Uh oh: CNN says their sources say Obama not truthful about Libya

CNN says they were hearing from their sources that the Benghazi attack was a pre-planned terrorist attack right after it happened. But then the Obama administration started using these talking points about a mob getting out of control, and CNN says their sources couldn’t corroborate that. The fact that the Obama administration left out of the talking points what they already knew, that it was a pre-planned terrorist attack by an Al-Qaeda linked terrorist group can only mean, according to one former intelligence official, that the administration was trying to cover something up.


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  • Stehekin912

    Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall……
    ….and the wheels on the bus go ’round and ’round….

    • … and Nixon resigned over FAR less…

      • gunclinger

        That’s because even Nixon had something the current Usurper in Chief knows NOTHING about…..HONOR!

        • joedoakes202

          But for television, and price controls, plus leaving the gold standard and the 22nd Amendment Nixon would still be President . . .


      • joedoakes202

        Nixon didn’t have CNN and MSNBC covering for him . . . all he had to give them was the EPA, and end the Vietnam War . . . and that wasn’t even enough.

  • CPAguy

    Wow….CNN ratings have sunk so low they have actually decided to do some reporting!!!

    Probably a bit too late, however…

    • FreeManWalking

      I thought Soros gave another million or 2 to the 0b0 PACs.

    • ali3nation

      Not really, it is never to late to start telling the truth. Could it be that CNN brass is beginning to figure out that having an anti american, muslim, pathological liar in the White House is not so good for the USA ? Hopefully, there is a limit to the BS even liberal media can take.

  • destroyer_of_moonbats

    full blown corruption right in your face.

  • David Boyes

    other than they can’t spell ATTACK …. attac – good job CNN

  • YES YES YES YES YES – Has the media finally turned?

    • drphibes


      • jaybenson

        Just checked website. Nowhere to be seen on main section. This should be News Alert Exclusive material for them.

    • Don

      CNN looks like they might be trying to report the truth for a change, but this would be completely out of character for them. Their fanatical liberal bias has their ratings so low that even reporting the obvious truth may not restore any credibility. Even if they are able to pull themselves out of the cesspool of lies and deceit, the smell will always be there.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    Too late idiots you are following Fox News, Univision and to a lesser extent ABC news.

  • AbdulBX

    Uh oh is right. The white house lied again.

  • Interesting…as more and more comes out about Libya…the worse the President looks….that slow trickle can be very bad indeed….because each day the Cover-Up looks worse and worse….and in polls Obama is starting to take a hit on Foreign Policy which makes sense. The more this is exposed along with Univision’s report on Fast & Furious the more Obama will start taking hits. I am very sure many in the Hispanic Community were outraged by the Guns from Fast & Furiuos that were used by the Cartels to kills all thos kids. It will work in the psyche….and the Libya Fiasco is starting that erosion for the Marxist!

  • SKL53

    The people who should be making a BIG noise about this LIAR in the Whitehouse is Congress. Why isn’t Boehner saying anything about Libya? Why isn’t Congress calling out these damn liars like Holder, Clinton, Rice, Reid, Pelosi, Pinetta, et al??????????? Pelosi is more outspoken than the tan morron that calls himself ‘Speaker of the House.’ Speaker of what???? Wake up Ohio…let’s get some YOUNG blood in the House. Move over Boehner you “kiss-up!” It is because of you that Obama has come so far. Why haven’t you filed Impeachment proceedings? Are you a-scared? Look where being scared got McCain! It’s time for you to get out as well! I hope Romney gets you to RETIRE!!!!!!!!!!

    • detectivedick

      Let me make a point. Where are the men with something between there legs or ears…ie..MacCryistal. Form General and now CIA. It is time to stand up for the USA and stop covering for the LIAR!

    • I totally agree with your Boehner comments. I was so excited when we got the house back in 2010 from Piglosi and look at what we ended up with…….someone too scared to be called a racist and call out The Annointed One or any of his minions!!!! Unfortunately another Empty Suit!!!!

    • BikerHoop

      The reason our congress-critters haven’t acted on ANY of DuhOne’s treasonous acts is they don’t want to be fingered as the ones who brought down the first so-called black preezy. Additionally, they don’t want to be labeled as responsible for the riots that would surely ensue. In other words… political expediency.

