[**UPDATE: ROMNEY RESPONDS**] – Unemployment rate drops to 7.8%, job growth still very weak

***UPDATE: Romney responds to job report: “this is not what a real recovery looks like”:

“This is not what a real recovery looks like. We created fewer jobs in September than in August, and fewer jobs in August than in July, and we’ve lost over 600,000 manufacturing jobs since President Obama took office. If not for all the people who have simply dropped out of the labor force, the real unemployment rate would be closer to 11%. The results of President Obama’s failed policies are staggering – 23 million Americans struggling for work, nearly one in six living in poverty and 47 million people dependent on food stamps to feed themselves and their families. The choice in this election is clear. Under President Obama, we’ll get another four years like the last four years. If I’m elected, we will have a real recovery with pro-growth policies that will create 12 million new jobs and rising incomes for everyone.”


Today’s report is a little confusing because the unemployment rate drops from 8.1% to 7.8% while job growth is only a little better than it was last month:

FOX NEWS – The U.S. unemployment rate fell to 7.8 percent last month, dropping below 8 percent for the first time in nearly four years. The rate declined because more people found work, a trend that could have an impact on undecided voters in the final month before the presidential election.

The Labor Department said Friday that employers added 114,000 jobs in September. The economy also created 86,000 more jobs in July and August than first estimated. Wages rose in September and more people started looking for work.

The revisions show employers added 146,000 jobs per month from July through September, up from 67,000 in the previous three months. The unemployment rate fell from 8.1 percent in August, matching its level in January 2009 when President Obama took office.

Oh look, they found 86k more jobs for July and August. Here’s the actual revisions according to Market Watch:

The number of new jobs created in August was revised up to 142,000 from an original estimate of 96,000.

July’s figure was revised up to 181,000 from 141,000.

Those are big jumps in job creation if you ask me. If true, doesn’t it make the current 114k job creation for September look a lot worse?

Here’s more info from Market Watch:

Economists surveyed by MarketWatch expected a 110,000 increase in jobs last month, based on the Labor Department’s survey of businesses. Hiring in September was largely in line with Wall Street expectations.

Yet the jobless rate, which is drawn from a separate survey of households, fell sharply after the biggest increase in employment in that report since 1983. Some 873,000 people in the household survey said they found jobs. …

The household survey, however, is generally viewed as more erratic than the so-called establishment survey on a monthly basis, economists caution.

The other thing that is notable is that the U6 number (the all encompassing unfiltered number) for unemployment stayed exactly the same according to Jim Pethokoukis:

So the normal measure of unemployment takes a sharp dive that is sure to help Obama, yet the U6 number doesn’t budge. I see.

If you want more info, Ed Morrissey over at Hot Air seeks to explain today’s confusing jobs numbers as well. I’ll also try and post Rush Limbaugh’s analysis later on today.

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  • iaintlyin

    Again, as I see a need to repeat today, “The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to the realization of the evil which hs been introduced into our midst.” j. edgar hoover

    • Sober_Thinking

      That is more true today than ever before. We are simply done if BO gets re-elected… because the corruption will be strengthened and lengthened. It’s already dug in like a tick… imagine if this dictator gets 4 more years.

      Chicago: 1, America: 0

      • If NObama manages to somehow hoodwink his way into 4 more years. I believe America will not last 2 more years. 🙁

        • librtifirst

          I don’t see how Romney could change several decades worth of treaties and legislation that got us where we are, even if he wanted to. Only a dictator president could reverse it quick enough, and that is if he was a good dictator who was bent on shutting down government, phasing out the Fed, and telling the world to deal with their own problems until the US is back in good shape.

          • One step at a time.. First we win the election. Then we begin the next phase.

            • librtifirst

              I tend to think that we had better get some more Tea Party and Libertarian conservatives in the house and senate, and then make sure that they hold their ground. It seems to me like this is the most important thing to achieve on the local level. We need to hit em now, and hit em hard. (if at all possible)

      • StrangernFiction

        Obama being reelected would be proof positive that a majority of Americans are incapable of living free. It will be obvious to anyone of sane mind at that point that national elections won’t save this country. Another plan of action will be necessary at that point to keep us from serfdom.

        • Sober_Thinking

          Spot on.

  • The unemployment rate falls below 8% for the first time in 4 years and there being an election just around the corner. What a coincidence! No hint of numbers being manipulated or “adjusted” just in time for the election, not at all. /sarc.

    • detectivedick

      I expect a an announcement by the LIAR of an equal rate reduction in food stamp use!

      • Please tell me you’re NOT holding your breath waiting?! 🙂

        • detectivedick

          My point is that if Romney campaigns on an issue, the LIAR will improve the numbers for good talking points. Next will be the Deficit was lower than forecast in September…haha then the moving average of the poll numbers show the LIAR in a commanding lead….get it, it is all about the talking points for the Presstitutes.

          • Oh I got your point in the first post. I wasn’t questioning you, I was agreeing with you, albeit in a roundabout way. That’s why I added the smiley. Sorry for any confusion.

          • librtifirst

            Do you remember when Clinton was in office, and people thought that the debt was paid off because of how they sold their “balanced budget”? We were still going in debt, but both republicans and democrats sold it well enough to fool most people.

  • Sandra123456

    I have a bridge for sale. It is in Brooklyn…

    Ah come on, let’s say I am 40 years old and my family’s breadwinner. I have been out of work for 2 years, what I do, just say, that’s it, no more job hunting for me, welfare here I come? I become one of those “give up” people?

    Disgusting. This is fun with numbers.

    • librtifirst

      I heard of a better bridge deal in the salt flats.

  • I call bull on this one. How convenient that after Obama blew a debate, unemployment feel below 8% and media is reporting that more people found work, therefore, it lowered the number. However, economist for the past week have been saying that Unemployment rose because the jobs added weren’t enough and many people stopped looking for work.

    Seriously, the Feds back tracking and “changing” number because they forgot things is really bogus. I fully expect them to go back a month or so after the election and adjust it down again.

    Funny who MSM is not talking about Lockheed Martin and how Obama/Whitehouse asked them to purposely ignore the Warn Act and not send out Layoff notices in Virginia. PLUS, they have all the plans to cover any legal expenses with tax payer money. That is a Scandal waiting to happen.

    • Sober_Thinking

      It’s already happening if they can report unemployment is now 7.8% with a straight face.

  • StrangernFiction

    “But the government said the total number of workers employed surged by 873,000, the highest one-month jump in 29 years.”


    Well if the government says it, it must be true.

    Welcome to the USSA.

    • I just read that 600k of those jobs were part time.

