Unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers says Weather Underground bombings very different than Boston bombings

Bill Ayers says that you can’t compare his jihad with the Weather Underground with the jihad of the Boston bombers. He thinks his jihad was of a higher caliber or something. He then went on to malign McCain for ‘killing civilians’ in the war or something:

FOX NEWS – Bill Ayers, the 1960’s radical who went on to become a college professor and associate of President Obama, said Saturday the bombings he helped the Weather Underground carry out to protest the Vietnam War bear no resemblance to the deadly Boston Marathon attack – and glossed over the fact that his group’s bombs killed three fellow terrorists and have been linked to the murder of a San Francisco police officer.

“How different is the shooting in Connecticut from shooting at a hunting range?” Ayers told a reporter who asked him to compare the incidents after Ayers spoke at a commemoration of the 1970 incident at Kent State University, where Ohio National Guard members killed four students during a protest. “Just because they use the same thing, there’s no relationship at all.”

Ayers went on to accuse Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., who spent five years in a POW camp, of murdering civilians in the war, lament the deaths of two fellow Weather Underground members – skipping over the fact that they blew themselves up while trying to make bombs – and painted his actions as a heroic bid to end U.S. involvement in Vietnam. Ayers was the keynote speaker at the event, which drew an estimated 350 people on the university’s Commons, according to the Akron Beacon Journal. But it was after Ayers made his prepared remarks that he bristled over a possible comparison of terrorist acts separated by more than four decades.

“To conflate a group of fundamentalist people [in Boston] who are nihilistic in some way with a group of people who spent their lives trying to oppose the murder of 6,000 people a week … and still the killing went on. And still the killing went on. What would you have done?” Ayers said. “There’s no equivalence [with Boston]. Property damage. That’s what we did.”

It was not clear if Ayers sees the difference between bombings he and his associates carried out and the April 15 attack by brothers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev as one of intent or outcome. Although no one was killed in the bombings of NYPD headquarters, the Pentagon and the U.S. Capitol building between 1970 and 1972, Ayers’ then-girlfriend Diana Oughton, pal Terry Robbins and fellow Weather Underground member Ted Gold were all killed when a bomb they were making in a Greenwich Village townhouse exploded. That bomb, which was packed with nails similar to the pressure cooker bombs used to kill three and injure more than 200 at the Boston Marathon, was intended for use on newly drafted soldiers at Fort Dix, according to authorities.

“No one knows for sure but I think they were. And had they carried it out it would have been a catastrophe,” Ayers said. “But they didn’t and it didn’t happen. But what did happen is, on that same day John McCain murdered civilians. Do we have any responsibility for that? Should there be any reconciliation for that? Should he tell the truth about it?”


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  • njmom

    Bill Ayers can try to spin it anyway he wants but the truth gets in the way. Everyone knows what the Weather Underground did and so it only makes him look like the “has been” of terrorists. The difference is the Boston bombers, one has already paid for his crime and the other is on his way, but Ayers is still walking the streets when he should be in prison.
    It’s both funny and sad to watch the Left spin their lies and propaganda; funny because they’re fools and sad because some believe what they say. Bill Ayers, unless he’s repented still has an eternal sentencing ahead of him and this one will make the prison he evaded in the earth look like a garden party.

    • PicklePlants

      njmom Thanks Mom, I feel better after reading that.

      • njmom

        PicklePlants njmom Thank you my friend 🙂

  • Army_Pilot1967

    That’s obama’s buddy….they both hate America!!!!

    • NYGino

      Army_Pilot1967     Nah, he’s “just a guy that lives in my neighborhood.”

      • Army_Pilot1967

        NYGino Army_Pilot1967  Oh, yeah, I forgot…Just a guy that lives in my neighborhood according to obama.

  • ryanomaniac

    Damn. A super majority of people would want these folks in prison still. Two words…the media.

  • And this evil ba$tard is poisoning minds of our next voters. God HELP us.

