UNREAL – ICE agents suing Homeland security over being disciplined for obeying federal law

The Obama administration has put 10 ICE agents in a dilemma thanks to Obama’s recent enforcement policy of letting illegals stay in the country. The dilemma is that they obey orders or uphold federal law and risk being disciplined for doing their jobs.

These 10 agents are putting their jobs at risk by putting their names on this lawsuit, but they feel that their backs are in a corner and something must be done. They are asking a judge to stop this new enforcement policy and to protect their jobs:

What does it say about an administration that is being sued by its very own law enforcement subordinates who simply want to follow the law and not be punished for doing so? What does it say about an administration whose fiercest critics over compromising national security are those who have served in our military with distinguished honor?

We all know exactly what it says about this imperial president who would risk this nation’s security simply to maintain power, who would ignore the Constitution just to bribe voters.

November seriously needs to get here faster.

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  • notebene

    I’m with you TRS! Bring on November!

  • WordsFailMe

    And yet the Obama head military general and a FOX News hired gun ex-general come out and criticize retired military for speaking out against as tyrant, a communist and a traitor.

    DO NOT Let you weapons get too far from your arm chairs America. There must be no doubt in the minds of these bureaucrats, Democrats, racists, anarchists, tyrants parasites and traitors that


    • sjmom


    • p m

      Yeah, and yesterday General Martin Dempsey shot himself in the foot, as it were, by making a statement criticizing the Navy Seals and other veterans, and thereby politicizing himself.
      He says the veterans are ‘confusing Americans’ by participating in ‘partisan politics’ which ‘erodes the bond of trust’ the military has with the American people.
      Rubbish, he should watch the Seals video before he calls it partisan, and he should know that the American people’s trust in, and respect for, the military far exceeds that which they have for Zero or Dempsey, for whom disdain is the more appropriate view.

      • WordsFailMe

        I agree. How can former military standing up for American principals erode confidence? If anything, seeing men and women coming out of the military still supporting our core values strengthens this country and inspires its citizens.

        It’s about time former soldiers became politically active.

        • p m

          They are an absolute inspiration. There must be so many like LTC Allen West. Imagine a congress and senate comprised of veteran soldiers with standards and abilities like his, not to mention the State Department and other governing enclaves.

          Instead Zero’s creitnous administration seeks to label them as potential domestic terrorists.

  • 12grace

    G-d bless the agents, I hope they win their case.

    • keyesforpres

      12grace see my other post in this thread, if you want to help these guys.

  • November does need to get here pronto. I’m a bit more worried about December and January.

    • sjmom

      I read you loud and clear; a lame duck can do a lot of damage.

      • ggswede

        Wouldn’t it be nice, if they could find proof that Obama lied about his school documents ? Just think if they could prove that he attended college illegally as a foreign student ? That alone would make him a felon,and would end his political career.

        • sjmom

          It wouldn’t matter. Many have had the opportunity to do something about Obama and have refused, so I don’t think even if there were cold hard facts anyone would have what it takes to bring him to justice. The GOP is feckless!

  • 911Infidel

    Good luck on that lawsuit. It’ll never come to anything. The rats in the administration will delay and obfuscate as long as possible to keep their boy-King from any negative press. The media will kowtow in lock-step with the rest of their commie bretheren in the administration. But good luck. At least there are still some patriots left in this pathetic government.

    • ggswede

      As a citizen, don’t allow them to brush it aside ,keep bugging them and the news media at all levels about this issue and lawsuit !

      • 911Infidel

        You can bug them until the cows come home. It won’t change anything, because this government picks and chooses the laws that they want to follow and sacrifice justice on the altar of politics.

        • ggswede

          Alright Homer’, Are we there yet ? Are we there yet ?Are we there yet ?Are we there yet ? Get the picture ? If enough people keep asking,( Fox news etc. ) and keep the interest going,It will become an issue of interest,and will eventually push the current regime to respond and come clean !

          • 911Infidel

            Dream on sparky. This is a commie regime. Commies don’t follow the law. They just make it up as they go along.

            • ggswede

              WOW, looks like someone out there has it spot on ! But remember,Bam-Bam,and his cronies has to rely on the voter to get re-elected.

