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Not only did Ambassador Stevens warn the State Dept. that one of the consulate ‘police guards’ was photographing the consulate compound, but US intelligence has confirmed to Fox News that they were aware of a Libyan militia “gathering weapons and gathering steam” THREE HOURS before the actual attack.

Watch the full report below (h/t: Hotair):

Further, two State Department cables show that Steven’s team warned Washington that at 6:43 AM in the morning they had concerns that members of the Libyan police sent to guard them were photographing the compound:

“This person was photographing the inside of the US special mission and furthermore this person was part of the police unit sent to protect the mission.”

US intelligence officials confirm to FOX that in fact there were reports from the ground in Benghazi three hours before the attack on the consulate, that a Libyan militia was gathering weapons and gathering steam.

That was three hours before the consulate was attacked at 9:47 PM on September 11th.

Also, something to note is that Griffin said that the team that came from Tripoli was delayed at the Benghazi airport for almost three hours. This would explain why they didn’t show up at the Annex until the other major assault was likely in progress.


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