Undercover video shows extreme communist ANTI-COP indoctrination at TEACHER conference!!

A pretty insane undercover video shows how teachers are being indoctrinated with communist, pro-revolutionary, anti-police propaganda.

Watch below:

Here’s more from BizPacReview:

One 6th grade teacher who identified himself as “Scott” talked about hearing about the Dallas shootings and hoping against hope that it “wasn’t a black man,” and when he found out it was it “might serve as justification for everything that has happened in the past, things that are happening now, and then like have future justification for things that might happen later on…”

Our undercover teacher laments, “I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Here was a teacher justifying hate against police officers.”

One black teacher speaking at the conference said, “If you do not think your job is connected to social justice in the streets and you are silent, you are part of the problem.”

“If you are a person,” the teacher continued, “who when confronted with these issues start talking about black on black crime or comparing black lives matter with all lives matter, you are part of the problem … and frankly, you need to be fired.”

The conference showed speeches from the Democratic National Convention as if they were training sessions, and showed “blatant hostility towards Trump and mainstream America” including a seminar on the “rise and danger of neoconservatism.”

What’s sad is that we’re living in a time where racism is at it’s lowest compared to past decades, but idiots like these will make sure that students have an excuse to be failures as long as they can blame it on white racism.

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