U.S. backs new U.N. arms treaty talks hours after Obama win

Well they don’t waste much time it seems:

REUTERS – Hours after U.S. President Barack Obama was re-elected, the United States backed a U.N. committee’s call on Wednesday to renew debate over a draft international treaty to regulate the $70 billion global conventional arms trade.

U.N. delegates and gun control activists have complained that talks collapsed in July largely because Obama feared attacks from Republican rival Mitt Romney if his administration was seen as supporting the pact, a charge Washington denies.

The month-long talks at U.N. headquarters broke off after the United States – along with Russia and other major arms producers – said it had problems with the draft treaty and asked for more time.

But the U.N. General Assembly’s disarmament committee moved quickly after Obama’s win to approve a resolution calling for a new round of talks March 18-28. It passed with 157 votes in favor, none against and 18 abstentions.

An official at the U.S. mission said Washington’s objectives have not changed.

“We seek a treaty that contributes to international security by fighting illicit arms trafficking and proliferation, protects the sovereign right of states to conduct legitimate arms trade, and meets the concerns that we have been articulating throughout,” the official said.

“We will not accept any treaty that infringes on the constitutional rights of our citizens to bear arms,” he said.

Yeah, right. I’ll believe that they won’t accept any treaty that infringes on the 2nd amendment when I see it. Until then, call me skeptical.

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  • Nukeman60

    Ahhh, flexibility, thy name is Barack.

  • There are all kinds of stories like this that will be slipping in under the radar over the next two months of the holiday season. Treaties (the senate is already stripping the fillibuster from the minority party). EPA regulations. Executive orders. The tax rates will most likely be allowed to expire.

    Jan 1st is going to come as a shock to the entire nation. I suggest you wear your seat-belts folks. The road is about to get incredibly bumpy.

    • aposematic

      As in Benghazi bumpy bumps in the road…

    • Nukeman60

      Jan 1st is going to come as a shock to the entire nation‘ – d a

      This may come as a surprise to the 60 million who voted for Obama and the 90 million who chose not to vote (they may be amazed how Bush actually did all this), but for the rest of us, it was expected.

      Elections have consequences (even if only 28% of eligible voters decided it).

      • True, I should have worded it better.

      • doowleb

        Strange, I don’t remember hours long lineups at voting stations like Nov. 6th in 2008.
        Yet millions less apparantly voted.
        Yea right….It’s not who gets the votes, it’s who counts them.

        • Nukeman60

          This year, we had 2-4 weeks of early voting, with lines up to 6 hours long. Election night, the voting stations were left open late in Florida due to long lines.

          Just makes me wonder where those votes went.

    • Sober_Thinking

      The turbulance started yesterday.

      These SOBs are going to finish mauling America… and now they can openly let their Muslim and Baltic brothers in for the violating.

    • As for some of these things–such as the progressive Bush Tax Cuts expiring–they are good. The Bush tax rates increased the amount of the federal tax share that the evil “1%” and “5%” and every hard working % pay while decreasing the amount paid by the so-called “47%.” They were a progressive’s wet dream.

      More to the point, they increased the deficit due to the fact that the government has had less revenue coming in. The national debt is now at $16 trillion and rising. It’s expected to be at $20 trillion soon with no action.

      In the aftermath of the election, there were a lot of reports that America is going on the road to Greece–or even Rome. We need to turn this around, and cutting the deficit is where we need to start.

      As for whether the tax cuts expiring will hurt citizens too much, I say look at what happened last time the tax rates were that high. We did alright. We’ve lived under those tax rates in the past with no problems. Where we won’t be able to do alright is if the debt continues to increase at its current pace.

  • Orangeone

    Scoop, you are kinder than I. THEY LIE!

  • Garym

    Time to arm up!

    • maynardb50

      If you already have firearms, you better be stocking up on ammunition because the feds will find some way to tax ammo to a point it is too expensive to purchase.

      • They are already trying to make gun manufacturers imprint ammo. That means a surcharge, right there.

        Otherwise known as an infringement.

  • They truly underestimate the courage, fortitude, and loyalty our Military has for their country… Morons.

    • iaintlyin

      Ammmm (to use a jay carney word), have you by any chance been keeping track of a guy called Petreus of late?

      • The enlisted eat officers’ careers for lunch if a certain line isn’t towed. Betrayus doesn’t know anything but two words “Yes, Sir!” He’s been taking orders all his pathetic life. Please, choose a better example.

        • iaintlyin

          not that I’m from Missouri JJ but, show me.
          No enlisted mEn have the ability to take a general down, imo. To use your words, Betrayus and his ilk have said Yes Sir so many times that he’s so removed from the enlisted men, he may as well be Oz. Regardless, the more Yes Sirs out of an Officers mouth, the higher up the rank he goes, the higher up the rank he goes the more power (and salary) he has. At a certain point that power becomes their love and they’re not going to jeopardize that power by suddenly putting no in front of sir. So, have a creep as a Commander in Chief…..we get what we got. If our military Commanders had any inkling for love of our Country and its liberties there would have been more than a few resignations two years ago, it would have and should have been a story even the MSM would have covered

  • AlabamaPatriot2

    Start at my house. Please. Come and try to dis-arm me and my family.

    • bongobear

      Exactly. Wouldn’t be a fun job.

  • Keep it up Barry. Disarm the populace. Then, in typical Alinskyite fashion lampoon those that have legitimate concerns – Like the NRA chief.

