***UPDATED*** UGH! Federal Judge denies Hobby Lobby’s request to block HHS mandate over morning-after pill


Hobby Lobby is a Christian-owned arts and crafts store that is being forced by Obamacare to include the morning-after pill and the week-after pill in its employee health care coverage. They sued in September to block this portion of the HHS mandate because it goes against their religious beliefs as they consider it abortion.

But because they are not considered a religious organization, the federal judge denied the injunction. If they refuse to comply with the mandate as a self-insured company, they will be penalized $1.3 million/day starting Jan 1. I know they are a large chain that’s been around since the 70s, but can they survive that kind of penalty? I’m guessing that a new $40 million/month penalty would sink the company pretty quickly.

ABC NEWS – A federal judge Monday rejected a request by Hobby Lobby Stores Inc. to block part of the new federal health care law that requires it to provide the morning-after and week-after birth control pills.

In a 28-page ruling, U.S. District Judge Joe Heaton denied a request by Hobby Lobby to prevent the government from enforcing portions of the health care law that will require it to include contraceptives the company considers objectionable in its health insurance plan.

In his ruling denying Hobby Lobby’s request for an injunction, Heaton noted churches and other religious organizations or religious corporations have been granted constitutional protection from provisions of the law regarding the birth-control measures.

“However, Hobby Lobby and Mardel are not religious organizations,” the ruling states. “Plaintiffs have not cited, and the court has not found, any case concluding that secular, for-profit corporations such as Hobby Lobby and Mardel have a constitutional right to the free exercise of religion.”

Hobby Lobby’s attorney said the companies’ owners, the Green family, plan to appeal.

“Every American, including family business owners like the Greens, should be free to live and do business according to their religious beliefs,” Kyle Duncan, general counsel for the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, said in a statement.

The company, which is self-insured, has said it will face a daily $1.3 million fine beginning Jan. 1 if it ignores the law.

(h/t: Sam Alders)

UPDATE: Mark Levin slams the judge for ignoring the Constitution in this case:

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  • stage9

    The government is our conscience now.

    • JRNASH

      Come on conservative people. Quit thinking that the nation is at an end. It has survived a lot more than one little election and it did so long before any of us arrived on the scene. A revolution, a civil war in which we killed one another to the tune of 700,000 lives lost, a heart wrenching depression, two world wars, Korea, Viet Nam and all the hell in recent years that we have seen from the Middle East. This country was born in a revolution and people have been fighting and dying ever since just to keep it free. So get your chins up and reload. In the meantime, take a moment to remind yourselves that the future belongs to us.

      • I’m with you 100%. The nation isn’t at an end. I might submit that it took these incredible hardships you mentioned for us to refocus on the righteous ideals of America and her founding.

        In other words, what kind of terrible strife will we have to endure to WAKE UP the morons who are paddling towards the the waterfall at full speed? I don’t know. It sure wasn’t the murder of 4 Americans at the had of an imbecilic and incompetent commander-in-chief. It sure isn’t the impending tax and monetary doom we are heading towards. I wonder what will wake the useful idiots up? What do you think?

      • stage9

        “Hê·ḵal Yah·weh!” “Hê·ḵal Yah·weh!” “Hê·ḵal Yah·weh!”

        “Do not trust in these deceptive words: ‘This is the temple of the Lord, the temple of the Lord, the temple of the Lord.’” Jeremiah 7:4

        There once lived another civilization which said, “We can pull ourselves up in our own strength. We’ve done it before. We can deliver ourselves from the wrath of God. After all, the temple of the Lord is here. God would never allow His temple to be destroyed. He dwells in this temple and He will not allow the walls of this city to be breached and His temple burned by pagans.”

        They too refused to repent, instead opting to trust in their own strength, and it wasn’t long before their children were speaking Akkadian, the Semitic language of the Babylonians.

        Our sins have reached into heaven, and I’m afraid that unless we repent, we are done.

        • JRNASH

          God’s decisions are not determined by majority vote. His people have always been a minority and he will never desire that his people surrender to ignorance. Never.

    • mooneydriver

      I agree. We have no government. Therefore, we have no conscience. I just pray for the return of both.

    • wesmorgan1

      No, the government is not our conscience. If anything, this places the ultimate decision in the hands of the individual, because it removes the outside influence of “what insurance will cover.”

      Thought experiment: If you experience an accident and need a blood transfusion or organ transplant, but your company’s CEO is a Jehovah’s Witness and has removed coverage of those treatments from your health insurance, would you feel the same way?

      • That is an erroneous comparison since we’re talking about mandated abortifacients, not ‘birth control’ as most conceive of it, and the JW’s mandate no transfusions for themselves, not everyone else. At least I’ve never heard of them protesting the use of blood products by non-JW’s.

        • wesmorgan1

          How is insurance coverage of contraception “mandating” anything? It’s still up to the individual to consult a doctor, secure a prescription and take the medication. There’s no “mandate” in insurance coverage.

  • PicklePlants

    The 1st ammendment – trashed by Obama. Any questions?

    I really feel ill thinking about it.

    • Goodbye America.

      Here’s the truth. Liberty-loving people has LOST!! We have been overrun by the mob and the idiots. There is no way around it. We, as a people, hate America, hate freedom, and hate the constitution which protects those freedoms.

      Proof? Nov. 6th. The people who inhabit our country are stupid and UNWORTHY of the freedom God has, in the past, granted our great country.

