UGH! Inside the mind of an entitlement society junkie

Here’s your open thread for Friday, brought to you by an entitlement society junkie wasting your hard earned money:

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  • This is classic. I love Judge Judy lol. This guy is pitiful. Gee. Wonder who he voted for.

    • She should have asked where he got his cell phone. LOL!

      • Smith Smith

        Jasper was thinking the same thing. I gotsss my Obama phone…lol

        Sadly the dems train youth like him to get all this debt and with no income do bankrupcy and clear it all out. Someone has to cover it.

      • Jazzee

        HOW does he get 22,000 a year plus a 1,000 stipend and 450 for rent??????????????????HOW does this happen???????????? I can’t find a job and I want NOTHING FROM THE gov … is this why we need to tax the bad rich people??????????????????????????????/ our country is a joke
        call me on your obama phone and tell me how this happens

    • NYGino

      Great question ABC, “Wonder who he voted for?”

      He probably has been keeping up on the affairs of the day trying to be an informed, serious voter. He studies the issues, both domestic and from a world view, to learn the proclivities of each candidate as they appear but he will also delve deeper than the obvious, researching each candidates voting history and not only how they voted but, more importantly…why.

      Then he will ask himself the most important question in determining his choice:

      “Who be giving me da money?”

      • (ding! ding! ding! ding! ding!) We have a WINNER! BINGO!

        • BlueGood

          PAINFUL TO WATCH!…..okay….your SMILE for today!

          ~~~~Taxi home from holiday party~~~~

          Over the holidays please think seriously about this:

          With the Holidays upon us I would like to share a personal experience with
          my friends and family about drinking and driving.

          As you may know some of us have been known to have brushes with the
          authorities from time to time on the way home after a “social session”
          out with friends.

          Well two days ago I was out for an evening with friends and had several
          cocktails followed by some rather nice red wine. Feeling jolly I still had
          the sense to know that I may be slightly over the limit.

          That’s when I did something that I’ve never done before – I took a cab home.

          Sure enough on the way home there was a police road block but since it was a
          cab they waved it past. I arrived home safely without incident.

          This was a real surprise as I had never driven a cab before, I don’t know
          where I got it and now that it’s in my garage I don’t know what to do with


          • NYGino

            Now that’s funny. Sounds like you’ve had a Checkered past.

            • BlueGood

              LOL…actually it was an ACME Cab!…..LOL…Good retort NY!

            • BikerHoop

              LOL! You’re in rare form today.

          • LOL!!! hahahhaaa!!! Brilliant! A good laugh indeed!!! πŸ™‚ I’m going to tell my wife that one when she gets home! πŸ™‚

            • BikerHoop

              Whatcha laughing for? That was a true story.

          • Dukehoopsfan

            Very funny … thank you!

            • BlueGood

              You are VERY welcome!

      • Conservative_Utopia

        You really think this guy got off the couch to go vote? If our wards of the state are not elderly or infirm, they are ORPHANS. $70Gs down the drain indeed. 1st time I ever enjoyed JJ.

        WE MUST DEMAND THE FEDS REMAND ENTITLEMENTS, SUBSIDIES AND REGULATION BACK TO THE STATES. Otherwise we’ll never prosper. Of course you guys knew this already.

        • RocklinConservative

          $70k and all he learned was to say “ya know wha’ i mean?”

          • NYGino

            Yes but some would say it’s quality not quantity.

        • Jazzee

          they probably brought the ballot to him…………

      • white531


      • Mornin’ NY! πŸ™‚

        • NYGino

          Good morning to you too! And it is. Beautiful day today, think I’ll go out and mow the lawn. This time of year it only needs it about once every three or four weeks but in the “season” it has to be done about every four or five days. I’m rambling, sorry.

          • Ramble on myNY! Lol. Now I think I’ll listen to some Led Zepplin πŸ˜‰

            Ours is not needing mowing yet. Just did it last month πŸ˜‰
            It is a beautiful day though- a bit cool, but nice.
            Have a Beauty one Gino!

            • NYGino

              And a whole lotta love to you.

              • Ah, well, the news has left me dazed and confused, so I thank you for your sweet words, and send All my love back to you. Here- have a tangerine. :-D~

            • I’ last mowed mine about 2 months ago and won’t be mowing it again until the spring! πŸ™‚

            • BikerHoop

              Mine’s not gonna need it now for about three or four months. Gotta do the annual inspections on the shovels, though. You know… check the bearings and make sure they’re all greased and ready for the kids to use.

      • Orangeone

        Better question – how many babies did you father and now fail to support that are living off welfare?

      • BikerHoop

        LOL! Well said!

    • meyou

      I remember in ’08 that Judge Judy LOVED Obama. (Have tried to keep a list for the past 4 1/2 years of his fan club). Whom did SHE vote for in ’12?

      • I didn’t know that. It would be interesting to see who she voted for this past election.