      • StrangernFiction

        That survey is as accurate as the polls showing Barky will win by more than he did in ’08.

      • EchoMike

        I saw the same thing.
        My first thought was that, kids just went back to school, so parents that had to stay home during the summer are now scrambling to take any Part Time job they can so they can survive.
        Christmas is coming up in a few months as well, so people need exrta money.

        This is not a recovery

        • librtifirst

          Since the recession ended the day Obama took office, we don’t have to worry about anything anymore. 🙂

  • sjmom

    Who can believe the numbers which will be revised after the election?????? Rush taught me well that the govt manipulates them to serve their purpose.

    Per Drudge, the viewers numbered 67 million so at this point I don’t know how many will trust these numbers because polls say people know what is going on. To this point, Daily Caller has an interesting article about a phone meeting between Axelrod and top journalists yesterday about how to improve the campaign and debates. RS, you may want to post this because people need to hear these things.

  • The report claims 13,000 new Financial jobs and at the same time Bank of America just announced plans to layoff 16,000. Very Fuzzy . So we can assume that it wasn’t BOA hiring.

  • 7.8% Unemployment, More BS coming out of DC.

  • Me thinks Barry is running out of “cards” that are stuffed in his pocket.

    • Sober_Thinking

      Seriously… no wonder he’s not rattled… he’s already got his cronies twisting the facts.

      This is a massive scandal and man I hope it gets exposed.

  • rsox1

    Romney said similar last night at the rally in Fishersville, so I suspect the TRUE UE rate, that 11%, is what they’ll be pounding away on for the next month. The Obama admin can crow about a rate that has gone back down to what he inherited when he took office, but that’s weak tea, especially since the fundamentals are still incredibly weak, he promised much lower, and he’s had four years to deliver that.

  • AbdulBX

    “Still, many of the jobs added last month were part time. The number of people with part-time jobs who wanted full-time work rose 7.5 percent to 8.6 million.”

    As Bill Clinton would say, “This is the biggest fairy tale….”

  • AmyInWI(formerly just Amy..)

    I guess if the majority of our population actually believes these numbers and votes for the current POTUS, then they deserve the kind of government they get.

    If that happens, then I’m only comforted by the fact that this world is not truly my home. Given that I’m human though, I am still saddened and sick.

    • Sober_Thinking

      Agreed Amy – the victory is already won.

      I can’t understand the lemmings seriously listening to this and believing it… let THEM jump off the cliff but for God’s sake, stop trying to pull the rest of us (the majority) over with them.

      • AmyInWI(formerly just Amy..)

        I know, it’s so frustrating. I’m to the point that I just tell the brain dead liberals in my life to move to the socialist country of their choosing. I even offer to pay for the airfare. Just please, apply for citizenship somewhere else. Leave this country alone.

        • Sober_Thinking


  • Sandra123456

    Since Barry is our first sort of black president what is the black unemployment rate now?

    What is the black youth unemployment rate now?

  • Someone should at least try to get the Obama Labor Department on record that they have received no pressure from the Obama reelection team to craft a number favorable to the President. We all know they did, but it would be instructive if they were willing to go on the record.

  • MominNV

    Nothing more than a pre-election FARCE put FORWARD by the obamaNation regime. Another EPIC FAIL.

  • 911Infidel

    Pure propaganda. Sorry bastards. All they can do is lie for their Messiah.

    • MominNV

      Well guess what? Seems their messiah CAN’T walk on water or Tell the TRUTH.

      • Nukeman60

        Yeah, but he’d tell the truth if he was waterboarded. 🙂

        • MiketheMarine

          Hahaha, I’ve got that t shirt. So you feel panic and fear for a few minutes right before losing conciousness.

      • 911Infidel

        Well he’s been sheltered by the left for so long he’s now dumber than a door knob. He actually thinks that whatever the left tells him is factual. The only thing that he walks on is piles of dog crap. Only he never checks his shoes.


    …have we all not learned YET that Obama’s REGIME are made up of pathological , delusional LIARS manipulating the TRUTH to benefit there control over the American electorate . America has woken up and the results will be seen on the morning of NOVEMBER 7th ,2012 . When Mao Obama will start packing his BAGS !”

    • Sober_Thinking

      I hope you’re right. It’s in God’s hands…

      • Do you ever wonder about the mindset of the liberal. Who do they appeal to as a higher power? They have no God. They only have government. No wonder so many of them look to NObama as some sort of Messiah! He is a false god/prophet and they worship him. The fools!

        • Sober_Thinking

          I agree. Pray for them… painful as it is.

  • BHliberty

    If there were any jobs being created it would be seasonal job hiring for Xmas. But come on, who really believes these numbers anyway. All one has to do is just look around and see the despair! This is no recovery, this is just a ploy to boost the Obama presidency! Well, it’s not working! It’s just like the phoney poll numbers, they carve it anyway they like but it ain’t gonna work!

  • Loving the response Romney just gave! Way to strike back with truth and hard facts!

  • Guest1776rcp

    “Most forecasts for employment growth are very close to 12 million over the next four years regardless of who wins the presidency,” Mark Zandi, chief economist with Moody’s Analytics, told The Hill.


    I suspect that’s probably true because there no longer will be uncertainty about O-Care… one way or the other.

    • MiketheMarine

      Being a business owner I can tell you that if Maobamacare ISN”T repealed immediately there will be LESS hiring than there is now.

      • BHliberty

        Bingo! And the upcoming taxmageddon!

    • Nukeman60

      Interesting that you can agree to that, but most liberals say Romney is lying when he says he’ll put 12 million back to work in his term. Can’t have it both ways, you know.

      • Guest1776rcp

        Yeah I just reread my comment and it didn’t come out right.

        Here’s what I meant: I suspect IF that’s true its probably because there no longer will be uncertainty about O-Care… one way or the other.

        Personally I don’t believe anybody is getting us out of this mess in just four years and I’d rather have Obama and Dems take the hit in 2016 instead of Romney and we end up with a President Hillary in 2016. Like I’ve said before, there’s only one way to make damn sure we don’t get a Palin, West or Rand Paul in the WH in 2016 and that’s to elect a RINO in 2012.

        If Romney wins he will in a bipartisan way bury conservatism, its one thing the MSM, Dems and RINOs can all agree on and that is the conservatives are the problem. Romney won the debate like a statist not a conservative.

        • Nukeman60

          I think we both agree on our dislike for RINOs and our need to get them out. Our differences seem to lie in how we do it. Obviously, we have only Obama or Romney for the next four years. I think an unfettered Obama is disasterous for this country, but I believe a moderate Romney can be controlled with the proper Congress (both in the House and in the Senate). Only time will tell if I am right or wrong.