      We are done as a nation for at least 40-50 years until people pull their kids out of government schools and teach a new generation to love God and love the ideals of our founders. This is a lost generation. We are done!

      Good bye America.

      • white531

        You make a convincing case, Mike. No disagreement here. I guess I just keep hoping we can find out how it got this bad in the first place, so we can fix it.

        Maybe that’s no longer possible. I guess its a long shot, at this point.

        A long shot is better than nothing.

        • It’s better than a long shot. I do believe in America’s future, just not for the next few decades. We only learn by pain and suffering. Being an optimist by nature, I hate that fact about humans, but it is what it is.

          I think the comparison to Israel is app here. Israel was in Egypt and even when God freed them they were brainwashed in a “slavery” mentality. (“Why don’t we go back to Egypt… Pharaoh will at least give us more than this measly bread that magically appears everyday.” – I think that’s a direct quote from a democrat in Moses’ time). God had to wait for a generation of the morons to die off before Israel was prepared for the Promised Land.

          Welcome to our wilderness road. I think the best thing we can do for the country is have a ton of children and teach them about God, Jesus, the founding of this nation, and the evils of slavery (even self-inflicted). Then the healing from our lost generation might begin.

          We are just too stupid right now to deserve it.

          • white531

            “Our wilderness road.” I had never heard that term before. I like it. It is indeed a wilderness road we are on.

            Maybe after the, “wilderness road,” we can look forward to a new beginning, and a new life for human beings on this planet.

      • mark1955

        Wrong! Couldn’t disagree more! That election was a total Bag job. It was fixed! The American people did not vote for this period and untill people start realizing the Treasonous farce, that was perpertrated on this Country,collaboratively by both political parties,we won’t be able to start turning things around.

        You had 130% turnout in some precints,with Obama getting 99% of those votes against all reason and you think this was a legitimate election? This wasn’t just in some areas but across the Nation. Eyewitness reports had massive voter turnout across the country ,with it particularly Heavy in Conservative areas,yet they want us to believe turnout was not only lower than 2008,but 2004 also. Baloney!

        Every single pre-election indicator had Obama down and voter enthusiasm in MITTEN’S direction,yet Obama won every Battleground area ( Except North Carolina ) that he had to win,he couldn’t even draw a decent crowd with Springsteen fronting him and we are to believe all of a sudden there was a groundswell for Him. All of a sudden we are to believe the Tea Party just up and disappeared even thjough they had more of a reason to vote than ever before.

        Early voting had reports of massive problems with machines where people would hit the Romney button and several votes would pop up for Obama. The repubs establishment is fully onboard and collaborative of a leftwing agenda ever since the Bush’s have showed up and tried to erase every last vestige of Conservatism. They were just looking for an excuse to help Obama keep pushing his agenda and out of nowhere they got it with this fraudulent election.

        Then you get that Bleephead Rush Limbaugh immediately pushing the establishment ‘Meme’ that the Country has changed with more takers than makers and we can’t do anything about it. Rush is using his phony crocodile tears,to draw you away from the FACT that this was Fixed! He’s been pushing that ever since the results came in.

        For morale purposes so we can eventually get our Country and Freedom and Liberty back,people have to be told that most of their fellow American’s aren’t in agreement with this and did not vote for this! Finally,isn’t it interesting that this result would give the repubs an excuse to vote for the ‘Dream Act’ keeping the Borders more open which would not too coincidentally help Jeb Bush in 2016 and Jebbies son George P.who is seeking office in heavily hispanic Texas.

        • Sorry. Your conspiracy theory is simply denial. More than half of the country voted for Obama. How does Rush work into your theory again? Why would he not tell what he really thought? He was predicting a landslide for Romney before the election. It’s sad, but the truth is the truth. We lost, BIG! We need to educate and teach our kids. That is our only hope.

          • mark1955

            Rush “Wouldn’t tell what he really thought”,because he has alway’s been a tool of the repub establishment. His conservative schstick and occasional well-rehearsed criticism of repub figures is nothung but a smokescreen to preserve his right wing street cred,so he can be believed when the repub hierarchy needs him. For instance when limbaugh joined in on the attacks against Newt Gingrich,along with Michelle Malkin and Drudge just as Newt was gaining steam. Not a coincidence.During the Debt ceiling fight during the summer of 2011,Rush was railing against Boehner,McConnell and the repub leadership for possibly caving. Then Boehner calls the show just at the right time and gives the old,”Well Rush,we are only 1/2 of 1/3 of the Government” spiel and completely nueters Limbaugh almost like it was planned by both of them, because it was. Then Rush from there on in toned down his criticism and talked about ow “Boehner was a great guy,but disagreed with him”. Great guy?

            If Rush was so concerned about the direction of the Country,why didn’t he endorse someone in the repub primaries for the first time knowing that we are in a literal Death struggle for our individual Freedom and Liberty and the survival of our Republic if he wasn’t an establishment hack? He could have made a huge difference at the time if he chose a candidate like Newt and gotten behind him and pounded it home every day on his show. But he didn’t ,because his repub buddies nominated MITTEN’S specifically to lose,because they are fully onboard Obama’s agenda and they and Rush didn’t want anyone to get in Jebbies way for 2016. And now Limbaugh has the stones to complain about how things turned out. They turned out exactly as he and his ‘New World Order’ repub pals wanted them to!

