UNBELIEVABLE: N.C. teacher yells at student for asking question about Obama, just after she criticized Romney

This is the most uneducated, absurd audio I think I’ve ever heard from a teacher. In response to a short discussion on Romney having ‘bullied’ a student when he was in high school, a student in the North Rowan High School class suggested that Obama was also a bully in grade school. The teacher then yelled at the student for criticizing Obama because he’s a sitting president. But the student argued that they are both equal, that they are both men and that if you are going to criticize one side, you have to criticize the other. But the teacher argued the opposite, saying that they were not equal because Obama IS the president and Romney is simply running for president, and because of that we can’t say anything bad about Obama but we can about Romney. This teacher, who sounds African American based on the audio, even tried to make the case that saying bad things about a sitting president will get you arrested. Yeah, I’m not kidding.

According to the school system, this unidentified teacher still remains in the classroom.
You just have to hear this audio:

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  • Your country’s finest teaching our children. Pay up Sucka!

    • kong1967

      Lol, and we have the most expensive school system in the world by far. This is what our money pays for.

      • toongoon

        It costs a heck a of a lot of money to keep responsible administrators off of the school boards.

        • kong1967

          True. That begs the question….how did our school system get flooded with liberals? My explanation would be that conservatives look for a better job and liberals want to indoctrinate people into liberalism (because we all know they can’t win in the arena of ideas).

          • Colonel Neville

            “Yo cannot criticize Obama cus heeiz thar Prezzydent and he’s half black. Whut ah say goes cuz I’m half witted and you are juz chillen who WILL conform to the current left liberal Democrat truth. Now ah don’t warnt ya noticin’ the hilarious tragic irony of a teacher bullyin’ children while attackin’ Mitt for one teen bullying an’ lauding The Obamessiah fer hiz magnificent and necessary bullying n’ thuggery career fer thar common good. No questions? Eggsarlent then…”

            No, really. Colonel Neville.

            • kong1967

              Very funny (as I hold up a score card of “10”).

            • Colonel*** You sound like you had the same teacher*You sure did not learn any thing*********** Lisa

          • CalCoolidge

            Because to a liberal, their job IS politics. Hence, they are attracted to writing, editing, news reporting and teaching job – to every microphone and bully pulpit.

            And the ones who get there first, become organizers to make sure the message isn’t interrupted.

      • It seems a bit of a stretch to demonize over 2 million teachers for ignorance of one teacher.

        • jgilman1

          One teacher? Have you read the news lately? This crap shows up just about every day. How many did we see in Madison last year getting fake doctors notes and bringing students with them.

        • kong1967

          I don’t believe I ever did that. I had good teachers for the most part, but a few were dumber than rocks.

          The problem isn’t with the majority of teachers. It’s the unions, the system, and some of the government mandated curriculum. You can’t get rid of bad teachers for nothin’.

          I also don’t blame the teachers for the low grades students get. Parents need to be more involved with their kids, and many kids go to school with the intention of living it up with their friends and not to learn. I think giving money to schools based on grades and grade improvements is a really stupid idea. Teachers cheat because if kids don’t wanna learn they don’t wanna learn.

          There was a case of a school allowing kids to pay $20 for an ‘A’ on tests. Teachers have grouped the smartest kids with the dumbest (or most disengaged) students and give them all the same grade (knowing that the ‘A’ students will carry the ‘D’ students). It’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of and it’s a way to skirt the requirements.

        • K-Bob

          What would be a better number?

        • Tzinn

          No stretch…teachers belong to unions, and teachers can do anything under the sun, with the union’s blessings.

    • Susanna958

      They teachin yo chiluns. Get it right.

      • Susanna958

        And, if I’m not mistaken, they are BOTH candidates. That Texas prisoner is giving Obama a run for his money.

  • Holy smokes! She was, in the words of my dear husband, getting more than a bit radical here. I thought education was supposed to promote free thought and ideas… OH right, that’s my homeschool. This is gumbmint school. Lord have mercy, I wonder what she thought of the treatment of GW? She denied that when the student brought that up. And hey lady, there’s a big diff between making a movie about assassinating a sitting president as they did with GW, and asking a question about dear leader pushing a little girl down and laughing at her. She keeps on that he’s dissing dear leader- since when was asking questions or pointing out a truth dissing someone?! She’s unbelievable- and I imagine there’s a whole lot more of these teaching this country’s kids.
    I’m so glad I homeschool.

    • Nukeman60

      She reminds me a lot of Geraldo who once said to O’Reilly, ‘When Bush was my President, I backed him 110%. Now Obama is my president, so I back him 110%.’

      What a load of crappola. The Constitution itself tells us to ‘throw the bums out’ (my words, of course) if they go against ‘we, the people’. I wonder, as a Social Studies teacher, if she ever had to read the Constitution. I doubt it.

      • I have to agree with you. I looked at my Constitution and nowhere in there could I find that it said Geraldo Rivera gets to tell everyone which Washington Politician we have to support. (At 110% – NO LESS! … Yikes!)

        No. In fact, I’m pretty sure it said the exact opposite.

        Honestly, I don’t know what to tell you about Geraldo. Evidently, there are days this boy thinks he gets to play God or something …

        • Nukeman60

          I’m pretty sure it’s not God that he emulates. Just guessing.

        • Tzinn

          Geraldo is an embarrasment to journalism. Remember Al Capone’s cave….made him look like the total ass that he is. I loved watching him allegedly running under fire in one of his Middle East news reports. I got news…when they’re shooting at you, you try to vanish into the soil.

      • kong1967

        If the student asked her I can imagine her saying “what dat?”.

      • FreeManWalking

        Broken down is 10% Her rah dough, and 100% BS.

    • toongoon

      The left is still trying erase obummers past even if he himself was the one who admitted it.

    • kong1967

      I didn’t have a problem with indoctrination in my public school (3A…pretty small). This area is very conservative and teachers didn’t try to tell us what to think.

      • Galatiansch2vs20

        I had a professing Christian teacher at small public school in the mountains who fought to get values clarification into the classroom (where they encourage you to disregard your parents and it feels good to you, do it). My parents pulled me out and I started home schooling before she could start the course.

        Before that, I had a parent who, along with classmate(s) who worked with her on the project who got marked down on a paper because he didn’t think it went far enough in describing how certain dancing wound up with young people in the bedroom. I wonder if any of your public school teachers was indoctrinating you in ways you didn’t even realize.

        • kong1967

          I took a few minutes and thought through all the teachers I could remember. No, I don’t think any of them tried to indoctrinate. My third grade teacher did give us little pieces of paper with points on them to represent money. You collected these with respect to your grades and after so much time we could buy toys with them. That’s not a bad thing, because it teaches you the capitalist system and earning your money.

          Other than that, no one mentioned politics or ideology other than the government and social studies teachers….and they didn’t push any agendas. Straight out of the textbooks. If there was an agenda it was in the textbooks themselves, and that’s getting to be a real problem now.

          • Galatiansch2vs20

            I believe there is an agenda in textbooks… I recall in homeschooling one year, they had me use a really old history book, for example, because of the agenda in later ones.

    • ApplePie101

      It’s a fight or flight response to being asked a question she can’t answer, in front of the whole class, no less. Competent teachers welcome questions. She is clearly incompetent.

      • Galatiansch2vs20

        I had a teacher in second grade. I was very inquisitive and asked so many questions, she told me “My desk is closed”. So, my parents got me out of her classroom if I remember right.

    • las1

      If the Obama worshipers are this strident non-stop… all-the-time…. 24-7… imagine what the Anti-Christ worshipers will be like when he arrives on the scene…


      • Nukeman60

        You sure you’re not just being redundant? Poe-tay-toe, Pah-tah-toe.

      • Excellent point… I don’t plan on being around to witness that though 😉

        • las1

          ABiC …What makes you think you won’t be around? I know… I know… the rapture.

          I sent this to 12Grace, but he/she never responded, so I encourage you to watch this link below … a talk by Stan Johnson.

          I’ve been a Christian thirty six years and was taught as a matter of faith that a pre-trib rapture is a fact. Funny thing though, I could never ever see it as a fact given the scriptural verses used to support and justify it. But I just tossed my doubts off to my missing something, or my not being “spiritual” enough. I am now convinced that not only is a pre-trib rapture NOT true, but it became very clear to me that it was a dangerous heresy to boot if one puts a small bit of thought into it.

          Stan Johnson in this video doesn’t even go into where the pre-trib Rapture theology came from. It’s a mid 19thC end-times theology that made it’s way into the United States via the Scofield Anotated Bible. Scofield got the idea from the revivals in the British Isles via the visions of Margaret Macdonald. She was a Scottish “prophetes of the Catholic Apostolic Sect who had a prophecy of a “secret” rapture before the Coming of Christ. There is some evidence it originated even before that by Catholics to counter the charge that the a Pope would be the Anti-Christ. But the Church Fathers never taught the pre-tribulation rapture… it was unheard of.

          The rest is history… the pre-tribulation rapture theology is now mainstream evangelical dogma glued even more firmly into the evangelical mind by the “Left Behind” stories. If you are Christian and speak against the pre-trib rapture… watch out!

          I do apologize that it is more than two hours long… so watch it in segments to get through… and Stan Johnson does speak fast as well. Just ignore the hokey 1980’s opening credits and intro.

          If, like me, you contradict the pre-rapture theology… you can expect a lot of heat.

          Nuff said… I’ll put up my umbrella waiting for the downpour.

          • Wow, that’s a mouthful my friend. I haven’t watched this yet, but I promise to. I’ve heard many arguments against pre trib rapture, heard plenty of arguments for post and mid. I’ll watch the video when I can, but it most likely won’t change my views about it (I’ll tell you why in a minute)- I just don’t want to lose any friends over it, as even if I’m wrong in what I believe, I know that some day I will be with Jesus, even if He gets here later than I hope. Now, why do I believe in pre Trib, and does this mean we won’t go through any of the nasty stuff? Because the nasty stuff is going to be the wrath of God. His judgment on the nations and the time of the redemption of Israel.

            What is the Bride of Christ? His believers right? His church- the believers on Christ, born again of the Holy Spirit. I can not believe that Christ would have His bride go through a time of wrath. What groom would have his bride punished before their wedding?

            For they themselves shew of us what manner of entering in we had unto you, and how ye turned to God from idols to serve the living and true God;
            And to wait for his Son from heaven, whom he raised from the dead, even Jesus, which delivered us from the wrath to come
            1 Thessalonians 1:9,10

            God has always rescued His before a time of judgment and wrath. Just as He did with Noah and his family, Lot and his family, Rahab… He will rapture His own out of the world before the time of Antichrist as well.

            Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth. Revelation 3:10

            Jesus promised His believers He would come again and take them with Him. Why would He wait until His believers suffer along with the non believers through the time of tribulation?

            Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me.
            In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.
            And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.

            We’re living in the age of Grace, the Church age. Once this age ends, then the final age of Israel, the final 7 years of Daniel’s prophecies will resume, so there is no need for the church to be around at that time. Jesus told us to watch for the signs of His coming, and those signs have been happening as birth pangs since Israel’s rebirth as a nation.

            There’s more, but that’s the main points which make sense to me. My salvation doesn’t hinge on my belief in the pre tribulation rapture though, which I’m glad for, because no matter which of us are right or wrong those of us who believe in Him for our salvation will be with Him whether it’s soon as I believe, or later as post trib believers think. 🙂

            • las1

              I read your response … twice to make sure I didn’t misunderstand anything (that happens a lot… my wife says so… actually she says I don’t listen… I prefer to think of it as me not understanding). I think, correct me if I am wrong, I think you believe in a pre-trib rapture. I could be mistaken, but I think that’s where you are coming from. (I’m playing with you there ABiC).

              Watch the video (should take about two weeks… snicker) then we can have a good Beck-n-fourth.