          With the economy the way it is, at the end of Romney’s first four years things will have been rough, and a possibility of a Palin, West, or Rand Paul in 2016 is very strong (but only if we don’t let up on November 6th).

          The fight is on. I suspect you will be a formidable ally in that fight and I look forward to the next few years, fighting alongside you.

          • Guest1776rcp

            If Romney wins you’re damn right I’ll be on your side holding his feet to the fire, the problem is that it won’t matter. Romney is going to turn into Mr Bipartisan and there’s little we can do about it as he won’t need conservatives as there are enough RINOs and Dems to bury us.

            There is nothing to fear but fear itself in giving Obama a second term. He’s not a revolutionary marxist, he’s a Euro-socialist weanie. I’d rather see him win a second term and impeach him than get a Hillary in 2016 because Republicans take the hit for not creating jobs fast enough etc…

            The Romney y’all are praising for winning the debate was only slightly less statist than Obama in that debate. To loosely use an analogy its like comparing national socialist to international socialist.

  • Guest1776rcp

    IMO, the state to watch the polling is Nevada. If Romney can’t get ahead in the swing state with the highest unemployment rate he’s probably going to lose the election. Romney is polling worse with Latinos than even McCain did, not a good sign for Romney.

    • MiketheMarine

      So, since you live and die by polls, are you a stripper or a fisherman?

      • Guest1776rcp

        LOL! Neither, just an individual with an opinion not to be confused with a ospinion. Never been a yes-man myself and never will, I just tell it like I see it. Sorry if that hurts your feelings.

    • BHliberty

      Not sure about that Guest! I lived in NV during the 08 race and what you got there is similar to here in CA. Las Vegas is owned by the unions and is the most populated city in the state. It drives their elections similarly to how Los Angeles/SF Bay Area drives CAs. The union bosses tell the members how to vote, plain and simple! That’s how Reid won. (Along with a little tampering with the voting machines!) I understand what you’re trying to say but I don’t think its unemployment in the state that will determine who wins there (with a 3 electoral vote) it will be the casino unions!

      • Nukeman60

        I say watch Colorado, Iowa, Wisconsin, Virginia and Florida. According to my calculations, if these 5 go to Romney, he wins. The charade about Ohio is just that – a charade. Nevada is on the cusp, along with New Hampshire and Ohio. North Carolina is in Romney’s camp and Michigan and Pennsylvania are not far behind.

        With all those, it’s a landslide (which I predict), but he only needs the first 5 to put him over the top.

        • poljunkie

          Oh I hope you are right.

      • Guest1776rcp

        So the unions supported George W. Bush? If what you said was true then Nevada wouldn’t be a swing state it’d be a solid Blue.

        • BHliberty

          It has evolved and becoming more blue as the years progress! All I know Guest is in the 08 and 10 elections the races were close (ie. swing) but you had unions spilling millions from around the nation protecting their own. Plus, you had voter machine tampering going on which is maintained by the unions (imagine that)! In 2010, Sharron Angle was leading in the polls up to election day and suddenly she loses by a 5% to 6% margin which was contrary to the poll reading. There was much speculation on voter manipulation. The unions were bussing workers from the unions to the precincts. There was letters circulating amongst the casino workers from the unions pretty much telling them who to vote for. This is what I know but hey, I could be wrong and the voters including the unemployed are still steep in Obama love!

        • BHliberty

          The unions are very organized in the state! More so than ever! Northern Nevada (which is where I lived) was more conservative and we always had to help the south to try and overcome the union bastion! I’m not convinced though that it is a sign of the times for Romney! I haven’t been there since 2010 and the conservatives could be much better prepared for the union onslaught! Who knows!

  • RosiesSeeingRed

    I just saw a comment over at Breitbart…someone saying Boehner and McConnell should pull a Harry Reid and just say they have a source they cannot name who has told them these numbers have been cooked to sway the election.

    Works for me! 😉

    • iaintlyin

      At the very least these two bumps on a log should have a major news conference held together to rip these #’s for what they are, “lies and Propaganda”
      I’d rather not see Boner at all, i have just a bit more respect for him than Obama, McConnell either, same reason. Newt , Pawlenty, Bachmann, West, Santorum and every other true leader of the right have to get up and dispute these numbers in a big way for the next 4 weeks. They must rise up to help save the country from these p’sos. The hell with Boner he’s useless, if he had any brains he’d not have let congress leave early, he could have shown some balls and given an effort to show he was giving an effort. F him and Old McConnell, this is a new party we’re trying to put in power.

  • maynardb50

    Bogus numbers issued to help Barack. Plain and simple.

  • Sober_Thinking

    This is a massive conspiracy, plain and simple. How can all the economic indicators show that the economy has flat-lined or is getting worse… but Unemployment drops 3 whole points? This is absolute BS – someone is trying super hard to twist the numbers and make Obama look good.

    So, what, our credit rating drops to a B-, the deficit goes up to 17 Trillion, first time unemployment claims climbs to 500,000, 1 million more leave the workforce, we borrow 65 cents on the dollar… and right before the election the unemployment rate drops to 5? Hey, it’s just as ludicris as the 7.8%. Another lie perpetrated on the American people. And all the tards out there will go, “Hey, Obama is turning this thing around. I’ll vote for him.”

    I’m so freaking tired of the BS… of the lies and corruption. If Obama wins re-election, there is going to be a civil war. We are all sick to death of this. We’re watching America being consumed with cancer… right before our eyes. America has Syphilis and yet these Aholes keep having rough sex with Americans. WHEN WILL THIS END?

    I’m now moving into overdrive… this monster has to be removed and I’m going to get even more busy with waking the deaf, dumb, and blind up.. because they are dragging us all down and enabling the moochers and lemmings to prosper. I’m sick of this.

    • Guest1776rcp

      A civil war? Really? WOW! You sound like a revolutionary marxist with that kind of talk because something like that would give Obama the excuse to….bah never mind. UNREAL!

      • MiketheMarine

        Liberals become violent when they are upset. I think that a civil war is a real possibility. How many times have you heard that if we call Mao out on his felonious ways that the “cities will burn?” I think minorities and fags, like the one who killed some folks in DC a month ago will lose their minds and those of us that cling to our Bibles and guns will be forced to defend ourselves with accurate, well aimed fire.