            • First off. Newt was the worst candidate of them all (well… maybe better than Ron Paul)! His anti-capitalist attacks on MITTENS, as you call him, made him completely unsuitable for anybody who likes free enterprise. He is the poster-child (child, ha!) for everything wrong with politicians. Never had a job outside of government, whiney, and will say anything and kiss anything for a vote.

              He would have lost by 20 million votes.

              Back to Rush… I never heard him back off on Boehner. He was ticked! The one half of one third argument is a VALID argument. It means we NEED TO WIN! (And we don’t win by putting big government Newt Gingrich up as the candidate.)

              I think a bigger issue is this wierd “Repub heirarchy” argument. Who is that? Michelle Malkin… really? Jeb Bush? He wasn’t running and I barely heard A peep from him durring the election.

              You obviously FAILED in convincing enough people that there is a better candidate than Mitt Romney. That is a you problem, not a “Repub estab.” problem.

              The reason Romney lost is because more people voted for a suicide pack with the devil than voted for any kind of responsibility. It’s that simple. WE FAILED! WE FAILED!! THIS IS ON US!! We let the country down. It’s time to realize that fact and start teaching our children about the founders. That’s how we save the country now. Have more babies, teach them about Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Locke, Franklin, etc. Get them OUT OF GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS!! THEY ARE DOING THE WORK OF THE DEVIL!! Hopefully Israel can save our ass and keep us safe while we (re)learn how to free ourselves from the shackels of big government.

      • John3_3

        Here is the “new” face of Amerika. this is what we were defeated by, Americans. This person (in the video link) and ones like her, have no idea about anything. All they care about is having their own perverted lusts provided for. What ever they can get for free to make themselves feel better. This is the new America.

  • nexxe

    And the persecution begins.

  • Patriot077

    Whatever happened to that amendment “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”


    Done screaming, now I hope HobbyLobby will take them to all the way to the Supremes. The only way they can protect their rights of conscience is to quit offering their employees insurance. Which of course, is what this awful program wants to inflict. This makes me so dang mad!

    • SheerPolitics

      That is only trotted out when someone says a prayer at graduation or a football game!

      • white531

        How very true.

    • The amendment means nothing because we are the stupid generation who gave up our birthright for a bowl of food stamps.

      Have a million babies and teach them about God and the founders… then we might have a prayer. (Pun intended.)

      • John3_3

        Ge 25:33 And Jacob said, Swear to me this day; and he sware unto him: and he sold his birthright unto Jacob.
        34 Then Jacob gave Esau bread and pottage of lentiles; and he did eat and drink, and rose up, and went his way: thus Esau despised his birthright.

    • John3_3

      The Supreme Court will not rule in their favor. Are you crazy? Have you not been paying attention to the shift in this country? Not attacking you just saying that there is no justice anymore in this country. The SC justices wipe their rear ends with the constitution i.e. Obama care.

    • 3seven77

      If I owned Hobby Lobby here’s what I would do – Shut the doors. Give all my employees pink slips. Tell them why this is happening, then tell them good-bye.

      I also think that Denny’s should put the Obamacare surcharge right on the dinner check. Right there under the sales tax in black and white for everyone to see.

      Why are we pussyfooting around with this crap? Taking this to the Supreme Court isn’t going to help. We’ve already seen what happens going that route – thank you so much John Roberts, you incompetent boob.

      People NEED to see the effects of Obamacare. All of them. The extra costs to the employers, the infringement on religious freedom, the taxes on medical devices and “health care products” like tampons (now THAT’S an example of “war on women”). America needs to stop hiding this nonsense, stop sucking it up. The dems wanted this, well let’s show them what it’s going to cost us.

      Stir the pot. Poke the bear. P!ss people off. That may be the only thing that wakes people up.

      • Patriot077

        As much as I sympathize with all the employees who would lose their jobs, I agree with you 3seven77.

        I am going to call Boehner’s office and tell him he damn well better not cave on repealing this mess. The House needs to advertise all these hidden “perks” and tell the people what is in store. If he doesn’t have the guts then just let Michele Bachmann and Steve King form a committe. She knows where all the skeletons are and she’ll get the job done.

    • bullet2354

      Is Obama stating that Hobby Lobby is not an establishment of Religion?

      I think Hobby Lobby should close all the stores – and then re-open as “Hobby Lobby – Trinity” Superstore. It would be a new “religious establishment” If the gov wants to changes rules then you have to make changes as well – to adapt. They would then be a religious organization.
      Scary that the Gov is coming down on everyone like this.
      How narrow will the NEXT LAW BE?

  • wonder if they were of the muslim faith if the outcome would have been simular……..somehow i doubt it

    • Patriot077

      They don’t believe in insurance so I think they just get free treatment (if memory serves)

    • Abortion is perfectly fine in Islam so this wouldnt be an issue. Now if there were a ruling saying that women wearing a burka was forbidden for health concerns then Political Islam would be given freedom of religion.

      • Conniption Fitz

        HE-double-hockey-sticks, Muslims kill their 21 year old children and think nothing of it.

        Human life and love and truth are not valued in Islam… just their sick form of ‘honor.’

        • Conniption Fitz

          Obama values ‘sexual rights’ above freedom and human life. He has spent hundreds of millions of our taxpayer dollars to promote gay sex in public schools – an activity which increases the incidence of AIDS and all other STDs. The CDC reports a 44 time greater incidence of HIV among gays and 46 times higher incidence of all other STDs, syphillis, gonorrhea, HPV, Hepatitis, etc.

