Uh oh. Sen. Bill Nelson and Rep. DWS are criticizing the Obama admin over visa granted to Castro’s daughter

I love it. Obama is becoming even more toxic to his own party. First the gay-marriage announcement turns off voters in Florida and now the Obama administration granting a visa to Castro’s daugther has caused Democrats Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Bill Nelson to stand with Republicans in the opposition to this move by the Obama admin:

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  • This is a baaaaaaaaaad week for Obama…… And therefore a great week for me!

    • RIGHT!!!! LOL!

    • G_unitttt

      and a bad 3.5 years for America

    • XXIIFan

      May he have many, many more between now and November.

      • warpmine

        May he slip on a discarded banana peel dropped from Moochelle.

  • I never EVER thought I’d agree with DWS or Nelson on anything. But they’ve got a lot of Cubans in their districts- they’ve got to be feeling a lot of heat for this.

    • kong1967

      DWS still tried to justify it by pointing the finger at Bush.

      • steprock

        Which is ironic since Dems overwhelmingly loathe GW Bush. Why then, would she justify it by saying her mortal enemy did it too?

        • kong1967

          Good point. They have done it several times in the past on other issues, too. “George Bush did it, too”. Probably to try to head of conservative complaints, although there’s always a vast difference between what Bush did and Obama did.

      • Yeah I noticed she felt the dire need to throw that in.

        • kong1967

          She knew she couldn’t defend Obama on this one, so she let it fly.

    • keninil

      You know if DWS is on the other side of an issue from Obama, he is in deep doo-doo!!

  • Sober_Thinking

    Divided they fall… united we’ll prevail. I hope they become as unraveled as the GOP was in 2008. And I hope they suffer over their impending loss like America did when the amateur-and-chief was elected.

    • 6ele9

      The Democrats will be sickened over their loss to the GOP, but at least they will benefit from a rational, and sane administration that loves AMERICA.

  • tinker_thinker

    I’d like to think it’s because they really care but, hey, they are up for reelection right now.

    • Who cares! Enjoy it while it lasts!

    • keninil

      This goes to show that DWS and Nelson do have a clue what minorities make up their constituencies. You would never know by their votes they ever had their constituents best interest at heart.

  • sDee

    I suspect the irony is lost on them in criticizing a Marxist regime for giving a visa to the daughter of a marxist dictator.


      That is exactly their ploy.

  • kong1967

    DWS? Surprising, but she did try to justify it none-the-less.


      Not surprising at all. See my comment above.

      • kong1967

        Yeah, just like when that blue-dog Democrat congressman or senator (sorry, I’m drawing a blank on who it was) that voted yes on Obamacare because Obama said he would pass an executive order not allowing government to pay for abortions. All he wanted was a way to cover his own butt with a lie. It was a joke and his voters weren’t dumb enough to buy it.

        • Bernie Sanders? Or maybe I’m thinking of somthing else.

          • kong1967

            Good try, but…no. He was in the spotlight because he was a holdout on Obamacare and he eventually caved. It doesn’t really matter, but I hate it when I draw blanks.

        • MLCBLOG

          I am grateful for a course I had in school that taught about simple propaganda. More people should become aware of these tactics. It is very plain when you know them. Bait-and-switch, take the lesser position to look less extreme, etc., etc. Prop 101.

        • freenca

          Think you mean Bart Stupak, the supposed pro-lifer that acceded to vote it in on a promise that BO would executive-order the issue out of Obamacare totally. BO really didn’t fool the people on that promise, just stupe Stupak.

          • kong1967

            Thank you….and keninil. I don’t think Stupak even believed it because executive orders are easily dropped. He figured his constituents might buy it and he was wrong.

        • keninil

          Stupak (MI) amendment, he retired b/c he couldn’t face the electorate.

          • kong1967

            Thanks. My memory isn’t what it once was. Thankfully there are plenty of intelligent people here, lol.

  • Nukeman60

    I would love to see Debbie Whatshername Shmuck trying to read her talking points from Obama. Every other line would have to be crossed out. Point number one, darn that hurts my reelection. Okay, point number two, darn that won’t help me either. Point number three, okay now what do I do. I know, I’ll side with the Republicans while in Florida and when I’m in DC, maybe they won’t notice the switch. Duh.