              • 911Infidel

                He didn’t have any problem with that in 2008 with his dopey-changey message. Statistics show that 30% of Americans are off their freaking rocker. So he still has a chance; albeit a slim one… this time around…

                • ggswede

                  Lets just hope that the 30% are at home overdosing on their meds at election time.

                • 911Infidel


  • To the 10 ICE agents that filed suit…BRAVO BOYS!

  • When the hell are people going to get on it and ORDER dingy harry to start impeachment? I mean really, I’ve been seriously asking this for a long time now, but the gop remains nowhere to be seen on this. What is more important, whatever dingy has on them or the security of this nation? Didn’t any of them swear an oath to uphold the Constitution, which includes protecting the citizens of this country from threats from both foreign and domestic? Thanks to dear leader’s ILLEGAL actions, we are under threat from BOTH! This whole stinking administration has made a travesty of what our government is supposed to be, and the houses of congress have made it more so by not following the laws they swore to uphold, defending the Constitution and allowing the executive branch trample all over both other branches of government. It’s got to stop! THIS IS DANGEROUS!

    • MaxineCA

      100 Likes, if I could. Duckie, my friend I share your rage but do you really think for 1 minute dingy harry will do anything? He won’t even do his dang job and pass a budget. That’s why it is so important that we take back the Senate and throw all of the Rino’s (House and Senate) to the curb along with them. Then they should start filing treason charges against all that have not upheld their oath.

      I’m fed up with the current regime trampling and shredding our constitution and laws on a daily basis. Thank goodness for our Oath Keepers! They are the only ones I trust and give me hope for our future.

      Our Founders and those that followed, sacrificed too much to give us this great nation. Now it’s up to us to keep on fighting to save it!

      • Thanks Maxine. I’ll never claim to know all about American politics process, but since dingy is derelict of duty (well just a derelict in general) couldn’t they go over his head? Is there not anything that can be done? It’s not that I don’t doubt there are some folks who would do it if the regime is fired in November, but I do fear that nothing will be done other than lip service. Dang it all I wish is that the members who are hired by the people would do their jobs… sorry- just frustrated like every other patriotic American.

    • librtifirst

      I wish that more federal law enforcement would start doing this.

      Things like this are killing our country, and our 1st amendment:


      Its getting really ugly across the board.

      • Oh, I know!! I posted about that on facebook the other day. One of my vet friends had posted about it and I shared it. I don’t necessarily agree with his stance on 9/11 but damn it he has the right to state his opinions. He fought hard for me to state mine. God Bless him, and I pray all the attention his story is getting will set him free.

        • librtifirst

          You should watch the video on that link. A judge ordered him released. It was quite surprising to everyone. Like the lawyer in the video said, and Beck agreed, “they are targeting the vets”.

          Many vets are being put on psych drugs and sent back out into service. The military is using selective serotonin re uptake inhibitors on active military personnel. The insert for the drugs states that it increases the risk of psychosis and suicide. It also makes them not care about anything. (which causes suicide) More active duty service members are dying due to suicide than any other cause.


          This guy wasn’t on the drugs, but he was aware of what government is doing to the troops. The psychiatrist, where he was forced to go, told him that he was going to wash his brain and force the drugs on him. This was a VA hospital. His lawyer told Glen Beck that he has been getting many calls from other vets saying that this has happened to them, and they want him to represent them.

          Glen asked the guy if this was a recent problem, as in “Obama”, and he answered in the negative saying “it’s been going on for years”. This is a the result of government having “Patriot Act” type power. (not to mention the NDAA)

          Part of their concern was that Brandon might be “disappeared”, as others have. That is why it was so urgent to get on it right away. I was considering sending money to the Rutherford Institute, and then they released him.

          Brandon was right about a couple of things. Our government is evil on the whole, and they have been taken over by foreign banks and global government who is shutting us down and killing our people off. They will collapse the system when they have used us up, and we will be no better off than the other countries that they have conquered around the world. If we continue to go down this road, we will be impoverished and destitute as a society, and the US will cease to exist as a sovereign nation.

          I don’t have to agree with everything someone says to recognize that they are a patriot. I will call him that all day long. I wouldn’t mind shaking the guy’s hand and giving him some encouragement. He is fighting the fight that so many others don’t even know exists, because they are watching the election theater and thinking that putting in another banker funded establishment president is going to save our country. Hogwash.