    • white531

      Pee on the Christian, elevate the Muslim. Pretty much Obama’s MO.

    • Wouldn’t arise. Muslims are specifically exempted from OCare…

  • conservative58

    Welcome to Obama’s America!

    It’s going to be a long, miserable journey as we start watching our freedoms slip away — one by one.

  • c4pfan

    They are going to fight this decision, right? Hello, Congress!

    • Hobby Lobby’s attorney said the companies’ owners, the Green family, plan to appeal.

      • SheerPolitics

        I wonder how many companies will drop insurance altogether rather than comply?

        • warpmine

          What’s going to take to finally get the majority of people and companies to engage in a tax revolt?

        • chicagoxile

          There’s an employer mandate in Obamacare to contend with. According to http://www.lifenews.com/2012/11/01/obama-admin-tells-court-hobby-lobby-must-obey-hhs-mandate, if they drop insurance altogether, they’d be subject to a $26 million penalty per year. If their appeal fails, the only options I can see for the company owners are: violating their consciences and going along with the HHS mandate, making all employees part-time, selling the company or closing their 514 stores nationwide.

          • SheerPolitics

            Then they’ll make a law saying you can only have so many part-time employees and make a ratio of full-time to part-time (some countries already do this). Which then causes companies to not hirer either type. It’s the people that suffer when government wants to “help” you.

          • Patriot077

            I sure hope the counsel for Hobby Lobby is telling John Boehner about this!!!

          • chicagoxile

            One more option I forgot was for them to drop insurance coverage for all employees and pay the $26 million penalty annually to the regime, which may be about the same as what they currently pay to insure those employees. Problem is, that $26 million was going to their employees. Now, it’s going to the regime, and who know what the regime will do with it.

        • Marridge

          Apparently lots of big companies are considering high deductible insurance only. Seems that would solve the “free contraceptives” dilemma?

      • white531

        Appeal to what? Our Liberal Supreme Court?


    Just the beginning. The Government of America, the country we love is now forcing people to violate their faith (or go against God), or be forced out of business. This is extortion by the USA of its “Christian” business. No matter how you color this, it is an attack on those whose personal belief system, (which has been part of our country from the beginning) collides with the rulers of darkness.
    Chick fillet, Hospitals with religious affiliations , churches, etc.. My heart breaks more and more everyday.

    • stage9

      This is the first step towards fascism. This is how it always begins.

  • iaintlyin

    hostess and hobby lobby should close their doors before kowtowing to these union thugs and political bullies. Just say, GALT.

    • warpmine

      Better than that, we should be in DC taking aim at those buffoons.

      Are we there NOW?

      No, then what’s it going to take before people are mad enough to begin shooting?

    • white531

      I hadn’t really considered this before, but now that I think of it, it should have been obvious from the beginning.

      We are a nation of lawyers. There’s one on every street corner. We have more lawyers in this country than we have Real Estate agents, and God only knows how many Real Estate agents we have.

      Most of these lawyers are looking for work. Some new American tragedy they can get their teeth into, and make some money. Well, what could be better than Obamacare? The entire program is so complicated, that it will take the next ten years just to understand all the provisions.

      Why not start a law firm that specializes in avoiding the ramifications of Obamacare?
      Now, that’s a gold mine if there ever was one.

      • iaintlyin

        Actually regarding your comparison numbers wise of lawyers to real eastate agents might be pretty accurate. What a joy it would be to see the lawyers go through the same slump in their business as the real estate agents are experiencing for the last three years. To put the money sucking lawyers into play at any phase of fighting 0care for the sake of avoiding it would only be an additional drain on any citizen looking for relief. If we really want to avoid the whole thing (ocare) we need the Supreme Court and a ton more politicians than we have on our side now. Unfortunately the lawyers and politicians are one and the same, bloodsucking, money sucking two faced industries that have only their own good (their income and investments) in mind.

        It’s too bad so few of us are aware of this typhoon of progressive sustainable liberalism, no make that socialism that is quickly eating us up. Save your money, let the lawyers fend for themselves, it’ll be a world they haven’t been educated in. Seek people of our ilk in your own community. 0care ain’t gonna matter if what I think is gonna happen happens.

        • white531

          iaintlyin, you are one of the reasons I come here each evening. I don’t have the opportunity to engage with people like you, during my regular work day.

          God Bless you, and God Bless the Scoop community.

          • iaintlyin

            ahhh, some salve for the anguished mind. thanks white, i enjoy your observations/musings too. Funny thing is, I rarely go out, it drives my wife nuts. Then when I go out and deal with others, she hustles me home and says “never again”. RS fits my social needs just right according to her. I second that emotion.

      • GaltLine

        Sort of like a new liberty loving version of the ACLU attacking Obama’s religious views in all of his legislation programs.

  • PVG

    Supreme court here we come! Are you listening Roberts??

  • sjmom

    Heil Obama!!!!!!

    So, the company’s choice is to close shop or put everyone on less than 30 hours? May God give them wisdom to make the right decision.

    • Hi sjmom. Sorry, but I didn’t want to post my name on the other thread- so you can find me on facebook: Carolyn Callow Elkins. It’s the same avatar as I use here, so it makes it easy. I hope you come 😀

  • white531

    These are only the first scenes of the drama that we are about to witness. The name of the movie is, “Socialism comes to America.”

  • warpmine


  • Well, there you go: a whole bunch of Hobby Lobby employees getting ready to share the unemployment line with Twinkies chefs. Congratulations, you win again, liberals!