        • meyou

          Wolfie, ABC, and anyone else who might be interested: check out Youtube, when Judy went on Larry King after the ’08 election…in all fairness, she defended Palin, though.

          • Thanks for the tip meyou. I looked it up:

            It’s hard to imagine, otherwise intelligent people, who fell for the NObama razzle dazzle! πŸ™

            • meyou

              Dear Wolfie, I am very, very, very close to being DUMB when it comes to anything gadgety (?????). I would’ve provided a link, if I’d known how to do it. But then, looking it up might have been beneficial, maybe give you the chance to look at other Judy videos. (An aside: people like her make me wonder–do we stand a chance again, ever?)

              • To provide a link here, just copy the url from the browser of the site you want to provide the link for. Switch to the comment you’re making and paste it in. There are other ways too, but that’s the most straightforward.

                As for a future? We’ll get a better idea of if we have a chance in the 2014 mid terms. If we do well there, we might be on the march back. If not… We might be in unstoppable decline IMHO.

      • I didn’t know that either. Pity. I hope she changed her mind this time around.

    • Danny Kelly

      I can tell you who Judge Judy voted for… and it was Obama.

      • OY. She’s got so much common sense in everything else, good grief, that’s nuts.

    • wrightguy

      This is Obama’s type of person

  • denbren52

    That rent money should be paid directly to the landlord. He should have never had the opportunity to steal it. He’s the classic example of the Obama voter, the 47% (and growing)

    • 1vote

      Wrong !! Another citizen should not have to do this jerks work. This parasite should receive nothing from hard working tax payers. There I said it !!

      • LeonidasOfSparta1957

        LOL Amen! (I hear Mark Levin in your great words)

    • No. She never argued his point that she never asked him for rent. The government should have demanded to see his name on a lease before giving him any rent money. Since only her name is on the lease, he should not have received rent money. Since she did not pay her rent for at least 3 months, she is just as much of an idiot as he is, except he knows how to game the system. They are both equally freeloaders.

    • white531

      No, actually the rent money should not have been paid to him or the landlord. He looks healthy enough to me, to have a job and pay his own rent. This idiot and others like him, are part of the reason this country is sixteen trillion dollars in debt.

  • jrt1031

    There arent sufficient words to describe the corruption that obama supports in cases like this. This abuse has been going on since Clinton the eighties. Gingrich as speaker tried to correct, but as we see things are back to square zero.

  • sjmom

    I gotta ask who is the moron here; the kid who is scamming the system or the politicians who put it in place? This is a case of waste and fraud and Duane should lose every dime but he won’t.

    • Now that’s a head scratcher. I just tweeted it to Michele Bachmann and Trey Gowdy lol.

    • las1

      Ow ow ouch. That question hurts too much.

    • Orangeone

      So common here sjmom, so very common! The poor little picked on black boy needs more gov’t handouts cuz of….you guessed it, slavery! Whine more and the gov’t gives you more. Brought to you by the state with the highest welfare payouts and the 4th in the nation for welfare fraud. Home of voter fraud champion Al the fraud Franken.

    • RocklinConservative

      This is NOT a case about the chicken or the egg. It was definitely the chicken that started this mess… the EGG was just the idiot that was born to abuse it.

  • Arrrggghhh

    More and more, I firmly believe that there is only one path out of this mess. As the takers become even more of a majority, there is no way to stop them through legislation or the ballot box. The only way for us to get out of this mess is to hit rock bottom. Total collapse, desperation, hunger and cold are the only things that are going to get the attention of people like this gentleman. The golden goose will have to die completely. We need to keep the principles of liberty alive so that they can survive and raise us out of the ashes.

    • jrt1031

      then all these freeloaders that are drugged up with the drugs they have been on that we have paid for will break into our homes because they are crazy at this point. this is obamas people. This is what obama will go down in history for.

      • Arrrggghhh

        Exactly. I have never been a gun person, however, I’ve been doing research on guns for home protection. I am signing up for a gun safety course as well as a shotgun shooting course through the NRA. I’m refusing to be a victim.

        • Good for you and for your family! Better to have and not need than to need and not have! I know it’s a bit of cliche, but it’s true all the same. I’m happy to see you are taking a mature responsible approach of taking gun safety classes and working with the NRA. Take care, and good shooting (hopefully only ever at paper targets!)

        • white531

          I am not an expert with weapons, but I have read that your most likely encounter, should you have one, will be in your own home. The shotgun is cumbersome in close quarters. Better to have two or three handguns, that are readily accessible, in several rooms, out of reach of children.

          We should have a discussion on Scoop sometime with the more experienced gun owners, on the best handguns and ammo, for personal protection.

          • Orangeone

            Love your Scoop thread discussion idea!

            • I do too! SCOOP??? How about it??

              • pdxlady

                Me three!

                I would appreciate a discussion w/ some tips and knowledge from our experienced Scoopers.

                I just received a canister of pepper spray, compliments of my ScoopSis Orangeone. Thank you again, sis.

