Kentucky TV Ad compares McConnell’s stance on background checks to Al-Qaeda

Something tells me that the common sense people of Kentucky are a little smarter than this ad would have you believe:

So apparently guns shows are where mass murderers and terrorists get their guns…is that what this liberal group wants Kentuckians to believe?

I think this ad reveals more about what libs think of people in Kentucky than anything else. Regulating private sales at a gun show with background checks will only make it harder for responsible private citizens to get guns, not mass murderers and terrorists.

(h/t: PJ Tatler)

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  • Laurel A

    I have to laugh at how abysmally stupid the left is on the gun laws they purport. 

    It’s stunning really.

    • Laurel A Sure but look who it’s targeted at….liberals …and they really are that stupid so………

    • ryanomaniac

      Laurel A You still get stunned? 🙂

      • 57thunderbird

        ryanomaniac Laurel A Ha! 😀

      • Laurel A

        ryanomaniac Laurel A Yeah I do because they can still actually function and all.

  • JimJames1

    These are the same people who have no problem with Al-Qaeda operatives sneaking into the country disguised as Mexicans and living here on the taxpayers’ dime…

    • ryanomaniac

      JimJames1 Good thought. The only country in the world that imports their enemies. Feeds them, housing, medical care and a plethora of other things. Only in the USA.

      • colliemum

        ryanomaniac JimJames1 And the UK, sad to say.

        • clockwindingdown

          colliemum ryanomaniac JimJames1 all of western Europe…

  • Duane Hardy

    He could have been called worse things…..Like Democrat or Liberal….

  • 57thunderbird

    OMG!Are you kidding me?Doh!Fully automatic assault rifle?Wow!I am going to have to make it a point to get to that gun show!

  • codenametimna

    I might be in the conservative minority but I think universal background checks are a good thing and would help keep guns out of the hands of criminals.
    For instance take gun shows. Most people who attend gun shows are responsible citizens but 33 states do not restrict private, intrastate sales of firearms, and therefore, criminals could gain access to firearms at gun shows in those 33 states.  Closing the ‘loophole’ and making universal background checks a requirement in all 50 states would help prevent guns from getting into the hands of criminals.  Criminals usually gain access to guns by burglarizing homes and other types of theft and through the underground black market (illegal weapons trade) through both foreign and domestic sources.  But any responsible method to help keep guns out of the hands of criminals is one step closer to a safer America and should be supported in my opinion.
    The NRA (Nation Rifle Association) CEO Wayne LaPierre supported universal background checks several years ago but has since changed his tune.  He now feels a comprehensive database could eventually be created (a national gun registry) of gun owners and thereby could give the Federal government an unconstitutional method to confiscate firearms of private citizens if the Federal government ever became tyrannical.  Hint, hint… the Obama administration.  Therefore, it would be necessary for Congress to make a law that would prevent the creation of a national gun registry database, thus preventing a possible tyrannical Federal government (the Obama administration, etc.) from confiscating the guns of private citizens down the road.  If Congress outlawed the creation of a national gun registry database then support for universal background checks would gain support and likely the approval of Republicans in Congress as well.  
    There are ways to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and if universal background checks helps to do that then I support it.  The problem is many Democrats want to restrict gun ownership of responsible citizens and that is just plain wrong. The Constitution guarantees the American citizen’s right to keep and bear arms.  It’s called the 2nd Amendment.  Unfortunately, many Democrats want to repeal the 2nd Amendment and those very same private citizens have a right and indeed an obligation to “abolish” such tyrannical forms of government and if it ever came to that then those very same firearms would no doubt be used against an oppressive government in order to secure the freedoms and liberties of the American people.  In other words, make certain that the Democrat’s outrageous gun control measures are defeated in order to insure that the right to keep and bear arms remains intact and guaranteed for future generations under the U.S. Constitution.  
     The ‘ole saying: ‘Don’t mess with Texas’ could also be applied to the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment.  Don’t allow Democrats to shred the Constitution and don’t allow them to restrict the rights of the American people to keep and bear arms.  Having said that, any ‘sane’ measure that keeps guns out of the hands of criminals is fine with me. Fixing the mental health system should be a priority.  Allowing armed guards at every school in America should be another top priority.  But trying to disarm responsible citizens and/or preventing them from defending themselves and their families against potentially violent criminals is something you see in communist Russia and obviously should NOT be allowed to happen in America. Nuff’ said.