              Nothing of what you said, argues in favor of a pre-trib rapture… imho. In fact, when you watch the vid… and come back to me after with your boxing gloves… and me and my gun… it’ll be like shooting ducks in a barrel. So bring your raincoat and your sou’wester … see here…. http://www.horselands.co.nz/imagecache/ii_1_1445_6.jpg cause you’ll be as red in the face as this guy is… it’s pink actually… nice shade I’d say… cause after I’m done shootin’ ducks… it’ll be mighty wet.

              So is it a date? You and me… no minister/chaperone… You and me… cause it’s gonna get ugly… well maybe we can ask Rshill7… he’s always good for a laugh.

              Hear from you soon. Your friend las1

              • Rshill7

                ABC has presented a few reasons for her belief in pretribulation rapture but all you have presented is a video that nobody wants to watch. How’s about present your case Biblically, in a nutshell, then we can crack it open and perhaps feed some squirrels with it?

                You kinda’ pushed ABC off the porch here friend. She was sitting there comfortably drinking a glass of sun tea. Now the tea is on her blouse and she’s on the ground with a twisted ankle. Why didst thou do thus? I think you hurt her feelings. Your mood is a bit strange here too.

                I do not have a hard and fast adherence to pre, present or post tribulation, nor would I argue from any position, the angels on the head of a pin thing. I would be interested (but not from the video) why you would be so adamantly not pretrib rapture. Can you not do that in a couple of paragraphs? In English? Yiddish would be acceptable also.

                • I can do Yiiddish! 🙂

                • Rshill7

                  Here is a pretty good pro-pretribulation rapture page to bolster your position sister.
                  I like it: http://www.raptureready.com/rr-pre-trib-rapture.htm

                  It also seeks to debunk many of the thoughts and positions that las holds, including that Margaret Macdonald business 🙂

                • I’ve been to that site before. It is a good one. I’ve been watching the video that las1 suggested, but I’ll reply to him about that. Let me just say, I also have been doing a little research into Stan Johnson, and well, I don’t think I’ll be reading anything by him. Thanks mybear 🙂

                • StandingGround

                  Good points made by Rs7. It’s a day later, but I still wanted to support you guys on this one.

                  When you were challenged to watch and comment on a 2+hr video, I decided I wanted to see who this preacher is and how he comes across. I agree with Rs7 that people that are presenting a theology would be better served by giving it in their own words rather than sending us to a video. But I decided to go with a guarded but open mind to hear the preacher’s viewpoint. This is my interpretation of the parts I heard him say:

                  At mark# 13:20 before he spent 10 minutes explaining why he was wrong on Y2K (as las1 mentioned). Many “prophets” were really mere humans and missed it on this one. But it was the first red flag for me.

                  Then we were on to mark# 33:00 where he appeared to throw out a fleece to see if it was God’s will that this message be promoted. He made good points on how we should be sure we are in His perfect will in ministry, but I questioned his methods in this particular instance. He said he told God out loud through a prayer with his wife for God to have people call him if it was God’s will……To me, we have to be careful with prayers that ask for specifics – angels and devils can act on a “request” like this. So this wasn’t really proof to me. Flag two.

                  I stopped around mark# 38. I couldn’t get on board with his reasoning. He seemed to insist Christians must endure the tribulation as a purging of real and non-real believers, wheat and chaff. So, the way I understood it, end-time Christians are required to go through an intense and torturous testing period in order to finally make it to heaven? Not that we are not tried and tested as we walk this earth, I believe we are, but somehow the latter day Christians must have another layer of horrific trials just to be sure they will stand to the end? If that is the case, it will be about our “works” (or lack thereof) rather than the saving Grace of Jesus Christ and His shed blood. Flag three and I’m out.

                  Whether Mr. Johnson’s theory (gathered through research and/or revelation) is right or wrong, we will all find out eventually. Personally, I lean more towards pre-trib for reasons like you presented, ABC.

                  Regardless of all the interpretations of Scripture, the message should be – we must be sure we have our faith in Jesus, Our Savior, regardless of what we are going through, the good, the bad and the ugly. No matter how long we are on this earth God Almighty loves us and has promised to never leave nor forsake us. Hebrews 13:5b

                  Sure, I pray we go early, but either way, like you, ABC, my confidence is in HIM and not my Will to endure.

                • Well stated Standingground. Some of those were red flags to me as well. But yes, you stated everything much better than I just did so thank you for that. I do hope Jesus comes soon, as John says in the last verses of Revelation: He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.

                  But if He doesn’t come quick, I still pray for strength to last until He does or until I go home to Him.

                • StandingGround

                  I know you were given a big challenge with this one! The only thing I can think of that would be rougher to address is “the unpardonable sin”!!! I’m glad you stepped up to the plate, though. It’s interesting and very inspirational how we each pull different things out when given the same subject.

                  Its all good……iron sharpens iron!

                  Carry On, “Fighting Duck” !

                • Yes! 😀 I like that. Thanks sis!

                • Rshill7

                  Yep, if the Rapture is pre-tribulation how would these verses make any sense, especially the second verse?

                  “But understand this: If the owner of the house had known at what hour the thief was coming, he would not have let his house be broken into. You also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him.” (Luke 12:39-40 NIV)

                  “Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh.” (Matthew 24:44 KJV)

                  So, if the Antichrist must first be revealed, then the tribulation, before the rapture takes place, wouldn’t EVERY Christian be expecting it next, as in, batter-up, you’re next? If las is right, Luke makes no sense here. If las is wrong Luke makes perfect sense here. Hmm, las or luke, las or Luke. las or Matthew, las or Matthew 🙂

                  In addition, Epharaem the Syrian said, in 373 AD, “For all the saints and Elect of God are gathered, prior to the tribulation that is to come, and are taken to the Lord lest they see the confusion that is to overwhelm the world because of our sins.”

                  Margaret Mcdonald was not the first to teach pretribulation rapture…not even close.

                • StandingGround

                  My head is a little twisted….should your first line read “post-trib” rather than “pre-trib”?

                  Its seems the rest of your points (“Hmm, las or luke”) are in support of “pre”….right???

                • Rshill7

                  Fixed it 🙂

                • StandingGround

                  Good points, BTW.

                  “Batter up”…..Funny!

                • Rshill7

                  I can’t be on this thread any more. It literally takes 6 minutes to refresh the page. That is ridiculous. No patience for that. Something’s definitely wrong with this thread. I have cable speed and everything.

                • las1

                  Rshill… I did already outline the origins of the pre-trib doctrine as a starter. Go back and read it if you didn’t see it before. I presented more than a video. I did grapple with trying to post my main arguments, but decided not to. You ask a good question why? Because the subject is huge… and our little threads could not do it justice. I put out the video in lieu as a starter. Viewing it first is a softer introduction to what can be a heated dialogue. implications of this doctrine are profound. After that we could try to write arguments and counter arguments. This is for the future as a topic rshill, if you are willing… and it would probably have to be on the next open thread.

                  Regarding our best lady here ABiC… I was trying to be humourous. I failed… you are much better at it than me. I bow in humble deference.

                  But let me say up front… whether you believe or disbelieve in a rapture has no bearing on our salvation… so we can get that out of the way. ABiC is right on that point.

                  Maybe if Scoop does an open thread all three of us could go at it. You know I don’t just throw URLs out there to prove my point… like our old friend DT. If you asked me to view something, I would gladly do it knowing you would not send me junk.

                • Rshill7


                  Well, this is not a 2 hr video but it seems to poke some convincing holes in some of the things you’ve already said. It’s the same clickable I gave to ABC. One page long.

                  Also, I’ve been a Christian for 41 years, so there! I was already 5 before you were even born…again.

                  No worries, not upset with anyone, just checking up on my friends, which certainly includes thou. It’s like a ‘thou pow wow’.

                • las1

                  All I get is a broken link and a redirection to their main page. Can you direct me from their main page to the article and it’s title.

                • Rshill7


                  I think that’s how it works for heathens, aaahahahaha. A little heathen humor there.
                  Try it now, I laid hands on it.

                • las1

                  Rshill… thanks for this my friend. Man! It’s impossible to make these threads short.

                  Just very quickly I’ll only address one main item from this article by Strandberg that touches on what I said about the origins of the pre-trib theory. Contrary to what Strandberg claims, The Evangelical Church did NOT get its pre-trib doctrine from a few early church statements. I repeat…they got it from Darby and Scofield via a personal revelation of Margaret Macdonald. If credible early sources existed, Evangelicals would use them… but they do not. Evangelicals never use early church fathers to support Pre-Trib. And the ONE real reference they found was dug up by Grant Jeffries.

                  The Strandberg Rapture Ready article only references Ephraem (4th C, quoted by Jeffries). Some support for early church pre-trib theory uses other iffy references by Clement of Alexandria and the Shepherd of Hermas, but they are truly iffy.

                  So in conclusion there exists maybe just one reference from an early church father to bolster pre-trib ideas. This does not bode well for pre-trib doctrine. Contrast that with a veritable host of Church Fathers and latter theologians preparing the Church to endure through the Tribulation. See here… http://earlychurchbelief.blogspot.ca/ . A more more extensive list here… http://www.city-data.com/forum/christianity/575824-what-did-early-church-fathers-say.html .

                  As for the rest of the article…there are a few good arguments from Strandberg that are worthy of discussion, but I don’t believe they justify a pre-trib belief. He relies extensively on erecting straw men … things like a supposed controversy over the meaning of “The Day of the Lord”. Within Bible Prophecy circles… these nuances and definitions are discussed all the time irrespective of any position for or against pre or post-trib rapture discussions. Another assertion he makes is that that post-trib supporters construct a God who is subjecting his people to his “wrath”. Pre-trib supporters use this putative “wrath” argument a lot. The ridiculousness of this assertion is simply a straw man to make it look like a post-trib argument is making of God something He is not. While I understand good hyperbole and good polemics, Strandberg loses me when he simplistically labels his “anti-pre-tribulation” opponents as “tribulation saint wannabees”. It appears to me that subtlety, nuance and integrity of argument tend to go over his head.

                  Strandberg lumps post-trib folks in with liberals. He also fondly labels them as “pre-wrath” as well. And lastly he tars, at great length, his opponents with the “replacement theology” brush. Not only is this an insult, it exposes a malice and bad faith from him which voids any integrity of his arguments! Why doesn’t he just simply call us “racist” and be done with it.

                  I’ll leave this at here for now since the origins of pre-trib ideas was our one sub set in this whole discussion. One thing for sure… this is a HUGE topic.

                  I’ll address ABiC’s comments soon… stay tuned.


                • Rshill7

                  But everyone would be expecting the rapture. It would not be like a thief in the night. It would not be when you least expect Him. It doesn’t make sense. It also ignores the forshadowing clues given in the Old Testament. Also, if the “man of sin” must first be revealed, then no Christian would expect that the rapture could take place today. It just doesn’t make Biblical sense.

                  The Bible does not come out say whether it be pre or post tribulation. There are verses one can use to deduce, and because of those, I’d have to fall
                  on the side of pretribulation. Also, when Christians disappear, that would certainly be enough to kick off some major, worldwide tribulation for sure. I’ve responded via e-mail because that thread/page is too slow to go to.

                • las1

                  Rev 13:17
                  He was given power to make war against the saints and to conquer them. And he was given authority over every tribe, people, language and nation.

                  Daniel 7:21
                  As I watched, this horn was waging war against the saints and defeating them,

                  Daniel 7:25
                  He will speak against the Most High and oppress his saints and try to change the set times and the laws. The saints will be handed over to him for a time, times and half a time. (Which is Muslim time starting from the Hijra 622Ad, the Muslim year 1434, and Shariah Law) Yup… that’s coming as well… great stuff!

                  Revelation 12:17
                  Then the dragon was enraged at the woman and went off to make war against the rest of her offspring–those who obey God’s commandments and hold to the testimony of Jesus.

