Van Jones /’s “99% Spring” training video lies about Voter ID Laws

This clip was taken from the videos Van Jones & distributed as part of the “99% Spring” training sessions that happened at Occupy meetups across the nation. This clip is particularly disturbing because they misinterpret the intention of Voter ID Laws as taking away the right to vote from the 99% – when in actuality Voter ID Laws take the “right to vote” away from THOSE COMMITTING VOTER FRAUD!



“And, to make it that much harder for the 99% to assert ourselves at the polls, the 1% are trying to take away from many the most basic democratic right of all – the right to vote. So, the attack on Workers and the attack on Democracy are two different ways that those with money can suppress the many.”

View all the “99% Spring” training videos below:

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  • Scaring up their ‘me the victim’ base – oldest tactic in the book. Hey ‘victims’, learn how to google and educate yourself.

    Side note – some of the OWS people realize the astroturfing of MoveOn and Van Jones. But just some, many are too concerned with their own personal demands.

  • T4Ut

    Dressed-up Marxist indoctrination / training for useful idiots, pure and simple.
    Like putting rouge and lipstick on a contagious corpse. Here’s the best way to kiss it.

  • kong1967

    Lol, another strawman argument. I’m still waiting for one truth to come out of a liberal’s mouth. With so many blatant iies, how is it that the sheeple don’t catch any of them?

    • Sober_Thinking

      Because the government, propaganda-spreaders, and liars keep feeding them.

    • The policy of the left is “lie big and lie often”. While a person is trying to get their head around one lie the left hits you with six more. I think their plan is to just beat the critical thinking public into submission.

    • rick0857

      They don’t catch the multitude of lies from the left becacuse unlike you, me and every other working American they consistently have to watch American Idol and other such garbage, they are pecking away at their i-phones, text messaging, updating their mybuttface pages or twittering to other like twits, but more importantly, if they do take time to watch a news cast or read a newspaper it comes from the left who is telling them all their problems are the result of republicans just like the video here.

    • dontdrinkthecoolaid

      Saul Alinsky was correct when he said, Satan was the first liberal.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Van Jones is a terrorist in his own right. Spreading these kinds of lies and causing dissention and inciting and endorsing disruptions of businesses and public areas is criminal. I hope and pray that when maobama is finally kicked out of office, that the FBI and DOJ (or other appropriate groups), start investigating this punk and jail his commie butt.

  • I am, by their defintion, one of this so called 99% and so are most of you. I want voter ID laws only to supress the crime of voting multiple times…not the right to vote.

    They, on the other hand, want to take away my right to…
    Free speech
    Own property
    Rear my children
    Protect myself
    Listen to who I want to on the radio and elsewhere
    —just about anything else you can think of as long as you disagree with them.

    • rick0857

      Good point, if the things you want for yourself and your family, including what entertainment you desire are not what the communists oops democrats want then it needs to outlawed there will be no opinions other than those of the party or I guess you could say State. Remember the State knows best just ask Bloomberg or Michelle 0bozo.

  • JimmyBleep

    These OWS people have never really become relevant. At their height of influence in the fall, 2/3 of Americans didn’t understand the message and 24% identified as supporting the movement. Recent data shows no increase in support but dramatic increase in opposition. The more they identify who they are, the more the country yawns. This clip can’t really hit anyone who can remotely think logically. Every American knows how easy it is to obtain an ID.

  • These new voter laws where passed just to keep those that would vote for Democrats from getting to vote.. any person with a brain can see that.. thus the only lie here is yours. Next you would say they redistricted all the senate zones just to help the voters.. Of course the 1% didnt do it to get rid of democrats.. neither party has done anything but use America to attack each other OR to serve the 1%… this site is just a tool for the 1% as they repeat the sad lies given for thier actions.

    • unclesamnephew

      dave, not so. i have lived in 4 states in the midwest. all have required me show id. very easy, if you are a law abiding american. do you not have to show id when appling for a job? do you not have to show id to rent? do you not have to show id when going to a doctor? just to name a few reasons to have valid id. by the way i have had a ssn# snice my first job. eric holder almost lost his vote. i say true the vote

    • Joseph Ewing

      Likewise Dave, I could make the case that those who oppose voter ID laws do so to support the Democrat Party in their wish to have people who shouldn’t be voting (Illegal Aliens, etc) voting for them.

      By the way, the real 1% doesn’t know you exist, or care about who votes. However, all real Americans should care that:

      1. All Americans who have the right to vote, do, and
      2. All those who do not have the right, do not.

      Is this really that tough of a concept?

  • rick0857

    Ron White said it best “You can’t fix stupid”

  • Just shows you how communists like to distort the truth to fit their own ends. I’m just glad Van Jones now makes no bones about the fact that he and his people are walking, talking, and sounding just like a communists. Guess there is no use in hiding it now that he’s out of the White House. And to think this jerk was actually close to the president tells you everything you need to know about Obama.

  • PapaLouie

    What they’re really complaining about is that Voter ID Laws take away their right to vote twice.

  • Philo Beddoe

    Why do these libs look so skanky? WHY?>

  • Susitna

    The real name of Mr. Jones was actually Mr. Cojones, but he lost the first two letters after forcing women to lie for him. You can track this last name all over the Progressive Party……

  • hongryhawg

    Voter fraud is the by far the largest threat come November. The pretend president blew every opportunity to show something but he never had it to show. He is no longer the “Pig in a Poke”. His handlers know it. They know the only way to keep this imposter in the White House is through voter fraud. I pray every light will be shone on this machinery that is being prepared now. It’s a big deal. If the destructors can slide this piece of slime past us into the sacred White House, they can pull votes out of an a$$ that doesn’t even exist.

  • aZjimbo

    saul alinski wanna be’s.