Useful Idiot Hanoi John Kerry Is Learning about Islam

Hanoi Johnny is reading a book called “No god but God” by Reza Aslan.

The traitor Kerry said this in Berlin:

Hanoi John – And unfortunately, in too many parts of the world, some religions – not – and I’m not just speaking of one religion or another. You have intolerance in a number of different kinds of religions or points of view in different things. I know that Islam is not represented by a lot of jihadists and others. I know it’s a beautiful religion. I’ve read more and more about it.

I’ve been reading a book recently called No god but God, which is the history of the Prophet and where he came from and how it developed as a religion. It’s fascinating. If I went back to college today, I’d probably go back and be a comparative religion major and a comparative literature major, because those are the things that help you understand what makes people tick and how they’re working and how they think. But the important thing is to have the tolerance to say you can have a different point of view.

However. there IS a problem here. Oh what could possible go wrong?

Robert Spencer – What could possibly go wrong? This: “No god but God” is a whitewash of Islam written by none other than the childish Islamic supremacist pseudo-academic Reza Aslan. Aslan is Board member of the National Iranian American Council (NIAC). In 2008, NIAC chief Trita Parsi sued Seid Hassan Daioleslam for defamation after Daioleslam’s investigative reporting exposed Parsi’s and NIAC’s deep and incontrovertible ties to high-level agents of the Iranian regime. Parsi lost the case, and NIAC was establish as a front group for the bloody mullahcracy in Tehran.

Kerry’s choice of reading material underscores a point I have made often lately: today’s public square is so debased and befogged with propaganda that mediocrities like Kerry and Aslan can rise to the top, not because of the quality of their work or the wisdom of their insights, but solely because they echo the acceptable politically correct opinions. The only ones who will be made to pay the price will be the American people.

Video Update via Sun News & Michael Coren.


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  • johnos2112

    Tolerance? From who you John Kerry? Look you party always has the best of intentions but they never, never measure up to help anybody!

    • hachie1

      Wrong, wrong, wrong… The socialist creep currently staining our once great nation, has never, at all, ever, had ‘best of intentions’. He’s been a despicable, manipulative viper beginning with his first aspirations of ‘beloved leader’….and, his party is still (spit) ‘democrat’, last I heard.

  • colliemum

    He should read Robert Spencer’s book “Did Muhammad Exist” – it’s short, very readable, and confirmed my suspicions that the quran and islam both stole heavily from Christianity, and then perverted it into their political ideology.

    In fact, everybody should read it!

    • deTocqueville1

      I am part way through the Koran (had not read and but parts for decades) and I agree, it is very derivative of the Bible, particularly the Psalms and Proverbs but much New testament language as well. History indicates that Mohammed was heavily influenced early on by Jews and Christians close to him. It almost seems as if he started out with good intentions and his rejection in Mecca and his flight to Medina where he became a warrior and then a bloody tyrant, radically transformed him. Unfortunately it seems modern Islam looks to the ‘later Suras’ for guidance and it is from this part of the Koran that so many of the Hadiths have been structured from.

      • colliemum

        You really ought to read Robert Spencer’s book, for which Wolfie has given the link.

        It is not just worthwhile, but an absolute eye-opener, quoting much recent research – and shows exactly what you write and why it happened that way.

      • 911Infidel

        He borrowed heavily from the Jewish Talmud, Hinduism and Zorasterism as well as Arabic Pagan worship. His Christian borrowings were mainly of the Gnostic Gospels. His first wife Khadjah was a Sabean woman. Those people followed the Gnostics.

    • I wonder if Kerry got that reading tip from Chuck Hagel?

  • What a supreme a$$. I’ve got some better ones for ketchup boy to read. Light in the Shadow of Jihad by Ravi Zacharius, Unveiling Islam by Ergun Caner, the koran and Hadiths. Oh but it’s so much easier to appease and submit to the muslims dear leader has welcomed into the government. So much easier to pave the way for sharia if one can convince that all religions have their bad apples but are majority peaceful- except for Christian islamophobe/homophobe/clinging bigots.

    • Light in the Shadow of Jihad by Ravi Zacharius

      Unveiling Islam by Ergun Caner

      I don’t have much to contribute today, but I thought I’d find the books and post the links in case anyone was interested in purchasing them.

      • Thanks Wolfie! You Rock! These are terrific books!

        PS- I had to correct the name of Ravi’s book… I had islam on my mind, but it’s shadow of Jihad. was my mistake. *blush*

      • colliemum

        Also thanks from me, Wolfie, for providing the link to Robert Spencer’s book!