                  I concur… It’s not my idea of a fun time either. I’d prefer to eat dust from my son’s Sierra, heck even your F150. But instead of God translating the Israelites from Goshen to Canaan… he led them “through” instead and tested them in the wilderness, I think we’re going through. But I’ll be honest with you… I’m not so sure I’m up to it… heck… I know I’m not.

              • Hey las. I watched most of it, only because you asked me to and I didn’t want to come into this without knowing where you were coming from. I have a hard time with Stan Johnson for a number of reasons, and his views on the pre trib rapture. I noticed many things he said which are not true of any pre trib believer I have heard before- the main thought that he seems to keep saying that pre trib believers somehow believe Jesus is coming back as a lamb? as a meek and mild servant? Uh, no. No one, including myself has ever claimed such things. He came the first time as a suffering servant and the Sacrifical Lamb yes, and when He comes again, it will be in all His glory as Lord of Lord and King of Kings, the Lion of the tribe of Judah and Righteous Judge. AND we all agree that He will come the same way as He left, in the clouds where all will see Him, all who are left that is. We don’t claim that the 2nd coming of the Lord is at the time of the rapture- they are two separate events, so everything Johnson claimed there is false.
                His first point talked about the collapse and destruction of America, and that all of us pre tribers will be having some ‘splaining to do when we’re still here when we’ve been claiming to be raptured already before the trouble starts. I have never, nor have I heard anyone else claim that we will be gone before any trouble starts- the time we are talking about is when God’s Wrath comes, not the wars and rumors of wars. Believers have been tested and gone through trials since the begining of the church, but again, that is different than going through God’s Wrath. Again, he is confusing trials with God’s wrath. He seems to think that because of his own problem of spreading a false prophecy and the consequences of that, that those who believe in pre trib are making false prophecies, and that people will fall away because of us. While some may have set times in the past, most pre trib believers have never set dates of when it will happen, nor have we set dates of when Christ will come back- again, two separate events. Seems to me those pitiful people who follow the likes of Y2K, and Harold Camping don’t really know or have studied their Bibles. Which brings me to another point. Johnson claimed that pre trib teachers and believers bear bad fruit, and don’t feel the need to witness or study the Bible. HUH?! Anyone I know who believes in pre trib feels an urgency to share the Gospel because we don’t want anyone to have to face God’s Wrath during the end times. We don’t want to have the chance of people hardening their hearts when God’s judgements come. And I don’t know anyone pre trib who doesn’t feel a need or desire to read the Bible!
                I don’t mean to write a whole book here- this is Scoop’s place, not mine. But a couple more things. He brings up the points that God would have His believers go through the times of Jacob’s trouble for testing us, to separate the believers from the ‘fair weather’ believers. Again, he is confusing trials and testing with judgment and wrath, the Bride of Christ is not going to suffer His judgments and wrath. Again- precursors for the removal of His own is seen with Noah, Lot and Rahab. Precursors for the rapture can be seen with the “removal” of Enoch and Elijah.
                He brings up scriptures from Daniel to try and prove that God’s chosen will be going through the tribulation. He seems to fail to mention that Israel is God’s chosen people, and that the end times are described as the time of Jacob’s trouble. That’s because the church age, the age of grace will be over, and the time of Israel’s redemption will have been resumed. It will be a time for God’s people to come to know Jesus as their messiah- as witnessed to NOT by the church, but by 144,000 Jewish witnesses who will be specially sealed by God for that specific purpose. Billions will come to Christ during the tribulation time, and THAT is the harvest which is written about.
                OK, I’ve said enough for now. Your turn. 🙂

                • las1

                  Ok… I’ll get back to youz guyz… it’s Victoria Day here… a stat holiday… so the backyard pool becons…. respond tomorrow.

                • I forgot lol! Happy Victoria Day! 🙂

                • las1

                  P.S. It’s 29 degrees C here (that’s 84 degrees F in American speak) and the pool’s getting up to a nice heat. Prince Charles and Camilla are here too. But it’s raining in RS land and my umbrella is definitely up… so I’z gotz my homework to do with you and Rshill. Catch you both tomorrow.

                • las1

                  P.S. It’s 29 degrees C here (that’s 84 degrees F in American speak) and the pool’s getting up to a nice heat. Prince Charles and Camilla are here too. But it’s raining in RS land and my umbrella is definitely up… so I’z gotz my homework to do with you and Rshill. Catch you both tomorrow.

                • Rshill7

                  Very nice. I’m glad you put those “precursers” in there. Types and shadows, foreshadowing as it were. Like with Noah, Enoch, Lot etc. There is a lot of that in the Bible.

                  Now I have to get up and work for an hour. Yucky!

                • las1

                  I can’t leave for two minutes without youz two cookin’ somit up.

                  Catch you tomorrow as well… or maybe later if my wife puts me to work in the garden. Maybe I’ll be raptured out beforehand that way I won’t have to work in the garden… lol

                • las1

                  Hey Aby Icee (ABiC)…
                  I’ll still get back to you on this, as you took a lot of time to write some good stuff. I’m kinda swamped with other stuff right now.. so give me a couple days… I will make a promise to you however… no more 2 and a half hour videos. That’s a good definition of “tribulation”.

            • nibblesyble

              Well done!

            • las1

              ABiC… here’s my final response on our “rapture” disucssion.. finally… I put it here where there is some space. Hopefully you will find it here.

              Steel yourself ABiC… you’re staying right here… you ain’t going nowhere. You and your devotion to the Lord are desperately needed right here during these and the coming time of troubles.
              Now my comments on your comments.

              …he (Johnson) seems to keep saying that pre trib believers somehow believe Jesus is coming back as a lamb? as a meek and mild servant? I think you misunderstood what Johnson said about Jesus Returning as a “lamb”. Here’s proof… Johnson reiterates that Jesus returns as a lion and a judge, not a lamb. (See… 26:35 and 1:14:40 in the video)

              I have never, nor have I heard anyone else claim that we will be gone before any trouble starts- yes they do… pre-trib doctrine says the rapture happens before Anti-Christ is revealed and then the real troubles begin. We have trouble now… but there will be real trouble when AC is revealed. Revealed to whom? To Christians on the earth who never went anywhere. The whole premise of the pre-trib rapture is to avoid the “time of troubles”.

              Johnson claimed that pre trib teachers and believers bear bad fruit, and don’t feel the need to witness or study the Bible. HUH?! Johnson is correct. It is bad fruit, imho, and they study in error. I didn’t catch him saying that they don’t witness or study the Bible. Of course they study the Bible… they think they see pre-trib in it. For the last 1800 years Christians never got pre-trib ideas from the Bible, and then suddenly they see pre-trib everywhere because they have been told to see it everywhere. If one NEVER heard of the pre-tribulation doctrine one could NEVER suddenly find it in scripture because the concept can’t be found in scripture neither explicitly nor implicitly. It’s simply NOT there. And eighteen hundred years of Christendom didn’t find it either. . It’s Biblical quackery since it is unsupportable in scripture.

              Again, he is confusing trials and testing with judgment and wrath, the Bride of Christ is not going to suffer His judgments and wrath. I’m unsure how you got this idea, but I don’t think he confuses anything. The Bride will go through testing and much unpleasantness, see: Rev 13:17
              He was given power to make war against the saints and to conquer them. This is repeated elsewhere in Dan 7:21; Daniel 7:25; and again in Revelation 12:17, Then the dragon was enraged at the woman and went off to make war against the rest of her offspring–those who obey God’s commandments and hold to the testimony of Jesus. It isn’t God’s Wrath either… it’s the wrath of the Anti-Christ and the wrath of men. God’s wrath is intended for the wicked. Christian suffering because of wrath would be collateral damage, but not intended for them, in the same way we suffer now in this present world. It’s a canard to state that Christians will experience God’s wrath and judgment in order to bolster the pre-tribulation escapism fallacy.

              precursors for the removal of His own is seen with Noah, Lot and Rahab. Actually it illustrates the opposite. Lot and his children remained… the wicked Sodomites were removed and burned, “taken” if you will. The same with the citizens of Jericho… Rahab remained. This is a precursor for post-trib, not pre-trib. Regarding Enoch and Elijah… these two witnesses are also not precursors to the rapture because they too will die a physical death in the tribulation, then they will be resurrected. Like all men… they have yet to die, then the resurrection.

              The New Testament teaches a post-tribulation resurrection and “gathering-up”… not a pre-tribulation “rapture”. IMHO, the pre-trib rapture is a cult doctrine. It is now also a cultural gimmick making Tim La Haye and many others their fame and fortune. A whole kitschy money making industry follows in tow.

              I will say something up front right here. It’s one thing for Christians to honestly believe a false doctrine because they take others’ word for it and fail to do their own investigation… but it is quite another thing for big-time teachers and so-called scholars (like Tim LaHaye or Grant Jeffrey) to deliberately massage and distort Biblical and historic evidence and to make an industry out of a lie. I believe these are not honest men… and there is evidence to prove this.

              The rapture cannot be defended simply because people want it to be true. It’s a strong delusion and people go from rapture teacher to rapture teacher with itching ears. I’ve already laid out that the origins of this heresy started with a cultist from Scotland, Margaret McDonald, a 15 year old who brought forth the doctrine in a spiritualist séance-like setting. Rapture teachers don’t like questions on the origins of the rapture doctrine and have claimed without evidence that it’s an early church doctrine. It is not! Early church fathers and theologians in the 1800 years subsequent to Christ have prepared the church to go through the tribulation. Grant Jeffries (the pre-eminent Canadian rapturist btw) and other rapturists claim that Ephraem the Syrian (4thC) made an oblique reference to the idea. This was seized by rapture advocates as proof. But there is credible disagreement that the quote is attributed to Ephraem, and that it may be a 7th C. forgery known as the Apocalypse of Pseudo-Ephraem. In conclusion there is zero evidence that early Church Fathers believed in the pre-trib rapture.

              The Matthew 24 reference concerning “one shall be taken, and the other left”, is claimed as a prediction of the rapture. But Jesus clearly said that the ones that were “taken” were destroyed – not evacuated. And this is used is the “key” text for the “Left Behind” idea of the Rapture pushed by Tim La Haye.? “The text is clearly saying that the return of Christ will be analogous to the days of Noah… people who were completely unaware that there was a terrible destruction coming, and so “they knew not until the flood came, and took them all away.” Thus, when “two women shall be grinding at the mill (and) the one shall be taken and the other left,” It was the lost. So who got “taken away”? It was the ones that were destroyed. The one that is “left behind” is actually the one that is preserved.

              Apparently even La Haye now admits this key passage, the title of his books, does not support the rapture, yet he still uses it to sell his books.

              “Now we beseech you, brethren, by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by our gathering together unto him, 2 That ye be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that the day of Christ is at hand. 3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; (II Thess. 2:1-3)
              So what day is he referring to? He refers to the day of the Lord, which he just mentioned in verse one – “the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by our gathering together unto him”, commonly called the Day of the Lord. Paul categorically states that two things will happen before the return of Christ occurs. There will be a great “falling away,” and the son of perdition (the Antichrist) will be revealed.
              If the coming of Christ is the time when he “raptures” His believers, but that day “shall not come” until the Antichrist emerges, how can there be a pre-tribulation rapture before the Antichrist shows up?
              ABiC… there is much more to lay out… but this is but the basics. I’ll end here without even getting into how dangerous the doctrine is.
              Anyway regards,

              • las1, I do have a few things to say still as well, but I don’t want to do it today OK? My mind is on a million things, and while this is a good topic to think about too, my heart’s not quite in it if you understand. I’ll wait until a more appropriate day for my “rebuttle” 😉 Thanks though for your thoughts. God Bless my friend.

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      If you get a chance to get a hold of a copy of the documentary IndoctriNation, it’s worth a watch about our nation’s public schools, done by a home schooling family, where the dad is from Scotland and the mom from Texas.