  • This judge has not read the 1st Amendment. What part of “Congress shall make no law…” eludes him?

  • Cut their hours to 29 and stop providing insurance.If Zero drops the cut-off to 29 -drop it to 28..Business men must have freedom to provide what they can afford and stay with their conscience.

  • This is absolutely ridiculous. The dictatorship is taking form more and more every day. Our dictator in chief sticking his ******* nose where it doesn’t belong. How long before somebody knocks it off his useless face?

  • stage9

    George Bush appointee.

    Who’s our country’s biggest threat? Liberals? or Republicans? I can’t tell them apart anymore.

    • Progressives. They hide in both parties. 🙁

  • stage9

    Support Hobby Lobby In The Fight for Religious Liberty

    The Green family isn’t only fighting for its right to religious liberty, but ours, too. Send a thank you note to the Greens letting them know you’re standing by their side.


    • Thanks for that link stage9. Message sent, everyone should send one.

    • badbadlibs

      Thanks for the link, I thanked them.

  • d1comment

    Comrades, we all belong to the Socialists now…remember, “fundamentally change America”

  • Government trying to replace God and legislate morality. The beginning of the end. 🙁

    I think the Hobby Lobby should take this to the Sup Court (on First Am. Grounds) or simply close store. DO NOT GIVE IN TO THIS BS!

    • badbadlibs

      My area finally just got a Hobby Lobby. It’s a bit of a drive, but I’ll make it in order to show further support.
      I can’t believe the stupidity of the voter these days.
      They have no love for this country. Not. One. Single. Democrat. Not one.
      I won’t even let one in my home anymore, thankfully most of the ones I know are in laws and they won’t be missed.

      • poljunkie

        I was reading today at Ace of Spades and a poster said in the comments (forget his name, sorry) that he was at a home improvement store, getting decorations, and a short lady was in the aisle near him – there were no employees to be found.

        She was struggling to reach something on a high shelf. She looked to him for help- as he walked over to assist her, he said-

        “Did you vote for Romney”? She said, mockingly ” OF COURSE NOT”
        So he said ” GET it yourself”

        I actually laughed outloud. Ha

        • Patriot077

          LOL! What a great story!

        • badbadlibs

          That’s great!
          I’m in the Pac NW, perhaps you’ve heard about all the rain and storms we’re getting?
          Anyhoo…I was walking out of Costco this morning as a woman was entering, I mentioned how much “we needed more rain” (sarc)….she she’s, “we’re being punished”, I said, “For voting for obama”. I didn’t hear any disagreements!

  • davienne

    keep up the fight, Hobby Lobby… dont let the Bas***s win….

  • poljunkie

    Maybe they should just stop offering company supported insurance then. Let the employees find a plan that they find suitable.

    • Patriot077

      Yup. Everyone will be needing to participate in 0-scare when it is all said and done.

  • eyewatcher1960

    The Truth is…Obama is trying to put companies OOB and he KNOWS that if these companies do NOT cooperate with the mandate then the penalty will BUST them…Oh, how very American!! He is laying off 60,000 from my company which is also government in 2013. With the taxes on the wealthy, he will be killing the farmer as well. When will this stop? When the gov’t has control over our Food Supply, our jobs and our whole life? Look folks, our country…America, was NOT designed like this!! Our Founding Fathers are flipping in their graves. I am smelling Revolution.

    • white531

      Cloward and Piven. That’s what he is doing. Problem is, most people have never heard of Cloward and Piven.

      • Don’t they make Twinkies? /sarc.

  • white531

    Socialism is not such a bad thing really, so long as it is introduced a little at a time. That is exactly the way it is being presented to the American people. A little at a time. Augmented, with lots of free stuff. Its a formula that almost has no chance of failure.

    They have thought about this for a long time. It started in the fifties. There are only a few of us left, who remember the fifties. Most people alive today, have been subjected to the main stream media now, for at least thirty years. The main stream media IS socialism. It is their main platform for taking away your freedom, for getting you to drink the Koolaid, for getting you to stop resisting what they intend to put in place. A One World Order.

    If we had only understood what was happening, when the United Nations was created.

    The United Nations was created for one purpose. To take away the power and strength of the United States, and give it to countries who do not believe in the freedoms and rights that Americans enjoy, as their birthright. Your own President, is one of those.

    He is the progeny of a not very intelligent white woman, who somehow engaged in a relationship with a man born in Kenya, who killed himself by driving, while drunk, into a tree. The tree survived. Obama’s father did not. What a legacy, for a man to be President of these great United States.

    After Jefferson, and Hamilton, and Franklin, and Adams, we have this. To be left, after two hundred years of Freedom, two hundred years of following The Constitution, all of that time, all of those political arguments and fights, to be left with this. This miserable imitation of a leader, whose only attributes, are his big mouth and his practiced ability to read a teleprompter, to espouse the words written there for him, on the screen by someone else.

    What a tragedy for this nation, that we have succumbed to this. Is this what will be written in the future History books? That the greatest experiment of Freedom in the History of mankind, was destroyed by someone born in Kenya, in a dubious relationship between a demented white girl, and a racist black man who together, produced a child who would grow up as a Muslim and hate white people, and become the President of the United States?

    I hope not. But I haven’t seen any recent evidence to the contrary.