          • librtifirst

            This is a touchy subject for me, as I just buried an old friend that was on these drugs, and it was the VA who did it. He shot himself in the head in the parking lot of a Dairy Queen after he was pulled over. He was dead before the cop got to the car.

          • “Election theater?” If Obama gets another term, we can all say goodbye to our firearms and the entire country. Far from theater, this is the most important election of our lives.

            • librtifirst

              I believe that these elections are ultimately decided through electronic election fraud. Most of the people that believe this, also believe that Romney will be the winner. The MSM has shifted away from Obama, which is an indicator of who they will choose to win. Obama has exhausted his political capitol, so they need a new guy to keep it all going for a while longer, and Romney should be able to keep the conservatives happy for a while, as he maintains and adds to what Obama and Bush have set up.

              This is how it works, every time.

              There is a media blitz on every gun crime that is taking place right now. This is Obama’s last big move, and the media works in unisen with the government, if you haven’t noticed. The UN small arms treaty will get passed in the senate before Obama leaves. Romney couldn’t pull it off politically, so they are in a hurry.

              I don’t think that they want Obama in when the global financial system collapses, either. The question is, “will Obama go willingly, or declare a full blown martial law situation after a false flag event, before he leaves.

              Time will tell. Maybe I am wrong.

              • “he MSM has shifted away from Obama”. On what planet? Lol. Just… no. They’re STILL in Obama’s camp.
                If you peek at the MSM for one second, you’d know they’re still in Obama’s camp.

                • librtifirst

                  I suppose that “shifted away” is probably a bit over the top. From what I have seen, they are not backing him as though he was the answer to all of our problems anymore. There are a lot of criticisms coming from the liberal side. That is a shift, but not a “shifting away”.

                  I think that I am just getting burnt out on it all. It might be time to take a break and just focus on other things for a while. I will probably tune back in in a month or so to see what the big picture looks like.

                • He’s getting really hard to defend, so they have to scramble in contortions to try to, play the race card, and attack Romney with both barrels for a last-ditch attempt to keep power.
                  Bush got harder criticism from the right than Obama gets from the left, only the Green Party, Nader, and Roseanne aren’t determined to rationalize his mess as entirely or almost entirely the fault of the Republicans.
                  Newsbusters is a reliable site. The MSM is going to try their best to give Obama another term even if some are somewhat disappointed in some things he did.
                  But I encourage more consistent liberals to vote for Jill Stein. Splits the vote which is good and I think we need more viable parties after this election anyways.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    The obama administration just keeps on passing illegal directives that do nothing to protect our borders/country from the persistent flood of illegals coming across our borders. Why don’t they just put up a huge sign on the border that flashes: COME ON IN…BARRY WELCOMES YOU WITH OPEN ARMS….NO PAPERS, NO PROBLEM….JUST VOTE DEMOCRAT IN EVERY ELECTION AND YOU’RE HOME FREE.

  • What does it say about a Congress who refuses to do its own job of holding the president accountable?

    We’re becoming a banana republic. I won’t be at all surprised if Obama is the next Continuismo. No wonder he’s friends with Hugo Chavez and supported Manuel Zelaya.

  • keyesforpres

    NumbersUSA is helping these agents sue. I just donated for the lawsuit. You can go there and do the same.

    • God bless NumbersUSA and these agents. That’s a site that makes the Obama administration and the Bush apologists uncomfortable.

  • Joe

    This is the most arrogant administration ever!

    These agents truly have a thankless job!

    The question is:

    Who will see this ?

    Answer no one will!

    The LSM won’t cover it

    I hope a reporter from the LSM has an “incident” with an illegal

    Then let’s see what happens!

  • sjmom

    The administration thinks they are above the law and this is not the first time we have seen this. God bless the ICE agents and may the Lord bless their efforts.

    Please RS; I want November to come as you do but let’s not rush it because my son is getting married the Sat after the election and things are not totally ready yet. LOL

    • p m

      Congratulations to you all – now, that will be a celebration and party for the history books. Stay sane!

      • sjmom

        Thanks. I’m praying a lot which keeps me on track.