      • I’ll have to look for that one. I did read a book about a year ago- and darned if I can’t think of the title right now! Sorry. It was excellent though, and showed how much of what our government schools are based on German models, socialism and all of the programs like standardized testing are all based on earlier models of Socialized Germany. It’s actually pretty frightening, but mostly made me angry reading about it.

        • Galatiansch2vs20

          I got to watch IndoctriNation at a couple’s house- friends of the family. Very enlightening and frightening too.

  • Nukeman60

    As a teacher, I’m not supposed to allow you to disrespect the President of the United States

    Is that in the teacher’s handbook? I would like to find out if this teacher was one of those wanting to hang Bush and called him a Nazi. Screaming at students is surely a good way to hold discipline and promote learning.

    …had to deal wid what hadda be dealt…‘ ???

    • brendawatkins

      Affirmative Action.. this is a GREAT case AGAINST it!

    • You might be in a sarcastic mood my friend, but you’re definitly still feisty and on quite a roll 🙂

    • kong1967

      …and there was no reason to yell at a student for having an opinion. The problem with the left is they don’t want conservatives to have a voice. They would be perfectly happy with Hugo Chavez running this country, and that says a lot about their selfish character.

      • toongoon

        This idiot and many more like her would be happy with any tin horn dictator running this country as long as he looked like obama.

        • kong1967

          I get the feeling that she would behave the same way for any liberal President that believes in expansive socialism. The fact that Obama is black puts the defense and attack mechanisms in high gear, though.

      • I agree that no student or anyone for that matter should be yelled at for expressing their opinion but I didn’t remember hearing anyone mention hugo chavez? And to argue that the left doesn’t want the conservatives to have a voice on a website dedicated to the conservative voice seems a bit unfounded.

        • Nukeman60

          Huh? Just because this is a conservative website, doesn’t mean the left agrees with it. Where did that come from? And, btw, you just responded to someone mentioning Hugo Chavez, so I would have to disagree with you there, too.

        • kong1967

          In case you missed it, the left has talked about trying to find a way to shut down Rush Limbaugh, Hannity, Fox News, and all other conservative pundits, news outlets, and websites. It sounds like a fairy tail but it’s really happening, and Obama’s Communications Czar wrote a paper on how to do it. As for radio, they want to require that all programs have local value and benefit the local community. On the net, they tried pushing legislation where they could shut down websites that are considered to be hate speech, and have you noticed what the left labels as hate speech? “Kill Bush” and writing a book on assassinating him is free speech, but disagreeing with liberalism is hate speech.

          Who is always targeting the advertisers on conservative shows? Threatening them trying to get them to lose their sponsorship? Is that coming from people who believe in free speech? I don’t think so. When’s the last time you saw conservatives threaten the advertisers of liberal talk shows?

          If you pay attention to what the left is doing you cannot deny that they have a desire to squelch conservative speech. If that’s not communist I don’t know what is.

        • Galatiansch2vs20

          You might want to read the story. It was about a teacher who was speaking out against Mitt Romney and an alledged incident that happened in high school, but when a student mentioned an incident Obama says he was involved in when he was a child, the teacher reportedly said that was off limits because Obama is a sitting president (despite Obama having recorded about it in his book).

          I believe Kong was speaking of the left in leadership in the public schools do not want conservatives (in this case a student) to have a voice in the classroom. He wasn’t talking about a website such as Right Scoop. And he was speaking of the attitude of people on the left and who he believes they also would be happy with (Chavez) if he were our U.S. leader.

      • Nukeman60

        Seems to me, this class appears to have been set up for class discussion, and when the discussion didn’t agree with the teacher’s policies then let the yelling begin. These types of discussions are supposed to promote individual thinking from all positions – another thing she missed in the handbook.

        • kong1967

          At least she didn’t have a picture of Obama and force the kids to say the pledge to him instead of the flag.

          • Nukeman60

            Now, we don’t know that, heh. She did say that she had another class (that she said this kid should be in). I suspect it was a special ed class.

            • toongoon

              Reeducation class.

              • Nukeman60

                Re-edgumacation 🙂

                • toongoon

                  LOL!!! I stand corrected.

    • What you wanna bet she wasn’t saying that five years ago?

  • 911Infidel

    Ah c’mon teach. The kid’s arguments are “just words” you know… like the Kenyan Messiah has said about great Americans. Hope N Change man…where’s the love….??

  • Un-freaking believable. This is “teaching” our children.

    God I pray on my knees and beg of you to help us save this country.

    • kong1967

      Kill the DOE and get government and the unions out of schools. Then the teachers can be held to task for indoctrination.

      • ApplePie101

        Parents have to be willing to pull their children out of these schools. Alternatives are increasingly available, as education goes digital.

        • kong1967

          I agree, but by digital did you mean the internet?

          I think the best option is to have one of the parents stay at home with the kids but that’s not always an option. Sometimes both must work so they have to place them in school. Private schools are very expensive, too.

          We need to reform the public school system because it will never go away.

          • ApplePie101

            I absolutely agree. I meant that schools no longer have a monopoly on teaching tools, references, videos, and so on. Parents can access these tools and use them in their lessons at home.

            • kong1967

              Ah, I see now. True.

        • Galatiansch2vs20

          Like! Parents should not hand their children over for 12 years to be indoctrinated by strangers. They should be directly involved in the teaching of their children. Have you seen IndoctriNation about the state of public schooling?

          • ApplePie101

            I watched the trailer on the website. It’s very frightening to think of the environment children are sent into. The best defense a child has is a loving family who teaches him or her strong moral values and self-respect at home.

            • Galatiansch2vs20

              I was blessed to have part of my grade school, junior high and high school education at home- my Christian mother was my teacher! Prov. 22:6

    • Which god?

      • badbadlibs

        I guarantee not your god.

  • terlet

    She BIN crajee!

  • brendawatkins

    Sounds like the kid should be the teacher because the teacher is obviously too STUPID to be teaching. Kudos to the kid!

  • jdl5

    That sounded like something you would hear on Jerry Springer, not in a classroom.

    • kong1967

      Yep. Very immature.

  • jdl5

    That sounded like something you would hear on Jerry Springer, not in a classroom.

  • MaxineCA

    Oh holy cow….. Is that what classrooms are today? Social Studies has certainly changed since I was in school many years ago. That teacher’s SCREAMING voice almost broke my eardrums. What an idiot. Yeah, I think the students might be a bit smarter than the teacher. They must have good parents.

    Another great reason for parents to home school!

    • kong1967

      Yeah, my government and social studies teachers did not take sides. They did a good job. I learned years after graduating that my government teacher was a conservative. Imagine that. If it was a liberal we surely would have had it thrown in our face every day.

      • My government teache also didn’t pick sides or indoctrinate his students and he was a long serving democratic state rep. Its not an epidemic the way that the artical want to portray it as.

        • Nukeman60

          Its not an epidemic the way that the artical [sic] want to portray it as.‘ – bb

          Both the description by TRS and the article it refers to address this incident only. I didn’t see any reference to an ‘epidemic’ anywhere in either.

        • Nukeman60

          Its not an epidemic the way that the artical [sic] want to portray it as.‘ – bb

          Both the description by TRS and the article it refers to address this incident only. I didn’t see any reference to an ‘epidemic’ anywhere in either.

        • badbadlibs

          I would say by your own political persuasions, your democratic state rep. did a fine job of “indcotrinating”.

        • kong1967

          I beg to differ because the system IS liberal.

        • Hatcherbabygirl

          If you are an example of his teaching skills, you both fail. You cannot spell, type, use correct grammar or articulate your opinion. All of that and you turned out a liberal. Epic failure all the way around.

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      Home schooling is definitely the way to go! Have you seen the documentary about public schools called IndoctriNation?

  • she’s gonna report her students to ATTACK WATCH!!!!!!!!!

  • Sober_Thinking

    And why is she still employed as a teacher? Oh yeah, the union is stong with her.

  • warpmine

    Sheeeiiitttt! Jive asssmuvafuka!

    Personally I would have loved to ask for a translator so that my child could understand.

    Jive ass dude ain’t got no brains, anyhow!

    • Racist

      • Hatcherbabygirl


    • Galatiansch2vs20

      no need to use crude and inappropriate language in expressing your displeasure of the sadly indoctrinating teacher.

      • warpmine

        You mean you couldn’t tell by her voice? Somebody’s naive!

        BTW, racism is a state of mind and action and this woman is it. Raised and indoctrinated by leftest idiots that believe the Founding Fathers were all racists without ever reading what they wrote which explained who and what they believed in.

        I’ve been fortunate enough to see it first hand growing up and out in the workplace.
        The most racist trash in the country are those that practice liberalism somehow believing that one skin shade or ethnicity is better than another because someone says so.

        Poking fun at liberals is even more fun than poking fun at everyone else to which I’m guilty. If you’re give this woman a job you best make sure she can speak articulately without sounding like a ghetto squaw. I had a few black teachers in my scholastic career, some were decent and some were great, none talked like they were from the hood which made me look past everything people were trying to push on me. I saw them all in the context of their character not their pigment.

        • Galatiansch2vs20

          Didn’t hear her personally- we have a filter that blocks the link. I sense from comments she is very naive though.

          Wow- she said she believed the founding fathers of our country were all racist? It’s great you were able to look at character without regard to skin color. I firmly believe racism is a learned sin.

          • warpmine

            Of course it’s a learned sin how else can you explain a child’s innocent behavior to one that despises specific people based on preconceived notions.

            I’ve found in way more than I should that most liberals are ignorant of history particularly their own. I’m not saying that they cannot learn it’s just that most would rather watch TV and play video games than deal with reality checks.

            P.S. If heard this goofball’s rant you too would agree 100% with what I’ve said.

            • Galatiansch2vs20

              So she made it plain in her speech it was because she was black (not just liberal) she was against the student pointing out something about the sitting president?

              If I started to listen and heard the reported cussing, I’d not have heard the whole thing, because without it being bleeped out, I’d have stopped listening.

              Too many people are dumbed down by public schools’ revisionist history.

  • Nukeman60

    Another sad aspect of this is if this was recorded here in Illinois, she could sue the student if he hadn’t gotten her permission to tape first, on the basis of Illinois wiretapping laws. That’s why you can’t audio cops doing their jobs out in the public domain without getting nailed. Sound unconstitutional to you? Does to me.

    • kong1967

      I personally don’t see anything with recording someone when they call you, or something that’s happening in front of you, etc. It’s just recording what is going on. If it involves you, you should be able to record it. That kid should be able to record anything he wants. If people don’t want to be caught doing or saying things then they can learn to behave themselves. Those laws do nothing but protect people from being punished for something they say or do.

      Of course, I do not include the government. They obviously should have a warrant unless you are in a public place.

      • Nukeman60

        The ‘gubermint’ here in Illinois sees it differently. Of course, if I ever get the chance to tape the police doing a ‘Rodney King’ and get sued for it, I’ll be fighting for my Constitutional rights, you can count on that.

        Is it no wonder Obama is the way he is, coming from Illinois? What a training ground for Marxists.

        • kong1967

          Chicago libs….the fift column.

          Just so you understand that I don’t mean that it should be ok to invade someone’s privacy or someone elses phone calls you aren’t in. However, I don’t think it should be illegal to record someone just because they don’t know you’re recording.

      • Galatiansch2vs20

        You should just tell the person who called you this call may be recorded for quality of conversation. About the students, they are in a public place and should definitely NOT have to get permission of the teacher to record what they say in that public setting.

        • kong1967


  • She sounds like a very uneducated person, simply by her voice; how she speaks. The kid is obviously smarter and better mannered than she is (for what that’s worth), as he says that if you’re going to criticize one, then be equal with your criticism and talk about the other. She says that Obama’s ‘due respect that the other presidents were’, and yet she was very disrespectful when speaking about Bush. Can anybody say “racist”? Again, the kid was right: Both Obama and Romney, sorry sacks of horse sh*t though they both are, are nothing but people. Respect shouldn’t be parceled out, based on peoples’ political status or titles, but she’s not smart enough to know this.