      • Orangeone

        Let them riot, it will show their true savage behavior. We are ready for them.

        • detectivedick

          So true, Liberty is worth the price!

        • BikerHoop

          I agree. What I was saying is that our congress-critters don’t want the blame for those riots because it wouldn’t be politically expedient.

          • Orangeone

            The congress-critters need to crawl into a hole, except Lt. Col. West.  He is a proud military man and will stand with us as we take our country back.

    • Orangeone

      Boehner is too busy running for re-election. I say Allen West for Sec of Defense or if not, Speaker of the House! That will put him in the 3rd slot for President if God help us something happens to Romney and Ryan.

    • AwakenNow

      Impeachment proceeding have NOT begun because the Senate is controlled by Harry Reid and the Democrats.

      • Galatiansch2vs20

        Not a good excuse not to do one’s own job in the house of representatives- impeachment proceedings should have advance there a long time ago. Someone pointed out to me that something had been introduced many months ago along that line.

        Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton both were impeached by the house though they were not ousted from office by the Senate. Clinton deserved the impeachment he got.

        • Exactly! We should expect leaders to provide leadership. Where are the leaders of the House and exactly what are they doing now is so much more important than governing our country!!!!

          • Galatiansch2vs20

            Are you saying what are they doing now that is so much more important than governing our country? Or did you mean something else? I have not heard of anything of late that is being done in the House- maybe they just figure the Senate blocks everything. But they can’t block an impeachment- that’s the House’s job. I know then it gets tried in the Senate, where it would be expected to stop, but the stain of impeachment will remain in history on this evil President in the White House.

            • No, they are out there doing that all important campaigning instead of actually leading. I would think that if the House brought forth impeachment, there would not be the necessity of having to “break early” for campaigning.

              People want desperately leadership. You give that to them, re-election would be a no-brainer!!!

              • Galatiansch2vs20

                Definitely- if they were leading in the right direction!

        • ali3nation

          And don’t forget that the House cited Holder for contempt. Look where that got them.

          • Galatiansch2vs20

            It got them doing the right thing, which is great!

      • Tough. Dingy is an a$$. Bring on the charges and let the people back them up. I imagine the voters of 2010 did not intend for a spineless Congress.

        • It would put the icing on the cake if the Senate Dems were forced to vote against impeachment. The MSM, Dingy, and Pelosi would all be going ape and implode, that is what is needed. Too bad, Bohner had his spine ripped out of him as he was given the gavel.

          • That’s exactly whats needed!!! I don’t care if it would pass or not, but with the way things are progressively getting worse (my focus has been on all of our soldiers dying because of the disgraceful and treasonous way this administration has been running this war) someone NEEDS TO GROW A SPINE and bring charges up. Boehner is an absolute disgrace and he’s no better than dear leader if he doesn’t get his thumb out of his mouth and up from his fetal position and do something!

          • ali3nation

            I doubt if he had much of a spine before he got the gavel.

      • jlbs

        I have been told by my State Senator: impeachment proceedings begin in the House. Now granted, these proceedings wouldn’t go very far with Reid in the Senate, but at least the American people would know that SOMETHING is being attempted.

      • How stupid! If Bush wasn’t impeached for 911, why should Obama be impeached for Benghazi? I’m outta here! Too many extreme partisan idiots for me.

    • ali3nation

      Come to think about it, Boehner isn’t saying much of anything, probably at the behest of Romney and Ryan. He is not exactly the image they want right now to associate with their party.

  • cheezwhizz

    There was this dude named Joe Wilson who said it best 😀

    • sno_warrior

      yes he did

  • Everything about this administration is corrupt, from every nickel pocketed during the first campaign to the infamous “beer summit” and now “Libya-gate”. To my way of thinking, the mainstream media are bordering on treasonous as they are complicit in the desecration of the Presidency. Obama is a fake, his staff are 90% corrupt Chicago thugs with tax issues. He’s used taxpayer dollars to pay off his special interests,(Solyndra, etc); his own Secret Service have zero respect for him.