    Dum, dum, dum another one bites the dust. Or is it just another brick in the wall. Either way, it’s all crumbling. Somebody built their house on the sand, didn’t they? lol.

    • freenca

      High tide is on the way!


    Are you kidding me? They are delighted to “stand with the Republicans,” Oh, that’s right “be forced to stand with the Republicans.” This is a typical propaganda technique.

    It allows them to look moderate. They pick a safe issue that they know is extremely popular and then take a stance of (mock) outrage when they do not really feel that way at all. Politics. Propaganda. Pure and simple.

  • GreenBeretWay

    In an hour or so DWS will be putting out a video on YouTube to “Clarify” her comments just like Corey Booker.

    If Obama had a Cuban son he would look just like Castro’s daughter.

    • LOL

      • NYGino

        Hi ABC, you’re looking SuperDuckie today! Any new super powers you want to tell us about or are you saving them for a surprise on Lex Liberal. If you need a sidekick you know where to find me. Love it!

        • LOL Green Lantern Duckie and the ever faithful Gino the Judomaster 😀 We’re a couple of members of the Justice Society of America eh! 😀

          • NYGino

            Truth, justice and the conservative way!

    • Mechan8

      LOL! good one Green Beret…that made me laugh…

  • Put FLORIDA in Romney’s corner !

    Way to go, Barry !

  • Thanks Obama for the South Florida ads. You can kiss Florida goodbye, Barry.

    • keninil

      Maybe we can kiss (yuk!) DWS good bye too !!

  • NJK

    Obama and those who’ve covered for his lies, and treason, have shamed this country so much. So have the people that voted for him. The damage you’ve done to this country is immeasurable. You’ve bought so much shame on America.

    Didn’t Gloria Estaban have Zero for dinner in the past? God, make it stop. I read today, that he gave film makers classified information about the alleged Bin Laden killing. Given them tours of classified places, etc.

    And we are ridiculed and condemned when we dare ask him to prove his birthplace? How unreasonable of us. Especially after he’s said himself he was born in Kenya. Oh, that’s right, the communists working under the communist Neil Abercrombie, today confirmed they have a valid Obama birth certificate, to the AZ SOS. Gee, I feel better. I’m supposed to believe Neil Abercrombie who has friends like Tom Hayden, Ayers, Dohrn, Obama, etc. He said he has one, that’s all that matters. Won’t show it, said he couldn’t find it last year, but now, all is well. And Peter King is shocked that classified information is being given to people? Shocked? How can he be shocked? How?

  • NJK


  • stevenbiot

    Although, we do kiss China’s a$$. Makes perfect sense.

  • poljunkie

    Debbie Wasserman Shultz must have lost her Cliff Notes, it’s really not like her to go off script.

  • NYGino

    Have the North and South poles started to change places? First Batman comes out of the closet and now DWS mixes up her meds and takes a shot of testosterone and actually says this? Of course she lives in little Cuba so it’s a CYA statement but I predict that within a few hours she will be doing a mean moonwalk after a phone call or two.

    Speaking of Batman, what’s the deal with him and Robin? How old is Robin anyway? Is Batman a pedophile?

    • keninil

      I think if DWS would have backed the visa, she would have been looking at retirement come Nov.

  • tvlgds

    With any luck, he’ll implode enough by Nov that he’ll join Jimmy Carter in the abyss of worst presidents evers

    • NYGino

      Jimmy Carter is Thomas Jefferson compared to Obama.

  • WordsFailMe

    Wasserman and Nelson may be the next Obama “Bus Bunnies.”

    Chuck’em Barry!

  • nehemiahreturns

    Sleeping with our enemies is what Obama does best. He’s selling us out at every turn to the Russians, the Chinese, the Islamists, and now this. Lord help us.

  • hongryhawg

    It may be that the pretender’s handlers have assured him that the election is in the bag so there is no reason for him to do anything but pretend campaigning. Voter Fraud is alive and well with these criminals and no one does thuggery better. I’m concerned about this:
    I’ve heard nothing about this from the msm. Can anyone shed some light?