          • BikerHoop

            You’re absolutely correct about the shotgun. If you see them coming before they get in the house a shotgun is great. But, if they’re already inside you want something you can grab quick. A more powerful gun, like say a .45, is somewhat cumbersome in a situation like that because you most likely won’t have it within reach, and if you have to use it you’re probably going to put holes in your walls. If you go somewhat smaller, like for instance a .380 (I have two in my house), you can carry it in a pocket while you’re walking around the house, have it laying on the end-table next to you while you’re watching TV or typing responses on RS. A .380 (essentially a 9mm short) loaded with hollow points has as much stopping power as a .45 at close range. Mine is always within arm’s reach.

            • white531

              Thank you. If you want to open a discussion here on Scoop, about firearms for protection, I think is would be a great thing.

              • BikerHoop

                I think a thread like that would be a great idea. It’s always a good thing for someone looking for protection to have some kind of knowledge about it and I’m sure there’s a number of folks here who would have something significant to contribute. Now, how do we go about getting Scoop to start that thread?

                • I fully support that! Let those who have the knowledge… Spread it to those of us asking.

          • Arrrggghhh

            From what I understand, there are pros and cons with every weapon. A shotgun should be the shortest legally available. Right now, that is about an ’18 inch barrel. The other pro with the shotgun is that the buckshot generally don’t penetrate walls and hit unintended people. Also, it is a powerful stopping force.

        • Orangeone

          Buy it soon before Barky Boy shuts all gun dealers down. Buy lots of ammo, train often. You will feel better knowing you are armed and prepared to defend.

  • These people should start an organization and call it “Freeloaders United”. Their motto can be “Freeloaders United against Taxpayers” or ” _ _ Taxpayers” for short.

  • 1vote

    If you feed the animals then what do you expect other than dependency?

    Now why are we headed for the fiscal cliff ???

    • sarahsupporter

      Guess that’s why my mom never let me feed stray animals when I was young, she said you do that they will never leave you alone.

  • After $100,000 for his education ….. “You want fries with that?”

    • I don’t want fries from him… know wat I’ma sayin’! He’s too dumb to be left near a fryer! Mind you, if he was forced to find a job… I get the feeling that within a week, he’ll have a little accident and be out on disability for life.

      • Especially if he’s going to wipe his nose like that.

    • Myptofvu

      “Workin at the Carwash yeah… Wokin at the Carwash eh”

  • jrt1031

    I wonder why he was wiping his nose and couldnt stand still. I guess tax payers are supporting his drug habit.

    • Know I mean? It’s all good.

      • las1

        “Know wha mean? It’s awl good.”

        You don’t quite have the inflection down there Jasper.

    • Orangeone

      Unfortunately I am one of them. WI is looking better and better every day! And it’s just a few short miles away πŸ™‚

      • BikerHoop

        Well, get on up here. There’s lotsa room.

        • Orangeone

          It would be over, I’m directly west on I-94…..:)Β  I’m trying to find a small biz in WI to purchase..doing okay but would like to move and expand in a Republican state!

          • BikerHoop

            Yeah, after I posted I looked up your county and found out where you were. There’s a lot of businesses for sale in WI. Just google it and you’ll find several sites where they’re listed. Oh yeah, and welcome to Wisconsin.

            • Orangeone

              Looking forward to finding a great one and putting some WI people back to work!

  • 911Infidel

    Moron. What else can you say. This is symptomatic of a system of entitlement gone bat shite crazy. Oh, and in my county if you don’t stick to the terms of your lease, they WILL come after you for the balance + interest + court costs. She’s right, it isn’t the end of her case. Did I say moron? I meant to say morons.

  • To say that this parasite is as dumb as a bag of rocks is to insult bags of rocks everywhere! Officer Bird is the exact opposite of this waste of air.

    “That’s who we’re creating… a Him!” – “$70 thousand dollars… Right down the sewer”! – Judge Judy.

    This parasite talks about his education… When he can barely talk English “You know what I’m sayin’?” If he didn’t have that little gem in his vocabulary, he’d have nothing to say.

    I love Judge Judy and she’s dead right, our bloody taxes go to pay for scumbag parasites like him! I’m guessing today he’s probably on his ‘bama phone texting with his layabout friends about how the world owes him a living just for existing.

    Pa- the – tic!!!

  • NYGino

    I have a flower pot on my back porch that is more intelligent than this guy.

  • BeyondPolls

    “What do you do?”
    “I’m me.”


  • Stay tuned folks… Don”t miss his next TV appearance!

    On COPS!
    (Bad boys, bad boys, watcha gonna do? watcha gonna do when they come for you!)

    • Orangeone

      Cops are afraid to do anything in Ramsey County, racism is screamed if you dare look at them. And then the police brutality charges are filed after the video is selectively editted.