    It seems to me, that IF somebody decided to run for office with the intention of *hitting all over the Presidency and what it stands for, they couldn’t possibly do a better job than what Obama has done. He is a scumbag and is a disgrace to the institution.

    Yet, we have a media in this country who aid and abet him at every turn. How can anybody be so biased and so egotistical that they would look the other way in the face of so much disgrace?

    The only upside is that they have to live with themselves. They have to live with their own betrayal of their profession, their country and themselves.

    • las1

      The only upside is that they have to live with themselves. They have to live with their own betrayal of their profession, their country and themselves.

      They would need a conscience for that.

      • NYGino

        Conscience? This crowd?

    • ali3nation

      Which may help to explain the sudden epiphany of CNN. The first chink in the stone wall drops and others are sure to follow, like lambs following Mary.

  • Spartan4Palin

    Ruh-Roh! Me thinks that our media (only some) have realized they just got their arss handed to them by Univision! And that the American people have voiced their outrage at how media has covered issues important to them? One point I got from that investigation last night was that it was easier to get FOIA info from the Mexican government than from ours. And because of that, the US media accepted the standard ‘ignore this issue’ meme from the administration. I wish Issa had know how easy it was? Imagine how excruciatingly painful the questioning would have been during the hearings?

    I don’t think this Benghazi thing will stop? And if the right people come forward like with F&F, it will get very ugly, very quickly!

    • Spartan4Palin

      Just watched Greta and she had Byron York, Steve Hays and some from Washington Post on. And from what Steve said, there is a scathing report by the Post (?) that will include info from AfriCom that said the US didn’t do enough to quell back this growing issue back in June!!!!!

      Maybe Scoop can capture that segment and post it?

    • ali3nation

      I like the analysis. CNN upstaged by Univision. It makes sense, timing and all. Matter of fact, I am watching a lot more Univision, and lucky for me, I speak Spanish.

  • sjmom

    It is definitely a cover up and unlike some of the pundits I have heard I think it is more sinister than he didn’t want a terrorist attack on his watch. I read an article the administration knew when they sold the weapons to the rebels that Al Qaeda was among their members. If the writer is correct this is Fast and Furious all over again and could possibly be even more damaging to the Obama clan.

    One more thing; why is CNN pursuing this? Ratings? Just like when I heard Jake Tapper’s report I am suspicious. I don’t trust these people any more than Obama.

    • You hit the nail on the head sjmom. The US government armed the “rebels”, knowing full well that they were most likely arming al qaeda and other terrorist groups. All in the plan. We are seeing the same thing with them sending “aid” to Egypt now, arming the brotherhood, who is arming hamas, hezbollah, the plo and Gaza.

      • sjmom

        What if, as the article said, the weapons that killed the 4 Americans in Benghazi were actually part of those the Obama administration sold to the rebels? What a huge scandal and on top of Fast and Furious would be lethal to Obama’s presidency. Nobody is making hay of this but they should. As far as Egypt I liked Perry’s plan; every country starts the year at zero and is re evaluated. It’s the only way to stop what has been going on.

    • ali3nation

      But also remember, somehow CNN got the Ambassadors journal before anyone else. They had to know early on and the gang in the white house had to realize that if CNN had Stevens diary, they had to be on to them. I think CNN knows a lot more than they are telling right now. And by the way, not even the FBI felt safe going to Benghazi and CNN apparently was there when it happened. Not too shabby.

  • Orangeone

    They just learned this tonight? Where has their head been? Oh never mind, I don’t want anyone to have that visual before going to sleep.

  • MortimusMaximus

    “They left out key information”…..Better to say The Obama administration are F&^King liars and did so for political reasons. Why does the MSM assume we’re a bunch of sponges ready to absorb up all their [email protected]*t. CNN still trying to be soft on this story

  • Tanner Boyle

    You know it’s bad when CNN is reporting it.