        • Watchman74

          I don’t think most Americans would have the heart for a civil war. Were not near as tough as our forefathers who endured all kinds of hardships. Things are also a lot different than they were 150 years ago. People don’t grow there own food anymore or have any survival skills. We are dependent on super markets and shopping centers, if the supply train ever broke down most people wouldn’t know what to do. It would probably be anarchy.

          • Nukeman60

            We don’t choose our civil wars. They happen. Knowing how to grow your own food and having survival skills are sometimes discovered the day the supermarkets are empty and the malls shut down. It’s not a pretty site, but not necessarily one of our choosing.

            That’s why we try so hard to turn this around. I would wager that a majority of people on this site are well aware of how to survive if the country collapses, but none of us want it and we will fight to the end to right the ship.

            • Sober_Thinking

              Spot on.

          • MiketheMarine

            Remember that most wouldnt’ get involved in a civil war until they are set upon by roving bands intent on stealing your supplies. It starts as selp protection which morphs into a desire to end the insanity. The only way to do that is to kill the most aggressive bandits by force.

            • Sober_Thinking

              Spot on.

        • Guest1776rcp

          Mike, Sober_Thinking said: If Obama wins re-election, there is going to be a civil war.

          I don’t think liberals will become violent if Obama wins and S_T is suggesting conservatives should. Its unbelievable how much Romney being the nominee has conservatives behaving like liberals and turning themselves into RINOs defending him.

          • Sober_Thinking

            Conservatives see the wisdom of getting this monster out of office. No other President has been this lawless or destructive. I’m not promoting violence and to compare folks on here to liberals is insulting and ignorant.

            We are supporting Romney because he isn’t Obama. Bring a serious conservative forward as a contender in 2016 and we’ll flock to that candidate en masse.

            I think we’re more or less on the same page… but man, you are really being insulting.

          • MiketheMarine

            It’s either Romney or the hajji marxist. And, you and every other liberal on the planet best remember one detail. All of your liberal “altristic pursuits” are done using working class, read conservative, money. If someone tries to rob me he will certainly end up dead. that is precisely what your marxist in chief is doing. He is stealing from us to give money to his pals and illegal immigrants. And by passing congress to it. Ruling by fiat like a f-ing king. THAT is an act of war and a violation of the Constitution and, in case you missed your American history classes we have fought two wars in under 200 years for that very subject. A federal government, or monarchy STEALING the money of folks with jobs and giving it to those that don’t deserve it.

            Don’t think history can or will repeat itself? Dream on. We are at a point where another 4 years of Maobama stealing the countries treasure and giving them away to barbarian musliims who hate us, illegal immigrants and minorities who believe they are owed something for a terrible act that happend 5 or 6 generations ago. It’s all bullshit. Do you know how many of my ancestors owned slaves? ZERO, but, being white I get discriminated against in favor of blacks, most of whom were never even related to slavery. Blacks are the only immigrants that haven’t been able to become self sufficient in only a generation or two. They are lazy and feel entitled to free shit. Those days are over.

      • Sober_Thinking

        Well thanks for calling me out Cloak and Dagger… whew, it’s good to be out of the Marxist closet.

        You are right, if we were to fight (as we should) and take this country back from lying oppressors, it most certainly would give Obama an excuse. I guess that’s why they call it war.

        Over taxation, lawless society, oppression… it was like that in the early 1770s also. The corruption is too much for freedom-loving Americans to accept. And remember two things: the majority of this country is conservative or at least moderate and they are waking up. And Texas was ready to secede from the union early on when Obama started his crap. Predicting a civil war isn’t far fetched and seriously, when do we stand up to a tyrannical government?

        I’m in a foul mood. Compare me to a revolutionary marxist again and it’ll get messy.

        • Guest1776rcp

          You’re right, when you talk about civil war just because the country elected Obama I should’ve compared you to what the Soviets would call a “useful idiot”. Sorry but that was some stupid on your part.

          • Sober_Thinking

            You have a wonderful economy with reason.

            You’ve been flagged. If Scoop will be as fair with this flag as he has in the past when someone violates the policies of this site, then I won’t have to listen to your ignorance anymore.

            And yes, you are sorry. Buh bye.

            • Guest1776rcp

              If Scoop understands marxist tactics Yuri Bezmenov eloquently explains:

              Crisis Mode

              Then Scoop understands Yuri Bezmenov says “normalization” is the part you were so stupidly talking about and Scoop also probably also knows Bezmenov says thats the point of no return, its over, done, finite just what the Soviets want. Say hello to dictator.

              Just admit your mistake and move on and quit digging.

            • Guest1776rcp

              Also, when you say you that kind of thing its probably just emotions getting the best of your thinking. Its understandable but its also what separates conservatives and liberals. Conservatives think rationally and not emotionally which is a liberal way of thinking.

              • Sober_Thinking

                You have nothing interesting or intelligent to add to this “conversation”. This is my last response to you. When I see your responses, I’ll simply delete them unread.

                You’re the knob who made it personal and immediately decided to insult me. How Alinsky of you. I’ve noticed that liberals project unto conservatives exactly those sins that they themselves are guilty of – glad you played all the cards in your limited deck. You are bluffing, you’re no conservative. Deal with the skeletons in your own closet. And the fact that you keep posting to my responses shows I got under your skin.

                You’re pretty brilliant (I use that word sarcastically) about the Russian mindset… how revealing comrade. I’ll leave you to your quiet, dark basement in your mom’s house where you can study your Russian history and read pop psychology while trying to troll conservatives on conservative sites. Keep searching for the truth Sherlock… it’s out there and someday you’ll find it. Try to let it Occupy your mind.

                Stay rational… (sarc off)

                • Guest1776rcp

                  There you go again, SMH.

    • Nukeman60

      Obama has forgotten that age-old adage that it’s not the fall that kills you, it’s the sudden stop. Obama is falling fast in his attempt to retain his office and on November 6th, the election will be his sudden stop.

      I await the splat.

      • Sober_Thinking

        Well said.

  • MiketheMarine

    To quote Jim Lehrer, “Mr. President, your time is up.”

    To quote me, “Mr. President, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.”

    • Great quote! NObama soon to be gone and quickly forgotten. Forever a footnote in history as the President who made Carter look like a success!

      • p m

        Soon to be gone, Wolfie, but he should never be forgotten. The effects of his disastrous reign will be felt for generations. He must endure in our minds as a lesson for the future, and be invoked when the now communist democrat party tries to revive itself – which it will under the guise of patriotism and American values. Did communism really fall with the Berlin wall, or did it just use the ensuing euphoria to dig itself in more firmly in the US? I think we know the answer to that.