  • dorsaimail

    I wish Ayers had been much more involved in the earlier bomb making process … in fact I wish he was helping that night …

  • froggy19510

    The only difference between the thugs that bombed Boston and the Weather Underground is………?
    There is no difference. They are the same. They are all self loathing cowards who want to inflict pain on anyone who
    doesn’t agree with them. The old saying that Mike Wallace of CBS news liked to use that “one man’s terrorist is another
    man’s freedom fighter.” is as big a lie as when ol’ Mike used to quote it. One man’s terrorist is nothing but a terrorist no
     mater what he is fighting for. And Bill Ayers and should have been re-tryed and executed.

  • enoughofthenonsense

    And the media hid the truth about this guys real association with OBAMA…..and now look what we have…….enough of the nonsense

    • NYGino

      enoughofthenonsense   What’s the big deal?  “He’s just a guy tat lives in my neighborhood.”

  • The Sentinel

    Ayers is a national traitor. A terrorist… nothing more. What he did was absolutely equal to what those animals in Boston did.
    So of course, Obama, the left and the media will treat him like royalty.

    • NYGino

      The Sentinel  Of course,” he’s just a guy that lives in my neighborhood.”

      • The Sentinel

        NYGino The Sentinel  
        You crack me up. 🙂

  • TwinMs_OneE
  • harglide


    • NYGino

      harglide  ” He’s just a guy that lives in my neighborhood.”

  • ryanomaniac

    He is just a pu$$y geek who doesn’t hang around some hard hitting dudes ready to serve some a$$ whippin’ sandwiches when you sput crap like that. It would be an honor to put him underground in bad weather.

  • famouswolf

    All I know is, that if he were standing in front of me, I do my utmost to kill him, I wouldn’t even say anything.
    Nothing to talk about.

  • BetseyRoss

    Sooooo.  His bombings are different from the bombs that killed and maimed over 200 people in Boston.  Sort of like Whoopie Goldberg trying to differentiate between rape and rape-rape.  Yeah.  It all makes sense if you are insane.  As we all know Liberalism is a mental disease.  These people are freaking dangerous and should not be allowed to walk among us.

    • notebene

      BetseyRoss Not only should they not be walking among us, they definitely should not be educating our children!

      • cabensg

        notebene  Quadruple like on that.

    • badbadlibs

      BetseyRoss “It all makes sense if you are insane.” Great line!

  • stage9

    “Three Weathermen are killed when bomb manufacturing goes awry. The organization becomes the Weather Underground as key players including Bernardine Dohrn, Bill Ayers and Kathy Boudin go into hiding .  . Kathy Boudin resurfaces to participate in an armed robbery in Nanuet, New York, which results in the shooting deaths of three men.”

  • clockwindingdown

    Form the complete article:
    “The bombs only managed to damage the car and destroy a snowman the little boy had built a few days earlier, but (John) Murtagh, now an attorney, said the Weather Underground’s intentions were to kill, whether they succeeded or not.”
    “The notion that Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground were about property damage – like they were egging cars on Halloween — is absurd,” Murtagh said. “The only difference between Bill Ayers and the Tsarnaev brothers is that [Ayers] was incompetent, apparently.””
    Last sentence of the last paragraph is brilliant and accurate! I’ll only add the Ayers is still incompetent and arrogant! Notice how Ayers has no issues with bobo’s current wars

    • Valin

      The Tsarnaevs wanted to kill people, whereas the Weather Underground
      mostly wanted to blow up property except for that time they built nail
      bombs to kill soldiers at a dance at Fort Dix but ended up blowing
      themselves up instead. Oh, and the time they probably http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/San_Francisco_Police_Department_Park_Station_bombing and wounded nine others. http://www.ohio.com/news/bill-ayers-defends-weather-underground-bombings-1.395109.