        I’m still feeling a bit ‘politicised out’ from the astonishing by-election result, in which UKIP got second place, beating the Tories – and were it not for the postal votes, on the night they also outvoted the winners, the dreadful LiberalDemocrats.

        The commentariat here was running totally wild all yesterday, and there’s more to come in the Sunday papers tomorrow.

        Just to see how amazing this result really is: in 2010 UKIP got 3.8% of the vote. On Thursday, they got 28 and a few smallie %!


        • Excellent! Excellent!! Excellent news!!! Thanks for letting me know! it’s good to know there is still hope in Britain! Still some good people! Still some proud Brits!

          • colliemum

            Yes there are – and apparently the various local UKIP associations have new members streaming in since yesterday.
            This will grow, because UKIP is becoming the home for conservatives who have been left behind by the Tories.
            And people are sick and tired of being ruled by a political ‘elite’ where the only difference between them is the colour of their ties, an elite which lives inside the small Westminster Bubble, supported by the Meejah.

            1/3 of the local councils are up for election in England in May, UKIP will have candidates in all constituencies, and there will be mayhem. We hope.

            • If only we had a third party…

              Constitutional Freedom Party. 🙂

              (never let an opportunity to post the URL go to waste… ) to misquote someone who’s name isn’t worth mentioning. 😉

              • colliemum

                Check out the ‘Five-star’ movement which won 25% of the Italian votes last week. This was started from scratch, by a comedian (Beppo Grillo), and it was all done over facebook and twitter. They selected their candidates by popular votes on facebook, and there they are: 25% of votes, started this year (I think).
                So no sighing – if the Eyeties can do it, you can!

                • Will do! thanks.

                • deTocqueville1

                  Exactly. The Italian election was a rout of the Euro elite and a victory for democracy.

            • deTocqueville1

              Yes, the council elections will be a test as to where things are at the moment.

              • colliemum

                It will be very interesting indeed, and I do hope Eastleigh gives all activists a huge incentive to work their socks off. The media and the old parties will put up a hell of a fight.
                If they then really can win all MEP*) seats in 2014, as Nigel Farage says they’re aiming to do, then 2015 will be very very interesting indeed.

                I think a bad show for the Tories at the local elections may well mean no Cameron in 10 Downing Street this autumn. One of the big donors to the Tories, Lord Ashcroft, has already said he’ll stop donating …

                EDIT: *)MEP = Member of the European Parliament, a ‘PINO’, where nothing gets decided unless the commissars have decided it first, and where the EU budget hasn’t been audited properly all this century. A nice little earner for all involved.

            • tinlizzieowner

              “And people are sick and tired of being ruled by a political ‘elite’ where the only difference between them is the colour of their ties, an elite which lives inside the small Westminster Bubble, supported by the Meejah.”

              Over here, we call that ‘The Beltway’, The District of Colombia. (D.C). The only difference between the (R’s) and the (D’s) in the ‘The Beltway’ anymore, is who is bribing them. There’s a guy who used to live on the other side of the channel from you, who put it best.
              “To become the master, the politician poses as the servant”.
              Charles DeGaulle.

              • colliemum

                Indeed, the similarities between your Beltway Bubble and our Westminster Bubble are pretty amazing.
                There’s another observation which came up in comments.

                It is that Clinton, and having learned from the master, Tony Blair started using spin and PR as political instrument, to such an extent that they’re all doing it now, the POS being an extreme example as campaigner-in-chief who doesn’t do any real work. Our lot is exactly the same. Thus we are all tired of being manipulated, of being shown shiny objects when something happens,but the truth is never said.
                TEA Party and UKIP, as different as they are, are however engaging people with this same mind: an end to PR politics, an end to socialism and socialism lite, and to get back to conservative politics.

                That this is not confined to the USA and the UK is shown by the stunning success the ‘Five Star Movement’, with the comic actor Beppe Grillo, has had in Italy. This sprang up early this year only, and was conducted by facebook and twitter, with candidates chosen by the people through facebook in a popular vote.
                They got 25% of the votes, and are now in a position to dictate to the rest what is going to happen.
                I suspect the EU masters will try and make Italy do another election – or parachute in another of their technocrats. If so, then the fur will really fly …

        • deTocqueville1

          Yes, I watched that by-election with great interest. Too bad the conservative lady and the UKIP rep could not both be in Parliament. It is very painful to watch Cameron and Osborne march relentlessly away from Thatcherism and towards a mushy middle progressivism.

