • He’s the “choom” President.

  • As someone mentioned it is more damaging to the MSM than it is to Obama. One would think that they could not get any lower but CNN will not be outdone….then again there is MSNBC!

  • Yazz55

    The shorter list would be which media outlet not have this video five years ago.

    ummmm….maybe that list doesn’t exits because no one qualifies to be on it

  • mike3e4r7

    Good on Tucker for stating an undeniable truth clearly and unapologeticaly.

  • XXIIFan

    The left doesn’t care. They know all this and they pretty much agree. The MSM knows it all and has known it all along. They will hide anything that might tarnish the image of their beloved ruler.

    • PhillyCon

      This in a nutshell.

  • NJK

    And that sat on it while he ruined thousands of lives. Nice people over there, aren’t they.

  • Could you just IMAGINE what would have happened if there was a white Republican politician who said that “We should keep our money in our white neighborhoods and not send it to the cities,” and that “The Federal Government doesn’t want to help you because you are white.” Just IMAGINE what the mainstream media would have done with that. Or, to put it mildly, could you just IMAGINE if someone like Sarah Palin said those things? It would be the end of their political career and the mainstream media knows it. Which just shows you why over 60% of the American public no longer trusts or listens to the mainstream media.

    • poljunkie

      Ruined their career? They would probably have to leave the country in shame.

    • Rshill7

      Only 8% trust the press implicitly.

      • Not me, folks! I only trust something if I see it on the Internet!

  • That surprises me not at all. It made no sense to me whatsoever that this tape suddenly surfaces 5 1/2 years later. Other news organizations had to have been sitting on it.

  • NYGino

    This 2007 video shows that Obama is just as hypocritical and deceitful towards blacks as he is towards whites. He’s an equal opportunity liar.

  • Howard Ochs

    Well, the LA Times has held the Khalidi tape. At what point in the Country’s best interest are media legally bound to release information of relevance? And who deems it relevant and non-relevant? People at the LA Times? That’s very troubling….

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      There are a lot of non-patriots there at the L.A. Times.

      • Howard Ochs

        You bet there are!

        • Galatiansch2vs20

          All bets are off- it wouldn’t give those betting against me (if I did gamble) ‘a fair shot’! ;0)

  • God, they don’t even TRY to hide their cover anymore.

    • Howard Ochs

      Nope, they are completely “in your face” with their leanings now. They have been emboldened and I fear the only way to knock ’em down a few steps is a massive boycott of their advertisers. I don’t know what else can be done, we’re screwed.

  • deeme

    The whole entire MSM, enemies of the State..

  • gilleysuited

    If you get and education, work hard, comply with the established norms of society, you will be successful. Color is inconsequential to most Americans. Its been proven over and over. Race only matters to Racist.

    • Jerseygalnny

      Well said. Those who are screaming ‘racist’ at every turn are the ones harboring racist views! Obama is a racist, and this video proves it.

  • Botzilla

    Sorry Tucker, its going to take more than this video to bring down Obama.

  • wodiej

    And you can bet that is not all the LSM knows either.

  • opinionatedhermit

    I don’t mean to be sarcastic, but Tucker’s is an excellent way to sell the issue to those who have already bought into it.

    Please, do not get me wrong. There is much meat here in these videos and sorting through it and keeping control of the argument is critical. But, “Who is the bigger racist. And, who is keeping that from whom…” is not the issue. That journey is a fools errand.

    My suggestion would be to stay on topic. And, where these videos demonstrate that. Then fine.

    But, do not doubt, that “He who explains the best, of what Freedom and Liberty means to them” will be the winner of tonight’s debate.

    If Romney gets into a nonsense issue of how he is a “Compassionate Conservative” he will have sunk himself.

  • stage9

    Another Unearthed Speech? 2002 Clip Shows Obama Railing Against Rich People Who Inflict ‘Violence’ By Using ‘Accountants and Tax Loopholes’

  • d1comment

    There are still many American voters who think that Obama is a nice guy. They don’t know that he is a racist Marxist and that is what the legacy media does not want to get out. How many videos have been hidden from the public by the most dangerous enemy of America.

  • sjmom

    I don’t think it would’ve changed anything in 2008 but I do think it could mean a lot in 2012. People’s eyes have now been opened to Obama and they are willing to listen; that is, other than the Lefties who agree with them.

  • steprock

    One of the greatest powers of a camera is what NOT to look at. The news networks have to filter through a lot of information to pick out what’s “newsworthy” or not, but they’ve gone way, WAY over the line with this president.

  • Howzah123

    Tucker Carlson = a real journalist

  • Susitna

    And who is holding back Michelle’s “whitey tape”? Are we going to finally watch it?

  • 12grace

    obama wants us to talk about this kind of nonsense instead of what obama’s role was in the brutal murder of our Libyan ambassador and four Americans. We have credible strong evidence to suggest that obama and the white house knew well ahead of time that violence was erupting in that dangerous area in Libya yet they sent the Ambassador there anyway- with no protection. Why?

  • madnessofjack

    But I DO remember when the Fascist Great One bestowed upon himself the power to MURDER AMERICAN CITIZENS….by secret decree….no accountability….no trial….no jury….no appeal….no constitution

  • Aikalo80

    I took a little trip over to CNN website and they are so in it for Obama with their front page story of “Right wing media coordinate release of “old” Obama video.

  • So to media who gave us 2007 links yesterday about this video lied cuz they didnt report back then the whole thing? hmmm

  • Wisewoman2

    According to Bret on Fox News this evening while the matchiing funds for New Orleans were not initially waived they were later waived about 2 weeks before Obaama gave his speech. So you see at the time he gave the speech he was lying. Guess what? Obama voted against waiving the funds. His reason? The waiver was attached to funding for the Iraqi war which Obama voted against. I am AA and I spoted this lying charcateristic of Obama early on in his run against Hillary when following her speech, he stood in the pulpit of a black church claiming his mom and dad were part of the Selma march and “little Barack was born”. The man was actually born 4 years before the march. That is the video I would like to see aired so that everyone can see what a bald-faced liar he is. I saw it only once on MSNBC on Chris Matthew show. He was pointing out the fact that Obama was born before the march occurred. That beyond a shadow of a doubt shows Obama to be a pathological liar, willing to say or do anything to win. No the media did not vet him and Hillary was too afraid to do so.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    obama hasn’t been the “President of the People.” He’s more interested in one particular segment of American society and it shows in his speeches and some of his actions. We need a president that is concerned about ALL Americans…kinda like obama claimed, but didn’t follow through on once he was in office.

  • today, MSM journalists are DNC hacks and urinalists who filter the news and adding their opinions.
    iilii <——- my middle finger salute to them.