        • Good points.. I just want to forget about NObama as quickly as I can. I was fighting the Left before he came along (as were you and many here) and we’ll have to have future fights with them. I won’t forget! 🙂

  • Joengima

    Question, didn’t the Labor Department revised those numbers DOWN a few days ago? Along with the decrease in our GDP?

    Not to mention this comes a day after the story of the Obama Admin asking the Media to help him because of the weak debate performance

  • BO and his administration are desperate. They are in over drive creating falsehoods. They have no more credibility anymore. Except for liberals, they never stop believing.

  • 1vote

    “Some 873,000 people in the household survey said they found jobs. …” (from above)

    Goodbye food stamps , goodbye unemployment lines !!

  • texabama

    I think they’ve kneecapped themselves on this one. This looks to me like the Bureau of Labor Stats was “told” to bring the unemployment rate below 8% by Oct. Being passive/aggressive like most bureaucrats they came up with the numbers scenario that makes absolutely no sense. This way they please their bosses who insisted on the fake numbers, but still send a signal to the rest of us that they don’t like the game.

  • Betsey_Ross

    Rush will say it was expected and next week the unemployment rate will be “revised” back up to its present number above 8%. Those “revised” numbers will bite the Once in the butt, again. Meanwhile Romney gets his message out!!!!!

    • p m

      I wonder if it will get the usual upward revision before the election – and even if it does, who will hear it from the LSM?

  • MiketheMarine

    Hey, has Maobama found out yet, if an ass kicking is covered by Maobamacare?

  • Sheya

    I’m a little confused. The reason the rate was 8.1% was because people dropped out of the job market. If more people are now looking for work wouldn’t that increase the unemployment rate rather than have it drop?

    • iaintlyin

      Heres how to unconfuse yourself. Stop reading ANY statistic that would indicate things are getting better.

      • Sheya

        This whole thing stinks. Does anyone really believe that out of the blue 1 month before the election and 1 day after Obama gets clobbered we suddenly have the highest employment rate in 29 years?

        Anyone want to buy a bridge?

  • Stehekin912

    Could this be the typical increases seen in preparation for the holidays?

    • p m

      Bit early, unless domestic manufacturing jobs got a late start on temporary hiring due to late orders for Christmas. In this economy it’s hard to believe there’s been a sudden upsurge in demand, and with retail sales down for most of the year, there’ll be last year’s stock to get rid of for many small businesses. Retailers hire closer to Christmas usually – and many small businesses will have to think twice about even temporary help without strong positives for their enterprises, and their industry generally. There’s just too much risk around obamacare and tax increases to plan properly.
      One strong positive for all industries would be an R&R win – but businesses still have to wait another month for that.

  • “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” – Joseph Goebbels.

  • heshtesh

    Damn, i better get my butt in gear before all the jobs are gone.//////

  • proudhispanicconservative

    Its really sad how they are cooking the books for Obama.

  • deeme

    Bogus ,,,if not then explain all the people on food stamps..explain all the people who stopped looking.explain all the graduates who can’t find work…It’s amazing how they pull a rabbit out exactly when they need one..

  • At this rate, with all of the people falling out of the work force or settling for part-time work, if the unemployment rate gets any “better,” we’ll be facing a depression! The U-6 still isn’t going down at all and we aren’t making a dent in the 23 million people who still don’t have a job. In other words, we’re barely treading water. This is hardly something for the Democrats to be happy about.

  • Constance

    For those of us who listen to Rush Limbaugh, we knew this was coming months ago. It would be in October, and it would be just under 8%, and it would be a lie.

    • poljunkie

      Yep. Even my dog could have called this.

  • iaintlyin

    I’ll say this, if Romney doesn’t do away with the Bureau of Labor Statistics the 1st day in office, he’s nuts. I don’t care about the savings, (though a nickel saved is a nickel earned) these guys are undermining him now, imagine when he wins, the f’ing unemployment rate will go instantly to the real 14%, making Romney look terrible. To be honest I doubt many of us are surprised at this, it’s just shocking to actually see it printed.

    • BHliberty

      Great point! If Romney wins, the media is going to have a field day with all these statistics! But it will just prove how biased they are towards the Democrat party! These people are sick and anti-American!

  • AmyInWI(formerly just Amy..)

    Let’s respond this way:

    “it is important not to read too much into any one monthly report”

    I would love to see someone actually throw this little line out there… Romney, Ryan, Gingrich – SOMEBODY repeat the line we’ve heard from this administration over 2 dozen times when the numbers were horrible.

    • bongobear

      Jack Welch has stated he believes these numbers are being manipulated to help Obama…and he’s catching hell from the libs for stating his opinion.

      • AmyInWI(formerly just Amy..)

        I love Welch – I’m a CNBC Squawk Box junkie and my favorite time to watch is when he guest hosts. He’s been around the block enough and is old enough that he sees no reason to hold his tongue or beat around the bush.

        He’s right, of course, and the labor secretary would have no choice but to declare herself insulted and act indignant. She was clearly uncomfortable – and guilty of exactly what he accused her of.

        • bongobear

          I really believe the American people in general are wise to these manipulations and this isn’t going to help Obama.

  • bongobear

    These numbers are bogus and everyone knows it. I think someone is cooking the books to make Obama look better.

  • kajunredbull

    Folks, since the first debate we are now in for the fight of our lives!
    So let me get this straight, if you don’t own a business, you did not work for pay, but you helped you family member out without “Pay” then you are (under the New Formula) considered EMPLOYED!

    WHAT A BUNCH OF CROCK! Obama and his Cronies have no bounds on their hypocrisy….

    • BHliberty

      I wonder if they included people who have a Obamaphone or Obama campaign protester as employed? Hmmmm……..

      • kajunredbull

        Great question GHliberty! Let’s see under the new unemployment rule…..You Farmers, Ranchers, etc…Get Ready because under the NEW Unemployment Rule if Family members work to help you they are now considered EMPLOYED! Better get your 1099 Forms ready to start mailing out!

        So I guess the answer would be YES! But the protestors he is paying $11 per hour in OUR TAXES via CASH are probably EXEMPTED! LOL….

        Our Leader…..Now THAT’S A WINNER! (Yes I’m being sarcastic)

    • proudhispanicconservative

      I think this jobs rate could be a winning issue for Romney if in his rallies he just puts this question out there “how convenient with less then two months until election the jobless numbers actually went down I wonder why”.

  • poljunkie

    I would be sincerely happy if my fellow citizens, and friends were actually were finding work, and these numbers were real. I would be joyful and celebrating.