  • Patriot077

    Not to hijack the thread but Nonie Darwish is speaking with Alan Carumba about the current ME. The 2nd one is particularly interesting – she sounds very frightened of what she sees and hears. (She was raised in the ME but is a Christian) http://www.wnd.com/2012/10/truth-is-no-1-enemy-of-islam/

    • Nonie Darwish is a hero. Excellent article, thanks for the link Patriot. And on that note, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzhtMPU0Uts&feature=youtube_gdata_player

      Is it time for pitchforks yet?

      • Patriot077

        Nothing makes me madder than to hear our founding history excised and adulterated! The lie of Jefferson and their book really burns my biscuits! I’ve purchased quite a few history books and I suspect they will be the most valuable possession my son will inherit.

        Brigette Gabriel wrote of them trying to establish a “first presence” in our country by way of the Iroquois. I’d say their bima logo is evidence of that. Yes. Pitchforks.

        • I agree Patriot. I’ve got a few good history books too, which I’m teaching my boy from. He’ll get no crappy, pc, revised history from me!
          I didn’t work my butt off coming to this beautiful country and learn all I have about it for some muslim loving marxist commie to trash it. Dang, I’ve got more burnin’ than biscuits!

  • And will the mainstream media do anything about it? I doubt it. Even with dead Americans, we can still see how corrupt the mainstream media is. Americans deserve better than this. Hope this convinces more people that we need to make a real change on November 6 and throw Obama out of office.

  • odin147

    No worries the debate tomorrow will sweep this issue under the rug as well, just like all the other cover ups, this whole 4 yrs has been one massive cover up by SSM and the one.

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      Are you in a time zone ahead of ours in the U.S. (noticed you said tomorrow about the debate)? If not, you may want to know the debate is scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 3rd and it looks like it’s to start at 9 P.M. eastern standard time.

  • FreeManWalking

    I thought this event would have legs from the get go. Embassy attacked and tourched on 9/11 four Americans murdered and the zer0 in charge blames youtube.

    He must have a blame book that he can turn to the right page for any situation. Most refer to page 1 ITS BUSH’S FAULT, but no doubt it is a very thick book.

  • Obama is obviously covering up this foreign policy fiasco disaster, for not just political diplomatic purposes, but for his more insidious odious pro-arab islamic muslim / anti-Israeli agenda and goal.

    To this end, the govt, ie; Obama, thus his cronies, henchmen, and stooges- ie; Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, etc, all march to Obama’s orders of projecting his pro-islamic muslim / anti-Israeli biased talking points, to ensure and reinforce in the media, his political narrative.

    As for Susan Rice and her lies, she says her lies openly and without hesitation, because she is a 100% Obama stooge- an Obama racist bigoted anti-semitic parrot apostle who walks, talks, acts, and thinks Obamaology, 24/7-365. That’s the what and why of Ms. Susan Rice, who is in every sense and very essence of the meaning of the words henchman, crony, and stooge.

    To CNN, I give credit for at least they have tried taken on their role as actual media journalists like they are supposed to- to be objective, to report the truth, and not biased for whatever political reason, in covering this story of political cover-up and corruption by Obama.. as we have seen in past few weeks from the rest of the MSM- ie; complicit pravda propagandist puppets for this anti-semitic, anti-Israeli rogue regime.

  • las1

    Oh CNN… (facepalm)

    CNN is shocked… SHOCKED… they telz us…

    Too late… two weeks too late in fact.

    Who are they trying to kid?


  • FreeManWalking

    The Attack on U.S. Consulate in Libya = 0b0’s Trickle Down Destruction…

    • …trickling sledgehammers

      • FreeManWalking

        if it this was a GOP administration it would have been Sledgehammers; 29 days not so much, mostly it has been a youtube video… Except for TRS and Breitbart.

        I think CNN is afraid al jazeera will SCOOP them on the attacks like Uni-Vision did with Fast&Furious.

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      Isn’t it more like a deluge? :0(

  • Welcome to the party. Better late than never….