          • colliemum

            Indeed. As some wag had it in one of the comments yesterday: we now have NuLabour and BluLabour …

    • 911Infidel

      Ketchup boy. LMAO. That’s too funny.

      • 😉

      • tinlizzieowner

        We ‘Nam’ Vets have been calling him that (and more) for years. 😉

        • 911Infidel

          I been calling him a traitor since I saw his BS Winter Soldier lie on TV. I had the pleasure of meeting the scum in person and telling him that he was a traitor before he became a Senator; back when he was the head crapweasl of the VVAW. I ain’t never going to let him live down what he did.

          • PVG

            Thank you for standing up and telling the truth. I applaud you!

  • Army_Pilot1967

    I take exception to the title of this piece: Useful Idiot Hanoi John Kerry is Learning About Islam. There is NOTHING useful about the idiot John Kerry!!!!!!

    • williamm
    • tinlizzieowner

      This will bring back some memories for you and it’s a clear statement on how I see things, (and how ‘Hanoi John doesn’t).

      • Army_Pilot1967

        That was excellent. I’ve admired BG Richie (Ret) for many years; he’s a great American and a wonderful example of one of the finest of our military servicemembers. Very smooth, very articulate. Why isn’t Steve Richie in politics? He’s too smart for that probably. I used to admire Randy Cunningham and thought he would be an excellent representative in the general sense of the word and in the political sense too. I was stunned when he was sentenced to prison for accepting bribes from contractors. Just listening to Richie’s account of the Locher rescue caused my heartrate to increase just a bit….hahahaha.

        Thanks, tinlizzie, that was a perfect way to start to my day. Now I’ll be pumped up for several hours and feeling good.

        • tinlizzieowner

          I knew you would understand the radio ‘chatter’ Brother. It sounds so light and simple if you don’t understand the gravity of it. Maybe not up in the Hanoi area but there plenty of similar rescue and ‘Dust Off’ chatter going on down in our neck of the woods too.

          • Army_Pilot1967

            One of my dearest buds was a Dust Off pilot during a Nam tour. He showed me a helmet he was wearing when he took a round through it….missed everything, just left a small hole all the way through the helmet from front to the back!!! Those guys had big ‘uns as did Scout pilots!!!!!!

            • tinlizzieowner

              You won’t get any arguments with me over that. One of my pals was a ‘Dust Off’ pilot. My Mrs. first Husband was a Chinook Crew Chief. ‘Agent Orange’ got him. I’ll stick with my C-130’s, I like my ‘wings’ staying in the same place, all the time. ‘Scouts’ couldn’t drop ‘Dasy Butters’, we could. We flew back to Saigon with some of that AK 47 ‘ventilation’ too sometimes, though. 😉
              Check out
              He’s another Chopper guy and he carries all the ‘politically incorrect’ stuff. 😉

              • Army_Pilot1967

                I fully understand your love for non-rotating wings! I get it. However if you went down in hostile territory (Heaven forbid) would you accept a ride on a helicopter that was sent to retrieve you? Of course you would. You drove or still drive a big ol’ C-130, that’s pretty darn cool. That’s quite an airplane and has been a workhorse for many decades. If you’re still flying, be safe; and if you’re not, thanks for your service! Best to you always!

                • tinlizzieowner

                  I’m just teasing about the ‘wings’ part. We used to do that to you guys all the time. 😉 The same thing we used to do the 82nd and 101st guys. ‘We Air Force guys don’t jump out of perfectly good airplanes’. 😉 😉
                  I was a Crew Chief. The only things I’ve ever ‘flown’ were a Link Trainer and a B-57 Canberra bomber flight simulator. I was doing just fine but ‘neglected’ to set the altimeter on the B-57 (for Clark Air Base) and landed 900 feet ‘below’ the runway. 🙁
                  I’d catch a hop on a Viet Nam era Chopper NOW in a heartbeat, If I got the chance. 🙂
                  Thank YOU for your service ‘Brother’ and ‘Welcome Home’.

                • Army_Pilot1967

                  Everybody teases about all the flailing parts on a helicopter…and that’s the truth. But they were fun to fly….as long as eveything worked like it was suppose to. You were a crew chief, so that means you kept things running so the guys up front could fly it….no crew chief, no flying! Sounds like you had a “brain f*rt” on the B-57 altimeter. At least you were in a simulator…no harm, no foul….just a little red-faced maybe. Thank you for your service as well and welcome home to you too, Brother.