  • bjohnson55

    Cabela’s here I come!!!

  • HI Skeptical (WMFKAS – WebMaster formally known as Scoop!) 🙂

  • syvyn11

    The UN can have my gun. BULLETS FIRST!

  • Gun grabbers of the world unite!

    Gun owners of the world… buy more ammo!

  • RosiesSeeingRed

    How can anyone deny the man is a Marxist?

  • Larchmonter

    Every warning about this second term will be realized. He wants to reduce America to a weakened power, terrify the population and incapacitate our economic influence. This nightmare is embraced by his supporters. It is the revenge program against America. The timidity of our military leaders to send a message back to the Pentagon and WH is part of the problem. Those 500 Generals who signed on to Romney didn’t do that for nothing. They are trying to put some spine into the JCS, who are jellyfish.

    This is the beginning of the end. The real Long War is to strip America of its leadership and strength, and terminate the U.S. as the last protector of Liberty.

  • loriannringold

    I am going to buy more ammo and a few more guns. I am going to be ready and unlike New Orleans, the government will not take away my guns, or my right to bear arms. Get ready my fellows conservatives, it’s on.

  • MiketheMarine

    Remember who enforces that statement, Scoop. All of us with weapons. I will enforce that statement.

    • AlabamaPatriot2

      I got your back.

    • Heh. Some people think the Chinese have the world’s largest army.

      • MiketheMarine

        They do but so what. You remember the ’91 Gulf War, K-Bob? Them was my boys. We destroyed that army in 100 days and at the time they were the 4th largest army in the world. 4th largest army, 100 days. So, it may take us 6 months to destroy China’s army assuming our leaders let us fight the way a war is supposed to be fought.

        • American gun owners are the largest army. That was all I meant.

          But yeah, one squad of Marines is equal to two battalions of anyone else’s army.

          • MiketheMarine

            Shoot, the way this week is going, I think a platoon of conservative Marines would probably go berzerker and we could take Iran. Alone……

  • And people wonder why gun sales are way, way, up. I think I’m going to buy stock in almost every gun company there is. They are going to have one heck of a year.

  • gun and ammo sales jumped 63% yesterday over last week

  • lville

    When do we get a new Secretary of State and who will it be? This will be an important appointment to watch…

    • AlabamaPatriot2

      They’re saying it’s going to be Lurch Kerry. I know he’ll do us proud.

  • syvyn11

    I would really love to see the UN in their blue berets go into in inner cities and gangland areas and ask gangbangers to give up their guns.

    Ought to be good for a laugh.

  • James1754

    As I recall with the previous treaty it required registration of all privately owned firearms? I always have doubts about any UN treaty that is supported by the majority of non-democratically elected governments(read dictatorships).

  • bongobear

    Here we go…

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    You get what you vote for. Barry Hussein of the Brotherhood has flexibility now.

  • And so it begins. Goodbye sovereignty hello one world government.

  • Not4TheGimmeParty

    They won’t accept any that infringes on the constitutional rights of our citizens? Phooey. Engaging in the talks ALONE infringes on that right.

  • Zederok

    welcome to the new USSA

  • Thank God treaties require a 2/3 vote in the Senate.

    • Josh

      Except for the fact that Obama will sign it using “Executive Privilege”. The Constitution doesn’t really matter anymore.

      • Yeah, he’ll probably call it a “pact” or something, so it won’t fall under the rules for treaties.

    • KenInMontana
      • That’s really good stuff, that is. Thanks!

        Man, I’m gonna read that three times!

  • MaxineCA

    …”fighting illicit arms trafficking and proliferation”

    Does that include Fast & Furious?

    How about arms to Syria?


    …America WELCOME to Mao Obama act II , it is going to get even more TYRANNICAL as the seconds , minutes , hours , days , weeks , months and years move FORWARD !


  • westernhunter

    Well that didn’t take long. 2/3 vote needed Senate, repubs had better hold the line if it evers gets to Senate.

  • sue-marie

    Harry Reid will find a way to approve this with his 53 Senators instead of the 60 needed…just watch.

  • kong1967

    Here we go, handing over our Constitution to the U.N. .

    • KenInMontana

      Check the link I posted above to K-Bob.

      • kong1967

        Yes, but when have our laws and our Constitution ever meant anything to Obama? He told government agencies to ignore the law, and defense contractors to ignore the law. The guy that made that film against Islam is being imprisoned for a year for things that Kimberly Guilfoyle said is never done. Point is, Obama does what he wants and no one seems to be able to stop him, or isn’t trying. I don’t trust the fascist jerk.

        Thanks for the link, by the way. I bookmarked it so I can use it to defend against my liberal friends that believe the U.N. should be running the show.

  • When they come for your guns, give them the ammo first.

  • I swore an Oath that has no mention, allusion, inference, reference, or indexes to, that putrid thing called The United Nations.

    In most of the countryside, and in most urban areas, that robin egg blue just stands out so pretty, doesn’t it?

    It is time for Americans, and I do not mean the obama phone zombies (may their offspring be found sterile), to study what defines ‘the grey man’.

  • jon b

    The U.N has been trying to ban private ownership of guns in countries for years. I do not see the U.N Gun treaty that doesn’t infringe on our second amendment rights, especially knowing Obama’s stand on banning guns. The U.N is the N.W.O people, hell the U.N owns over 25% of the land in America, China owns another 15%.