Video: Barrage of rockets fire over city of Beersheba

It looks to me like the Iron Dome got at least most of these rockets if not all of them. But just imagine how you would feel if you saw these flying into your city:

Just to give you some idea, here’s a video of Hamas firing rockets:

Also here’s a photo from Reuters a rocket being fired from Gaza:

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  • Sober_Thinking

    May God preserve the great nation of Israel! Pray for them.

    Thank God for the “Iron Dome” – very awesome that they have that. I pray it remains effective.

  • colliemum

    The video of Hamas firing rockets recalls old, original films from WWII.

    Does anybody really still believe these are home-made rockets?
    This looks like full-out war by Hamas.

    Iron Dome looks very effective, but as was reported, under such onslaught some Hamas rockets will get through and kill Israeli civilians.

    Perhaps it’s time to stop support for Gaza, because if Hamas has so much money to literally blast into the air at a rate of over 200 a day, then they can bl**dy well pay for their own upkeep!
    IAW – the more money they get from us (taxes -> UN -> UNRA) for food etc, the more they can afford to spend on rockets. Time to pull the plug.

    • It kills me- that while the rockets are fired at Israel continously, the U.N. observer Riyad Mansour blames Israel, saying, “The international community must act to bring to bring an end to Israel’s illegal policies and practices against the Palestinian people” and the ignorant masses who follow the propaganda press will believe it.

      I can’t stand these evil scum! G*d forgive me, but I really can’t stand them.

      • colliemum

        Same here – but then I look at them again and think that they’ve blinded themselves, but that they will not escape God and His judgement, which will be terrifying – and then I feel some sort of pity for them.

  • Susitna

    Take down the Sunni Muslim and put a MAN with cojones in the White House to defend us and Israel!!!!!!! Waiting for the Cavalry…….are you sure you can wait 4 more years?

    • I’m horrifed that my name in on that “liked” list. I was going to reply and hit the like by accident.

      I suppose there is nno need to reply. The comment speaks for itself, in its own perverted, homicidal (“take down”) and disgucting way.

  • Oh crap this makes me cry. I can’t imagine this. Thank G*d the Iron Dome is stopping most of these, but still this has got to be terrifying to those who live it. G*d help and protect Israel. Please give Bibi strength and wisdom through these times.

    • Patriot077

      This is my prayer, too, AbiC.

  • sjmom

    Pray for Israel. Pray for the people. Pray for Bibi and his govt. Pray for the IDF and Mossad and pray for Jerusalem, God’s Holy City.

    “For Zion’s sake will I not hold my peace, and for Jerusalem’s sake I will not rest, until the righteousness thereof go forth as brightness, and the salvation thereof as a lamp that burneth.” (Isaiah 62:1 KJV)


  • I never knew about the iron dome until today. Pretty cool stuff. I really like the way that Israel tends to manage their business.

    • Suzyqpie

      I, too, like the way Isrealis manage their business. We look for weapons, Isrealis profile terrorists. You, know, middle eastern men between 17 & 40. I don’t believe the IDF confiscate cuticle scissors.

  • Iron Dome is on the cutting-edge of anti-missile technology. I’m sure at least some of our NATO allies (like Poland) would welcome such a defensive system, but Obama already withdrew our anti-ballistic missile system from central Europe, so i don’t think that will ever happen. Shame, because it really looks like it works well. I hope at the very least a version of it is used to protect our overseas basis, especially those facing China, North Korea, and Iran.

    • Iron Dome is very effective, but it can only defend against short to medium range missiles. ICBMs have a much higher entry velocity and require higher energy interceptors, more powerful radars and more sophisticated BMC3. The X-Band radar and European GBI site that Obama killed were intended to protect the Northeastern US from the Iranian ICBM threat, which can’t be done from the current bases.

  • keninil

    If the Israeli’s flattened a 5-block square where the rocket launchers are located every time they launched, Gaza would be gone in no time. — of course they need pics first.

  • Joe

    God help them!

    I wonder if any politician here actually sees these videos?

    This is reality –

    ZERO doesn’t understand what is really happening in Israel!

    or anywhere outside of his little world in DC


    …November 15 2012 ,Obama’s statement for ISRAEL to use restraint and not to KILL PALESTINIAN CITIZENS .

    President Barack HUSSEIN Obama,should be TELLING HAMAS to refrain from launching their MISSILES that are intended only to KILL the JEWS in ISRAEL . If not then the United States of America will launch the SEVENTH FLEET with all its force to ELIMINATE once and for all HAMAS and its minions who are attacking the State of Israel.

    One can only DREAM of a statement from a President whose middle name is ‘HUSSEIN’.”

    • colliemum

      Well- I’ve got a dream as well ….

      Seeing that Morsi will visit Gaza tomorrow, I dream the IDF might use the same precision strike they used to take out the terrorist yesterday, and get rid of that muslim brotherhood snake …

      OK, I know, baad colliemum, baad, really baad …

      • Dukehoopsfan

        To kill a snake you have to cut off it’s head.

  • IsraeliCojones

    But, but, but the NYT (“the newspaper of record”, y’know) wrote yesterday that they were unsure that rockets were fired into Israel at all! /s

  • Landscaper

    To me something seems fishy with Israel putting up with this bull. Why are they waiting, what are they waiting for? Hamas has rockets that look like a bad fireworks display compared to the state-of-art fire power Israel has. Jets, bombs, laser guided weapons that car hit a single car driving down the street….. satellites.
    If they are waiting on the U.S. or U.N. more people are going to get killed. Obummer is sitting this one out, so it’s Israel is going solo it appears.


    • IsraeliCojones

      They may look like bad fireworks, but it’s not what they are, believe me. They are deadly.

      Now if you are talking about the ground assault, it take some time to mobilize 30,000 soldiers.

      A few hours ago, this assault was on nobody’s schedule in Israel.

      • Landscaper

        “……….Israel has. Jets, bombs, laser guided weapons that car hit a single car driving down the street….. satellites.”

        Ok, why boots vs the above because I’m very curious.

    • BMinPA

      Not being able to cut off arms shipment into a territory that is locked on all sides is definitely a failure. Same goes for Hezbollah in Lebanon. They were pretty much wiped out in 2006 but were allowed to be resupplied by Iran from thousands of miles away.

  • I dont know why the media keps saying Iran is supplying the palestinians with these rockets..
    Arent we sending them 500 million dollars to help feed their people and pay their government workers.

    That money can also buys rockets.

  • warpmine

    Some really good bumper stickers I’d like to see in the Gaza Strip.,7191.msg0.html#new

  • How funny would it be if one of those hamas rockets malfunctions and goes straight into the Dome of the Rock Mosque…world war 3 in gaza?