                • tinlizzieowner

                  Yup, it was OUR Bird, We let you guys fly it and as you well know, we used to get really ‘cranky’ if you guys screwed it up. 😉 😉 I had a pal that ran the Flight Simulator Section at Clark. He used me as his test dummy in the middle of the night to set up the tests for the pilots the next day. It was easier for him and fun for me. Usually, all I did was sit in the cockpit and did what he told me to do. That was the first (and last) time he let me go through an actual flight test. This was back in early 66 and the simulator was strictly ‘IFR’, no big display screens so you could do ‘VFR’ as well. I might have noticed I was coming REAL LOW, If I had ‘VFR’ too. 😉
                  My dad was a pilot but he crashed his Crop Duster when I was 7 and that was the end of him. 🙁

                • Army_Pilot1967

                  LOL……yeah, let’s hope if you would have been in a VFR simulator that you would have noticed that you were coming in “slightly” low (if you call 900 feet below sea level low….LOL). Glad you were in a simulator…you just get out and walk away like it was a perfectly good landing. I’m sure we all have “crashed” a simulator due to being too low…maybe not 900 feet too low, but low enough to crash.

                • tinlizzieowner

                  I’m just teasing about the ‘wings’ part. We used to do that to you guys all the time. 😉 The same thing we used to do the 82nd and 101st guys. ‘We Air Force guys don’t jump out of perfectly good airplanes’. 😉 😉
                  I was a Crew Chief. The only things I’ve ever ‘flown’ were a Link Trainer and a B-57 Canberra bomber flight simulator. I was doing just fine but ‘neglected’ to set the altimeter on the B-57 (for Clark Air Base) and landed 900 feet ‘below’ the runway. 🙁
                  I’d catch a hop on a Viet Nam era Chopper NOW in a heartbeat, If I got the chance. 🙂
                  Thank YOU for your service ‘Brother’ and ‘Welcome Home’.

  • Kordane

    Kerry should read Andrew Bostom’s “The Legacy of Jihad”.

    It’s a bloody good read –

  • Don

    Kerry, like Obama, has never had a job outside of politics. His only claim to fame is marrying rich widows, Theresa is his second one. His military record was his fantasy of lies and deceptions. The three (3) Purple Hearts he put himself in for without requiring a band aid was because with the third one you could apply to leave Nam. The joke on this traitorous coward was the ink was not dry on the third Purple Heart before his trembling lily-white ass landed back in the states. He was a Jane Fonda sychphant who trashed our military with filthy lies while they were dying in combat. When human trash like Kerry and Hagel are promoted to castigate our country on the world stage, we are at rock bottom. Our nightmare is only just beginning.

  • deTocqueville1

    Kerry really is an idiot. He is a semi articulate embarrassment for the US.

    • colliemum

      Heh – I read this as ‘semi-articulated’, and a heavy lorry came immediately to mind, with his face on the spoiler.

      • deTocqueville1

        Too funny.

  • physicsnut

    What do you mean “USEFUL” idiot ? When has he EVER been useful ?

    • He was a stunt double for Lurch in the Adams Family! Didn’t want the “talent” hurt so they brought in dumbo the Kerrycrat for the stunts. 🙂

    • Yazz55

      Hanoi John Kerry is the most “useful idiot” the USSR, oops, errrr, ummm, I mean Russia and the islamist world could ever hope for in their wildest dreams.

    • tinlizzieowner

      He’s been quite ‘useful’, to himself. 😉

  • aposematic

    Seriously, the insane are in control of the asylum.

  • sjmom

    John Kerry is not only misguided but ignorant because to understand Islam it must be done from a faith perspective. As Christians we know who Allah is and he is not God for sure but as part of the world Kerry is deceived and blinded by the “god of this world”, the one and the same Allah. There’s only one way to know and understand and His Name is Jesus.

  • williamm

    Historical perspective on a muslim being sworn into congress on the koran by David Barton

  • sDee

    Kerry does not give a cr’p what is in this book or reading it. HIs words are carefully crafted.

    He is already a quisling globalist who knows fully well how to use isalm to purge, intimidate, conquer and undermine the strengths of western Judea-Christian cultures. Like the Clintons, he will gladly sell out the land, lives and children of tens-of-thousands of Christians for politcal favor, money and influence from the supremacists.

    By saying he is reading this book, he is signalling his submission and defining the narrative to the useful idiots and media.