    • colliemum

      Well, the communists have learned that the softly-softly approach (also called ‘salami tactic’, because like with a salami, freedom and liberty are cut away a tiny, thin slice at a time, until there’s no more salami left …) works better in capitalist countries.
      A look back at history shows that Lenin was well aware of this, thus he supported the infamous Willi Muenzenberg from 1919 onwards to build up media in germany, to lure the artists, writers and intellectuals into the arms of communism. Softly softly … one of Muenzenberg’s aides was the infamous Otto Katz, who spend years in Hollywood, promoting left causes, all under the guise of being anti-Hitler. That was the way it worked in Europe as well.
      By the time these two and others were dead, thanks to Stalin’s persecutions, the poison had entered the blood stream of academe, culture, journalism.
      That’s how come we are where we are.

      I am praying and hoping that there may be a number of ‘rough men’ preparing to stand up, defend and take back Constitution and Liberty. Soon. Before the communists feel safe to drop their mask and ‘lean forward’ to a Socialist Union, GULAG included.

  • theslob

    Is there a business out there that is owned my Muslims that Obama is giving a pass to?

  • Flying Tiger

    That soft fascism seems to be hardening up nicely after the election.

    Maybe someone should find whatever bath house the GOP dodderers are in and shake them gently awake then get them to maybe start doing their jobs some time?

    • white531

      Be easier to just turn on the gas, and start all over again.

  • And if you have the temerity to question anything the government does today, it will crush you, either through the courts or financially, or both. This is how revolutions begin. Just remember how the first American Revolution got started, and it had a lot to do with taxes (which is what Obamacare is now considered, at least by the Supreme Court). I also thought that the Democratic Party was the “inclusive, big tent” party. But I guess if you’re against abortion, you get thrown out of the tent and stoned to death. How biblical.

    • Patriot077

      Like Mark Levin said, the government is now in the bedroom. Ironic isn’t it since the Dims are always accusing Republicans of wanting to be in everyone’s bedroom.

  • John3_3

    This is a wicked, unrighteous, godless, vile, perverted govt. American has turned her back on God and she will, and has, see His wrath poured out on her. Just like the Israelites in the book of Judges. When they forgot God and turned their back on Him the Bible says:

    Jg 2:11 And the children of Israel did evil in the sight of the LORD, and served Baalim:
    12 And they forsook the LORD God of their fathers, which brought them out of the land of Egypt, and followed other gods, of the gods of the people that were round about them, and bowed themselves unto them, and provoked the LORD to anger.
    13 And they forsook the LORD, and served Baal and Ashtaroth.
    14 And the anger of the LORD was hot against Israel, and he delivered them into the hands of spoilers that spoiled them, and he sold them into the hands of their enemies round about, so that they could not any longer stand before their enemies.
    15 Whithersoever they went out, the hand of the LORD was against them for evil, as the LORD had said, and as the LORD had sworn unto them: and they were greatly distressed.

    The Lord has delivered America into the hand of the spoilers (Obama). He has given to us what we deserve. America has forsaken the Lord and served other gods. America has provoked the Lord to anger. The hand of the Lord is against America for her blasphemy and filthy, vile sin.

    The Truth has been spoken. You can chose to not believe it but if you do you are a foolish person.

  • kristymom

    So glad the federal government now gets to tell me what I believe and do not believe since I also happen to own a business. Hope they have a plan to take care of all these people if the owners of Hobby Lobby decide their conscience is more important than a government birth control mandate. If it were me, I would close it down. Seriously. Not worth being in business anymore when it violates my conscience. Businesses DO NOT exist to employ and insure people and provide them with free birth control. Businesses exist for the owner to do something they feel contributes to society, and to make money. When those two purposes go away, so does the business. But that seems to be the goal of this administration: to make everyone equally unemployed and government dependent.

    • Patriot077

      The issue for Hobby Lobby actually isn’t free birth control. Their insurance covers birth control. They object for religious reasons to providing coverage for the abortofacients as they believe life begins at conception. 0-care requires all insurance plans to include “Plan B” pills (probably abortions, too), which violates the Green family’s religious beliefs.

      How many thousands of HL employees are affected by this over reaching mandate?

  • keats5

    This is the new face of the “pro-choice” movement. They get to chose to pay for abortions or to go out of business.

  • bjohnson55

    So the owners of the business sign over the ownership of the business to their favorite church who keeps them on as very high paid consultants to run a successful Christian and Church owned business.

  • iaintlyin

    A few days ago I started a tour of our current situation and feel a need to update it. The new tour highlights start at day 2 but I’m gonna include the first day of our junket also.