  • Nukeman60

    This guy is a typical Obama tool. Either he voted for Obama or, like many of his counterparts, he didn’t bother to vote at all (thank God for that).

    Her are a couple of other ‘tools’ that I ran across this morning that we can use to attempt to convince the lemmings that the leftie talking points are totally ridiculous and the cliff is closer than they think. The first one shows the futility of taking the rich’s money and the second one shows a comparison of many of the debt reduction plans out there.

    One only wonders if it’s worth the bother to convince them at all or just let the collapse happen and rebuild after they fail to survive.

    • That soaktherich website is pretty cool! I’ve been playing with it… I like it shows you the results of all the soaking and what it really means in real world terms. Good site, thanks for sharing. I’ve not had a chance to look at the other site yet, so I can’t comment on that.

      • Nukeman60

        I liked it too. The ‘soak the rich’ shows that no matter what you do, it doesn’t affect the deficit one bit, but it will affect the economy. Of course we knew that, but it’s a nice tool to throw at the blind lemmings.

        • Click soak the lot and show results! YIKES!!! Even surprised me a bit! And I’m a wolf that eats lemmings for breakfast! πŸ™‚

    • white531

      Cool sites, Nuke. You think Obama has something like that on his computer?

      • Nukeman60

        Maybe we should send it to him. I hear he has a Blackberry (nah, that’s only connected to Valerie Jarrett and Mockme, Immadinnerjacket in Iran). I believe his computer consists of a 6 foot tall, electronic word player (they call it a teleprompter, I think).

      • BikerHoop

        His is somewhat like that, but with his the objective is to put as many people out of work as you can and increase the deficit exponentially.

    • BikerHoop

      Those are both great sites… thanks for the links. Unfortunately, the lemmings don’t understand enough of economics for those sites to make any difference. If they clicked on the links, they’d see the page, go “huh?”, say it’s too difficult and they don’t do politics and go back to E!.

      • Nukeman60

        Good points. I think we would have to walk them through it. Just make sure they are not chewing bubblegum at the same time.

        • BikerHoop

          Yeah, but we’d have to find a way to lengthen their attention span beyond ten seconds first.

  • Haywoodjbl

    I wish it was funny….it’s tragic really and sums up our problems as a country.

  • NYGino

    Watching this I felt sorry for Bird.

    • Me too. I can imagine the contempt he must have for that POS parasite. Those two are like salt and pepper… Oh wait… that’s racist. πŸ™‚

  • wynnsjammer

    I have encountered many “White Women” like this man who are out purchasing BMW’s, Mercedes, Animals such as (Dogs) and use the “Disability System” so they never have to be “Productive” in the work force again and there not at all “Ashamed”. They are actually laughing at everyone who does have a job. This video is “Sickening” to even watch because these are all the “Idiots” who voted for “Obama” and will probably vote for Hillary if she runs in 2016. Let’s just say this country is going to fall even further down for the next 12 years if anymore Democrats get in. With Hillary it won’t be about the Country either, it will be about one thing and one thing only “First Woman President” and pleasing her “Ego” just like her “Husband” use to do (The Great Charmer). I am “Embarrassed” by what each and every “Politician” is doing to this Country and I have never felt so “Powerless” in my whole life. My uncle used to be a Steamfitter in the 1930’s and 1940’s and I remember him telling me in his elder years how the “Unions” were going to ruin the United States of America and he was absolutely right. We have an absolute “Liar” for a “President” and where stuck with the “Misfit” for the next four years. This man we call a President, knows absolutely nothing and the 47% that follow him are out to bleed this Country dry. I’m sick and tired of the Black People calling the White People Racists every time they don’t get there way. I’m disgusted with it all. Day after day you try to hold on to the Good Old American Pride then a show like Judge Judy comes on and reminds you that basically it was the “Black” people along with many “Uneducated Hispanics”, and “Lazy White Women” who tossed this Country into the “Sewers” in November of 2012. And I’m afraid there is no going “Back”. Goodbye America

  • Sandra123456

    Here is a prime example of why everyone should not go to college.

    Before now one went to college to get the knowledge to obtain a license to do something, doctor, lawyer, teacher, etc.

    We have had an education scam over the last 50 years where state colleges were built and expanded larger and larger, needing more students to fill the lecture hall seats and with government help we have what we have today where not only is everyone expected to finish high school but college also.

    So now we have fools like this person getting grants and loans (that probably will not be repaid,) going to college to play a guitar and is on welfare…

    This is your Obama Democrat voter. (Wonder how many bastard children he has by now?)

    • sarahsupporter

      Bastard children that we are paying for. There, I finished your sentence for you.

      • Orangeone

        That are turning around and producing more bastard children with every fat white girl they can find when they aren’t busy impregnating lonely black girls. There I added the portion from The Maury Show!

  • colliemum

    As Judge Judy says: $ 70,000 straight into the sewer.