    • 57thunderbird

      codenametimna Yep,you’re first sentence was spot on.Not so much on the rest of your post.Lets just allow the feds to create a registry and keep it in their possession so that when the confiscation begins they won’t be confused as to where to go.This is not about background checks.

      • 57thunderbird

        codenametimna I take that back.I should have said your first seven words were spot on.You could delete the rest.

      • Godisright

        57thunderbird codenametimna  Right on T Bird. Let the govt’ make a list check it twice and then email it to all creation. Gov’t motto: “your secret is safe with everyone” 😉

    • bookmoviegeek

      I do understand what you are saying, I said the same thing background checks seem logical, however I did some research that I think someone here pointed to Canada and Austrilla are examples of universal background checks, though I think it’s called something else. Now their guns are being taken away. If we want to keep illegal guns out of criminal hands we need to address the mental health of our citizens and also enforce laws we currently have. Laws are meant to protect the law abiding citizens, not punish them. And though I don’t own guns, the constitioun is clear shall not be infringed upon. My concern with universal background checks are this, if someone whom I come in connect with happens to be on some kind of medication can that stop me from having a gun? Just the possibility that it might or another example is our vets. Those who put their life between mine and the bad guy, congressman and reps have already said they shouldn’t have guns, deserve better than that. I just think after a tragedy like sandy hook we need to step back not rush a bill that know one has read, like the horrible obamacare bill.

      • patriot077

        bookmoviegeek Good points. Think of someone with a terminal illness who is presribed pain meds and possibly anti-anxiety medication. Does the caregiver or the patient have to submit to the tyranny of the criminal with a weapon when they lose theirs? Neighborhoods and communities know when someone is in that condition, so I think they could be sitting ducks in the most vulnerable position they have ever been.

      • Jpclarksville

        In Australia, their have been taken away. Violent crime has increased, and crimes with guns have increased because those pesky criminals don’t obey the law. It seems that no one wants to get to the real source of the problem because it was caused by leftists. Mental health. The ACLU fought for and got the release of mental patients during the mid-late 1970’s and they ended up on the streets because as the ACLU argued, the mentally ill had the right to not be locked up against their will. Mental health again rears its ugly head in the classroom where schools are telling parents that their kids have add or ADHD and that in order to come back to school, they must have a note that here being treated….let’s see, how many of the shooters were on some sort of drug for mental issues. How. Any of these shooters were acting bizarre and how many we’re rooted to authorities and ignored by the government? The goal of the state is to take our guns. Without guns, we can’t protect ourselves. The British did it to our founding fathers, the democrats and KKK did it to the newly freed slaves (it makes it soooo much easier to break into your house and hang you when you’re unarmed) the nazis did it to the Jews and Germans. How much ,ore historical proof does one need? Oh, and as for registration being BS, why is it that the cities that have the most gun crimes prosecute these crimes the least? Chicago, LA and NYC are the worst and Chicago does NOT prosecute 94% of the crimes executed with guns. The ones with the best records like Alaska prosecute. The difference is also one group is run by leftists, the other by conservatives.
        Do not think for one minute that registration is to prevent shootings. It’s to make US weak. FEMA didn’t buy all those coffins for nothing

    • NJK

      Barack Obama’s criminal EPA gave out the names and addresses of farmers and cattle ranchers to the communist environmental groups.  They then went to their homes and harassed them.  Barack Obama wants a gun registry.  He wants to give the names of gun owners to the Muslim Brotherhood and the UN.  He’s already in the process of getting our medical records.  Our health care system has been confiscated.  He now wants doctors to report patients who are suffering from depression or other mental health problems, as though everyone who has depression is violent?  
      It’s none of his damn business.  He’s trying to keep veterans from owning guns.  His Army has labeled Evangelical Christians and Catholics are potential terrorists, along with Al Queda.  Obama is evil.  He’s out to destroy our nation.  I don’t want that psychopath having any information of mine.  
      If anyone needs a background check and mental health evaluation it’s that degenerate in the White House.  I hope states nullify this.