    • clockwindingdown “Not hearing much from Ayers regarding bobo’s current wars…”  dear leader’s wars are necessary because all of those we’re arming hate Israel.  He and Bernadette did that flotilla thingy a couple of years ago- they stand with the “freedom fighters”

      • clockwindingdown

        AmericanborninCanada clockwindingdown 
        Choosing sides in the long waged war of Sunni vs Shiite… and hidden in one corner is valerie jarrett…

  • NYGino

    The only difference between the Ayres gang and the Boston bombers is timing, luck and competence.

  • doofuschmartz

    This is what happens when mama-coca fries the cortex of the brain and reality takes a nose-dive…(no pun intended)…next comes Brain Death….It’s a resumé enhancer for college professors…

    • NYGino

      doofuschmartz    Yeah, come on, that was intended.  And a good one too.

  • badbadlibs

    And from under this rock….er, home the POTUS began his political career. Yet, the stupid populace of this country…..

  • Watchman74

    “Ayers went on to accuse Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., who spent five years
    in a POW camp, of murdering civilians in the war, lament the deaths of
    two fellow Weather Underground members – skipping over the fact that
    they blew themselves up while trying to make bombs – and painted his
    actions as a heroic bid to end U.S. ”

    Yeah let’s protest innocent civilians killed by blowing up bombs that could potently kill more innocent civilians. Make sense to me. By the way 3 years after the U.S. withdrawal from Vietnam approximately 225,000 civilians were killed.

    • NYGino

      Watchman74   Funny how that is never mentioned, no, not funny at all, just inconvenient.

  • lawngreen

    Ayers: another one that slipped through the cracks. Where’s Effrem Zimbalist when you really need him?

    • badbadlibs

      lawngreen He’s reading Scripture for TBN.  🙂

      • lawngreen

        Well, OK, but we need him to return to the FBI and reform it.

  • NorthernBear

    His words are illistrative of the evil of moral relativism

  • 1RandiStarr

    Talk about a man who needs a new pressure cooker.

    • Valin

      There’s never a suicide bomber around when you need one!

  • mcgurn

    From the depths of an evil, poisened earth a seed was planted. It grew into a sprawling,noxious weed that controled everything around it. That weed is barack insane obama & that patch of earth is bill ayer’s living room.

  • Kevlar_Vest

    What fuckface Ayers is really saying is that communist inspired terrorism is acceptable, but Islamist inspired terrorism isn’t acceptable. Yeah. That about sums up the cognitive dissonance that is the mental disorder known as liberalism.

  • clubgitmo

    If any one person deserved an ass whipping this is the guy.

  • Laurel A

    WOW! I don’t think I have seen quite so much moral relativism and moral equivalence all from one person encompassed in one article.
    We might have to start keeping track and giving out some type of award every year.

  • RReaganRepublic

    Terrorist Bill Ayers and his cohort partners in crime, Bernadine Dorhn, etc,
    who murdered innocent people with their bombings, should all be serving life
    sentences in jail, but instead are rewarded with prestigious Academic
    University positions of tenure and honor.
    This is
    how subverted and corrupted our Justice system has become- where logic, reason,
    common sense of what Justice is supposed to do, to be blind to all, to be
    unbiased in applying the law to everyone equally, as no man or woman is above
    the law- But apparently it is used to advance assist and assert a certain
    ideological political group, over another, race over another, class over
    another, etc..
    “How 1960s Radicals Ended Up Teaching Your Kids” Apr 10, 2013
    “Last week NYU
    Law announced that former Weather Underground member and convicted murderer
    Kathy Boudin would be a scholar-in-residence. She’s the latest in a series of
    former left-wing radicals with cozy university appointments. Michael Moynihan
    on how left-wing criminals ended up lecturing America’s college students. Kathy
    Boudin, a professor at Columbia University, was named the 2013 Sheinberg
    Scholar-in-Residence at NYU Law School. In 1984, Boudin, a member of the
    Weather Underground, a violent, oafish association of upper-class
    “revolutionaries,” pled guilty to second-degree murder in association with the
    infamous 1981 Brinks armored car robbery in Nyack, New York. Babbling in the
    language of anti-racism and anti-imperialism, Boudin assisted in ending the
    life of three people, including Waverly Brown, the first black police officer
    on the Nyack police force, and left nine children fatherless. She was sentenced
    to 20 years to life in prison. In 2003, Boudin was released; by 2008 she had
    landed a coveted teaching position at an Ivy League university.” unquote