    There’ll be more tax payers money wasted on him as he gets older.
    Not that his ‘girlfriend’ is a shining light either. Demanding rent money from him when she’s not paying the rent is a nice piece of chutzpah.
    That’s why these people get away with it, and get away with getting money from the government for nuthin.

    • Orangeone

      Too bad he wasn’t washed down the sewer and the $70,000 left in the taxpayers’ accounts.

  • Ephesians111

    YES send this tape to Congress.
    First place to cut.

  • Ephesians111

    This is unbelievable, is he an actor? If not-
    YES send to Congress and the White House.
    First place to cut. This is a no brainer. If Congress can not agree on his kind
    of wasteful spending we are too far gone & it will take great pain to turn this country around.

    • Orangeone

      And MN Legislature. We fund a HUGE part of the welfare program at the state level.

  • Landscaper

    There is Condoleeza Rice, then there are these two. Hmmmmmmm. Society, too much gov. assistance? Nope, poor parenting gave us “him” and “her” IMO.

  • Since this is an open tread. Have you all noticed that you can no longer find out who liked a comment you made on Disqus? I found that a very useful feature of Disqus. For example if I made a comment to someone that may have been a joke. When the likes thing was working, the recipient might have ‘liked’ the comment without responding. Now if there is more than 1 like, you can’t even tell who clicked it. This leaves me wondering if the person I made the joke to too offense. Didn’t respond at all, or just clicked like.

    Anyway, does anyone know if this is an error or a new “feature” of Disqus? It’s been like this for a few days now and I’m concerned it’s not going to be “fixed” because of how long it’s been this way.


    • NYGino

      I’ve tried asking Discus for help on this and have gotten nowhere. I wasn’t sure if it was Discus or a malfunction on my end (software or hardware).

      I agree with you. It’s nice to know how your thoughts are being received and by whom. It’s another element in the conversation on this and other sites.

      • It’s not a browser specific problem either. I’m using Firefox most of the time, but I tried loading the page in IE with the exact same result. πŸ™

        Disqus Status ( is showing everything as working normally, so this must be the new “normal” It sucks we can’t see who liked a comment when it says “soandso and 4 others liked this” and you’re wondering who the others were. πŸ™

        • NYGino

          Maybe Scoop will look into this for us. He has the pull to get answers.

          • KenInMontana

            I have noticed that there now appears to be two different versions of disqus running, from my home PC, I see the “old” format (“username”and 2 others liked this), however from my iphone I see a different format from which you can’t even see how many “liked” a comment. Not sure what the “issue” is, possibly an OS based one.

            • NYGino

              Ken, if you click “username and 2 others liked this” do you get a listing of the 2 others? Or are you experiencing the same problem?

              • Well, I tried to tweet them @disqus, but got no answer.

                • meyou

                  Dear Wolfie, I would participate in this conversation but have not the foggiest notion what this discussion is about. It’s not easy being DUMB. (now imagine a big smiley face here.) Please wake me, friends, when BO is no longer president.

                • LOL!!! I’ve read your comments, you’re far from DUMB that’s for sure! If you want us to wake you when BO is gone, you’re in for a bit of a nap… Snuggle up with a good book, a warm room, and a good supply of food and guns! πŸ™‚ It might take a while… Depends on whether NObama decides to install himself as pResident for life or not.

                • NYGino

                  Thanks for following up with them Wolfie.

                • NP NYGino! πŸ™‚ Just hope it ends up getting us back to where we were able to check who liked our comments…

              • KenInMontana

                If I click where on the icon of the named user, it brings up their profile, but I don’t get a list of the others.

                • NYGino

                  Exactly. Somethings wrong.

            • Marridge

              Thanks for bringing that up. I noticed the same thing. I despise discus in general. If you want to find something in a long thread you just have to scroll, scroll, scroll. Don’t they have a find feature of some kind?

        • BikerHoop

          HA! I clicked on your link and got the following:
          “Whatever you expected to be here, isn’t here.”

  • DavidRobertson

    I learned of yet another entitlement scheme out there yesterday. I have a good friend who grew up in a poor area of Milwaukee. He said in the ‘hood they call them “crazy checks”. A person will apply for Social Security benefits by claiming that their mental condition doesn’t allow them to keep steady work. They typically get denied by the SS office, but they come in every year and apply again. After about 5 years or so of repeated applications, SS finally gives in and approves. Then SS cuts them a monthly check. However, that’s not the best part. They then cut a check retroactive to the date the person first applied for the benefit. So, they get a huge chunk of money called a “crazy check”.

    I’m so glad our government is so good at what they do.

    • NYGino

      I would think just the fact that you voted for Obama certifies that you’re nuts.

    • DavidRobertson

      After reading my comments here, I might have done my friend a disservice by not stating that while he is black (he doesn’t like the term “African-American”, he’s an AMERICAN) and did grow up in that neighborhood, he is a staunch conservative and fights the good conservative fight every day among his family and friends. We were both shaking our heads as he was describing this scam.