    Okay folks, right this way. You’ll notice this little crag here that we’ll have to jump over to get to that next level down there. Like we warned you at the beginning of the tour, there will be a few obstacles before we get to the Ruins of America. Just keep your eyes closed and don’t mind the threatening voices along the way, those are just union leaders making sure everyone stays in line. Figure them to just be assistant tour guides. Oh, look up ahead, that’s known as the Dr. Cash Only Chasm. C’mon, hustle up, if we move along we can camp out at Camp 0 tonight and get a free popcorn dinner.
    Day two. Good morning adventurers, we’re gonna start the day with a nice slow walk down to the Bible Pit. If you wish to continue on the tour and you have a Bible with you, you are required to throw it in the Bible Pit. Don’t worry we’ll toast some twinkies as we recite Ode to An Icon. We’ll rid ourselves of the Bibles, lighten our load, pay proper respect to a childhood craving all while under-nourishing ourselves. This portion of the tour is sponsred by Moochele. Okay, up and at ’em. We’re now coming upon the Continent Building. In here are where the designers of our new world reside. Look up there on the roof, atop the second floor, thats the Flag of 0. He’s the single most reason we were able to move to a two story building due his snakecharming powers enticing the world into one country per continent. That tall building on the left is the old UN, 39 glorious floors of housing for retired democrat politicians that were able to overcome sex scandals. They’re adding on another 100 floors in the near future. It’ll be called Dems Sex Den. Okay time for lunch at Bidens Bits, here we’ll have a smorgasbord of meals that have a missing or extra ingredient, nothing is cooked to perfection but we’re not allowed to talk about it. This afternoon we’ll be running acorss a train track with an oncoming locomotive named 0 Pressed. Its named with you, the public in mind and owned by the Main Stream Media. Warning though, we will be hit by this train but if you tell yourselves it didn’t happen, then it didnt happen. Tonight, dinner and lodging at Clinton Castle. Guys sleep outside to guard against outlanders while you ladies get to shed your clothes and sleep with bill and/or Hillary. Tomorrow….you ain’t gonna believe it

    • white531

      I read that three times to make sure I got the full meaning of it. Brilliant! I myself, am a student of sarcasm. Because in sarcasm, there is always the element of truth.

      Kudos, my man. Well done, indeed. I appreciate the time it took you to do that. The resulting product was quality stuff.

      • Seconded!!! Good stuff!

  • Skevvy

    Are there no Muslim businesses or groups who are similarly unhappy with this violation of conscience? Or have they all been quietly given waivers? and so, we now have the Soviet Union’s version of religious freedom…it’s guaranteed in the Constitution, but the definitions of religion and freedom are left up the the dictator in charge at the moment… B B, B B, B B, B B, B B, B B B B B B B B…

  • 6799

    That’s what happens when the people are not vigilant…It just kinda sneeks up on you.

  • Freedom of religion weeps again today as she bleeds from another wound.

  • spin43

    The Constitutional Republic is dead. The Welfare States of Obama is here to stay. Just accept your orders from the central government and stop all that hate speeech against our fine dictator.

  • Yazz55

    Where is the aclu screaming to the defense of freedom of religion now?

    • tinlizzieowner

      It’s a ‘Christian’ outfit. If it was an Islamic organization, the ACLU would be all over it.

  • colliemum

    I never thought that I’d see in my lifetime the moment approaching fast where true Christians will have to live like those during the frist couple of centuries had to live: in catacombs, hidden away.

    Yes, we knew and know that Christians were and are persecuted in those far away places called the Ummah.
    Yes, we knew that Christians were and are persecuted under the communists in those communist countries.
    But here in our countries, whose whole culture and history is based on Judeo-Christian beliefs?
    It seems unbelievable – but look around you: this day is coming fast, and our established churches look like government appendages, promoting communist goals.

    No, I never thought this could happen.
    Now I know.

    Clinging to my Bible and my Faith …

  • wodiej

    Personally I don’t see anything wrong w the morning after pill. However, I don’t think any insurance company or business should be forced to provide that or any contraceptives in an insurance policy. I’d like to see people be allowed to include pets on their insurance policy. They need to go to the vet more than I need to go to the Dr. I don’t have any kids and they cover them. If they are going to give people a deduction on taxes for their kids, I want one for my dogs too. It’s only fair.

    • I agree with you on the pets issue. I don’t have any kids either and those vet bills can be… Well, you already know.

  • IrishElk

    I love Hobby Lobby and will support the Green’s efforts to fight yet again this government’s tactics to take away our freedom. Most of us here are not surprised to see more and more of this happening. The writing was on the wall 4 years ago and even before that. We were born for such a time as this though, and for that reason can hold our heads up high with joy in our hearts knowing that our leader is Almighty God and He’s leading the way! 🙂

    • toongoon


  • Marridge

    This is merely a prelude to the real goal – providing free abortions (partial and otherwise). We need to quit calling this law Obama “care”. There is nothing caring about it. It is pure destruction brought about by satan himself.

  • dcnj

    ugh….you where the hell does it say your employer has to provide you anything else but
    compensation for work you do…period.

    so outa control…

  • HH may lay off some workers…..a hint: check proBHO stickers on the cars in your parking lot and get the list of females who would like to receive those freebies…
    Make them numero uno to be marching to unempl. office.
    Obvious solution 😉

  • For the record, the judge in this ruling is a republican.

    • Was appointed by President Bush… Doesn’t mean he can’t become a traitor.

  • mikeinidaho

    If I were Hobby Lobby, I’d ignore the unconstitutional ruling and tell the judge to go to hell. Enough is enough. If enough people stand up for their religious freedom this whole mess can be stopped. How about it Catholic Church? Do you have the cajones to just say NO?

    • Hobby Lobby is owned by an Evangelical from ORU. The Catholic Church has never waivered from her faith for over 2000 years!

  • Haywoodjbl

    Hobby Lobby should team with the 50 other largest companies and just say NO to the entire bill…..Let’s see what would happen then….

  • Dierardo

    In his writings, Mark has bulls-eyed the core issue in the crumbling of the American experiment: JUDGES AND THE COURTS.