    She is typical of the left. Any criticism of Obama is considered slander, disrespectful and even criminal. I can guarantee you that you couldn’t have an honest debate with her, because she would have absolutely no self-control, nor ability to make honest, truthful and straightforward answers to what few questions she would have the courage to answer. She is exactly why I favor destroying the Department of Education, the creation of k-12 private school systems alongside public school systems, and finding some other way to fund public schools, than things like property taxes, and forcing people that don’t have kids to pay for everyone else brats.

  • gadsdengurl

    Let’s face it, the UN and the radical agenda have taken over our public schools.

    • The UN?

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      Definitely a radical agenda took over and amazingly it started long, long ago- it just got worse as time has gone on.

  • detectivedick

    Is the insane “intructor related to John Lewis? I would suggest she be promoted and go work for Van Jones as a Professor of Ebonics.

    • wallyinthepit

      Is “INTRUCTOR” the way one spells ‘INSTRUCTOR’ in “Ebonics”? You must already be a student of Professor Jones or “home schooling”.

      • Gee Wally, that’s swell. I guess you’ve never made a typo in your life.

        • Nukeman60

          Actually, I believe Detectivedick purposely spelled it that way (since he put it in quotes), and Wally didn’t seem to ‘get it’. It appears he just wanted to slam homeschooling (as he put that in quotes, as well).

      • Galatiansch2vs20

        Please, don’t bash home schoolers, Wallyinthepit. Parents should be teaching their children and training them in the way they should go. Furthermore, there are many gifted by God with intelligence who receive a far better education at home than they ever would in public institutions of indoctrination.

        About your nickname: how did you wind up in the pit?

      • detectivedick

        Wally, If you are interested; I have attached a link which I believe is spot on about what is going on in our Government. After listening you will realize that the Nation got on the wrong train in 2008.

        • wallyinthepit

          Thanks, but I know what is going on in our government.

  • That kid did a good job holding his own against the whacked-out “teacher” I was surprised he was as well informed as he was. He made good points without getting emotional and calling names.

  • This teacher must be fired for having no control over her class, allowing foul language in the classroom, for screaming at students, for lying to students, and for have a manner of speech that makes her sound grotesquely ignorant.

    • warpmine

      Yes and the same asswipe that hired her be terminated immediately.

    • thanks to teacher’s unions she’s got a job for life.

      • warpmine

        Yes but thanks to Obamakov, her life might be ending rather shortly in terms of financial strife in Ill. Very soon, the worthless dollar and the over taxed already 51% will tell’em all where they can stick their tax bill. The unions will get their just desserts when the money runs out as the tax collectors cannot chain a bill for those that leave the state in droves.

    • ApplePie101

      It sounded like verbal abuse, especially the s-bombs. Disgusting.

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      I believe the best way to fire her is to have every parent who cares about their child to pull their son or daughter out of her classroom and start teaching them properly at home. The public school system is down the drain. Have you seen a documentary about the system called IndoctriNation?

  • marketcomp

    This teacher is so ignorant. Clearly she is not informed, and I would not want her to teach any of my children. Fire her, now!

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    Whoa … this chick has no right being anywhere near students.

    • warpmine

      To paraphrase Al Gore “Some students are smarter than their teachers.” Ain’t that the honest truth.

  • KenInMontana

    This is a perfect example of why parental involvement is so important in the so-called public education system. I sat in my son’s classroom on a number of occasions through out his time in school, I made myself a thorn in the side of school’s administration, from the Superintendent all the way down to the teachers. I was not the only parent doing this either, you take back the schools the same way you take back your government.

    • kong1967

      Yeah, I doubt that teacher would have had the nads to behave this poorly if a parent was in the room.

      • I don’t think it s appropriate for parents to just sit in the classroom. There are issues with privacy and most parents are not qualified to teach so they can’t interject into the class. would you be so insecure in you parenting to need to follow your child to school to make sure you are the only sorce of knowledge for them. If the world scares you that bad you can choose to home school.

        • Nukeman60

          You think it’s inappropriate for parents to take a pro-active approach to their own kids learning? Have you had many kids (that turned out very well)? We don’t just drop our kids off at the K-12 day care center and hope for the best. And suggesting we homeschool is probably the smartest thing you’ve come up with.

          • warpmine

            When I realized what was considered homework to my child that reads on three levels above standard, I had to take him out of school. I reached that point at which I had to take personal responsibility in my child’s education. No tattoos, no tackle (piercings) and no drugs is the result.

            • Nukeman60

              Kudos to you. It takes that kind of commitment for our kids to turn out well.

        • HiramHawk

          And you think that teacher is qualified? Qualified to do what???

          • Galatiansch2vs20

            Brainwash children.

        • warpmine

          Your leftist idiocy has shown up Ben and manifested itself in every posting.

          If it is your child you have every right as a parent to ensure that both the school and it’s teachers are doing what you through over taxed policies are paying them to. Of course you would much prefer the students to just be strapped into a chair to be bombarded with leftist ideology for eight hours a day so that the “school” could turn out good little Marxists rather than critical thinkers.

        • badbadlibs

          It’s not the world that scares….it’s mind numbing leftist claptrap that is taught that fits that bill, just the very idea that you think the government is not to be interfered with, i.e., “it’s not approriate for parents to just sit in the classroom”, says it all.

        • bethina59

          “There are issues with privacy”??? IN PUBLIC SCHOOL?? Where on earth did you get the idea that a PUBLIC SCHOOL CLASSROOM offers PRIVACY?? As parents, we are NOT to KNOW ALL that is being taught to our children? You’re a lunatic if you believe that.. Also you referred to “the only SORCE (i.e. SOURCE, PERHAPS?) of knowledge” implies that there is some sort of KNOWLEDGE actually being shared.. When any teacher is teaching CRAP, this is not KNOWLEDGE..it is CRAP which is precisely what’s wrong with public schools today.. I did homeschool my child, not only to ensure that he actually LEARN something, but also to ensure that he was IN ATTENDANCE, which is something these schools could care less about these days. And, FYI, homeschooling parents are more qualified than the majority of public school teachers today. We have the option of sharing class time with other homeschooling families and we also have FORMER teachers that have become so disgruntled with the garbage they are ordered to teach that they choose to walk away from it in order to offer ACTUAL EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES to their children and other homeschooled children. In public schools, however, these teachers will count students “present” in order to make themselves look good on the attendance roles and so they can appear to be “Exemplary schools” and qualify for more $$$ for the teachers/administrators. I witnessed this first-hand, so I know of what I speak. Ben, holding people accountable for doing their jobs properly is never wrong. But as an obvious welfare recipient, you have no personal concept of that. You are as pathetic as this teacher.

          • Nukeman60

            Also you referred to “the only SORCE (i.e. SOURCE, PERHAPS?) of knowledge‘ – b59

            Methinks perhaps he was referring to his ‘Soros’ of knowledge. idk

            BTW, kudos. My hat is tipped to any and all parents that homeschool. Definitely a superior way to go, although not an easy task to perform.

            • bethina59

              Thanks Nukeman60! It takes work, but the rewards are priceless! My son, by 10th grade, was tested out (utilizing certified university testing professionals) at 2nd year college level in his subjects. I taught most of his courses, but we also had small classroom environments that were taught, in some cases, by former teachers with multiple degrees in their teaching specialties. His 9th and 10th grade science teacher had 4 specific Masters degrees – PLUS a desire to actually educate our children. There was nothing political attached, just pure education. WHAT A CONCEPT, HUH? That’s how it was when I went to school….

              • Nukeman60

                PLUS a desire to actually educate our children‘ – b59

                There’s where parents have the most skin in the game. They aren’t just looking for that Union pension at the end of the tunnel.

          • YAY! Well said!!

        • kong1967

          What are you talking about? Some parents sit in the class because their kid has behavioral problems. It is rare that parents sit in on a class because they want to eyeball the teachers, and I never once sat in a class with my daughter, but she was a straight ‘A’ student. I would, however, sit in on a class if I had a report of bullcrap going on such as what this teacher did.

          Having a specific reason to sit in on a class does not make a parent a “helicopter parent”.

        • KenInMontana

          It’s fairly obvious you’re not a parent. So, by your own reasoning you are not qualified to express a valid or relevant opinion on the issue.

        • “most parents are not qualified to teach” Reaally? Those who teach their kids how to talk, how to walk, how to tie their shoes, teach them manners, how to address and interact with others aren’t qualified? OK, so maybe not all parents have a degree in quantum physics, but that’s where computer courses come in handy.
          Parents in the classroom is not following your child into the big scary world, it’s showing the teachers that they are interested in their children’s education, to help the teacher keep a learning atmosphere and to help the child who might benifit from having a parent’s involvement. Seems to me, much of the problems we see in kids behaviors these days is that too many kids don’t feel that their parents care about them learning. The more parents involved in their kids education whether at home or at public schools can only strengthen the relationships of the parents, children and teachers.

    • kudos to you sir.

    • ApplePie101

      Parents visiting classrooms was common way back when I was in school, and the teachers seemed to have no problem with it. In fact, students tried to be on better behavior if a parent was present. I agree: parents should regularly monitor their children’s classes.

  • Those parents should pull their kids out of that school and home school them.

    • principledpilgrim

      Same thought. Even if the parents can’t be home, the children would get a better education just staying home alone and reading the classics all day rather than be subjected to this.

      Sounds like that kid has learned how to think, reason, and debate in spite of his “education.”

  • SineWaveII

    Sounds like she has first-hand experience on “being arrested”

  • This teacher is too ignorant to be allowed to teach a pet rock to stay.

    • kong1967

      In other words…she’s a liberal.

  • nehemiahreturns

    Obviously, emotional intelligence is not explored in job interviews for teaching positions. Or, just plain intelligence for that matter.

    • bethina59

      nor emotional stability………

  • Boon Companion

    Maybe students can be bullied into believing Romney is a bully.

  • 1vote

    Kudos to these parents. The child did not learn to be objective in public school. What a waste – no mystery to me why many of our children are not getting educated.

  • DCGere

    Wow, just wow. Reason number 999,999 to homeschool.

  • styxman65

    This is one of many reasons why I support Governor walker. He sees the need for local communities to take back their school districts out of the hands of the unions. Unions are backing a convicted molester’s teaching job, just as they would back this unqualified teacher’s job. In order for our children to have a chance to make it in this world, we need people to TEACH our children, not to indoctrinate them.

  • [deleted]

    Can this be deleted? thanks

  • kong1967

    Give Obama the same respect due to other Presidents? Really? What respect did Bush get from the left?

    People were arrested for disrespecting Bush?

    I want to hear this ignorant teacher “respect” Romney after he wins the election. It’s too bad that student won’t be in that class any more to make that happen with another recording.

    Liberals would be communists in a heartbeat if it wasn’t for the Consitution.

    • Are you aware that the Communist Party of the USA has endorsed Obama, fully? The Liberal Dems ARE Communists today. There is a great MAJORITY of the Dems in Congress who are professed, card carrying active members of the Communist Party. Liberals and Dems should not be allowed to teach our kids. In the Fifties and Sixties, if a teacher or a Congressman even spoke this way or had ANY association with Communist ideas, they would be run out of town. Remember Senator McCarthy? Communism was the most evil thing in the world back then, today it is our Teachers Union, Congressional Majority, and in our White House. No one seems to care. I DO CARE, Vote this November to REMOVE all Democrats from any Government office to stop Communism that USSR, Kruschev predicted we would become in the future, and not by war or takeover but from INFLUENCE from within the country. HE was right. We are NOW Communists. The Constitution no longer is used by the Schools or the Government. Obama has burned it.