  • I guess he has no problem admitting on Television that he’s defrauding the government to the tune of $6000 per year.

    Lets do the math:
    Tuition: $25,000 per year
    Rent: $6,000 per year
    Other Stipend: $12,000 per year

    This clown clears $43,000 per year in Government assistance. Tax free.


    • NYGino

      Which begs the question; is he stupid or are we?

      • Gad dang it! No more questions like that! Now my head hurts!

        I’m supposed to be outside doing Christmas lights… I think I better get to it before I break my brain or my monitor!

        • Orangeone

          When you’re done at your house, I could use a little help with the 2nd story lights πŸ™‚ Bring the family along and we can go skiing when finished…

          • I wish… But I’m not done… Our deer seems to have picked up a case of dodgybulbsitis during the summer. One won’t light at all and the other half lights. At least the angels and star still work. I guess it’s time to buy some new lawn ornaments. As for skiing… My wife took me skying once… once… Not for me… I couldn’t stay standing up even on the easy hills… Loved the view, hated the skiing… it’s not for me.

            • Orangeone

              So funny! BTW offered to take you skiing, never said you had to leave the chalet πŸ™‚Β  Just sayin’

      • DavidRobertson

        According to the latest stats, the line of stupidity is 63K per year. If you make that or less, everyone else is doing just as good as you without the sweat.

    • Orangeone

      He doesn’t care, he knows Ramsey County will do absolutely nothing about it because of the color of his skin. He doesn’t qualify for ANY aid yet has been given $70,000

  • I’ve actually seen this. Love Judge Judy.

  • barney59

    I now realize there was voter fraud in the election but this make me realize it’s truly a new massive breed of idiots with votes who have doomed this country…

  • white531

    And you know what? There are people out there who watched this show, and saw absolutely no problem with his behavior. Millions of them.

    • Orangeone

      And got ideas on how to perpetrate welfare fraud schemes in their own state.

  • NYGino

    If Rep Hank (Guam be tipping over) Johnson, D. Ga. had a son this guy would look just like him.

  • 401_Unauthorised

    Anyone heard about GGlenn Beck is a POS! (See link)

    Can’t believe I was ever taken in by the man, even granted I saw through him pretty quickly, (See Beck’s disingenuous take on Birther issue).

    • sarahsupporter

      I became suspicious of Beck early on when he kept writing books like every month. Month in month out he’s got a new book that you just gotta buy!! I knew then he was taking advantage of his current popularity by selling books and making the big bucks while he could. I bought one of his books because he kept pushing it and I was very disappointed. I never bought another.

  • And you really wonder why Obama won the election? More and more people like these slugs living off of the public dole. Why in God’s name would they vote for anybody else when they know they can keep getting checks from the government if they vote for thieves like Obama? Problem is, we’re the ones that get stuck with the bill.

    • sarahsupporter

      That’s why they didn’t vote for Romney, because Romney kept promising them jobs. Jobs?? Are you kidding? We don’t need no job!!!

    • Orangeone

      Congress needs to take away the right to vote for anyone receiving public assistance (not true Medicare or Social Security) as part of the fiscal cliff bill and EVERY funding bill.

  • Orangeone

    This moron is the perfect example of the welfare idiots in MN! Once the 5-yr federal share is done, MN picks up 100%! And no Ramsey County didn’t do anything about this welfare fraud except hand him another check when he brought his buddies in.

    • NYGino

      Sounds kinda like the Federal initiative (under Clinton) to give municipalities money to hire more police. Sounded nice for a while until the Feds money ended and they were left to pay for them themselves.

  • NYGino

    Lincoln would be proud.

  • FutureOnePercent

    Who are the real idiots?

    The people spending the money on themselves or the people who keep giving him the money?

    I contend that WE’RE the stupid ones.

  • WhiteGuy2

    Yup, this is what the government has done with your taxes. Now they want to raise your taxes for more of the same. If you object, well then you must be a racist.


  • Orangeone

    From CainTV Union thugs and State Dem legislators threated MI Governor and family:

  • white531

    The early morning talk show program here in Tucson is hosted by Garret Lewis. The lead-in sound bite to his program, features the “Obama Money,” audio clip, recorded at an event in Detroit, where people were in line to apply for Stimulus money. (2009) This actually happened, in a live interview.

    Thursday, October 8, 2009
    Detroit Woman: ‘Obama Money’ (Audio)

    Ken Rogulski, WJR News, interviewed some people waiting on line at the Cobo Center in Detroit to apply for stimulus money.


    KEN ROGULSKI: Why are you here?

    WOMAN: To get some money.

    ROGULSKI: What kind of money?

    WOMAN: Obama money.

    ROGULSKI: Where’s it coming from?

    WOMAN: Obama.

    ROGULSKI: And where did Obama get it?

    WOMAN: I don’t know. His stash. I don’t know. I don’t know where he got it from but he’s giving it to us, to help us. We love him. That’s why we voted for him. Obama! Obama!