    The fact is that I feel Obamas people are just manipulating the numbers for his gain. AND aside the fact that I hate being lied to, I cannot believe the corruption that is taking place in front of us, and that this is happening so blatantly….and yet it is out of our control.

    • joyfulgiver

      poljunkie –

      It’s NOT out of our control! We the people have to RISE UP and make sure our friends, family, neighbors and coworkers know the TRUTH. It’s our responsibility because the media refuses to REPORT the news and has aligned themselves with this corrupt administration. They aren’t asking the tough questions.

      Make sure your friends and family are registered to VOTE and let’s vote this guy out of office. Along with any other candidate that is opposed to the Constitution. We can turn this ship around. It’s up to US.

      • poljunkie

        I’m doing the best I can, and you can be sure that we’re not going down without a fight.Believe me I tell everyone the truth as I see it. Often times they look at me like i’m nuts!
        🙂 Thanks for the pep talk!!!

  • design4u1

    OT but important if you are not working. Did you northerners get this year’s school tax bill yet? I wonder if the NY school system can afford to heat the schools this winter with almost $4.00 oil. I would like to ask President Obama how much money the government will pay out in Ly Heap to low income people this year. Today #2 fuel oil price is $3.629 x 275gal = $997.979.

    • iaintlyin

      I wouldn’t be surprised to see Noriega donate the fuel to nyc schools at a summit with him and 0 shaking hands to show our (their) friendship and effort to make great foreign relations. Hence more Lateeno votes as a bonus

  • kajunredbull

    You Farmers, Ranchers, etc…Get Ready because under the NEW Unemployment Rule if Family members work to help you they are now considered EMPLOYED! Better get your 1099 Forms ready to start mailing out!

    When I think I have seen it all from this President I become more amazed I was wrong! How does this man’s daughters even live with their parents! Man O Man!

  • kong1967

    They’re obviously rigging the numbers. That number needs to be calculated by an independent organization because it does have an impact on how people vote, which does impact the future of this country. Take it away from government to manipulate.

  • joyfulgiver

    Ok, I woke this morning to gas prices in California sky rocketing to an average of $4.52 a gallon up .19 cents OVER NIGHT. Now an obvious manipulation of the unemployment rates, can anyone say “October surprise”? I’m posting this entire article because it needs to be read. Take note of these important details:

    *Unemployment rate now where it was when Obama took office. (If that’s the case he FAILED, America)
    *Payrolls revised to show 86,000 jobs created (manipulated)
    *$40 billion worth of mortgage-backed securities each month until it sees a sustained turnaround in employment. (making money)
    *Temporary help jobs fell 2,000 (maybe because everyone has filled those jobs while waiting for a full time opportunity)
    *Government payrolls rose 10,000 after increasing by 45,000 in August. (lets not forget, these are GOVERNMENT employees. As far as I know the government does not produce any products so these people will be paid with higher tax rates on you and me. Obama couldn’t create private sector jobs because he chose to regulate. So, he inflates his numbers with govt. payroll numbers.)

    Wake up, America, we’re being conned!

    Jobless rate tumbles to near four-year low
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. unemployment rate dropped to a near four-year low of 7.8 percent in September, a potential boost to President Barack Obama’s re-election bid.
    The Labor Department said on Friday the unemployment rate, a key focus in the race for the White House, dropped by 0.3 percentage point to its lowest point since January 2009 as employers added 114,000 workers to their payrolls.

    The drop in the unemployment rate reflected an even bigger surge in new jobs captured by a survey of households and came even as Americans returned to the labor force to resume the hunt for work. The workforce had shrank in the prior two months.

    Payrolls for July and August were revised to show 86,000 more jobs created than previous reported, mostly to reflect increases in government employment.

    The jobless rate is now where it was when Obama took office in January 2009. Household employment increased 873,000, the most since June 1983, according to the household survey. The bulk of the gains were part-time jobs.

    “There is something in these numbers for everyone. The rise in the participation rate shows somewhat of a real improvement in the labor market,” said Omer Esiner, chief market analyst at Commonwealth Foreign Exchange in Washington.

    U.S. stock index futures rose on the report, while prices for Treasury debt tumbled. The dollar rose versus the yen and the euro.

    It was the second last report before the November 6 election that pits Obama against Republican Mitt Romney.

    A Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Thursday after Wednesday’s first presidential debate showed Romney gained ground and is now viewed positively by 51 percent of voters. Obama’s favorability rating remained unchanged at 56 percent.

    Persistently poor labor market conditions led the Federal Reserve in September to announce a plan to buy $40 billion worth of mortgage-backed securities each month until it sees a sustained turnaround in employment.

    The central bank, which also pledged to keep overnight lending rates near zero until at least mid-2015, hopes the purchases drive down long-term borrowing costs and spur the recovery.

    The Fed’s ultra-easy stance has started to free up credit, giving a lift to consumers, economists said. That, in turn, helped lift retail hiring in September.

    Temporary help jobs, which are often seen as a harbinger for permanent hiring, fell 2,000 after being almost flat in August.

    Manufacturing payrolls fell for a second straight month.

    Construction employment rose 5,000, benefiting from the rise in home construction, as demand for housing rises against the backdrop of record low mortgage rates

    Government payrolls rose 10,000 after increasing 45,000 in August. Average hourly earnings rose 7 cents last month, which could support spending.

    (Reporting by Lucia Mutikani; Additional reporting by Julie Haviv in New York; Editing by Andrea Ricci)

  • proudhispanicconservative

    Nice try Obama, I hope the latest crook chicago style stunt will be seen for what it is and it further shows how corrupt this administration is.

  • obama encouraged people to stop looking for jobs……..read that again, ENCOURAGED PEOPLE TO STOP LOOKING………. know why? because then the “unemployment” number (which is based on how many people are looking for jobs) looks better.

    it’s another obama lie.

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    This is garbage, absolute garbage. Do you mean to tell me that, now, Showbama gets credit for errors made in previous months, those additions simply get tacked on to week?

  • Why is it when the unemployment number is high it’s accurate yet when it show improvement it’s bogus? You can’t have it both ways. You have to accept it when it’s bad and when it’s good otherwise you are only deceiving yourself.

    • 8.3% wasn’t accurate either, it’s more like 11%-14% truth be told. The fix was and is in to manipulate the numbers. See how often they are “revised” later and that bit is not reported in the MSM. So they’ll run all day with this new fictional unemployment number and facts be damned!

    • joyfulgiver

      If these numbers were TRUTHFUL we would be rejoicing. But, honestly, when unemployment drops because government payrolls increase 45,000 in August and an additional 10,000 in September, you know the books are cooked. How do those government employees get paid, TAX DOLLARS.