      • bethina59

        You are absolutely correct Gerry! I know I’ve had enough of the road our country is taking.. time to put the skids on NOW! The FACT that we can even have a sitting president who is not even an American citizen – so far without repercussion – reflects how far down the chasm we’ve fallen as a nation. Why don’t people CARE anymore?? WE THE PEOPLE have to stop this in November.. reverse it.. and get back on the right track…

      • kong1967

        Oh, yeah, I am completely aware of this. Van Jones is (was) just one of many communists in government and in positions of power. This would never have happened in the McCarthy days because communists were considered traiters and enemies to the state.

        Obama would be a dictator in a heartbeat if not for the Constitution stopping him. The left would be ruling as communists if not for the Constitution. They keep trying and are succeeding on many levels, but the Consitution prevents them from “ruling” the way they want. You are right, though…many of them ARE communist and the controlling element of the Democrat party right now is communist.

  • styxman65

    It’s obvious this woman got her job because of affirmative action, not because she is qualified.

    • PVG

      Ya think???

      • Racist

        • Nukeman60

          If you’re implying that Affirmative Action is racist, I completely agree with you.

        • Hatcherbabygirl


    • bethina59

      she got it because she applied for the job.. affirmative action in most public schools would involve hiring Caucasians at this point…

  • prog teacher unwittingly creates a conservative. maybe several.

  • toongoon

    Everybody has the right to be ignorant but they shouldn’t be allowed to teach children.

    • Nukeman60

      Well said, toon. 🙂

    • People are entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts, as they say.

  • SaraPFan

    The teacher even got up, walked over (I heard the footsteps) and yelled at the student. Her voice was much more audible because she was closer to the recorder. These teachers have no discipline nor restraint. She obviously belongs in Russia saluting Putin’s statue. Respect to her is not saying nor questioning anything that might slight Obama. The student had more knowledge than the teacher about his first amendment rights. She said as “a Social Studies teacher, I can not allow you to say anything that slanders the President.” She really thinks that is her job description? Are Social Studies teachers bound to protect the reputation of the President or teach history and civics lessons? I’m so glad I’m out of government schools and will never allow my children to attend there.

    • warpmine

      Yeah and imagine that same voice from Hitlery Clinton with a twang of ebonics.

    • bethina59

      it’s time they call it what it really is.. “Socialist Studies”……..

  • One of THE dumbest things she said was about everybody being arrested has to have their Miranda rights read to them, and that is PATENTLY FALSE! You only have to read someone their Miranda warning if they are going to be QUESTIONED… not just arrested!

    • Really? So every person who the police ask a question of has to be read their rights but the ones being cuffed don’t? Some how I just don’t believe you….

      • Nukeman60

        The police don’t ‘have’ to read them their Miranda rights. They just can’t use that questioning against them in a court of law, if they don’t.


      • Nukeman60 is right (and I accidentally clicked “Like” on your comment; meant to cilck “Reply.” My bad).

        But to more clearly answer your question, the person being questioned has to have been arrested and in custody before Miranda applies. You can arrest someone for the suspicion or allegation of committing a crime, but unless you are asking them questions that would violate their 4th & 5th Amendment rights, you don’t have to “Mirandize” them. You are only required to tell them what they’re being arrested for. Usually the Detectives will read Miranda once they begin questioning. Remember, most people arrested are put into custody by regular patrol officers; not detectives. Only in the smaller departments do you have a duality of duties that would combine the two.

  • nyctreeman

    Youze wilz notbeez dizrespecktin our presidentiment!!


    this country is so fucked!

    • Boon Companion

      See, that’s how we know socialism is “Christian.” Illiterate teachers are the Miracle of property taxes. Ejukayshun is truly a revealed Miracle.

      • nyctreeman

        Didn’t Jesus tell his followers to petition the Roman government to care for it’s poor people? and didn’t Jesus tell his followers to get involved with the Roman government to effect change?

        Most people who claim to be Christians, have very little if any understanding of scriptures, so the libs can get away with this nonsense, but if your average lib atheist is going to bring the bible and or Jesus into the discussion on taxes, Socialist endeavors, etc, they will go down in flames with me, because I expect that anyone invoking Jesus or the bible in regards to taxes and form of government, is ready to acknowledge and adhere to all the other scriptural references.

        When Jesus forgave the adulterous woman of many husbands, did he tell her to “go and have a great time with your next man”?

        Or did he say to “Go and sin no more”?

        How many libs are down with calling adultery and fornication sin?

        Hello? any takers?

        • Boon Companion

          They are literally out of their minds. Some even play unwise games. But, then, what more unwise venture has ever been undertaken by humankind than that of the Marxists launching an arms race?

        • Boon Companion

          They are literally out of their minds. Some even play unwise games. But, then, what more unwise venture has ever been undertaken by humankind than that of the Marxists launching an arms race?

    • …you forgot… he’s the “Preezy of the United Steezy”….. LOL

      • nyctreeman

        Is that East Coast or West Coast?

        In all the excitement, I’ve forgotten which is which 😉

  • “Unidentified” teacher.

    You mean unqualified.

    I’m sure she never criticized “Bushitler” when he was a sitting president.

    Out of respect for the office.

  • Big_Mack1

    Not much of a Social Studies teacher if she doesn’t know that the 1st Amendment was put in place to specifically protect the rights of The People to criticize the government without fear of persecution and/or arrest. That issue was discussed at length in the Federalist papers.

    He should have said, “I’ll give Obama the same respect you gave Bush”.

  • This student should get a medal!! He is standing up for our values and freedom of speech in front of a bully of a teacher. G-d bless him and whoever recorded this.

    • ApplePie101

      Obviously this teacher has done this before, or a student wouldn’t have armed him or herself with a voice recorder.

  • PVG

    Can you imagine this woman raising kids? This woman has absolutely NO control of her classroom and consequently her students have no respect for her. This is pathetic!

    • bethina59

      I would suspect she has a house full of them.. and they’re as out of control as she is!

  • Susanna958

    What country is this?

  • Wonder if this is the same teacher?
    N.C. School teacher browbeats student over being a McCain supporter

    • MaxineCA

      What the heck language was that being translated into in the text of the video? And Why?

      • williamm

        Video excerpt from the documentary From Bill to Barack by Folke Rydén and Bengt Norborg, that aired on election night, Finlands Swedish language Channel 5. The teacher is based in North Carolina, USA. The student she is bullying has a father serving the US Military in Iraq.

    • Nukeman60

      This teacher was a North Carolina grade school teacher. The one in the Social Studies class was a North Carolina High School teacher. Either they’re different or the Union got her promoted to a ‘higher grade’ of teaching.

      • badbadlibs

        Can I say, “Oh Lord” and “Oh Jesus”, in response to your thought….just like she did when she said it was “ok” to support McCain, but lied?

  • Typical negress

  • Wow…. why wouldn’t I expect open racism when the artical inserted the phrase “sounds black”? Not to agree with the way the issue was handled but this kind of racist sub plot always seems to creep in. Too bad no one could have just reported on what happened without editorializing.

    • ApplePie101

      The student also sounded African American. I mention it because your comment implies that we should be afraid to mention it.

    • Nukeman60

      Wow…. why wouldn’t I expect open racism when the artical [sic] inserted the phrase “sounds african american”? ‘ – bb

      Really? Actually, I thought she sounded Irish American. Do you know any Chinese that talk with that dialect? Accusing someone of racism for an honest assessment is what causes this country to be so racially divided. Next you will question our ability to classify any ‘moron’.

      This is a blog site. It is full of, and meant for, editorializing. It’s not the evening news hour.

    • wodiej

      I think it was simply making a point that black people are siding w Obama because he is black in essence making THEM racist, not us.

      • Big_Mack1

        Yes, they ARE siding with him, and have in the past. 95% of black voters voted for him, which was a vastly disproportional number when compared to the rest of the electorate.

    • Watchman74

      Perhaps you need to read the definition of a racist. Making a comment that one sounds African American is not racist, it’s an observation. Granted it has no relevance to the story but it is certainly not racist.

      • Big_Mack1

        I agree. I suppose in the future, we will be prohibited from saying “she sounds like a Southern Belle”, or he sounds like he’s from Kentucky” or some other drivel because it may offend southerners…

        This article was not about race, it was about her (the government she represents and works for) suppressing the student’s Constitutional right to speak against the government.

  • waelse1

    Explains why teachers are dead-set against pay raises being based on merit. What a complete moron.

    • how does it do that?

      • Galatiansch2vs20

        Well, bad teachers such as the one in the story reportedly displaying extreme ignorance in choice of vocabulary and what was expressed, would not likely want to have pay raises based on merit. Hope this helps.

      • Hatcherbabygirl


      • K-Bob

        Please read the Comment Policy.

  • How ironic that she’s the teacher (not him)… Ignoring the fact that she’s spouting off falsehoods, academia will never have freedom of thought or intelligent discussions as long as nutjobs like her get emotional and irate when someone questions them.

  • badbadlibs

    That was painful to listen to…I hope somebody at the very least, corrected the mis-information she was spewing. Someone in her class might have actually believed you can get arrested for saying something negative about a sitting president, or that you can talk about…oh good grief, I just can’t repeat that kind of stupidity. I hope this goes viral….

    • You are right. To get arrested for saying it you have to do so in the city where they are holding a political convention. Then you get arrested. Or maybe just held for the duration and ticketed or released.

      • badbadlibs

        You can only get arrested if you break a law, her student was NOT breaking a law. Did you even listen to her rant? Were/are you one of her students…..

        • Nukeman60

          Or maybe her son.

  • NoToTyrants

    How could anyone this ignorant obtain a teacher’s certification?

    If my child were in her class, I would be at the superintendent’s office demanding her termination, for the sake of my child and all the other children she is “educating”. Not just because of her partisan indoctrination, but after hearing her speak, I question her competence.

    • President_Zero

      I think they are giving out Teacher Certifications in Cracker Jack boxes.

    • Teachers are supposed to be the last line of defense for our children so they get an education.

      I get beat up every time I mention it, but teachers are the biggest problem we have. I know, that there are administrators and all kinds of people in the system getting paychecks for doing nothing. I would agree this is a problem and don’t denigrate that aspect of needed reform.

      But, for teachers to pass little johnny along to the next grade, when he is obviously unprepared, and do so because they want to blame parents for doing their fare share, is more than nutty.

      Like willful medical malpractice abuse. It is criminal.

      They get a paycheck for doing a job. That job is do what is right for Johnny.

      Passing along ignorant kids to the next level when they aren’t ready, isn’t what is “best for them.”

      I have an idea:
      When, teacher starts flunking Johnny, maybe Johnny’s parents will wake the hell up. Right now, teacher, system, administrators, all of them combined are telling Johnny’s parents not to worry about it. Johnny will still get through.

      It is the entirely wrong message to send.

  • librlrevolution

    Unbelievable…I wish I could say more but the ignorance of this teacher is off the charts.

  • Fireplug52

    OMG! Sad, pathetic. It gets bad when the students are smarter than the teacher. Someone please tell me what city this teacher is working in so I can help others avoid such idiocy.

    • Follow the link in the text

    • President_Zero

      I think it’s in Spencer, NC

  • I kept waiting for the kids to bring up George Zimmerman. I think she would have had a coronary!

  • ApplePie101

    Bravo to the courageous student who dared to question authority. Think back to your own school days to appreciate how much courage it took to do that, when the teacher controls grades, and the rest of the class can be turned against her. As for that shrill, ignorant excuse for a teacher, she’s been outed for what she is. It’s incidents like this that convince me that the public school system is damaged beyond repair and should be dissolved.

  • Yazz55

    These kids are much smarter and more open minded than the teacher could ever hope to be. The kids are actually trying to make a rational argument. The teacher is pushing the agenda, the obamessiah agenda that is.

    They are trying to be more equal in their perspectives. The teach is a brainwashed useful idiot promoting the obamessiah’s agenda.