    Here’s the link:

  • white531

    One of our employees lives near us in a condominium complex. She is divorced, has one child, and lives with her boyfriend. He works as a plumber’s helper.

    She used to work for us about four days a week. She was always on time, never called off, and was a productive worker, for the most part. That was before she got on welfare.

    Now she only works with us one day a week, and even then, she often has an excuse for not showing up. She recently told my wife she doesn’t really have to work anymore and doesn’t need the money.

    She and her child have FULL medical. Doesn’t pay a dime. This is what welfare does to a person.

  • white531

    Interesting article over on Breitbart about Obamacare.

    Senate Democrats Urge Undoing of ObamaCare

    • Orangeone

      These Dem Senators are up for re-election in 2014 and are preparing for their TV ads on how they listened to the voters….

      • TimeForAnarchy

        Interesting thought. I thought the only time Dem’s listened to their constituents was when a campaign contribution was at stake.

    • BikerHoop

      Al Franken (D-M)? Wow! I would have never expected that from him… or any of the others for that matter.

  • Orangeone

    All, please keep Brian Terry’s family in your prayers today. He passed away 2 years ago today after being shot the night before defending our country at the border! For those on Twitter, please tweet Issa and Gowdy asking about subpoenas for #FastandFurious testimony. (please use hashtag)

  • Danny Kelly

    Gotta love Judge Judy

  • Fucking lowlife

    • white531

      Michael, I think you’d better go back and read the comment policy.

    • Orangeone

      Please utilize a bit of restraint with language on this public site.

    • If you feel the need to cuss, please * out the main part. Thanks.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    If obama had a son he would look just like that loser…know what I’m sayin’? Did Judge Judy call him a third year college student??????? On top of that he is one crude dude, continually rubbing his nose with his hand…know what I’m sayin’? What a waste of oxygen!!!!!!!

    • BikerHoop

      >>What a waste of oxygen!!!!!!!<<

      As well as a waste of skin and bone.

    • TimeForAnarchy

      He’s in his third year attempt at passing his first year. A minor glitch…………

      • Army_Pilot1967

        LOL…..that’s funny, but probably true too!!! Just wow, how can anyone be sooooo totally dumb about life?????

        • TimeForAnarchy

          Union public teachers, one-parent families and the lifestyle in da hood.


          • Army_Pilot1967

            I was fortunate growing up in with two-parent and four sons in the family. We didn’t have much, but our parents taught us right from wrong, taught us about the value of an education, and how to be good citizens. Three of us are retired military officers, the fourth owns his own business. And none of us have spent as much as an hour in jail. Our parents put us ahead of themselves and reared us properly. This country has changed drastically for the worst in the last thirty years or so. Too bad because it used to be a great place to live and to raise one’s kids. There’s so much violence now that it’s scary!

            • TimeForAnarchy

              I did not serve (my hat is off to you, Sir) but I am the son and grandson of career Army officers who taught me that honor, discipline and teamwork will get you where ever you want to go. Both parents lived at home, and my parents would have been shocked and embarrassed to accept a Gub’mint check of ANY kind. I earned what I have, and I give freely and willingly to those in true need. But I adamantly refuse to be plundered by the Gub’mint to support a freeloader like this.

              I’m a jack-leg historian and nosy: if I may ask, were you Air Cav in Viet Nam?

              • Army_Pilot1967

                Kudos to your father and grandfather for serving our nation, and for teaching you about the important things in life. Sounds like we had similar upbringing, which is a good thing. In Viet Nam I was an aircraft maintenance officer in an aircraft maintenance detachment assigned to support Troop C, 7th Squadron, !st Armored Cavalry Regiment, the Blackhawks with limited direct support. I was the lucky dude that got to fly helicopters coming out of maintenance to make sure everything was operating properly and that it was safe to release the aircraft back to the flight platoons. And if it wasn’t ready to release, I would tell the maintenance crews how the aircraft flew and that it needed more work. However I got to fly a few missions with the Lift Platoon, so I got a taste of what those pilots did.

                • TimeForAnarchy

                  God Bless you, Sir. Thanks for letting my pry. My wife is an ICU nurse, and she helps out in the ‘ER when they’re slow. She’s noticed that the dust-off pilots are all retiring (or passing away) and the newer medvac pilots are a lot younger. I just wondered if you were part of the storied group.

                • Army_Pilot1967

                  No, I wasn’t, but one of my dearest friends was a dust-off pilot in Viet Nam, and he showed me a flight helmet he wore and there was a bullet hole going from the front of it to the back. He was one lucky dude!!!! A scout pilot in the troop that we supporting took a round through his helmet, and he said when he took off the helmet some of his hair also fell out….the bullet creased the top of his head. A REAL lucky dude. That’s way too exciting for me. I had a door come off of an OH-6 during a night maintenance test flight and it hit the main rotor blades with a tremendous bang…those kinds of things were exciting enough for me. I appreciate your wife’s occupation too. I had brain surgery last October (2011) and I experienced a problem in ICU. I believe one of the nurses resolved it before the doctor even made it to ICU. Please thank her for me for all she does for her patients.