  • jimmie smith

    This all goes back too …If don’t trust Mr. Kerry, and your an American…What makes you think a foreign country will?…what we have is an out of touch, inept government…period…And you wonder why Americans are buying guns and ammo…duh…

  • stage9

    Only someone who is clinically insane would EVER believe that islam is a “beautiful religion.

    AND ALL RELIGIONS are intolerant of some things! Why? Because TRUTH is exclusive. Even the baha’is who claim to include EVERYONE exclude the “exclusivists”.

    • StrangernFiction

      I vote criminal and insane.

    • gotroy22

      Maybe some find genitial mutilation “beautiful”?

  • Highlandtwp

    Besides the fact that Kerry was a traitor, he is ignorant, which makes him all the more dangerous. What has happened to the discernment of people? Oh, I know, they despise the true God, the one who gives wisdom to men. They are totally cut off from all good reason.

  • Oh man, that Kerry, he’s quite the comedian. Islam is a “beautiful religion”…oh wait, he’s being serious? Whatever helps you sleep at night Kerry.

  • tinlizzieowner

    Hey, John Kerry was a war hero, (in Hanoi). He’ll probably end up being a State Dept. hero too, (in Tehran). 😉 😉

  • notsofastthere

    John Kerry read the book in it’s entirety, before he decided not to read the book.

    Well, the senate approve him, because the president has a right to pick the people who most represent his philosophy – even if it is hate America. I’m sure his next book will be on Christianity.

    • TimeForAnarchy

      Yes, the Emperor gets to pick his cabinet, and has. World class buffoons as far as the eyes can see. Great leaders surround themselves with people they can trust and will help them. Where & when, Oh Dear Leader, will you lead this company out of the morass?

      Not soon, methinks.

  • 3d81

    Things like this really p*ss me off.

    No wonder we are losing civilization. We have know it all Christian folkes like Bill Orielly saying the Bible contradicts itself and theology professor himself John Kerry knows so much about his Christian faith that he is too busy reading about Islam.

    This is the problem of the west. They know something about this Jesus guy all love and stuff and that’s their full extent of Christian knowledge which makes them Christian. Then they go and take courses and read books and study about other faiths.

    Then they come and preach to us how great other religions are. Better than this Jesus love guy.

    We do we spend so much time and effort readin and studying about other religions but neglecting our own?

    Jesus said to Love the lord your God with all your heart, soul, strength and mind. Notice the word Mind? Learn about him. Study him.

    We were put on on this earth to love God and KNOW him. That’s the purpose of life.

    We in the west just want to fornicates and be entertained and die.

  • Nukeman60

    John Kerry said, “In America, you have the right to be stupid”. I guess he was talking from a lifetime of experience.

    • 57thunderbird


  • AtlEsquire1973

    He is a turd. No further comment.

  • This will just be another venue for Hanoi Kerry to betray his country.

  • Jay

    Right, with minors in Marx and Alinsky.

  • tinlizzieowner

    Army_Pilot19679 minutes again reply to tinlizzieowner

    “LOL……yeah, let’s hope if you would have been in a VFR simulator that you would have noticed that you were coming in “slightly” low (if you call 900 feet below sea level low….LOL). Glad you were in a simulator…you just get out and walk away like it was a perfectly good landing. I’m sure we all have “crashed” a simulator due to being too low…maybe not 900 feet too low, but low enough to crash”.

    If the Clark Air Base runway had been at sea level, I’d have been fine but it was 900 feet ‘above’ seal level. That was my screw-up. You’re a pilot, you know the old saying, ‘Any landing you can walk away from is a good landing’ but I’ll admit, 900 feet below the runway is a bit of a stretch.
    😉 😉
    Hey, there were plenty of times when we were flying into ‘Hot LZ’s’, I was almost sure we were going into the dirt and plenty of times when we were taking off, I was sure we were going to ‘trim the trees’ at the end of the runway before we got airborne. In fact, a few times we did leave the strip in a C-130 ‘weed eater’. 😉 😉
    What were you flying, a “Loach” (OH-6)?

  • AtlEsquire1973

    Why is TRS calling john Kerry a “useful idiot”. I can’t think of a use for him. I think it should be labeled an “unuseful idiot”.

    • tinlizzieowner

      Why is TRS calling john Kerry a “useful idiot”.

      Because he’s been very ‘useful’ to the goals of Socialism (and himself), over the years and even they realize he’s an ‘idiot’.