  • white531

    On a lighter note, you have to ask yourself the question.  How would John Wayne or Clint Eastwood  or Charlton Heston deal with someone like Bill Ayers?  Maybe a better question would be, any Navy Seal within twenty feet of him on a dark street with nobody else around.

  • SurfinCowboy

    It’s so nice to know that if you don’t carry it out it is ok. *whew*
    Time to release the underwear bomber and the shoe bomber now – at least according to Mr. Ayers. Gads, this form of logic can be so ridiculed – but I want to go and watch the rest of the Glenn Beck at the NRA speech.
    This Ayers guy, what a complete nincompoop. What a maroon.

  • tinlizzieowner

    “Bill Ayers says that you can’t compare his jihad with the Weather Underground with the jihad of the Boston bombers.”
    This Punk should have been in prison a generation ago, along with that ‘skank’ ol lady of his.

    • PaulLeslie

      tinlizzieowner He should have been executed decades ago.

  • dierardo

    Why does anybody give this vermin printers ink or air time. He’s just another Vietnam draft dodger whose,”Daddy” was a well positioned heavy hitter and influence peddler as the CEO of Commonwealth Edison: probably good for high $ix figures plus in those days. His slimy kid was not your everyday coward, but a special new verbose variety similar to Billy Clinton who, as most of us remember, “loathed the military”.
    This generation has become famous as one  with an endless variety of  “Principled”, Boomer Dodges” or “Cowardice with Honor.”
    They, and he sucked on, and introduced to America a whole kaleidoscope of noxious drugs and habits, while tens of thousands of their contemporaries died in service to their country in various woe begotten tasks.
    They were truly citizens of ancient stripe and honor while this buffoon had his “Daddy” fix his troubles: enabling him to go on to marry his equally venomous mate: and become a so-called professor.
    It should be no surprise that he jumped on the edu caravan just in time to help lead a half-century of American education directly into the toilet of cultural Marxism.

  • ConservativeFromHell

    This is an excerpt from the Boston Police Dept.’s site memorializing fallen officers:  
    “Patrolman Walter Schroeder was shot and killed while responding to a silent alarm at a bank at 9:20 am (September 23, 1970). The bank was being robbed by five members of a gang of anti-Vietnam War activists. As he exited his cruiser and walked towards the bank, a gang member who was across the street opened fire on him with a rifle, striking him in the back several times. Patrolman Schroeder was taken to a local hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.
    Patrolman Schroeder’s killer was the focus of the largest manhunt in New England’s history. After stealing two cars and eluding police during two high speed chases involving gunfire, he was captured. He was convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to life in prison. He died in prison September 10, 2011. Three of the other gang members were all sentenced to prison but most are now freed. 
    The fifth gang member, a woman, evaded capture, changed her name, and lived in Oregon for 23 years. Suffering from depression, she surrendered to police in 1993. She was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 8 to 12 years in prison. She was released in 1999.
    The officer was my uncle’s partner.  The “gang” was Bill Ayers’ Weather Underground.  Bill Ayers is a friend of our current Commander-in-Chief.  
    Not much is ever written about this murder and it’s connection to the SDS and the weather underground.

  • dierardo

    I remember Officer Schroeder’s murder very well … my recollection is that students from nearby Brandeis U. were among the purps. 
    Subsequently, my own dentist who was a Brandeis student in the mid 50’s told me the communist party was trying to recruit undergrads on campus constantly at that time.