  • with teacher’s like her .we can understand the low grades .the kid’s are making .

    • Nukeman60

      They’re not low grades, when you adjust the curve. 🙂

      • Kind of reminds me of this article I read last night. Read it Nukefriend, and let me know… do you see the same problem I do? http://ca.news.yahoo.com/half-florida-high-school-students-fail-reading-test-232516894.html

        • Nukeman60

          I heard about that yesterday. Wasn’t that middle school test (FCAT) the one where they had to write about a camel and they were afraid the kids didn’t know what a camel was? Man, don’t you guys have zoos down there? Or are they all Seaworlds?

          I’ll bet your son (homeschooled) could fly through their tests. This is just another example of K-12 day care. 🙁

          • Well, I was thinking more in the line of what the “education commissioner” said, “We are asking more from our students and teachers than we ever have, and I am proud of their hard work,”

            This, after the article states that half of the kids failed the reading portion, and that the Florida State Board of Education voted to lower the standards needed to pass the writing part of the test?! Huh?! He’s proud of their hard work that caused them to fail reading and under performing, so instead of teaching them how to read and write, they LOWER the standard.

            And yes, we do have zoos- other than sea world and Busch Gardens lol, althought Busch Gardens has an excellent one 😉

            • Nukeman60

              Yeah, that’s what they’re doing everywhere. Lowering the standards to get more through, not because it helps the kids (because it doesn’t) but to help them get more funding or keep the funding they already have. That’s why I stated the comment about the grade curve. It’s sad and all public schools are heading down this rabbit hole.

          • K-Bob

            I’ll bet the FCAT authors felt it was safe to use a camel, since, “all the kids know about Joe Camel,” according to recent lawsuits and consumer advocate groups’ complaints.

            • Nukeman60

              Yeah, kinda backfired on them. As ABiC was saying, they pat the kids on the back for doing such a fine job (of getting 33% passing rate) and then change the curve for maximum pass rate, in order to cover their own backsides. Here in Illinois, they’re doing the same thing of lowering the expectations in order to get more kids to pass. It all boils down to trying to get the almighty cash dollar and not any concern for the children.

              I wish I had homeschooled my kids (they are in their 20s now), but at least my granddaughter will be raised that way. Seems like in Florida, they couldn’t ‘get over the hump’ of their own insufficiencies.

              • K-Bob

                I don’t think government schools are fixable at this point. Home and private schooling are the only way to go.

                Oddly enough, they reached that point in the “Commonwealth” countries a long time ago. They call the government schools something like “Council Schools,” and the private ones “Public Schools.” Having your kids go to those Council schools is a sign of hardship (at least, in Britain and Australia–Canada may be different). Even the lower-middle-class workers strive to avoid sending their kids there.

                • Nukeman60

                  I can see our trend towards that. At least we would know what schools our politicians came out of.

    • FreeManWalking

      The fact that students are not LEARNING any useful information is the problem, regardless the Grade they receive.

      Along with the fact that others have mentioned, the classroom has become a cesspool showing the lack of vocabulary from the teacher, as well as allowed by the students.

      I applaud the student for standing his ground.

  • monkey see monkey do = obamanite, uhm! uhm! uhm!.

    My real suprise is, the classroom has now become a place where bar room language is Ok, or even in using a signal letter to describe the word,is normal.
    This video shows there is much more than just a discussion about obama, this teacher and the student language is where we should all be concerned.
    This classroom has become a cistern tank of tolorence, where there is no shame from the teacher but full of desgraceful words and actions, by both. Even the classmates are laughing, so this must be normal in this class or school, for these students.
    *No classroom mangement.
    *She must be a union teacher.
    I understand better now why my white neighbor refues to let her two childern ride the school bus to school. I can’t help but wonder if she knows this is going on in the classroom.
    I’ll be sure and ask.

    I should have believed my niece when she said this went on in the halls and classrooms. Thank God she graduated last year.
    Pull your kids out off public school, this is not acceptable in any learning enviroment.

    Tea Party Patriot
    Vote out the dog eating, one term, foodstamp, meglomaninac kenyan.

  • carltonwest

    The so-called “teacher” is an unqualified, illiterate slob. That’s public education for you.

  • tazman2

    Someone from the school board needs to hire the kid for the teacher position. He cleaned her clock IMO. Seemed better informed than she was for sure.

  • NCHokie02

    says video is unavailable

  • The teachers union needs to be abolished! I fear that the far left wing agenda has infiltrated the school system, OR they are teaching Saul Alinsky 101.

    The student argued the point correctly, but when the teacher said we couldn’t criticize the President, that was very telling.

  • KM

    Racist teacher.

    The teacher sounds like the majority of those in the media… They simply can’t tell or accept the failure of the obama.

  • CSense

    You get what you pay for! Certifiable idiots teaching in the public school classrooms!

  • Scott Morgan

    This teacher is a disgrace and has definitely drank the Kool-aide. She needs to get herself an education on law and politics.

  • Out_sourced

    This teacher likely isn’t qualified to be candle stick maker but she’s teaching children. Our tax dollars at work in government run schools. Thank God mine go to a private Christian school, the wife and I decided when they were born they would never go to public schools and this is exhibit A as to why.

    • wodiej

      Ah, parents with common sense.

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      I hope you are able to be very involved in knowing what’s going on in the private Christian school also? I had experiences that sent me back to home school from private Christian school more than once. Have you seen the movie on public schools called IndoctriNation?

  • Pyrran

    Wow, just wow. I sure hope this kid figures a way out of this indoctrination center.
    Obama is God, there will be no dissent, dissenters will be silenced and shouted down.

  • wallyinthepit

    What is unbelievable is that both the student and teacher are using the SH*T word in the classroom. She needs to respect her classroom by setting the example by the language she uses and the language she permits her students to use.

  • Thank god for smart kids!

  • It’s bad enough we have minority set-asides for teachers but now it reached the presidential office.

  • This sure sounds like the teacher is bullying the student to me.She needs to be thrown out of the educational system.

    • wodiej

      at the very least it was unprofessional.

  • Watchman74

    Ridiculous it’s election year and Obama is not a king (Although I’m sure he would like to be).

  • Susitna

    The Dems accuse the GOP of bringing us back to the Fifties. Well this teacher student discussion brings us back to the Forties during the Hitler regime. The only thing that was missing was the German language.

  • I live in this area and find that this type of behavior is happening in more than just North Rowan. My daughter attends East and is a senior, we fight the liberal ideaology every day. The teachers in this system are overwhelmingly democrats. They have tried to brainwash our daughter too. Sounds like this young mans parents are involved with fighting the liberal agenda just like we are. Keep up the good fight!

  • wodiej

    Teacher black…ya think? Parents have no right to complain when they send their kids to public school paid for by property tax dollars. If you don’t like it, home school and save the rest of us the cost of paying these kinds of teachers for their idiocy. Either that or send them to private school where there is more accountability. That is the sacrifice you make when you get something you’re not paying for.

  • FreeManWalking

    This indoctrinator expects citizens to Give 0b0 the same respect the other Presidents were due? She wants the same outcome regardless of the input.

    The office of President deserves respect, but the man that holds the office either earns the respect or doesn’t. I have to ask what has 0b0 done to earn respect? IMO zer0 b0

    She ends with a rant against the TEA Parties.

    I got a kick out of their humorous outburst when one student brought up that they called off the doomsday of 2012 because they found more of the Mayan Calender.

  • sDee

    Time to dust off this video of race based propaganda in NC schools.

  • sorry, you idiotic baffoon. We still have free speach in this country and in November the fear for doing so is going to be eliminated when this communist is removed from the White House, along with his communist goons.

  • Making the case for private education and school vouchers … The woman is an ignorant bully. No way would I allow her to teach MY child.

  • How did that woman get a teaching license? She sounds illiterate.

  • Shut up she explained.

    How did that woman get a teaching license? She sounds illiterate. I hope the parents go to the school board.

  • stage9

    How much rioting do you expect when Obama loses in November? Some people are always one debate away from committing heinous violence.

    I pray I’m never so blind that I put a man or an election over my deeply held principles.

  • 203333

    Come on. You’re making this stuff up. Right?

  • How does someone this ignorant get to teach children. The children are smarter than she is or at least understand what an open discussion is and they also get that the teacher is supposed to be unbiased, but she can’t manage anything but pushing HER opinion! And she should be removed solely for lying about the law.

  • The educator in this video has no classroom management skills. Additionally, she is discussing a student’s private situation–“he never called me back when I called” which is a clear violation of that student’s privacy.

    “You need to be in my other class”… what does that mean? Does she want him to go to a class where she allows free speech?

    “Obama is our friend…” is what it sounds like she says at what point.

    I’m sure the kid who posted this will get in trouble for having an electronic device, and so will the kids who cursed, but these kids have a lot on the ball.

    What people were arrested for saying “bad things” about Bush????

    They don’t read your rights to you when you are arrested??? In what country does this woman think we live?

    Shoutout for Joe Wilson!!

  • The linked article says that the student was “trying to pick a fight.” That’s not how this teacher sees it.

    • Nukeman60

      Yeah, I agree with you. That statement was the impression of a College professor who was asked about it. It seems to me the kid just asked a pertinent question and the teacher ‘tried to pick a fight’.

  • The students are all brighter and far more well-spoken than the shrieking ignoramus who is sucking up taxpayer dollars day after day.

  • bjohnson55

    There is hope for this country with young folks like these in the classroom. I am proud of this young man’s character, he held his own very well against this mad B L A C K woman who tries everything she could to bully this young man since she is in the power position in that class room. She is an absolute nutball and is flat out trying to brainwash these kids into worshipping Obama and those kids are not having anything to do with it. Not once did the subject of the Constitutional right to free speech. Anybody can say what is on their minds about the POTUS just as long as they are not threatening the POTUS’s life. This woman is so ignorant it is embarrassing and one of the main reasons my wife and I home school our children. This is what your tax dollars are paying for people, stay asleep and you will only get more of this.

  • I want this teacher’s name!!!!!!!!

  • The teacher said she didn’t allow maligning of GWB when he was in office. If that is her policy in the classroom, as one sided as it seems, then she should be able to enforce it. It might be interesting to quiz some of her former students and see if she’s on the level.

    The classroom is NOT a democracy. Much as we may suspect her motives, she is to be in charge.

    • Nukeman60

      The classroom is NOT a democracy. Much as we may suspect her motives, she is to be in charge‘ – mb

      This may be true, but the class appeared to be set up as an ‘open discussion’ period. While there are always rules, one-sided points of view don’t equate themselves very well to open discussion.

    • On youtube former students have posted that she is very much for Obama and never defended Bush, she even says he wasn’t very good.

    • ApplePie101

      Although a classroom is not a democracy, students don’t leave their rights as American citizens outside the door. A classroom is not meant to be a totalitarian dictatorship, either. Being in charge also means being responsible for her own actions and for their effect on her students.

  • Donna Cook

    American youth should not have to attend school in this useless system. Bless this kid’s logical mind.

  • wallyinthepit

    The teacher would have been wise to have kept her mouth shut and allowed the students to voice their opinions. There is a time for teachers to be quiet and listen as the classroom is a forum for students. The teacher is the one who exacerbated the discussion and was actually disrespecting her students by attacking and criticizing to their opinions.

  • This is a perfect example of how teachers are trying to control what students think. This teacher refuses to even allow the student to even discuss anything negative about Obama. This woman is militant about not allowing discussion about Obama being a bully also. I would yank my kid out of her class and let the teacher and the staff know that if this is how people are treated by her then she should not be allowed near any students. Is what she says true? Is she not allowed to even have discussion about Obama? Is this what the teachers union has told them? That anyone allowing negative discussion will be arrested? Is the union behind this or is this her own personal opinion?

  • bobemakk

    Obama has done nothing for this country and Romney can bring US back into prosperity. So this teacher is not being fair. Romney as a teenager (like most all of us) were a bit rowdy at that age. They are trying to dig up dirt on Romney and can’t find anything significant so they bring this event that happened 50 years ago.