  • loriannringold

    It’s all well and good that they are finally telling this story. CNN is acting like this is some sort of “breaking news”. They said “the day after the attack their sources said it was a pre-planned attack.” Well welcome to Planet Earth. We already knew that and they are acting like they are breaking a story. The thing that gets me is Why do they let the administration officials off the hook when they are on their show. Why do they not press the issue and call them out on this crap. It is a scandal. The President should be impeached for not protecting our official and 3 other Americans and I will never trust this Administration on anything they say EVER!!!!!!!!! They can all go to hell as far as I am concerned and I am sure the families of the fallen feel the same way and any real American feels this way, too. God Bless the United States of America and our Military because our Administration has left them high and dry.
    Lori Ann Ringold

    • kong1967

      Probably a mix of not wanting to make him look bad and they also don’t want to become one of the media outlets that get ignored by the WH….like Fox. You will rarely see anyone from the WH go there, and Obama would rather get into a pit full of rattle snakes.

      • loriannringold

        You are so right. Obama knows he will be asked tough questions on Fox so he avoids them for obvious reasons. I mean, he would not be “eye candy” on Fox. But, lately Fox has been very disappointing. They have been letting Obama get away with crap and not pushing and investigating like they should.

        • kong1967

          That sucks. I haven’t noticed, but I haven’t been watching as much as I should.

        • ali3nation

          I wouldn’t count on Fox to do anything earth shattering, they are pretty pusillanimous themselves. Maybe Alex Jones heh.


    Is CNN still on the air?

    I heard on MSNBC that OBAME fired all of them for calling him a DUFUS last year and not following his new ideas about what to put on the air.

    Something about a GRAND BARGAIN and our credit went to FFF+, and OBUMMER took a nap and missed THE call from SPEAKER Beohner while Bebi was waiting in the basement because O-BLAME-O was blaming BUSH for everything.

    Gee, that Mad Cow boy sure is smart and keeps me informed with what I need to know
    when I go to vote for that cool PREZI that killed OSAMA with his bare hands while taking on those nasty Republicans who hate the poor.

    Oh, I heard the world loves us TOO from Chrissy Matthews,
    so take that you FOX loving t-baggers. /sarc

    • kong1967

      Lol, you’re pretty funny.

  • Sandra123456

    We have to get Romney elected. Then the prosecutions can begin.

    As it stands now, nothing will happen or change as long as Obama is President. The Obama leg humpers in the MSM will cover his rear and nothing will happen or change.

    God help us all if Obama is re-elected.

    • kong1967

      Although I like your comment, I don’t believe there will be any prosecutions.

      • Sandra123456

        You are right. Prosecutions would be racist.

        “Benghazi Was Obama’s 3 a.m. Call”

        “The hour is 5 p.m., Sept. 11, Washington time, and the scene is an Oval Office meeting among President Obama, the secretary of defense, the national security adviser and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi has been under assault for roughly 90 minutes…

        …There was no serious consideration at that hour of intervention with military force, officials said. Doing so without Libya’s permission could represent a violation of sovereignty and inflame the situation, they said.”

        I guess they didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.


        • kong1967

          Holy crap. At first I thought you were setting up a hypothetical 3 a.m. call…until I read the article.

          Obama is a threat to our national security, our freedoms, our sovereignty, our way of life, and probably anything you can think of that is destructive. He puts himself first in every single situation. His ideology over our Constitution, his reputation over the truth about security, his want for illegal votes over our sovereignty and laws, his want for non-existent alternative energy over our ability to survive on a cheap gallon of gas, and on and on and on.

          He is the worst President ever. I think he’s President of Venezuala, because he sure isn’t our American President. Hate is too soft of a word for how I feel about him. Nice guy my a$$!

    • ali3nation

      For sure we are gonna be in deep if he gets reelected but if Romney prevails, and I really do think he will, he is going to be in for a tough haul. There will likely be all sorts of Union strikes, just look at what is happening ( they deserve it ) to American Airlines. You don’t think the rows of seats on three different 757s came loose coincidentally do you, the pilots and the service unions are not happy. Strikes, urban unrest ( read black ghetto riots when the food stamps lean out ) and all sorts of political sabotage. The only way the new administration could possibly mitigate that would be to put the prior resident of the White House under intense scrutiny and keep them on the defensive and perhaps limit the damage they will try to do. If Obama loses, Hillary may get cross eyed looking at 2016. And in any case President Romney and the miserable scourge we call “Congress” will have to face reality and back us off the unavoidable fiscal abyss. Keep watching Spain and Greece for the preview.