    • Nukeman60

      First of all jobs numbers are like polls. There is a 100,000+/- margin of error in the numbers. That in itself makes it bogus.

      Secondly, the government itself says the actual unemployed number is 23 million while the “official” number is 12 million. What opinion do you think those other 11 million have? The U6 number is 14.7%, while the U3 number (7.8%) counts people who where forced to take parttime, low-wage jobs in place of their full-time, higher-wage jobs and it still lowers the unemployment rate.

      Bogus? It’s all bogus.



      • It’s the same measurement republican politicians use. Whether you agree or not it’s the standard measurement. Just because you don’t like them it doesn’t Change that fact.

        • Don’t you find the timing just a little suspicious? NObama falls totally flat in the debate and loses ground. The MSM need a new “story” to run with because they don’t want to run with “NObama proves he is a loser in debate” so they manufacture some “good news” and all in time for the election too! How sweet is that, eh?

        • Nukeman60

          Just because you say it’s standard operating procedure, doesn’t mean it’s anywhere near the truth, either. It’s high time the truth was heard and the politicians, on both sides, stopped this game of lying to get ahead. It’s people who accept this behavior that have allowed it to continue.

    • The timing is perfect isn’t it?

  • Nukeman60

    We created fewer jobs in September than in August, and fewer jobs in August than in July‘ – Romney

    This is what will resonate with voters. All the numbers just make people nauseated and they turn away. You can’t spin jobs numbers getting smaller as a good economic indicator, no matter how much you fluff it up or hide the facts.

    Plus, all those people who were forced to take part-time jobs after losing full-time jobs aren’t going to be very happy to know that their actions are touted by Obama as a good thing.

    The people will decide in November and it ain’t gonna be pretty.

  • Joengima

    The Unemployment rate dipped to 7.8% for 1 reason. Romney mentioned it’s been over 8% for O’s entire presidency. Because O was called out, they had to fudge the numbers.

  • I truely believe the jobs number report is clearly bogus, and this is a non partisan opinion. Why am I still feeling a little depressed and down from these bogus job numbers, I’m terrified that he might get another four years, Romney is now backing away from his 47% mark which makes him look really bad, some one please enlighten me!!! 🙁

  • PFFV

    Rosy numbers one month before the election? Who is really believing this malarkey? I sure am not buying it! Obama and his minions will lie and manufacture everything they can to try and win this election. The bottom line is that there are more people suckling on the Government Teat than ever before in the history of our country. How is this a good thing?

  • marketcomp

    This President should not be allowed to manipulate these numbers and use that as a tool to lie to the American people. He is just over the top with his deceptions. Perhaps we should call him the Deceptor-n-Chief!

  • So the numbers are cooked? Then why not cook them over the last 4 years? Why wait until now? Think of the political leverage the president could have yielded with positive employment numbers. The number is bad and you accept it. The number is good and it’s a vast governmental conspiracy. You crack me up.

    • BHliberty

      HaHa! “Then why not cook them over the last 4 years?”

      I’m sure Obama is kicking himself for that!

      • MiketheMarine

        They HAVE been. They have cooked the numbers every month and the follow month they “adjust” the numbers and every adjustment is worse than the original number and the difference between the two numbers keeps getting greater.

    • poljunkie

      Because the President realizes that a large percent of the voters dont read current events every day. BUT they do read the news/campaign issues right before an election. He knows it isnt easy to be re-elected with an unemployment rate aboe 8.0% so that was his magic number. He could post that and feel he could get away with it, even if millions of people were out of work, on food stamps, welfare, moving home to moms etc.

      • poljunkie

        PS do your own poll Dwight, how many of your friends, relatives or neighbors are out of work, working part time or doing a job that is a hold over job until they can find one in their respective field? When I talk to those around me- its not pretty.

        • BHliberty

          Exactly pljunkie, people don’t need a number from the government to be convinced. People are living in despair and will vote accordingly!

          • poljunkie

            So annoying, isnt it?

            I truly wish that we were in a real recovery. The lying is unacceptable.

          • anyonebutbarry2012

            it is true, no many who are working 2 part time jobs at min wage to try to make up for a full time good paying job, it doesn’t work , but its better then nothing. underemployment is very bad, we all see it.

      • joyfulgiver

        also, note that these numbers came out now because they know the early voting begins in some cities this week and next.

    • Nukeman60

      Standard operating procedure – call something a conspiracy theory and you have debunked the argument. Saul Alinsky would be proud of you. We, however, are wise to the standard rules for radicals. Nice try.

    • Obama did horrible on Wednesday night-SOMETHING had to give him a boost-so glad the Labor Dept did their best to help him! Amazing that you put more faith in coincidence than conspiracy.

  • bjohnson55

    Someone’s in the kitchen with Dinah
    Someone’s in the kitchen I know
    Someone’s in the kitchen with Dinah

    cookin up those ole unemployment numbers and
    Strummin’ on the old banjo!
    Singin’ fee, fie, fiddly-i-o
    Fee, fie, fiddly-i-o-o-o-o
    Fee, fie, fiddly-i-o
    Strummin’ on the old banjo.

  • wodiej

    873,000 new workers-600,000 were part time jobs. Out of those jobs, only 114k were new jobs created in September. And 800,000 people stopped looking for work. Heard this on Fox this a.m from Stuart Varney. Somebody is doing a lot of number crunching until they get the number they want. The fact that they revised July and August numbers upward helped them too. I guess they wanted to wait to see how obama did in the debate. If he did well, they would not fudge the numbers more than they already have. Done bad as he did, revise to help him. This is insane. But then the people doing these numbers no doubt are obama people.

  • Is there a credible, non-political, explanation for how 114,000 nonfarm payroll jobs created resulted in a drop in the unemployment rate from 8.1% to 7.8%? Article at RantFinance here: http://bit.ly/SBEHBK

  • You all realize the dates of these reports are set months in advance. If you are going to fudge the numbers for early voting you would fix September not October. The numbers are the numbers whether you accept them or not. The math is the same every month. If the report had shown unemployment at 9 percent would it have been more accurate for you. Obviously it would have been mor satisfying.

    • Rshill7

      The 7.8 % number is what it was on inauguration day. Big improvement huh? It’s based on a phone survey of 50,000 households. You didn’t know that did you?

      The U6 unemployment number, the most accurate, remains unchanged at 14.7%. Also the new jobs are even less than July and August. Does that jibe better with your non-sensibilities?

      • Actually, I did. Even if you use the U6 and go back to 2009 it shows a downward trend. So pick your poison. If u6 is accurate when the unemployment number is high and you accept the unemployment number then you logically have to accept the unemployment number when it improves.