    Romney for president.

  • playsalieri

    Just curious, but isn’t the ethnicity of the teacher irrelevant? After all, “stupid” has no boundaries.

    • Nukeman60

      Yes, in light of allowing opposing views, it is irrelevant. But when 95% of voting blacks vote for Obama, that is a telling story of how they might feel and react to those opposing views. If 95% of whites voted for a white candidate ‘because he was white’, anyone would have to call that racist.

  • TruLevinian

    Just a taste of explanation to why our children are so far behind everyone else. In this case, the the kid should be teaching while the teacher takes a seat. Good for this kid! I hope he gets more exposure so that other kids and adults alike can be encouraged to speak up against these libs.

  • Fire this stupid black radical teacher…obviously she was hired for her skin color!

  • Philo Beddoe

    Gee, let me guess, the teacher is black.

    • political_proxy

      How is that relevant?

      • Philo Beddoe

        Because every time there is a student teacher confrontation on this issue, the teacher is usually black. Typical liberal, who cannot keep their politics and racial bigotry out of the classroom

  • And this is how a teacher teaches?? Really?? Kids aren’t allowed to ask relevant questions for purposes of discussion? The teacher is a classic bully. Disgusting.

  • political_proxy

    She sounds about as informed and open to others opinions as most liberals.

  • DebbyX

    This classroom is out of control. The kid swore, the teacher is a lunatic, there is no learning going on here. She is one of the inept teachers that everybody likes to criticize. The young man in the class sounds more qualified to teach than she does.

  • If talking against a sitting president would get you arrested, Hollywood and most of the left would be sitting in jail. They were always trashing Bush. I didn’t always agree with him and still have issues with some of his stands on items. I miss Bush.

  • Happyface2

    If this is an example of how smart the teachers are. we are in BIIIIIIIIIIIG Trouble.

  • FreeManWalking

    From the Father at the link Scoop provided above @ still remains in the classroom.

    Timothy Rogers · Salisbury, North Carolina
    I’m the father of this student. My son and two other students in this class have been attacked daily from this teacher, and the rest of the class, for their conservative political views since the beginning of this semester. I told him to stay out of the political conversations, but she said that if he didn’t participate he would receive a bad grade. This teacher is politically ignorant! I teach my sons to respect other peoples political opinion, but she has no right shoving her opinions down his throat! Since this day I have had to remove him from North Rowan High School and am going to enroll him at RCCC to finish his education. I am outraged that she can conduct herself in such an unprofessional manner and receive no disciplinary action. THIS IS NOT OVER! I will attempt to contact Rush Limbaugh this week.

  • mmm…. mmm… mmmmm…. Barrack Hussein Obama… mmmm… mmm… mmmm… Remember that nauseating propaganda “song” from a while ago that the kids were all forced to sing? This seems to be what THIS teacher want’s to say and ONLY hear about Dear Leader. Another triumph of public education!

  • what_is_truth_101

    Fe, Fi, Fo. fum, what higher educating school her diploma comes from…

  • Sounds to me if didn’t know where the story emanated, one would have thought the student was in North Korea chastising their “dear leader” Kim sung Il or his idiot son Kim jong Un. Are heading there? I sure hope not.

  • Marky_D

    Good god, that’s a teacher? I thought I was listening to the Jerry Springer show.

  • Go figure.She said, ” He do”!

  • How can she be a teacher?

  • Bucketheadbaptist

    Soooooooooooo glad we homeschool.

  • Sound off to this school! Let those in authority know they are wrong and this teacher needs to be disciplined, and hearings need to be held on this woman.

    The phone number to the school is Phone: +1 704 636-4420 FAX (704) 639-3033
    Address North Rowan High School, 300 N Whitehead Ave
    Spencer, NC 28159

    The superintendent: Dr. Judy Grissom Phone: (704) 630-6102 email: [email protected]
    The super answers to the school board. Let them know as well….
    Board of Education chart
    Members of the Board of Education for this school and the contact information for those members listed here http://www.rss.k12.nc.us/index.php/Main/2nd_Page/91

    • School board members to write, email and call

      Dr. James (Jim) W. Emerson – Chairperson
      [email protected]
      1540 Panther Point Road
      Richfield, NC 28137


      Mrs. W. Jean Kennedy – Vice-Chairperson
      [email protected]
      1228 Grady Street
      Salisbury, NC 28144
      704.633-7428 (h)

      Mr. Bryce P. Beard, III
      [email protected]
      1617 Emerald Street
      Salisbury, NC 28144

      Dr. Richard Miller
      [email protected]
      480 Beck Road
      Salisbury, NC 28144

      Mrs. Linda A. Freeze
      [email protected]
      1607 Safrit Road
      Salisbury, NC 28146

      Mrs. Kay Wright Norman
      [email protected]
      155 Dove Lane
      Salisbury, NC 28147

      Mr. Mike Caskey
      [email protected]
      5819 Christy Circle
      Kannapolis, NC 28081

  • What an ignorant, evil, brainwashed racist fool! That teacher should be fired without any compensation! The kids are far smarter than that moron of a woman!

  • #1 This teacher is a liar telling the student people are arrested when they said bad things about President George W. Bush as well as saying there are police out there who doesn’t mirandize people when they are being arrested. Did you notice how she changed her attittude a little when the young man said he would tell his dad what was said in class? If this so called teacher can’t handle a rebuttle to the venom she is spewing forth then she needs to keep her mouth shut. This teacher needs to be brought before the BOE and be fired without any pay. Our fathers and loved ones have given their life so we can have the freedom to stand up for what we believe is right. Teachers like her are the reason our children are not getting the education that our tax dollars pay for. I hope the parents and others take this to the principal, headmaster, Board of Education and demand that she be fired. God help this country and especially our children. Sincerely,Tax paying citizen of the United States of America.

    • HongryHawg

      Ain’t gonna happen. She’s black and NEA. Never mind the ignorance, and she is the epitome of that. She’s not even Wal-Mart material.

  • rls77

    Anyone else have a problem with the entire class and the way this “teacher” runs it. I don’t care what they said, I wouldn’t want my kids in this free for all. What a disaster.

  • RonPaulSupporter2

    I’ve said this in other posts about “incidences” like this in our public schools. The public school system in this country is controlled by the democrat party. I hear it all the time in what my kids are being taught in my local public schools. In pretty sure these types of “incidences” happen all the time and we only hear about a few of them. I don’t believe anybody on this board should be surprised by this. By the way and in case anybody didn’t know, a “free public education” like we have in this country is one of the ten planks of communism.

  • tshtsh

    California is missing one of their Ebonics teachers.

  • Just utterly RIDICULOUS!!! This woman needs to understand that when students are “asking questions”, it isn’t disrespecting President Obama. However, they have a right to their own opinion and she wants to open a forum of students to talk about such subjects, she should have taken time to listen and explain what she was trying to convey. Instead, she just did what we are trying to avoid in schools altogether. She did “BULLY” that kid. Maybe she needs to get some time off without pay until she learns just what it is she did. She is teaching our leaders of tomorrow and this is truly intolerable! When she starts elevating her voice, she had already lost control of herself. I think the principal should have been brought in so he could have understood what it is she was doing. Unless he was the same type of person, he would have told her to listen before responding so that she could fully understand the question(s) being addressed to her. My opinion is get her out of our education system. We don’t need people like that teaching our kids fear and hatred.

  • jgilman1

    These kids just schooled their teacher. There may just be hope yet.

  • Coralchristie

    What we should be hearing is that the teacher has been suspended without pay. Without a consequence for her incredibly offensive behavior, she will continue her tyrannical reign in the classroom and the indoctrination her students with her prejudice and hate-mongering.

  • Why is the privilege of being called racist exclusive to white people? Is anti-racist a code word for anti-white?

  • GiantM

    Dis iz a good xample ov whi most kidz deez daaz hav no idear or klew az to how dis nashion waz establisht!

  • “… what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.”

    Enough said! If this were my son, this was recorded, and he played if for me then that teacher and I would be having a serious coming to Jesus meeting. I assure you that she would not shout me down!!!!

  • giomerica

    The problem with the American Education in a nutshell… Garbage in, garbage out.

  • giomerica

    …but kudos to these kids for recognizing the idiocy of this teacher’s position, who obviously gets paid in “OBAMA MONEY!”

  • MontanaAnnie

    Oh my word.


    LOL!!! I think there should be a law requiring ALL teacher instructions to be audiotaped or videotaped and freely available to parents for review at the end of the day.

    And, by the way, as much as I like what this kid says, were I his parent, I’d have slapped him upside his head for using that kind of language (S**T) in front of his teacher (as stupid and ignorant as she is.)

    I can’t believe anyone ever gave this woman a college degree — or even an admission.

  • Frank8881

    They don’t have to read you your rights when you get arrested…………mmmmmm but if you get arrested they have to charge you with something and if they charge you with something they have to read you your rights. This is a teacher SHEESH.

  • Tzinn

    How interesting. Arresting people for criticizing the sitting dictator, premier, president, and chairman shows that a large percentage of the teachers and school administrators, and minority voters are striving to make this country into a modern day Nazi Germany, or, North Korea, Venesuela, Iran, China, and USSR. Congrats to this teacher for revealing the goals for her party, and special thanks for the school administrators for being so supportive of this slime ball teacher. It is no wonder that SOME school districts produce stellar students….ones that every college, and employer has to dumb down applications and entry exams, in order to make sure the applicants can pass. God, I’m glad that I’m an old man, and will not be around to see how down the sewer this country is going to go.

  • Tzinn

    This is what these clown teacher/school administrators, and minority voters are after. A modern version of Nazi Germany, North Korea, Iran, China, and the like. These teacher can teach about everything on the liberal list of things to do, except teach them how to pass a test, or fill out a application, without them being dumbed down to assure that they can accomplish the tasks. And the administrators are obviously supporting this activity. What crap!!!

  • If there was every a reason for Charter Schools or home schooling, this one is at the top of the List, i know because of unions it would be hard to fire her, but she should be fired for lying to the kid about getting arrested. Most ,not all, but most educators are liberals and will pass that posion on to the kids.

  • GretaN

    I’ve heard she’s been suspended.

    • GretaN

      WITH pay, I’m guessing. >:(

  • terlet

    I’ll paraphrase the governess here: “Folks are saying what in the world is going on in North Carolina. We look like (Ghetto trash).”

  • nch1973

    It is appalling that this debate lasted as long as it did in the classroom. The teacher tried to provoke the student and scare him into thinking he could get arrested for his oppinion of an incident in which Obama also bullied someone. I see why more parents are sending their children to private schools or home-schooling instead of sending them to schoools that allow biased, one-sided opinionated, and obviously racist to teach our children. If this was a discussion about bullying, the student had the right to voice his opinion regardless of who it was. Neither had to agree, but agree to disagree.

  • Tzinn

    I’ve writing emails to the school telling them that they stink in their handling of this matter. Told them also that I dis them, obama, the teacher, and the school board to the utmost degree. Told them to try to come and arrest me. Hope y’all swamp those communists with emails, telling them how great they are.

  • THIS is JUST ANOTHER perfect example of the LEFTIST Marxist socialistc leaning LIBERAL RACIST TEACHING staff controls student free thinking in most public class rooms. These folks continue to attempt to subliminally and oveertly direct the thinking of American youth mind and speech control contrary to The Constitution gifts they are slowly giving away. While the student could have used a bit more manners inturrupting this out of control teacher his argument, position and quesiton was right on.

  • Obammy_Is_Toast

    Lets Be Honest….When 96% of–blacks Voted for Obammas…..It was Clearly a Racist decision….Unfortunately we have a long way to go before—blacks will stop supporting—blacks because of their undying loyalty to skin color….Be it Politicians or Thugs….