  • drphibes

    I wonder if any of these counter-reports will impact the electorate. The Univision thing has potential, since they are the big network for Latinos and might shave a point off their support.

    • kong1967

      That’s what I was thinking, but Obama has avoided getting any of the blame directed at him. Of course, I still blame him because it’s pretty obvious he knew, so maybe hispanics will be the same way.

  • Aikalo80

    Wow, just saw John Elway is endorsing Romney/Ryan, and NY Jets owner says its more important for Romney to win than the jets….wow! I would be pissed if I was a jets fan LOL..jk

  • I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m starting to like CNN…

    • kong1967

      Me, too. I’m sure that’s what they are after….to get their ratings out of the tank.

      Come to think of it, since they are so late with the story it’s probably because they can’t ignore it any more because Obama’s lies are becoming well known about.

  • tshtsh

    Even the 24-hour narrative is protection. What kind of intelligence gathering is a day late and a dollar short–that is old news not intelligence? The Obama administration deliberately avoided Intelligence briefing in order to sacrifice the ambassador with “plausible deniability”. They probably had to drag the turd-in-chief to receive the ambassador’s body not that he hid his animosity.

  • badnewzbearz

    Looks like CNN figured out that being MSNBC-lite and kissing Barry’s ass are not the way to get ratings. Random acts of journalism are always welcome.

  • WordsFailMe

    Obama is no Alexander nor even a Schwarzkopf. He’s barely even a Beetle Bailey.

    The plans to exploit the Mo-Ham video for the 911 celebrations had already been laid and Obama’s strategy was to keep telling the story of innate evils inherent in a country where free speech is protected while the embassies burned.

    Essentially it was the same strategy planned for fast and furious where Obama would have apologized to the Mexicans for the actions of avaricious American gun sellers who went out of control under and outdated notion of the citizen’s “right to bear arms.”

    Obama will be remembered in history as America’s Idi Amin.

    But that is not to say that Obama is entirely stupid. He simply is no general. He has no imagination and, with a corresponding lack of intellectual resource, he cannot “see” the battlefield. He cannot alter strategy under fire. He’s still telling the video story the day after Hillary and others have admitted it was a planned attack. He’s like a mule, a donkey, a jackass.

  • anneinarkansas

    Slowly, slowly a few of the media are waking up.
    Now how about Congress?
    And more importantly, how about the American voter?

  • Sober_Thinking

    CNN Is a day late… now they are in damage control mode.

    The WH is guilty…

  • Kelly60

    The hypocrisy of it all….wow, just wow

  • stage9

    Better LATE than never eh CNN? This news is SO a week ago!

  • Better late than never I guess. Hope they can catch up with the rest of the world sometime soon.

  • steprock

    Reporters should be naturally curious and suspicious of others.

    – Outbreak of fighting just happens on 9-11 at random?
    – Rioters manage to kill a US ambassador out of sheer luck?
    – No Marines on guard?
    – Now we hear there were advanced warnings?

    A blind man could tell that something is up! I have smelled a rat from Day One and I expect a response from my government.

  • Nery Maschio

    I am shocked to see CNN reporting the truth what I am going to check if it’s snowing balls of fire.

  • gunclinger

    This is really great!

    I’m talking about the stirring and powerful video, “Voices Without a Vote.”

    Produced in San Diego County by local college students, and local high schoolers…..can you believe it?….in California!

    This 3-minute, professional-quality video is perfect to share across the nation with family, friends and everyone in between!

    Have sound on and view on “full screen”…well worth your time!


  • Army_Pilot1967

    It was a total and blatant cover-up by the obama administration. What a corrupt and shameful administration. Someone should be punished for refusing security to the American Embassy in Libya due to the deaths of four American citizens and probably the complete destruction of the embassy!

  • CitizenVetUSA

    So CNN it wasn’t a Rogue Girl Scout Troup like the obama puppets reported?

  • whoops2005

    Well this should leave all 4 CNN viewers very confused.

  • DebbyX

    Is this the same CNN we’ve all grown to known and not watch?