  • hongryhawg

    How do you like that up your skirt (or pants), Janet?

  • Janet is disgusting and supporting the invasion of our country by making outrageous muzzlings on our law enforcement officers barring them from actually doing their job. She’s endangering our officers’ lives. This really gets me upset.
    Bush nostalgics, however, have no credibility talking about the invasion.

  • MaxineCA

    As Keyes mentioned, Numbers USA is putting their full financial support to help Kris Kobach fight this. He is the lead attorney on the behalf of the ICE agents. Here is the link if you wish to support this effort:


    How in the heck are they supposed to keep us safe, if they are not allowed to do their jobs? ICE, Border Patrol, our military, local Sheriff departments ….. the list goes on. My heart breaks for them all. They are no longer fighting the enemy, they are now having decide whether they uphold their oath or fight this administration. Bless them all! I’m praying they uphold their oaths, but we need to give them all our support.

    As a side note: I had a disappointing cultural observation on my part reading the comments in Scoopsville tonight – as important as this story is, compare the number of comments posted on this one vs. the Anderson Cooper/DWS. It truly saddens me. I mean really folks, do we care more about what Cooper or DWS says, or the internal battle our patriots face?

  • Jay

    Fullest contribution = vote for Obama. Who are they kidding? Oh right, that’s not urine running down my back, it’s raining. Get ready for a “national emergency” when 0 sees the election’s not going his way.

  • NCHokie02

    An illegal, immoral and/or unconstitutional order is no order at all and does not have to be followed. In fact it should not be followed. Thats how the old “i was just following orders” plea doesn’t hold up. What happens when someone sues ICE for letting an immigrant go who later kills someone and that family sues all parties responsible and ICE says “Hey, we were just following orders.”

    • NYGino

      ATF agents were just following orders in the Fast & Furious operation, and people died.

  • Sober_Thinking

    ICE Agents, Navy SEALs, former CIA, some Secret Servicemen… it’s looking bad when these guys won’t take a bullet for the big P.

    Americans should be waking up by now and realizing just how dangerous America is becoming. Sadly, it appears it may take something as dire and horrible as an atomic bomb going off in a major U.S. city before some people will open their eyes and ears and realize just what a loser this poser in the White House really is. He is not doing the right things or helping America in any way.

    And the outrageousness of him allowing illegal aliens (screw this “undocumented” nonsense) to invade this land simply so he can increase his chances to be re-elected is unforgivable. This is in defiance of congress and the U.S. Constitution. And he just keeps getting away with it…

    Fire Obama. Fire Napolitano. Fire Holder. These people are a cancer to America and they need to be cut out of leadership positions.

    • virginiagentleman1

      Just fire them my friend? It seems to me that treason is being committed by the very people charged with UPHOLDING our Constitutional law! In my long life, I’ve never seen anything like what these people are doing!

  • MiketheMarine

    That oath that LEO’s and military take does include a bit about not obeying unlawful orders. Keep your oaths, ICE.

    • virginiagentleman1

      Well said, Marine.

  • I’m surprised more aren’t suing.

  • Ronald

    GOOGLE: SEDITION — se·di·tion (s -d sh n). n. 1. Conduct or language inciting rebellion against the authority of a state. 2. Insurrection; rebellion.

    And since Federal Law is Constitutionally enacted — anyone who subordinates or retaliates against an American for complying with federal law is a threat to national security and Sovereignty. And when representing foreigners you may also be a Traitor.

    Obama appears to be both.

  • Yazz55

    They aren’t illegal aliens…
    They are not yet documented democrat (replacement) voters.

  • 12grace

    How to save, America from all of this evil.

    Jonathan Cahn On Glenn Beck TV- The Harbinger (Part 1.)

    Jonathan Cahn On Glenn Beck TV- The Harbinger (Part 2.)

    2 Chronicles 7:14
    14 if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

  • EpicCenter

    Doesn’t the law say that they have to obey the president unless his orders are illegal? Isn’t that grounds for impeachment also? I don’t know I’m really asking!

    • kong1967

      I think you are right. A President takes an oath to enforce the laws, and if he isn’t doing it he should be impeached.

  • kong1967

    What it tells me is that Obama doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the state of the nation. What matters is him and his power.