        • Nukeman60

          What you fail to see is that the improvement is based mostly on people who lost high-paying full time jobs for two low-paying part-time jobs. It makes the numbers look better, but the families are still hurting. Parse the words all you want, but the policies of this administration has kept us in a slow growth recovery, just like Japan had in the ’90s. This will be our “lost decade” if we don’t get Obama out of there. Spin that.

    • Howzah123

      Except they injected 875K magical unicorn phantom jobs that didn’t exist previously they found from “Household Surveys”

      This is Soviet Style Propaganda

      GDP was revised DOWN to 1.3%. How the hell was there enough growth to credibly show a reduction from 8.2% – 7.8%?

    • Nukeman60

      Perhaps, you should read this article that helps to explain “the math”.


      The analysis of the Household Survey shows that they did indeed ‘cook the books’ in 2010 and 2011, just like now. The numbers are always used to gain some political advantage.

      As to why they didn’t do it in Sept. rather than Oct. is because that would have given too much time to rebuke the numbers and they would have to be revised before the early voting took place. You refuted your own argument on this one.

      Lastly, the Household Survey has a 400,000 margin of error. How many polls would you trust that had a 50% margin of error and still be “accurate”. You can argue all you want that this is Standard Operating Procedures, and I would agree that this is indeed Obama’s SOP, but try to explain ‘the math’ before you claim the math is the same.

      No matter what you proclaim, the Emporor still has no clothes.

      • Your argument isn’t with me. It’s with Keith Hall, a Bush appointee who was the commissioner of the BLS until January of this year. He said the numbers aren’t cooked. Unless you want to say he was in the bag for the president also since your arcticle says the numbers were fudged in 2010 and 2011. Good luck with that.

        • Nukeman60

          My argument is with you because you’re blind enough to say the numbers are not fudged, and you squirm with varying reasons as to why. How can you believe that, in this extreme economic times, we would have one month of jobs growth larger than any in the last 30 years? You just don’t look the facts in the face.

          I look at the numbers, all the numbers. I could care less who is involved, or how many are involved, or what political party they are affiliated with. You can’t hide from the truth. As a number cruncher, I don’t just look at the final result and say, “Wow, we have a grand recovery going here”. I look at how they could possibly get to that conclusion.

          You should too.

          BTW, are you sure you read the article, because it explains quite well where the numbers are derived from? You can do anything you want with a margin of error of 50%. Let’s make your paycheck do the same thing and see if you squawk when it comes out 50% short and they say it’s accurate.

          • First, calm down before you have a fit. If you want to believe the report is a lie that’s up to you. But, if these are a lie then how can you trust any of the numbers you look at? I’m not the one claiming conspiracy. I’m not trying to convince you to believe only to realize that once you claim the conspiracy then you must question all of the reports going back for more years than this one. That would be a pretty big secret for such an inept administration to keep. Hey, anything is possible.

            • Nukeman60

              What makes you think that I’m not calm. Is it the fact that you have no facts, but spew anyway? Hmmm…

              I’ve already mentioned that your ‘conspiracy’ accusation doesn’t hold water around here. If you can’t run the numbers, but must insist that the final word is all there is, then you are one of the sheeple that must be guided. That’s too bad. There’s a place for you after the election. Hope you get there.

              Listening to you talk, I now realize that you don’t understand the numbers at all, do you, even after they have been layed out in front of you. That means I’ve just wasted my time. That, too, is a shame. Won’t happen again.

              • I agree. Give Elvis my best.

                • Nukeman60

                  Actually, you’ve been pretty fun to talk to. Eight comments and not a lick of facts in them. Not many people are that persistent.

                  You see, many here have studied Rules for Radicals and Lakoff’s The Little Blue Book, so we pretty much know what path your going to take before you take it.

                  In an argument on economic numbers, you’ve been quoted with ‘it’s a conspiracy theory’, ‘need to calm down before you have a fit’, ‘it’s Bush’s fault’, and ‘Elvis lives here’. You left out the better rules to go by, but then maybe you’re just learning.

                  At any rate, it’s been fun.

        • opinionatedhermit

          “Your argument isn’t with me. It’s with Keith Hall,”

          I don’t want to start quoting all the people with “authority” that can back me up with this …. but, we call your nonsense a logical fallacy where I come from.

          Only an opportunistic, two-bit, Obama drone would tell us with a straight face, he believes that Bush economists are now the final authority on economics……

          I am howling.

          You are a maroon.

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    one month before election, and we are told to believe the unemployment rate dropped. lol lol lol .

    lets talk about the underemployed. they just gave amnesty to a bunch of undeserving illegals, so how can unemployment be down. this administration is full of lies. myself never bought into the 9% unemployment. its much higher.

  • Juan_Rico

    Allen West had a little something to say about this earlier. Needless to say he doesn’t buy into the administrations unemployment shell game.

  • Guest1776rcp

    And, you and every other liberal on the planet best remember one detail. All of your liberal “altristic pursuits” are done using working class, read conservative, money.

    Mike, are you seriously referring to me as a liberal? Well….Fa-Q!

    When Romney and RINOs team with Dems to bury conservatives don’t say I didn’t tell you so.

    If someone tries to rob me he will certainly end up dead. that is precisely what your marxist in chief is doing.

    My President? If you mean he’s the President of the country I live in then yes but I don’t vote for progressives myself.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    I sincerely feel for all the people looking for jobs, but have not been successful. obama inherited a bad economic situation, but he made it into a national disaster with his ill-advised policies. This country can’t afford for him to be re-elected…he’ll turn this country into a third-rate, has-been nation for sure. He’s clearly the worst president in US history.

  • chatterbox365

    I am not surprised by this and I do believe the 7.8% is bogus. This Administration takes corruption to a whole new level. Rat [email protected]!

  • jerryrob

    If this unemployment data is true, I’m still not encouraged to vote for O because the dems have said very clearly that they will raise taxes on small business. That will cause unemployment to go up because it takes money away from businesses that they were trying to use to hire people. If small businesses were encouraged to hire more as the data emplies, it was because they saw a light at the end of the dark tunnel they’ve been in for 4 years. They saw a glimmer of hope after Romney’s sound thrashing of poor little obama in the first debate. I vote for freedom. That’s something the dems don’t know anything about anymore. Be clear in your thinking everyone. They are marxists, socialists, communist anti-Christ heathens. I want a man to stand up and say ” I am an American, a good old fashioned American”. They say conservative policies will drag the nation backward. I hope so. America needs restoration.