    Seems this constitutional branch, since the start of the “Civil Rights era of American law” in the 1950’s,(led by a rejected Earl,”wannabe President” Warren). has driven a nation into a death spiral of groupings and divisions of preferential, “diversity”: the, Sine Qua Non for guaranteeing quotas for nearly any societal group, task, job, grievance or line of endeavor: subject to the connivance/ethical/skills balance of the advocates.
    Originally focused on individual racial liberties: next for groups by ethnicity, sexual preference, gender, disability status, sexual preference etc: A virtual treasure trove of a modern “Divine Comedy” of culture worthy of the ironic pen of the Florentine Dante.

    That the absurdity of the present state of civil rights law knows no bounds is currently underlined by the black congresswomen presser blitzkrieg the past two days: claiming Susan Rice is the victim of imbedded institutional gender and racial bigotry.

    Frankly, I’d rather see them get equivalently exercised about the 70+ illegitimacy rate of their sisters in the “Hood”: and the 50+ rate among their white counterparts… both bracketing the 60+ rate of their Latino,”Sisters”.

  • Today I learned that not many people on this site understand the Constitution despite feverishly asserting that its principles must be upheld.

    • DebbyX

      That’s quite the assertion to make michael.

      And what a coincidence, today I learned that people name Michael troll Conservative sites to start a ruckus. Only, nobody takes the bait.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Welcome to the new Obama America. Welcome to hell.

  • There is still a way to keep Obama out of a second term, and it is entirely Constitutional, if we have the will to do it.

    If those Red States will simply not send their Electors to the gathering of the Electoral College in December, we can deny the Electoral College a quorum. If that happens, they cannot elect the president. Then it is thrown to Congress to elect the President and VP.

    The Republican House will elect the President, Romney or someone else, and the Dem Senate will elect the VP, either Obama or Biden.

    This is all exactly as the Constitution specifies, and it can still be done, if we can deny them a quorum in the Electoral College. Everybody needs to get busy on that!!

  • Can you imagine activist judges like sotamayor and kagen being added to the supreme court. That is what’s going to happen because 2 or 3 judges have already claimed they are ready to retire. An Obama gets to pick the next ones and we already know what he wants. Judges do rule according to law anymore, they rule according to bias and it seems there are more liberal judges than conservative ones.

  • wesmorgan1

    It’s really easy to yell, “religious freedom” and suggest that employers should be allowed to determine which specific treatments will (or will not) be covered by the health insurance they secure for their employees. It’s a little harder when you start considering what that really means…

    1) Suppose that the CEO is a Jehovah’s Witness. The company then decides that, in keeping with the beliefs of that religion, blood transfusions and organ transplants will no longer be covered by the company’s health insurance.

    2) Suppose that the CEO is a Christian Scientist. That faith requires its members to avoid professional medicine whenever possible, focusing instead on meditation and prayer (with the assistance of Christian Science practitioners). So, they cut the company’s health insurance down to the bone.

    3) As companies acquire other companies (or are acquired, or sold off entirely), the religious faith(s) of CEOs and Boards of Directors will undoubtedly change. Given the high mobility of employees among jobs on top of the ebb and flow of corporate M&As, it’s important to have a baseline of what insurance does (and does not) cover.

    There’s a more important point here, as well – that of the individual. When you start arguing the question of “moral conscience,” you’re really asking about whose beliefs should take precedence. In some states, a pharmacist is now allowed to effectively overrule both a doctor and their patient by refusing to fill prescriptions that offend their “moral conscience.” (I grew up in an area with one pharmacy within 35 miles; it would have been a major problem if that pharmacist started refusing to fill prescriptions.) Those who argue “religious freedom” in this case are doing the exact same thing; they’re suggesting that “the company” should be able to effectively dictate the financial aspects of matters of conscience to their employees.

    I don’t have a problem with exempting truly religious entities–churches, seminaries, and the like–from this mandate, because those entities usually attract only those persons who share their religious views. When the focus switches to entities who serve (or employ) the general public, however, I think that the nature of the “general public” takes precedence. There’s a very specific test for “religious entities” under the ACA, namely:

    A religious employer is one that: (1) has the inculcation of religious values as its purpose; (2) primarily employs persons who share its religious tenets; (3) primarily serves persons who share its religious tenets; and (4) is a non-profit organization under Internal Revenue Code section 6033(a)(1) and section 6033(a)(3)(A)(i) or (iii). 45 C.F.R. §147.130(a)(1)(iv)(B)

    That seems completely reasonable to me; it protects churches, seminaries, ministries and the like while drawing a clear line between secular/for-profit and religious/non-profit entities.

  • Dr Boggess

    We were once a nation based upon the “rule of law”. The case law in this case is such that a corporation is a creation of the state. It is a legal benefit solicited by persons from the government. The “Ashwander Doctrine” ruled by the courts in 1938-297US288- AFFIRMED that any “person” receiving benefit from the government gives up their Constitutional rights. That is why Obama regime can cram down the Obama healthcare pkg. Not only that, but, detain American citizens without probable cause indefinitely.
    WAKE UP all you American socialist , you have given up your Constitution rights for a “mess of pottage”! [email protected]

  • Dr Boggess

    We were once a nation based upon the “rule of law”. The case law in this case is such that a corporation is a creation of the state. It is a legal benefit solicited by persons from the government. The “Ashwander Doctrine” ruled by the courts in 1938-297US288- AFFIRMED that any “person” receiving benefit from the government gives up their Constitutional rights. That is why Obama regime can cram down the Obama healthcare pkg. Not only that, but, detain American citizens without probable cause indefinitely.
    WAKE UP all you American socialist , you have given up your Constitution rights for a “mess of pottage”! [email protected]