  • Terry

    This man is a waste of good oxygen.

  • he’s got a car, telephole, place to live and more….- still a badly smelling BEGGAR !!!

  • 12grace

    Yet another, obama supporter.

  • Kordane

    This is the result of the morality of “you are your brother’s keeper”.

    The dominant morality in America today.

    So why do you all think badly of this man?

    Isn’t he just the logical conclusion of your own moral views? You’ve been “sacrificed for the sake of others”. You wanted to be sacrificed; you thought it was virtuous and noble. Yet you cringe with disgust at the product of your morality. Didn’t you realize that for every sacrifice there is someone being served?

    Unlike yourselves, I reject the “you are your brother’s keeper” morality. I only accept the morality of “you are your OWN keeper”. Yes, it’s selfish alright, and I’m proud of that, because you know what? – Selfishness is a virtue. You’ve all been fools; you never realized the simple truth; you all fell for altruism; you were raised with it, taught it in school, taught it in the culture, and you never challenged it.

    So don’t look at this man with disgust. He is precisely what you deserve, and you will all get what you deserve soon, when this economy collapses utterly, because of these entitlements that are the direct consequence of your “you are your brother’s keeper” moral code.

    I think the founding fathers would have spat upon notion that you are your brother’s keeper. I think they’d have told you that it’s contrary to the individual rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; they’d have told you that it is a destructive and evil idea.

    • I don’t know where you came up with this, perhaps you’ve been listening to the left for too long. Being your brother’s keeper doesn’t mean that he can be a lazy freeloader. It means you have his back when times get tough, and being your brother, he should return the favor. The only way he gets to be a freeloader is if he is paralyzed from the neck down.

      • Kordane

        The moral obligation to be your brother’s keeper does NOT contain an IF statement that limits it to only certain cases. I don’t know where you got the idea that there are limits to it.

        • AM I my brothers’ keeper? Not “I am my brothers’ keeper” Even Kane got it.

  • GiantM

    Sad part is; this moron still sits on top of the world in his own mind, because the case was dismissed.

    I can’t imagine the smut that will proceed out of his mouth after this.

  • BikerHoop

    My grandpa was a wise old man. He taught me many of life’s little witticisms. One that will always stand out is: “When you send an idiot to college, all you get is a college educated idiot.” This, my friends, is a perfect example.

    • Your grandfather was an optimist. This guy claims to have attended college, but I doubt it. He had his tuition paid for, I don’t believe he can even spell tuition. He learned the entitlement mentality, but he doesn’t understand it when it’s explained to him.

      • BikerHoop

        I would have to agree with you on his attendance policy. I’m sure he was living the high life on all that cash because, well, “I’m me, know what I’m sayin’.” Your comment about entitlement mentality is a given.

  • giomerica

    One vote, bought and paid for with your tax dollars…

  • My question is, when will the left and the black “leaders” like Jesse Jackson and Sharpton own this? Because when they do, there will be a huge change. This guy is just full of ignorant arrogance. He thinks that just being him earns him the right to have anything he wants. Truth is, he isn’t even qualified to be a gigilo.

  • TimeForAnarchy

    “I ani’t steelin’ nuffin.”

    Obama voter, perhaps?

  • bobemakk

    Between the entitlement programs and the unions, this country is doomed under this administration….when does it all end for these entitlement junies?

  • In the words of Obama himself, but reversed, he’s a “Typical Black person”.

  • wrightguy

    What a complete waste of time and space. An Idiot of the highest degree. He does not get it on ANY level. He will be a dredge on society his entire life. Worthless

  • wrightguy

    I shell of a person. Tax payer money 100% wasted. Worthless.

  • wrightguy

    If this idiot gets one more nickle from the tax payers it would be a shame. This guy couldn’t find is ass with both hands

  • I worked in an insurance co. with an Obama voter who’s car was vandalized and totaled. She hadn’t bothered to get comprehensive insurance (again, she’s in the insurance business) so she tried to get the car destroyed in the “cash for clunkers” program so “Obama would fix her car”.

  • A-Hole

  • Biggbear52

    This is so upsetting that I cannot venture to ascertain what may be next in our country. Our Country is fine, but the people that are in presumed power have spent at least 20 generations demoralizing it. To the point that now half of the people in our beloved land are now life leaches that go out of they’re way to leach. Truth is if they spent a quarter of the time on working as they do getting handouts, perhaps we would not have a 17 + trillion dollar deficit! This makes me physically ill. !

  • Resistwemuch

    By the way he was rubbing his nose, I would bet he has been sniffing something up it. When Obama prints money to give to this useless rat, he is diluting the dollars that you have worked for, and saved. He is stealing from you.

    This looks like Obama in college.