    • SheerPolitics

      codenametimnaCriminals simply steal the guns–they don’t care about obeying laws.
      Let me give you the bigger picture of why we don’t want a national database:
      Think ‘it can’t happen here?’ I’m sure the Germans, Russians, etc. thought so too!

    • famouswolf

      You might as well not post, as far as I am concerned.
      Your first sentence put me right off my feed.

    • patriot077

      codenametimna You are very trusting aren’t you? Personally, I trust in the words “shall not be infringed”. We are the only country in the world that have this guaranteed right and we have a very low crime rate overall. Every country that restricts ownership ends up with a higher crime rate, so it does nothing for overall safety. It probably wouldn’t even eliminate the occasional horrific massacre. But when criminals know they have weapons and you don’t, what’s to stop ’em?
      I just want them to keep their hands off our liberty and stop trying to legislate every possible harm. This world is not a coccoon and we are not babes in swaddling clothes to be kept safe from everything that causes suffering. Their attempts to “fix problems” usually cause a catastrophic dilemma.

    • clockwindingdown

      codenametimna Can you demonstrate why you think the government is to be trusted? Can you show where in the history of our government, especially of late, why you would believe anything they say. 
      Did you like the “sign it before you know what’s in it bill”?
      Do you believe the statistics the elected are using to push their agendas when their numbers where different six months ago.
      Have you looked at what the word “infringe” means?
      There is no “gun show loop hole”, that is political double talk for law a bidding and we don’t like the law!
      There are not ways to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, we can attempt to limit it but prevention is not possible. All the current proposals violate Our 2nd Amendment, I’m not okay with that are you? Any violation of Our 2nd Amendment is the proverbial nose under the tent. They are selling you false safety if you give up your rights.
      Our problem is not guns, it is people and society, that which the law makers in D.C. have created, end of story. Don’t fall for the miss direction and believe the people that fail us are looking out for us or will protect us, they have not and will not!

    • Dr. Strangelove

      codenametimna We already have nearly universal backround checks. I filled out a Federal Form 4473 and had a NICS check and waited 24 hours to buy a MUZZLE LOADING RIFLE! I’ve been to a number of gun shows and very few sellers are not FFL holders who are required to do BC’s. And the private sellers are usually hawking collectables, antiques and high-dollar stuff, not “Saturday night specials.” This is just another incremental erosion of our civil right to defend ourselves against an increasingly over reaching and tyrannical government.

  • NJK

    Did any of those illegal alien criminals he let loose several weeks ago have any violent history?  It seems that’s ok, but American citizens be damned.  I want that terrorist out of the White House.  He’s been terrorizing this nation for going on five years, and I’m sick of him.  
    I want that guy to undergo a background check.  His real father isn’t even who he says it is.  But we need background checks?  Idiots that would vote for a reprobate like him.

  • GJPinkansas

    I am concerned about all these shootings and something must be done. The laws and registration MUST be tightened. Those most likely to commit mass murder can be profiled and kept from all guns. The law must prohibit any and all Democratics from having guns. Remember, it is for the children.

  • patriot077

    I don’t know if this has been posted previously or referenced in other comments, but I just saw this leaked memo from the “acting director” of the DOJ. In any event, it merely verifies what most of us already determined was the end game.

  • Jpclarksville

    Libs are famousr for pulling false numbers out of their butts and the media uses this made up crap to persuade people how to think. They’ve been doing it or decades and now it is paying off. Progressives have succeeded in creating an ignorant society where schools now teach kids that it’s good to give up your rights in exchange for safety. If people start buying into this false notion of 82% wanting background checks, we’re screwed

  • RobHorine

    Let’s just say that people in 119 of Kentucky’s 120 counties are smart enough.   people in Jefferson County KY (or as I call it, the blue anus of Red Kentucky) are that stupid.

    • YoJoe

      “blue anus” 

  • Dr. Strangelove

    What unabridged trash. Even the Honey Boo Boo voters should be able to see that for the fraud it is.

  • RobertMahoney

    Living in KY I can tell you that Democrats out number Republican’s almost 2-1. Yet, they are not falling for this.

  • DanBridges